The manuscript of survival – part 421

Mankind have a long history of thinking themselves inferior to almost anyone they care to compare them with, and so, they have for eons kept making themselves smaller as they go, even if their ego has become more than a little inflated. Let us explain. The grandness that is within each and every single human being has been left unexposed for far too long, and what has grown instead, is that fake simile, the hubris, the idea of superiority over every living being that this planet of yours harbour. And so, instead of seeking within to your true greatness, you have tried to stifle the feeling of inferiority by literally trampling upon everyone and everything around you, the better to get a chance to raise your head a fraction above that dank and muddy mire you have so long tried to disentangle yourself from. Well, as you all know, this inability to connect simply left you all sinking deeper and deeper into the mud, with the result that the scramble to find purchase resulted in ever more frantic and empty gestures in a futile attempt to stop the sinking, but to no avail. But then, the brightest lights amongst you suddenly realised that the only way to stop sinking, was to let go of the idea of a power struggle, and simply let yourself sink all the way down to your own core, and there, you found the leverage you needed to lift not only yourself, but also so many of your fellow men free from this battlefield of vanities and greed that so many still find themselves almost drowning in.

And so, you let go of the old ideas, those superimposed views of mankind as nothing more than a shallow beast needing to fight for their lives in a very literal way, and where the idea of the survival of the fittest had grown into a veritable feast of astounding ignorance and blindness. But you chose the other way, you chose to lift yourself up by allowing the light to permeate every single cell of your being, and doing so, you also let this light penetrate all the way down to the deepest layers of this quagmire, letting it into heart after heart in so many of those still struggling souls. And so one by one, you extricated yourselves from the mud, and one by one, you let the light sluice off every last vestige of this toxic waste that has inhibited nearly every single part of your wondrous potential, and like the seeds in the spring, you sprang into life and started to grow and evolve and stretch yourself ever further towards the stars.

And as you grew, you enabled the light to penetrate even deeper still. For just like the leaves of the plant will extract nutrition directly from the sunlight, so too did you by allowing the light to shine all the way into your very core, setting off a process much like the photosynthesis in a leaf, whereby you extracted lifeforce and nutrients directly from the incoming light and turned it into a vital substance that helped to fuel not only your growth, but was more than enough to ignite the fires of so many others around you too. For you have acted as veritable force fields dear ones, walking emitters of living energy in a way that no others have accomplished before you, and in your wake, you have left acres of newly planted fields, all primed and ready to start to blossom at a speed that will serve to take your breath away.

And now, those seeds that we have talked about in so many missives already have now been primed and set off to spring into life again, and with it, a whole new way of being human will emerge. For you will no longer be the ones that will govern their life on the lies that turned you into fear-filled beasts scrambling in the mud. You have seen that by only allowing yourself to seek sustenance from the right source will you be able to thrive, not just as individuals, but also as a whole. For you will no longer seek to climb to the top, stepping on anything and anyone you can in order to bring you just that much higher than your equals, for now, you will start to consider yourselves as equals, as you will all see that you are no more, but also certainly no less than anyone you would care to compare yourselves with – both on this planet and off it. For you will see your greatness for what it really is, and you will find your sustenance by seeking together in groups, supporting each other and lifting each other up – as a group, not as competitors, and through that, you will elevate all of mankind to that lofty perch with the most wondrous of views.

For you are not here to trample in the mud, you are here to reach for the stars in every way, and you are here to do so as a collective, where every single individual has an ingrained sense of brotherhood and belonging, and where no borders whether they be on a piece of paper or in your minds will have any jurisdiction over you ever again. For you are simply ONE, and that is what you have come to remember and that is what you have already accomplished to such a degree, you will help to pull the remainder of humanity with you into this circle of light that you have already formed. And where you have gone, is where the future lies for all of humanity, and so, for every step you have taken on this journey, you have made All of creation step forward one more step. You are the leaders, the ones that set the pace and take out the direction, and you have chosen well, dear ones, for you have chosen light and you have chosen life in the most vibrant of forms. And so again we thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are, and we would also like to say thank you for what you are about to do. For now, the old ways and the old lies will be no more, for you will serve to disconnect your reality from that old illusion of inferiority once and for all as you step across that threshold into the infinity that awaits you all.

For the light is beckoning you to take that next step, and it will be a huge one, and it is also one you will complete with aplomb. For there is nothing or no-one standing in your way now, not even your mind, as you let yourself be lifted on the strong gusts of wind that come soaring in from Source, here to make you soar along with them to the stars and beyond, but still having your feet on the ground in a way that will bring these worlds together again after lifetimes of separation. For you will not ascend by way of floating off into space, you will ascend by bringing heaven down to Earth and make it come alive all around you. And that, dear ones, is the task you came here to fulfill, and it is a task you will literally love into becoming a reality. For this is not toil and travail, this is a labour of love, and now, the birth of the new is imminent. You are giving life to it all through your physical vehicle, and you are making a wonderful job of it, and for that we cannot thank you enough. Let us leave it at that, but not before we remind you to give yourselves all the applaud and all the acclamation you so deserve. For you are truly unique in all of Creation, and what you are allowing to come about, has not been created before anywhere in existence. So greet yourselves as the true creators you really are, and know that you deserve nothing less.

223 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 421

  1. Dear Aisha, It is a bit disconcerting to be on a spiritual channeling site and be told to stfu by “otmn”, along with his offensive drug influenced Grateful Dead, etc. videos. There is no light shining there. Please ban “otmn.” Thank you, Sher

    1. Dear Sher, dear Otmn! We are family, brothers and sisters of the light, and even if our opinions may differ there is room for all here. We are here to share and to help each other on this path, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, but whatever we do, we choose to do so from love. I love and respect you both, and I know you do the same, even if the words shared here sometimes do not reflect that to perfection. But we can learn from this as well, and I thank you both for BEing here – just the way you are.
      With all my love, Aisha ❤

      1. > Yes <
        and dear Sher, you have to know our dear Otmn. His way is his way and its not meant to harm. He's a cool seasoned dude. Spent time with Janice Joplin but I dont think he is on drugs. I do think we are all on a certain 'high' these days though – and it come out in diff. ways.
        And I've had to take some hits here from another ponder that I mostly felt harsh energies from.
        U realize that when it 'gets to you' , that is for a reason too.
        Its All Ok 🙂 ❤

      2. …” we choose to do so from love”.. Aisha ?….Otmn telling me to shut the fuck up … stfu……is not what I call showing love. It is abusive. It is not about a difference of opinion I am talking about. Janice Joplin was also a heroin addict, breeze. Who are our heroes? I don’t care to make excuses for abusive people. “oh, excuse me because I’m old?, otmn’s attempt at an apology….. and so you know…. the waltz goes on…. sher

        1. Dear Sher!
          I just wanted to remind you and Otmn both that this Pond is a place of love, and even if we disagree with what someone else shares here, we should always remember to respond to it from a place of love. We are here to support each other, and to do what we can so that each and every one of us can find his or her true self. But we are still very much human, and so, the human part of us will be the one that responds from time to time, by sharing words that cause anger, hurt or pain in the one they are directed at. But does that mean that anyone causing this kind of reaction in another person should automatically be “banned” from this space? I do not think so. After all, part of this journey is learning to go beyond that human part of us, the one that is governed by emotions, so I choose to look upon this as another lesson for us all. Dear Sher, you and Otmn are not the first ones who have been hurt, provoked or angered by what have been shared here, but perhaps the lesson the two of you have given us all will help to make you the last? I certainly hope so because we are here to help each other grow, not to make each other feel smaller. So I would like to thank you both again for BEing who you are. I see past the words you have shared, and I see the bright light you both carry, and I thank you both for bringing it here.
          With all my love, Aisha

  2. Now I understand „It breathes me“.
    I always say: „It breathes me” and that’s so good to me.

    Ramtha said: „Thus on the plane of paradise, one breathes sound and music and lives in light. …“
    We breathe the flow of energies of the ALL-ONE.
    On the BixRon Galaxy I’ve even already painted it.


    Jetzt verstehe Ich „ES atmet Mich“.
    Ich sage immer: „ES atmet Mich“ und das tut mir so gut.

    Ramtha sagte: „Auf der Ebene des Paradieses atmet man Klang und Musik und lebt im Licht. …“
    Wir atmen den Fluss der Energien des ALL–EINEN.
    Auf der BixRon–Galaxie habe Ich es sogar schon gemalt.


    1. ❤ Thank you, sweet JJ, for this lovely news. my vibes rose/jumped off the charts after reading this. My Heart is so very grateful. one doesn't know whether to sit in peaceful Gratitude or donkey laugh in pure JOY. Continued Blessings to you, Dear One, to Mother, to All. ❤ 😀 😀 😀

      (have a great day 🙂 )

      1. So much love to you, dear Lin.
        Thank you for your loving response.
        Actually it was Bev that led me to this article. 😊


        1. Then, my Love—as always—to Dear Bev, too ! No more chemtrails (blue skies and fluffy white clouds) and now this wonderful news. This one is over the moon. Am waiting for hubby to wake up so this news can be shared with him. We are the most fortunate… to be here to actually see these wondrous changes taking place while we quietly BE and radiate more and more Love. Much Love… ❤

  3. Now I know what it was.
    „aversions” were a kind of „anchor” which had nailed me in the low frequencies.
    When I think/say „I love you all” I set me free of dislikes and it is no longer available as an anchor to exactly THAT attracts to me.
    This doesn’t mean that I choose everything what other people set an example to me. It just means that I have no dislikes and I feel in a state of freedom and love.

    ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

    Jetzt weiß Ich was es war.
    „Abneigungen“ waren eine Art von „Anker“ die mich in den niedrigen Frequenzen festgenagelt hatten.
    Indem Ich denke/sage: „Ich liebe euch alle“ befreie Ich MICH von Abneigungen und es ist kein Anker mehr vorhanden der genau DAS zu mir zieht.
    Das bedeutet nicht dass Ich alles wähle was andere Menschen mir vorleben. Es bedeutet nur dass ICH keine Abneigungen mehr habe und MICH im Zustand der Freiheit und der Liebe fühle.

    Heart greetings ❤



    „Everything is valid and everything is truthful, because Law of Attraction lets everything be. The question is not whether it' s right or wrong, whether their approach is right or wrong, or whether my approach is right or wrong. The question is: Does their approach feel good to me? And if it doesn't, then I choose a different approach.“

    „Alles ist gültig und alles ist wahr, da das Law of Attraction alles existieren lässt. Die Frage ist nicht, ob etwas richtig oder falsch ist, ob jemandes Vorgehensweise richtig oder falsch ist oder ob meine Einstellung richtig oder falsch ist. Die Frage ist folgende: Fühlt sich ihre Sichtweise gut an? Und wenn das nicht der Fall ist, dann wähle ich etwas anderes.“

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, August 2nd, 1998 #184

  4. Thank you Aisha and CCs. I feel the energies still as heavy clearing, and that brings up doubt at times. So this message is a welcome one, especially the bit where we are told nothing can stop us now, not even our minds‼ I’ve been following the work of Andrew Bartzis, the galactic historian, quite a bit, another source that feels authentic. Check him out if you can. Sending love to all, Ellise♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. i think it is so cool that so many already know about susun weed, and denise got to meet her
    wow,how cool is that,
    so riddle me this
    do you know bobby watson?


      1. My Dream House model. This is me singing, I wrote the song and produced it in the Bregman electroacoustic music studio at Dartmouth College as a Master of arts in Liberal Studies student.

                1. and Vermont too of course. Stay as long as you like. Ponders please ponder Milton, New Hampshire as your travel destination. I have 5 acres of virgin land surrounded by 290 acres of conservation land. I have a Plan.

                  To build a farm and forest retreat center. LOOK at the Ponds in Milton!
                  Much more to come~ But come!

                2. ❤ we've been to NH and VT and all NE states. Gorgeous. and plan to return for a future vacation. our favorite Magical destinations—you're very fortunate, Monica. 🙂 if we could handle the winters, we'd probably consider living there in future retirement years. would enjoy walking your forest retreat center when it comes to be. Pure Magic. Continued Blessings of Love&JOY&Light as you create your dream. ❤

                  (all those lovely, gorgeous TREES!)

                    1. This is a picture of my back yard yesterday evening. Note Breezy the colors! It opens for me. Anyhow I made short You Tube videos to help along this process of collaboration.

                      In Year ONE at Angels Landing I intend to build a multiharvesting of free energies Tower. A Tower of Self Reliance.TM

                      Basically these design elements are being incorporated:

    1. north america is an illegally occupied complex of several nations
      get over it
      the English invaded the Irish 700 years ago; they are still mad about it
      get over it, already


        1. oops, wrong sorry
          it’s those little flat typewriters that are wired up to those little television sets, that give me fits
          oh well
          getting old is not for wussies

  6. the 4th of july is america’s only honest holiday.
    that’s when we eat and drink and blow things up with people we like,
    every other holiday, we have to tolerate our idiot relatives, and pretend to get along.

    one other thing, to succeed in ascending, one must leave their ego behind.
    when we are ONE, then what we think of ourselves becomes irrelevant.

    i have been quietly shedding tears over and over for the last few days, for no reason that i am aware of. the cc’s have talked about the seeds beginning to sprout. i reflected on all the seeds of wisdom that i have been spreading around this place for the last 6 decades. maybe that has something to do with it

    1. Or perhaps when we are ONE, what we think of ourselves becomes very relevant? Any negativity, depression, etc would affect the whole? I do like looking at the flip side of the coin 🙂 Not to mention, I really don’t want to feel guilty that my above post was offensive 🙂 Love, Nancee

  7. Great missive. I1 gives a 6.0 for the “fake simile”. That´s how bad it has been, until we came into the game, right? Greed and vanity, survival of the hippest,
    empty gestures.
    Spencer was wrong all the way down to Darwin´s Ninja turtles. Here we are now, the heroes of the kosmos, lightning up ourselves with the love from the heart. Yep.
    What a brilliant critique of the fast to be forgotten past of humanity. Trampling over every species with a firework of ignorance, blindness and self underrating. Not very aplombable, äh. Aplombing? No more old lies, old ways. No borders.

    Any way A beer for Tim Howard, cheers.

  8. “I’m ALIVE!” The tears have fled and what is shining through is all this beautiful energy Bev’s been commenting on today. Last night I danced as I did 20 years ago… with total abandonment. I got past the hang up of what I was wearing (vs what I’d like to afford to wear); past the hang ups of how many ‘better’ dancers were in the place; past the fact that I was sitting alone in a ‘bar’; basically past the negativities and fears that were hanging on to me. “Our” Wave Rider, on f/b, posted about not being hung up on sharing the facts of ‘breakthroughs’ (my words) so in the energy and truth of what he posted I am making this bold statement: Today I see my greatness, I see the light and energy within me shining forth. I step past my fear and share it here first where I feel safest… Let’s ROCK the energies where we each live… Within each of us there’s so much waiting for fuller release. YEAH… (Lin I think some of your joyful energy has finally reached me 🙂 ) In this energy I send out a big wave of protection to the animals Caroline for tonight in the USA. May they also break through fear and be at peace. Love, Nancee

      1. A big Aloha Sher! You have my nephew out there now with the Navy heading for Japan~
        No accidents, all synchronicities. So much more, but first coffee and flipping. I am so excited! Monica

    1. Nancee dear one, pleasure seeing your path and loving it.
      Thank you for having the courage to share it.
      Best wishes, and blessings abound.

  9. Hello Everyone!
    Popping in quick for a simple request. With the July 4 holiday here in the USA, comes the noise and flashing lights of fireworks. Please hold ALL animals, wild and domestic, in your heart spaces and send them gentle, calming energy this weekend. So many become frightened and frantic during the celebrations. THANK YOU!!! 🙂
    With Love, Caroline

    1. yeah what’s with the fireworks anyways right? noisy and dangerous-why they could cause a stampede,if there were buffalo or like that-see people don’t think of the possible consequences…and cats particularly also have very sensitive hearing,the birds round here…there’s 5 hummingbirds or more regularly out the window here,and i’d never wanna scare any of the poor little buggers-haha,good reminder,in fact,there’s been several loud bangs from various fireworks,here right out the window in the yard nex’ door,and i was thinkin,dang,that’s loud-and my hearing is considerably dulled -and so i hardly remember having sensitive hearing-which is frustrating,because now that i’m older i can appreciate music better,despite the difficulty in hearing it…anyways,have fun,but don’t cause a stampede or hurt or scare anyone if you can help it–and party like there’s no tomorrow–haha–even tho we know there’s a tomorrow–looks like a long/short ‘nuther weekend… quick,it’ll be nuthin’ but memories or impressions of memories….gone!

      1. ….. eerily quiet here; not a single bird out singing on such a gorgeous day. Just the smell of burnt gunpowder.

        1. Noisy humans! …” and the rockets red glare, sent bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there…”
          Ya I think it is all sadly glorifying the violence, but using fireworks to celebrate goes way back.

          I sang this to the Flippers yesterday as an alternative…

          in the morning outside a cafe on the sidewalk using my iphone as karaoke.

          I got performance butterflies in my gut but they seemed pleased enough with the unexpected burst of joy.

          I am resetting my personal calendar to Year ONE.
          I recorded bits of it to punctuate this in my YouTube works.

          I AM establishing a GOOD News channel. Stay tuned as they used to say…:) Monica ❤

      2. i feel fireworks gives some people time to get used to a paradigm without guns.
        i also feel that more and more people are interested in fireworks that are beautiful to see, rather than loud and shocking to hear.
        i also feel that there is a very small amount of people who need some extra special attention for their need to constantly look for bigger bangs and buzzes.
        i feel all is proceeding very well on the larger scope.

  10. & another wonderful message from Anna thru the Pleiades High Council, & certainly The CC’s have informed us too in a similar way ! (I’m sharing a portion here) Lovin’ this one….’Power Players’….Thanks Anna !

    Slowly the fear, panic, anger and other such modalities are being dissipated from your psyche, and are being replaced by the light of your GODLY selves. The Light of your CREATOR selves and the light of all that there is. For the particles of the SOURCE as you understand it to be within your own reality are activating rapidly the creative modalities within your vehicles of time and space. And hence, many of you are beginning to feel as if you are emerging from deep sleep, and stepping into a new CREATIVE reality of your being.
    For all of you shall experience the creativity take deep route in your day to day activities. And even the mundane tasks shall begin to appeal to your consciousness and you shall find the beauty and awe in each and every single moment. For in truth the NOW moment of your timely reality is being incorporated into your understanding of SELF and the reality in which you dwell. For you are being consciously propelled towards the understanding of finding the fulfillment in every single moment of your earthly existence.
    And so and thus, the moment has indeed come for you to put on your CREATIVE hats and step into the creative aspects of self and create the opportunities that shall lead you in the direction of your highest aspirations. For the moment is nigh, and you are to take active roles in changing the route of not only your own lives here on earth, but of all those around you. For indeed you are becoming pure power players in this game that you all call LIFE.

    1. When I clicjed on this it downloaded an image of sky I took during the last Pond Gathering. This is my backyard! So now I can post images for you. ❤ Monica

            1. Oh well, you are fast! Like I said, I was hacked and it feels like my yarn basket was overturned in a metaphorical sense.
              Think of me as a granny collecting her bits to make the new quilt or in this case cyberfrontier.

              Many wondrous things are happening. REALLY.
              Got more to say, but this is a whole weekend affair.:)
              ❤ Monica

              1. Monica,
                only public places are visible for other people.
                i think you’re trying to show something that is in your private mail area.
                for example uploading a picture on a blog or website will do the trick.
                another way is for example using a website such as

  11. Hey All !…..& hope our American Ponder Sisters & Brothers are having a Great holiday & BE Safe to ALL on the eastern seaboard !…..just read this from Mike Quinsey ‘SaLuSa’…..a great message !….& I think ties into this missive & comments made…..Here’s my favourite paragraph that resonates a lot with me ~….Love, Bev

    ” We know that the question that often enters your mind is “how am I doing” and the fact that your awareness has risen to that level suggests you are doing very well. Such a question would not arise unless you had raised the level of your consciousness and understood the need to keep evolving. It is hard for some to accept but once you are firmly on the path to Ascension, you become so confident of yourself that you are unaffected by what is going on around you. That Dear Ones is the sign of a soul who knows where they are going and how to get there and is already part way to Ascension. Such a soul is a beacon of Light upon Earth and inevitably attracts many other souls to them. Believe us when we tell you that your Light is magnificent and often extends far further than you imagine. As the band of Lightworkers grows, so does their influence and ability to bring ever more Light to Earth. You are normally what are called the “unsung heroes” going about your work with dedication and love, and do not seek recognition for what you do. You may however be assured that by lifting up your vibrations you are setting up your pathway to the higher dimensions. That in itself is a worthy reward for your achievements.”

  12. is it just me or are these things getting harder to read and making less and less sense….ah it’s probly just me and my impatience…i mean i haven’t even been on this ‘ill-fated planet’ a whole half-a-century yet,so what the heck do i know anyway–very little to be sure!

    1. sorry,aisha-please don’t take it personally,that is,if they’re sometimes hard to read or make sense of,the messages ,you’re just the messenger and a great one,by the way! could you ask them to just keep talking to us-and thank them for me,and i’ll try to understand,what the heck it all means…i mean obviously,the words ain’t even what it’s all about–that’s not lost on me–i just feel the need to express these things-and i wonder why–haha–forgive me,thank you–please talk,talk,talk! and thanks!

    2. hang in there Dear ‘Arc’ !….maybe it is a simple act of trying too hard….sometimes I like to just read thru without thinking thru & then let the word energies-messages naturally come into place after….sometimes a 2nd read is required….main thing is don’t expect anything from it…just flow & feel with it & if nothing comes thru for you…be o.k. with that too….Smile & Enjoy your day !….& know confidently that another opening has been sent your way….before you know it you will be like a great baseball catcher, catching each & everyone (as that is the way they come)…& better still, you will BE seeing-feeling them before they even touch your glove !
      Love, Bev~

      1. thanks–yes it always,for me,means a lot more reading it a second time-i hardly ever read one without re-reading it-and always there’s more to get out of it with each re-reading-even if you were to read it ten times-allowing some time in between readings..
        it’s tedious,all the words,words,words…sorry to have already added so many to the pile – but a more meaningful pile,would be hard to find-even on the most elite or exclusive or esoteric or intellectual forums-ahem-haha!

  13. Synchronicity and more truth telling. Not sure if this is relevant but i see CC all over it

    The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

    This documentary found me last night i just posted on my facebook page And can be found at forbidden

    Love Paula Connor

    Sent from my iPad


  14. The only thing that makes me happy today is the thought:
    „We have made it so soon.”
    Nothing can dissuade me.

    ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

    Das einzige das mich heute glücklich macht ist der Gedanke:
    „Wir haben es ja bald geschafft“.
    Nichts kann mich davon abbringen.


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