A short update on the energies

As you have perhaps already noticed, you will be subjected to a myriad of different energetic sources now, and they in turn will serve to ignite quite a few conflicting responses within you, both in the physical but also in the emotional sense.

Let us explain. We have touched briefly upon the fact that you are not only carriers of light and information, you have also been dispersing the same for many a lifetime already, and now, as these seeds starts to germinate and come into life, one by one at first, but very soon in a veritable avalanche, these seeds themselves will also start to affect you in so many ways. For even if you have dropped them away from you so to speak on your journeys here on this planet, you still carry the imprint of these signals to the world within your DNA, and this combined with the reciprocal feedback you have been given from your own planet every time you have deposited one of these pods of information, will make many a circuit within you start to talk louder and louder. And so, what you hear will at times be a veritable cacophony of signals, seemingly pushing you in all directions at once, giving you no solid ground to stand on, and taking you out on a dizzying journey that will be apt to make the strongest amongst you feel weakened. But again, these conflicting emotions and physical signals are merely signals of improvements, not just on a personal level, but indeed on a global one.

For what is taking place, is a huge awakening of sorts that will stir up any and all of the old and stagnant pools still covering much of the surface of this planet. Remember, what has been instigating all of this highly negative energy in the first place has been removed, and as such, the old controlling forces are not in place anymore, but the residue from them is still very much in place all around you, just like the puddles left after a heavy rain. But now, what you have been planting has started to stir and push its way through the topsoil, and as it starts to emerge and start to interact with the energies already there, everything will seem to be in turmoil at one time or the other. Again, this is not a sign of unrest in a negative way, rather, it is a sign of the most beneficial stirring up this planet of yours will ever experience. For now, no place will be left untouched by the effect of these newly hatched seedlings that will begin to make their voices heard in all sorts of ways.

We know that for many of you, this unrest will feel more than a little bit unsettling, but again, that is indeed the whole purpose of this part of the whole operation. For this carefully targeted stirring up will enable such a profound clearing of the entire energetic environment on the surface of this planet. Remember, you have been instrumental in putting into place a whole new energetic grid all around this planet, but what we are talking about now, is literally within the very soil, the ground upon which you all walk, the very foundation of your societies. For in this topmost layer of your planet, within this very thin crust is where all of the old energetic deposits have accumulated, the old density that has supplanted the vibrant freshness and vitality that used to constitute the very essence of your existence.

But now, these seeds that you have so diligently been secreting away into this thin upper layer have received the required amount of light they need in order to come into life – in every sense of the word. For they have not been harmed or inhibited in any way by these accrued layers of dross that have been deposited lifetime after lifetime, century after century upon this planet as humanity continued ever deeper into that darkening alley they had chosen to venture, far from it. For these seeds are indeed indestructible, they will thrive in any atmosphere and in any kind of energetic environment, for they have been designed to withstand any and all attempts of destruction or alternation. For they carry that same frequency that you have now attained, and as such, no lower densities could harm them at all. And so they simply stayed here, waiting for the signal to emerge, and now, that signal has been given and so this wondrous process of unfolding has been set into motion. And so, bit by bit that old and dense crust will be penetrated from below by these hardy seedlings, and as they push through these old and rigid layers, they will set off a vibration that will go through every single particle it comes into contact with. This in turn will act as a signal to the neighbouring ones, setting off a chain reaction that in turn will encompass the entirety of the surface of this planet.

Remember, what you look upon as negativity is simply a source of energy, one that can and will be utilized for the most beneficial of purposes, just like the waste excreted from animals will be utilized to fertilize your fields. For even if this planet may look barren and encrusted in such a deep layer of negativity, it is in fact simply an ocean of potential, waiting to be set into good use, and as these small but potent seeds take root and start to sprout, they will tap into this potential and use it for all it is worth, fuelling their own growth by tapping into this vast repository of old energy. For energy is the only single source that exist anywhere in Creation. Energy is what it IS, and so, the task will simply be to restore the vibrational level of this energy in such a way, it will return into being a source of positive change instead of negative limitation.

We know we speak in what some may refer to as oversimplified terms, but at the very core, this is what is happening now. Nothing in Creation is of such a character it cannot be retuned in a way that will be considered as beneficial, and so, this embattled and scarred planet of yours is no exception. Mankind has an idea that it has depleted so many of the natural resources this planet carries, but that is not the way to see this. You have simply mismanaged many of them to a  gross degree, but you cannot deplete energy, nor can you “pollute” it in such a way it is unfit for “consumption”. For energy simply IS, and now, that wondrous potential you live amongst will finally begin to be reset and retuned to a source of light and indeed delight for all, instead of being that debilitating burden of negativity it has been for such a long time.

For there are no limits to what you can do now, and there are no limits to what this change will bring about, and there is no chance that you will run out of raw material either. For you already have everything you need at your disposal so make this huge makeover come about, both in the form of manpower, an also in the form of natural resources in way of energy and information. And so, those seeds you planted such a long time ago, and those seeds you are also busy scattering all over the place as you go about your daily lives now, all of those seeds will find everything they need to come into fruition. For they will thrive in the darkest and dampest of places, and so too will they thrive in the driest and most barren ones, for there are no limits as to what these seeds can take and still start to vibrate at such a rate, it will bring this whole planet back into that dance of life it has so wanted to re-enter for eons. For these seeds are nothing more than carriers of frequencies, frequencies that will help to retune everything and everyone they come into contact with, and as they do their magic, all matter will begin to sing to the same tune. And when it does, nothing will be as before, and we do mean that in a very literal sense. For no matter where you look, both within and without, everything you see or sense in any way is simply energy vibrating at a certain rate, and so, this dance of life that you still know how to do will finally be the one that will be enacted by all that exist on this planet, and not just by a handful, as it has been for so long.

For there has always been individuals like yourselves maintaining that frequency of life, no matter how dense and disconnected the majority of the inhabitants on this planet have been, and so, you will be the first to rejoice, for you will find company again after a long and solitary journey as one by one, thousands upon thousands of other souls will be joining in this joyous circle, dancing with joy, dancing with life, and dancing the very life back into this entire planet once again.

218 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Hello Ponders 🙂
    I’ve been sitting near the edge of the lake this morning, watching the light sparkling on the surface of the water. Earlier this morning as the sun was low in the sky, the light sparkles reached from the far shoreline all the way to the shore line nearest me. The light glistened and danced on the water in a narrow band, and I wondered if that is what we look like when we gather at the Pond. As the sun has risen higher in the sky, the sparkles have diffused and cover more surface area… how we must look after leaving our gathering at the pond and going out into the world 🙂
    Much love to All.

  2. To me was shown one night: „X = 3″
    Since then I advise what might it mean, and have provided a number of theories about it.
    Now the answer comes in all of our lives.

    Mir wurde eines Nachts gezeigt: „X=3“
    Seitdem rate Ich was es wohl bedeuten mag und habe einige Theorien darüber aufgestellt.
    Jetzt kommt die Antwort in unser aller Leben.


    1. I was pleased to meet Susan at the herbal conference last year. She is quite a character! Much to learn from her.

  3. To everyone here at the pond, your posts are filled with such beauty and love! I was on my way home today listening to music and I was transported to this loving place at the pond! Thank you all for the connections here and from far away. Your love flows! You are always with me! Life is amazing! Hoping to have time to reply to a few posts here, but if not I will see everyone at the gathering. Feel I have already been there as the other night I barely got my eyes shut and was seeing magical trees and a path leading to water. See you all soon. ❤ Denise

    1. Wow, the time of this post is my brother in-laws birthday. Here I am helping my sister clear out their home and he is here at the pond. Never would have thought it. Just wow….no more words at the moment. ❤

  4. I’m so immersed into my innerworld. In there I have “glasses” on which flood past time people and places in front of my consciousness. I tried to ask for a guide, and this entity appeared, and said something which caused an irritating thing to grow from my head, second and third enrity, “nagging” like I do in these messages and told it to go away. Experience ended. On the darkside of it I was catching a breath and seeing the surrounding by reflecting the light from the screen on this black solid wall…. hmmm… it’s quite interesting how these inner moral-detectors, memories and interfaces start to play out.

  5. something has been nudging me. Has to do with Christ planting his seed energy in the plant life that we would ingest and so forth. I read about this long ago but can not recall exactly where. It was an actual thing – this plant DNA seeding from The Christ… that would ignite our DNA… and we then have the second coming which is the Christ within. I am not religious — I am a spiritual being when I talk of these things and I do believe in The Christ as a man here and as the Spirit which resides in all of us. He , the man Jesus came to ignite this process.
    here is an interesting link I just found….. some of it explains what I am thinking about… some a bit too biblical but worth a look.
    “Just as a natural seed springs forth in the earth in which it is planted, so Christ Jesus, the Seed, springs forth in the earth realm, that is, in man. He began this in certain men on the day of Pentecost. The life within the embryo of a seed must spring forth when planted in good ground (Gen. 1:11; Mark 4:20) It’s a universal law. ”
    What are the seeds or what is the fruit that bears the seeds? Bearing seed or bearing fruit and coming into maturity is not allocated to the distant future or to the other side of the grave. That wouldn’t follow God’s order for total growth. Neither is the fruit we bear likened to some shriveled up, scabby, deformed or unripe apple. But because it bears the pure seed of Christ within, it’s a purely formed fruit.. The fruit of a Christian isn’t saving souls, (for souls just won are but babes), preaching, evangelizing, singing hymns, or writing messages or books.. The fruit is the manifestation of the character and nature of Jesus Christ who resides within. Jesus said,, “you shall know them by their fruit” (Matt. 7:20). ”
    >> Otmn, u may or may not want to look at this. lol. I do like the parts about the seeds and fruits. I did have a dream that comes to mind now…. long time ago… In it, there was this giant piece of fruit hanging from a lone tree. I had never seen this fruit pod before. It was filled with seeds. that is all I really remember but I knew it had significance…and so did the ‘tree of life’ as I took it to be. I believe I felt one with the fruit, the seeds, and the whole tree. And I woke up feeling everything was going to be all right.

    1. ok just for my regards for you
      i looked at it
      there is good information there for those skilled in knowing the difference between bs and truth.
      they still want everyone to feel helpless, doomed, and afraid.
      i disagree
      it’s not about sin, sacrifice, and atonement
      it’s really about experience, service to others, and understanding.

      1. or maybe it is about
        the Triple Goddess–
        the Maiden, Mother and Crone-
        three stages of womanhood: menstruation, motherhood and menopause.

        how would i know?

    2. Christ has also for me nothing to do with religion and the church,
      but with crystal – thus with US.

      Christus hat auch für Mich nichts mit Religion und Kirche zu tun,
      sondern mit Kristall – also mit UNS.

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  6. Dear friends! Today has been a very special day for my sister and for me, for today we experienced such a profound release in what must have been an important part of the preparation for our journey to the mountains. Yesterday, my sister found out that one of her clients had passed away and that they would have a memorial service for him today. She wanted to honor his memory in her own way, and she asked me to accompany her to a nearby lake so we could have a small ceremony for him there at the time for his funeral. It is a 30 minute walk through the forest to get to the lake, and as we walked we both felt this deep, deep sadness well up, and it became such an emotional trip for us both. I did not even know the man who had passed away, but it was as if I could feel the grief of his mother who had lost her only child, and this just grew until it was as if so much of the sadness and sorrow, grief and pain women had experienced through the ages because of losing their children or being suppressed came welling up for us both. We had to cross a small creek, and I felt the need to bend down and lay the palms of my hands on the flowing water, and then something magic happened. My sister noticed it first, for she said that she could feel how this huge knot of tears and sadness seemed to just melt away, and instead of feeling this sorrow and grief from the women, we could feel the presence of the soul of the man who had passed away, and it was as if he was there to show us that he had simply given us an opportunity to connect with this deep layer of grief in order to release it.

    When we got to the lake, we placed a small branch of white flowers on the surface of the water while sending up a prayer to the one who had passed away and to his mother, and as we sat there, a woman swam past us with two beautiful, black dogs, and their names both started with an M, the same letter as in the name of the man we were there to remember. It was such a moment of joy and bliss for them, and my sister said that to her, it was such a powerful reminder that now his soul was also free and no longer in a body who had felt so much pain during so many years of his short life. Suddenly the dogs swam out to a patch of white waterlilies and picked one flower each, bringing them back to shore. It was such a beautiful moment, and we both sent up our thanks for this wonderful gift. It was also a poignant reminder that our journey will be all about the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, of reclaiming what has been taken away for centuries and about releasing what has been kept hidden away for such a long time. It also underscored the fact that water will be playing such an important part in it. A song came up for us both as we walked through the forest towards the lake and I want to share this song with you because it describes so well what we experienced there.

    “One by one, thousands upon thousands of other souls will be joining in this joyous circle, dancing with joy, dancing with life, and dancing the very life back into this entire planet once again.”
    Love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. that’s so beautiful Aisha. Thank you. And it reminds me of Kim and how I knew I had to get her – and me – to the tidal pool that day to release her into it. >And today, she left me yet another dime. she hooked up with our friend Ray while we were in CA (he sends pennies – and she upped the ante!! lol). I have looked down to find three dimes now in the past 4 or 5 days.
      So many blessed connections and the comforts they bring! So happy for yours and your sister’s experience! I feel it and am made warm by it !
      ❤ Hugs ❤

    2. ❤ Beautiful (releasing) experience, beautifully said, Dear Aisha&Sis. You both aided the Feminine, past and present, so powerfully while honoring the young man who passed into Love&Light. God Bless You Both for all you are doing from the Pure Sweetness in your Hearts. The song befits the Energy of the moment. Thank you sooo much. Continued Blessings, Dear Ones. ❤ +++

      [The Water, the dogs swimming to the shore with one white waterlily each was the frosting on the cake! 🙂 sooo jumping-for JOY-lovely ]

    3. Dose this mean I have to brush up on my square dancing, or line dancing techniques!!!! 🙂

    4. Beautiful Aisha! Thank you for a few happy tears.
      We are all connected. Even with dogs!
      LOL!!!!! Loving this so much!
      Love, Terri

    5. White water lilies, beautiful black dogs, blue water, towering trees, twin sisters – SMILING with LOVE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Caroline

    6. Dear Aisha, this brought me to tears in so many ways. It reminded me of when I pictured the ocean as being the tears of the great mother of all. So many salty tears have been shed. They have flowed into and made the great oceans of our world. Blessings to you and your sister for the amazing healing you bring.
      Truly in love and light,

    7. Tremendous love to you and your sister Aisha. Thank you for sharing your magical experience, your honoring of the transition of this blessed being, and the healing that occurred for eons of human mothers and women. Big hugs! Alex

    8. I love these experiences, they show us how thin the veil already is
      and how close they are to us.
      Or other way around: We are so close to heaven.

      ☀ ☽ ✩

      Ich liebe diese Erlebnisse, sie zeigen uns wie dünn der Schleier bereits ist
      und wie nah sie uns sind.
      Oder anders herum: Wir sind dem Himmel so nah.

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    9. Thanks Aisha for sharing your experience that, together with the that amazing song, touched my heart very deeply ❤

      Love & light ❤


  7. hey!
    who’s just sick of it all,and wants to really do something significant–and who has any ideas what that might be?

    1. I keep thinking we all here should focus on something together – to manifest. lets put our heads together on it….
      like something of beauty that washes over the whole planet that no one can miss and it will be reported on. I know Love already does… but I mean something everyone sees as well as feels.

      1. Hey Breeze!

        I have a thought! How a ’bout every human on the planet wakes up 10 years younger with no aches, pains, disease or WRINKLES!

        (The lack of sleep and the digestive issue seems to be aging me. The mirror is no longer my friend)! LOL!!!!

        Seriously, I get it. I think I want all the stars in the sky to turn hot pink!

        Ok, really now, how about stopping animal abuse, stopping the massive euthanasia rate climbing by the day by thousands. I would want something to help the wildlife, marinelife and animal kingdoms….that would definitely be my thought.

        Hugs for you dear Breeze and to Kelly too!


        1. waking up younger sounds like a good start,alright! well,luckily,we do have forever,haha–i keep saying,it’s not a race…
          but maybe it is! time seems to be the enemy-but please–say it ain’t so!

        2. “I have a thought! How a ’bout every human on the planet wakes up 10 years younger with no aches, pains, disease or WRINKLES!”

          I already did that. The “younger” thing, that is.
          Except I don’t look 10 years younger, I now look 30 years younger.

          I’ve been experimenting with how far I can go in reversing the aging process….right now I’m 46 years old, but I look to be around 14 years old.

          People who see me are VERY confused.

    1. Same here. I am living on salads, fresh fruit, almond milk and cereal, and bagels. Anything else sends my stomach cramping.

      1. Misery loves company I hear Amanda!
        Thank you for sharing with me, helps when you know you REALLY are not alone!

        1. You are definately not alone 🙂 I have been a french fry lover my entire life and the last 3 times i tried to eat them i was completely sick to my stomach. My body craves natural and wholesome foods. Friends and family are impressed by my “will power” to eat so healthy and be a vegan. Truth is, it takes no effort at all as my body wont accept anything else. Five years ago i ate meat, cheese, eggs, drank alcohol, iced coffee. Major changes in the right direction all while the body navigates itself to proper nutrition. Terri-It seems like your body is just letting you know what kinds of food it wants and needs. It is all good, and I’m right there with ya. 🙂 Funny thing is at the beginning of my ascension process I gained 18 pounds and ate like a pregnant lady and slept any chance I could! Now, after a few years, I naturally lost over 20 pounds and eat very healthy and have a lot of energy. Seems like I have adjusted to the energies. Everytime i go get a salad bar at the grocery store I almost laugh to myself because that is something I would not have done a couple of years ago. Amazing how many major personal changes we are all going through. Hugs to you all.:)

          1. Thank you, amanda!! I’ve put on about 15 pounds, eat like crazy, and want to sleep all the time. You give me new hope. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Hi Shannon~ 🙂 Everyone has their own story and are going at their own pace, but we all do have a lot of similarities in our stories.:) The weight gain part was not fun at all, and I put it on in just over a month which was shocking to people who saw me just a month before! I was definately out of shape for 2.5 years. Didn’t even have a tiny bit of energy for a walk. I felt lazy. I also was working at a job which required you to be physically fit, so it was rather embarassing too. I was always hoping I wouldn’t see anybody I know because they would think I let myself go or that I was depressed which was not the case. Nothing made the weight come off either. I tried fasting and didn’t lose a pound. The weight stayed until it wanted to come off. On the flip side I now am in the best shape I can remember physically and mentally. There is hope and trust your body. 🙂

              1. That is quite a story, Amanda. And I imagine that 2.5 years seemed like forever, and you not knowing that at some point your body would effortlessly improve on its own. I love that. And to be in the “best shape” you can remember – WOW! ❤

                1. Thanks. Hope some of this helps you because the weight gain is definately frustrating if you have no idea what is going on. I did lose the weight once my body craved less and healthier foods along with the fact that I also had energy for my 45 min. walks again. Yes, 2.5 years felt like an eternity. I almost lost hope that I would ever get my “normal” shape and size back again. Know that you are right where you are supossed to be. 🙂

    2. I know, Terri, it is difficult to watch our fuzzy loved ones in an uncomfortable state of being. All of mine have been affected to one extent or another by the energies and have been to the vet at least once to ensure that they are OK. Just love them through it – I’m sure you feed them like you feed yourself and always have the “good” water available to them. In my area we have a shop which we get our reverse osmosis water from for ourselves and the “kids”. It has helped their sensitive tummies tremendously. They have had vertigo a few times, too, which can make their tummies sick just like us. Hang in there, dear! Love to you, Caroline

      1. Caroline, you have me pegged. My rescue dogs are treated better by me than my own body, until recently. Loving them through it is just about our only option! I have done some Reiki Treatments on them individually and as a group, seemed to help them (us). Dogs
        handle everything pretty darn well compared to humans! My pack is still adjusting to our MulDoone’s passing over. We have been a bit lost since his goodbye. I also discovered that Natural Balance Dog Food has changed their formula and all my dogs got ear infections.

        Lovely to come in and talk here, just to touch base and see what is happening out there in our 3/4D worlds that seem to line up. I always find help here, everyone has so much to share & learn from. Funny, but I feel comforted and worry less most of the time. I just love the Ponders! The CC’s are pretty darn timely in my life and Aisha, just as she shared above brings me to tears. I just keep on a comin’ back to the Pond.

        Thanks so much to telling me about what you have discovered about your pets. Again, I am going to worry less this afternoon and that dear friend is a GOOD THING!

        Hairey Tail Waggin Blessings,

    3. Terri, my cats and dogs have been craving oat grass. I grow big pots of it for them. A 50lb bag of oat groats is real cheap. I think they need the chlorophyll for their tummy. Can put liquid chlorophyll in the water for them if they will drink it. Some will and some won’t. All the best for the little guys. ❤

      1. Oh! Thank you Denise! Love to go as natural as possible and will definitely ask Olsen’s Feed about this and grow it for the dogs! Wonderful advice and information. I appreciate this very much!

        Love, Terri

      2. Thank you, Denise! I have one cat struggling with tummy issues at the moment. I’d forgotten about the oat grass. 🙂 Big hug! Caroline

  8. I feel like “seeds” are growing in my gut!
    This issue with digestion has really taken off with me and others!
    Talking on the phone or with people locally, many are having digestive issues. (Ears still ringing & pulsing loudly off and on. Eating anything has become a quest so I don’t suffer afterwards!) With little able to eat, my energy level is just above EMPTY the last 2 weeks. Afternoon naps are now a must.) Good thing the seeds I spread around are doing their own work! Feel so weak and tired lately…

    Aisha, are digestive issues playing a part or is this just Gluten/Wheat intolerance or are our tummies feeling this new spiritual stage? I guess gut issues could be caused by Chemtrails chemicals too but I don’t feel that is the issue.

    I read that our DNA is transforming, could that also cause tummy issues?

    Too many people sick lately for coincidence………Thank you for asking this question of the CC’s for me. Sure have been worried lately and could use one of these timely messages to ratchet up my positive energies!!!

    Howdy to Lin and all the Ponders!

    Hugs, Terri

    1. Terri, sweetie, do you use any probiotics or eat yogurt? The gut bacteria needs supplementing during this time because the energy of everything is changing and needs support. Also think if you have been upping any specific supplements like vitamin C or magnesium oxide, both of which will cause bowel issues. Are you eating or have you shifted your diet to include more beans and cabbage or soy? I thought I had a gluten intolerance for many years but once I shifted to using probiotics and eating organic or heritage wheat products things were fine. Big hugs…peppermint definitely sooths the gut as does chamomile. Alex

      1. Oystergirl99! Hugs sister!

        Yes, I am on all of the above, live culture yogurt smoothies with organic fruits and veggies etc. I guess I hope my physical body is not breaking down during this exciting time. I have changed everything I eat, how I shop, where I shop and always as natural as possible. It is so strange to hear from so many people that they also are battling digestion issues right NOW. Thank you for all your advice, I am on it big time. I had a tooth pulled in one hell of a surgery, antibiotics (Penicillin) & pain pills for 2 weeks and now I can’t seem to calm down my system after this dental event.

        A shot of Vodka with fresh squeezed organic juice from a lemon last night got me hours of consecutive sleep, however, this isn’t something I plan to make a habit! It was just such a wonderful surprise to wake up in the morning instead of 2 or 3 AM! Cramping & belching even with a sip of water first thing in the morning is something I have to solve & soon!

        Not sure what is happening and do not want to go to a Doctor! Thank you so much for sharing with me!

        Hugs, Terri

        1. Hi Terri,
          Do you have the innate ability to ask your body what it needs for Good health? If you ask, it will tell you.

        2. If you had penicillin you will need more than acidopholus in yogurt. Go to the health food store and get one of their refrigerated blends that include bifidus. When your body is assaulted by antibiotics, which can of course be life saving, they also shed all the bacteria in the gut which is not only the yogurt cultures. You need to recolonize! Big hugs!

        3. My suggestion to you, is to stop looking so hard and so nitpickingly at the food issue, and focus instead on the pain pills and antibiotics that you took.

          Foodwise I let my body dictate and I’ve never had any digestive issues this entire time, except for 4 days ago when I was desperate for SLEEP after 3+ years of Insomnia combined with worsening excruciating Energy body rashes….

          So due to my desperation for sleep & relief from rashes, I decided to try my now dead father’s pain killers – Hydromorphone – and my husband also borrowed Percocet for me from his friend who is a low frequency disease & pain sufferer.

          Well, that shit indeed worked for getting me sleepy for the first time in years, but it immediately and completely fucked up my entire digestive system — and for the first in my life my bowels were bunged up to the max.

          The unbelievable constipation effect + cramping + gas of the pain killers took 3 days to disappear, after laying off of them completely and only taking 5 of the bitches in the first place.

    2. Hi, Dearest Terri… boy, can this one relate with the gut issues. When I eat only veggies (raw salads and steamed, no cabbage, soy, grains—severe intolerance to grains—or sugar or even vinegar–just organic lemon juice and olive oil) and organic plain chicken with pure water for drinking this one does absolutely 100% great. If varied at all, there are consequences. One also takes Hyland’s Bioplasma homeopathic tablets [ recommended by Lys–can take only 3 tabs 3x daily; any more than that, one gets nosebleeds—a pattern of nosebleeds since childhood with overdoing supplements or certain foods ] Even different brands of probiotics will work differently; have spent a lot of $$/time finding the right ones for this body.

      Since one has had a terrible sweet tooth since childhood, I now use Swanson’s liquid stevia to satisfy—sometimes even put it in the veggies and chicken to quiet the sweet cravings to hubby’s horror… or combined with a tsp of organic cocoa powder and tblsp of butter (yum) or in water with lemon juice to make lemonade. It seems all other stevia (liquid and powder) doesn’t work for me. [ Swanson’svitamins.com ]

      Alex is always good to listen to, she knows her stuff!!! Even then, it’s probably trial and error to find what your particular body needs and can tolerate. Your body will “speak” to you. My other family members have become chronically ill, but fail to backtrack to their previous day’s diet or meal to find the culprit. Our entire family/extended maternal family have had extreme immune system challenges… just very sensitive, but workable if one pays attention. This has all been in the old 3d experience since early 20s. In the NEW 5D+, this one has other Intentions!!!! 😀 Keep smiling, it’s only getting better and better, every single day. Be well, Dear One. Much Love and only Love&Light Blessings to you. ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Arctourist: I m sick of it all!!!

        Lin: Love you honey, thank you for sharing with me. Scary sometimes all this going on inside of us.

        My chant on the toilet is, “Send it on through and get rid of it!”

        Oh boy am I tired of it all! Glad to find company who can relate (:

    3. Dear Terry,
      so accounts (if is not a gluten intolerant) I think You have an invasion of candida albicans in your intestine, this is more common than you think and rarely diagnosed.
      a fungicide safe for our body but lethal to the fungal candida is oregano (origanum vulgare L.).
      I recommend you to take in capsule to be more direct effect on the digestive tract, and if you find a brand that includes cinnamon, the effect is much more complete.
      I use “orecan” of laboratories Herbovita, but this is in Spain and U.E., you can internet search something similar that is distributed in your country. I assure you the result is surprising in a few weeks, and this has been proven many of my patients.
      I hope I have been able serve to you (and excuse my awfull english)
      A big hugh

  9. There is something very magnificent on the way to us …

    The love for all life: „I love you all” (everyone) is the love of ALL–THAT–IS. The ONE that is ALL.

    Ramtha: „The sixth plane of heaven is beyond words, for words cannot describe how you – who believe yourself to be separate from the plant and the wind and the one who sits next to you – can be completely at one with something, yet unique and separate from that which you are at one with. But the plane of the sixth is the door to the seventh, for whatever one perceives and knows to be a reality, he will always become completely. So when one sees only God in a oneness and lives in that sphere of oneness, he will become that which he sees and lives with. And the superlativeness and supremeness of that becoming are the seventh heaven. The door to that heaven is the sixth plane of understanding, which is seeing what you become: pure God, pure reason, pure thought, pure life, pure light, the substance and basis of the totality of all that is.“


    Da ist etwas sehr prächtiges auf dem Weg zu uns …

    Die Liebe zu allem Leben: „Ich liebe Euch alle“ (jeden) ist die Liebe zu ALLES–WAS–IST. Das EINE das ALLES ist.

    Ramtha: „Für die sechste Ebene des Himmels gibt es keine Worte, denn Worte können nicht beschreiben, wie ihr, die ihr euch für getrennt haltet von der Pflanze, dem Wind und dem, der neben euch sitzt, wie ihr zwar vollkommen eins mit etwas sein könnt und dennoch einzigartig und getrennt von dem, mit dem ihr eins seid. Doch die sechste Ebene – das Wissen, dass ihr eins seid mit allem Leben ist die Tür zur siebten. Was immer einer als Wirklichkeit wahrnimmt und weiß, das wird er auch vollständig werden. Wenn also einer nur “Gott in der Einheit’ sieht und in der Sphäre der Einheit lebt, dann wird er das werden, was er sieht und mit dem er lebt. Und die Erhabenheit und Herrlichkeit dieses Werdens ist der siebte Himmel. Die sechste Ebene des Verstehens ist die Tür zu diesem Himmel, in dem man das sieht, wozu man wird, reiner Gott, reine Vernunft, reiner Gedanke, reines Leben, reines Licht – die Substanz und die Grundlage von allem, das ist.“

    Heart greetings ❤

  10. I want to send a message to elven777, because I said I’d come back and talk more about my experiences regarding timelines and then didn’t. Things are moving so fast it often seems like a “thread” I’m on in my life or my thought one day just disappears the next day—or even the next moment! So the timeline thread has faded for me—no further insights or experiences directly related to it—but I have a strong feeling there will be more. I still have a hunch that working with timelines is one of my soul’s favorite things to do and that it’s one of our projects at the Pond. Anyway, you’ve been in my heart, elven777, and I look forward to further connection.
    Love and blessings to you and to all,

    1. We seem to have been planting seeds generation after generation.

      USA history, that Walt Disney brought to life in this life time.

    2. Hi sherill! I agree things are moving so fast from day to day, i understand. Weirdly enough, it was yesterday I was thinking back to our timeline discussion and I felt like there was another “example” going on again over the past few days. Maybe a bit more subtle than last time. It feels like something changing “every few days” at the moment and Gaiaportal are still on the ball.

      I’m not so sure a fixed thread for discussing timelines is the best way anyway, as the pages / threads move so fast on here!!. But instead It would be cool to roll along with the threads as they pop up and report anything we notice at the time. I’m sure that way we can keep an on going timeline discussion with everything else.

      Hope everyone is having a good day 🙂

      1. Hmm, I don’t think I noticed anything this time.

        Yes, I agree with what you say about posting. I look forward to further co-exploring!

        Blessings to you,

  11. Thank you, Aisha and CCs. Wishing you and your sister a fabulous time in the mountains, Aisha! I love the part at the end of this missive about dancing: “You will find company again after a long and solitary journey as one by one, thousands upon thousands of other souls will be joining in this joyous circle, dancing with joy, dancing with life, and dancing the very life back into this entire planet once again.” Just before I read it, I was yearning for a physical gathering with other lightworkers after my long and relatively isolated journey, and what I saw us doing was dancing! Have a wonderful day, dance partners!

  12. Hi All,

    This just came across my path, and it made me smile, so I thought I’d share.

    She has a kickstarter project currently to make more music videos, too. The first one is “If I were enlightened”


    Love, from a very weirded out consciousness (but that’s a whole other story)


  13. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    “Nothing in Creation is of such a character it cannot be retuned in a way that will be considered as beneficial, and so, this embattled and scarred planet of yours is no exception.”

  14. Thanks C.C. and Aisha, this is an example of great power! … 🙂 …
    “And so, bit by bit that old and dense crust will be penetrated from below by these hardy seedlings, and as they push through these old and rigid layers, they will set off a vibration that will go through every single particle it comes into contact with.”

  15. Word On Court:
    Is short, sleep
    We run, we wake
    Short time yet
    It is during sleep

    We run, we bump
    We run after the train
    We run like kids
    We know where the brake is

    We run, we saw
    We run, we died
    They say stop, it’s over
    Time, short time yet

    We run after love
    After the next meeting
    We run like kids
    We know where the brake is

    Come one stops
    and close your eyes
    We contemplate the sea,
    we contemplate the heavens
    Come one stops
    we walk in the other direction
    We return our steps
    We stop and dance (heee)

    We run, we lie
    We love and then short
    Time is money
    We lack, it is during

    We run after the world
    We run on our roads
    We move like shadows
    We know where the brake is

    We run with or without goals
    to avoid falling
    Even if we cut or nothing
    We know where is the brake!


    We stop and dance!


    We stop and dance ..
    We stop and dance!

  16. Glitter Department.
    In my dream I was shopping to do some good for me.
    I came in a beautiful store with a nice proprietress and bought something in flowing black as I wear for many years.
    Sometimes I buy clothes in vividly colored red, and sometimes in vibrant purple, which I combine with black.
    I went along then quietly with my purchases, along the showcase. When I looked back I saw insinde another side entrance. It was completely hidden and I hadn’t seen it from inside.
    So I went back into the store and found the side entrance.
    What I saw surprised me so much that I spoke the sentence: „That’s the Glitter Department” and I sat on the floor in surprise. ”
    The owner laughed and I looked at the clothes. They were white with pink and covered all over with glitter. They were so beautiful.
    I tried a lot (it even fit me) and felt beautiful. When I went I was overjoyed because I knew that I come back.
    The man who was all the time in this shop said something of engagement and I said:
    „I never believed that shopping makes happy, so I always just bought what I really wanted and not cheap stuff en masse.
    But today I felt really beautiful – so I’ve never experienced shopping. Today I felt not only like a beautiful woman but like a queen.”

    When I woke up I saw a lightblue–transparent face.


    Ich war in meinem Traum einkaufen um mir etwas Gutes zu tun.
    Ich kam in ein schönes Geschäft mit einer netten Inhaberin und kaufte mir etwas in fließendem Schwarz wie Ich es seit vielen Jahren trage.
    Manchmal kaufe Ich mir Kleidung in Vollton–Rot und ab und zu in kräftigem Lila, die Ich mit Schwarz kombiniere.
    Ich ging dann ruhig mit meinen Einkäufen hinaus und am Schaufenster entlang. Als Ich zurückschaute sah Ich innen noch einen Nebeneingang. Er war ganz versteckt und Ich hatte ihn von innen gar nicht gesehen.
    So ging Ich wieder in das Geschäft und fand den Nebeneingang.
    Was Ich da sah überraschte mich so sehr dass Ich den Satz aussprach: „Das ist ja die Glitzer–Abteilung“ und mich vor Überraschung auf den Boden setzte.
    Die Inhaberin lachte und Ich schaute mir die Kleidung an. Sie war weiß mit Rosa und über und über mit Glitzer bedeckt. Sie war so schön.
    Ich probierte einiges an (es passte mir sogar) und fühlte mich wunderschön. Als Ich dann ging war Ich überglücklich, denn Ich wusste dass Ich wiederkomme.
    Der Mann der die ganze Zeit mit in diesem Geschäft war sagte noch etwas von Verlobung feiern und Ich sagte:
    „Ich habe nie geglaubt dass Einkaufen glücklich macht, deshalb kaufte Ich immer nur das was Ich wirklich wollte und nicht massenhaft billiges Zeug.
    Aber heute habe Ich mich wirklich schön gefühlt – so habe Ich Einkaufen noch nie erlebt. Heute fühlte Ich mich nicht nur wie eine schöne Frau sondern wie eine Königin.“

    Beim Aufwachen sah Ich ein hellbau–durchsichtiges Gesicht.

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. The first thing I could think of was my me self-channeled message from 1991:

      There is only one way to God and that is love.
      ❤ It is a narrow way and it is not easy to find. ❤
      And this one way – love, each person must find alone –
      within itself.

      The love of self for many people is difficult.
      What is meant is not selfishness, but the love for the own life.
      Only through the enjoyment of the own life is born the love for all life.

      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

      Was mir zuerst einfiel war meine mir Selbst gechannelte Botschaft von 1991:

      Es gibt nur einen Weg zu Gott und das ist die Liebe.
      ❤ Es ist ein schmaler Weg und er ist nicht leicht zu finden. ❤
      Und diesen einen Weg – die Liebe, muss jeder Mensch alleine finden –
      in sich selbst.

      Die Liebe zu sich selbst fällt vielen Menschen schwer.
      Gemeint ist jedoch kein Egoismus, sondern die Liebe zum eigenen Leben.
      Erst durch die Freude am eigenen Leben entsteht die Liebe zu allem Leben.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Love you Bixie Lamb! you beautiful Being You! and so true how the Love that springs forth first in our own hearts gets showered upon All ! ❤

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