A message from Mother

Dear family of light!
As I sat down to channel today I could feel something special in the energies as I connected to them. I usually feel a distinct tingle when I start by grounding myself, but this time, it was as if a stream of love floated up through my entire body up to my heart where it connected with the energies coming in. It was such a powerful but loving experience, my body trembled and it brought tears to my eyes.  As usual, I welcomed the CCs and asked them for today’s message, but this time, they told me that they would “give the floor over to someone else”. And this is the message that came through:

Welcome dear ones, it gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate in this way with you all. I am the Serene Mother, the one that gives life, the one that is so highly cherished by all, and the one who has once again been reinstated within the very heart of your creation. You see, as the Mother Goddess I have been banished from this Earth for far too long, but now, my time has come to be united with you all once again, and for that, I can only give thanks to every single one of you. For I am here again, standing before you, because you invited me back in. You see, I have been here, waiting patiently for my cue to reach out to you once again, and my arms are finally once more embracing you all. I will never leave your side again, for now, what has been united can no longer be torn apart, and the rift in the very fabric of time that so brutally separated you from this source of everlasting love has now been healed completely.

Dear ones, you have made a long and arduous journey through millennia of darkness and solitude, but now, you will no longer want for the light. For I am once more here to hold your hearts safely ensconced within my light, and so, you will walk in light no matter where your journey will take you. I am here, and I will show myself in so many forms, for as you call for me, I will acknowledge your presence on this planet just as you have already acknowledged mine, and so we make each other complete in a way that you will have no way of putting into words just yet. But your heart will be filled with the knowledge of this that I speak of, and your heart will never be lost ever again. For as you opened your hearts and your souls to me, you also agreed fully to your purpose in this incarnation, and for that, we can only offer our sincerest salutations.

For you are no longer the lost tribe, you are once again ready to become the tribe of light, the risen ones, the ones that will stand up in all of their glory and never fail to BE the light ever again. For now, you have opened yourselves fully to the light that is rushing in to embrace you all, and as you stand there with your hearts facing the light, you will find yourself at home again – at last. For now, the good tidings will continue to pour into every single cell of your being, into every single iota of your flesh and into every single aspect of your being. You have come forth from the dark alleys of mankind and reemerged as the gods and goddesses you truly are, and now we will all bring this planet fully back into all of her glory. For she deserves nothing less, and neither do you. You are forever blessed dear ones, for you have broken the spell and you have reclaimed your birthright and I am so proud to call you my beloved children, my co-creators, my shining sisters and brothers, gods and goddesses of flesh and blood, and of undaunted spirit. I thank you all, I embrace you all, and I welcome you all back to the glory that is truly yours to carry, now and forever more. I thank you for being, I thank you for breathing and I thank you for bringing it all back to life and back to light once again. Thank you, that is all for now, I will step back but I will never leave your side again. Ever. Thank you.

185 thoughts on “A message from Mother

  1. Hi Aisha.

    I read this post several days ago and was greatly moved and encouraged. I hope you and all those who find peace and light here are well and blessed.
    Please know that I think of you often. My son was recently in Norway. I imagine that the beautiful energies there recognized and welcomed him kindly.
    Peace to you and gratitude for all those who so lovingly hold love and light.
    Know that it is always welcome here

  2. Last night I had again the funny experience that I came into my body.
    First of all, I had this experience in 2006, as I said, „but I’m already here.”
    Since then, it always came back and last night someone said: „once again”.
    Now I know that my God-Self is coming into this body.
    The funny of this feeling is the significant pressure forward against the inside of the upper lip.
    I feel from the back to the front the whole body fulfilled, but the upper lip feels it most clearly.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Letzte Nacht hatte Ich wieder das lustige Erlebnis dass ICH in meinen Körper kam.
    Zuallererst hatte Ich dieses Erlebnis im Jahre 2006 als Ich sagte: „Ich Bin doch schon hier“.
    Seitdem kam es immer wieder und letzte Nacht sagte jemand: „noch einmal“.
    Ich weiß jetzt dass es mein Gott–Selbst ist das in diesen Körper kommt.
    Das Lustige an diesem Gefühl ist der deutliche Druck vorne, von innen gegen die Oberlippe.
    Ich fühle es von der Rückseite aus nach vorne den ganzen Körper erfüllen, aber die Oberlippe nimmt es am deutlichsten wahr.

    Heart greetings ❤

      1. Funny. I feel that ,but I’m already here’ since June 2006. Groundbreaking for the Berlin airport took place on 5 September 2006 😀

        Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Dear Bixie

          I never read much about spiritual things. I just have my experiences… but it kindof hits me I had my illness twice before: in the summer of 2006 and in 2010. Both times I got back in my body for a short time. After that others walked with my legs,  in my body, again.  In 2010 I started travelling in space but was very sad cause I thought I was the only human doing things like that and concerned about going crazy. I could not walk anymore.  After I started reading Aisha messages I healed myself from DID. I really am free from other personalities since april 15. Now I feel my soul came back, through my back at kidneylevel. The other souls left. They are back home also.  It is the truth but I know this just recently. I guess crazy is just a state leading to sanity.  There are so many miracles in my life. They start to make sense. Then new miracles happen. And I wonder again. 🙂 I am just so happy now I found you guys travelling with me.  I believe it might be true.  If Mother stays with me forever, I can now stay in my body. I know the reason I left now. I will find out why I want to stay. 

          Love from Willis

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              1. Dear Willis,
                yes, it’s true, everything turns back into ♡♡♡Love♡♡♡

                Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  3. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is what I’ve been EXPERIENCING full-time for months now! And your experience of this Divine Love-Bliss is very, very similar to my own most intense experiences, which started over a year ago (and which I also KNEW were from The Divine Feminine, through Mother Gaia the first time or two in my perception/intuition). I got ‘hit’ with them so hard sometimes that I could no longer function, could only sit there and let the tears roll down my cheeks . . . . Just like it appears you experienced ‘It’: ‘…it was as if a stream of love floated up through my entire body up to my heart where it connected with the energies coming in. It was such a powerful but loving experience, my body trembled and it brought tears to my eyes.’ 🙂 ❤

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