A message of light from Japan

Beloved family of light!
Just two days ago, I wrote “I feel as if I am in a whirlwind of synchronocities”, and yesterday I received an email that made that whirlwind pick up even more speed and intensity, and when you read what I am about to share, I think you will agree. For what this message describes is closely linked not only to what the CCs have been referring to lately, but also to subjects that many of you have shed much light on during the last few days and weeks. The mail was from Rieko, a sister of the light from Japan who has been translating the messages from the CCs for many months now. In it, she describes a Solstice meditation that was held in Osaka, and she also shared some amazing information about the work carried out by another shining soul from Japan, Saeko. But before I even read a word in her mail, my eyes fell on this image that was attached to it, and in that instant, I knew that the content of this mail was something that was to be shared here.

I wanted to have approval from both Rieko and Saeko before I posted any of this, and it arrived this morning. To quote Saeko: “It’s all given free and it should be distributed to every single soul with no condition.” Here is the information Rieko sent me:

“Hi, I’m Rieko from Japan.
I’m the member of Galactic channeling translator team and
I’ve been translating your messages since last year Jan.
There are hundreds of readers – or maybe thousands -here in Japan
and we all appreciate and admire your beautiful work!

I’m very excited as I’m writing this..
Just as exactly CCs messages said, some readers started to contact me
and it all started to link people from various kinds of field.
Then one of them, who has been developing the free energy technology
based on love, the zero-point by crystallizing the love, light and consciousness,
suggested physical get together to do meditation on the Solstice day using
her light orb called AENA, the 180 polyhedron.


Everything unfolded just as naturally as it could be and we had a
beautiful meditation at a beautiful park in Osaka, where there is a huge monumental
work of art called “the tower of the sun”.

The developer of this wondrous technology, her name is Saeko, using organic computer
“all that we are”, has been contacted by humanoid ET since 2008 and started to work on
this free energy project from scratch. (This ET has left her for another task.)

She had no knowledge whatsoever in this field, she is actually an artist,
so she looks for signs and clues of these knowledge through literally everything
that comes into her view in everyday life.
And she has been reading your messages because she always catches amazing ideas
and codes in your words and she works it out to materializes down into
3D level shape with help of other volunteers.
It is a hard work, and how she does it is just nothing but amazing !

She applies the dynamics into breathing technique so that people can go deep
Within, to the zero-point field and to help them become a conscious creator of the new world by crystallizing consciousness, love and light.
All works are done voluntarily by benevolent people.

56 people from all over Japan got together on the Solstice and most of them are
the readers of your message !! We all linked ourselves to a space where so far no one
could ever been to as alive human. And we got to realize that the world has been really shifted.
That it all depends on us to create what we want to realize. To make this world
a paradise where everything is love and love is everything!”


0621aftermeditationThis is a photo taken after the group meditation, take a look at the Tower of the Sun in the background for it is another important key.

Reiko also attached two files describing Saeko’s work and the breathing technique. I do hope you take the time to look through them, for I am certain that the information there will help to trigger many of you as well:



Saeko’s work is supported by a group of volunteers called AENA project. You can read more about it here:

Another amazing piece of information arrived in Rieko’s mail this morning. For she included this link to a description of the Tower of the Sun where their group gathered for their Solstice meditation. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, for once again the synchronicites are just too many to ignore:


She also included some additional images:













I cannot even begin to describe how all of this is affecting me, for it is too much to put into words. I can just extend my heartfelt gratitude to Rieko, to Saeko, to all of the volunteers, to the whole group taking part in the meditation and to every single shining soul involved in these amazing manifestations of the light, these powerful examples of collective endeavors, of people coming together to BE and to DO, to sow seeds and to make them come into fruition – in Japan and all over this wonderful planet of ours. I also want to send a thank you to Luisa, for being the one who connected us in the first place!

With all my love, Aisha ❤

244 thoughts on “A message of light from Japan

  1. I can’t find the post now but I noticed Caroline’s mention her ‘night work’ had ‘stopped’ allowing better sleep. Same here for several nights now or perhaps its become less active allowing more consistent sleep for which I am hugely grateful… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Doing yet another SOL workshop tomorrow for about 14 more wonderful souls. What a blessing.

    Murray and I are on the case too for one in Crete the next time we go. Wonderful.

    Love to all ❤ Philip

    1. didn’t they tell you,
      it is unsafe to leave me unsupervise-ed

      dare ya,
      race you off the bridge

      world war 1 poetry put to music by Joe McDonald

      1. yes! time to race off the bridge, arms outstretched, carefree… while laughing for all aliveness to hear… to fly… everywhere. 😀

    1. i am troubled by son-of-blue admitting his “real” name
      i started from the beginning with mine.
      never mind the crap that “dear ol’ dad” inflicted on me.

    2. Bye little tree swallows… Today I noticed that there were new little sparrows or something hanging out in the backyard. They were such a delight. I hope you get new visitors Otmn.

      Today I was totally stressed, picking up way too many energies surrounding my daughter and her husband’s split. (He has a place to go to but won’t leave and she doesn’t have a place yet.) So I went outside, faced the sun with my eyes closed and breathed. I don’t know if I reached the zero point level or not but I intended it. Maybe if nothing else in this message is helpful you might find something special trying this… especially after any family confrontations 🙂 Love, Nancee
      p.s. Otmn… I was thinking the other day how all I really knew about you one year ago was that you were associated with frogs. Now there’s so much more 🙂

      1. aw, shucks,ma’am
        i have yellowthroats, goldfinches, house finches, scrub jays, red and white throated nuthatches, chic-a-dee-dee-dee-dee, white crowned sparrows, gold crown sparrows, chipping sparrows, song sparrows, and a couple of other types of sparrows that i’m not confident of the id, maybe a fox sparrow.
        red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, harriers, turkey vultures, crows, ravens, great blue heron, egret, canada goose, several kinds of ducks, and in the winter time the Tundra Swan winter over here.
        grouse, pheasant, wild turkey,
        black-tail deer, raccoon,
        the list goes on all day.
        you get the idea

  2. i really don’t follow this message from japan
    i suspect it is empowering to the feminine energies
    that’s cool with me.
    there is just one thing that i understand about wombmen,
    that one thing is,
    I will never understand wombmen

    1. a bit like hampster,
      if you don’t think there is pee in hampster,
      then you have never owned one

      1. ok, the juxtaposition… I get it, now. But maybe the commonality is that both peeing hamsters and women just want to be adored and loved, just because… not especially understood.

        oh well… 🙂 ❤

    2. Otmn, It doesn’t currently resonate for me either. The synchronicities are still fun to watch. Who knows something might come up that ties things together still. But no matter either way I feel.
      -of the feminine variety 😉

    3. Sometimes the mind/logic has to be set to the side and just sit in front of it and feel the energies – others that do follow better than I, are pulsing out. Just a disconnected thought… lol… haven’t been the same since I hit my head…lol… sher

    1. Fascinating! Glad to read this! I have always felt drawn to Hawaii~
      So question; if I came from Vermont to Hawaii now on a plane would I need a passport? Or is it still interstate travel for all practical purposes? ❤ Monica

      1. LOL… funny… although I often tell my husband, in a not so positive way, ” you should need a passport to come down here…”

        But, no, you don’t….. hey nancee… bright shiny day to you… although it is raining all morning here…. good to be at the pond today! Been involved with pressing Hawaiian sovereignty issues here, manning our facebook page. This is our website in case anyone wants to visit us. http://www.waiehukouphase3.org/ Enjoying the sweet flow of good energy with you all. sher

  3. Hi All,

    For those of you on Crete, or visiting soon, I was thinking I didn’t have any connection to it. Ha ha ha. It turns out that my little sister (who is an archaeologist) is at Knossos currently and will be until mid August.



    1. Went to Knossos on our visit last September I knew I wanted to go there from being a small boy when I first heard about it at school. An amazing site. There people from all over the world visiting so was able to offer SOL in the ‘ether’ to many… ha, ha. Small world Paul. What a great place for your sister to be at! Philip 🙂

  4. I recently dreamed a bunch of us were ‘playing’ with small glowing orb-like spheres. We could place on on someone’s head…and I was surprised it didn’t set their hair on fire! This must be what I dreamed about! thanks!

  5. Remarkable – oh yes !
    lysarbejder said this earlier to Bev and I can not say enough how much this helps me — and my sister. In the honeycomb in my nieces picture (the one I have been staring at since her passing) – inside the circles are 6 pointed ‘flowers’. I have been wondering so much about why the 6 points ! and … well, I am just so very thankful to you lysarbejder! from my ❤ to yours ! I just passed this on to my sister.
    "Thank you Bev! I’m finally able to reply to you; hope you see it.
    My mother is descended from Niels Juel, a 17th Cent. Danish admiral who was given a coat-of-arms by the king for various deeds. She gave me her signet ring with this crest when I was 22. Along with symbols of water & waves, there was a tiny Star of David on it which no family member could explain. In time I came to believe the msg was personal to me. The answers came like puzzle pieces in my awakening over the yrs. Now I understand that this 6-pt’d star is much older than King David, referring to those which seeded humanity long ago. It also represents the Merkaba, ‘vehicle’ of ascension to higher dimensions (as in my Gravatar), as well as the cosmic hexagon – grid of life, as you say. All this information is encoded in our DNA. I’m gradually remembering, along with everyone else here.
    And I’m awed by the down-stepping of information, in general, and to this Family of Ponders – from the gamma rays of the Great Central Sun, through the portal of our sun, along solar wind stimulating Gaia’s geomagnetic field and then to those like Aisha who are the human transponders (there’s that ‘ponder’ word again), down-stepping the frequency to us, who in turn are transponders for others. It’s a remarkable unfoldment, wouldn’t you say?
    Much love!!

    lysarbejder said this on June 26, 2014 at 09:43"

    1. and I know about Vitruvian Man and the new grid… but this really helps to get it in me more clearly as I knew there was ‘more’ 🙂

  6. Aisha, Just letting you know none of your images ever show up in the emails I receive. Don’t know if others have that problem. Lots of Love, Isis

    1. Dear Isis, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and thank you for bringing your name – another wonderful syncronicity 🙂 I checked my email to see how these messages look when they arrive there, and they came with all the photos and the links included. Perhaps your mailservice has a setting where you can choose whether or not to “Always display external images” like mine has? Take a look under “Settings” in your mailbox and I think you will find it there. I hope this will be of help!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. Hey Vinny !….certainly ‘Pollen’ has nothing to do with the flag of Japan but to answer your question ‘Yes’ Pollen can be many ‘Colors’….in fact Color has a vast story within itself ! What we See as Color is simply the multi levels of visable Light vibration & in Nature ‘Yellow’ holds the highest vibration in which most Pollen is seen, as it’s specific purpose is to attract ‘Pollinators’ & they respond to the highest frequency of vibration, which is ‘Yellow’ !….hope this helps you……Love, Bev~

    ~ Fingers of Life ~

          1. I have 2 favorite colors (can that be?): bright lemon yellow and caribbean ocean water blue-green. ❤

  8. Dear Aisha,

    I want to share with you these pictures of a beautiful light vortex that just built up above my home town Egelsbach in Germany as another sign of all the Love and Light and Beauty that is coming in now. Thank you for all that you do!

    Love and Blessings, Simone

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet >

  9. In the night I had a wonderful dream – a dream experience.
    I was in bed my left hand was lying together with the hand of my God-self’s on my physical heart.
    So close together, hand in hand, we walked along a corridor. At the end of the corridor was a window, bathed in light, a very thin veil was like a curtain in front of it. We went together toward this window.
    I see my God-self ALWAYS on my left side (of the physical heart), as well as in my dream. My white light I always see on the right side.

    This morning when waking up, again I saw hearts, one was made of pink flowers.
    I was not yet entirely clear what role does the physical heart, I just knew THAT it is important.
    With the emergence of the physical body, the physical heart is the first organ (long before the brain) that (already 22 days after fertilization) takes up its activities and since then never stops to beat.
    (Except for a linear 3-D life that not supposed to be in 3-D for all eternity.)

    Can it be that the physical heart now is the first organ again (as in the embryonic condition) that increases its vibrations, even before the brain and all other organs?
    In recent years it has often worked on my physical heart, it often was beating so wildly that I thought it jumps out of my chest, then suddenly I could not feel it at all.
    Someone told me „nothing can happen" and I calmed down.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    In der Nacht hatte Ich einen wunderschönen Traum – ein Traum–Erlebnis.
    Ich hatte im Bett liegend meine linke Hand gemeinsam mit der Hand meines Gott–Selbstes auf meinem physischen Herzen liegen.
    So eng beieinander, Hand in Hand, gingen wir gemeinsam durch einen Korridor. Am Ende des Korridors war ein taghelles Fenster, ein hauchdünner Schleier war wie eine Gardine davor. Wir gingen gemeinsam auf dieses Fenster zu.
    Ich sehe mein Gott–Selbst IMMER auf meiner linken Seite (des physischen Herzens), wie auch in meinem Traum. Mein weißes Licht sehe Ich immer auf der rechten Seite.

    Heute Morgen beim Aufwachen sah Ich wieder Herzen, eines war aus rosaroten Blumen gemacht.
    Mir war bisher nicht ganz klar welche Rolle das physische Herz spielt, Ich wusste nur DASS es wichtig ist.
    Bei der Entstehung des physischen Körpers ist das physische Herz das erste Organ (lange vor dem Gehirn) das (bereits am 22. Tag nach der Befruchtung) seine Tätigkeit aufnimmt und seitdem nie wieder aufhört zu schlagen.
    (Außer bei einem linearen 3–D–Leben, das ja nicht für alle Ewigkeit in 3–D sein soll.)

    Kann es sein dass das physische Herz jetzt wieder das erste Organ ist (wie im Embryonalzustand) das seine Schwingungen erhöht, noch vor dem Gehirn und allen anderen Organen?
    In den letzten Jahren wurde oft an meinem physischen Herzen gearbeitete, es schlug oft so wild dass Ich dachte es springt mir aus der Brust heraus, dann plötzlich spürte Ich es gar nicht mehr.
    Jemand sagte mir „es kann nichts passieren“ und Ich war beruhigt.

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. Dear Bixie,

      “Can it be that the physical heart now is the first organ again (as in the embryonic condition) that increases its vibrations, even before the brain and all other organs?” I can only speak of my own experience, and the answer is a resounding YES!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      During a group meditation several years ago, I was wisked away to my uncle’s log cabin on a pristeen lake in northern Ontario. Something urged me to go outside and face the lake. When I looked down, my feet were small and barefoot as when I was a child again. A gentle but powerful masculine being came on the right of me and stood patiently. I looked back behind me at the cabin filled with so many other entities and then returned my gaze back to the lake. He whispered softly, “You don’t need them anymore,” and took my right hand, gently leading me down the hill to the water. 🙂

      Loving you always, Sister! Caroline

      1. Thank you dear Caroline for your answer 🙂

        Yes, I also had experiences with be barefoot on the grass in the rain and with a man in a meditation.
        He also was barefoot … and me.

        Love and light and a lot of joy
        BIXIE 😀

      1. Nancee: „whether it’s beating faster or just „vibrating funny.”


        Yes, dear Nancee, that’s what I experienced.

        I woke up at night and felt what you described, than someone said: „nothing can happen” and since then I never was afraid (a Fred) about this anymore.

        When I feel something like that again, I always say: „my sweet, beautiful heart, everything is alright, it’s just transformation” – because to be afraid is not helpful to the body.

        ♪ ♫ „Always look on the bright side of life“ ♪ ♫ because my life drives in the direction I think.
        I control my thoughts as my vehicle and give the direction.

        ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥ •.¸¸.•*¨*❤

        Ja, liebe Nancee das ist, was ich erlebt habe.

        Ich wachte in der Nacht auf und fühlte was Du beschrieben hast, als jemand sagte: „es kann nichts passieren” und seitdem hatte ich nie wieder Angst davor.

        Wenn ich wieder so etwas fühle sage Ich jetzt immer: „mein süßes, schönes Herz, es ist alles in Ordnung, es ist nur Transformation” – denn Angst zu haben ist nicht hilfreich für den Körper.

        ♪ ♫ „Always look on the bright side of life“ ♪ ♫ denn mein Leben fährt in die Richtung in die Ich denke.
        Ich STEUERE meine Gedanken wie mein Fahrzeug und gebe die Richtung vor.

        Heart greetings ❤
        I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  10. From spaceweather.com:
    “GIGANTIC SPRITES OVER THE USA: With the arrival of summer, thunderstorm activity is underway across the USA. We all know what comes out of the bottom of thunderstorms: lightning. Lesser known is what comes out of the top: sprites. “Lately there has been a bumper crop of sprites,” reports Thomas Ashcraft, a longtime observer of the phenomenon. “Here is one of the largest’ ‘jellyfish’ sprites I have captured in the last four years.” The cluster shot up from western Oklahoma on June 23, so large that it was visible from Ashcraft’s observatory in New Mexico 289 miles away. “According to my measurements, it was 40 miles tall and 46 miles wide. This sprite would dwarf Mt. Everest!” he exclaims.
    Aisha ❤

    1. Last evening after the sun sank behind the mountain a bed of fluffy white clouds hovered over the range which I look out at. In the center was a pinkish glowing area…. centered, a rosy pink. How does that work? I understood the backlighting from sun’s rays slipping behind the range, but the pink glow in the center of the skyscape? Any thoughts? It felt friendly and was beautiful. ❤ Monica It did not radiate out from the mountain…it was a distinct island glowing pinkish in the clouds.

      1. wow. good! Thank you, Monica.
        I know it’s too late now, but maybe if it or something similar occurs again, you could always Bless it and try talking to it or HS/CCs and asking what/who it is. Since it felt friendly, you could always open your Heart and even welcome it (?). Rosy pink is the color of Love. ❤

        1. Thanks Lin. Yes I cherish it in my heart. As I lay down I will do just that as I hold the image in mind. I worked with clouds and sky today. I wrote about the misty morning, and later walked out to get the mail. I saw my neighbor friend come out of his garage to bike and just as he did the sun broke through. My daughter plays soft ball this eve. so we both agreed on just the kind of weather we desired for the good of all involved and viola!

          The skies lifted, clouds puffed up, sun shown through and gentle breezes dried the fields enough to make this whole place look like paradise with green fields, blue skies…no humidity in the 70s, and all celebrated the evening and our blessings. I am glad to be alive! Yes I am.
          LOVE to you Lin, ❤ Monica

    2. This was cool! I had no idea. We had a lot of lightning in a storm the other night too. And lightning bugs at night are glowing happily this summer. Many of them this year. 🙂

  11. Dear Vinny! According to wikipedia the large red disc represents the sun and Japan is often referred to as “the land of the rising sun”. Another interesting synchronicity 😉
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. We have our Water base… emotions steadied and readied….
      time for the rising Fire ! 🙂
      this is what came to me
      and that fireman’s F D symbol yesterday. I think I said something about balancing fire and water.

  12. Wow….first, thank you, as i appreciate you and your sharing messages so very much!!!!. i have been listening to you for some time, for these messages through Asia North connect to me and my journey in very unique ways. One thing i felt is as if its me whos channelled at times, in the messages. Much of my purpose and my work here in 3d is also almost identical to much have what youve described here! Again!

    My husband last night was mumbling in his sleep “KO KO”! I told him this morning but he had no remembrance…..i know that he was describing(mumbling) what KO KO was doing. one word was clear..KO KO…he was repeating this over and over “ko ko….ko ko…koko…..ko ko…”…..so intresting! I am going to listen to this message again! I just felt i really needed to relay this to you! Thank you.
    April from California.
    (My 2 childrens names-Kayano and Kota. Cats-Niko and Pika…;)

    1. Dear April, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and thank you for sharing your story! As we like to say here, “weird is the new normal” so your husband’s “KO KO” is another interesting addition 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you! Finally see the face to the words;) if you would like to see what i do, i have many photo albums on Fb, “April Light Showers” where I Am documenting Light flow!
        My Ascension has been quite a ride- but one things clear now- its a still moment of changeing my life into a magical journey into the new normal, sharing truth, assiting others, creating real miracles and changing lives, one soul at a time for all to benifit!
        My heart to yours, April

  13. Very exciting, that orb-shaped polyhedron is the image I see when I gaze into the sun, which my eyes are adjusting to, and I am able to do once again. WOW, thanks

      1. My Dad (who would lead us all to think he was most definitely not spiritually inclined) had said to us that when he was ill he would simply ‘align my triangles’. I was like what?! He said he saw triangles in his body that were out of alignment and he just lined them up again. man.
        so, I see them forming the polyhedron now – all tiny Vitruvian men (hue-man awareness) – all lit up (Light Consciousness) – all in alignment inside and out! (All One Love)

  14. This spring / summer I’ve had two ‘visions’, one of earth being born, and one of the stork delivering the baby + this poem,- a rare occurence for myself :

    TiPi the Mother Womb is exhaling gas
    She is giving birth to a new universe.
    You are the new universe.
    Do not fear, for you are today, and you are tomorrow.
    You are in labour now, you and the TiPi.
    Let her bring you forth on the waves of her labour. Then you shall not struggle.
    For you are today and you are the morrow.
    Embrace the rare scare
    love in every corner, nothing is new, everything is old
    Love in unthoughtof angles. Everything is new
    Scare the rare
    Usher in the bits and pieces of your shattered self
    See them come together in another caleidoscopic image
    Ride on her ecstatic tide
    Rare, the glow of you

    That was the other day. This morning, upon waking, a voice spoke: “The water broke”.

    Many thanks for this wonderful blog which has straightened my spine many a time!

    1. Dear Dora, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for sharing this powerful poem and your beautiful visions!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Beautiful!! thank you Dora with hugs from my heart
      Riding the ecstatic tide….. ahhhhh
      funny a bit ago when I said my whole name was Goddess Areeza I was thinking should I put GA now? hmmm…. needs a third letter… so I think of my little song I sang in ancient times which I recall and it mostly has “sheee – ah – yaaa” in a soft, sweet melody — so I think of ‘S’ — lol GAS. I say, well, no. Then I read your poem and it just made me smile so I am sharing. 🙂

    3. I absolutely love your poem, Dora. I keep reading it over and over–thank you! The song in my mind all day today since waking is “Morning has Broken.” All kinds of joy breaking out as the water breaks, as morning breaks. Welcome, welcome to the gorgeous new baby: US!

      Much love,

    1. Synkroniciteter!!! I was caught directly by the message in this link! Almost exactly these movements, though in the form of lying eights, I made during the time when my energy was very low and I had severe anxiety, ten years ago. The increase of energy was immediate! WOW! Imagine what these days of anxiety have learned a lot.

      Thank you my dear Monica! I’m heading out to the countryside and the lake for making these PUSH – this time for anyone and everyone ❤ ❤ ❤

      Love & light,


        1. What we need comes to us in a most remarkable way – if we have faith. The difficulty is to not let fear take over. Varm hug to you sher ❤

          Love & light

          B to B

          1. MMMM… yeah!! It has just been so nice here since I came to be at this pond. It is the change I needed for my stagnation, anxiety and fear that I fought daily. So much easier now since communing with all of you, thanks for allowing me in…. deeper inward… sher

            1. Yes I agree with you completely, sher! If I didn´t have this Pond and family of love & light and CCs words that convince me that I am perfectly alright and just have to BREATH and BE – well, I wouldn´t have been able to go through this ascension at all.

              So glad that you joined us sher! ❤ ❤ ❤

              Love & light

              B to B

      1. And it is done. This morning it was drizzling and misting but warm and friendly feeling in the air. I went downtown and sat with my morning coffee group and enjoyed the village, making my way slowly home again on a road through our playing fields. I feel good and peaceful inside, having my dose of vitamin friend. 🙂

        We are called the Flippers because we flip a coin in a series of flips until one person gets the one side and everyone else has the other side. That lone flipper gets to pay.:)

        I see in each of us, regardless of shape, age, gender, our common humanity, the light of love and friendship in each friend’s eyes. We gather, then go on from there to enjoy the day knowing we can come again tomorrow.
        All have struggles we silently encourage each other to continue…with life!
        A quiet grace … presence, dna intermingling. Humor and reminiscences.
        LOVE to you ALL ponders and ponderers. Peace and joy as the push/pull free energies continue… I got the image of us all being on a volley ball team! ❤ Monica

        1. coolness Monica! and I love the flippers 🙂
          I Love 8’s – my fav number and my house number is 1 8 1 which I Love too!
          I do figure 8’s in healing all the time! I did that motion on Summer Solstice Day !
          and…. my sister’s boyfriend’s band is called…. P U S H ! 🙂 🙂
          I feel these ‘Pushes’ on certain days. I Love the feel of them actually and now I will connect them fully with the rest of the world !
          Love, A

        2. Thank you, Monica!

          There was a tangible “shift” again yesterday, which I’m sure is related to the PUSH project. We have also merged into another timeline for the good of Gaia, which has been confirmed for me. Your words and energy always “take my breath away”. 🙂

          LOVE to you and ALL! Caroline

          1. Oh thank you Caroline! I got happy tears! Natural or prepared childbirth educators assist with a process of birthing which is cyclical and wavelike as every mother knows. I recall when my water broke for my daughter’s birth, and those contractions sometimes took all the breathing and panting I could muster. 🙂
            She came in an hour and 45 minutes start to arrival all 9 lbs 11 ounces of her. So if we don’t push, no baby! No way out but through….
            The coaches and supporters help and in our new earth birthing we all become midwives and dulas.
            None of us advocate using lots of drugs, rather, through breaths we crest the waves, and so it is with ptsd and other anxieties…griefs, restoring ourselves again as the joy of the birth bursts through our hearts and we know, we have gnosis, internal knowing the intense sensations opened us wider than ever to LOVE of another precious child, pain receding rapidly in the rear view mirror.
            No doubt about it, when birthing you gotta push! Makes you feel good too.
            Athletic and fit even. ❤ Monica 🙂

  15. Dear Aisha,
    I too am getting hit with all the energy here. After reading your post and the post from Reiko I just started crying tears of joy and release! Seeing the manifestation of everyone’s work here has brought those feelings forward for myself. I feel as though a burden has been lifted. It felt like I had been waiting and waiting a very long long time holding a door for someone to return waiting for the boat to come back. And here they are now…the manifestation of our lightwork into the material! It has been anchored! I sit and weep with joy in my heart! We have ALL done it! And before I found the pond I had only one person in my life that could understand light work. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” We are the special forces team. We’re tough, strong, bendable, dependable, courageous, stubborn, we don’t give up, we stayed the course, we are bright, curious, creative, caring, healing beautiful souls! Everyone here and lightworkers everywhere give each other a hug and a huge congratulations! I AM so HAPPY!!! Thank you Aisha! ❤ 🙂

    1. YES Denise!!! Feeling the same here! Thanks to Aisha and everyone!
      I dreamed last night that I was invited to Japan – very nice 🙂 Was offered a quick service of my car while I was there – though I do not have a car 😉 WOW!

      A big PUSH to you my dear friend and each and everyone who love the light and have struggled so patiently for this path ❤


      1. You know how people’s words can just hit you like a warm blanket? As if it was meant just for you? ….”A big PUSH to you my dear friend and each and everyone who love the light and have struggled so patiently for this path ❤ "have struggled so patiently for this path"… feeling good there. sher

      2. Yes, deep breath and HUGE relief!! Holding this gate for the light will be easier now for all of us. Sounds like you are going to be traveling a lot now B! I hear Japan is very nice to be!
        As always dearest B I send you love from my deepest heart. ❤

        1. Been thinking about my situation last few days. A change of any kind feels necessary because it feels like I’m stagnated to the pattern that needs to be changed. Think it was jimbo who said something similar a while back. I feel like I need to expand / move on somehow but do not know how yet. Time will tell, timing is important that CCs says.

          Much love back to you Denise ❤

          B to B

          1. Yes, I have been in the same place a long time now too and really in need of change. It is taking place in other peoples lives close to me now so I believe I will be able to move into something new in my life next. I hope! 🙂 I believe Karen Bishop described this process not long ago in one of her posts. I think we are the ones holding things into place while others get situated in the new. Then it is our turn.

            1. Your energy is always so soft and lovely Denise – thank you ❤

              After reading todays update you never know what happens when light requires free rein 😉 Here we go Denise ;)))

              Thanks for reminding me of Karen´s post. Although I subscribe to her new messages, I received no notice.

              Love you ❤


              PS. I miss Forest Joy here lately…

    2. Love, light and gratitude back to you both, dear sisters! Denise, you just added another wonderful synchronicity here by posting this at exactly 00:00 🙂 Like you, I have been crying from joy because of what I see manifesting around me, not just in Japan, but all over this world and especially here at the Pond. And you describe it so wonderfully when you say ” We are the special forces team. We’re tough, strong, bendable, dependable, courageous, stubborn, we don’t give up, we stayed the course, we are bright, curious, creative, caring, healing beautiful souls!” We have made a “gargantuan effort” as the CCs say, and as they also like to add, the work is far from over, but now, it will be work that will make our hearts sing 🙂 And that is so true, for even if these intensifying energies still bring us to our knees at times, I can only say it is all worth it, for now, I see the NEW arising in heart after heart 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤ ❤

      1. Yes dear Aisha…love, light, and gratitude always to you and your family! I know our work is far from over, but I think it will be easier in a way now. Just the fact that we can see manifestations now sows much strength in our beingness. 🙂
        ❤ Denise

    3. I Love you Denise
      I see you and know you… and I ditto what you say
      ❤ I feel the relief and tears of Joy as well regarding all of this coming to us here at the pond and everywhere there is Light ! Its All Right

  16. I had responded earlier that the sphere reminded me of honeycomb and bees! Found this looking for connection to Egypt as I remembered a friend of mine was looking into this a few years back. Found this fun info.


    Also these spheres remind me of spaceship earth at Epcot. Here is a picture of it and the wiki had some interesting info on what Walt Disney originally wanted to build. Some friends of mine lived near when it was built and they said the park had water so pure to use and it was done without the usual use of chemicals. However they were not allowed to use it. Hmmm…


    1. Dear Denise, thank you for sharing this! I was drawn to this part in thebeehealer-text: “At Delphi, site of one of the most important oracles in the ancient world, legend asserts that the second temple was constructed entirely by bees. In fact, the Oracle itself – the Omphalos Stone, resembles a beehive and is designed with crisscrossing rows of bee-like symbols, reminiscent of the ‘Net dress’ worn by Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky and keeper of the title She Who Holds a Thousand Souls.”
      Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Aisha and Denise,

        Swimming again in triggers! My paternal grandfather was a gifted beekeeper in Bohemia. His bees would never sting either he or myself, which amazed the rest of our family for they were stung daily. Remembering also a time during an intuition circle when a single bee was seen by several participants hovering around me in a sort of “dance”. Just last evening I read about the “net dress” and Nut. Have been working with “nets” during my “night work” for many years, which thankfully has stopped in the past two weeks and is allowing much needed sleep! One of my most dear cats who is no longer with us was nicknamed, “The Nut” and always reminded me of the Sphinx for the way in which he would proudly lay in a certain position.

        Wes Annac is compiling a bit of info on the collective known as “Ra”, which also triggered something in me. I feel deeply that what happened during the days when the “people of Ra” were in Egypt with their sacred teachings is very similar to what occurred to the teachings of Jesus and Christianity when patriarchal Rome took over.

        Thank you Wes for providing this info!


        Love to all, Caroline

        1. ❤ Thank you, Dear Caroline… there are gifts in your link. Continued Blessings and JOY smiles ❤

        2. Caroline, I got tingles when you mentioned relating RA and Christ situation. There is much thought about Mary being schooled in the teachings of Isis. Thank you for the link!
          ❤ Denise

      2. Yes, and this too “Additionally, at the temple of Dendera an inscription recounts how Osiris emulated the bee and provided instructions for knowing the “hsp” or the sacred garden of the bee in the otherworld- a domain believed to contain the tree of the golden apples of immortality.” 🙂
        ❤ Denise

    2. Thanks Denise !….I’ll check this link out….sure it will All BE very familiar to me……I have spoken a lot here over the years about BEEs, so I’m glad they many are starting to tune into this….”Happiness” ! BEEs have existed upon Earth for millions of years & our ancestors knew of their Awakened Energy & Abilities, their value & connection to Nature, to Creation in which they were highly Loved & Respected for ! It is ‘We’ that have forgotten……..
      LOve to You !…..Bev~

      1. Love also that ‘Apollo’ was mentioned, but interesting no mention of ‘Artemis’ as she was the stronger sacred symbol of the divine feminine & the protectress of childbirth & of the realm of Nature & All her BEloved creatures !….I had attached 2 links regarding this Greek mythlogy connection in the previous missive…..have a superb day !
        Love, Bev~

      2. Hey Bev, see what I posted about the instructions for knowing the “hsp” or the sacred garden of the bee! As bees dance I wonder if belly dancing has to do with the sacred dance of the bees?! I read your links and thank you! 🙂 by the way I somehow tapped into a page of yours. Liked what I read. Do you have a website?
        ❤ Denise

    3. Thanks Bev! been picturing Epcot Center too.
      and! oh my what that Bee Goddess link brought up for me — too much to assimilate at the moment. but I will say besides my name meaning “Bee” – Debra/Deborah — I have always had the ‘trinity’ with me. In this life when I received the name “Areeza” – it was Goddess Areeza but I never told anyone that. and I saw myself with ‘three’ little Bee-ings…. I received their names at that same time… ‘Bee- Bon, Zorak, and Denlin’. always have I thought of who these wonderful Bee-ings are and if they have come to Be with me in the form of my cats. Ink-Jet being Bee-Bon — I had my first cat, Othila who I always thought of as Denlin… not sure of Zorak. 🙂 anyway…Love this stuff. I never shared it with many.
      And I see Goddess Areeza – with her flowing white gown – as she Is: breeze that blows thru the ages – blowing the StarSeed pollen around !
      Is all this dream-like stuff for real?! um… yup.
      ❤ Love The Day ❤

      1. Ahhh.. My friend interested in sacredness of bee is also named Debra! 😉 Thank you Goddess Areeza!

        ❤ Denise

  17. good one vinny❤︎ yes, both pollen like & each facets inside out golf ball like.
    I think the behind this cute pollen crystal ball, it is an emerald color hexagon crystal which is Bashar contact crystal ❤︎ ( I lost it ….or hiding somewhere)

  18. thank you ❤︎ dear aisha, I did monologue past but never crossed mind neither post my self & show angelfish. Because Visible ones & bunch of voices from silence from space & within have guided me here to practice to express so I did, never have realized so many are there & I wanted to say thank you from my heart that you aisha guided me here to meet all wonderful family in this world & today I met 2 more angels & special angeles . I am so grateful to you & everyone❤︎

    1. Dear Tomo, your bright light is such an inspiration 🙂 I am so glad that you have come here to share and to shine and to break the silence, not just for you but for so many others – angels and visible ones, brothers and sisters, family on both sides of the veil.
      LOVE, light and gratitude to you!
      Aisha ❤

    2. Dear tomo, Yesterday, I read all that you posted and felt wonderful things thru the meditation. Thank you sooo much. My house is full of beings now and I feel really calm and nice. Very supportive. sher

      1. thank you,❤︎dear sher & thank you,❤︎dear aisha,
        LOVE & gratitude to you from an earth being me with my heart !
        Let’s enjoy creations !!

  19. Have to ask if F D means anything to anyone? kept seeing it on license plates (Fire Dept – a few which was odd – because all in diff places). And the symbol that went around it on the plates. just kept getting my attention.
    Or… Fire and Water need to be balanced maybe ?

    1. …and those ‘light serving balls’ as I call them that came to me months ago. I will see them more like this now in my mind’s eye. Beautiful !
      Thrilling ! we have a great ‘connector’ device/tool here !

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