A short update on the energies

For a while now, you have all been immersed in this very new blanket of energetic support that will help to carry you aloft, and this will start to manifest more and more into your daily lives if you will. For this energetic support system is designated to act as a tool that will help you all to stretch yourself even further than you have managed by now, and even if this may sound more than a little challenging for some at the moment, know that this is the growth you have been anticipating for a long time already.

For as we have told you, you are here to make miracles happen, and what you have accomplished so far is nothing compared to what you have in store. We know that this will be enough to elicit groans of exasperation and exhaustion from so many, and rightly so, as the road you have travelled so far to get to this point in time cannot be overestimated. But bear with us as we again will explain what this stage of the process will entail, for as you already know, it will differ on so many levels from that gargantuan effort you have already accomplished.

For what lies behind you, is that all important process of self-liberation, of setting yourself free from that old and detrimental system that was put into place with the specific purpose of holding humanity down and stifled in every sense of the word. But as you broke free from those old bonds, you also helped to liberate all of humanity from this old and suffocating system and so, what you have in store is indeed quite another thing altogether. And what do we mean by that? Simply that what you are about to embark upon, cannot be likened to anything you have ever been exposed to before, for this time, you will begin to see how the new starts to grow up around you, literally in your very footsteps. For you are the ones that will help to ensure this new growth, both in areas you have a natural inclination to focus on, but also in areas that you did not even know you had any influence on at all.

You see, the light you carry within has already started to make its mark on the world around you, and now, this process will begin to escalate in so many ways. And as we have told you earlier, as you go about on your daily business, you will sow seeds that will be scattered far and wide, further than your human mind can truly fathom. This is not said in order to cast any doubts towards your abilities to perceive things, merely to remind you that what you do, is work that will in many ways be unperceivable to your human senses and indeed to that human part of your intellect. But not all, and that is why we say that you will all in some way be able to discern some of the results from all of this worldwide scattering of enlightened seeds. For much will start to emerge that will seem to be a very new way of looking at your world and all that currently plagues her, and whenever you see something of this caliber emerge, know that you have all had a hand in this in some way. For you are the ones that have already helped to shine the light into many a darkened corner, and you are the ones who have helped to seed some very new ideas into some truly bright minds, and together you will all be instrumental in helping these seedlings of hope to start to blossom in every corner of you planet.

For you have brought nourishment and you have brought divine inspiration, and now this will truly start to have an effect in those fertile fields of human imagination that you all carry with you. For remember, you are billions of souls gathered here on this wonderful planet of yours, and within every single one of these souls lies not only the seed to greatness, but also a vast repository of knowledge and creativity waiting to be set into motion by the light. And this light is the one that you are all currently so busy in distributing wherever you go, and as we told you earlier, the effects of this light is far reaching indeed, for it is being dispersed in a wavelength that carries it far, far beyond your physical limitations and indeed also beyond your limits of perception. And as such, there is not one single part of this planet that is not being almost bombarded by this light at this stage, and so, no dark corners will be able to close themselves fully to this light, no matter how hard they try to shield themselves from the brightness.

So again we say take some time to peruse your surroundings, not just your closest one but also further afield, and see if you can detect some of these changes starting to seep through that old illusion of fog and density still cluttering up your vision. For we venture to guess that you will all see these glimmers starting to appear, as one by one the hearts and the minds of your fellow men and women start to respond to these messengers of light that will be filtering through you all.

303 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. The return of isis. are you joking? The return of Baath Simpson, mayhaps.
    The next “holy” thirty years war brings the arabic winter. Ye spiritual people are so blind to the world. Return of St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre in plain sight. As Tony Judt put it:” We have forgotten what war really means. At least in the States. All of them used to happen in Europe, Asia, Arabia. With it comes so much suffering, mass murder, refugees, destruction, civil war, invasion. America has never been defeated, nor lost population or had to give away territory. No, there is no fair or just war, no no.” (non bellum iustum)
    While we are planing a trip to the austerity city of Heraklion, bread and soccer
    leads astray. But who cares? Have a Pepsi and kiss your twin flame twice.
    Love devotion and surrender

    1. oh, my, Michilyn… what a lovely, lovely man, gentleman… and what a shining bright Light he is, all enveloped in a gentle good humor and Loving Wisdom. I’m not ashamed to say I’d never heard of him before, so thank you sincerely for educating this one. Just starting my day here, so will be coming back and forth throughout to finish out Mr. Judt’s full “talk”. In Gratitude and with my Love ❤ +

  2. Thought I’d post Mike Adam’s new video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X53AW3MZXdg

    In case I don’t say it clearly I REALLY appreciate all of you who have left me comments lately. They are encouraging during this time of transition for me. It looks like I will be ‘bouncing’ a little longer as I’ve offered to help my friend who is storing my few belongings at his farm. He broke his foot and needs to generate some farm income so I’ll be in the raspberry patch and setting up and selling to the locals who stop by the farm. It’s an hour from my daughter’s where I’ll return on weekends so that I can keep up dancing and support as her separation builds steam. (House now listed.)

    My heart longs to have my own kitchen once again and space to work with my branches. I continue to manifest my new home and income. I look forward though to the raspberry patch and having it to myself every morning 🙂 There’s also two beautiful large black, long haired dogs who will be there! Oh… and my djembe drum!!

    Welcome back Philip! I’m off to check out your links Bev! Love, Nancee

    1. Oh yes the drum! I have been hearing some wonderful drums lately. They seem to be coming through more. I would love to be on the farm with you Nancee. I hope you enjoy your stay. Your permanent place will manifest soon. Love to you and your family!
      ❤ Denise

  3. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that we are always free to choose our own thoughts and beliefs! We each have our own subjective interpretations of reality and NONE of these are wrong or right from an absolute perspective. Always remember that you are a sovereign and powerful being and that you deserve to feel and experience love on all levels. Love, joy, appreciation, and a zest for life is our natural state of being!


    No matter what, always believe in yourself and in your own worth. You are perfect exactly as you are in this moment, beyond any and all definitions. We all have our own truth. Recognize your magnificence and your brilliance! Don’t be afraid to shine brightly, for this gives others the courage to do the same.

  4. I was able to find one of my journals and this is from February 2008

    This is what I got from Isis:
    To know what it is to be fully feminine in all its aspects. The power of ones femininity , the gifts of ones femininity, the blessings and the strengths of the feminine aspects of god. To claim back all that has been stomped out, crushed and shunned by society. Help to accept all that is feminine. To know full joy. What was given shall be returned. What was forgotten shall be resurrected.

    And this is from my dream also at the same time frame:
    I was a priestess in a beautiful sand colored room. Gold light glowing from candles and else where. Very secure in feeling with no worries, no restraints that would cause guilt as today. Full freedom to be human. Queens were as honored as Kings or perhaps more so. Respect was given to the feminine.

    I never wrote everything down as I have always had someone snooping in my journals. But I continued to have dreams and meditations similar to above in Egypt. I believe I was there before and during the change to patriarchy. Here I am getting tears. After reading some of the earlier posts from yesterday it really triggered more memories and this is really difficult for me at the moment. Part of me isn’t sure I want to remember anymore….painful perhaps. I will be working through this though it will just take time.

    And heres what I had written down regarding the hidden city of Egypt:

    Three pyramids together
    in alignment
    Also in alignment
    With the universe
    When they come
    Into alignment
    At a certain time
    One city above
    Ground falls
    And another
    City below
    It is revealed

    The pyramids were in a row at 9 am to 12 in a diagonal line. The fallen city is located at 6 on a clock face.

    I have one more entry to share as it was my last entry on March of last year. It’s about the light! Glad I dug this journal out as much in here for me at this time. Going to have to check out the other links about Egypt that everyone posted tomorrow. Amazing all the connections! Long day. Embracing everyone here in joy and sending hugs to all that need them.
    ❤ Denise

    1. I wear a crucifix, an eye of Horus and an obsidian merkaba. Never understood “why” until now. Look at a merkaba closely, Denise.

      The merkaba is made of two merged and balanced tetrahedrons. One male, one female. One can pull them apart in two ways. In the first, the two “triangles” touch at both tips, male on top with female on bottom. Out of balance with male over female. This is how we have been existing.

      Pull them the other way, they are connected at both bases in a sort of diamond shape. Now, female is on top and male below. Again, out of balance in favor of female again.

      Go back to the first scenario, where both points meet. To put them in balance, the male must drop and the female must rise. The merkaba.

      Think of the two cities as the tetrahedrons. I know you will understand. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Smiling here Caroline!!! It is all coming together now! Thank you!
        Love and blessings!

    2. These days have so much depth.

      Egypt: In the 1970s I read a book in which it was about Egypt, rebirth, Isis and as a sign of recognition a scarab amulet – and I recognise me.

      When I looked a few years later „Asterix and Cleopatra” at the cinema I fell during the film into a deep sleep, I could not stay awake.
      Before and after the movie I was wide awake. I think it was because of „Egypt.”

      We all are one big soul family.

      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      Diese Tage haben so viel Tiefe.

      Ägypten: In den 1970er Jahren las Ich ein Buch, in dem es um Ägypten, Wiedergeburt, Isis und als Erkennungszeichen um ein Skarabäus–Amulett ging – und Ich erkannte MICH.

      Als Ich einige Jahre später „Asterix und Cleopatra“ im Kino anschaute fiel Ich während des Films in einen tiefen Schlaf, Ich konnte nicht wach bleiben.
      Vor und nach dem Film war Ich hellwach. Ich denke es lag an „Ägypten“.

      Wir alle sind eine große Seelen–Familie.

      Heart greetings ❤
      ANNA Lilli(th) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Thank you Denise, Caroline, and Bixie, for helping to trigger memories and understandings in me. I believe I was also there at the change to patriarchy, Denise. I haven’t had any memories on a story level, but feelings are stirring. When we studied Egypt in junior high school I was “bored,” which was rare for me since usually I found any new subject exciting. Recently In talking with a friend who was also there, we both realized that what we’d felt about studying Egypt in school was not boredom but repulsion. For this whole (current) lifetime, I understand now, my feeling about everything Egypt has been “I don’t want to look.” Hmm. I feel us all holding each other through the looking and the pain and the redemption to follow. I am grateful.

  5. Dear Ones, 

    Lying in the healing bed of herbs you so lovingly made me, missing parts come back to me. 

    Peacefully and quiet you surround me, you bring me pure water and food,  fresh from our Mother. 

    You whisper only words of Joy and Peace when you pass me on your way to your Place of Creation. 

    My memory is restored so now I can See,  what we all See; this history of Creation, where all was done out of Love, to come back again into Love. 

    I learn patience while I am healed. 

    When my time of rest is over

    I Will be


    Thank you for always being here with me,  my family of Love and Joy.

    1. Dear Willis!

      In my eyes you are “FlyingFreeAndStandingTall” all the time. I pray that our divine Mother Nature will continue to heal you my dear friend ❤

      Much love & light ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Yesterday my HS said “today” would be an energy expanding day.

    Today, I have been flat out resting all day. Called to sleep through most of it, Didn’t even do my daily swim.

    Other than that, the postings of gaiaportal have been bang on to what i have been perceiving the past week and a half. Whatever layer i am seeing, it’s been “full on” – I have awareness of the new energies since the 20th, on the 21st I spent time alone in a stone circle ( im on an island ) and i felt a major but subtle upgrade to my physical body. I could sense something talking to me through it, mostly spinal and root stuff.

    But i have also been aware of the the things gaiaportal are responding too, something had to have really crossed the line to trigger such necessary action, but that is what it seems to be like – nothing is going to move forward until all breaches are done being breached. Or at least that is one way to look at things. These movements gaiaportal talk about have been reflected in sleep time, personally it’s been some of the weirdest and i mean ‘bad’ weird things coming up and going on, probably for release. The timelines thing is certainly to do with this also, everything is jumping around like crazy in sleep time you could make an Olympics out of it.

    Good day

    1. Yes, the “bad” weird stuff coming up for healing. Grotesque, should have never, EVER have happened. We are here to transmute it and all that occurred since then. Bless you! Caroline

      1. Thanks Caroline and elven777! I also had a real strange dream lately about people who – I was told by others when I tried to save them – really were not human beings, just looked like. Very strange an unusual dream.

        Love to both of you ❤


    2. Thank you for this sharing, elven777. I, too, have been resonating with gaiaportal lately, and having intuitions, backed up by outer events (interesting experiences with chemtrails etc.) of something big going on. I forgot who recently posted information on timelines by Celia Fenn, but my twelve-year-old daughter and I both had a powerful experience in March of feeling like we’d shifted overnight to a different, lower-vibration timeline–which was then corroborated by messages from Celia and Archangel Michael through Celia that a bunch of lightworkers had indeed jumped timelines in order to shift one that wasn’t aligned with ascension. There was something about all the timelines needing to align, which was news to me. (i don’t know how to post links but maybe I’ll post Celia’s messages later when I figure it out.) The experience was not fun (my daughter was sobbing in the night, “Where did my path go? I can’t find my path . . . “) and It was all I could do to keep my center,my peace and my joy in the midst of huge waves of grief and anger that I assume were from the collective on that timeline. But through it all, I had a deep sense of my willingness, devotion, and skill in doing this timeline stuff, though I have no conscious knowing of “how to do it.” I’m bringing this up here because what’s happening now is reminding me somewhat of that time (though not nearly as challenging for me personally). It feels to me like some “ascension-resisters” are proving more resistant than anticipated and that we, the strongest of the strong (a phrase I hear often; don’t the CCs call us that?), are very busy working with this situation. I could share many more details I’ve been led to about this, but this is a long post already! i’m overjoyed to be on the team with you, elven777, and Caroline and B and all of you!
      Much love,

      1. Thanks for posting this Sherill and to Caroline and B 🙂 It means a lot to find others who are also perceiving and experiencing the timelines and alignment aspect. I would love to hear more and i hope you will speak more about it here, as i have a lot more too which im experiencing, much more in details too. It helps to know others are picking up these same things.

        I will have to check my journal back to march now to see what i was picking up then. But i picked up already from what you described as something very similar happening again about 2 weeks ago? The feeling your daughter described of “where did my path go” is such an accurate description, along with feelings of grief and loss. My HS indicated it was a future timeline being sorted out, there was higher aspects of some people now, being projected to the future timeline to bring into to this timeline now, instead of allowing it to happen in the future / future. I don’t know what this means exactly, just that our higherselfs need us in 3d as the anchor point to be able to do this, and it opens up more of the work that twins are here to do as well.

        Hope to hear more of your thoughts on the matter.

        1. Dear elven777!

          I know nothing about timelines but this sentence describes very well what I am going through now:

          “where did my path go” is such an accurate description, along with feelings of grief and loss”

          Summer Solstice energies were light and awaited but this week the intestines has cleared all the time (horrible stench to mention details 😉 and it feels like I’m in a vacuum where all my joy and love is gone. I do not know if it has to do with my strange dream last Sunday night but I just wanted to tell. I don´t worry too much – know that everything is alright and that I am always monitored and that “nothing can go wrong now” as the CCs told us earlier 🙂 though it feels very strange at the moment.

          Monica’s link about PUSH pushed me 😉 this morning and I feel immense gratitude for my invisible friends around and being able to share the experience with you and others.

          Much love & light ❤

          B ro B

          1. Hello, B!

            I’ve certainly experienced the vacuum feeling too, as well as the “lost path” and feelings of grief and loss. Lots of strange dreams these days too–as elven777 said above, “you could make an Olympics out of it”! Things certainly do feel strange sometimes, as you said, even while we know that all is well! If you haven’t seen Celia Fenn’s writings on timelines, especially the one from Archangel Michael, you might be interested to see if they match up with your experience. Links below in my response to elven777.

            Love and Blessings to you, B, in the Land of Ascension, where Strange is the New Normal!


        2. Hi elven777,

          I’m happy to read your reply and YES, I would love to share more of my perceptions and experiences and hear more of yours! I don’t have time to write much right now, but I wanted to at least send these links to Celia Fenn’s writings on timelines in case you’re interested. The first one is the one that clued me in to what had happened in February (I realized after I wrote my last post that it was actually February, not March). The second one, channeled from Archangel Michael, is the one that really knocked my socks off: every single detail, I think, was exactly what my daughter and I had been experiencing. It was a relief but also a bit daunting to know what was happening. When you mentioned two weeks ago, elven777, I realized that was the full moon time and yep, major similarities to that February experience. Thanks for jogging my memory. I’d never even thought about timelines til recently, but am finding this so exciting and fulfilling in so many ways. I had big “truth shivers” when you spoke of the Higher Selves going to future timeline and us anchoring in 3D, though my mind doesn’t really understand it either! I wish I had more time to write– my soul loves this stuff, both the topic and the connecting with you and other Ponders, so I’ll look forward to more later!

          Lots of love to you, elven777, and to All,





          1. Dear Sherill! These links really opened my eyes to see what I have to see and I am very grateful for your sharing. Make me almost understand what timelines is all about – though not 😉 You know – I do not always have neither energy nor the interest to read all the links attached, so I really appreciated your advice 🙂

            This is how I felt lately:
            “You can feel blocked and that if you can not move on, because in practice, that’s what happens.”

            “This upward movement may be disturbed by a” downward “movement that takes us in the opposite direction and away from the divine light and evolution. And, in this case, we can be maintained at a certain level, which means that we will only increase in and around the same level, moving neither forward or back, but kept in a kind of suspension at the same time, just re-create it over and over again.”

            YES – I relate to this too 😉 I have to really decide how I should relate regarding a neighbour relationship as I have a bad conscience because I can no longer feel empathy despite severe disease.This was a very important insight for me because it drains me a lot!!

            “How can I really make a difference? Well, we really need to start initiating their own time spirals manifesting a closer relationship with nature and a deeper awareness of how our lives flourish and thrive when we include the nature of the equation. ”

            YES – this is a confirmation about my relation to nature 🙂

            Thank you my dear friend/Sister ❤

            Much love, light & gratitude ❤

            B to B

            1. I’m so happy you found what I shared helpful, B! Here’s to more exploration of things our human minds “almost” understand–what fun! I’m glad to be connecting with you.
              Lots of love,

  7. Thanks ‘Caroline’ & ‘Lin’ for jumping in with me….”””Happiness”” ! in fact Kelley Hunter has a pretty Amazing site & this is an excerpt from her post ‘Story Lines’ that you may also find interesting….more synchronicities & some ‘Dreamweaving’ too…but I’ve highlighted the part that most intrigues me ! ~

    At the end of the month, a strong creative rush of delight in alternative possibilities gives us the heart and courage to go for the gold.

    This Full Moon is within range of the Galactic Center, from which a huge influx of energetic waves is coming, a tidal wave of consciousness. Let’s open our higher minds to wider, even unthinkable possibilities and take 2, as our hearts align with the Heart of the Milky Way.

    There, deep in the “black whole” dwells Aditi, the Mother of the Universe, or Prajnaparamita, the Mother of all the gods, is present to pour out the potent elixir. Open your mouth like a baby bird to receive the blessings that abound. Her flowing cornucopia provides intimately, precisely and abundantly just what is needed for the soul’s growth. A deep desire to resolve the apparent contradiction between the subjective personal and the universal calls forth a rare subtle wisdom. The Full Moon shines a heightened light from Heaven to Earth, along with the galactic infusion that offers that particular gift we each need, like the fruits of Nature. For some it may taste like bitter medicine that is good for you. Drink it and may the force be with you.

    In my book LIVING LILITH, this is what I wrote about Black Moon in Cancer:

    “Cancer Black Moon is the image of the Dark Mother in all her sweet and awesome glory, Mother of the world, its protector and sustainer. She plants seeds of Mystery in our hearts and souls. She is the life stream. She dips into the ever-swirling matrix of potentiality to bring forth what is needed, encouraging us to drink deeply. Ever-hungry and thirsty for what only she can give us, we all depend on her support for our very lives. Thus she offers the fruit of life and is herself the fruit. And when our time is up, she swallows us holy.

    “Family is important to Cancer Black Moon. Inherited patterns run deep; the spiritual ancestry is remembered. One may feel exiled from the blood family and seek to find one’s true soul family. There are a special few with whom they can truly bond. Personal demons appear in one’s life, sometimes in the form of those closest to them. Mother and mothering, or lack thereof, are key experiences. The personal mother is often overshadowed by the Great Mother. As a biological parent or not, one needs to find a way to give to others.

    There is a deep capacity to nourish the soul of others, but an aversion to dependency or attachments. Heads will roll, their own included, with the swipe of the sword of the protector, cutting away bonds that offer no soul growth. Here is the mother bird that pushes her baby bird out of the nest when it’s ready to fly. The opposition of Capricorn faces Black Moon Cancer with its personal “dark night of the soul,” exaggerating its insecurities. A call to develop inner strength and emotional maturity that knows when and how to “draw the line” in co-dependent situations.”

    Remember I mentioned about my neighbour’s pool recently collapsing….well 1st I automatically thought HS meant ‘Water’….but now I know !…..”a huge influx of energetic waves is coming, a tidal wave of consciousness”….so here we go !!
    LOve You gals !…..Bev~

    1. Oh Yes ! I thought that as soon as u mentioned the spillage
      The Love Wave came in first – now — time for Consciousness in All areas.
      We will never feel a-lone ever again… All-One
      >I also had inner experience of the 8.0 quake that struck Alaska yesterday.

  8. & yet another wonderful synchronicity & ties also quite nicely in what some have been speaking here about the balancing of the masculine & feminine, Greece & Egypt & the Circle of Life & more !…..this just posted from Anna Merkaba ‘The Return of Isis’ !!!


    I know her as ‘Lilith’ & have felt her energies for quite some time but most profoundly a few months ago & I spoke about it here at Aisha’s site. I believe this All is flowing stronger & stronger together, like Kryon’s recent message from Mt. Shasta & GaiaPortal’s recent post !

    This is the comment I left for Anna, & am re-sharing ~
    Thank you so much for this announcement dear Anna !….was wondering when you would be speaking of her ‘now permanent’ return upon Mother-Earth again ! In fact she has already been & profoundly made her presence known a few months ago to me & I spoke about this at Aisha North’s site. I have known & felt her energy for quite some time….she is known to me as Lilith & am very certain that Isis & Lilith are one in the same ! I also believe that many channelings from the higher realms of Creation are now forming wonderful synchronicities like the recent channeling from Kryon at Mt. Shasta & the recent post from Gaiaportal !….finally we truly are embarking on some really ‘Exciting’ times, & I’m surprised many more are not jumping for joy as I AM ! what’s most joyous for me is that her energy will BE the infusing force to help heal Mother-Earth & a catalyst to her return to the sacred divine, clean & revitalized Life in which she was created & this is what is most important to me ! All those united with her will feel her glorious strength & power ! Her force will now reign for the betterment of Mother-Earth, All of Nature & her BELoved creatures, which in turn is for the betterment of All of Creation as it should BE !…..not sure if you are familiar with Kelley Hunter, but she has wrote many things regarding Lilith & I’m attaching one of her pages from her site.

    1. I’m jumping for joy right along side of you, dear Sister!!! 🙂 I began feeling the Isis energies last summer, but did not feel ready to speak of it until now. The intense pain. OMG! It’s so different now, stronger – POWERFUL. Bless you! Caroline

      1. I’m frozen in an EXCITING way. 🙂 🙂 🙂 The depiction of Isis in the hymn video from Anna Merkaba’s latest post is the exact entity that has been visiting me since January 2013. Not kidding. Identical. Caduceus, wings, hair – right down to the colors. Going outside to integrate all of this. Again, Thank you, Bev! If I were to hug you right now, I would squeeze the breath out of you!! Love, Caroline

    2. ❤ Dear Bev… this one is jumping up and down with you, and I've only begun to read your (two) links! Thank you for: "… her energy will BE the infusing force to help heal Mother-Earth and a catalyst…". Much Love to you ❤

    3. Wow! Thank you Bev for this link! I am cautiously smiling here. It has been a long, long wait. Team Isis! I love it!

  9. tried twice to post some interesting Ancient Egypt info. Aisha, if u can look into it. it looked like it should have went thru.
    anyway…. besides this, I have a history there also. In a past life I was part of a group of 3 Goddesses and we were enlisted by a high priestess to design her jewelry or ornamentation I guess u would call it. this is all i was told and confirmed my own inner feelings of ‘being there’. I have always had an affinity with that area and so did my maternal grandmother. Not the one i usually mention that i was really close to but my Mother’s mother who did not really think much on past lives – but said if she had one , it would certainly have been Egyptian. No coincidences. ‘the family plan’. 😉 so…. I have always wondered who the ‘other two Goddesses’ were and if they are with me in this life. I would say there a more than a couple Goddesses here ! 🙂
    ❤ enjoy

    1. Dear Breeze!!!
      I placed you, Kelly and the kitties in my heart space last night while falling asleep, repeating “peace to you”. Hoping you are feeling more balanced today. 🙂 We will all be remembering more about Egypt, Greece, so on as this story unfolds. Many questions will be answered. We cannot rush the process. Stay steady, my friend.
      Love you and yours,

      1. Yes, many heart felt thanks to you and everyone who came to me ❤
        some sadness hit me and just not having the time I crave to Be. Kimmy's father lost her favorite cat, Purl. He had just been saying how he so loved having her cats with him (she left them when she left home). He feels so lost and I feel that pain as I do all pain that comes my way. It is my way and its OK. I do not leave anyone alone in their pain and I can handle it. I do what comes naturally to me in those times. Kelly was very sad saying goodbye to his Mom (she is in your state now – La Grange I think is the town name ? )
        And, I am so over getting up at 5:30AM 5 days a week. I know I will 'slide right on in' whenever the space is right to go in to but currently, it can feel depressing and surpressing. I took on a lot because I can handle it. I know that. I am honored to be counted on and had a good talk with my spirit guides about it again last night. They know its not much fun for me at the moment and they remind me of why I am in the places I Am. And they continue to send me little treasures to keep me going. I long for travel and new experiences. so be it !
        I said since childhood the only place i truly wanted to venture to was Greece. My ex and I had a past life together in Greece. we remember it separately and together.
        all so interesting. I am not surprised it has come up here.
        Love to you and all

        1. I hear Ya ‘A’ !….no fun in any part of pain…so sorry for the loss of Kimmy’s cat & Kelly’s adjustment to saying goodbye to his Mom….sadness for sure !……Healing wishes to Everyone !….& I so hear Ya about those early 5 days a week mornings !!!….I too certainly will enjoy departing from those when the time comes !….Stay in your strength dearest Light Star Sister !…. Love, Bev~

    2. Thanks ‘A’ for All of this & I so LOve ” “the ones who see, the ones who see
      when shown, and the ones who do not see”……this is very true !! Always been fascinated with Egypt & the pyramids too & have done my own research over the years, but was most revealing to me is All the things that HS has spoken of & information I have been guided to !….for certain there is lots of knowledge, hidden secrets kept from us & to those that have ‘Eyes to See’ much shall BE revealed !….much of the Egyptian civilization has been veiled in secrecy over millennia… just the pyramids alone hold divine & sacred powers that work with the magnetics of the Earth & designed to harness the most strongest & pure clean natural energy upon this world ! & just an Amazing is it’s relationship with ‘Water’ ! ….but we must understand this is All divine & sacred power that is quite available but for the betterment of Life, of Creation & not, not never for Greed ! I know you often speak about the ‘Vitruvian Man’ drawing & sure you will be quite astonished when it is revealed how the pharaoh’s knew exactly what this drawing meant & how it ties Creation into pyramids & their hidden powers !…..Certainly lots of answers to lots of mysteries will begin to unfold in the soon coming future ! I also, as Caroline said hope you are feeling better, stronger today & send you ‘All’ Love, Hugs & Healing Wishes !….Bev~

  10. I am sharing this now because it appears by the discussions here surrounding Ancient Egypt to be ‘timely’.
    This man, Ed Nightingale, is an acquaintance and local of my area – I used to work with his sister. He also has performed in the same band my sisters boyfriend played in – this is how we first met him. His discoveries have been acknowledged and more is opening up for him I have been hearing.
    His book is called The Giza Template. Please read on….
    From: https://realitysandwich.com/9205/pyramid_power/
    “An architect by the name of Edward Nightingale wrote a paper claiming to have cracked the code of the Giza Complex. He uses overlayed drawings of the satelite images of the area and found that the Egyptians seemed to have built the pyramids in order to code their knowledge of mathematics and physics. The proportions of the temples are of harmonic quality, and the mathematics behind the structures provides the framework for natural formations such as spiral galaxies and DNA. He also found explanations of music in his theory, and has applied the findings to other ancient ruins.”
    From: http://www.thegizatemplate.com
    “Washington D. C.”
    A 10 mile by 10 mile square area of land
    acquired from the states, of “MARYland” and
    VIRGINia” dedicated to the Goddess Columbia
    aligned to the stars is a city filled with
    architectural symbolism and intrigue. What is
    revealed when the Giza Template is over laid on
    this square of land and it’s architecture? What
    positions within the Template are the main
    buildings and monuments located? The results
    would be precise and predictable if the Giza
    Template was used. The results are as
    predicted. The architects of Washington D.C.
    were and still are using this ancient template
    inscribed at Giza to hide in plain sight this
    ancient knowledge.
    As Plato once stated, there are three types of
    people, “the ones who see, the ones who see
    when shown, and the ones who do not see”.
    More: http://www.grahamhancock.com/forum/NightingaleE1.php

  11. Sun – have you changed your nickname lately or is it just me who se “vinny ” or “Vinny *:-h wave” insted of Sun_of_blue in your messages? Your logo is still the same. Really weird!

    Much love to you anyway whatever your name is 😉


    1. Dear Vinny, I am so glad you have come to the conclusion that the time is right for you to introduce yourself 🙂 What a journey you must have been on these last few days – you went up to the hills as sun_of_blue and came back as YOU 🙂 A big wave back to you, dear friend!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    2. So nice Vinny 🙂 Welcome out! You are breaking through in more than one way these days my dear friend 🙂 Sorry if I didn´t catch up all messages here. As I haven´t got any e-mails at all since Sunday I almost suspected I had some viruses in my computer but now it seems to be alright again 🙂

      Love ❤


  12. thank you dear Philip, feeling how you are happy excited & glad you had wonderful moments thank you for sharing your love❤︎

  13. Words aren’t adequate to express what’s been unfolding for this being in the last 2.5 weeks!

    I’ll share with you the opening verse(s) from a song by one of the great masters Tilopa for his then protege Naropa which is resonating a lot right now:

    Mahamudra (enlightenment) is beyond all words and symbols
    but for you Naropa, earnest and loyal,
    must this be said:

    The void needs no reliance
    Mahamudra rests on naught
    Without making an effort
    but remaining loose and natural
    one can break the yoke –
    thus gaining liberation

    For the full song or piece see Tantra – The Supreme Understanding – Osho

    ‘rests on naught’ – that’s it.

    So all the foundational structures, beliefs, paradigms, thoughts, forms etc etc are being shaken away and dissolved in waves of energy ‘upgrades’ that were so intense for 1.5 weeks or and settled and grounded whilst we were in Crete. This body has taken ‘on’ vast amounts of energy and experienced all sorts of bizarre effects – mostly now dissipated. Some have referred to aspects of these here.

    Somewhat amazed to see Murray’s reference to Crete being connected with the root chakra. YES is all I can say. I felt it. Very grounding, walking barefoot, swimming in the sea (see) and the only (I think) freshwater lake in Crete was blissful. Sue commented on a trip out in the mountains and then coast that it felt like Crete was welcoming us with open arms showing us its beauties. YES…. and it was also accepting what energies we were bringing in some way.

    This process continues to unfold. No thing is standing in its way. There is NO THING. IT JUST IS. Resistance is futile. No effort required. That can be a big challenge… may be the biggest.

    There’s so much more that could be said but it wouldn’t do it justice.

    Managed to read all the exciting stuff on Crete/Egypt and as much as I can of the other posts. Went to Egypt unexpectedly 2 years ago. No coincidence there then.

    Crete will be on the agenda again for sure.

    SOL / Infinite Silence to ALL ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks Philip!

      Grateful to take part of your message that literally overflows with joy for all of us. Much love back to you and Sue ❤


    2. Welcome back, Philip! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Crete sounds magical and warm and inviting. Yes, I believe some of us will be visiting when the time is right. Looking forward to hearing more of your insights when you are ready. I was going to ask the Ponders yesterday if anyone has been feeling strong “upgrades” from the Earth, but somehow forgot. Thank you for the validation. 🙂

      Much love to you and Sue, Caroline

                1. Absolutely yes–I feel Gaia’s energies streaming constantly and I can’t get enough of Her! With these uploads, I feel much more empowerment and joy than purging–finally!

      1. The draw to stand barefoot on Gaia is strong and such a blessing. I found/find it is balancing these upgrades in a way that most anything else can’t… if you see what I mean! ❤ 😀

    3. Welcome back, dear Philip! Thank you for sharing from you intense but wonderful “working vacation” 🙂 I would definitely like to experience the magic of Crete myself sometimel It is not surprising that you find it difficult to put all this into words for it must have been such a transforming experience for you both 🙂 And thank you for sharing your insights too, “No effort required. That can be a big challenge… may be the biggest.” – you are so right!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  14. I dreamed of a great soul which was cured by love. It looked like a hippo (in our pond?), but could also be the earth.
    The love for the own life became the love for all life. The more we love our own lives and all of life the more light we can assimilate.
    The love within us connects to the light from the universe.
    Love and light connect.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Ich träumte von einem großen Lebewesen das durch Liebe geheilt wurde. Es sah aus wie ein Flusspferd (in unserem Teich?), konnte aber auch die Erde sein.
    Die Liebe zum eigenen Leben wurde zur Liebe zu allem Leben. Je mehr wir unser eigenes Leben und alles Leben lieben umso mehr Licht können wir aufnehmen.
    Die Liebe in uns verbindet sich mit dem Licht aus dem Universum.
    Liebe und Licht verbinden sich.

    Heart greetings ❤
    with vitamins Love + Light

    1. yes❤︎ thank you always Bixie, LOVE is it ! more non stop magical surprises gifts are on the way & keep unwrapping wonderful surprise gifts❤︎, tomo

    2. It is funny you should mention the hippo Bixie. I was just reminded last night as well as to when the hippo was in my life. We had a purple hippo hanging on our bathroom wall as a child. I think it is still there in that bathroom at my moms house. Also in my dreams of Egypt hippos came to mind. All water related. 🙂 Your dream is lovely and you are right on about the love and light! Love to you Bixie! You are a bright ray! 🙂
      XXOo Denise

      1. How dose every single dark corner become illuminated in light.
        By that light grid CC spoke of awhile back. Could it look like this?

        1. Ok someday I’m getting a animating program that will illuminated each strong point of each missive!!!!

  15. the idea of timelines ,i think is an interesting one-i see it as more of an individual thing,a relative thing,kind of like all possible routes exist on a map,so all possible timelines exist in the universe–infinitely bigger than space with that added dimension of time,yes?
    and so i’m sure i don’t ‘grok’ the whole thing,i have funny ideas from tv shows and science fiction novels and short stories–short stories are the best–and they make the best movies–still lots of room for improvement with all ‘art forms’–especially filmmaking,moviemaking,can be an art,but is often nothing more than a craft…but that’s just me being another critic–of which i would make a great one!

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