A short update on the Solstice energies

Here we are again, at one of those power nodes that serves to enlighten you all even further. For as you continue to move across the firmament as passengers on this blue sphere that goes by the name of Planet Earth, you also pass through regions of heightened energetic presence at certain intervals, and one of them occurs today. For today you will mark the occasion of the Solstice, when the length of the day or the length of the night – according to where you reside on this celestial sphere – will mark its high point.

This day marks another high point in your calendar, but also in your energetic cycle, for this day is unlike any others, and as such, you will all be given a reason to take some time to mark the occasion. Again, the date defined in your calendars is not the important one, but what is important, is the opportunity this celestial placement gives us to initiate another collective experience of connectedness. For all across your little globe of light, people are taking the opportunity to sit down and connect, both to that ever present grid of light that is already encompassing this, your home amongst the stars, but also to their own core, the one that will be singing to a new tune as of today.

For as the seasons change on this planet, so too will you be changing within, and as this day comes to an end, you will all in some way find that new vibration within you that signals the change of your season. For no matter where you reside, the amount of light that will be coming down will continue to increase, so even if your days will start to shorten you will not lack for light in the time ahead, far from it. For this deluge of benevolent rays that have announced their arrival for quite some time now will continue to approach your atmosphere, and as you have already noticed, they will make their presence known even ahead of their time of arrival. For the forerunners of this front have already made themselves known to you, and as you sit down to connect with this Solstice alignment you will hear them calling to you, and so too will you hear yourself responding to these heavenly messengers from that very center of your being, that place within that will always be the first to celebrate the good news.

And as you sit down to listen to that heavenly choir that will resonate all the way through you, take some time to thank yourself for allowing this to happen. For you are the one who gave yourself the permission to once again become ONE with All, and you are the one who invited the light back in again after walking for such a long time in the valley of shadows, and now, you can rejoice with the Sun as she once again gives you another reason to do so. For you will be receiving her celestial blessings yet again, and not only that, you will also be receiving gifts that originates from even deeper into space, a place you once knew well, but had perhaps forgotten even existed.

So again we say give thanks for all that you are and for everything that you have accomplished, for it is by no means a mean feat. For you are all indeed glowing examples of the light coming into being once more on this beautiful blue planet. For you are not only the harbingers of dawn, you are also the very light in itself, back to walk on this land once again after eons of absence. So sing a song of praise, for yourself and for every single glorious soul that have made this possible. For you are many, and your numbers will continue to grow exponentially now that the level of enlightenment has jumped another notch as you can attest to if you allow yourself to tune into this new vibration within, the vibration that comes on the day that you call the Solstice, but we choose to call Epiphany.

296 thoughts on “A short update on the Solstice energies

  1. Big hugs brothers and sisters of the light. I stepped back from outside contact during this time and simply lived in the now moment, enjoying my humanity and my family and having a wonderful celebration of music and dancing and fun with old friends who are not necessarily on the path, but who love me tremendously and I love them.

    Definitely feeling a tremendous shift in the energy, mind calm as if basking in the rays of the sun on a distant beach with wave after wave caressing. Feeling a deep understanding of being Human and Spirit at the same time and accepting that together, in unity and as equals we will change the world~

    much love to you all and all I can really advise at this moment is to continue to go with the flow, having deep love for self and for our mother Sophia…use every moment as an opportunity to open your heart to love–for yourself, for others, for every situation…

    🙂 Alex

    1. the “I Love You” phrase (per Matt Kahn and you) is definitely getting a workout from this 1. 😀 thanx, Alex. Continued Blessings to you&yours ❤ +

    2. Hi Alex… in some ways I have been experiencing a similar direction right now in my own life. Living and let live with others who may live a bit contrary to my own walk. I find myself being open to understanding them and therefore myself in the way I’ve always reacted to their choices. All the while I feel ‘spirit’ wooing me to bring my own energy to mix in while enjoying the moment. hmmm it’s hard to explain but I am finding it interesting and for ‘this virgo’ far less critical at any level. 🙂 Love, Nancee

  2. GaiaPortal:

    “Portals of exigency” have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries.

    Alignment of Hue-beings with such portals facilitates accelerated movement of consciousness into Higher D realms as chaotic node points are encountered.

    Full Inner Acceptance of “the Process” is key to the alignment, and allows moment to moment flow with “The Process”.

    “Portals of exigency” will remain as a potential for Hue-manity and all hu-manity until further notice.

  3. ❤ Dear Bixie… this link is for you (if you like) as I think it was you who mentioned previously seeing faces/upper bodies of people during meditation. Excerpt below. Much Love, Dear Sister ❤

    http://highheartlife.wordpress.com (Evolving Into More Multidimensional Awareness) by Denise Le Fay, June 11, 2014:

    “…Another busy aspect lately has been our dreaming. Also when we’re awake perceiving multiple dimensions, timelines and different aspects of us and others in them.

    “Example: Have you been suddenly Seeing flashes of strangers faces and upper bodies in your Higher vision/Higher awareness lately? It’s like Seeing rapid flashes of different people, strangers to you in this life and time but you’re very much Seeing and Feeling them and in many cases they you.

    “What I’ve perceived about this happening now (because I’ve Seen this sort of thing many times over the decades and it meant something very different back then), is that many of us are Seeing and Feeling other people, other souls in other dimensions and other timelines lately and it’s all due to the Ascension Process and the occasional need to untie some knotted-up, bunched-up timelines in some area. When we work on these multiple intersecting timelines we often See and/or Feel these other people, souls, beings existing and/or working within other timelines too and sometimes they See and Feel us in our timeline here.

    “So if you’ve seen sudden flashes of strangers faces like this too, then know that you’re probably working on untangling multiple timelines and/or helping others to shut down certain timelines for a number of reasons. This is you being a Multidimensional Being, and you becoming more consciously aware of this fact in your current body in this dimension and timeline…”

    1. YES!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Lin, many of us live in those future timelines that we are attempting to change for the sake of humanity, Gaia and all others in this universe. We are anchored here, in the past and in the future. It’s very complex. Follow your heart and the clues, triggers, markers that you have left for yourself – it will begin to become very real to you. LOVE you! 🙂 Caroline

      1. Thank you for this, Dear One! 1 will pay extra attention, give extra focus to it—while laughing—so that 1 doesn’t get all tangled up and make it worse. Gotta stay loooose. Sooo very exciting. I Love learning; 1 can honestly say I’m solidly on my path to finding/fulfilling my role now… with Heart eyes & ears open. Continued Blessings to you, Our Dear Caroline, my Dear Friend. ❤

          1. aw, shucks, ma’am

            Here in Oregon the Solstice came several minutes after 3 AM.
            uh oh,
            that’s near that time of day/night when I wake up to strange things anyway, i dreamed/saw several faces. many of which i recognized as other me. there was many coming together separately in groups, alone together, and surprise, a few of them/me were not human.

            one of the reasons i have been mostly quiet, lately, is another one of me is seriously up against it (i don’t know what it is. i can give fortitude and courage but i can’t really be there. it’s like what the cc’s do for us.)
            well, aren’t we are doing the same thing for them !?
            so I go help myself — giggle

            It is similar to what Denise La Fay described as becoming conscious of our own consciousness

            let yourself believe that you are indeed existing in other persons in other places, i know i am, sometimes we trade places, depending on circumstances. and no, i do not understand it, but i don’t need to know how to build a car to drive one.

            btw, Caroline, it would probably be better for everyone to listen to their own heart
            it’s ok, you all can listen to mine in the meantime

            1. Thanx, Caroline and Otmn. I’m new to all this timeline stuff, but a quick learner when the timing is right, and it is. So, keeping my Heart eyes/ears open… and, in the meantime, listening to Otmn’s Heart, too! 😉 😀 (thank you, Otmn) All very exciting, more so than the 3d game… Love the New. ❤

      2. Past, Present, Future — all exist NOW, all at the same time.

        Which is why it is possible in the first place, to jump from one to another…


    2. Thank you Lin for posting Denise’s link, it brought me a rush of peace. Had a major shift this past week, leaving me well I don’t know- like wide awake in the dark, weary, but excited. Angry and sad, but relieved. I don’t know the right words. But her writing gave me relief, in this moment, and I hopefully will choose to carry it with me 🙂

      1. oh, Dear V, hope you choose, choose, choose to carry it. 🙂 ❤ Continue to be well and to be Blessed. 😀

    3. OH YEAH baby — this is more like it!!!
      THIS is what I am talking about….more and more and more of this!

      Lin, you are AWESOME (as is Denise)….and I have just crushed you in a huge hug.

      1. Dear Kiera!… crushing hugs are accepted. 🙂
        ok. 1 will keep re-reading Denise’s posts because this 1, as yet, has only the vaguest idea of what timelines are all about, but I’ve got my focus and direction now, and 1 will work to get “it”. (this is becoming even more FUN!) Heart Smiles to you—have a good night! ❤ +

  4. another way to look at ascension is to see it as being like evolution…so slow that it’s just gonna take forever!

    1. Hi, Arc… that’s one way… 😀 ❤

      (p.s. it's up to us—we can speed it up or slow it down [by the amount of Love/frequency we allow] ; any of it or all of it wheeeeeeeeeee… and we're off! :D)

  5. [… not to butt in here, Dear Norman, but before 1 forgets, wanted to send big Thanx and hugs&kisses to Lys and to the other Ponder (sorry, forgot who) who posted the links to Kryon’s messages from the Mt. Shasta conference last week. 1 received an important, long-awaited (years) answer that dissolved a blockage in a split second. My Heart opened even further to now BE able to JOYfully fulfill my part in the work now set before us. In deep Gratitude, Love, JOY&Light, 1-Lin ❤ 🙂 ]

    1. Oh, cool, Lin! I’m happy for you.
      I could use some of that, I didn’t see any Kryon stuff on the Pond. Failed to read it I guess. I’m going through a rough but myself right now.

      Love you so much.

      1. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Dear Bro. You’ve been shaken’ a tail lately in the growth dept so maybe this is just a lull to digest before you take another leap.

        IF, and only IF, you’re interested in the Kryon audios: the site with 5 brief audios from Kryon Shasta Summer Light Conference 2014 from last week, per Monica and Lys—Adamas speaks 1st on second audio (1 learned a great deal from her):


        Here’s a big hug and a smooch: ! Loving you 😀 ❤

        1. Thank you, Lin. I am interested. Thank you, I’m falling hard here, or am I? Sometimes I have no idea what’s going on.
          I love you, Linda. Thank you for reaching out.

          ❤️ JJ

          1. Dearest JJ… why should you be any different than the rest of most of us who know absolutely nothing in brief+ segments?! 😀

            you might be working yourself too hard, to grow. maybe just rest, relax… and then relax some more. then repeat. AND… if you’re falling, you’re falling UP! never forget that. Here’s more hugs and a smooch:

            !!!!!!!!!! (seems my other ones didn’t work—gotta work on that) Loving you always 🙂 ❤

            1. Just trying to be perfect, Lin. I’m programmed that way. It never works though. Perfection doesn’t exist.

              1. BUT Y O U do! and in my eyes [and AH’s 🙂 ], you’re probably pretty near perfect!! btw, don’t forget, you’re getting de-programmed from 3d stuff… we were programmed to fail then, even while striving for perfection. YOU are Loved; YOU ARE LOVE. 😀 😀 😀 ❤ +++++++++++

                1. Dear Lin, you bring back memories of my very first love, her name is Linda. She taught me quite a bit about love. Now, today it’s the birthday of my soon to be ex-wife. I was there briefly this morning, but for obvious reasons I wasn’t invited for the party. So here I am, thinking about my first and last 3D loved ones. I love them both, but it doesn’t compare to the Love I have for my Twin Flame, AH. She is the other half of my soul. She completes me like nothing/no one else can. It’s the easiest, yet the most difficult bond I have ever felt. It’s the most challenging, yet the most fulfilling. It is also unbreakable, it’s unconditional. That’s part if what makes it so difficult. There is no escaping it, there is no easy way out, there is no hiding from myself. Everything about me, is out there, it is right there on the table, staring back at me. Everything that is still an issue must be dealt with. It’s the same for her of course.
                  Thank you for listening, Lin.

                  Love, JJ

                2. yes. beautifully said—you&AH are most Blessed. (En-JOY the journey. It wasn’t easy for my Beloved and me either, and now we laugh most of the time) You are a God and AH is a Goddess dealing with releasing temporary hue-man issues as you finally remember who you/we are. There’s the sticking point, the pain. The Game of Life up close and personal is NOT funny/FUN—it was purposely set up that way by those who corrupted the game, but from a bird’s-eye pov, it’s absolutely Hilarious!!! 1 is sooo grateful both you&AH have such wonderful senses of humor. It’s sooo good to laugh, good, long, deep, guts-shaking donkey laughs—mostly at ourselves and the silliness of it all. My very Dear Friend JJ, YOU are perfect, and so is AH… and so is Lin ha!! 😀 We are a God and Goddesses, and multi-dimensional star seeds to boot. ALL here at the Pond are. To say anything else is working against what we’re working so darn hard to accomplish.

                  You, my beloved Dear Brother and Dear Friend, are just simply adorable and lovable and perfection… and so is my Very Dear Ethyl/AH/et al. It’s ok to look down sometimes, but now it’s time to look UP. En-JOY the journey… squeeze every little bit of laughing juice out of it. LOOK for “so-called 3d” fuck-ups to laugh at, especially your own. Don’t forget, it’s the crappy experiences we’re after (haha)
                  so we can teach the rest of the universe what NOT to do!! hehe And then there’s the beautiful experience of meeting your twin and falling in Love with her/yourself. You’ve got a perpetual mirror thru Ethyl… how much more FUN could that be?! She/you is going to keep you on your toes, after all, that’s what you signed up for. Besides, this one is looking forward to reading your experience “report” for the rest of us
                  while you read mine. (oh no)

                  btw, happy birthday to Hellen, your ex of the old, 3d path. Laugh it up now with AH on the NEW 5d path. You’ve had/have the best of both worlds. I Love You sooo much. Maybe I share your first love’s name, but I doubt we’re similar. My hubby calls me his rainbow ’cause he never knows which color he’s going to get when he comes home from work, wakes up to in the morning… and it’s not on purpose, it just IS. He allows me my Freedom and I allow his. It’s FUN!! You’re still in the transitioning phase from the old to the new. You’ll see, it’s gonna be absolutely GRRREAT! I KNOW it. (and so do you deep down) 😀
                  ❤ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

          2. Dear JJ!

            Whatever you are going through now I hope it will ease soon. I send you my love & light dear brother ❤

            Love ❤


              1. Oh no my dear friend – you know I really don´t like the word “perfect” though I sometimes use it myself – from habit 😉 What is perfect? I almost shudder when I hear the words “perfect” and “perfection” – but that’s my interpretation. On the other hand, one can say that “You are perfect as you are” and then it will be better, because that’s just the way you are my dear friend 🙂

                I’ll send you another dose of love with the sun’s evening rays down to Holland ❤ 🙂


  6. he CC’s said in the last sentence of this missive that: “the vibration that comes on the day that you call the Solstice, we choose to call Epiphany” Here is my epiphany.

    To my mind the last three paragraphs of the prior missive (420) is, in part, a call for this group to move into action mode. I feel the CC’s have conveyed a significant message to us that requires action.

    Some quotes from the first of the last three paragraphs: “ you are indeed old souls” … “who have been called to reunite In this life time” … “you have been called to step forward”… “and as you step forward, you also help to send out the call to others out there still waiting for their signal to step out into the light”… “you are the ones that will help to fan the flames in thousands upon thousands of others”

    Second of the last three paragraphs: “look upon these messages as a call to action”…”But for some, it is already starting to become tangible in various ways, and for them, the task is to share it – in the way of words, And this is the second task of these messages – to help you to see your own process more clearly, and through that find a way to enlighten your fellow journeyers I such a way, they in turn can do the same for others.”

    Third paragraph:
    “So again we say thank you for all that you are and for all that you do, and we thank those of you who have been given the task of translating your acquired insights into words so that your voice can act as a helping hand for your brethren. Remember, even if this journey is a very individual one, it is also one that you need to take as a part of a collective, for it is through your collective efforts that this creational masterpiece will come into being. And so it will continue to grow, as you keep breathing it in and exhaling it out, in the form of action, in the form of words, and in the form of simply BEing the change you came here to accomplish.”

    It seems to me that the “words” of the CC’s need to be organized into a clear and cohesive set of concepts and beliefs. Which in turn will become a paradigm that can be easily understood by pond people as well as those that have not been involved in what we think of as the ascension process.

    Another way of looking at ascension is to view it as a paradigm shift from one way of thinking to another. It’s a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change and we must become the agents of change.

    In short, it is time get the “words” organized and in turn to spread the word far and wide as we can in order to facilitate the development of a new paradigm for a new era in human evolution.

    I have some ideas as to how to begin the process of organizing the “words” but I am not going to be the lone ranger on such big and important project.

    Is anyone out there interested in investing time in such a project?

        1. Aloha Norman,
          I’m afraid I can’t be of any help, the following posts say more than I could and I couldn’t say it any clearer. My experience in all this was drastically altered in 2005 when I sustained a severe frontal lobe head injury and it took the next 7 years to wake myself up again. The conversation on this is wonderful and I am enjoying it tremendously. Kind regards, Sher

    1. Things to keep in mind:

      1. You are in a constant state of “ascension”. It is not merely a single event or a particular shift.

      It is a speeding up of your natural Frequency from longer wavelengths to shorter and shorter wavelengths.
      You still continue to move in an undulating wavelike motion, up and down, going from highs to lows.

      At the same time you are always shifting upwards into higher frequency states by following a path of an upward Circular Spiral….(exactly like the spiral staircase in the video below).

      2. When you focus on changing your external world, you are not realizing that it is actually YOU who is “changing” — not the holographic world around you.

      Whenever you change your own Frequency, you AUTOMATICALLY shift *yourself* to an already existing parallel reality that reflects back to you the changes you have just made in yourself.


      3. Whether or not the words are “organized” — each person will only pick up and internalize what is relevant to them at their specific Frequency Level / Frequency State.
      Higher frequency concepts that they are not ready for, will be invisible to them — even if it is organized & staring them right in the face.

      4. Many of the words of the CC’s are iterative. You would be organizing a LOT of repetition.
      This regurgitation of concepts is deliberate, as it is most effective in re-training the frequencies of humans.


      5. Carefully watch your definitions, because YOU are the one creating your reality.
      Communicating in terms such as “big” “important”, “investing time”, and that it is too difficult for one person only…..what you are doing is creating a Belief that this project is WORK — that it is laborious, difficult, too large, time-consuming, not fun?

      Define it the opposite way, as a PLAYFUL endeavor — and this is how you will experience it.

      And when you have fun with it, you DO NOT EXPERIENCE TIME.
      You won’t have to “invest time” — time is an illusion, and it is also completely relative. Each person experiences time differently as either fast, slow, or non-existent depending on what frequency State of Being they are in.


      1. thank you, dear Kiera ❤︎,
        thank you, dear brothers ❤︎,
        thank you, dear sisters ❤︎,
        thank you, dear all ❤︎

        yes, define !! We can CHOOSE extraordinary life !! be extraordinary right now in any moments, & able to open up more fun imaginations. Enjoy ” extra – ordinary” all crazy good, & put positive definitions in many so then/& we can enjoy great feelings ❤︎ & creations !

        1. Thank you dear Tomo ❤
          I like the Minions 😀

          Heart greetings ❤
          with vitamins Love +Light
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      2. Kiera

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        I basically agree with what you wrote. However, in point two I believe that it is levels of consciousness that we travel through rather than parallel realties.

        Based on what I have read over the years and most especially from Ken Wilber, levels of consciousness (sets of beliefs and concepts) are available within the 3d world. To be a conservative is a low level of consciousness and being a ponder is a much higher level of consciousness.

        I agree with number three but there are turning points in the ongoing ascension of each person to higher levels of consciousness. At some point, previously unseen concepts of higher vibration are accepted. It seems to me that there must be something that we can do to speed up the process. To me, it seems that by creating a more cohesive and truthful level of consciousness via “words” would increase the “pull” of higher frequencies.

        Am I wrong?


  7. Great. It is so great!
    This morning I did not know what it was, but now feel and understand I do.
    Since 2 days I always think during my day „Vitamins” (even without eating) and IMMEDIATELY I feel the joy and aliveness in my body.
    NOW I understand it. It has nothing to do with 3-D, no pills, no juice, no healthy diet because it is THE LIFE ITSELF.
    And then it struck me: VITA … means (Latin) LIFE ❤

    There is a hymn that does not go out of my head since 2 days: „Open up the door, the gate make far“
    (literally translated, the English version of the song is: „Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates“).
    Oh yes, my doors are now wide open for THE LIFE ITSELF.

    Warmly Welcome LIFE ITSELF.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Großartig. Es ist so großartig!
    Heute Morgen wusste Ich noch nicht was es war, aber jetzt fühle und verstehe Ich es.
    Seit 2 Tagen denke Ich immer während des Tages „Vitamine“ (auch ohne zu essen) und SOFORT fühle Ich die Freude und Lebendigkeit in meinem Körper.
    JETZT verstehe Ich es. Es hat nichts mit 3–D zu tun, keine Pillen, kein Saft, keine gesunde Ernährung, denn es ist DAS LEBEN SELBST.
    Und dann fiel es mir auf: VITA … bedeutet (lat.) LEBEN ❤

    Es gibt ein Kirchenlied das mir seit 2 Tagen nicht mehr aus meinem Kopf geht: „Macht hoch die Tür, die Tor macht weit.“
    Oh ja, meine Türen sind jetzt weit offen für DAS LEBEN SELBST.

    Herzlich Willkommen LEBEN SELBST.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

  8. Dear friends! The Solstice energies have worked their magic, but they have also made such an impact on me I have been guided to step back and be silent for a while. I thank you all for the way that you continue to make this Pond vibrate with so much love and light – both with your presence and with your words. I would like to share this with you, it is Eivør Pálsdóttir, a singer from the Faroes, performing her own song “Trøllabundin” – “Spellbound”- with the Norwegian band Vamp at an old farm called Stigen here in Norway. To me, this song is the perfect match to these Solstice energies 🙂

    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Wow! This was really breathtaking! Nature, beauty, eagle, water, mountains and a wonderful song and singer and houses on hills where you didn´t expect someone could live 😉

      Thank you Aisha! I´m sending my love & light to you dear Sister of Light ❤


    2. Beautiful, so beautiful ❤

      I feel a deep connection with Norway. When I lived in Copenhagen there was a colleague from Norway, I listened to her fascinated when she spoke.
      I did not understand one word, but I loved the sound of her language ❤

      Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Me too, JJ
        I think I can’t meditate if I order it myself. Time to time I’m coming to the state of “sleep-no sleep”,(if you know what I mean), and I see the things but I can’t control it. Until now…this singer took me there. Her voice is hypnotic. I found more songs of her, which have the same effect on me…And the Nature’s theatre?…Wow…

    3. ❤ wow, Aisha. There is so much to appreciate in this video—from the beautiful voices, the heartbeat of the drumming (love it so much!), the smiling audience with children/parents, the view (1 can't believe that people have the privilege to live in houses that high up and have such a space for their front yard!), the echoing of the songs against the mountains, the river+… Thank you sincerely.

      rest up, Dear One. you Bless us daily with your focused kindness, your Energies. Continued Love to you&yours, always. ❤ 🙂

    4. Wow, Aisha!!! I concur with everyone else and just loved the video. Thanks so much for posting it. Loved the drumming, the sound of her voice and all the visuals as well. Norway is a beautiful place to live.

      Blessings to all,

        1. Yes, my father was born in stockholm and immigrated to America when he was 6. He is now 81 and still loves his homeland very much. ❤ 🙂 Monica

    1. Tried to find the movie online today. I haven’t seen it. I don’t think it is available for free anymore. I will have to keep searching.

      1. Amazon will sell it for 9.80
        i found most of the songs, but not the movie
        I saw the stage play
        never bothered with the movie

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