The manuscript of survival – part 420

As you have already taken into account, these shifts and changes are indeed an ongoing process now, as there are no discernible pauses in between the separate fluctuations of energy, and so, what you may sense as a small lull in the proceedings is simply that infinitesimally small pause between the inbreath and the outbreath, that very point of balance where so much happens.

Let us explain. As we told you in an earlier missive, you have truly entered the fast lane now, and so, each day and in every way you are being propelled forward at an ever increasing speed. Again, this may lead to all sorts of confusion and bewilderment as you try unsuccessfully to keep track of it all, but again, this is not something you need to concern yourself with. For you are not here to understand it – that is, in the sense of a human mind grasping all of the intricate details this complex process is all about. For all you need to do, is to go with the flow in every sense of the word. This in itself may sound like a somewhat simplified answer to all of this, but again, you are here to do something that is inexplicable to a human brain, but comes naturally to that eternal part of you that is also part of the “mastermind” behind this seemingly convoluted arrangement, all done with the same purpose, to shift the entirety of humanity once and for all away from the old and delusional ideas of “survival”.

For what mankind has been forced to abide by for such a long time now, are laws that has kept them away from the truth, but now, as you have all chosen to step fully into this wide and ever increasing river of light, you have also chosen the destiny of mankind to change – from one end of the scale and all across the board to a very new one, one that is not shrouded in darkness anymore, but fully lit by the benevolent beams of the universal light that lies at the core of everything in existence.

Again, what we bring you through these messages will not be news to any of you, they will simply be externalised in this form so that your own internal information center can better exhume these long forgotten truths from within. You see, we cannot tell you anything new at all, for you already know fully well what we are trying to convey to you, but as you also know, this truth has been shrouded in a dark mist for eons, and so, what may seem to be a new discovery of unknown dimensional levels within is simply a rediscovery of something you are all more than familiar with.

Still, this process of reemergence is not one that can be accomplished at the drop of a hat, and that too is something you have all become well and truly acquainted with over these last few days, weeks, months and years. For where you are standing today, is simply the pinnacle of a process that was started a long, long time ago, way back in the early history of mankind, when the dark shroud hung low and obscured every kind of view there was. And then, you started to come in, through lifetime after lifetime, with one expressed task: to heighten the light quotient on this planet sufficiently so that the next step of this long and arduous process could come into being. For as we have told you before, this seeding of light has been a long time coming, and just like with everything that comes into life in the manifest world, it takes time from seeding to sprouting to full growth. Well, this has taken its time, and for many, it seems to be an overly long one, but again, this is indeed the age of blossoming, when mankind finally will come into full bloom, shining in all of their splendor and glory, and the dark ages will become a faint memory that will start to dissipate into the back of your minds for then to vanish completely.

This is not a fairy tale we tell you in order to put you to sleep and forget about your troubles and your toil, this is simply a reminder that you are not here by accident, for you are here to finally fulfill the quest that was started many a generation ago, by shining souls such as yours, with the same goal, but with a much less rewarding outcome – if you look at this from the perspective of one single lifetime. For unlike your predecessors, you will see the result coming into fruition during one single lifetime, and what you have accomplished so far, has proved beyond any doubts whatsoever that you have already achieved that accomplishment. Granted, there are still many a task to fulfill before you can sit back, relax and simply survey all of this splendor we talk about, but again, these tasks are what you are already tackling with a renewed fervor. For even if your mind and indeed your physical body may seem to be overly exhausted and even less than enthusiastic at the moment, especially at the prospect of even more work looming on the horizon, we also know that your heart is singing with joy whenever it connects with these threads of light that will guide you in your continued efforts. For this is indeed a labour of love, in every sense of the word, and even if you think you would like nothing more than a long vacation, devoid of anything that even resembles energetic endeavours, you also know deep inside that you would not be without this deep involvement in the tasks at hand. For that is why you are here, to make these things come into being, to knit together thread after thread of enlightened effort into a shimmering garment of light that will envelop this entire planet, making her shine with all of her inherent qualities yet again, finally liberated from everything that has been dimming them down and covering up their power and beauty.

For you are here to work, but for you, this work will more and more turn into play, as you unleash your creative powers in such a way, no man or mind can stand between you and Creation. For you will sing this world into being once again as you lift your voices up with these energetic waves of light that are gathering strength even as we speak, and one by one you will add your untiring voices to this earthly choir that will make the heavens stir and set so much into motion, it will unravel the old and weave the new at a speed that will literally take your breath away.

Again, what we bring you through these missives are not just words, words that will be reused and reinvented again and again, just like scraps of cloth being resown and reshaped into brand new garments. For these words are merely the outside coloring of a far more important internal process, one that goes directly between you and Source, one that is not in need of words, one that goes on 24/7 at a level that you so far only have gotten a few glimpses of. But these words act as that outside signpost of what is going on within, for they can serve to light the way whenever you turn an unexpected corner and think you have come to an impasse or taken a wrong turn. For still, you are also humans, and as humans, you need reassurance in the form of words and in the form of something tangible that you can take to heart and discuss with others, and this in turn will help to realign you with others on this same path. For the energetic signature that these messages carry, is one that will resonate with a number of people on this planet today, and so, this vibration will serve to pull you all closer together in ways that will help each and every one of you to fulfill your part of this complex process.

For this is indeed a collective effort, and what you are taking on as singular entities is simply one piece of a gigantic puzzle, and in order for you to fulfill your task, you need to be connected in the right way with the right people. And this is where these messages serve their highest purpose. For you can look upon them as a homing signal being sent out, a signal that will speak to those amongst you who have a common cause in this huge operation, and who have been called to reunite in this lifetime. For you are indeed old souls, and you are also old acquaintances as we have mentioned before, and now, you have been called to step forward and to light up your light to such a degree, it cannot be overlooked anymore. And as you step forward, you also step into this circle of light that has been called to gather here, and as you step forward, you also help to send out the call to all the others out there still waiting for their signal to step out and into the light. Remember, you are the forerunners, the pioneers, but you are also the ones that will help to fan the flames in thousands upon thousands of others, in a well orchestrated sequence that is far, far beyond the point of no return now.

So again we say, look upon these messages as a call for action, and know that the action we refer to, is the one that is taking place within you at all times now, even if the details of it may still be mostly hidden from view from most of you. But for some, it is already starting to become tangible in various ways, and for them, the task is also to share it – in the way of words. And this is the second task of these messages – to help you to see your own process more clearly, and through that find a way to enlighten your fellow journeyers in such a way, they in turn can do the same for others. For words are still necessary, even if you are not required to fully understand or indeed describe all of the shifts and changes taking place internally and indeed externally. You know this already, but you also know that your human side needs reassurance and it needs to feel the connectivity in a way that is easier to take into account than a mere sense of energetic connection and communication, and so, words like these will still be a part of this process.

So again we say thank you for all that you are and for all that you do, and we thank those of you who have been given the task of translating your acquired insights into words so that your voice can act as a helping hand for your brethren. Remember, even if this journey is a very individual one, it is also one that you need to take as a part of a collective, for it is through your collective efforts that this creational masterpiece will come into being. And so it will continue to grow, as you keep breathing it in and exhaling it out, in the form of action, in the form of words, and in the form of simply BEing the change you came here to accomplish.

314 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 420

  1. Thank you all so much for sharing! I feel so much Love rising inside of me and so much connection. What a pleasure to be around with you this RAINY! morning ( I live in Holland so that is nothing new, but, it IS water) Love to all of you!

    1. I feel the same Jet! I think Aisha termed these energies very well: “Big, Bold and Beautiful” and here the holy rain is cleansing Mother Earth as well 🙂

      Love & light ❤


  2. Graduation of my Past.
    I’ve made only those experiences which I ordered by myself (before this incarnation).
    And then the postman came with the huge, heavy packages (experiences) and delivered … they provided me during the incarnation of what was not yet cleaned up.
    I have worked for many, many years to open the packages, to look at them and to clean up everything until only beautiful things/experiences were in them.
    This morning I woke up with the thoughts of „harmony and peace”, and saw the hearts again.
    I ‚knew’ that I have the solution and it is quite easy – thanks to the new technology, computer and video programs can I really understand it well.
    My incarnations are linear seen videos, consisting of many individual scenes (experience units).
    Above it, I am the creator of these videos and the Director.

    I take a really nice experience that really was full of harmony and peace and take it as a conclusion. I arrange my life–period–video as it’s best for me – because it’s MINE.
    So my video is beautiful, ends with the best feeling that is possible and I see us all happy to be in harmony and peace, for example, during a magnificent Christmas dinner.
    „Cut and end.” (Of that life–period–video).

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Abschluss meiner Vergangenheit.
    Ich habe nur diejenigen Erfahrungen gemacht die ICH mir Selbst (vor dieser Inkarnation) bestellt hatte.
    Und als dann die Paketboten mit den riesigen, schweren Paketen (Erlebnissen) kamen und lieferten … sie lieferten mir auch während der Inkarnation das was noch nicht aufgeräumt war.
    Ich habe viele, viele Jahre daran gearbeitet die Pakete zu öffnen, sie anzuschauen und nach und nach aufzuräumen bis nur noch schöne Dinge/Erlebnisse in ihnen waren.
    Heute Morgen wachte Ich mit den Gedanken „Harmonie und Frieden“ auf und sah wieder die Herzen.
    Ich ‚wusste’ dass Ich die Lösung habe und es ist ganz einfach – dank der neuen Technologie Computer und Videoprogramme kann Ich es wirklich gut verstehen.
    Meine Inkarnationen sind linear gesehen Videos, bestehend aus vielen Einzelszenen (Erlebniseinheiten).
    Oberhalb davon Bin Ich der Schöpfer dieser Videos und der Regisseur.

    Ich nehme ein wirklich schönes Erlebnis das wirklich voller Harmonie und Frieden war und nehme es als Abschluss. Ich ordne mein Lebens–Abschnitts–Video wie es mir am besten gefällt – schließlich ist es ja MEINS.
    So ist mein Video wunderschön, endet mit dem besten Gefühl das nur möglich ist und Ich sehe uns alle glücklich, in Harmonie und Frieden, z. B. bei einem großartigen Weihnachtsessen.
    „Schnitt und Ende“. (Dieses Lebens-Abschnitts-Videos).

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. one of Bixie is fairly blue angel in deep ocean, in the sky, in dreams, in all 💓
      thank you for being pixie, Bixie ❤︎ always bring me so much happiness smiles ❤︎

      1. Lovely Tomo ❤

        Thank YOU for being here
        on earth, in this blog, in the universe ❤

        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  3. 🙂 Im feeling a strong pull to connect with others, to feel the flow of open conversation and the connection of others who are awake to the process/journey which we are all currently on. My name is Katarzyna, although my true name is Una, I’m a single mother of three daughters, an intuitive writer, and channel. I feel myself intimately immersed in this glorious wave of expansion and see my part in it more and more, although I’ve yet to know exactly the steps which will take me there.
    With love and appreciation… namaste

    1. Dear Katarzyna, dear Una – welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light! Thank you for bringing your light here, and to this world!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Aloha Una, so glad to feel your Light! I have something to share and I can’t find the right comment area. …. but, this is what it is. In my meditation this morning, I saw a rather large emerald, the size of my hand. The emerald of the heart. I felt my heart opening, wider and wider. Wider than ever before. I saw birds, white birds, fly out of my chest and with them they carried my ill gotten judgments. Judgments about myself and others. Cruel things I may have said or done to others in my lifetime. I saw red birds fly after them. My heart opened even more. I moved to walk inside this opening as it appeared to me in the short distance. Inside I saw all the hurt that I had caused, knowingly or not. I felt it all within a second. It fell away, absorbed in the Light. All that was left were my good deeds and countless behaviours I had chosen full of Light. I stood in this knowing of clear release for about a second and then it was gone. My heart stayed open and ready to love some more. Sher

      1. So I am laying down now, happy solstice all, it is a beautiful, clear night and stars are out. 56 degrees, I FEEL united in LOVE and LIGHT with my/our beloved Ponders, casting a lovingly, glowingly light web around our blue/green orb. There is nothing to fear here…sweet dreams brave hearts, dear hearts all, you inspire me so. LOVE ❤ Monica

  4. Found some good reads here. Thought I might share. Has anyone here heard of Judith Kusel? She speaks of an under earth ocean. Thinking of Aisha’s article regarding water deep within earth crust.

    Found her here. Always lots to see here too.

    ❤ Denise

    1. Obviously I need a nap. Sorry.

      Hope this works. The other pleidiandolphininfos I am not sure why it didn’t link. My ipad as well as my brain are disjunctional at the moment. 😉
      I will soon be in laughing Buddah mode again as at this point nothing to do but laugh. 😉 ha! Disjunctional not disfunctional! Perfect! Ok, I am out of here. You all have a great solstice!
      ❤ Denise

  5. Today’s GaiaPortal:


    Statics of prior moments is now dissolved and released.

    Intrusions into Gaia Energetic Complex are monitored and ameliorated, as persistent intruders attempt a time reversal.

    Placid-ation is now at hand, within each and every Hue-Being, and is now being called forth.

    E-Lucidation of all priories is now in full progress, and cannot be stopped by lower-intenders.

    Portal openings and expansions in a rapid sense are to be expected, in short order.

    1. Shaking my head at this. Not sure what to expect next. I have just been trying to lay low and intend a higher vibration for all.
      Love in its fullest to all here!

    2. Thanks Caroline !….I too read this, this morning….a Great ‘1’ & a couple of high fluting words….even had to look a few of them up (lol)…then her message became clearer to me…..the previous ‘1’ on ‘interwoven energies’ was pretty special too & tied harmoniously in with ‘Dreamweaver’ & many of the words from the CC’s & from other ponders….I really Loved that ! Always Love when GaiaPortal speaks of ‘Openings’ & ‘Expansions’ too !…..
      Love to You & Love to All ponders for an Energy charged weekend & in this the very Best experiences filled with Joy & Love !…..planting flowers & tending gardens will be high on the agenda for me & I truly hope that anyone who is feeling unwell, overstressed & having anxiety that they spend this weekend in Nature as much as possible….Everyone needs Nature & Nature needs Us !……..LOve, Bev~

  6. Brothers and Sisters of the Light. I hide, as many of our kind do, hidden in the shadows of history, until that day that You came along. Oh yes, You are helping to bring us Home. This engery, as you well know, is shall we just say, going to bring us together in a brand new way.

    I Love All That Is.

    12.26 Questioner: Thank you. Well, you spoke of Wanderers. Who are Wanderers? Where do they come from?

    Ra: I am Ra. Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is service to others with the distortion towards reaching their hand, figuratively, to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move towards this calling of sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this distortion.

    1.1 Questioner: It seems members of the Confederation have a specific purpose. Is this true with you, and if so, what is your purpose?

    Ra: I am Ra. We communicate now. We, too, have our place. We are not those of the Love or of the Light. We are those who are of the Law of One. In our vibration the polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified, and the paradoxes have their solution. We are one. That is our nature and our purpose.

    We are old upon your planet and have served with varying degrees of success in transmitting the Law of One, of Unity, of Singleness to your peoples. We have walked your earth. We have seen the faces of your peoples. This is not so with many of the entities of the Confederation. We found it was not efficacious. However, we then felt the great responsibility of staying in the capacity of removing the distortions and powers that had been given to the Law of One. We will continue in this until your, shall we say, cycle is appropriately ended. If not this one, then the next. We are not a part of time and, thus, are able to be with you in any of your times. Does this give you enough information from which to extract our purpose, my brother?

    15.18 Questioner: I ask this question because I’ve heard about the Elder Race before in a book, Road in the Sky, by George Hunt Williamson, and I was wondering if this Elder Race was the same that he talked about?

    Ra: I am Ra. The question now resolves itself, for we have spoken previously of the manner of decision-making which caused these entities to remain here upon the closing of the second major cycle of your current master cycle. There are some distortions in the descriptions of the one known as Michel; however, these distortions have primarily to do with the fact that these entities are not a social memory complex, but rather a group of mind/body/spirit complexes dedicated to service. These entities work together, but are not completely unified; thus, they do not completely see each the other’s thoughts, feelings, and motives. However, their desire to serve is the fourth-dimensional type of desire, thus melding them into what you may call a brotherhood.

  7. Hmmm – the Solstice energies are already here… they are BIG, bold and beautiful – and definitely intense! Big hugs and much love to you all!
    Aisha ❤

    1. Hello Aisha and everyone,
      Blasted here the last couple of days. So much coming in now especially at sleep although not sleeping well. Intense but trying to flow with it. My kitty isn’t well so I guess he must be taking this pretty hard too. If you all could send him some healing light it would be wonderful. Thank you. ❤
      In what reading here I have been able to do I would just like to comment how wonderful! We are all growing so fast now! Thank you all for sharing so much. Hoping things will slow down a bit for me here so I can get my head on straight. Until then. Much love to all of you! ❤ Denise

      1. Huh….tried to post this at bottom, but it would not post. This was third try. 🙂

        Thank you Aisha! Hoping this soltice will bring much healing for all!
        ❤ Denise

      2. Dear Denise,
        My kitties and dog have not been feeling well, either. I always know when a big shift is going to occur by watching their behavior and symptoms. Similar to watching wild animals and their behavior as well. Surrounding you and kitty and the rest of your family with loving, calming, peaceful energy. 🙂
        Love to you, Caroline

        1. ❤ Dear Denise… 1 echoes Caroline. We've had something heavy going on here since Sunday night—just now beginning to lift, and pup was wobbly, too. Loving you, Sweet One. Keeping you all in the Golden White Light. ❤

          1. Thank you Lin! Hoping everyone’s animals will get through this ok. Feels like a strong storm and getting slammed wave after wave of light. These are whoppers!
            ❤ Denise

        2. Thank you Caroline. It means a lot. ❤ Simon, our cat, gets hit pretty hard with the energies. He is worrying me silly today. Hoping his blood sugar will drop down to a normal range soon.

          Looks like you have a birthday today! How do I miss these things. I don't think anyone knows mine. 🙂 Ha! I am going to be forever forty from now on! 😉

          XXOo Denise

      3. Thanks for popping in Denise & I send my healing Love to your little Simon !!….for sure the energies have been more intense lately & continue, like a focused sweep through, making extra extra room for more flow of Light !….& I’ve felt uneasiness in my little kitties too…even throwing up ‘Water’….so I’m sensing within, what happened this morning & with this observation there is a change occurring in the ‘Water’….can’t pin point any more than that right now….sending you much Love !…..Bev~

        1. Thank you Bev. Hope your kitties are feeling better too. Yes, I wonder what the water knows? Will send it more loving thoughts. Perhaps I will send some flowers down the river behind our house. I always picture floating a wreath of flowers in it as a gift.
          Thank you again Bev and much love sent your way!
          Denise ❤

  8. Hi All ….a quick drop by with a happening to me this morning, & so I thought it was relevant & important to share –
    As we grow, & expand, BEcoming more in tune with ourselves & our surroundings, we encounter more & more synchronicities & visions !….these surely hold much mystery & as yet are not completely understood, but there is a strong relationship to them & the timing of their occurrences ! This morning, just as I got into my car & started down the driveway to work (actually running a few minutes late…as usual)… my neighbour’s swimming pool suddenly collapsed & a rushing Wave of ‘Water’ came barreling out over his property & partly onto my driveway….I stopped & watched as if it was in slow motion, then HS says “Mankind has yet to understand the power & purpose of ‘Water’…a great flood will come.”
    then a long pause of silence….
    (this certainly is not good news….but I’ve learned over the years to trust HS, & sometimes specific learning & teaching must be delivered through hardship…not a pleasant process, but a necessary one & I’ve learned to be calm & be in acceptance in allowing the process to flow as it is meant to be)……..I’m sorry it’s not a happy sharing but it was a necessary one ……LOve, Bev~

      1. ❤ Happy Birthday, Dear Caroline. So very glad you're here on this plane to celebrate YOU with us. Loving you 😀 ❤ ++++++++++++++

        1. Thank you. It has been a pure JOY to share it with you, Lin! 🙂 I love you, sweet Sister, forever and always,

        2. dear Lin ❤︎ thank you❤︎ i thank you very much for your gracefulness, kindness, & love ! Love tomo❤︎

          1. Happy birthday Caroline~ It is a cooler breezier one here today, very fresh, breezy blessings and pond blessings to you dear sister. ❤ Monica

      2. Thank you dearest Caroline & sending you a big Heart-felt hug on your special Birthday !!!….so ‘Gemini’ rules amongst many of us here & that’s pretty Amazing & I didn’t know you were Gemini too ! I was told many years ago that many of the trail blazing workers of the Light would be of the signs of Gemini & Aquarius.
        much Love to You !!!…..Bev~

    1. ❤ Thank You, Dear Bev, for sharing this important news… it is accepted with Love and even quiet JOY, especially coming thru you. Continued Blessings to you, Sweet One… and a Blessed Solstice tomorrow. Love You ❤

      1. Thank you dearest Lin !….indeed this Solstice is going to BE a powerful ‘1’….& as Aisha said, I too am sensing it already ! Bunches of Love back to You !….Bev~

    2. thought I’d pop back in with a further explanation to what happened to me this morning, as I was thinking that possibly I may have intentionally invoked Fear in some, & certainly this was not my intention ! I can tell you I have no Fear in what HS said, & am very calm …. I highly Respect & Appreciate All that ‘Water’ is & I always send my Heart Love to ‘Water’, & in fact even by Loving yourself you are Loving ‘Water’ as you are ‘Water’ !… I know ‘Water’ knows this so All is fine & whatever ‘Water’ brings to All of us & to this Earth is of the Highest Good for All Life !….so absolutely please ‘No Fear’ ! Feel in your very BEing you are ‘1’ with Creation & continue sending your Highest Heart Love to ‘Water’ & ‘All of Creation’ !….in this you will always be protected & guided in the best way possible !……..Have a nice weekend….Love to All !…..Bev~

  9. oh boy! i just found out tanaath,of the silver legion,was a guest on drake’s show and talked for almost two hours last night–this should be a treat that i shall savor!
    i wonder if the constant companions could possibly tell us anything about the silver legion-i reckon not–it’s like uncool to talk about people,i gather–which i guess are what comprise the silver legion–people both on and off-planet!—a group dedicated to ‘the light’ and ‘protecting innocents’ against ‘the darkies’–and it’s all very serious but it would be nice to find they’ve got a sense of humor–i’ll have more to say about it later–
    i can show you the page on blag talk radio,where drrake posts a 3-hour show each thursday evening-i ain’t sure but i think drake’s from kentucky or maybe tennessee–in any case,he’s the kinda guy likes t’get’er’dun as he this should be fun!

    “LAST DAY OF NORTHERN SPRING: The season are changing. On June 21st, the sun will reach its northernmost point in the sky, +23.5 degrees above the celestial equator, marking the onset of summer in the north and winter in the south. Today is the last day of northern spring. Happy solstice!

    CORKSCREW ERUPTION: A dark magnetic filament on the sun erupted during the late hours of June 19th. While one end of the filament remained connected to sunspot complex AR2093-AR2094, the other end corkscrewed wildly through the sun’s atmosphere.
    The corkscrewing filament hurled much of itself into space. Both of NASA’s STEREO probes and the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded a CME emerging from the blast site: movie. A preliminary analysis suggests an expansion velocity near 600 km/s or 1.3 million mph. That may sound fast, but it is merely typical for a CME. The expanding cloud could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field in a few days, possibly sparking a minor geomagnetic storm.”

    > LOL – “corkscrew eruption” – sounds sexual to me – hehe – that filament became xtra firm I guess 😛
    Yes – Happy Summer Solstice everyone ! I think we just get treats with this one 🙂

    1. Just can’t resist responding to you Areeza… corkscrew is a perfect description of a male llama’s breeding parts. It was my first thoughts when I read the above 🙂 A possible minor geomagnetic storm suits one description of “llama’s message” to us in some ways. ( Maybe a stretch but it was fun seeing if it tied in some way! ~Nancee

      1. I need to butt in here! I was with my favorite male Llama yesterday in Central Ohio at a winery we frequent when down in that part of the state. There I sat outside overlooking the farmland and vineyards, sipping wine, and our eyes locked together for quite a while. It was so amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love to you, Nancee!

          1. and Happy Birthday dear sister of the loveliest Love Light — a toast to you! ❤ 😀 ❤

        1. Caroline since you shared your llama story I am going to add mine for today. I visited a friend of mine who gave a home to “Bandit” a male llama who another friend needed a home for years ago. I’ve known him since he was young and used to give him his shots. I called him and he looked up so I walked up to him. He started snuffing at my face and was flicking his tongue and kissing me (my 3 never gave kisses). It was so beautiful and the friendliest greeting he’s ever given me. Indeed the energies have changed and ‘your’ llama and ‘mine’ I think were acknowledging it to us 🙂 Even a younger male came over to greet me and apparently he never greets! Happy belated birthday to you. ~Nancee

      2. Drama Llama! awesome! lol
        and it says… “high altitudes are healing, don’t be afraid to retreat to the mountains and the high places,,,” SO … our sun_of_blue is doing just the right thing ! 😉

      1. I do agree so much! I am happily smiling reading this Llight conversation, so I will continue……
        Thanks all of you for sharing!!

    2. “I think we just get treats with this one” – bara älskar vad du säger och kan tillägga att jag är på bra humör idag 🙂

      Love ❤


  11. I feel a nice smoothness folding over me today 🙂
    I Love it when it feels like this
    Love all and your comments and how we can laugh at ourselves in the midst of it all!

  12. A while ago I made an interesting experience.
    At the moment I only eat macaroni with ketchup because my stomach would would like nothing else.
    But I felt tired and exhausted, thinking, “vitamins would be good now – but my stomach does not even tolerate multivitamin juice.”
    So I ate my macaroni with ketchup, thinking of “multi vitamins”. And then I felt a lot fresher and more comfortable.
    Interesting. I gave my body the information: “Food” and “Multi-vitamins”.

    It’s not about ,to fool’ the body because I love my body and only want the very best for it.
    It’s about giving my body good informations that it can use to its best.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Vorhin machte Ich eine interessante Erfahrung.
    Zur Zeit esse Ich nur Makkaroni mit Ketchup weil mein Bauch nichts anderes möchte.
    Ich fühlte mich aber müde und erschöpft und dachte: „Vitamine wären jetzt gut – aber mein Bauch verträgt noch nicht einmal Multivitamin–Saft.“
    Ich aß also meine Makkaroni mit Ketchup und dachte dabei an „Multivitamine“. Und schon fühlte Ich mich viel frischer und wohler.

    Interessant. Ich gab meinem Körper die Informationen: „Essen“ und „Multivitamine“.

    Es geht nicht darum den Körper zu ‚täuschen’, denn Ich liebe meinen Körper und will nur das allerbeste für ihn.
    Es geht darum meinem Körper gute Informationen zu geben die er zu seinem größten Wohl verwenden kann.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. Love this Bixie because I am awful at keeping a good, healthy diet. I just don’t care. lol. I mean, I don’t want to spend time on food. I used to say if it came in a pill I would take it that way. so, I have been thinking like you. And all seems pretty good. I do take supplements because they help my heart, adrenals and energy levels. I take less of them than I used to. Glad u brought this up because I was starting to fret about it again here.
      All the best to Us! 🙂 ❤ have a great day/night Bix!

      1. Thank you Areeza 🙂
        my time zone is the same like Aisha’s.

        “if it came in a pill I would take it that way.”
        Me too – but I would miss the good taste –
        I love spicy food and chocolate.

        Now I can enjoy chokolate and give my body the information “Vitamins” 😀

        It’s only a matter of INFORMATION.
        LIGHT IN-FORM-ation.

        Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. since having my uterus removed, I have no problem ingesting chocolate. before that, just dark was ok. I do crave certain foods at times. like this morning its cheese. I will probably stop at dunkin donuts for an egg/cheese croissant — it will be a great feat if I can hold the bacon! or I might just end up with the bacon/cheese on texas toast! oh geez. yeah,,, tried to give up meat a dozen times. I read someplace that when AA Michael would incarnate here in human form, even he enjoyed corned beef the most! so, who can really judge. Just Enjoy ! ❤

          1. The compatibility of food varies from week to week. Then I have ravenous appetite for food that I had never liked before.
            But everything I can not eat here and now (meatballs, sausages) and I love so much that I’ve created to me on the BixRon Galaxy, it consists of divine energies and is pure light.


            Die Verträglichkeit von Lebensmitteln verändert sich von Woche zu Woche. Dann habe Ich Heißhunger auf Speisen die Ich früher nie mochte.
            Aber alles was Ich hier und jetzt nicht essen kann (Frikadellen, Würstchen) und das Ich so sehr liebe das habe Ich mir schon auf der BixRon–Galaxie erschaffen, es besteht aus göttlichen Energien und ist Licht pur.

            Enjoying BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        2. I’m sorry but I cannot resist commenting to all this pill(ow;) talk

          I have been saying that for years and always get weird looks…but hands down I would take that pill in a flash

          And interestingly enough I was meditating about an hour ago and was suddenly…’awakened’ by a vivid image of a customer popping up in front of the cash till where I work with what looked like a white tic tac–or a food pill perhaps?–and then he put it in my mouth

          And I was like…”WTF was that??”

          Thanks guys…so nice to finally meet other people who get this pill thing 😊

      2. ❤ Ha! me, too, Breezie—if food was in pill form, 1 would take it, too. This 1 does eat a healthy diet as 1 no longer has chronic illness from youth; health was hard-won. In fact, 1 eats blended salads so the body absorbs them better… neither you nor Bixie would like them 🙂 . But 1 finds them yummy. This one is going to do what Bixie has done and create all my favorite foods in my new galaxy—THANX, Bixie!

        p.s. you're doing so well translating into English, Bixie (and Tomo!). I doubt 1 could do anywhere near that translating into German and Japanese. Thank you, you 3, for sharing your Light.

        1. p.p.s. ORIHARU, please include yourself in this compliment regarding translations!!!!!!! Forgive me, Dear Sister. ❤ +++

    2. I just realized that I already ‚know’ this a long time. All the books, channelings and messages of many years I had understood, but could not really live it. Just now I’m arrived at the point where I can actually apply it (and need – to get ahead).

      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      Mir fällt gerade auf dass Ich das schon lange ‚weiß’. All die Bücher, Channelings und Botschaften der vielen Jahre hatte Ich verstanden, konnte es aber noch nicht wirklich leben. Erst jetzt Bin Ich an dem Punkt angekommen wo Ich es auch wirklich anwenden kann (und muss – um weiter zu kommen).

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM, I think, I feel
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    3. hey! sure enough,i believe we,as well as all living organisms,can actually transmute elements if necessary,in order to make the right substances to be able to stay on the planet…so far,so good! if nothing else,we’re all walking miracles,those of us who are ambulatory–no offense to the others–considering the overall quality of the food that’s available!

      1. ha… ! and we Are so good at adaptation here! we had to be.
        I have been told more than once that I am always going to be OK because I am so adaptable. I always thought that was an odd thing for folks to point out – but a good thing truly! Hope you are in your Joy today Arc – its a fine day 🙂

    4. I gave my body the information: „Food” and „Multi–vitamins”.

      The question facing me now is: „how can I give my body the in-form-ations HEALTH, YOUTH, BEAUTY?“

      It helps to THINK it, but not quite so far led to the desired results.
      Perhaps, it is also necessary for this in-form-ation using a food or a drink for ADMINISTER these thoughts to the body like the ‚multi–vitamins’. As a supporting act.
      I try that now.

      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      Ich gab meinem Körper die Informationen: „Essen“ und „Multivitamine“.

      Die Frage die sich mir nun stellt ist: „Wie kann Ich meinem Körper die In–Form–ationen GESUNDHEIT, JUGEND, SCHÖNHEIT geben?“

      Daran zu DENKEN hilft, führte aber bisher nicht ganz zu den gewünschten Ergebnissen.
      Vielleicht ist es wie bei den ‚Multivitaminen’ auch notwendig dem Körper diese In–Form–ationen Mithilfe einer Speise oder eines Getränks zu VERABREICHEN. Als eine unterstützende Handlung.
      Das probiere Ich jetzt aus.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM, I think, I feel
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. I hear you in this case to Bixie. Getting older can weigh on ones mind – especially if we have those expectations of what it could mean. I am working on it on my end. Maybe we do better to see what we want and let it be 🙂 Some days I look and feel so good… then, the others I think what happened? lol.
        Also … still thinking and talking about that pig bladder- cellular matrix rejuvenation. I want to research that further. If it can grow back a finger, why not rejuvenate a whole body ?! Especially skin. like I had said before, I would get rid of any wrinkles, crinkles, sags or bags that simply just don’t belong there! I would also like to have my eyes healed to good vision without glasses. A dream weavers wish list

        1. or just simply download us with what we need to rejuvenate. or take us to the rejuvenation tanks as I have called them for yrs. have no idea what I am really thinking of with that but I have asked to go there many a night!

        2. I’m a little bit lazy and so I decided:

          “ALL what I give to my body is pure love and pure light. My body use it for it’s best” ❤

          So I don't need to explain everything "this is for the beauty, that is for the health …"

          Love for each of us ❤
          Ascending BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. Dear Bixie, I found Prof. Konstantin Meyl & he is wonderful. I hope his knowledge will expand in world to help people & earth. and I do what I can do & be love. always thank you to pixie Bixie, Love tomo❤︎

    5. I suppose we can create anything – as the CCs says – but I think I think there has been a slight delay here ;))) I see nothing, see no lights, figures etc but noises in my ears I had for more than a decade. Hmm – who cares as my grandson use to say 😉 I am completely satisfied with a bright mind 🙂

      Love ❤


  13. Dear sun_of_blue – to quote you: “where you go, the light goes too” 🙂
    LOVE, light and a safe journey to you, dear brother!
    Aisha ❤

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