A short update on the energies

As you have perhaps already noticed, you have already been carried far out to sea by these incoming energies, and as such, you may find yourself at a place that seems both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, and rightly so. For even if you are indeed venturing out into virgin territory, you are also venturing further and further into you, and so, what may seem unsettling at times will soon grow into something more akin to a homecoming where you will sense the profound feeling of finally coming fully home to you. But as yet, you may still encounter some glimpses of yesteryear that may serve to unbalance you in such a way, you might think you have fallen prey to that old and unwanted companion, fear. But fear not, this is not what is happening, this can in many ways be likened to the rapid unspooling of an old film, where some of the frames may come into focus as the rest of the narrative disappears in a blur.

You see, many of your old imprints can still linger somewhere in your system, and so, they are apt to resurface in one form or the other at the most inopportune moment, so what you may take for retardation is simply a continuation of your advancement. For you are moving forwards at an ever increasing rate, and even if you still may stub your toe on some of these small fragments still cluttering up a corner or two, they are no longer part of your life, even if the very presence of them will ignite some of the old circuits and produce a ghostlike effect that may be similar to some of your old patterns and memories, but they are merely a mirage.

For you are no longer that person who used to BE these things, but still, they will seem to be more familiar than that new version of you you have still to get fully acquainted with. And so, your brain will resort to default mode, and focus on what it knows from before instead of seeing it for what it truly is, merely fragments of an old illusion passing by as you pass it on your way to that future you are already very much immersed within. For in this, it is simply  a case of parallel timelines, criss-crossing and intersecting in a way that may drive some of you to despair. For even if you in effect have already crossed over that border from the old to the new, you will still encounter some of these old segments, and they in turn will make you feel as if nothing at all has changed, and you are still stuck in that same old rut.

In addition, the vibrational memories these representatives of the former you will trigger will be even more unpalatable to your system than they were before, for as you moved out of the old energetic version of you, you also changed your vibrational frequency to such a degree, the old and far denser version of you will feel even more bothersome and indeed burdensome to your entire system. And so, we venture to guess that many of you have felt even more downcast and unable to lift your spirits than usual these last few days, and what we have discussed above is the simple answer to this. We know that this may not help to lift the burden per se, but this is the simple explanation for why many of you have felt even more removed from that wonderful world you have already gotten that first enlightened taste of. And so, you will cast about for an explanation, and this in itself may serve to entangle you even more in the old web you have in effect been released from, but that still manage to cast its spell on you if you let it.

Again, this is not to imply any form of criticism towards any of you, for we do know that these old energetic imprints still hovering around are not always easy to simply step away from, and so, what we want to convey is that this is one of those stages that needs to be endured in some way, and the understanding that this is just an echo of the past coming back to haunt you and not anything defined that needs to be sorted through and taken apart will hopefully be of some assurance to you all. You see, this will soon dissipate again, much like the morning mist obscuring the beautiful landscape you have arrived in, and it will not take long before you start to discern the details in this wondrous landscape yet again. For you have all in some way gotten a glimpse of this promised land, and so the return of these ghostlike fragments of yore can be a heavy blow to many of you. You see, having something with which to compare these burdensome memories with can be far more challenging than actually living the kind of life that engendered all of these energetic imprints in the first place. For now, you will literally see them in a very new light, and you will experience them through a body who has already grown accustomed to more lighter and brighter spheres than the one you used to inhabit. And so, even a lingering trace of the old smell can be enough to knock you flat out, gasping for air, feeling as if your lungs have been squeezed completely shut by the pressure from all of this old density.

Again, that is understandable, but again, this is not an actual part of your old life returning, merely an energetic imprint of it, masquerading as reality. And so, what you see is not what you will get, but still, it may feel as if you have been fully immersed in all of the old goo again, and the prospect of having to try to pull yourself out of this old morass once again can feel more than impossible to some of you. But that is just the case here, you do not have to DO anything at all with all of these old fragments, they will simply dissipate one by one, like even the foulest of smells will sooner or later cease to exist. And in the interim, all you have to do, is to try to focus beyond these smoldering mirages of old and intrusive memories, and set your sight on the bright light that will always be there around the edges of these chimeras.

You see, these seemingly dark and threatening clouds cannot drench you or make you lose your footing completely, they can at best just make you wobble a little bit before you once again feel the unending support carrying you aloft, in every sense of the word. For by now, your wondrous planet has regained her momentum, and she will be there for you – literally every step of the way. For whenever you feel the pressure from these old and lingering traces of yesteryear pushing you down, just give them a mighty push back by grounding yourself firmly in the forever stable foundation you now walk upon, the very ground beneath your feet that will never give out, nor fail to give you that push you might need to lift your spirit above this seemingly dense covering of threatening clouds. For they are not solid, they are merely the last traces of the wisps of smoke that used to cover your entire world. But now, in addition to the all-powerful light streaming in from above, you also have the full support from below, in the form of that ever present vibration that your greatest ally, your Mother Earth is sending out a steady supply of, 24/7, no matter where you reside and no matter how thick the fog around your head may seem.

For nothing can push you down and into that old rut, for you will find purchase and sustenance from both above and below now, and as such, these two forces will both serve to bring you even further up and away from these old remnants, these old ruins of your former self. For remember, this is not you any longer, it just looks, tastes and even feels so familiar, it can be more than understandable that anyone can mistake these old illusions as part of your new reality. But they are not, and you will soon learn to distinguish between the two as more and more of the air will become clear again.

For you have entered a phase where the quickening of the energies will once again serve to remove you even more from these old “hazards” seemingly choking up the stream and restricting your forward momentum, and one by one, you will find yourself once again in the full glare of the Sun, delighting in the fresh air and taking in your brand new surroundings. Again, it is not your task to clear away all of this debris, it will simply dissipate all by itself, and all you have to do, is not let your head get lost in this fog, but let you heart lead you to once again focus in the right direction, in the direction where the light is the strongest. And if you also remember to allow yourself to receive that help you can get by connecting deeply with your own Mother Earth, you will feel a mighty but friendly shove in the back that will also help you to get our from this at times seemingly tangled mass.

So again we say know that all is well and you will soon find yourself floating rapidly ahead in the middle of this mighty river of light, and this river will not stop, nor will it leave you behind, for you are indeed truly ONE by now. So cherish this ride, for it is one you will never forget, and do not get downcast if you still find some small particles of debris bobbing up around you. For they will not be able to take the pressure from the light that is amassing on all sides of you now, and sooner than you think they too will truly be a thing of the past. For you are moving rapidly away from everything that used to be you, and so, you are more than ready to say goodbye to any and all traces of that former version of you that will no longer serve any purpose at all in this, the new world, where all you will find, are brand new beginnings.

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  1. AWESOME!!!! ‘ALL you have to do, is to try to focus beyond these smoldering mirages of old and intrusive memories, and set your sight on the BRIGHT LIGHT that will ALWAYS be there around the edges of these chimeras.’

    YUP!!! Just ignore the old ghosts of Illusion Past, and keep your heart focused COMPLETELY on this New World that YOU have helped create! And KNOW that the ‘wait’, The Process, is TRULY and finally over…. 🙂

  2. Thank you Dearest Sister for another superb message from the CC’s !….& I think it surely has an underlining meaning to tell us & remind us this awakening process has to move slowly, in increments as it just has to be this way, in order for us to adjust to All the ‘New’ & so not to overwhelm us….I think many have described this already in this way, recently a reminder from Wes’s channeling site (Hi Wes…glad you are visiting us here !) & a few months back I compared it to drinking a hot cup of coffee/tea…one wouldn’t gulp that down either ! I’ve been focusing the last few days more in pause, & being with Nature, some family outings & just a need for some… ‘away from the computer time’….I as HS had suggested, allow the energies to catch up !

    I have just been reading the past missives & found it interesting that ‘Dreamweaver’ came up again (shout out to Dearest Lin, Thanks !!) so I think I’ll say a bit more about what I have been told it is & does… this very important word/phrase is a vital key in our ascension ! ‘Dreamweaver’ is another one of those chameleon words…can mean different things to different people…but in our awakening process it holds 2 major roles as an noun & a verb : it is a trigger/marker word & I spoke about ‘Marker’ points before. It is a mass of woven energy, holding the imploded energy of Creation, from sound tone, sensing, vision, knowledge, etc….All Creational energy waiting to be activated – triggered ….symbolic like the outer casing around billions of individual eggs, & these eggs being in stasis, until growth is activated, with All the mapping sequences put into play for each one ! In fact ‘Dreamweaver’ was a key marker for me in my awakening ! This energy wall, or the veil itself or energy mechanism that weaves our consciousness back, uniting us with the collective of Creation….& yes, one strand at a time….& it has to be this way…but in truth…as I mentioned before, as our perception expands, so does this process quicken ! This energy wall, as HS had explained it, is like an infinite number of vortex like spirals, weaving energy strands back & forth that keep us connected to Creation, but when we are still unawakened, their openings are very small. When we begin our awakening, one by one they open, expand…bigger & bigger, so in fact this is what most are feeling & sensing being connected & disconnected at the same time…much like the glass that is half full or half empty depending on how we want to perceive it ! ‘Dreamweaver’ is the very vital means in our connection to Creation…the working consciousness regulator in our expansion & perception… it is our safe guard & stabilizer…it knows exactly how much to adjust, contract or expand in each step of our awakening ! ‘Dreamweaver’ is also like our umbilical cord to Creation & when we each are fully ready to BE birthed it will release & completely dissolve as we then will BE ready…fully & completely to BE ‘One’ with Creation again….& I must point out (as most already know)…this process uniting each of the whole of humanity back to Creation, while still in human form has never been done before…only with a selected few in the past….so I hope we can All appreciate how it definitely is a very complex process…if you think about re-wiring your home or even building a rocket ship….then imagine re-wiring & linking up our trillions upon billions of individual human energy strands !
    Have a glorious sun filled day everyone !…..Love, Bev~

    1. just a added note that I found the topic of conversation regarding ‘islands’ most interesting & also hold much relevance to Creation….actually going back to ancient Greek mythology in the birth of Apollo…..as I too was born on an island….well 99% an island (joined to the main land by a small strip of land)….HS has spoken a lot about mass having heightened energy properties when surrounded by ‘Water’……but I’ll leave that for another time !
      BE well everyone !….LOve, Bev~

    2. Wow Bev, the greetings to both of us some days ago were probably from the CCs. (I don’t get who is speaking.)

      In the last 2 days I have been getting shown many, many very thin, white, translucent threads of light.
      Perhaps the re-wiring & linking up our trillions upon billions of individual human energy strands.

      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      Wow Bev, die Grüße an uns beide vor einigen Tagen waren wohl von den CCs. (Ich bekomme nicht mit wer spricht.)

      In den letzten 2 Tagen werden mir immer viele, viele hauchdünne, weiße, durchsichtige Lichtfäden gezeigt.
      Möglicherweise die Neuverdrahtung & Vernetzung unserer Billionen auf Milliarden von einzelnen menschlichen Energiesträngen.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM, I think, I feel
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Dear Bixie, I am certain that the CCs are the ones thanking you both – on behalf of All of creation as they like to remind us 🙂
        And I will also add my love, light and gratitude to you both! Aisha ❤

      2. Thank You dearest Bixie !….hard to say where this voice came, but certainly your shining soul has brought many words of Light wisdom to this pond for All to benefit from !….for me, HS just continues to tell me to keep ‘Pollinating’ ! & bit by bit difference is being made, & indeed I do See & Feel it has….& your vision no doubt, is in relation to these energy strands, as energy is ‘Light’….one in the same !…..
        my vision is more like this….(as it always reflects Nature)
        Love to You !…Bev~

        ~We are illuminating~

    3. Dear Bev! I struggle to find the words that can describe what I feel when I read what you have shared here, for what you describe just makes this amazing process so much more “real” to me 🙂 Thank you, dear sister, for shining so bright and for helping us all to SEE and FEEL this magical journey with all of our senses!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Thank You dearest Sister !….always humbled & in Appreciation for All you are & All that you do here !….& if I am able to make this journey of ours, All together more ‘Real’ & ‘Convincing’ than that means I have been successful & will continue on helping as best I can !…. Love, Bev

    4. Thanks bev ~! I appreciate your posts 🙂 I wish I could be as open as my oldest grandson (9 years old today 🙂 who has been with me last week along with his little sister. He draws amazing artwork and it’s fascinating to hear him talk about what they represent. After lying in my hammock between two pine trees he drew a drawing of a living tree – with arms and legs – and the contact between him and the tree. I am becoming more and more fascinated by his drawing where I discover more and more each time I watch it. So thankful 🙂

      Love ❤


  3. That’s cool Sun, your experiences are so unique (to this one) and interesting. Thank you so kindly for sharing 💎💎

  4. Yes, there’s a method to the madness. Behind there’s the 3d blackness opening which is the free ride to out-of-body experiences. Fucking love it! Genious game, that retardness.

  5. Thank you Aisha!
    “Cherish the ride” indeed. So much shifting, waving, transforming, changing. LOVE and grace to ALL here and in the in between as well.
    All is well, all is well. ❤ Monica

  6. Thank you very much Aisha. An uplifting message. It reminds me of a dream I had four weeks ago. In my dream I wake up in the middle of a huge ocean, far in the distance I saw the shore. My first intent was to swim very quickly to the shore but suddenly I knew I have to relax, take a deep breath, float and look to the possibilities that come my way to reach the shore safely and with grace. Late yesterday afternoon I felt the energy shifting again, I felt so alone and a bit of angry, I lost faith. Energies of today changed, your message was a reminder. Thank you so much. We are a collective that gives eachother strength. With much love

    1. Dear Ria, thank you so much for sharing this powerful dream! Yes, this is not a journey to be taken in solitude as the CCs say, so thank you for being a part of this amazing collective of shining souls!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  7. Reblogged this on The View from Mount Shasta and commented:
    ‘So again we say know that all is well and you will soon find yourself floating rapidly ahead in the middle of this mighty river of light, and this river will not stop, nor will it leave you behind, for you are indeed truly ONE by now. So cherish this ride, for it is one you will never forget, and do not get downcast if you still find some small particles of debris bobbing up around you. For they will not be able to take the pressure from the light that is amassing on all sides of you now, and sooner than you think they too will truly be a thing of the past. For you are moving rapidly away from everything that used to be you, and so, you are more than ready to say goodbye to any and all traces of that former version of you that will no longer serve any purpose at all in this, the new world, where all you will find, are brand new beginnings.’

  8. Bless you and thank you Aisha and CCs for making it possible for us to hold hands as we face the light together while we are letting go of the mirage of the illusion and gracefully and gratefully accepting the new/real version of who we are and have always been. Loving all, Jean

    1. Dear Jean, I was just thinking of how much we took on – our contracts – and how long its been (time being illusion though) – and the toil and blissful moments. and how we must have known of the goodies or else we would not have signed up. We had to forget for good reason I was thinking.
      But….All That Is Knows All and so does All 🙂 Readiness and Steadiness.
      All Souls On Deck 🙂

      1. oh i know,right? it’s like,i’d like to see the flippin’ contract..review that thing! it’s only been ages now,i reckon many things may have changed to where it might be okay to ‘re-negotiate’ the flipper—y’know it??
        ..on the other hand,the sheer perfection,the bittersweet irony,it’s..it’s…it’s culpable!

  9. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for continuing so fearlessly to blaze a trail for us all! “we can only be what we are” – and you are simply amazing 🙂
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  10. dear Aisha❤︎ thank you for → “So cherish this ride(yes!), for it is one you will never forget, and do not get downcast if you still find some small particles of debris bobbing up around you.” ❤︎… & always*\(^o^)/*

    1. Thank you for sharing this reminder dear Tomo! You flow so gracefully through this 🙂
      And while on the subject of water, I just found this interesting piece of information on http://www.newscientist.com:
      “Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core
      A reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface. The finding could help explain where Earth’s seas came from.

      The water is hidden inside a blue rock called ringwoodite that lies 700 kilometres underground in the mantle, the layer of hot rock between Earth’s surface and its core.”

      And this from BBC News on the same subject:
      “Minerals preserved in diamond have revealed hints of the bright blue rocks that exist deep within the Earth.

      They also provide the first direct evidence that there may be as much water trapped in those rocks as there is in all the oceans.

      Given the new findings of ringwoodite’s water-bearing capabilities, its abundance at depth, and its beautiful hue, the term “blue planet” seems even more appropriate for Earth.”

      It seems that our planet is – at least partly – a “liquid crystal” 🙂

      Aisha ❤

      1. Dear aisha, thank you for all these wonderful informations I denefenitly look into it !! I needed to remind myself to straighten myself to be more & more to become myself so I asked Mr. lee to come out . 💕 gratitude appreciation ❤︎ To you always

        1. 🙂 ❤
          this is true
          and so cool regarding the giant ocean inside Earth–inside and outside the large blue seed are more seeds and so on and so on. Crystal consciousness ignited by water and probably visa versa – oh yeah – growth, growth, growth – inside out, outside in

          1. ‘Amazing’ thread here ! how I so LOVE to hear Ya All talking about ‘Water’ !!!….& yes I had heard about this deep ocean of hidden Water too !….there is so much we don’t know & understand about what Creation is….here right now…right under our feet !… Love~Love~Love Mother-Earth !!!, Love Bev~

      2. it’s ‘All’ about the ‘Water’….always has been !….’Water’ is energy, is memory, is Life !……..
        Thanks for linking everyone to this info Aisha !….Love, Bev~

        1. There’s so many comments to add to but I will do so quietly. I love the topic of water too. Bev I thought of you tonight when I discovered a rather roaring wide creek tonight on my walk in this area. I will return to it again… and may lovingly drop my emotional concerns in to it and watch them whirl away.

          Aisha thank you for the information of the water within the Earth… some how that excites me!! ~Nancee

          1. Thanks Nancee !….sounds like a wonderful place for you to take a leisurely stroll & settle your mind & bring some clarity to how you can overcome any of your issues & obstacles !….I always find moving ‘Water’….especially smaller streams within the forest, surrounded by the overhead canopy of trees most soothing & refreshing for the mind & I posted once before that science has actually proven that trees release natural chemicals that help relax our minds, & moving ‘Water’, especially from streams release negative ions that also improve our moods ! The article I read was in reference to Dr. Alan Logan’s book ‘Your Brain on Nature’ & it simplifies it as ‘Forest Bathing’ !…..hope you are managing to settle back in Canada as best as you are able to….Positive thinking is always key….I’m certain things will come together for you, but it just may take a bit of time !….Love to You !…Bev~

            Nature is Good for You...Really !

    1. Dear Jules, thank you for sharing and thank you for shining your light – through the ups and the downs and everything in between!
      Much love and a big hug from me, Aisha ❤

  11. BRAVO!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 My heart is singing with joy for you, Sun, and for all of us. Surrounding you with a warm and loving embrace, Caroline

  12. thinking that it could mean that do those that have passed on from Earth get a free pass? Not engaging with all this slop we have had to slop up!? lol

  13. Zen:
    “Walker, it is in your footsteps that are the road, no more;
    walker, there is no road, the road is made by walking.”
    “Men cannot see their reflection in running water, but only still water.”
    “Wise men know that their business is to examine what is, and not to settle what is not.”
    “When you reach the true Way beyond doubt, it is as vast and open as space.”

    1. Thank you, dear Areeza, for adding your bright light to this Pond and to this world! “And Now let the Starseed bloom” – YES!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. always ‘Love’ these Zen quotes !!…Thanks ‘A’ !….Love, Bev~

      ‘the road is made by walking’…..like HS says ‘you cannot know the path until you’ve walked it’

  14. ah… just read this one. And so, I focus on the bright lining of the clouds and that will lead me beyond!
    This is interesting about ‘imprints’ being mentioned to as I was given my future task some three cycles ago (a cycle being 7 yrs). and it was told to me that in 3 cycles I would be in my ‘new job’ of helping to remove past imprints. I am so blessed to have been lead straightly along this ever twisting path !
    “….and all you have to do, is not let your head get lost in this fog, but let you heart lead you to once again focus in the right direction, in the direction where the light is the strongest.”
    And Now let the Starseed bloom — as it springs up into the Light ! Amen

      1. haha-being a gemini,i just completed my seventh cycle of seven yrs..
        and nuthin feels quite complete..dang it!

        1. well, then… Happy Birthday, too, to you, belatedly!! En-JOY your fabulous NEW year, Arctourist. 😀 ❤

  15. while I am thinking of it. Yesterday while taking a break and relaxing, I had a thought of how God/Source/All That Is is always advancing itself. And because “it” has these energy powers of constant change and advancement/enhancement, so we do of course. And there-in lies the reason for trouble too. Meaning, we don’t just settle for things as they are – we look toward making things different… and that ‘thought pattern’ in the brains can lead to wanting something that may not be good for others. Hope this makes sense.
    All my life I have wondered why the mess? If Source is not a mess. lol. but this push toward change is the reason. and Source does not control – It Allows for it.
    Kind of clarified things for me.
    I see how since I enjoy beautifying my house and environment, this is the way of All That Is. I came to this when I realized I was not just sitting and relaxing, I was thinking of way to ‘change’ or enhance what I was gazing upon. so interesting actually – when I tried to focus on just “being with what Was already”. Thats how the rest unfolded for me.
    still have yet to read the last three missives!
    oh boy! :0
    Glad the high energies seem to have settled. ❤

    1. hey! advancing itself? man…now that,i would like to see!
      yeah definitely it feels good to feel like i’m evolving ruther than de-volving…or i mean it did…or it would..hah! …at this human level,it seems to hold true for me.good times,bad times,y’know i reckon i’ve had my share,..but just when you feel you’re really going the wrong way,well that sometimes then leads to other crap that might still be important…which sucks from a certain perspective,but what ‘re y’gonna do,right?
      my mom is always reminding me,to stop identifying with thoughts..and to be here now,and remember myself…yeah she’s great….a fine example of a super good sport and if she could see me now–haha-well i love you mom and dad and all the other people we knew…thanks for knowin us to the extent that y’did! we hope for the best is yet to come type-deal–i used to feel that real clear…that the best is yet to come…well it’s been awhile since i caught myself thinkin that…good thing,or what a drag that everything dudn’t go my way! i really like you all inasfar as i know you–it feels like a better day,but never has the quickening been at such a hi level so far yet that i can recall…careful to always stay in touch with yourself–and speak out even if you think you only got an imaginary audience!

    2. Hi Areeza,
      I have had that thinking too. But from the other side.
      Why when your dreams are met like the paint color of the wall, does another color change come to mind? My mind doesn’t think like that at all, it is so satisfied with the image created and enjoys it for ever. If I want to start another dream image building on that base so be it. Seems I am a block of insight stepping, step by upward step. Not that chaotic,,,,,oh well.
      Thank you for reminding me of Who I Am.

  16. my brother and I were speaking of these very things this morning, as we start our day outside, immersed in 1st creation (trees,wind,birds etc..), and it came to me that this is truly a time to trust, ABSOLUTE TRUST, that everything is going in the very best direction, and the option to choose and create from choice is ahead of us. I know that I have personally felt stymied or hindered, blocked, whatever, from creating the life that I envision myself living here. This vision will manifest, just not NOW. So I am going to stay in that ABSOLUTE TRUST until then. Still laughing, Jim.

  17. Adventures in consciousness episode 632…

    I had a couple of interesting conversations with myself this evening, or perhaps it was my Self, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

    The first was a bit of a dissertation on the distinctions between religion and spirituality, which I thought I kind of knew already, and when I mentioned this, it was pointed out that i wasn’t really living it, so I took the point and moved on.

    The third related to an announcement that I read today about Elon Musk giving away access to all of Tesla Motors patents. I think I like this guy.

    He has realised that to create fabulous new technology and then prevent everyone else from using it by patenting it is defeating the purpose of the original innovation. Bravo Elon, and welcome to the new. 🙂

    The fourth one concerned our natural tendency to assign meaning to our experiences. It related to a brochure on certain medical conditions and started with “Are you suffering from…” which I felt was a very loaded question. The I realised that there is a difference between _having_ a medical condition (or any other, frankly) and _suffering_ from it. The first is a physical, or biological circumstance, the second is entirely a matter of choice.

    Ah, you say I missed the second one. It was second only because that’s the order I had the internal conversations, not because that order makes sense, necessarily.

    The second one went something like:
    I do not offer wisdom, or knowledge. I have no sage advice to give you. I simply spout meaningless drivel, any wisdom or knowledge you gain from my musings does not come from me, it comes from you.

    I love you.


    1. Dear Paul, your musings certainly helps to shine the light on so many subjects so thank you for taking the time to muse and to share! Any wisdom that grows from this is because you planted the seeds and helped to water them too 😉
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Thanks Paul….I too enjoy your musings & any step forward & momentum with ‘Green – Earth – Friendly ‘ energy is top on the list for me !….interesting about Elon Musk…that’s super !….& just last night I watched a wonderful documentary about tidal energy focused on my own province’s bay of fundy, the most perfect natural resource spots on the earth for tidal power, with potential to supply energy to all our province as well as surrounding areas !….so exciting but sorry to say that this is not new, & has been known about for a long long time…a small tidal plant was built in the connecting Minas basin several years ago but was never expanded upon as oil & gas ruled the powers that be !……Thanks for sharing all you do Paul !
      Love, Bev~

  18. way behind here. just wanted to pop in and say “hi”.
    Been busy with cleaning out parents house. and Kelly cleaning out his moms house – so interesting obtaining little things from both for our own house at the same time.
    Feeling better here
    Planted flowers yesterday (I took a vacation day) 🙂 beautiful weather here in Jersey.
    Love U All and think of U often…. see ya later ! enjoy

    1. me too !….about the vacation day & planting…my birthday…..a bit on the cool side though, not full summer here yet ! hope you aren’t getting stressed out….don’t overdo it….pace yourself….thinking of you too ! Love, Bev~

      1. Hey, Bev! your birthday yesterday?? Another Gemini? a Belated Happy, Happy Birday… and the most wonderful birthday year ahead for you. Hope you get all your Heart wishes come true. 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. Happy Birthday sweet sister Beverly, my mom’s birthday was monday-you gemini you! Big hugs! Alex

    1. Dear brother, a BIG hug coming your way from me with an extra large helping of love. It IS intense, but we are making progress so just keep breathing and know that you are floating safely in these loving waters alongside the rest of us!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  19. Thank you Aisha and CC’s! This message is a big beautiful hug full of light. It makes my heart soar up and out if the muddy mess of the past few days.

    Much love,

    1. Dear Shannon, thank you for sharing, and thank you for soaring once again! This roller coaster ride is definitely not an uneventful one!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  20. Dear Aisha and the CC´s,
    I found your pages two and half months ago and the timing was perfect. My awakening process has started allready nine years ago but last year has been the most challenging and the most enlightening at the same time. Before I have allready undergone changes in my closest relationships and I have given up my work which wasn´t for me anymore. Since last year I have had physical problems, not illnesses, but exhaustion and kundalini and awakening symptoms. 1.6.2014 I finally felt that the physical part of the transforming process was over. In my innermost core all is well but my mind/emotions and it seems my body as well are still little (or may be more) upset of the process. This is the first time I have ever commented anything on the Internet but this post of yours was perfect for me today and I want to thank you and the cc´s of this wonderful work you do. Much love and light!
    Regards, Heli from Helsinki

    1. Dear Heli, welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light! Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for bringing your light here!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  21. Thank you so much for this message Aisha…I could so relate to every little detail that has been mentioned here….back in the old goo, breathless and body reacting to old surroundings ….

    1. Big hug to you, dear sister! I was almost flattened by a surprising reappearence of some old “goo” yesterday, but it just evaporated as the day went by, so just breathe and BE and know that whatever it is, it will not be with you for too long!
      LOVE, Aisha

  22. The Inner Child.
    I’m sitting here, looking around with wide eyes and ask:
    „Is it safe now? Can I come out now?“
    And I look forward to my life.


    Das innere Kind
    Ich sitze hier, schaue mich mit großen Augen um und frage:
    „Ist es jetzt wirklich sicher? Kann Ich jetzt rauskommen?“
    Und Ich freue mich auf mein Leben.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. There are different levels, it is like ‚multitasking’.
      On the human level, I feel as an advanced personality, who has experienced much, learned and cleaned up inside.

      But on the God-child level, I’ll be just born.

      Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      Es sind unterschiedliche Ebenen, es ist wie ‚Multitasking’.
      Auf der Menschen–Ebene fühle Ich mich als ausgereifte Persönlichkeit die viel erfahren, gelernt und in sich aufgeräumt hat.

      Aber auf der Gott–Kind–Ebene werde ICH gerade geboren.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM, I think, I feel
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. dear Bixie, thank you❤︎ & yes, god-new born child & dream-working dream-walkers beyond the beautiful lights floating in matrix colors ❤︎

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