A short update on the energies

We begin today’s missive by thanking you all for the way that you continue to seek for enlightenment in every way you can. You see, this is in all aspects an ongoing process, and now that you have managed to free yourself from so much that can be defined as inhibitors, you have all in some ways become as busy bees, looking in all directions for something more to add to your repertoire of light. And what do we mean by that? Simply the fact that you have all in some way started to seek out that direction you knew beforehand would take you even further on your journey, and as we have talked about in earlier missives, this part of your journey is all about creating.

For every single day, you all cast out your web of light to see what it will bring back to you later on, and we do mean this in the best possible way. For this is not a sort of entrapment, this is simply a story about widening this glorious net of interconnected energy in such a way, it will continue to evolve and grow and support more and more shining souls on this planet. And so as you go about your daily chores, perhaps not even being aware of it, with every step and for every breath you take you are literally spinning these new threads. And as they go out into the ethers, they in turn will hook up to other fine threads already out there. And so, what may start out as a mere glimmer of an idea somewhere deep within your consciousness will start to manifest in a very real way.

For you are indeed the dream weavers, the ones that make it all come alive, as you cast out your net and as you connect ever wider and ever deeper, not just to Source, but to other souls currently traversing this planet such as you do. For you are all here to create from your hearts, but you are not here to do so isolated and alone, for what you are spinning, will come into being so much faster by allowing your threads to interlace with those of other industrious people on this planet. For make no mistake, even if some may think that your dream of a better world can be likened to having your head in the clouds, you are here to make it into reality in every sense of the word. And even if you think you lack the necessary skills to find practical solutions to the challenges this world seems to face in every direction, this planet already has a generous supply of wise souls in all categories you can think of – and then some.

For this world already has all of the bright minds it needs, and when you couple that with an enlightened heart, you cannot go wrong. And this is what is happening now, on a truly global scale, even if it may still be hidden from view for many of you. For you are not the only ones wanting to change this world and turn it back into a haven for all, and as you continue to weave your web of light, you will also begin to connect to these more “invisible” and wise lights out there, a huge human resource waiting to be utilized for the benefit of all.

So again we say know that your light carry so much weight, and as we have said again and again, this light is not for you to carry, it is for you to share freely with every single soul on this planet. And this is indeed a task that you have all taken to heart in a very literal way, and the outcome of all of this generous light pollination will now begin to emerge in earnest.

And remember, you are helping this light to ripple out far and wide, but this is not something that needs to be directed by you in order for it to go where it is most needed. No, this light is a sentient light, and it knows fully well just where it needs to go in order to obtain optimal results. For you are like sprinklers of light, and as you go about in your world you help to send this light into every single corner of this planet, and no matter where you journey takes you, you will have an effect that extends even further. So thank you again for everything that you are and for everything that you do, you are truly making change happen in every way possible, and just by your mere presence on this planet at this exact time you have ensured that what you have dreamed of for so long will finally come into fruition.

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  1. I just read this and figured the timing went along with some of our comments:
    Panache Desai
    As fear arises, just breathe. Be with it because it is serving a purpose. It is leading you into the greatest expression of you.

  2. Last night just after 2 o’clock was something strange in the air but I was not afraid – no ‚Fred’.
    This morning is all very quiet outside. There are people, they make their usual jobs, but the mood is very, very quiet.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Letzte Nacht kurz nach 2 Uhr war etwas Seltsames in der Luft – aber Ich fürchtete mich nicht – kein ‚Fred’.
    Heute Morgen ist alles ganz ruhig draußen. Es sind Menschen da, die ihre üblichen Jobs machen, aber die Stimmung ist sehr, sehr ruhig.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

      1. It’s like it’s got a little calmer inside for me. There’s a distance between the things I was getting wrapped up in the past couple of days.

        Much appreciated!

      2. What I wanted to say to explain it: I wrote ‚darkness’.
        For me darkness is not ‚the black’ and it’s also not really the right word, a better word is ‚negative energies’.
        For me THE BLACK is my home.

        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    1. ❤ Pixie Nixie Bixie and Tomo-san bring delight/JOY to my world daily. You're FUN… and you shine so brightly with big Heart smiles. Continued Blessings, Sisters ❤ 😀

    2. 💗love💕゜゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*thank you dear sun of blue・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    3. Yes, dear sun_of blue, very slowly,
      a part of me wants more, another part of me says:
      „wait – not so fast”.
      I think my body needs the slowness.
      Today I feel the vibrations in my whole body as well.

      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      Ja, lieber sun_of blue, sehr langsam,
      ein Teil von mir will mehr, ein anderer Teil von mir sagt:
      „Warte – nicht so schnell.”
      Ich glaube, mein Körper braucht die Langsamkeit.
      Heute fühle Ich auch die Vibrationen in meinem ganzen Körper.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM, I think, I feel
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  3. Abraham:
    „When you manage to stay connected to your Energy stream, you always win. And you know what, somebody else doesn’t have to lose for you to win. There is always enough.”

    „Wenn Ihr es fertig bringt, mit Eurem Energiestrom verbunden zu bleiben, dann seid Ihr immer ein Gewinner. Und wisst Ihr was – es ist nicht so, dass jemand anderer verlieren muss, damit Ihr gewinnt. Es ist immer genug vorhanden.“

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 2nd, 1997 #165


  4. Since yesterday evening I have the beginning of a German song in my head „applause, applause”.

    This morning, someone said: „I thank Bixie and Bev for their publications in Aisha’s Blog”.

    And when waking up I saw again the black field, the white and pink being blue in the middle.
    Someone told me, „Black is home.” Now I know it (again).

    Black is home, the white being is me and the pinkblue in the center is the core, the heart, the soul, that what connect home and me.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Seit gestern Abend habe Ich den Anfang eines Deutschen Songs im Kopf „Applaus, Applaus“.

    Heute Morgen sagte jemand: „Ich danke Bixie und Bev für ihre Veröffentlichungen in Aisha’s Blog“.

    Und beim Aufwachen sah Ich wieder das schwarze Feld, das weiße Wesen und in der Mitte rosablau.
    Jemand sagte mir: „Schwarz ist Zuhause“. Jetzt weiß Ich es (wieder).

    Schwarz ist Zuhause, Weiß ist mein Ich und das rosablau in der Mitte ist der Kern, das Herz, die Seele, das was Zuhause und Mich verbindet.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. Dear Bixie! I thank you for your publications on this blog 🙂 Your words continue to send out riplpes across this Pond – and beyond!
      Wih love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  5. Wow what a roller coaster week & weekend emotionally for me! Tears kept flowing when I least expected. I found an ‘easy’ fix to my situation of where to live, disguised in a little romance. I don’t think easy fixes that cause us to dishonour ourselves though are the way to go so I walked away. Basically a very ill man would have sapped me dry of energy and really needs to hire a nursemaid 🙂 I may not be clear on my heart’s calling right now but it isn’t ‘that.’ So I face the silence of my own CCs and wait. Meanwhile my soon to be ex son-in-law has made it clear he doesn’t like me staying here… no wonder I was tempted to play nurse. It hurts when someone outwardly rejects you… (with you on that one Otmn!)

    I see a few have been faced with fears this week. The fear that I won’t find work I like (at my age) and therefore a home to call my own seeps in. I shed a few tears and bravely face it down. For now I’m ok and my daughter is glad for support. Besides my friend who is storing my things an hour from here has broken his foot. I will go help in his apple orchard in a week and attend a wedding. The “You should be looking for work” can yell itself hoarse. I can depress myself with doing or I can rest in trusting that when the moment is ready work will appear through my creation. At least I am really encouraging that trust to grow 🙂

    I did realize something today though. I’ve been asking for help for work and a place to live in this town. My heart however has been picturing a little “hobbit” house surrounded in trees. I’m really not sure that exists here. It’s an interesting observation as I intended on being here for my daughter as she goes through this divorce and relocation herself. Tonight I go to sleep, surrendering as always to the guidance of my HS. My tears may continue in the days ahead and I may come screaming for help one of these days. Meanwhile though the storm has blown over and I invite the peace that passes all understanding to bed down with me.

    On the bright side I blew myself away this weekend dancing. I didn’t ‘choke up’ in the ‘ballroom and latin’ dances and although I didn’t execute them perfectly… I marvelled in how well I flowed. It’s been 10 months since I danced here yet I felt like I’d improved so much. That IS encouraging… I did ‘nothing’ to improve yet I did. There’s a profound lesson in that! Love, Nancee

    1. Dear Nancee! You journey was definitely not over when you returned “home”, and the lessons you get along the way and share with us continue to enligthen us all. Thank you! I know you will find your little “hobbit” house, for you have already shown us how to make a dream become reality 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. ❤ Dear Nanc… had been thinking of you a lot lately. Perhaps 1 was picking up on your sadness and tears as 1 was experiencing that, too. Probably a little of both yours and my own cleansing. It's all welcomed. 1 does commit to keeping my balance better in the future, though. My job is to keep my vibes high to join in with the grid, and especially here where 1 lives.

      Will be visualizing you in your little hobbit house (with room for your gardens and animal friends) and working a truly JOYful job that can easily sustain your daily needs. In any case, continue to refuse to worry as you've created Loveliness and daily abundance before and you're doing it now. Loving you always, Dear One. xox 1-Lin ❤ 😀

      p.s. enveloping your daughter, her soon-to-be ex, and your grandchildren—and YOU—in limitless dancing Golden White Light. It's ALL Good. It's ALL Perfect. ❤ +++++++++++

      1. Thank you Aisha and Lin and all others sending loving support. I still haven’t reeled my whole self back to Canada either. That’s a new concept I’m discovering. ~Nancee

  6. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! I love how serendipitous your missives tend to be for me. I had a few hours of feeling overwhelmed after encountering someone I love who is still deeply mired in the old way of thinking, believing the official lies etc. But I prayed for assistance in regaining my positive perspective and hope for our world and my prayer was answered quite quickly. Just a few hours later I met a young man in my own garden who is passionately engaged in healing our Earth and helping society to Shift into a more loving and biocentric worldview.

    It came to me today as a sort of vision where I could see the Earth and all over it there were tiny specks of light.

    We who are dedicated to creating positive change are very like the spices in a savory food such as curry or chili. Even though we are physically only a tiny fraction of the population, our energy is affecting much more; just as the spices are a tiny amount of the food but impart intense flavor to the whole dish.

    1. Dear ohnwentsya, thank you for sharing wonderful confirmation and this wonderful observation! This is definitely a time of “see-sawing”, where we encounter something we can look upon as negative and that disrupts us in some way, but if we SEE it for what it is – another opportunity to connect with our truth – we will get a wonderful response, just like the one you got that sends us way back up again 🙂 Maintaning balance is still very much work in progress for many of us 😉
      Aisha ❤

    1. there’s one band that,to me,is like a modern beatles,well,as modern as 1982 can be…but they’re still a band,after all this time–and unlike most bands they’ve got better and better–their commercial success back then in the early 80’s,i guess was never again matched,yet their material and performance has only improved just as we’ve all matured…these guys are the real deal-and i bet they’re decent people in real life….their music just knocks me out! i wonder what the cc’s listen to on their personal time or whatever,right?

  7. Happy Bloomsday, everybody.
    What a sophisticated group, my oh my.
    Hope that wishfull thinking is producing results fast enough.
    If it is enough just to be here, now and then,
    it doesn´t matter what condition the body is in.
    Don´t have to project my ” better world energy”
    to let´s say Procol Harum in Nigeria,
    Sewastopol, West coast fires, Fukyoushima.
    Fortaleze, Paris clima conference.Tafta, Habermas.
    No, all is well, as well.

  8. Happy father’s day to all & Happy contact with ourselves !!

    “ if we aren’t worthy we wouldn’t exist.
    you never be in the same place twice.
    you can’t step into same river twice.

    enjoy the process & it is alright just keep looking. give process positive meanings so you can have better time in process. keep digging & keep looking keep investigating & keep exploring until you find your fundamental brief.

    when you finally found your true foundational negative briefer not preferred emotionality, let it brief go then all the secondary briefs on top of it will all collapse.

    brief comes first then feeling will be generated next by brief.
    so when you feel fear is telling you that you are out of alignment of who you really are. choose what you prefer & create new theme dont buying into what you don’t prefer. “ ❤︎happy father’s day to Basher ❤︎

  9. Dear beings of light, what comes up for me over the last few days was such a huge relief.

    i was reminded that our reality is an illusion. It is a projection of quanta coalescing onto the screen of our reality, in each of our individual timelines. This means of course that all our bodies, including the body of our divine mother Sophia-Gaia are illusions as well.

    What this means really is if we can get clear and truly take into our being the idea that we can create that which we wish to see in form in this illusion then creating a world of pristine beauty and energy is quite possible. The step of course is in trusting the power of creation and self in this endeavor. Do we own that we create our own reality? Do we own that we have the power to change this reality with our light and with our creative energies and thought?

    Own it, love it, BE it and change the world! Hugs all! Alex

  10. My life stages were superimposed, they were not clearly defined „from then until then this and then that”, etc. There were smooth transitions from child to girl woman/mother/single parent/child of God.
    Despite all the duties and responsibilities I always stayed inside a playful child.
    I Am a Child of God. We are all God’s children.

    We are the children of God. We are not ‚small sausages’ (I like sausages, but I Am none of them).

    We have received at birth the absolute Godpower and divine power with on our way.
    We are the image of God and have the best genetic endowment that you can imagine.
    We have the POWER OF LOVE, the omnipotence of God, to create anything our heart desires.
    And my heart desires only to be a child of God, to enjoy my God-child-being.

    I Am grateful for all the experiences I could make and for all that I could live to see in 3-D, and now I am creating me my flight back home.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Meine Lebensabschnitte haben sich überlagert, sie waren nicht klar abgegrenzt „von dann bis dann dieses und dann jenes“ usw. Es waren fließende Übergänge, vom Kind zur Mädchenfrau/Mutter/Alleinerziehende/Gotteskind.
    Trotz aller Pflichten und Verantwortung blieb Ich innen immer ein verspieltes Kind.
    Ich Bin ein Gotteskind. Wir alle sind Gotteskinder.

    Wir sind die Kinder Gottes. Wir sind keine ‚kleinen Würstchen’ (Ich mag Würstchen, aber Ich Bin keines).

    Wir haben bei unserer Geburt die absolute Gotteskraft und Gottesmacht mit auf unseren Weg bekommen.
    Wir sind das Ebenbild Gottes und haben die allerbesten Erbanlagen die man sich nur vorstellen kann.
    Wir haben die MACHT DER LIEBE, die Omnipotenz Gottes, uns alles zu erschaffen was das Herz begehrt.
    Und mein Herz begehrt nur noch ein Kind Gottes zu sein, mein Gott-Kind-Sein zu genießen.

    Ich Bin dankbar für alle Erfahrungen die Ich machen konnte und für alles was Ich in 3–D erleben konnte und jetzt erschaffe Ich mir meinen Rückflug nach Hause.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. Wow! So poetic Bixie! ❤ Monica
      Kiera I know what you mean too, I think. In these past 20 years I have walked between worlds…using homeopathy and positive visualizations, meditation, mindfulness, non-resistance to what IS like this or that kind of physical/emotional pain/anguish…salt baths using ancient salts from the Himalayas…marvelling that there is an infrastructure in place where I can find and purchase such an exotic remedy…oils, scents, whole foods, a massager, prayer, seeing friends, withdrawing from same, having sex, not having sex, sleeping alone, sleeping with a man friend, reading tons of articles, mainly online, dealing with/enjoying family, all of whom I LOVE, not all who know all of my private places, moments and confidences I keep in my own heart nestled safely.

      Learning TM and the Relaxation Response while still a student nurse is an ongoing core thread that has kept my bp down and my mind balanced.
      I have experienced some weird pains in this clearing process. Episodic stomach/bowel pains that kept me up all night like a labor after eating some crappy trail mix. I went in and out of the shower. Heat and cold applications sometime worked.

      I am always lead to live near a running stream or river. I live near one now.
      When I see cts I acknowledge them, and send LOVE into the air around and above me. I too notice if I do not worry about them or think about them, I am very grateful and appreciative when they look "normal", as in cumulus or pregnant with rain…yet I leave a way on my website for folks to report them if they see them to the FAA to keep a process going of reporting any evidences that could bring unauthorized spraying of noxious shit we did not consent to to CEASE!

      Bring us into the equation. We have been tinkering with earth and fertilizers and crop dusting since we took flight. Just be HONEST about it. Involve us since we are involved anyhow.

      I think metaphysics involves the mindfulness and compassion for all realms and dimensions. In 3D we deal with covert, clandestine treasonous acts through exercising the laws that exist. There are a bunch of them.
      My eyes still tear at something invisible but felt at times, on the edge of an allergy, and my lips got very dry and cracked which I attribute to the sun's amperage mainly.

      From Vermont and NOT afraid, but concerned that my/our sovereign beings be respected, I AM/WE ARE OK. ❤ Monica

  11. “And so as you go about your daily chores, perhaps not even being aware of it, with every step and for every breath you take you are literally spinning these new threads.”

    Oh I’m aware of it, alright.

    The very fact that I’m still doing “daily chores”….makes me question why I’m still here.
    The very fact that my largest “web of light” daily-outward-casting heart Energy Manifestations are taking their sweet-ass time manifesting….keeps me constantly focused on getting my Dream Weaving Emissions out there, to increase and increase and increase the momentum.

    When I’m often too physically sick and physically tired to do this, I’m noticing the precious momentum is lost. Or stalled. Or whatever.

    Which I would have to say is unfortunate, due to the fact that we physically suffering Lightworkers are forced to be in the position of *Manifestor Interrupted*, and are not allowed the freedom from physical suffering to fully explore our manifesting capabilities.

    1. Big hugs Kiera. It can get frustrating, but we are certainly creating not a facade of the new earth, but building it deep and true and full, recreating what took millions of years to come to fruition in the mere span of a decade crossing two ages. I think we are doing a pretty good job, though in our brains the time span seems long and the journey arduous. More hugs and treat yourself gently. You deserve it! Alex

    2. Ooooh I hear you Kiera! I too seem to be manifesting nothing else but more heavy work, and still not able to see beyond daily survival. This blog keeps me going. You are doing everything RIGHT, and bless you for your endurance. Our time will come, remember the hare and the tortoise! Ellise♥♥♥

    3. well–i apologise for creating such a heavy world,you guys! i’m trying to lighten it up so to speak-and you’re great-thank you! y’know *you* are the world as well!–yeah i read that someplace..!

  12. Reblogged this on The View from Mount Shasta and commented:
    ‘For you are indeed the dream weavers, the ones that make it all come alive, as you cast out your net and as you connect ever wider and ever deeper, not just to Source, but to other souls currently traversing this planet such as you do. For you are all here to create from your hearts, but you are not here to do so isolated and alone, for what you are spinning, will come into being so much faster by allowing your threads to interlace with those of other industrious people on this planet.’

  13. ❤ 1 has been going back and forth wanting to say: Take good care, Sun. Instead, 1 will say—along with you—keep your Heart Light bright, and it will radiate JOY&Love outwardly 360 degrees for miles+, including dimensionally. Have FUN. Look forward to your future posts/Wisdom re your new environment. ❤

    1. yep to “right place at right time”.

      … and 2 thumbs up and thrilled laughter re “no one will know what this one is doing while he is doing it”!!! Ha! 1 is looking forward to your experiences/report(s). Great JOY—a sneak attack of Big Love! 😀

    1. ❤ Thank you, Monica. Sadly, your link provides even more data/facts against Big PHarma… probably why they thru all avenues continually try to shut down access to homeopathic remedies. Direct Love and smiles towards them while remaining healthy. ❤

        1. YAAAAAAAY, Lys! good news and Thank You. Supposed to be a lot of good changes before 2015, including a significant number of corporate leaders “getting it–the NEW” and then changing policy… wouldn’t that be terrific. (the change has already happened; dense 3d energy is just now catching up)

          there’s gonna be dancin’ in the streets! 😀 😀 😀 ❤ +++++++++

    2. Thank you dear Monica♥︎ yes truth helps set us free! Thank you for the wonderful educational video^o^

  14. Thank you with all of my heart, Aisha and CCs. Thank you for giving us this loom that all of us weavers have to weave together a blanket of love to wrap around all souls on earth in this time of great need for the warmth it will give to them. I love you. Jean

        1. ❤︎💙❤︎❤︎❤︎💙❤︎ .(*^o^*)💙❤︎❤︎❤︎💙..❤︎*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    1. Thank you, dear Ron 🙂 And even if this is a little late for the “official” day for it – I want to add happy father’s day to you too!
      Aisha ❤

  15. ..hey–sorry for the obscene commercials,advertisements at the beginning of every single video i find–i suppose they’ve even done that with my own you tube videos–haha-i wouldn’t necessarily know–i hope somebody’s makin’ lotsa money–i wish they’d make so much that they could just make sure everyone’s okay

    1. That’s beautiful. Thank you for posting.

      Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s and single mom’s doing double duty.

      Love you all here at the Pond.

    2. This V is beautiful.
      My posted V last day is awaiting moderation.
      Now I’m waiting release it. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      (I should say face mark 3 times or more ?)

  16. happy father’s day or fathers’ day-as the case may be–heehee
    or am i wrong? in any case i wanna go see my dear old mom’n’dad-without whom,the arctourist would’ve been just another unrealised potential–or some other,less colorful character!
    i do feel some kind of connection or sympathetic resonance with the idea of the arcturians,whom i wouldn’t necessarily even know if i met them–this earth-life thing has been a heck of a thing…and i still feel like somethin’ just ain’t right…i wonder where that feeling comes from…

  17. I had a strange dream. There was a man who was – unnoticed by me – in my living room – I knew nothing about it. When I saw him I called him „Fred“ – and the only explanation that I have for this is „afraid“.
    Today I realized that I still had a little afraid … to be not good enough/improperly/not right?
    For me this means: I love my self so AS I AM and I accept me so wholeheartedly HOW I AM.

    We’re all alright, we’re all alright:

    Ich hatte einen seltsamen Traum. Da war ein Mann der sich – von mir unbemerkt – in meinem Wohnraum aufhielt – Ich wusste nichts davon. Als Ich ihn bemerkte nannte Ich ihm „Fred“ – und die einzige Erklärung die Ich dafür habe ist „afraid“.
    Heute erkannte Ich dass Ich immer noch eine kleine Angst davor hatte … vielleicht doch nicht gut genug/fehlerhaft/nicht richtig zu sein?
    Das bedeutet für Mich: Ich liebe mich Selbst so WIE ICH BIN und Ich nehme mich so mit ganzem Herzen an WIE ICH BIN.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. Hmmm interesting. I had a dream last night that a dark figure was watching me. He was down a long corridor and it set off fear in my too. Just saw him for a second….

      In the back of my mind I’ve been working on my own issues of “to be not good enough/improperly/not right?” and not qualifying for full ascension. Maybe your helping clear some of my issues or we’re clearing for other people, but a somewhat familiar feeling.

      Anybody else going through issues of insecurity or further intense clearing?

      1. hey! yeah…ascension is such a heavy thing! and yet,the heaviness is what we just can’t take with us,for to allow for ‘lightness’ enough to ,somehow,float up thru this world of heaviness we seem to be trapped in….if we can know ‘up’ from ‘down’,then we should qualify! help!
        yeah…i don’t even feel qualified for earth-life,and this is about as low as it gets….i have high hopes tho!

        1. With a few people chewing through these energies we should hopefully make short work of this stuff.

          Hang in there Arctourist!

          1. thanks! that sounds like wishful thinking–which i’m all for!
            and to the multitudes of invisible friends up there–we love gold coins! hint-hint!

        2. Yes, it’s true ARCTOURIST,

          fear is an INFECTIOUS disease, we can not ascend into the 5th dimension or higher with this disease, otherwise we would there infect everyone else. And I honestly do not want to have this disease in the higher levels.
          But as soon as we are free from this virus, we are able to ascend.

          I have read many messages from the Arcturians in recent years and found them very good, I especially liked their concept from the hologram.

          ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

          Ja, es stimmt ARCTOURIST,

          Angst ist eine ANSTECKENDE Krankheit, wir können nicht in die 5. oder eine höhere Dimension mit dieser Krankheit aufsteigen, sonst würden wir dort alle anderen infizieren. Und ICH will ehrlich gesagt nicht in den höheren Ebenen diese Krankheit haben.
          Sobald wir aber frei sind von diesem Virus sind wir in der Lage aufzusteigen.

          Ich habe in den letzten Jahren viele Botschaften von den Arkturianern gelesen und fand sie sehr gut, Ich mochte vor allem ihr Konzept vom Hologramm.

          Heart greetings ❤
          I AM, I think, I feel
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. thanks bixie! you’re awesome! so are all the rest of you–there’s quite a few of us now! time to go see mom’n’dad…happy father’s day everyone–and thanks for the moral support!

      2. Hi, Mike… yesterday for me was heavy-laden with all kinds of these and other negatives—bounced back and forth between me stepping into my power and back down to zero, with crying jags… the extremes scary. Yet there was the in-between respite times reading and breathing in all the tremendous Loving Light from yesterday’s posts re Crete, free energy, crystals, Murray’s book+, etc. Funnily enough, the crosshatching of chemtrails appeared in full force yesterday, too. The Love JOY in 1’s Heart is radiating in higher force than usual today… and just one sputtering in/out chemtrail this a.m. weird. Maybe 1’s seeing fully with Heart eyes—higher frequency—now vs 3D eyes?? Fascinating. Be well. 🙂 ❤

        1. As long as you continue to focus your attention of “Chemtrails” — you will continue to see them.

          Not only that, every time you look up in the sky looking for signs of Chemtrails, you will continue to see more and MORE of them.
          The momentum of your vibrating Chemtrail thoughts will continue to escalate.

          I’ve experimented with this, more than a few times.

          Whenever my attention is completely gone from Chemtrails — and I am no longer even THINKING about them — then the skies in my reality are always clear and blue.

          Remember, the physics of focusing your Thought Energy in this reality results in this:
          What you resist, *persists*.

          And also remember, that it is not Bullshit, when you are constantly told that “you create your own reality”.

          1. Thanx for the reminder, Kiera. Yes, 1 is aware of this. The clearing energies from yesterday were extremely harsh, had difficulty rising above them, and my frequencies dipped hugely for an extended time; probably looked up and subconsciously expected to see ct, whereas previously, 1 was on even keel and there were none even when 1 looked up. so went back to sending them and those you arrange for them, love.

            Big Thanx for all you do, and hope you feel much better soon. ❤ +

          2. Ok, I see what you’re saying. However, in my experience, I focus on clear skies and fresh, clean air and I walk outside and the skies are filled with the chemtr. and you can’t help but NOT notice them, they’re so in your face. So I immediately send love, light, grace and whatever else I can think of to the skies and clouds and transmute the toxins in the chemtr. and air.

            We’ve had horrific storms here in the midwest US the past several weeks and the chemtr. have been on and off. I hope my transmuting work is at least helping somewhat in helping to keep them from being much worse than they are.

            We’ve also had some marvelously beautiful days with soft fluffy clouds like we used to always have years ago.

            So I’m NOT focusing on the chemtr. being there and creating them. Evidently the PTW are still creating them with their focus and I’ll just keep transmuting them as best I can.

            Love to you all,

            1. Me too Brenda, me too. I saw them today, looked down and acknowledged them, and refocused on the brilliant blue of the skies between, sending love and light and transmutation intent. At the same time I felt a David and Goliath perspective. Using a sling shot to topple a giant!
              I said a telepathic prayer to Creator, sinking into my open heart, surrendering to Higher Self/Holy Spirit and the mysteries of all of this.
              As I did, and lay down on soft grass to absorb the sunlight, I looked up and saw beautiful cloud pictures like angel wings the winds had made.
              Judy Collins says it in song, “I really don’t know clouds…at all.”
              We know our seasons, we are exploring a time never lived before.
              I use oils to stay healthy and feeling calm within which I have not mentioned previously; omega 3 fish oil caps, Norwegian cod liver caps for the Vit A and D, Vit E oil caps for the lips, 1,000 unit doses. It has softened the lips.

              I do my best to be the new healing/healer, being the example of what is working to move out of less savory potentials on our earth.

              I like Common Law.
              I cherish sovereign rights.
              I like to give freely of what I have learned and do not espouse any particular brand of product. I get no income from promoting anything. Just a retired nurse journalist spending time productively I am hoping.
              I am blessed with mountain air and a faith that our dialogues online here are blessing ourselves and others in a harmonic and purer way as the globe spins on.
              Brenda I intend the best of weather with grace ease for us ALL, and a gentling down of weather related traumas…letting them recede and fade like dissolving old coal dust covered cobwebs. Washed away in gentle mists and rains that nurture green, healthy, sustainable growth. Let the sun shine in, let innocent happy days of a Camelot summer sweep along…that ALL know the dignity and love of sovereign, royal selfhood. Not one a pauper or peasant…lovingly enfolded in a shepherd’s Loving heart. Gentle as a lamb. ❤ Monica

              1. Thanks, Monica. And ditto for me for everything you said. I love that Judy Collins song and I used to play it ALL the time on the piano when I was a teenager. It was one of my favorites and just sounded joyful and fun and just loved the way it sounded when played on the piano.

                And I love looking at the clouds too, to see what kinds of shapes I can see and I have lots of pictures of unique sunsets and formations. The skies are clear today but more rain is in the forecast, so we will see. I just focus on nourishing, loving rain for the gardens, crops and all life.


      3. yes me too, very heavy clearing today …always like a chain of karmic events and setting off all kinds of boobitraps. in my experience depression and feelings of self criticism is that mental invasion, put in place to deter you from going any further and deeper. Maybe its useful to consider these feelings as symptoms, or side effects of the clearing process but also that you are venturing where the dark does not want you to go! My feeling is that the light does not have complete access yet and so we on the ground are bearing the brunt still. Although without these symptoms acting as flags the light beings won,t be able to see where the dark attachments are in the Collective hologram…. End of lecture 😉 Love to all you brave warriors, Ellise ♥♥♥

      4. Dear Mike, Bixie, Arctourist, Lin and Ellise, thank you for sharing! This rollercoaster still has a few “surprises” in store for us all, so I can only say THANK YOU for being on board!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  18. mixing world still but all are valid & lots of fun to explore love natural positive energy ❤︎

  19. I love the phrase ‘Dream Weavers’. I was pondering this when we met on Crete for our full moon meditation, and the phrase occurred “we are renewing our planet one loving thought at a time”.
    In a way the work before us is pure simplicity. ❤

    1. I do too Murray~
      Your book and perspective in Crete looks fascinating.
      I see us all interconnecting here as we expand our understanding of light bearing and radiance. Happy fathers day to all, a balancing, loving one as we dance in harmonically and with mothers, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins all, in Light that lovingly KNOWS its destinations, ❤ Monica

    2. Yes! Dream Weavers! (Are you listening to this, Bev???!!! You used this term a couple of weeks ago) 😀 😀 😀 ❤ +++++++

  20. Thank you dear Aisha,
    yes, swimming into ❤︎ revolution of vibrations❤︎
    found cute video,

  21. Dear friends! I wish you all a wonderful day! I will be spending mine out on the Oslo fjord with my family, so I will not be “back here” until late evening. I have a feeling the energies from the sea-water will work their magic today 😉
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Dear ponders, this is my first post and I would like to says that the CC’s and your comments have made my life bearable over the 16 months.
      I would like to share a vision of how things work and what it is all about.

      My take on how things work is a composite of A Course in Miracles, Oneness by Rasha, George Kavassalis, and the CC’s. There are several common threads of thought that are contained within those documents. One of which is that there is no free will in 3d. Our paths in life are programmed in advance by a higher level of consciousness.

      Our whole system of life is based on the idea that each of us makes our own way in the world and that good decision making will lead to a good life. We are afraid of making bad decisions and living a hard life. As a result we live in a fear based world. The fear based systems is changing and we are a part of the change.

      A Paradigm for the Coming Age

      It is all energy
      E=MC2 There is nothing but energy. Matter and energy are different formations of the same “block” of energy. The appearance of form and solid matter is a complex illusion.

      There is one infinite multidimensional “cloud” of energy which contains infinite individual points of interconnected awareness that individually and collectively create and “populate” worlds like ours to mimic the experience of being alive. There is no life or death there is only consciousness and energy experiencing a creative “dream” that has manifested into form. This world and everything we can see is an extremely complex illusion.

      This world is actually similar to an incredibly complex 3D video game that we individually and collectively designed before we came to earth. There are no accidents or coincidences. Everything that occurs goes according to the plan. There is no free will at this level. Every major decision that we seem to make was programmed into our lives long before we arrived from a higher dimension of conscious.

      There is no beginning or end to our awareness of all that is or will come to be when we are connected to the higher dimensions. However as humans we “live” in the third dimension while we are “under the veil” and are unaware of our multidimensional selves. This creates a situation where we are forced to seek guidance and clarification of right and wrong actions from others via our learning experiences and we create belief systems to guide us in our daily activities. Those belief systems have been manipulated by outside forces over time to create a fear based world. We can never be truly free and at peace in a fear based world where our survival and the need to prosper financially often comes at the expense of others. To be a winner in this world requires someone to lose. We live in fear of being the loser and that fear never goes away. Even billionaires never run out of the need for more money.

      We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We individually and collectively created all that we see in order to experience a life of extreme separation from our real state as all knowing spiritual beings. Everything that happens in our lives and this world was determined (designed and programmed) long before our lives as humans began.

      There is no God that is in command of the universe, this planet or our lives.

      The purpose of life in this world at this time is to transition from a fear based world to one of peaceful coexistence and harmony (Love) . In such a world there are no special people. Every person would be treated with respect and acceptance. We would all work on behalf of the collective best interest while respecting and facilitating individual desires and talents.

      The state of fear that has been created in this world’s survival of the fittest mental paradigm is not our natural state. It has been programmed into our lives by outside forces to create the maximum amount of conflict and separation from one another. We as a race a just beginning to understand “that something is wrong with our way of life” and the search for answers will lead to changes in what we believe to be “right”. We will overcome the false programming that has been built into our belief systems and create a better world.

      Fear Based Paradigm transitions to Harmony based Paradigm

      All religions are false and are designed establish and promote a fear based paradigm through the propagation of rules that must be followed if one wishes to reach the mystical heaven of religion. Failure to properly follow the rules leads to eternity in hell. Given that all religious texts are subject to interpretation and that conflicting interpretations of religious texts is common, fear of doing the wrong thing is always going to be present at some level in the mind.

      The God of religion requires worship in exchange for giving us life and we are considered to be Gods children. If we are Gods children why did he create a world full of conflicting and confusing religious doctrine? What kind of father would put his children into such a confusing world and then condemn them to hell if the child unknowingly follows the wrong set of rules. Why does an all knowing all powerful God require worship? Is God insecure? Would a good human father on this earth require worship from his children?

      All concepts of God in this world are false fictions that have been created by outside forces to establish and maintain the fear based nature of this world. In addition, the concept that some people are better than others comes from religion. This belief makes it possible exploit others with Gods approval.

      The Gods of religion do not exist. The concept is a total fiction. In reality, there is no god.

      Living in the now versus planning for the future

      We have been told over the ages through religious sources that we have free will and can chose to live the “right” way which leads to heaven. Conventional wisdom expects us to make the “right” choices if we ever expect to live problem free prosperous lives. Those concepts when accepted as part of a person’s belief system, create a constant low to high level fear of making a mistake. The fear of making a mistake creates psychological problems that make life a difficult experience that is full of regrets, insecurities, anger and feelings of victimization.

      However, if one accepts the belief that each of us is a spiritual being living a life that has been planned in advance to achieve certain goals through experience, then the fear of making a mistake can be eliminated. Everything that happens (good or bad) was part of the plan and should be seen as a learning experience. When a “mistake” is made we need not go through all the should have, could have, would have kinds of thoughts since that kind of thinking only leads to low self esteem and the fear of “screwing up” again. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

      The forces of darkness have done a very good job of making life in this world difficult. But that is a part of the plan; we shall overcome the dark forces. It is part of the learning experience for us to become aware of the deception that we have experienced and we will, over time, develop new belief systems that will lead to a world wide experience of harmony for the human race.

      For me, the Buddha’s original four noble truths and the eight fold path are correct when properly understood. However, false hoods have been incorporated into Buddhist thought over the ages. It is also worth noting that the Buddha never spoke of God.

      As the Buddha says in the first of the four noble truths “all life is suffering”. To be free of suffering requires one to adopt a fearless belief system. This occurs when one adopts the belief that all actions are part of the “plan” and one can never make a mistake. Everything that happens is part of the plan. There are no mistakes. Everything is just a learning experience on the path toward developing a better world.

      By working together on the “plan” we are creating a new world and the possibilities are endless.

      If anyone would like to comment on the thoughts expressed above I can be reached at nmorey1@gmail.com

      1. Dear Norman, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and thank you for sharing this profound insight! For we are truly ONE, and by stepping away from fear we have made it possible to create the new word, and there are no limits to what we can make happen 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

      2. ❤ Thank You, Norman. A great deal of thought and energy went into your post—with my appreciation. You are very kind to share your time and your knowledge. I especially liked reading there are "no mistakes" (planned chaos) as I have believed this for quite awhile.

        Perhaps you might feel like commenting, when you have time, on parallel time lines as some lucky folks here have actually consciously experienced them? (this one hasn't consciously done so) Thanx in any case.

        Love Energy to you… ❤

        1. Aisha and Lin. thank you so much for your kind comments. I really needed it today.

          It is my lot in life to be systems oriented left brain kind of person while most of the people at the pond seem to be more right brained. I have a need to make sense out of what is happening to all of us. What I wrote was a first attempt of what I hope will become a book over time. I hope the document will be useful to the newly awakened. It is very had to get a solid grip on the totality of what is happening to us individually and collectively with so many conflicting and fragmented sources of information on the web.

          With respect to multiple timelines, I have never experienced anything that could be considered out of the ordinary. I do not see anything when I spend time attempting to meditate or reflect on what is happening. All I can do is “feel” for the truth and logic of various metaphysical concepts. My take on multiple time lines is that the whole concept is a form of deception. The concept brings free will back into the 3d world and it encourages wishful thinking. For me, there can only be one timeline. It was developed long ago and that timeline is the best that it can be considering the multitude of factors that are in play as we all work together to evolve individually and collectively into a new more compassionate way of living on mother earth.

          In my mind I feel that the journey we are on will take a long time (generations) before we reach the goal. Unfortunately, I for one do not see any quick fix coming. The systems that need to be dismantled and reconstructed are complex and as the CC’s have said, people resist change for as long as they can.

          I wish the best to all while we travel a very difficult, confusing and often physically painful path toward our individual and collective destinies.

      3. Welcome Norman, deep love for self is the center of it all for me and being comfortable with all choices and changes while flowing in a sea of possibilities. Dogma has been released from my field on all levels as I simply trust in the center of my own heart. Big hugs and love on your path. Alex

        1. Thank you Alex. I have great admiration for you. You are able to go with the flow to a much greater extent than I am and I enjoy reading your posts. I hope that the peace that you radiate will settle in on me some time in the not too distant future.
          Love Norman

    2. Thanks for the missive today! I hope you enjoyed being out on the Oslo fjord with your family 🙂 I am fully occupied with two grandchildren who are in every sense of the word very creative – and then some as the CCs say 😉

      Love & light ❤


      1. Dear B, being out on and also IN the waters of the Oslo fjord was wonderful 🙂 Enjoy your visit from your “creative teachers” your gradchildren!
        LOVE, Aisha

    3. Oh how funny, I was also in the sea this weekend!
      The sea side just mellows the harsh edges of the modern world beautiful doesn’t it?
      Thanks for the uplifting post ❤

      1. Dear jodegray, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! Yes, the sea works it’s magic in so many ways 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

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