The manuscript of survival – part 419

As mankind started to take those first faltering steps away from the old habits of staying stuck in the same rut, it was not an accidental move. Rather, it was the culmination of a long and rather intense fight between the powers that considered themselves as the true rulers of this world, and by the force of the incoming light, embodied in a myriad of different ways. You see, mankind has for far too long been held hostage by those with their own agenda, an agenda that took the presence of mankind on this beautiful planet for their own benefit and indeed as a chance to satisfy their own need to manipulate and subjugate others. But as things started to escalate, the force of the light could not be held back any longer, and as such, more and more of the individuals constituting the population on this planet took to arms in the form of letting go of their own blinkers. And so, when they stepped out from the shadows and committed themselves fully to the light, they armed themselves with that one true and invincible weapon there is, fearlessness caused by love.

For when the light enters, fear dissipates and the only thing left is love, and when love rules, there can be no other rulers, no matter how hard anyone tries to suppress the ones around them that they look upon as their vassals or indeed, their property. For mankind has for far too long not been masters of their own home, but as each and every single one of you and thousands upon thousands of others stepped out of that old prison of fear and stepped into that true and empowered version of themselves, the old rulers lost their grip on your hearts and your souls, and little by little, also on your minds. For even if the voice from the heart will cut through anything trying to hold it back, still the voice of the mind can be powerful enough to almost obliterate the messages the heart is sending out, and so, what has become a fact will still be looked upon by many as fiction.

You see, you are no longer the ones you used to be, slaves to the old system of fear that governed all of mankind. Granted, there are still large swathes of mankind still adhering to these same old rules that used to govern your lives, but as you step more and more confidently out carrying with you that brightly shining flame you no longer try to hide inside, they too will start to see the light, and they too will start to see the old for what it truly is, outdated and outmoded, a form of slow death that leads nowhere, except further down into an abyss where you will no longer willingly throw yourselves.

For you were brought to the very edge, but one by one you looked up and said there is another way, and that way will take us all far from this dreadful place, and it will also help to lift the remainder of this world up and away from that land of the living dead we all seem to be wandering around in now. For we are no longer those automated beings masquerading as humans, we are free souls, here to make this whole planet unshackle itself from anything and anyone still trying to suppress that magnificent lifeforce that is contained within each and every single petrified human. For as a species, you seemed to have become as if made of stone, as layer after layer of inhibition and fearfulness were deposited around that vibrant core you all have, even the most hardened amongst you.

For you are all the same, as from the beginning, you all came in with that small glimmer of light buried deep within you, in a place that nothing could access from the outside. Every single soul on this planet carries that eternal flame, the one that can never be extinguished, and now, you have all fanned that flame into life and it has started to roar with a sound that sounds like nothing less than a heavenly choir. And the power you carry with you is truly awesome, in every sense of the word, and the gentleness it is contained within makes it no less powerful. For the light you exude cannot be stopped by any outside intervention, there are no walls powerful enough to withstand the power of this force, and there are no holes deep enough that can stop this light from shining out. You are the harbingers of dawn in every way, and now, that dawn is already coloring the horizon with a golden hue. For you have no longer the need to hide your light, as this was simply the old way of preserving your very life from those running the errands of your former masters, the ones that feared the light so much they instilled the same fear in all of you.

Remember this is not the first time that you are here to show your inner light, and so, you all know so well the consequences of shining brightly in a darkened world. For earlier, any light that became apparent was quickly extinguished by your fellow men, for to them it was a signal of a power that they had been taught to fear more than anything. For in this shadowy world, you were all programmed to stay dimmed down at any cost, and so, whenever any one of you did just what you came here to do, to shine, you were more than likely snuffed out as soon as possible. Either through force or through fear, and they both amounted to the same.

But now, this world is no longer the world of shadows, for you have turned this world around and you have brought it back into the full force of the light again, and now, the light is no longer to be feared but to be embraced. And we do talk about the large majority, for as the scales shifted and the mass that constituted the dark became far, far outweighed by the very lightness of the light, the hearts of the majority also shifted. For mankind is no longer a species driven by fear, and even if you will still see fear exhibited in many faces around you, if you look deep into the eyes of any one of your fellow men and women, you will see the light there too. We have talked about this before, and we have told you to seek out these signals of one shining soul signaling to the other, whereas before it was one closed up heart shying away from the other, and now, you will all see more and more proof of this truth.

For there is a wide river of light running through mankind now, and bit by bit, all of the old embankments are eroding away, letting this light flow out into more and more hearts. And so, we thank you for allowing this river to take hold of your hearts, for you are the ones who allowed this source to spring forth in the first place. For it is through opening your hearts that this river of light started its journey on this planet, as you all added your droplets of light to what began as a small but crystal clear steam, but as time went by, it started to accumulate more and more light as you all began to join up. For there are thousands of tributaries to this wide, wonderful river, and the one that started here at this Pond is simply one of countless others. And as you started to gather here, you also started to pool your light in a very literal way, and this in turn increased the flow many fold. Remember, whenever light encounters light, it sets off a multiplying effect that again increases the wattage exponentially, and so, what started out as thousands of small trickles soon grew to a jubilant, roaring flow of light.

And now, this source of sustenance and life is also bringing the life back into your brethren all across this planet, and together, you will help your own planet come fully back on her feet as well. For this lifeforce cannot be stopped, and so, as you each take your own steps further and further away from that land of shadows you once also called your home, you are making this lifeforce expand more and more, enveloping not only your immediate surroundings, but this entire planet. And so, what was once a decaying sphere of intolerance and destruction is once more a sphere humming with life and love and potential for all, and now, you are about to start to make that potential come into life in every way you can think of, and then some. For now, there are no more limitations, and now, your creative forces have been given free rein, and together, you will make this planet come alive in ways you could not even dream of.

178 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 419

  1. Hello wonderful beings of light! I feel this message very strongly, yet have always known that the totality of light is exponentially stronger and will eventually create this massive avalanche of love and change in the world, but at the same time we must allow for the dissolution of that which does not serve the higher dimensions and embrace with love the things that are leaving, that served us previously, that taught us lessons. All must be embraced to be released and what we resist persists. Huge hugs! Alex

  2. Hello everyone.
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  3. Wasn’t sure where to comment here. πŸ™‚ so much going on! I too went to Cozumel the last two years! Last year when we got off the boat I felt the vibrations and they were like home to me! I got tears in my eyes just being there! I walked barefoot around the Xochitl ( not sure how that is spelled
    ) ruins. It was the most amazing feeling. Crete has often come up in my research. I never thought of it as a place to live in the now only thought of as historic. I have been looking into information regarding priestesses from the pre patriarchal period back to Egypt. The Hathor Temple Dendera has been a place of interest and is connected to Crete in myth. When I gather more information I will post because I believe Dendera has a spiritual connection to the ascension process. So Crete….looks like a great place to vacation! Hope you and family have an awesome time Philip! Looks beautiful! Now I will think of it as an actual place to be. :). Murray your book looks very interesting to me. I will check it out. Free energy!!! Yeah, I can’t wait!! It is a very real need that and water. Tearing up just thinking how people are already making this world a better place for the future. It is the beginning of something new! Deep breath!! Sun I have the information you asked for regarding “God is a Verb” book and will post as soon as possible. Thank you Aisha for the CC’s message! It feels good! Love to all here!

    1. Dear Denise, thank you for sharing this, you make me go “wow” again! For when you mention Hathor and Dendera tingles go down my spine πŸ™‚ This process has definitely entered the express lane now, and I am SO looking forward to what will emerge – and merge – next!
      LOVE, Aisha ❀

      1. Hi Denise!
        In Lucia Rene’s book, Unplugging the Patriarchy, she speaks of the Egyptian mystic schools and the roles of the seer, soldier and sovereign. I’m a sovereign. The book is mystically filled with activation energy for those ready receive. Skip the section on the banking system, unless you are interested.
        Love to you, Caroline

        1. Thank you Caroline. It looks like I have a lot of books to order this week! πŸ™‚ Check out my reply to Murray below regarding the mystery school Margerite has started.
          Love back to you,

      2. Hey Aisha! I think we are speeding down the fast lane now!
        ❀ love to you! And all you do!

    2. Denise, I have been to Dendera – and have seen its Zodiac in place. Of course Hatchepsut was a most interesting Pharoah, being a woman!
      In our spiritual gatherings here in Crete there is a powerful recongnition of the need for priestesses to come forth once more. The violent subjegation of temples and priestesses in the early Christian centuries deeply buried the memories of what role priestesses serve (not just female priests – soemthing quite different). I sense in the work I do here that a number of deeply gifted women are gathering in Crete to rediscover the role of the priestess.
      I once heard a story from a gifted seer about Pythagoras. His mother was a Pythais. (I touch on this in my book Time Sphere). She was ‘abbess’ of that is the right word – of her own order, and she was the first initiator of her own son. The mothers of both Pythagoras and Plato (Diotima), played signifiant parts in enablisng their consciousness to ascend.
      I sense (no more than that) that Crete will be very significant in reminding people of their relationship to the mysteries of the priestess. I will post separately about this on this thread.
      thank you for your post Denise.
      Murray ❀

      1. Murray, thanks for sharing that. it is not just the role of the priestess, it is the role of the goddess, which was prevalent in the middle east and in the areas of greece, the pelepanicians and mycean area. Basically all the goddess myths were over layed with patriarchal myths when the caucasiods came through the area and spread their masculine religion. it was quite systematic and complete, but I am very glad that light is shining into this area to bring back balance. there is plenty of room for both the divine feminine and masculine in all our hearts! πŸ™‚ Alex

      2. Thank you Murray, I will be looking forward to your post on this thread. From what I have read so far the Dendera zodiac is the oldest and the original zodiac. I can’t wait to learn more about this place. I would love to travel to see it in the near future. I believe I would be in awe of the energy there. As to priestesses being brought back Marguerite Rigoglioso has started a group and some information can be found on her website:
        I believe she has been traveling to Greece. I do believe that when women rediscover their sacred rights the men will be able to find theirs as well. When they come together much in this world will be in harmony and peace again. Many blessings to you Murray!

        1. AWESOME!!!! Much gratitude for providing this info. We both seem to be on very similar paths. Warm, loving embrace, Sister – Caroline

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