A short update on the energies

Dear friends!

This weekend has been off the scale energetically, and many have already reported experiencing some major downloads and transformations. If you have not done so yet, I think you will find it both uplifting and enlightening to read the comments posted under the previous update.

Here is the update from The CCs:

You have by now accomplished something that few would have thought possible only a short while back, and the reason for that, is that this took more than the co-operation of a few shining souls such as the ones you connect with on a daily basis in this sheltered little Pond. For what we refer to this time, is indeed an event of truly magnificent proportions, one that involves groups such as yours in all locations around this globe.

Let us explain. You have perhaps heard the term “tsunami of love” mentioned lately, and this is indeed an apt description for what you are taking part in. For you are truly part of this tsunami, an intimate link between your world and this oncoming wave of blessed light that together will ensure that no stone will be left unturned when this is well and truly over. For as you embody these powerful energies, you are not only helping to anchor them, you are also part and parcel of the combined effects this will have on all of humanity. We speak in lofty terms perhaps, but in this, it is impossible to overstate the importance this event will have for you all. And, as you are all involved in this in some way, it is truly a collective effort that will render you even more intrinsically connected, not just to Source, but to each other.

As we have already touched upon, this also signals the start to your very new roles as true creators, for as your own re-creation has been accomplished to such a degree you can by now safely turn your attention elsewhere. In other words, you will find yourself interacting with others on so many levels now, both directly, but also energetically, as these last couple of days have shown you. And in some instances, what you participate in will not be shown you beforehand, as was the case for what took place only a few hours ago for some of you. Yes, this could in many ways be likened to one of your usual get-togethers that you stage at regular intervals in this space, but this time, you were not given an invitation beforehand. Or rather, you were not given one in the direct form you are usually given, for this was indeed something that was agreed upon beforehand by your higher aspects, and as such this was not something that any of you unwittingly took part in, against your expressed will.

For you will not be “tricked” into doing anything at all, for in this, everything needs to be in full agreement with every single being involved, both on your side of the veil and on ours. And so, even if this may have seemed to come out of the blue for many of you, it was in fact a carefully acted out sequence that was initiated quite a while back. Once again the image of the submerged iceberg comes to hand, for as some of you know, this weekend was indeed a powerful node for several “official” energetic events, if we may use such a word. For many had been given the roles of initiating more or less local or indeed also global gatherings much of the same kind that you also have here, but this time, it was also accompanied by a myriad of other similar events taking place “under the surface” if you will. And so, what took place was indeed truly a mass activation and initiation on such a scale, nothing quite like it has ever taken place before in this part of Creation.

So what may have looked like a personal transformation taking place some time during these last few fays and nights was indeed linked to this truly global event, and even if the images and the information that may have been left as an imprint afterwards will differ greatly, they are all signals of the same crucial activation taking place. For it was indeed a truly global tsunami coming in, and this was not an isolated event, but one that will continue to reverberate far and wide, both in distance and in time. And even if many of you will scratch their heads and say “I have no idea at all to what they are referring to”, know that you also play an important part in all of this. For as we told you only a short week ago, what took place during your very own “local” Gathering was nothing short of miraculous, for then, you helped to put into place this all-important “energetic cloud” that encircles your globe in such a way, events just like the one we have discussed above was finally made possible. So in this everything is indeed connected to everything else, and each and every single being on this planet has now also become intrinsically linked with everyone else. For a great majority, they will not even be aware of it, but for all of you, this will indeed become clearer and clearer as the days and nights ahead start to unfold and tell you all a very new story.

For you have become true creators and you have already stated to create as a group, not just as members of this group of like minded beings gathered around this beautiful Pond of yours, but as members of the new version of the human race, the kind of enlightened beings this planet has never seen the likes of before. And together you will go from strength to strength – literally – as you will serve not only to strengthen the bonds between you, but also between every single one of humanity and with All of creation. For this tsunami of love will never cease, it will simply continue to strenghten and widen and deepen – in every sense of the word and in every part of this world. And as it continues to gather momentum, it will also continue to touch deeper and deeper into every single soul inhabiting this planet.

Again, the reaction to all of this light flooding this planet will be diverse, from a total sense of bliss, joy and anticipation to an at times unbearable sense of confusion, fear and bewilderment. For in those still set on sidestepping the light in any way they can, desperation will likely ensue as they see fewer and fewer dark corners in which to hide, and so, they will perhaps react in ways that may seem to be more than a little blown out of proportion. Again, if you choose to focus on these individuals, you might be tempted to think that your world will be falling apart, but then you would simply be picking up the constant signals of distress that this small group will continue to broadcast 24/7.

But if you shift your focus, you cannot help but be flooded with all the light that is already here, and this is indeed simply a small taste of what you have in store. For as your abilities to perceive this brand new level of vibration continue to develop, you will literally start to see, feel, and taste this truly tremendous change within every single particle of your being, and you will find yourself literally humming to this brand new tune of love, a tune that will never go out of fashion, nor become tedious to any of you. For this tune, this song of heavenly light will only continue to make you grow more and more in tune with All of creation, and most of all, it will make you become more and more entuned to you wondrous home, this planet, this cornucopia of wonders that you have yet to fully savour and fully explore. For now, this paradisaical planet of your dreams lies before you, ready to be embraced with All that you are and with every single aspect of your being. And together, you will all make sure that this paradise will get all of the loving care that it needs in order to be fully re-established as the true paradise it was meant to be – for all.

235 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. ‘And even if many of you will scratch their heads and say “I have no idea at all to what they are referring to”,…’

    Uh, yeeeaaah.


    What transformation?

    Nothing new except for the worst INSOMNIA ever, and trying to treat and Source bathe the worst ever, bloody scaling peeling Negative Electrical Energy rashes.
    Planet is still not “cleaned” of Negative (Team Dark) Beings. They are continuing to emit shit.

    And the lame-ass typical low-frequency neighbors are still busy yelling and barking at each other and their kids, blindly going through their hamster-wheel activities.

    The lame-ass typical HIGHER-frequency neighbors are laughing and playing together, blindly going through their hamster-wheel activities.

    “In other words, you will find yourself interacting with others on so many levels now, both directly, but also energetically, as these last couple of days have shown you.”

    Uhm…..been there, DONE THAT — for quite a few years now. Nonstop.

    So — Anything else to get excited about here?
    Because this latest *non*-experience is just making me cross my fingers even more that Nibiru will arrive next month to smack some potent Energies upside this planet.

    1. sorry kid
      there is a lot to be excited about.
      selling lowland beachfront property is one thing
      convincing survivors to move uphill is another

  2. i just came in from the garden dirt.
    you guys! wake up
    you must have to be in contact with soil!
    don’t make me come over there!
    if i told you once, I told you a million times
    don’t exaggerate
    it gives me a very good feeling to walk by a bird house, which i built and erected
    to hear the peeep, peep, of baby birds.
    I don’t need christians to raise baby birds, or frogs or every kind of life.
    so there


  3. Thank you so much, Aisha and C C’s, for the prompt information about what happened the other day. I am fairly accustomed to the physical symptoms I predictably get BEFORE major earthquakes, solar flares and so on, but what happened to me at the same time Aisha mentioned was so “out of the blue” as the C C’s said, it was rather disturbing – very strong bodily shaking, similar to what Breeze mentioned like an extreme anxiety (or excitement) attack, even though I was quickly guided that it was something about to be happening in the world at large, not my personal environment. I did eventually lie down to go within and do a healing session, but there was still no “data” given about what was going on. I have faith my “higher aspects” knew what they were doing at the time and gladly volunteered to participate with my energy, but the human mind and body here really appreciate the reassuring explanations! 🙂
    Blessings to every one,

    1. Dear Dove, thank you for sharing this! Our bodies have a way of sendning out “distress signals” whenever these waves hit us, so your story will help to reassure others.
      Aisha ❤

  4. Well this is just blowing my mind. If you wouldn’t have said so and noted to read past comments I wouldn’t have. Lol! Just because that is where I am at at the moment. A lot if inward movement and shifting and needing to listen to self and such. But I’m just blown away – and laughing. I was at the pond at 22:00 Oslo time too. An odd time for my son to sleep,but he did and wanted me to hold him, so I was “stuck with nothing to do” so went to the pond. Had a fun meditation of everyone sitting around it in a circle. HUGE energy/white light going through our hearts and our head, moving strongly and efficiently through each of us, again forming a circle. Then aisha was in the center channeling even more light, which came in through the top of our heads. Then I visited the “net of gold” that “supports” the earth, like the web we r all connected to. I’ve had many diff experiences there in past meditation, but this time I just did cartwheels all over it. It was strong and bouncy and secure and didnt need any real “work” like it had in the past.
    I was happy before , now I’m ecstatic. This so just so fun.
    Thank you thank you so to EVERY ONE / All One

    1. Also been waking up completely drenched in sweat for maybe 5 days now? Can’t be positive on that, maybe little more or less.
      I had to go use a time converter to check what 22 Oslo time was with mine cuz I had convinced myself I had made a mistake in my above post. Nope, still same time. Just sayin- as my teenage neice would say 😉

      1. I wake up most mornings with a sweat, just a thin veil over my body and it passes, around 5-6 am, so i keep a towel near to wipe and settle into not yet awake, dreaming a bit or simply being present with the sounds and rhythm of the dawn. But sometimes I don’t sweat and that is when I feel the energetics have been integrating.
        It has gone on for weeks, and I am well beyond “the change”, so I associate this with the waves of energies doing me good, so I can beam more brightly, is the childlike explanation I tell myself.

        Are any guy Ponders sweating? Wondering…:) ❤ Monica

        1. Yes I wonder too, I just considered it being energetic right b4 posting it. I don’t usually get overheated while I sleep, or any other time for that matter ;), I run cool or even cold most of the time

    2. WOW again – thank you so much Veronica, I am blown away by this too! Give your son a big hug from me for helping you to connect so deeply so you could bring back this beautiful vision and share it with us 🙂 And no, you are definitely not alone in feeling the heat these days AND nights … 😉
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  5. Reblogged this on CosmicThunderbolts and commented:
    “…as members of the new version of the human race, the kind of enlightened beings this planet has never seen the likes of before. And together you will go from strength to strength – literally – as you will serve not only to strengthen the bonds between you, but also between every single one of humanity and with All of creation.”
    Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

  6. Wow – since the gathering I have had visions in meditation of Atoms and the DNA helix, the last 2 weekends I Needed to be in nature so was barefoot all weekend outside and was wondering a lot about nature and trees and Gaia and then Lee Carrols recent Kryon channeling was about us old souls remembering what knowledge/knowing we had lost over time about whats in the forest / nature and healing. He talked about remembrance of our shamanic backgrounds. Great confirmation – as I just keet asking this weekend questions to the Universe. Since everything is consciousness and energy we can re-create every mis-creation on the planet and Gaia is our partner in this. Wonderfully exciting
    Thank you thank you thank you

    1. Dear Paula, thank you for sharing this! “Since everything is consciousness and energy we can re-create every mis-creation on the planet and Gaia is our partner in this.”- so true and SO wonderful and yes, wonderfully exciting 🙂
      Aisha ❤

  7. Yesterday was amazing..
    I took a long walk in the nature-reserve not far from where I live.
    It was late afternoon..the air was soft and warm..I felt the sunrays caress and penetrate my whole being in a gentle but in the same time powerful way..the pine trees talked to me..the standing beings..that knows how important it is to find the balance beween heaven and earth..both within and without..
    The birds were singing..the frogs in the ponds too..I took off my shoes and walked barefoot feeling the dirt under my feet..the pebbles..the tree roots..the grass.. I can only say that I felt so at peace just being totally and completely in the Presence of All That Is..
    I forgot about time..wasn’t hungry or thirsty..wasn’t tired..I just took it all in..
    I was me..I sensed my body…and yet I felt expanded..free..The energy of unconditional love was vibrantly alive..everywhere..
    I let my feet walk me back home in a state of..not Bliss..more like Beingness..
    I had something to eat..took a shower and went into a deep state of meditation..the time was 20:00..I immediately ‘saw’ a beautiful meadow with a pond..trees..flowers..I felt welcomed and so at home..saw others there that I recognized..but no words were spoken..the silence was filled with a powerful loving energy..and I sat down under a tree to move even deeper into the energy I already was experiencing.
    Today I booked a flight to Madrid..I have felt that I should go visit a friend that lives there..but didn’t have the money to book a flight..I trusted that if I was supposed to go there I would get the money I needed..when I needed them..and I did..
    I asked a friend if I could borrow the money for the flight and she said yes..
    Everything is falling into place..every interaction..every piece of the intricate puzzle that I have experienced in what is called ‘my life’ is now making sense..every step has been needed for me to be where I am today..
    Stepping into the unknown willingly..trusting that all is well..feeling the power of love in action..breathing me alive..
    I never thought it would feel like this..so simple and yet so mysteriously unexplainable.
    Thanks everyone..weavers of the web that now is becoming visible..

    1. Dear mimmi, I have no words for the JOY I feel when I read your words, thank you so much for sharing them and for sharing it ALL!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  8. Dear sun_of_blue! Lots of wheels have been set into motion now, thank you for adding your weight to this effort! It will be some time before we see the “end” of this I think 😉
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  9. A Prayer for Peace, Saint Francis

    Lord, make me an instrument of your Peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    Where there is injury, pardon;
    Where there is doubt, faith;
    Where there is despair, hope;
    Where there is darkness, light;
    Where there sadness, Joy.

    O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
    To be consoled as to console,
    To be understood as to understand;
    To be loved as to love,
    For it is in giving that we receive;
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    It is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

    1. to bad the church goers got Saint Francis’ prayer upside down and backwards. my experience has been just the opposite of what he prays.
      now i am virtually expelled from those i share DNA with. Everyone else i know is happy to know me. And then there is the WE that is here in the pond. bless you all.
      giggle ” christian fertilizer” I can testify that it is an organic fertilizer.
      the trouble is they all agree with each other, therefore, they feel justified to spread more fertilizer. they are confident that i am the one who doesn’t understand how to live, they don’t think it make sense to spend time doing anything but make more money and watch more TV.
      it is going to take the passage of Niburu or something to get them to pull their heads out of the fertilizer dispenser.
      oh well
      I’ll wait.

      1. Dear one otmn,
        One thought my help, they pray.
        God will answer their prays, just not the way they have been taught.

        1. they pray for new cars and bigger TV’s.
          i hope you are correct,
          but i’m pretty sure anything short of the “Second Coming” isn’t going to get it.
          i hope i’m wrong
          we will see

  10. Thank you Aisha for the last two posts; they have been so encouraging! Last week brought a night of panic and fear about me finding an income and a place to live but dear Lin encouraged me to lighten up on myself as it was most likely jet lag… by morning I was regrouping and grounding 🙂

    This weekend felt so natural yet I want to share how profound the simplicity of it may be. On Thursday my son arrived here at my daughter’s with their Dad. He (M) and I split up many years ago and he moved to the eastern side of Canada. We’ve met at grads and weddings since but to have us all under the same roof for a quiet weekend, to celebrate his and my son’s birthday was pretty healing for all. My children watched us getting along as if we were comfortable old friends. My daughter’s soon to be ‘ex’ (due to a ‘divorce’ that is in the plans) also watched closely. (My children are 37 and 41.) My grandchildren experienced all this as well and the other two will hear about it when ‘dad’ returns home. M and I even babysat the grandchildren for an hour together. We never thought that day would arrive. Since this was most likely his last trip west it was pretty special!

    M is not well and exists on heavy painkillers and mood controllers. He has aged greatly and somehow I’d like to trust that my presence here changed the entire dynamics of his visit. There was no awkwardness on my part, but a natural strength. This was one week after my return to Canada. I had no conscious idea of this get together when I planned my travel dates. I’m finding that words to express why I found this so profound fail me. I leave it to you to understand.

    I have not experienced any great meditations or insights… yet when I observe the timing of events in my life I am able to see the flow of energy working. When I stop to breath deeply I return to trusting in creating my own future. When I stumble now and then I reach out to my friends here and new ones abroad. I encourage every one to be aware of what may come into your life quietly, with no bells and whistles to announce its arrival. For many of us will experience part of this tsunami of love in such a way. Time for me to prepare to take M to the airport. Another small, but mighty adventure eases to a close. Love, Nancee

    p.s. Dear Otmn… remember that ‘barking christians’ are often motivated by fear. The more love you bring into their midst the louder they’ll bark. Meanwhile love is having its perfect way within. We stand with you… we love you.

    1. So wonderful Nancee ❤

      Me too experienced the same thing when meeting with my ex and wife together with my son, his wife and grandchildren during Easter. It was a very healing day together with a lot of love, light and joy and I saw/feeled my son´s awe at my loving and true behavior. It is very healing for all involved, especially for our children to experience such encounters together.

      I have no doubt that you will organize your life and income at home in Canada 🙂

      Love & light ❤


    2. Dear Nancee, thank you so much for sharing this deeply touching and healing experience, for it will help to send out ripples of light that will touch so many more than just the members of your family! And thank you for sharing these profound words of wisdom, “I encourage every one to be aware of what may come into your life quietly, with no bells and whistles to announce its arrival. For many of us will experience part of this tsunami of love in such a way.”
      From my heart to yours – thank you!
      LOVE, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    3. Its not just the flow of energy working – it IS the natural flow of Love working! In full force (yes, that tsunami of Love as we are all calling it). I get it Nancee. I do. I find that even when I now think of my ex, there is a ‘higher Love’ and I surround him with it. Those who have touched our lives in one way or another are part of us and as we grow, we lift it All Up With Us – as One. In Love. 🙂 And so it spreads like wild fire – in the ring of fire. you are beautiful Nancee ! ❤ mega heart hug to you!
      You mighty adventurer of Love and Light
      Otmn And The Christian Fertilizers ! I was thinking of them too this morning !
      🙂 🙂 🙂

    4. Its not just the flow of energy – it IS that tsunami of Love – in full force! I get it Nancee. I do. I think of my ex and I feel so much Love that I focus it to surround him wherever he is. Same with anyone or any thing I think of – it comes to my feeling heart center. To my ring of fire. And so all those we have touched thru out our lives & who touched our lives are affected.
      The ring of fire.
      Light of the world, shine on me… Love IS the answer…..
      You are beautiful Nancee – you mighty adventurer of Love and Light !
      Otmn And The Mighty Christian Fertilizers! I have been thinking of them too! 🙂

      1. With no disrespect to anyone here/there/anywhere, 1 had a roaring donkey laugh with your “The Mighty Christian Fertilizers!” At times, Breezie, you just purely nail it with one swing!! Thanx for the mid-day pick-me-up. 😀 😀 😀 ❤

        1. hey, I consider myself a Christian. follower and taker in-er-er of the Christ energy. 🙂
          I know what Otmn means though in what he is experiencing. And like the CC’s said, we do need the fertilizer to make things grow so Otmn is surrounded it sounds like – with much growth opportunity!
          ❤ Lin ❤ Otmn

  11. Thank You Dearest Sister & CC’s !….indeed lots of pulsing energy these days….I can really feel it !….always so wonderful to read these updates & give us All a feeling & a sense that truly ‘ Everything is as it should BE ‘….

    Dearest Ponders !….hope you are staying well & also staying calm & relaxed as best as you are able to with this influx of recent energies !…..

    just a quick dip into the pond for now, to share this wonderful recent update message from Suzanne Spooner….these messages, I don’t always connect with, but this one feels ‘Right On’, resonates really well with my HS…HS has chatted many similarities of this to me before & concurs with Pat’s HS as being quite accurate ! This also ties closely into that song I posted from ‘Inyx – Never tear us apart’….as it continues to keep on playing in my mind….especially ~
    I (Creation) I was standing
    You were there
    ” 2 worlds collided ”
    & I keep getting as I mentioned before ‘Slow down…& let the energies catch up’….so that I AM doing….well trying to….spent All weekend wrapped up in my gardens…I’m so sore but in a satisfying way ! For some reason, for several days now I have been feeling like a body-surfer on a huge energy wave, but in a relaxing, & confident way… but what is so very different this time, is that I AM surfing the pre-crest of energy before the wave !….HS repeats….slow down !….k….I’m trying !…& communing with Nature, the gardens, the BEEs & my kitties….always solves most issues for me !

    Earth Love & Celestial Light to You All !…..

    1. Dear Bev, thank you for helping to light up this Pond and this world! “Slow down…& let the energies catch up” – a great advice! I frequently hear this song in my head:

      LOVE, Aisha

    2. Relating here big time! re slow down: I was doing heavy yard work yesterday in the hot sun. I did not listen at first to just go sit and be still. I was ‘yelled at’ to ‘Stop Now’… so I did. and boy!! the energy in my mid section. Like I have had in past when feeling an anxiety attack. though there was zero fear. it was very odd. just heat – well way over heated – and anxious feeling. Interesting that my heart was just fine – its been stronger and stronger. I go up the steep back yard like a kid! Kelly made steps for us our of slate and I take them two at a time now.
      Last night before going to sleep I heard ‘say Yes!’ – Keep saying Yes~!’
      will look at your link later when I get home
      Love u much and thanks for all you Are ❤ Areeza of Full Energy Heart !

      1. ….and nature and kitties cooled me down and grounded me again yesterday too 🙂
        I agree with Alex re Earth – its so cool how Earth is so much better able to support us in our new energy because she got with it first and now that it is settling more in her, it is settling more in us !
        And, since we are free-er now and Spirit is able to assist us on a level ‘playing field’.

  12. Always thanx to Aisha/CCs. Have had migraine for 3 days and twitching head/right index finger. About 8 hours after Aisha+ others saw lightening, saw flash of entire right periphery and then 1 hour later same on left side… then this morning behind me in mirror. Thanx to all in what you brought in (Aisha/Forest Joy/Caroline/Denise/Philip/etc.).

    btw, many thanks to Denise for info on colorful geometric forms 🙂 . Have noticed lately deep embedded learned personality quirks rising to consciousness and being harmlessly released (had forgotten at age 6 thru 8 pretended to be less than smart as pleased my mom; after age 8 forgot 1 was pretending and began to believe it and now know it’s reason for self-sabotage… all interesting choices and no judgment—-1 guesses this info will be helpful to the Akash, at least, 1 hopes).

    1 is very excited for all that is happening and receives great JOY when reading of lovely changes and Blessings occurring for Ponders who post of such happenings. When the changes are less than lovely, 1 sends quiet healing Love JOY. Speaking of, the JOY had subsided for awhile, but is back in full force. Am sooo very excited for the changes occurring for Mother/humanity—-it’s thrilling to be a part of the transformation and to be helpful. There must be a reason 1 is implanted in L.A. even though tried many times to leave. Maybe 1 is working with the other L.A. Ponders to bring about Loving change (and Trees?). 1 wishes you All Continued Blessings and absolute Love. Thrilling!!!!! ❤ 😀

    p.s. 1 thinks often of Monica in Vermont—LOVE that part of the country. So beautiful!!!… and glad the chemtrails are gone!

    1. Dear Lin! Thank you for adding so much bright light to this, and thank you for sharing your insights! This is truly a time for deep transformation for so many, and I agree – what a joy it is to be allowed to witness all of these changes 🙂
      LOVE, light and blessinsg back to you from me and my wonderful neighbours the trees!
      Aisha ❤

    2. wand tapings Lin! with soothing energies to rain upon your head. My eyes have had pain on and off. As we keep saying ‘this too shall pass’.
      holding u in Love and Light , Glory Days !! ❤

    3. I was just thinking of you too, in L.A.!
      I AM, WE ARE…transcending, lighting, interweaving…while I too have seen a few trails as well, I focus on PEACE, noticing the feelings as they move through, refocusing on peace…that surpasses our human understandings…peacefully inviting this State of Grace to remain within, amidst all the changes and cleansings within and without.
      <3, <3, ❤ Monica embracing us all in love, light and our heavenly cloak swathing Mama Earth.

  13. Thank you for this message!

    I can only say that my feeling about what happened this weekend was more than a common cold. I still go around in a haze wondering what is what. But who cares as one of my grandchildren say 😉 Hope I will come into balance by the end of the week when they come to stay with me for a while – all by themselves 🙂

    Love & light ❤


    1. Dear B, I do believe you are right! The signals the body sends us are not telling the whole story, so thank you for allowing yourself to be a part of this “collective effort”. And I am sure that by the time your grandchildren arrive, you will be all set to have a wonderful time together 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  14. Just getting caught up here…. Have yet to read this update.
    Electrified Love Light Energy from you all — Like I needed more !! 🙂
    Buzzing yes and holding hands with All thru It ! Awesome-us !
    “To just Be Present in every moment..in every feeling..To not deny a y part of who I am in each and every moment without so much ‘thinking’ more of a ‘feeling’ a registration of the constant flow of energy as it dance in and out of the reality I am exploring within and all arround me..One Whole..
    Heart-Felt Love Energy” –mimmi said this on June 8, 2014 at 13:26 |
    Love this mimmi and it explains well this new energty ‘dance’.
    I’ll be back ;0 ❤

    1. LOVE, light and gratitude to you, dear Areeza! Thank you for shining your “awesome” light in this circle of ” Awesome-us !”
      Aisha ❤

  15. I’ve also been cleaning my house like crazy this morning, 🙂 including organizing my paperwork and bills. 🙂

    1. Ha ha – I do not know many times I have been cleaning the house like mad just before or after one of these intense shifts. We even “had to” wash the walls once or twice 😉
      Aisha ❤

  16. Dear Aisha,

    It’s funny, because a couple of hours ago, I did think of The Gathering, as in that I was thinking that I would like to have one, and was it already that time again? No it wasn’t, but I was wanting one.
    Also I had a reallY DEEP meditation yesterday, also I had one again, just now. In the one I just had, I first was straight away being sucked down to Gaia, it felt like a deep grounding, immense. I also went to the Pond where I found Mother Earth.

    Also I couldn’t sleep at all last night, after I meditated in bed at around 23:00 hrs.

    Love, JJ

    1. Dear JJ! Thank you for sharing this wonderful confirmation, I had a strong feeling you were a “conscious” part in this and would be able to share some of what you had experienced during these last 24 hours or so.
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. I love you so, Aisha!

        AH and I later on came to the Pond. You guys carried us to the Pond for healing… Thank you.

        Hugs, JJ ❤️

  17. Hello and thanks a lot for the message once again!

    It has been very turbulent for the last weeks and I am grounding myself as much as I can. For me the turbulence has been going on for years and that’s why I could not do any normal work for some years. Of course that’s how you run out of money.

    Now my friend invited me to Bali where I would have a place to stay for some time. Just a thought of it makes everything feel alive. Though I need money for the plane ticket and some for use. I thought I’d ask if anyone would know a way to get funding for my jump into new and unknown? I am planning to get going by the end of the month.

    With love and gratitude, Kalle 🙂

    1. Hi, Kalle, with the revaluation of the currencies expected to occur soon, once that happens people will be able to help with your move.

    2. Dear Kalle! Perhaps you can find inspiration from reading what Nancee has shared from her wonderful adventure in Australia? She had little plans beforehand, but by following her heart and opening herself to receive she found places to stay, new friends and help everywhere she went :-).
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    3. “Often the best deals are offered directly by airline websites. In some cases you sign-up with the airline and they notify you via email of hugely-restricted but incredibly cheap specials a few days before the flight.

      These include American, United, Continental, Northwest, Southwest (the U.S. low-fare and efficiency leader), U.S. Airways, TWA, Delta, Alaska, Canadian, Carnival, and Cathay Pacific (which periodically auctions–with minimum bid–several hundred seats on New York and Los Angeles to Hong Kong runs.)”

    4. Charter Flights

      “Charter companies lease an airplane for a certain date and route, say New York to Paris, and then try to sell the seats. Usually they charge a low price (which may go lower as flight time approaches and seats remain unsold), and do not require advance purchase. However, if they don’t sell enough seats to make money, the flight may be canceled at the last minute. Other airlines have no obligation to honor your ticket, and it may take a few days to get your money back.

      Reputable charter companies hold your money in escrow until the flight. Some charter companies are well-established and fly regularly. These include Council Travel, Martin Air, Lauda, and Tower.”

    5. Cheers guys! Aisha, where can I find that story? The whole idea of going raises up so much things within. It’s basically letting go of soooo many thing and certanties. But as I said before I get my heart beating and makes me feel alive. I’ve now had this chance to go for few months but I had to stop and wait, not rush into it. After forgetting it, It came back again and got me excited again. Now I am on the edge to make a deciosion, meaning to get the tickets. I come up with questions like vaccinations and so on and they make me feel like my body shrinks and covers itself.

      Lately after being able to ground myself better I have experienced the brilliance of my body. Here I can see how this possibility gives me a change to let go of so many old thoughts. after all I feel like this chance is something important, something that I want to see and am very curious about. As it was said in some earlier messages from you Aisha, follow your curiousity! Thank you so much for your work and effort to keep up this blog, for it has been a huge support in many situation for me!

      I just felt like sharing this with you….with people who understand the challenges without having to explain everything from the start.

      I am witnessing how sunlight comes between the clouds after I meditated and now by writing this it just gets brighter!

      So let it pour to each and every one of US!

      Thank you and have a nice day! 🙂

        1. Tack so mycket B! Det är alltid rolig att läsa på dina svaror! Det är också roligt att skriva på svenska. Jag är förbluffad hur mycket jag kan fortfarande komma ihåg svenska, även om jag har inte anväde det för många år. Jag tycker det! 🙂

      1. Dear Kalle, thank you for sharing your story! So wonderful to hear that you have gotten a much closer connection to your body and that you have a sense of excitement about the future 🙂 As you say, this would be a big change for you, but as always your heart will show you the way 🙂 Nancee has shared several of her adventures from her journey to Australia here on the blog, I have picked out a few for you that perhaps ca be of inspiration to you 😉




        LOVE, Aisha

  18. Hello everyone.
    This is my 50th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Hikaru Utada – Automatic (Released Date : Dec.09, 1998)

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  19. Real Truth.
    And,certainly, no-one need feel left behind because when this ever widening tsuami of love widens and deepens it will envelope and carry everyone with it!
    Love and light Phil.

  20. I don’t know how are you all are feeling but what about me: I never before laughed so often and wept so much, sometime at once…
    If this is some sign of influence the energies have on us…well…I accept it totally. The last decade or so I felt the age began to make me very…not insensible exactly… but

    1. Dear Maria!

      I know what you are talking about. I just can say that during the last year the surface of the desk almost worn away because of all crying of joy and love in front of computer 😉

      Love & light to you ❤


  21. Yep, this is what I was referring to… ❤ ❤ ❤ this 'body' and essence is in 'embodying' it all mode… see you ALL when the 'time' is right. True Self… no words…

    Philip ❤ ❤ ❤

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