A short update on the energies

Dear friends!

This weekend has been off the scale energetically, and many have already reported experiencing some major downloads and transformations. If you have not done so yet, I think you will find it both uplifting and enlightening to read the comments posted under the previous update.

Here is the update from The CCs:

You have by now accomplished something that few would have thought possible only a short while back, and the reason for that, is that this took more than the co-operation of a few shining souls such as the ones you connect with on a daily basis in this sheltered little Pond. For what we refer to this time, is indeed an event of truly magnificent proportions, one that involves groups such as yours in all locations around this globe.

Let us explain. You have perhaps heard the term “tsunami of love” mentioned lately, and this is indeed an apt description for what you are taking part in. For you are truly part of this tsunami, an intimate link between your world and this oncoming wave of blessed light that together will ensure that no stone will be left unturned when this is well and truly over. For as you embody these powerful energies, you are not only helping to anchor them, you are also part and parcel of the combined effects this will have on all of humanity. We speak in lofty terms perhaps, but in this, it is impossible to overstate the importance this event will have for you all. And, as you are all involved in this in some way, it is truly a collective effort that will render you even more intrinsically connected, not just to Source, but to each other.

As we have already touched upon, this also signals the start to your very new roles as true creators, for as your own re-creation has been accomplished to such a degree you can by now safely turn your attention elsewhere. In other words, you will find yourself interacting with others on so many levels now, both directly, but also energetically, as these last couple of days have shown you. And in some instances, what you participate in will not be shown you beforehand, as was the case for what took place only a few hours ago for some of you. Yes, this could in many ways be likened to one of your usual get-togethers that you stage at regular intervals in this space, but this time, you were not given an invitation beforehand. Or rather, you were not given one in the direct form you are usually given, for this was indeed something that was agreed upon beforehand by your higher aspects, and as such this was not something that any of you unwittingly took part in, against your expressed will.

For you will not be “tricked” into doing anything at all, for in this, everything needs to be in full agreement with every single being involved, both on your side of the veil and on ours. And so, even if this may have seemed to come out of the blue for many of you, it was in fact a carefully acted out sequence that was initiated quite a while back. Once again the image of the submerged iceberg comes to hand, for as some of you know, this weekend was indeed a powerful node for several “official” energetic events, if we may use such a word. For many had been given the roles of initiating more or less local or indeed also global gatherings much of the same kind that you also have here, but this time, it was also accompanied by a myriad of other similar events taking place “under the surface” if you will. And so, what took place was indeed truly a mass activation and initiation on such a scale, nothing quite like it has ever taken place before in this part of Creation.

So what may have looked like a personal transformation taking place some time during these last few fays and nights was indeed linked to this truly global event, and even if the images and the information that may have been left as an imprint afterwards will differ greatly, they are all signals of the same crucial activation taking place. For it was indeed a truly global tsunami coming in, and this was not an isolated event, but one that will continue to reverberate far and wide, both in distance and in time. And even if many of you will scratch their heads and say “I have no idea at all to what they are referring to”, know that you also play an important part in all of this. For as we told you only a short week ago, what took place during your very own “local” Gathering was nothing short of miraculous, for then, you helped to put into place this all-important “energetic cloud” that encircles your globe in such a way, events just like the one we have discussed above was finally made possible. So in this everything is indeed connected to everything else, and each and every single being on this planet has now also become intrinsically linked with everyone else. For a great majority, they will not even be aware of it, but for all of you, this will indeed become clearer and clearer as the days and nights ahead start to unfold and tell you all a very new story.

For you have become true creators and you have already stated to create as a group, not just as members of this group of like minded beings gathered around this beautiful Pond of yours, but as members of the new version of the human race, the kind of enlightened beings this planet has never seen the likes of before. And together you will go from strength to strength – literally – as you will serve not only to strengthen the bonds between you, but also between every single one of humanity and with All of creation. For this tsunami of love will never cease, it will simply continue to strenghten and widen and deepen – in every sense of the word and in every part of this world. And as it continues to gather momentum, it will also continue to touch deeper and deeper into every single soul inhabiting this planet.

Again, the reaction to all of this light flooding this planet will be diverse, from a total sense of bliss, joy and anticipation to an at times unbearable sense of confusion, fear and bewilderment. For in those still set on sidestepping the light in any way they can, desperation will likely ensue as they see fewer and fewer dark corners in which to hide, and so, they will perhaps react in ways that may seem to be more than a little blown out of proportion. Again, if you choose to focus on these individuals, you might be tempted to think that your world will be falling apart, but then you would simply be picking up the constant signals of distress that this small group will continue to broadcast 24/7.

But if you shift your focus, you cannot help but be flooded with all the light that is already here, and this is indeed simply a small taste of what you have in store. For as your abilities to perceive this brand new level of vibration continue to develop, you will literally start to see, feel, and taste this truly tremendous change within every single particle of your being, and you will find yourself literally humming to this brand new tune of love, a tune that will never go out of fashion, nor become tedious to any of you. For this tune, this song of heavenly light will only continue to make you grow more and more in tune with All of creation, and most of all, it will make you become more and more entuned to you wondrous home, this planet, this cornucopia of wonders that you have yet to fully savour and fully explore. For now, this paradisaical planet of your dreams lies before you, ready to be embraced with All that you are and with every single aspect of your being. And together, you will all make sure that this paradise will get all of the loving care that it needs in order to be fully re-established as the true paradise it was meant to be – for all.

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  1. my most christian relatives just got their car crashed and totaled out on the west side freeway in the approach to Portland, Oregon
    they are not hurt much.
    i hope they can use thhis experience to pull their heads out of the fertilizer dispenser.
    we will see

    1. maybe they did need a jolt and I bet something did come out of their dispensers! Glad they are OK

    2. oh! wow. it’s not fun to learn the hard way. hope it doesn’t have to continue—for them/anyone.

      again, Breezie, your sense of (dark) humor made me laugh. such silly goofiness this game is. xox to you both. ❤

  2. Full Moon Gateway – 6/10/2014

    “Have you noticed how much you have shifted? I shared on Facebook how we have moved further into being Ascended Masters on Earth. As part of our mastery, we have moved from a protective space to being in our Power wherever we are; no matter who we’re with or where. You see, we have anchored much of the higher energies and so are quite strong in our Presence. In the recent past, it has been important to protect our space as we were quite sensitive and vulnerable. And our Sensitivity grows, except that it is strong and not ego-based. The New Sensitivity is about being strong and aware and being profoundly guided by our Souls; our Hearts fully engaged. The New Sensitivity is not weak at all. Please know, however, that because we each are on our own timeline, wherever you are is perfect for you. Let go of any comparisons and know I speak in general terms, as guided.

    “While we have definitely moved into another new space, we are getting ready for yet another big leap with the Full Moon in a few days (June 12 at 10:11p.m MDT). To add even more Power to this Gateway, we will be receiving two large solar flares, which always adds more energy to anything. These erupted today and will reach us just in time for the Full Moon. So prepare for more shifting and more Light. Our Third Eyes will especially be affected, so perhaps you will notice more Light shows with more phenomena such as shapes, colors and an increase of Intuition. For many, the Veil is extremely thin or not there at all. This is the Veil that separates the 3rd Dimension from higher dimensions.

    “Energies have increasingly become more powerful and intense, especially since the Spring Equinox and we’re not done yet. This Full Moon will prepare us for the upcoming Summer Solstice, which will be an amazing and powerful upgrade of Light from our Galactic Sun empowered through our own sun. As you might have noticed, our physical bodies have and will continue to be affected as whenever we shift mentally, emotionally and spiritually, our physical bodies must shift as well, as there is no separation between our bodies. As we rise in consciousness our bodies then work hard to match. We also are releasing toxins that have accumulated for eons, and this is why it is so important to listen to what your body needs in any given moment.

    “Many of you feel the upcoming intensity before it occurs as what you may label as anxiety or nervousness. And yet, it isn’t that at all. It simply is our bodies preparing for a major download of Light. There is also some sense of something big about to happen. And when we are in it, often we experience the old “Ascension symptoms,” such as strange sleep patterns, dietary shifts, aches and pains, headaches, etc. This simply is our physical body adjusting and preparing, so don’t get attached to the symptoms, but flow with them in a dispassionate way…”

    1. Ah.. Much of what I have been experiencing! Thank you! Now I have more understanding. Glad to hear good things to come over the solstice. I have a need to know about those positive movements. All is right and as it should be. At least I keep telling myself that. 😉
      ❤ Denise

  3. Great news from GaiaPortal:


    Prescience of mind is paramount as Gaia enters rapid ascension phase.

    Excesses are released, on all levels, as Hue-manity expands into fullness of purpose.

    Severance of expired paradigm structures proceeds.

    Illumination of Inner Structures, in full progress.


    Maybe this is why my cells are singing and dancing!! Love to ALL, Caroline

  4. Wanted to let everyone know that today there were two X-class flares emitted by our blessed sun Sabaoth at an hour interval starting at 7:42am. I was awoken from a deep sleep by spirit yelling in my head “hey, hey, hey” LOL…yes dear sun, I hear you! Ride the wave today my friends! Loving this leveling up! 🙂 Alex

    1. Another one? Oh boy – I try to just crawl right up after last round 😉 Notes gratefully that I still have the ability to laugh at it all 😉

      Love ❤


    2. Have the double X flare neck migraine – -but there is something different about it today. As if my cells are jumping around singing and dancing. Going back out to plant my feet in the ground. Really helps with the pain. Thanks Alex!
      Big, loving hug to you…. 🙂 Caroline

      1. same affect here. and it was much more manageable.
        I saw us all floating last night like a ‘Mobile’ — those things attached to a string – like above a child’s crib. It was very cool. we were flashing colors
        Happy planting ! ❤

  5. feels like starseed busting out all over (thinking of the song: “June Is Busting Out All Over” 🙂 )
    Took what seemed like a long time to bloom – but never mind that because now it seems like a whole linked up process of seeding to birthing

    1. ♪ ♫ “Happy Birthday to us …” ♪ ♫
      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. ~ vibrating at the same rate that the rose is. taste the fruit. see azure blue & embrace all.~ happy birthday to all. •*¨*❤

  6. As I’ve read through all the comment (good suggestion), I find that my own experience is clarified, thank you!

    This weekend it’s as if all my relationships reached a resolution which happened quite organically and effortlessly. not till today, upon reflection, do I see the bigger picture.

    man!, we really ARE doing this !

    The cool thing is I’m still in the same place with the same people (for now) it’s just that we have a deep, unspoken understanding…the battle is over…

    1. “The cool thing is I’m still in the same place with the same people (for now) it’s just that we have a deep, unspoken understanding…the battle is over…”
      What an amazing transformation and what a powerful confirmation. dear allisfaith! Yes, we really ARE doing this 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  7. I had a dream this weekend that we were all at this buffet and each bowl contained a different kind of light. I was told to drink from the Jesus/Christ consciousness bowl. there were all kinds of light on the buffet pink, platinum, gold, blue….each person partook in the life stream they were a part of…

  8. guided to share:
    “We are all made of stardust. It sounds like a line from a poem, but there is some solid science behind this statement too: almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star.

    Next time you’re out gazing at stars twinkling in the night sky, spare a thought for the tumultuous reactions they play host to. It’s easy to forget that stars owe their light to the energy released by nuclear fusion reactions at their cores. These are the very same reactions which created chemical elements like carbon or iron – the building blocks which make up the world around us.”
    from: http://www.livescience.com/32828-humans-really-made-stars.html
    “We are a way for the universe to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star stuff,” Sagan famously stated in one episode.

    His statement sums up the fact that the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as atoms of all other heavy elements, were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago. Because humans and every other animal as well as most of the matter on Earth contain these elements, we are literally made of star stuff, said Chris Impey, professor of astronomy at the University of Arizona.
    All organic matter containing carbon was produced originally in stars.”
    From: http://www.physicscentral.com/explore/poster-stardust.cfm
    “Since stardust atoms are the heavier elements, the percentage of star mass in our body is much more impressive. Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water. The human body is about 60% water and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass. Even though water consists of two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen, hydrogen has much less mass. We can conclude that 93% of the mass in our body is stardust. Just think, long ago someone may have wished upon a star that you are made of.”

    and….The opening line from the play, “The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds” 1964.
    Tillie: “He told me to look at my hand, for a part of it came from a star that exploded too long ago to imagine. This part of me was formed from a tongue of fire that screamed through the heavens until there was our sun. and this part of me–this tiny part of me — was on the Sun when it itself exploded and whirled in a great storm until the planets came to be.”

  9. Hereby I’m deciding for LIFE. I AM the Resurrection and the life. I AM the Ascension into Light.

    Yesterday (Monday) I wrote in my Word document (diary): today I will use to my thoughts and feelings to understand and make them understandable.
    In my mind, someone sings: ♪ ♫ “Good luck and many blessings in all your ways…” ♪ ♫ (German birthday song, but it’s not my physical birthday.)
    Since yesterday, I know that I defy death – after I got over the fear. I think this belongs to the ascending. (That’s why a redirection passing 4 D was shown me one night.)

    In the night from Sunday to Monday, I had a very special experience.
    I saw a beingness, I think it was the beingness of ‚Death’. I told him that I mean no harm to him, but I choose for life.
    The being was strangely familiar, although I had not seen it a very long time. It looked very, very old, in 3-D I would have respected him a 100th man.
    First of all, I was a bit anxious, but only slightly. The entity was black in the background and inside white, but half transparent. He looked at me very calm.
    I have very friendly, loving feelings for this being, as well as I had for my shadow I had met once at night and I said to him:
    „Dear Death, I want you no harm. You have always helped me to finish my linear life incarnations and return to the universe and I thank you for that.
    But now I want to go the other way, the path of ascension and so I no longer need your services because I found out that I Am THE LIFE.”
    It’s like I would have passed a dear friend, because now we go our separate ways. But a little melancholy is also there.

    Today (Tuesday) I was thinking of all the drawings, I had painted in all the years of: 3 ways – I decided the highest, supreme way of archway in the higher levels – now I went through it and was in the light. I Am in the Light!!

    I Am the Resurrection and the Life – I Am the Ascension into the Light.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Hiermit entscheide Ich Mich für das LEBEN. ICH BIN die Auferstehung und das Leben. Ich Bin der Aufstieg ins Licht.

    Gestern (Montag) schrieb Ich in mein Word–Dokument (Tagebuch): Den heutigen Tag werde Ich nutzen um meine Gedanken und Gefühle zu verstehen und verständlich zu machen.
    In meinem Kopf singt jemand: ♪ ♫ „Viel Glück und viel Segen auf all deinen Wegen …“♪ ♫ (Geburtstagslied, aber es ist nicht mein physischer Geburtstag.)
    Seit gestern weiß Ich dass Ich – nachdem Ich die Angst überwunden habe – auch den Tod überwinde. Ich denke das gehört zum Aufstieg. (Deshalb wurde mir eines nachts die Umleitung an 4–D vorbei gezeigt.)

    In der Nacht von Sonntag auf Montag hatte Ich ein sehr besonderes Erlebnis.
    Ich sah ein Wesen, es war wohl die Wesenheit ‚Tod’. Ich sagte ihm dass Ich ihm nichts Böses will, aber Ich entscheide mich für das Leben.
    Das Wesen war mir seltsam vertraut, obwohl Ich es wohl sehr lange nicht mehr gesehen hatte. Es sah sehr, sehr alt aus, in 3–D hätte Ich ihn auf einen 100jährigen Mann geschätzt.
    Zuallererst war Ich ein bisschen ängstlich, aber nur wenig. Die Wesenheit war im Hintergrund schwarz und innen weiß, dabei aber halb durchsichtig. Er schaute mich ganz ruhig an.
    Ich habe sehr freundschaftliche, liebevolle Gefühle für dieses Wesen, ebenso wie Ich für meinen Schatten hatte den Ich nachts einmal traf und Ich sagt zu ihm:
    „Lieber Tod, Ich will Dir nichts Böses. Du hast mir in all meinen linearen Leben immer geholfen die Inkarnation zu beenden und wieder ins Universum zurückzukehren und dafür danke Ich Dir.
    Jetzt aber will Ich den anderen Weg gehen, den Weg des Aufstiegs und deshalb benötige Ich Deine Dienste nicht mehr denn Ich fand heraus dass Ich DAS LEBEN Bin.“
    Es ist so als hätte Ich mich von einem lieben Freund verabschiedet, denn jetzt gehen wir getrennte Wege. Ein bisschen Wehmut ist aber auch dabei.

    Ich Bin die Auferstehung und das Leben – Ich Bin der Aufstieg in das Licht – erst jetzt weiß Ich was dieser Satz von Jeshua und St. Germain wirklich bedeutet.

    Heute (Dienstag) dachte Ich an all die Zeichnungen die Ich in all den Jahren gemalt hatte: von 3 Wegen – Ich entschied mich für den höchsten, obersten Weg, von Torbogen in die höheren Ebenen – jetzt ging Ich hindurch und war im Licht. Ich Bin im Licht !!!!!

    ICH BIN die Auferstehung und das Leben – Ich Bin der Aufstieg ins Licht.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. Mistake: The word that I wanted is NOT to ‘defy’
      (the translation machine made this and I didn’t notice it).
      I wanted to OVERCOME death.

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. I want to say that this special experience was very, very beautiful, it was soft and kind, I really feel blessed.

        Ich möchte sagen, dass dieses besondere Erlebnis sehr, sehr schön war, es war sanft und freundlich, ich fühle mich gesegnet.

        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. BEAUTIFUL! Makes me wonder how we will help others understand that death is nothing to fear. Love to you, Bixie! 🙂

      1. There is so much love ❤

        I feel only love and gratitude for this entity.
        And a little bit melancholy because of the good bye.

        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      2. Dear Caroline,
        How many times in this life time have you looked into Gods face and said, I have more to do.
        I have died many times in this time line and keep coming back. We have that choice. Free will.
        I watch the Long Island medium and she connects folks to their departed family members to bridge the gap in understanding, that we are never separated even unto death. They are always happy on the other side and that they see there loved one lives everyday.
        This will smooth over the ingrained fear of death.

        1. Dear Michael,
          Actually – 3 times in this timeline. Four, if I count the time I consciously chose, “nope – not yet – I’m not finished with Gaia and my dog” when presented with an exit point early last year and landed hardly back into my physical body. I think, sometimes, you misunderstand my comments. That’s OK. When our telepathic and telempathic heart-linked abilities come fully online – which they are beginning to do with many of us, there will be no room for confusion! 🙂 🙂 🙂
          Much love to you!

          1. Much apologies for not “groking” your heart Caroline.
            Sorry I’m to much into the thinking mind instead of the feeling heart.
            Reading over the words I wrote they sound like a dog barking, again sorry.
            We may have many more telepathic communications in the future, sounds wonderful. 🙂

            Love and Light,

            1. Don’t apologize, Michael! This is how we are learning! It’s a very good thing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. I feel like burying my feet lately! anyone else ? I know some have spoken of walking barefoot. I feel like really planting them in the ground. wanting to absorb mother earth conscious energy in thru the bottom of my feet on up. This comes to me often. so, when I cant actually do it, I imagine it. That old shaman in me is surfacing too. I was known as “Stands In Her Truth” – the pre Eskimo lifetime.
    The tones I hear are fast and steady. in both ears. higher pitch in right ear. They are pleasant. I was thinking of how ‘the trumpet will sound’ as stated in the bible. hmm

    1. Dear Areeza, I can so relate to this, both the sounds in the ears and the pull towards “digging myself down” 🙂 I am also very drawn to water, I have to touch it whenever I come across it out in the forest.
      Aisha ❤

    2. you are most welcome to immerse your naked body in my spring.
      Well, actually, my grandfather dug it out in order to water his cows and horses, nowadays, i just use it to raise frogs.
      come let your shamanic spirit meet my springwater spirit
      you never once thought that i could be me
      all by myself

      of course not

  11. BEAUTIFUL! ASTONISHING! BRILLIANT! And PERFECTLY aligned with my own recent experiences (of course)! These other two messages were published today which FULLY support this one, btw, both published by wonderful people (I know personally, though only on the ‘etheric’ level at this point in space-time, lol): http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/10/mother-mary-via-fran-zepeda-you-are-the-harbingers-of-love-and-light/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=mother-mary-via-fran-zepeda-you-are-the-harbingers-of-love-and-light AND http://www.melinelafont.com/#!Master-El-Morya-The-leveling-up-of-the-Human-Collective-is-in-acceleration-speed/c112t/3AFD0CAB-1ACF-4637-859B-77D73ADA33FF

    I hope you all en-JOY your own personal metamorphosis into Cosmic Rainbow Creators as much as I AM — and plan to even more as we ‘savour and explore’ this New World we’ve already collectively co-created. . . 🙂

    1. Dear waverider, thank you for sharing these two beautiful messages! And thank you for lending a hand – and your soul – to this amazing process 🙂
      Aisha ❤

      1. Again, you’re very welcome. Just doin’ my job here, lovely shiny lady, completing the Mission I came here to see through – to The End . . . which is, of course, our Grand New BEGINNING! 🙂

  12. You are more than welcome Bixie, my daughter called me Ticiana when she was a child 🙂 so thank you ❤

  13. Some information for you that I send to some of my friends.——————————————————————The metaphysical meaning of the word Holy Blue is explained by the attached graphic and accompanying comments below.

  14. Dear Breeze, Monica, Ticiana,

    thank you so much for your understanding.
    Your words complete me my words ❤


      1. ❤︎ ~My body, vibrate faster, now you can go into pure light and pure thought” As I thought „that feels very nice” someone said, “beautiful”.
        It feels really very wonderful. And I’m also aware that I with the statement „swing slower” can transform down in 3-D again.
        I Am the Resurrection and the Life – I Am the Ascension into the Light.”~ ❤︎ beautiful so be it ❤︎ thank you beautiful magical pixie, tomo

  15. Dear friends at the pond, I have tried for 2 days to write posts to describe my experiences, but I can not. The words just can not really describe what I mean – not even in my mother tongue. It feels so fulfilled but to put into words it sounds so empty.

    Since a long time I always read in „The White Book” by Ramtha but just yesterday I found this part – I’m probably just now really ready for it:
    (Previously, I passed a loved, familiar, very old friend who had been so kind to allow me to withdraw from my linear incarnations.)
    Ramtha says in his „White Book” in CHAPTER SEVEN „Death or Ascension“:
    „Those who have ascended this plane have mastered the ultimate, which is death.
    They have learned how to raise, through the power of their thought, the vibratory frequency of the body’s molecular structures to the point where the body is taken with them into a light existence, thus forever bypassing death.
    Then you can do or become anything through thought.
    You can take your thought, concentrate it on the body, and command the body to vibrate faster. The body will then elevate towards the ideal that the thought holds steadfast for it.
    The whole of the body will begin to vibrate at a greater rate of speed. As it does so, the temperature of the body will rise and the body will begin to take on a glow. As it continues to vibrate faster, the matter of the body will go into pure light and then into pure thought.
    Then that which was seen is seen no longer.“

    My words to this are:
    „My body, vibrate faster, now you can go into pure light and pure thought”
    As I thought „that feels very nice” someone said, “beautiful”.
    It feels really very wonderful. And I’m also aware that I with the statement „swing slower” can transform down in 3-D again.
    I Am the Resurrection and the Life – I Am the Ascension into the Light.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Liebe Freunde am Teich, Ich versuche seit 2 Tagen Postings zu schreiben, meine Erlebnisse zu beschreiben, aber Ich kann es nicht. Die Worte können einfach nicht wirklich beschreiben was Ich meine – auch nicht in meiner Muttersprache. Es fühlt sich so erfüllt an aber in Worte gefasst klingt es so leer.

    Seit längerer Zeit lese Ich immer in dem Buch „Das Weiße Buch“ von Ramtha, aber erst gestern fand Ich diesen Teil – Bin wohl erst jetzt wirklich bereit dafür:
    (Zuvor habe Ich noch einen lieben, vertrauten, sehr alten Freund verabschiedet der so freundlich gewesen war mir den Ausstieg aus meinen linearen Inkarnationen zu ermöglichen.)
    Ramtha sagt in seinem Buch in KAPITEL SIEBEN „Tod oder Auferstehung”:
    „Diejenigen, die von dieser Ebene aufgestiegen sind, haben das Äußerste, nämlich den Tod, gemeistert.
    Sie haben gelernt, durch die Kraft ihrer Gedanken die Schwingungsfrequenz der Molekularstruktur des Körpers so zu erhöhen, dass der Körper sich mit ihnen ins Licht erhebt und auf ewig den Tod überwindet. Dann könnt ihr alles durch Gedanken tun oder werden. Ihr könnt euer Denken benutzen, es auf den Körper konzentrieren und dem Körper befehlen, schneller zu schwingen. Der Körper wird sich dann zu dem Ideal erheben, das die Gedanken ihm beständig vorhalten. Der gesamte Körper wird beginnen, schneller zu schwingen. Gleichzeitig wird die Körpertemperatur ansteigen und der Körper beginnen zu leuchten.
    Und während er immer schneller vibriert, wird sich die Materie des Körpers in reines Licht verwandeln und schließlich in reines Denken. Dann wird das ursprünglich Sichtbare unsichtbar.“

    Meine Worte dazu sind:
    „Mein Körper, schwinge schneller, verwandele Dich jetzt in reines Licht und reines Denken“
    Als Ich dachte „das fühlt sich aber schön an“ sagte jemand: „beautiful“.
    Es fühlt sich wirklich wundervoll an. Und mir ist auch bewusst dass Ich mit der Anweisung „schwinge langsamer“ wieder in 3–D herunter transformieren kann.
    ICH BIN die Auferstehung und das Leben – Ich Bin der Aufstieg ins Licht.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM, I think, I feel

    1. “I Am the Resurrection and the Life – I Am the Ascension into the Light.”
      I think you have said and expressed it perfectly ❤

    2. Beautifully written Bixie~ You have illuminated a metaphysical process with these words, this Light coming in, and beaming out…kinda like fireflies we see this time of year in New England. Our very own selves being able to glimmer in and out of physical manifestation.
      Hmmm, I love all the sharings here, they help…the dreams and meditations shared across the living web. ❤ Monica

      1. Love the firefly metaphor, Monica!!! Ours will begin shining their brilliant lights in northern Ohio in a few weeks. Watching them always makes my heart sing!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Sorry, correction! The Tsunami Of love webcast was on the 8th of June…..today is the 10th and I feel really spacey. I apologize ❤

  17. Dear Aisha, dear All
    The last gathering around the Pond was very different, more profound and I was completely in joy for few days after.
    Then on the 10th (a day after this message) I’ve participated to a Tsunami of Love webcast with Linda Dillon, that opened my heart ever more. So reading this message today is mind blowing! I’ve never felt so connected with the Divine Mother and I’m happy to say that I’ve never felt so connected with MYSELF! I felt a really strong push to share this with you all. For all the people that would like to see and experience the video, you can still do, going to Linda Dillon’s website and buy it for only $22. It seams that there is a strong connection with the CC and the Tsunami of Love and this is the reason why I’m sharing this information here.
    In Love and Light

    1. Dear Tiziana, “I’ve never felt so connected with the Divine Mother and I’m happy to say that I’ve never felt so connected with MYSELF!” – what a wonderful space to BE in! Thank you for sharing this 🙂
      Aisha ❤

    2. Tiziana, I also listened in to the Linda Dillion program with the divine mother and it was EXTREMELY powerful! So glad you were blessed to be there as well! Hugs! alex

      1. Dear Alex, I was hoping that someone in this group attended the Tsunami webcast. It makes me feel so happy!! It was very powerful and still is.
        Thank you so much for letting me know. Love and Blessings to you ❤

  18. Dear Bond members, I have not been active here ( last bond meeting was a first gathering with you) but I feel that I need to share this with you if you might find it helpful.

    Something so powerful and blissful happened when I listened this high heart activation yesterday that I find difficult to find words. Tsunami of love describes it well. Very powerful love filled me inside out and it was so sweet, so tender and powerful in the same time.
    TSUNAMI of love, indeed <3, it is really here and changes are accelerating!

    Love. Tina

    1. Dear Tina, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for sharing your story and this meditation, and thank you for bringing your light here!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  19. Had another incredible meditatation last night. Started it at 3:13. Normally I can’t sit cross-legged for very long, because there is too much tension in my right leg (my whole right side is tense). I had done a cross-legged med earlier in the evening though, and it was quite painful, but I hung on, and tension was released. At 3:13 I meditated for 1,5 hrs, sitting cross-legged the whole time. It was a very deep med, I can’t even remember if anything “happened”. I then went to bed and a whole lot of “stuff” was released or downloaded, or both at the same time. It was very amazing.
    This morning there was a beautiful display of feathery “angel-clouds” in the blue sky. It was quite a spectacle! The air outside feels and smells like holiday, fresh and clear.

    Love, JJ

    1. Dear JJ!

      I enjoy reading about all that happens in you and others now – so amazing 🙂 For myself I cling to what CCs say “nothing can go wrong now” because sometimes I wonder if something went wrong in my transformation. I still miss the joy and lovely feelings that I had earlier but don´t complain too much. I harvest and prepare nature’s abundance right now and can stand to just BE a little while longer, even if I feel uninspired and my brain is still on vacation 😉

      Love & light ❤


        1. Tack Aisha! Den behövde jag verkligen ❤

          Jag är bara så trött på allt just nu. Saknar mig själv för en vecka sedan 😉 Men jag förmodar det är "the Cave before the Wave" som Sandra Walter benämner det i sin länk (tack LIN!)

          Jag uppskattar verkligen ditt stöd Aisha ❤

          STOR kram ❤


          1. Dear B! This is such a period of monumental changes for us all, and a feeling of joy and bliss can suddenly be transformed to a feeling of “blah” – and vice versa. Like JJ says, nothing is “wrong” for any of us, even when it feels like everything is! I am so glad we are in this together, it makes those “blah” days much, much easier to get through 🙂
            Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

            1. I suppose/know you are right dear Aisha 😉

              It just felt like everything I have achieved to date just disappeared over the weekend and left a huge void.

              Albeit I grumble over all channelings whistling past all the time, I must admit that the messages from Mother Mary felt uplifting tonight.

              Love & light ❤


      1. I sense nothing “wrong” with your transformation, quite the opposite!
        You shine, B!
        I don’t always feel “right” myself. All part of the process, however challenging it is. We keep lifting each other up here at the Pond. 😀😃😄

        Love, JJ

        1. Yes – isn´t it surprising that we’re doing anyway – without holiday cover? ;))) I wonder if the union has comments …..;)

          Much love and joy to you allisfaith ❤


      2. JJ writes that it smells like holiday outside. Over here (in Holland) I’ve noticed this too. And have been commenting to my husband for weeks now about the liveliness of our garden. Plants, that should have reached a height of 1 meter are now way over my head, at 2 1/2 m. and still growing. It’s quite extraordinary–they all seem so happy, as the birds seem to be.

        1. Yes it is an almost sacred atmosphere outdoors these days. Very calm and silent and the birds are drawing my attention a lot more than before. They are singing directly to me and looking at me as well 😉 The greenery is really most intense now and there are always flowers in my hands when I return from my walks, Really so much to be grateful for 🙂

          Much love & light to you Annemieke ❤


    2. Good for you!!! I decide to be just with my yoga and meditation since last year, from the beginner of this year I´m doing two times a day of 1:30 hours, and having been amazing!!!

        1. I love this Pond!!! I´m here everyday for looking for new informations. Once I was called of:::
          澱 – yodo meaning pool(in river)
          I love you, love your work….

    3. wonderful JJ! happy in your happiness with you – Love, A
      someone mentioned sweating – I think it was Monica.
      I have had this at night. I don’t think it is the change – the human woman change that is. especially around my neck and upper chest. I feel when it happens there is or was an intensity of energy. Feels good as does most things these days 🙂 I like how u said it Monica – like a soft misty dew. We are all relating so much to natures ways. Its spectacular!

  20. I almost forgot to share this–after saturday night having the cockroach dream about releasing the last vestiges of density that are holding me back…

    I had another bug dream last night where this pillow I have that I usually sleep with between my legs, which is bright white, I looked down at it and it had what I thought were white ants on it–they didn’t quite look like termites, but white ants moving around, the size of carpenter ants, quite big and then I picked up the pillow and shook it and it became transparent and the tiny round beads inside it turned into all different shapes and sizes, some stars, some squares, all different geometric shapes, but I couldn’t find any ants, look as i might.

    I thought this might be about releasing some of the beliefs and processes that I have used to get me here t hat they were useful, but in this new energy they are simply busy work and are not going to get us any further even though they may have been of the light–thus the white color of the ants and how they were hard to pick up on the pristine white background. When I see through the veil they cease to exist and I can see things morphing into different shapes and I can also see through the illusion…pretty cool but I would like to not have any more bug dreams! LOL

    1. My book “Animal Language” conveys the following information re ants:

      “Cooperation is instructive. My gift to you is to cooperate with others”

      Thanks for sharing!

      Love & light ❤


    2. on a Buddhist mediation retreat, I was out walking and stopped for a long while to view the ants crossing the path. They had such ‘intent, purpose and focus’ – as a group. I put a piece of apple down and they just walked around it. I knew they were teaching me. 🙂

      1. Love watching ants. So similar to bees. They are a superb example of how a conscious collective works together to survive. You’ve got your scouts, soldiers, workers, midwives and the queen. All communicating through vibration. I liken the queen to a sort of oversoul. Humans can learn so much about working as a collective unit by studying ants and bees. Wolf packs are good, also. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. I had a similar experience just looking at the tree in my back yard, the same one I’ve looked at for the past 8 yrs, I just looked out my window at the tree and ‘saw’ how nature uses shapes to manifest reality…it was a clairsentient superimposition of the new energies now present over the reality that I was seeing with my eyes….it’s a great time to be claresentient! The energy is so kind and bright!

  21. Huge hugs to everyone. All are where they should be at this time if they have been following their hearts and the divine path before them. What I love is the connection as all our I AM presences are intertwined with all others, what happens for one is available for all! Whoot! 🙂

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