A short update on the energies for the June Gathering around the Pond

Dear friends!

The constant companions wanted me to share this update with you today as we get ready to connect at 21:00 Oslo time for this month’s Gathering around the Pond:

“As you already know, this evening you will begin a new phase of your co-creational efforts, for as you once again sit down to connect, you will find connective doors that has so far been kept hidden from you, and through these doors, your combined energies will start to coalesce and merge in such a way, they will literally serve to wash away any resistance that may still linger anywhere in your systems. For you will truly become as if one, and you will truly merge into a field of energetic empowerment that will serve not only you, but this entire planet. And so we say again on behalf of All of creation, thank you for what you are about to begin, for you are about to set off a chain of reaction that will sweep through the entire human race, and you are about to set off a chain of reaction that will sweep the slate clean of any hindrances standing in your way.

For as you sit down to connect, you set off a signal that in turn will serve to ignite flame after flame in a complex but clear sequence of events that one by one might not seem to amount to much, but when put together, will literally make the old house of cards fall down. For you are the prime trigger, the signal to start off so many other events that will help to dismantle any and all of the old structures, and nothing not vibrating to this new tune that you will set the tone for will be able to coexist alongside that of the new. For the voice that will emanate from this choir that you have put together will ring out pure and true, and this is turn will help to entrain all of those with the similar task of resetting this entire planet into a frequency that will be beneficial for all.

So again we say, know that your efforts will be much appreciated both near and far, and know that your efforts will literally ring out beyond your scope of imagination, and what you may look upon as simply a small and friendly get-together connecting you and a small group of like-minded people is in fact a carefully orchestrated event of magnificent proportion, set into motion by All of creation in order to set into motion the coda, the final chapter of the old, and to herald the beginning of the new.”

It is with much joy and anticipation that I welcome you all to this wonderful event! See you all in a few short hours 🙂

Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


276 thoughts on “A short update on the energies for the June Gathering around the Pond

  1. Dear tomo i, brothers and sisters in Japan, the land of the rising sun.
    When I woke up this morning I thought of you first and with this video I will send you my special greetings:

    The people are singing in the German language the song “Ode to Joy” – I love it so much.

    In 1991, I was channeling me this text:
    “People only see the sunset and do not see how radiant the sun rises again the next morning – and an infinitely beautiful, new day begins.”

    I do not know very much about Japan, but I love this country. I know that I had lived in a previous incarnation there.
    Next to my apartment there is a pink cherry tree and my perfume is called “Hanami”.

    I think it is possible that the ascention in Japan begins (in the time zone in which Japan is) and then tsunami-like continues to Alaska, the other end of the world.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Liebe(r?) tomo i, Brüder und Schwestern in Japan, dem Land der aufgehenden Sonne.
    (Video above)
    Die Menschen singen in Deutscher Sprache das Lied „Freude schöner Götterfunken“ – Ich liebe es so sehr.

    Im Jahre 1991 channelte Ich mir diesen Text:
    „Die Menschen sehen immer nur den Sonnenuntergang und sehen nicht wie strahlend schön die Sonne am nächsten Morgen wieder aufgeht – und ein unendlich schöner, neuer Tag beginnt“.

    Ich weiß nicht sehr viel über Japan, aber Ich liebe dieses Land. Ich weiß dass Ich in einer früheren Inkarnation dort gelebt hatte.
    Neben meiner Wohnung steht ein rosa Kirschblütenbaum und mein Parfüm heißt „Hanami“.

    Ich halte es für moglich dass der Aufstieg in Japan beginnt (in der Zeitzone in der Japan liegt) und sich dann tsunamiartig fortsetzt bis nach Alaska, dem anderen Ende der Welt.

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. Wow I actually get some of that ,even as math was not one of my strong suits!
      Thank you for sharing it otmn.

      1. i was fascinated when the sunflower ended with a hexagon
        and then as it went into the hexagon of the dragonfly’s eye
        it is the exact same pattern.

    2. Beautiful and amazing! This would have gotten me interested in math as a kid! My next life time I guess. 😉 Thank you Otmn! ❤ Denise

    3. Wow I’ve looked into Sacred Geometry quite a bit but never seen this beautiful video before thanks Otmn… going to make a note of this one! Philip 🙂

  2. it all goes back to sacred geometry

    “The connection between music and mathematics has fascinated scholars for centuries. More than 2000 years ago Pythagoras reportedly discovered that pleasing musical intervals could be described using simple ratios.

    And the so-called musica universalis or “music of the spheres” emerged in the Middle Ages as the philosophical idea that the proportions in the movements of the celestial bodies — the sun, moon and planets — could be viewed as a form of music, inaudible but perfectly harmonious.

    Now, three music professors — Clifton Callender at Florida State University, Ian Quinn at Yale University and Dmitri Tymoczko at Princeton University — have devised a new way of analyzing and categorizing music that takes advantage of the deep, complex mathematics they see enmeshed in its very fabric.

    Writing in the April 18 issue of Science, the trio has outlined a method called “geometrical music theory” that translates the language of musical theory into that of contemporary geometry. They take sequences of notes, like chords, rhythms and scales, and categorize them so they can be grouped into “families.” They have found a way to assign mathematical structure to these families, so they can then be represented by points in complex geometrical spaces, much the way “x” and “y” coordinates, in the simpler system of high school algebra, correspond to points on a two-dimensional plane.


    1. Dear otmn,
      In my youth I read a book series called Life in the world unseen.( automatic writing ).
      In it ,it explained music as an orchestra played ….in middle spirits world. The notes formed structures that raised out of the orchestra, In vivid colors. The audience was in a bowl like amphitheater watching the whole creation form over there head and around them in such amazing patterns and lights.
      I always dreamed of seeing one of those concerts one day, maybe soon!

      We are creating that and just now realizing it!!

    2. Thanks for this Otmn … fascinating that it came out as a Tetrahedron… and all that about the music of the Spheres resonates a lot as you might imagine…. Philip 🙂

  3. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for adding one more shining thread to this tapestry of light we have created!
    “what ever we were trying to do, we did it
    the new colours are nice to look at” – amen to that!
    LOVE, Aisha

  4. I was at the gathering, but as always I don’t recall/see anything. But it was good vibration. This morning I woke up feeling so energized, surprisingly, unlike weeks ago. Starting my raw food diet today, not fully, but already feels good inside and out.
    Love and light to all Ponders 🙂 ❤

  5. Oh – now I also remember again. I also saw a white paper there was something painted and written on, but I could not see/read what it was.
    Thanks for the reminding.

    Oh – jetzt erinnere Ich mich auch wieder. Ich sah auch ein weißes Papier auf dem etwas gemalt und geschrieben war, konnte aber nicht erkennen/lesen was es war.
    Danke für die Erinnerung.


    1. Bixie & the Bright Blue Sun,
      Perhaps what you were both seeing was a reminder note – maybe the instructions on how to create a flower from the void, or a tree, elephant, or fresh water. Maybe that is why some of us are seeing fish? Let’s see what happens ……
      Love to you both,

      1. Ah, dear Caroline, some days ago I saw a big fish (my phobia is gone) that changed into a dolphin with a light nose ❤
        Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  6. hey everyone! well,i’m sometimes ‘there’ in spirit…but i felt absolutely nothing! most peculiar!
    well i hope the constant companions got something new to say,-tell us something we haven’t heard–something we don’t know yet,tell us why we should keep slogging on thru this most difficult of all lives…when it’s all done,will it have been worth even a small fraction of all the trouble,strife,pain,suffering,regrets and all..? i think there was some mistake,something went terribly wrong and they should just be honest with us! if there’s anything we can do,i wonder what that is

    1. I feel you. Looking forward to some new interesting and informative from the CC’s also. I don’t know if something went wrong or not. Let’s see Arctourist, what the next awaited message will be.
      Love, Terri

      1. Dear Arctourist and Terri! I know it must be frustrating not to “feel” anything during these Gatherings, but as the CCs remind us every single one of us are just as important and have the same impact – no matter what we sense, feel or “see” during these “get togethers”. You have certainly not done anything “wrong”, and judging from what so many have shared here already, what took place last night did make quite a positive impact in so many ways. Thank you both for joining hands with the rest of us and help in making this circle of light complete!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  7. As soon as I arrived at the gathering the feeling of love and excitement was overwhelming , after greeting everyone I was told to hold hands and as we all connected the lite and love coming from us formed a grid that connected us to all the light workers covering the planet ! ❤ Beautiful just Beautiful ❤ LOVE to ALL ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Yesterday evening after the gathering the song The Sounds of Silence just kept coming into my head. Kind of amazed when I listened to the words. I may have it on an old record somewhere! 🙂


    Hope you enjoy! Gathering some thoughts I hope to write soon and post. No sleep for me last night. Too much going on to be sleeping. 😉
    ❤ Denise

    1. OMG Denise I have just listened to this and got very powerful tingles and vibes particulalry up to the first mention of the sounds of silence… it could easily have been written with my recent experiences of ‘Infinite Silence’ in mind…

      I always thought this song was very powerful when growing up and now it has a whole new and even deeper level of significance… thanks for the reminder…

      Philip 🙂

    2. love it! been thinking about that song too since last week when I mentioned that was how I would describe the tone I hear. 🙂 c o o l n e s s ❤

      1. Just listened to it 3 times and emotional empathic tears were flowing.
        Soooooo I would say it is a song for this month at least!!!!
        Love and light to all!!!!

        1. I listened to it many times now too. I don’t think I can get enough of it. The seeds are awakening! ❤

          1. 3 or 4 times for me now and each time I get the tingles and see more and more depth. I keep getting more poetry about infinite silence coming to me… not writing it all down but feels wonderful… I always felt it was an inspired song by an inspired musician thank you Paul Simon for channeling those words back in ’66 I think. Philip 🙂

  9. For the Gathering, I was in my 1/2 seed pod floating just above the tree tops holding my resonating frequency (the ‘So’ note I have been hearing consistently for a couple weeks now). I saw water droplets falling that contained ‘life’ (this links into what lysarbejder saw I believe) with the ‘new frequency’. These droplets filled the pond and spilled out into the earth and quickly covered it. What I saw looked like a morphing energy – like when u look thru the heat waves created by a fire. The world looked this way to me – in a large wavy motion.
    All of a sudden I knew I wanted to be completely back in my chair — I was outside like Aisha and her sister and others were told to Be — because there, I would ‘feel’ this energy wave come and hit/wash over me! This is where is sounds like JJ’s giant electric tsunami ball! cool 🙂 Well, I did not feel this right away and went back inside. It was about 6pm my time (EST-USA) and I felt it! I went outside to fully absorb it.
    Great experiences you all have shared – thank you with all my heart ❤

    1. Dear Areeza, thank you for sharing this! My sister found this short clip, and I think this will perhaps trigger something in you as well because it is linked to the creative force of music:

      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha<3

      1. Speaking of torus: you may want to check out Dan Winter’s work! Please Google: I’m hopeless with sharing links. 🙂

    2. Beautiful Breezie, I am a LA girl–I have always vibrated at the note of A….so we are very close in vibration! 🙂 Cool beans!

  10. Oh dear Aisha, I’m already all morning thinking what’s wrong with me. My body feels so heavy since yesterday late afternoon that I thought, “have I done something wrong?”
    On the night I saw two beings who were not very friendly.
    Gradually I feel better again, I already feel lighter than yesterday and this morning.
    I really loved to be with you at the pond together, I had looked forward to and prepared me for this. But in such a gravity I was not prepared.
    I had also connected with Native Americans like Stephan.

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Oh liebe Aisha, Ich mache mir schon den ganzen Vormittag Gedanken was mit mir los ist. Mein Körper fühlt sich seit gestern am späten Nachmittag so schwer an dass Ich dachte „habe Ich etwas falsch gemacht“?
    In der Nacht sah Ich 2 Wesen die nicht sehr freundlich waren.
    Allmählich geht es mir schon wieder besser, Ich fühle mich schon leichter als gestern und heute Morgen.
    Ich habe es wirklich geliebt mit Euch am Teich zusammen zu sein, Ich hatte mich darauf gefreut und mich darauf vorbereitet. Auf eine solche Schwere war Ich allerdings nicht gefasst.
    Ich hatte mich auch mit Amerikanischen Ureinwohnern verbunden wie Stephan.

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. Dear Bixie! We all react to these intense energies in different ways, and sometimes it feels more like we are “pushed down” than lifted by them so I do not think anything is “wrong” with you. Perhaps you have been doing the same kind of “work” like Caroline and Kiera and elven777 describes above? That can certainly leave you feeling very beat up. Sometimes I experience a mental “down” after one of these intensely lifting sessions, my sister has been feeling low after yesterday’s Gathering. Thnakfully, we have both been through sonething similar before, so it did not take too long before her spirit lifted when she got the chance to dig in the dirt in our garden 🙂 I hope you are feeling better by now, dear sister, and I thank you for doing what you do and for BEing who you are!
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Yes, dear Aisha, there was this heaviness in my belly as I ate stones like the Wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”..
        There was a flood on my floor, there were unfriendly looking astral beings, like Caroline and Kiera and elven777 wrote, but also the Native Indians as Stephan wrote.

        Since this afternoon I feel very good again, I feel slightly again and my joy has returned – Thank God … Thank Myself.
        I have already new insights, but they are not yet properly grasped and understandable for me.

        ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

        Ja, liebe Aisha, da war diese Schwere in meinem Bauch als hätte Ich wie der Wolf in „Rotkäppchen“ Steine gegessen.
        Da war eine Überschwemmung auf meinem Fußboden, da waren unfreundlich schauende Astralwesen, ähnlich wie Caroline und Kiera und elven777 schrieben, aber auch die Amerikanischen Ureinwohner wie Stephan schrieb.

        Seit heute Nachmittag geht es mir wieder sehr gut, Ich fühle mich wieder leicht und meine Freude ist zurückgekehrt – Gottseidank – Mirseidank.
        Ich habe bereits wieder neue Erkenntnisse, die sind aber noch nicht richtig fassbar und verstehbar für Mich.

        Heart greetings ❤
        I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Hi bixie,

          I remember something else now. In one of the homes I saw a native Indian as well sitting on a couch with a pillow there, behind the pillow there was a snake. It was giving off real snake medicine energy, and i think it shrivelled up in the hand of the native Indian into a like a dried out root. Maybe it was shedding its skin.

        2. There is always joys lights in everywhere indeed ❤︎❤︎
          ❤︎thank you BIXIE❤︎

          (( wonderful place to be in ❤︎ & joy, let it be what it is. I would like to stay in love. all are love. eye of storm is love, no comparison no judgment, no higher no lower, no above no lower, just be. then smiles is always on the way in me❤︎ all are me))

          1. oh, I begin dreaming like new born make me so excited to be how we all were in all. thanks BIXIE❤︎ everyone, Aisha ❤︎

            1. I tried Giant bubbles, too ❤︎
              * 10 cups of warm water
              * 1 cups of clear dish soap
              * 1/2 cup cone syrup or glycerin

      2. It’s interesting that I was led last night to read some work of Celia Fenn’s who I have seen before but never read, though many of my spiritual friends do read her consistenly. I would love to link directly to her articles but her website is not set up that way, so here is the link to her main website : http://www.starchildglobal.com/

        then scroll down the page and see two articles, time travel 101 and 102. I know the CC’s have been speaking about the nature of time and I think what we did yesterday was we jumped timelines into a higher dimensional frequency after spending some time on the lower frequencies helping folks to “lift up” I know many beings have had serious issues over the last month or so and I think we did a great job assisting lower timelines but now we are back up on a different one in alignment with the divine unfolding of the mother’s plan.

        When we make a timeline jump, our bodies totally feel freaked out and heavy and maybe Bixie dear this is what you felt. I know that I just slept for over 10 hours! LOL

        Love you tons! Alex

        1. Thank you! 🙂 You have provided another important piece to my personal puzzle. Big hug to you, dear Alex! 🙂 🙂 Caroline

        2. Dear Alex, I just started to read the starchildglobal-links you posted and I am blown away by what I find there! Yes, this was definitely an important piece of information – thank you so much for sharing it!
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. I am confident to say such a thing but after Aisha gave a comment, perhaps, that there is truth to the situation in Japan that surrounds me. Because previously, I belong to Subud Japan, because had a volunteer named committee. When I say easily, I must be “useful servant” in their mind(in the SUBUD), rather than the Pond. I have a dream that they(2 persons) are having a strong frustration of situation now as “not owns me” and “can’t using me”.
      In Japan there is HIHUMI SHINJI (123 Divine Revelation). There is a description “The Bird take off from your underneath”. Bird is “TORI(鳥)” in Japanese. There is another meaning of “TORI(十理)” is “Theory of ten”. Ten is written as cross(十) in Japanese ideogram “KANJI”.
      Mr.M and Dr.N are came out in my dream. Maybe collision is happen in their mind and because they thought standing in the head such as Subud such as Pond to “distinguish” the cause of the most.

      1. Dear Oriharu,
        yes, yes, yes, A few days ago at night was showen me a “2”.
        I also saw several times a male astral being and a female astral being, both not very happy because they had no more power on me.

        ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

        Liebe(r) Oriharu,
        ja, ja, ja, vor einigen Tagen wurde mir nachts eine „2“ gezeigt.
        Ich sah auch mehrmals ein männliches Astralwesen und ein weibliches Astralwesen, beide nicht sehr erfreut weil sie keine Macht mehr über mich hatten.

        Heart greetings ❤
        I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. At first I thought of my dream experience in which someone was sitting behind me, so we were 2. But there were these two beings. One day, I understand what they really wanted to tell me 😀

            ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

            Zuerst dachte Ich an mein Traum–Erlebnis in dem jemand hinter mir saß, wir waren also 2. Aber da waren auch diese beiden Wesen. Eines Tages verstehe Ich was sie mir wirklich sagen wollten 😀

            Heart greetings ❤
            I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  11. Beloved family of light!
    My body is still trying to find out how to cope with these powerful energies we all “transmitted” during the Gathering last night, but my spirit is soaring high from reading through your comments 🙂 This WAS a special occasion indeed, and you have all given so much proof that the powerful light in this Pond has definitely “broken through the embankments” and started to flood our entire world. Not only that, many of you have confirmed the healing effects this collective river of light carries with it, and I know that this is just the beginning. I also want to thank all of the “silent Ponders” out there. Your powerful lights are a vital part of this circle of love that we have created together, and even if you do not feel called to step forward and give your names, I see you all shining brightly. To each and every one of you I send my eternal gratitude and LOVE. We are truly ONE, and together, we are changing this world by allowing the light to flow through us and out into everyone and everything that surrounds us. Thank you brothers and sisters for making this happen!
    Aisha ❤

    1. Beautiful Aisha and deep gratitude to you for following your calling and creating this space for us all to connect and spread the light… Philip ❤

    2. HA! Aisha angel, I am thrilled to know even while silent, you know my light is with you at the Pond.

      Today, energy is making my head shake & hands sweaty . I can feel some type of movement flowing through and out of my body, in all directions as far as I can tell. I feel full of energy yet, have no place to put it all. It feels like it is just rolling around inside me. Sometimes, out of blue, I feel lately, the feeling of a wave come over me and I am in concert & hooked in with Gaia, her heart center. I am spending time apologizing to her, for all she has taken and continues to take day after day while we progress.

      I wonder Aisha, do you think Chemtrails picking up big time (Sedona AZ) is to block the Sun and the energies from above? I am wondering if I am physically feeling chemical induced body issues or spiritual ones. Confusion continues to rein for me at least.

      I do know one thing. I always find support right here when I am again lost in confusion and the endless world chaos.

      Your a blessing to me Aisha, even if I tend to be a silent one. To all Ponders, a loving and yes warm (100 degrees today) hug for everyone.

      Thank you for what you all bring to my life.


      1. Dear Terri! These energies can be quite overwhelming, and I have to constantly ground myself in any way I can now in order to make sure they move through me as smoothly as possible. When you say ” I feel full of energy yet, have no place to put it all.” it makes me think that you should perhaps try to do the same as me, take a walk in the nature, go for a swim, dig in the dirt – anything that can help Mother Earth help YOU to balance yourself. I have to admit that chemtrails is a subject I have little knowledge about, I have never been guided to seek out information about it, so I do not think I can offer you anything that can be of help. But perhaps some of the other Ponders can be of assistance?
        Sending you a BIG loving hug back, and thank you for BEing a part of this wonderful family of light!
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

      2. You are in a very powerful place. I can only imagine the energy there. “No place to put it”…..I think we are all feeling that way. Things are expanding rapidly. Keep your feet on the ground when your heads are in the clouds. 😉 That’s what I was always told. Ha! A lot of grounding work. I’ve been taking short breaks through out the day and walking barefoot in the grass. It helps me a lot. The chem trails…we have them too. I have been hurting so badly for months with back, neck, shoulder and joint pain. It’s a lot to work through. Hope you feel better soon Terri. It must be exciting however, to be in your area. You may be the first to see amazing things! Love to you! ❤ Denise

    3. Aisha thank you❤︎ your shinning light & love always shinning upon us with us and I am grateful to you ❤︎

  12. I was sleep in gathering & had a clear dream.

    My Energy flew through me when I focused my all beings & felt so good in clean transparence air ❤︎ well the dream made me feel limitless ❤︎ & I thank you.🐬

  13. I connected with The Gathering early, on Saturday. I’ll just post here what I shared with AH:

    So, let me tell you what happened during The Gathering:

    I first connected to source, and then to Gaia, I opened my heart, and connected with you (AH) (we are always connected, but anyway).
    Then I remembered to go to The Pond. I was sort of hesitant to go there for some reason, but I soon found out why. I looked around the corner and I saw The Pond, but the whole thing was in Turmoil.
    There was electricity everywhere, and I saw all members connected through this lit-up grid, again, electricity was all over the place. In the centre of the Pond I saw you, but you were on this steel pole, climbing higher still. Then the pole and you got struck by lightning, it wasn’t ordinary lightning though, and the electricity I mentioned earlier wasn’t any ordinary electricity. Anyway, the “lightning” went through the whole grid, and then slowly the whole thing began to roll up, like a snowball growing bigger as more of the grid (and the Pond Members) were becoming part of this electrifying grid/ball. I was looking at it as it was almost finished, and I thought to myself, what am I supposed to do now, since I wasn’t part of this huge ball. It wasn’t a solid ball, mind you, but like a rolled up piece of mesh. Anyway, the ball went up, and I don’t really know what happened anymore, but I think I joined you in the middle of it (I may have done so earlier on, I don’t remember). Anyway, the ball went up, and it went into outer space, and there we all hung, suspended, sort of waiting or just being, growing maybe, preparing, maybe just enjoying ourselves? I don’t know, but then the ball, it was huge, came back to earth and as it “hit” the surface, it unrolled and we enveloped the whole earth like a giant tsunami of electrifying Light/Love, igniting the rest of humanity.

    Love, JJ

    1. So special JJ! It’s interesting because when I tried to connect to the Gathering I was so aware of a huge surge of energy that carried me. I didn’t have a visual to share but the energy was so powerful and I knew that in my own way I’d tuned into something that was going on. Thank you for sharing 🙂 Love, Nancee

    2. Wow, JJ, your experience so reminds me of my vision of ribbons of light in a Maypole dance, described above. (Aisha also mentioned the similarity.) One of many things I didn’t mention about my experience is that the ribbons were active the whole time, leading the dance, and at one point we were all entangled in them in a big ball, just like your electric mesh ball. It was very intense (your word “turmoil” describes it well) and I felt a little like trying to escape. I think it was just after I decided to surrender to the process that the whole gathering–pole, tangle, and all–descended to inner earth. I also didn’t mention that there was a lot of fire/violet flame stuff going on underground that was also intense and sometimes uncomfortable. My physical body was under a lot of pressure/exhaustion during the whole meditation. At one point I was invited to put my whole body into the flame and that relieved the pressure. Lots of joy and also lots of purging. Anyway, I always think it’s fun to find these common points in our visions! I’m so happy to be here with you, JJ– and with all of you.

      Much love to all,

    3. Dear JJ – much love and gratitude to you for sharing this experience and Dearest AH – OMG!! Love you! 🙂 Caroline

  14. Just sharing a little surprising act of nature I just came across since our Gathering theme was linked to water. I haven’t read all the “reports” back yet but hope to tomorrow. I’m off again in the morning for a 5 hr trip through the mountain pass to my daughter’s and “home” if I can find and income in the area 🙂 Meanwhile I continue to live from suitcases and “my car.” 🙂 Enjoy this quick video: http://news.distractify.com/fun/over-10000-of-these-ocean-creatures-mysteriously-gathered-and-then-they-took-flight/?v=1 ~Nancee

      1. thanks ❤︎ got me wondered & watched this always nice to see people try to make a difference inspires me lots.

  15. Hey sweet brothers and sisters! I was away on a short fun break from home but was drawn into attention of the gathering exactly at 2:58pm and I closed my eyes and focused for a brief moment before the beautiful sunshine of the day and the scenery whizzing by the car window drew my attention…in that brief moment I saw myself suspended in a bubble of calm in the center of the pond, floating along lazily, just being in the vastness of this beautiful water.

    At around 3:44pm I was drawn in again, but spiritually I was always “there” though now my attention was drawn back into focus on the pond and at that moment I saw this vastness of living energy, like a giant many tentacled octopus glowing with light and life, coming out of my heart center and going in all directions, connected to every thing in all dimensions, making the attachements through love, through the heart to all that is….simply beautiful!

    Turning it on….lets rock this thing! Loving you all! alex

  16. Hi all Ponders ❤
    Thank You all for being at the Gathering, I am feeling the pond energy at all times now, it is a connected part of me I feel, or rather if I loose the connection I notice it immediately.

    Well, anyway I had the following dream tonight I would like to share with You it goes as follows:

    I was sitting on a Toilet having some kind of spasm going through my entire body and I was not able to control the situation, so it was in itself a very unpleasant experience, as if I was undergoing some kind of deep Process. It was a strange place this Toilet with huge windows around and some kind of curtains, then to my surprise I could see, that there was an area that the curtains were not covering, and I feel Embarrassed being in this position with the cramps and in Public. Then to my horror I see a little kid looking at me, he calls to his Family, they are all North American Indians it seems, they have parked outside in a very old pickup truck, and now the entire family is looking at me sitting on the toilet having cramps and explaining to the little one what is going on, that I am in a kind of transformational state indicated by the cramps, that it is an initiation of sorts. What happens next is that I kind of surrender to the situation and just accept it as it is, not being able to change it anyway, and also I feel a Heart-connection to the family. Suddenly they begin to sing a Healing song, and the tensions lifts and tears just begin flowing from my eyes and I fell the Help from this Family and I feel the healing taking root in Me, and all my sorrow and pain just washes away…


    1. Your dreams are my reality.
      Lux Interior…
      Philip – thanks bro.
      Bet the ccs will overdue with
      galactic applause for canon fooder aka groundcrew primer fields activation part 845.

      If they ever come again with
      attractive offers like hey, a poor
      lost, hungry underdeveloped planet of low vibes, attaced by greedy slimey raptoids needs your love and light, a two acre
      slice of land on Vogon 4 included after mission completed, i u turn my shuttle
      and warp to the exit.
      low planet

      For meself 1will subscribe for
      low vibe

      1. Dear Michily, no one can make me laugh the way you can – thank you for sharing! Hopefully, your body will start to be a little less generous in “sharing” – there is only so much cleansing one single person can do 😉 And your vibe is permanently high now, so don’t think you can sneak off to a quiet corner somewhere out of the light and pretend your’re not here. (But I do agree it does feel tempting at times …;-) )
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

    2. Dear Stephan, thank you for adding your healing vision to this tapestry of light that was created during the Gathering. As the CCs remind us, what we do are not just for ourselves, but for ALL, so thank you for allowing the energies to flow freely through your “entire system” 🙂
      With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Aisha, I could not agree more, this is for All by All, and the more we all become conductive towards the light simply by intending it, the more we can transmit. But not only that, the more we can create and master, and allow for other to create and master. I feel we all went supersonic or superconductive this time round.
        Stephan ❤

  17. I saw all of us hand in hand in hand, connecting heart to heart, together building a huge grid of light over Gaia, serving as anchors to bring heaven further into earth (and us). I saw dams breaking with a sense of knowing of the domino effect this outpouring of love and light is going to have.
    Reading that Aisha wrote about the gathering is continuing on the whole night: just woke up after having weird dreams and only four hours of sleep but with a strong feeling of so far highly missed self-worth and capability to reclaim my self-sovereignty.
    I’m grateful beyond measure, I love you all!!!

    1. Dear simone612, thank you for sharing this wonderful vision – and thank you for BEIng a member of this family of light! I am so glad to get the opportunity to welcome you to this Pond 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  18. What amazing experiences everyone has had including you Michilyn – love the way you put it… anyway that giant crystal stalagmite that I mentioned growing a while back shot upwards at a terrific speed in my meditation… wasn’t expecting that as I don’t focus on visuals just sit in the peace is my preference… a good sign I feel. Blessings, Gratitude and Spheres Of Light/Infinite Silence to All. Philip ❤

  19. Love to All there Is Was and Will Be …. and thank you to All that bring It forth into Us. Here. Now.
    I bow to all I see and don’t see… and thank you for your Be-ing.
    Saturday evening, the night before the June Gathering, around 8pm PDT.. I was lead to stand completely still and NOT move?! My brain started complaining and almost had me believing I should abort the position and deem it all crazy when suddenly I ‘saw’ ‘static’ in my feet…. very active black and white miniscule dots blinking individually but gathering collectively as if they needed to go somewhere. I watched for awhile and finally asked what was going on. Before I got the question out I ‘knew’ they were lingering ‘emotion entities’ that didn‘t belong to me. I have come a long way in the ability to distinguish my emotion from others… but I had no idea my whole body was still harboring others ‘harmful’ emotion. I found out these emotion entities had been living in me for a very long time and were given to me by ’friends/relatives’. These were people I loved dearly but they didn’t love me(or themselves or anything!) wow they love nothing… that‘s new to me (well maybe they do love hating!)… not only do they not love me… they despise/resent etc. etc. me! ..lol. whateve… geez.. hating seems so prehistoric.. lol.. Ok.. I also found out who those people were. wow. I have been very very gullible this time around.
    Sooo anyway… these emotion entities were allowed to stay around ‘cuz I trusted who they came from. Butt, this is what’s so cool… the reason they were queuing up was because THEY DECIDED they wanted to go back to where they came from! I wasn’t kicking them out…. THEY wanted to go back to where they originated. Even harm and pain wanna go home…. AND they were excited about it! So I got all excited too and told them to come up through the rest of my body and go out however they wanted but they didn’t move, that was ok at first ’cause I WAS a bit concerned about collective aggressiveness/harm they might inflict.
    So I just hung out for awhile and I realized they were also a bit nervous! Ha. They had lived in me for so long they were a bit concerned about leaving… well I then started loving these emotions even tho’ they were sent to cause me harm, I wanted to help them.…
    So I asked if there were any other emotions of like ‘mind’ that wanted to ’go home’.. ha. And lo and behold there were more in my hands and shoulders and back. So I told them to all get together.. That way they could give each other support. They rallied quickly and met around my belly button. I though they were gonna bust out there but then they slowly… slowly… moved upward. They spent a lot of time in my back. (I’ve been having a lot of weird sensations in my back lately. Lots of electrical jolts and zaps and heat and just plain ol’ pain… like someone’s fist was below my left shoulder blade pushing hard. I actually went to the dr. for this last Monday and they took xrays. I NEVER go to the dr. but damn…… it’s been doin’ this for about 18 months. anyway I find out the results in a week and a half. ) Maybe my back is where most of them lived?! Anyway they made it up to my neck and head area and then just started trickling out of the top of my head like sparkling silver glitter…. making an arc over to my husbands head who was slobbering (ok, sleeping, on the couch.) I kind’a had mixed feelings of this… of course I was glad the emotions were going back to where they wanted to go, but then again they were harmful and I wasn’t sure what they’d do there… then I was reminded that they would be more than comfortable there and that husband wouldn’t notice a thing.(not surprised) well he will notice as ‘time’ goes on….
    but anyway… I was told that I will also be getting BACK all the Love and Care and Concern and Truth etc. etc… that I gave these people. Cool. I don’t know how that will come about as I still ‘see’ silver glitter making an arc out of the top of my head.
    Anyway, I ‘woke up’ at 10 pm. I know only ‘cause the clock was right in front of me. Two hours of standing completely still.(well, as far as I know!) Didn’t think that was possible… I actually got comfortable..
    No jolts or zaps today in my back but lotsa heat and do-able pain under my left clavicle.
    So much love and respect for all of you!!!
    A great bit ‘air kiss’ thrown to each and everyone! … catch it with both hands… it’s a big one!
    Forever and ever… amen.

    1. How interesting! I wanted to go outside but was caught up in the wave of the meditation, before I could move, so I stayed in my chair, getting extremely hot at first, and when the heat was gone, my whole body got a very gentle but firm healing, with minute moves. Then the light started on top of my head,slowly trickling through my body, to reach my feet in about half an hour, opening up to mother Gaia, going down, down, down to Inner Earth and connect to the wonderful landscape there, meeting old friends on my way to see Mikos of the crystal library. No darkness left! All that needed to be done was ALLOW the light to fill the void.

      I am very happy I can share my experiences here, as it is something I have not been able to share with others before. It’s wonderful to read your stories and realise these fields are now opening up within our consciousness. At last I can relax, for the work is being done that matches (my) being on planet Earth this time around.

    2. Dear Sally and Annemieke, thank you both for sharing these powerful confirmations! The CCs said: “your combined energies will start to coalesce and merge in such a way, they will literally serve to wash away any resistance that may still linger anywhere in your systems”- what better proof of this than what you have both experienced 🙂
      Wih love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    3. Dear Sally, I Love your experience. It is so powerful and beautiful. Thank you so very much! ❤

    4. WOW! – A chain reaction of healing on every level within us and this planet. It’s almost hard to grasp the success of what we’ve accomplished. I also have that pain under my left shoulder blade and then in front to the right of the sternum. Began in 2008. Has something to do with receiving and sending energy from our heart centers from the collective connections. I see my osteopath/cranial sacral healer to keep it under control. Love you! 🙂 Caroline

      1. This has been my experience as well, i have had it on and off since 2010/2011 – it sometimes hurts when it becomes congested or the energies are congested. I notice that it responds to compression which makes it feel clogged. My twin helps me with it energetically and i have learned that we breath through our hearts and through this ‘vent’ located on the left side shoulder blade. We can actually breath and exchange energy through it. My twin has perceived dark energies around the vent clogging it when it hurts, so it makes me think that it is used for transmutation purposes as well.

        To sally, I noticed that more and more lately when doing clearings that i am automatically asking all fragments, particles, energies that do not belong to me to be returned to their rightful owner. Your post made me think of this a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Was at a lake. Felt good. Ducks.
    More ducks. Water. Evening. Sound of highway. Contact? Mayhap…
    Did the prime domino tumble?
    We will c. good night from central europe. 😀

  21. Mmmm. I started a half hour before and joined in meditation for an hour, seeing the torus around me , around others at different parts of the globe and again streams of light arcs across waters and earth, all joined all shimmering. Then it carried on inside me as my friend and I went to a local spring concert in our community church, and the singing and harmonies and piano playing of my friends had me smiling and weeping, my heart overflowing with gratitude for the harmonies and balance, peace and love I felt there. Th Pond was still with me! All of you! We had incredible music to draw us to the next moments. They sang halleluiahs coming in and Where Have All The Flowers Gone and I saw the rivers flowing, the gentle breezes ruffling new leaves, sunlight of the afternoon dancing across green spans of fields and lawns, the emotional play between singers and receivers of song, me in the midst, oh so powerful, my appreciation for us ALL overfows~ Blessings, blessings, blessings, ❤ Monica

    1. Dear Monica, thank you for sharing this beautiful experience! This really resonates with me for many reasons, and what you say about music literally sets of bells inside my head .-) For as I shared above, music played a part in our Gathering as well. My sister and I were sitting outside, and we heard music in the distance. It was a very different kind of music from the one you enjoyed, for what we heard was from a Metallica-consert in a stadium off in the distance. It was a very distinct, powerful music, but like my sister said, it was as if the vibrations from this high-power music merged with and became infused with the vibrations we were sending out during this Gathering. Areeza, you have started to share some interesting information about music, and I know that this topic will continue to pop up in ahead.
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Hi Aisha~
        I fell asleep hearing Herman’s Hermits singing I’m Into Something Good, and woke up hearing it again when I read your comment. Mmmm, music…all kinds to help us along. LOVE to you and all Ponders and ALL, really, Monica ❤

  22. I finally made it back to the pond this time, consciously anyway. The first and last was Aug 2013 when I had quite a thrilling few moments while meditating during a large-ish (and joyfully loud-ish) regular Sunday morning service at Center for Spiritual Living; arcs of light running up my body and out the top of my head to fill the sanctuary and then out and out from there to surround the planet. So that was then and despite intending to participate each month, today is the first time I’ve focused in since, interestingly, with a sort of similar result. (In fact, I woke very early today and couldn’t fall back to sleep; presumably because something in me was so determined to join this time.) Shortly after grounding and focusing (while listening to Aisha’s post on rainbowabundance YouTube channel), there was a violet flame surrounding my body, and I grounded some more. Then the flame spread out to my room, my house, neighborhood, region, country, and then surrounded the whole world, burning, burning away negative energies. I felt some vibrations through my body during this, stronger than usual. Then the flame briefly switched to bright light closely surrounding the planet, and then I was approaching the rim of the quiet, pre-dawn pond. There were some distinct faces, but none I recognized, and then two people standing closest to me turned around, and unclasped their hands to reach toward me so I could join the huge circle of people holding hands around the pond. I only saw the area immediately around me, since it was just before dawn so one couldn’t see very far, but I knew it was lots more in that huge circle. The people I saw were gently glowing, like light bodies I guess, and the mood was loving, peaceful, and excited, really pretty (quietly) excited. Then I fell asleep! : ) There might have been more lightworks, not sure. I probably didn’t last more than 15 minutes awake but am sure glad to have made it!

    1. Dear Owl Totem, welcome “back” to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your powerful light to this Gathering, and thank you for sharing your experience, it is another powerful confirmation that we are truly ONE 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  23. Hello, dear pondmates,

    I immediately reached out to hold hands with you all (Cool that you actually said that in the meditation, Aisha!) I felt us all taking each other’s hands and felt/heard a click when the circle was connected. Then a stream of brilliant ribbons of light fell from the sky into our midst and a Maypole rose up. We started a joyous Maypole dance–so much fun! May Day has always been a powerful celebration for me of community, unity, rebirth, and the gifts of god/goddess. Today when I saw the ribbons I thought, “Oh wow, the story of the goddess giving the humans the ribbons for May Day isn’t just a metaphor–the ribbons are real!”

    In my meditations lately I’ve been working with world leaders and others (including myself at times!) who may be afraid to let go of control and let the new arise–because they feel so unloved. In today’s gathering, after a time of dancing with the ribbons, many of us went out of the circle and began gently leading the most powerful reluctant/resistant humans (who were in the forms of children in my vision) by the hand. We invited them to join our circle and they did! They discovered they enjoyed the dancing. As the dance picked up speed, the maypole lowered itself into the earth and we all followed, the celebration continuing in inner earth. Such love and connection. And transformation. There was a lot more but it’s hard to put into words. But I have a sense that something very big happened.

    I also want to say that I have been at the gatherings since they began but haven’t posted. I want you all to know how linked I feel to you and how grateful I feel for our connection. And Aisha and CCs, I can’t count the number of times your messages have given me exactly the reassurance I needed that I’m not crazy, that I’m right on track, that I’m not alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    1. Dear Sherill, tingles run up and donw my spine when I read what you have shared. Thank you for being a part of this magificent circle of light, and thank you for giving us the chance to welcome you 🙂 Your vision is also a great example of our connectedness, like with the holding of hands and the Maypole that really resembles what JJ describes in his vision and the “octopus” that Alex saw. But what touches me most of all, is what you say about working with the “reluctant ones” – thank you for sharing this, and thank you for taking upon you this important task!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  24. I love you and I am I am love light joy peace to you my dear ones love jacqueline

  25. Still in dream state this morning, I teamed up with a former co-worker from the ’90s and began going into homes by opening doors and removing darkness from them. Some were easy to open and some were – well, challenging. In one, we gently scooped up dark energy soaked in the carpeting with a big fishing net. Next thing we are outside and talking dark entity removal strategies with Sam and Dean Winchester. Of the TV show Supernatural. Good Grief – here we go…….. Sorry if you are not familiar with the show – Sam & Dean are “dark entity hunters” still using all of the old, violent ways such as swords, spells, guns, head-bashing etc. Pretty gory stuff. My friend and I are there to teach them the “new” way of removing dark entities and energy from homes and people – with love, of course! But they are not budging from the old ways, so we take them to a few of our next gigs to show them how its done. Sam is awestruck and really wants to learn, but Dean won’t budge. Sam and I end up taking Dean by the head and feet, throwing him off a dock and into the water! Woke up laughing – it was fun. Was bummed I didn’t see Archangel Castiel, as he is my favorite character. Next time.

    At the beginning of the Gathering, nothing happened. I had the growing feeling that I was at the bottom of the Pond in murky, yet peaceful and calm water. Lots of action at the surface but could not see anything clearly. The energy was very balanced in my head, swaying back and forth from one eardrum to another. No loud tones. Just the white noise that was much quieter down at the bottom. No energy surges or vibrating. Stability. A string of undulating, connected green flowers went by like a sea snake swimming in the ocean. And then someone appeared wearing those pink bunny ears that people like to put on their dogs or cats at Easter time. Black face. No clue to identity. And then, a big pink piggy nose appeared from the front angle. That’s when I inquired from the HS what the heck was I smoking across the veil. No answer. As usual, have no idea what I contributed to the Gathering, but I’m still working hard at night it seems!

    Love, peace and healing to ALL!!

    1. Caroline i had a similar dream / astral experience as I was sleeping through the time of the gathering. I think you have helped me understand what i saw better. I was aware of jumping from property to property, 2 were restaurants weirdly enough where i was interacting with the whole staff and kitchens, food seemed to be a important theme in all places…and another 2 were peoples homes.

      In one of the homes i saw the floor turn into a carpet of water and those orb shaped things floating beneath the surface of the water. As my vision zoomed out i saw i was on a bed and the bed was now floating on silver / platinum coded water. There was a joke expressed by my goofy side that one better not forget where they are sleeping or they may tumble into the water! I then felt the awareness of the person who’s room it was that felt they were seeing the orbs floating thru the water as “jelly fish” which was frightening to them. I showed them i could walk on the water and wouldn’t fall through it.

      Then the next house the first thing i looked down at was the floor to see if could see the water come back but it was just shiny clean pine wooden floor in another bedroom somewhere. At that point i woke up from my sleep with a very intense headache over my eyes, and achy lower back and sides, i knew that was a sign that i had been working hard in my sleep.

      1. Awesome! And another synchronicity between us – I was thinking about how beautiful jelly fish are when swimming out below the surface of the ocean at one point in the Gathering. So graceful and fluid. Totally nonlinear. Very exciting, Elven777! 🙂 Big hug to you! “C”

    2. “Pretty gory stuff.”

      Nah….Good times!!!! >:D

      Holy crap, Caroline….do you actually think ANYONE here on this forum would be familiar with Moose and Squirrel?

      I mean, C’mon!!

      Now about all this ongoing Dean Abuse…..you and Sammy tossing him off the dock on top of everything else — poor bastard….I’m surprised Cas wasn’t tossing him too…

      BTW Caroline, I would love to “team up” with you as well. If you ever want to chat, my email is:


      Back to “Supernatural”:

      There is some really fascinating shit going on here, with how this show is reflecting what we have gone through as Lightworkers.
      Besides what you pointed out….if you take it even further, and go deeper, you see that now Dean ends up fully exploring and experiencing his DARK SIDE.

      But in the early seasons, the focus instead was on Sam giving in to his dark demonic nature, and how Dean kept resisting this road to perdition. So he tried to keep both himself and Sam going in the opposite direction — the Positive Side.

      Which as usual required a lot of hypocrisy and *Judgement* — who is to decide what deserves killing?
      What makes one vampire your best friend and another deserving of death? What makes one werewolf your lover, or your former pal Garth, and all the rest deserving extermination?

      Hell, even Sammy humped and then “married” a demon. (g)

      Crowley as a “demon”, is an amazingly complex and therefore attractive Being. Cain, was also a demon, and is also pretty damn amazing.

      Now we’ve got “Demon” Dean finally swinging to the Other Side (first with the Blade, and then becoming a Demon), so that he can fully experience this rejected perspective, understand it firsthand and then EMBRACE his powerful, dark, gory nature….which is just as much a part of him as his Positive side is.
      It is just as valid, just as valuable (if not more so, due to the freaking incredible POWER of it).

      To become his Full Self, he must accept, love and embrace ALL aspects of himself, particularly including the demonic aspects — which up until now, had been resisted/rejected and pushed away.

      Basically, this is Dean right smack in the process of becoming an Ascended Master…which he will be able to do after he fully integrates both the Light AND the Dark within his Being.
      So that he can contain and reflect both LIGHT and DARK, as all Ascended Masters are able to do.

      Oh, and Caroline?

      ” I’m PROUD of US. ”

      1. OMG!!!! Another person of the light who understands the depth and complexity of the parody and symbolism in the show, not to mention the characters! You’re putting me in tears! I’ll definitely be contacting you……and yes, – I’m proud of us, too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed now that the insane insomnia is going to be ending soon. And Kiera…… it wasn’t so bad being up close and personal with Dean! 🙂 “C”

        1. And you just made me drop my pie fork into my pie plate. (it was Key Lime)
          I swear, that Eric Kripke stole? borrowed? the entire Pie Theme, from me. Bugger tapped into it for sure. Never seen anything like it. Had me howling in disbelief at first.
          That’s why he decided to film the show, right where I live, dipping freely into my Pie Consciousness Stream. It’s obvious. There are no coincidences. (heh)
          The man owes me royalties. So I can buy more pie.

          Yep, I’ll echo those tears — we are so damn hard to find, unless synchronicity and timing slams us together.

          Say what??! The insomnia actually WILL end???
          And you have it too? Yet again, so hard to find…

          FUNNIES —

          Now I will pose to you a profound question:

          Since Dean is now a sulfur-emitting demon, does this mean his Sulfur trail will be on par with that of Jared’s “Sulfuric Sam” stench?
          And what would happen should they ever cross their streams?

          From following video:

          Castiel: “That’s disgusting.”

          Dean: “You’re telling me, I mean he (bleep) stunk up that car like you wouldn’t believe…”

        2. Caroline, elven777 and Kiera – thank you for shining your bright light into every dark corner, helping to reset the frequency on this planet to LOVE 🙂 I am proud of you too! I am proud of us all – what a collective outpouring of light this has been!
          With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

          1. Ah, gods…..what have I done — I’ve launched the massive “I’M PROUD OF US” wave, and the momentum is gathering….

            …the writers of Supernatural are going to be coming after me now, for copyright infringement…for daring to spread the new Dean Tagline where it deserves to be spread…

            Aisha — the key here, is to note that this is the beginning of the obliteration of the old outdated human phrase,

            “I am proud of YOU.”

            That old low-frequency phrase can’t help but spread the energy of Separation….coupled with the energy state of one individual being more Empowered than another — the one on the receiving end of the acknowledgment & recognition always being the less-empowered (needy) individual.

            Since humans are so strongly attached to this phrase and refuse to stop using it, if it must be kept then it must be TRANSFORMED.
            In order to raise its frequency.


            “I am proud of US.”

            Note that now the low frequency of “separation” and “power” have been removed — replaced with the high frequency acknowledgement of Connection, Togetherness, Sharing and Equality.

            You literally FEEL the raised vibrational *Lightness* and *Love* of this replacement phrase.

            1. Thank you, Kiera for this important reminder! I am definitely a “Supernatural”-ignoramus, so when I noticed you slipped in the p-word into your comment, I could not resist repeating it 😉
              LOVE, Aisha

      2. what makes you think i wouldn’t know about moose and squirrel and a lot of other things.
        I’ve stated many times that i didn’t leave anything out of my experience. well i may have missed a few, sorry.
        moose isn’t much different from elk or buffalo, it’s in the deer family
        in different places they eat different things and so they don’t all taste the same all the time, anyway.
        There is a trick, no several, if squirrel isn’t done right it can be very tough. different squirrels taste differently also.
        When i was a kid we had two milk cows. I could taste the differences in the milk.

    3. Hmmm Caroline you might be a good person to ask about this. I was doing a little meditating in nature today when I saw swirling colors. Dark purple but mainly black. I have this notion that I might be tampered with because of the intensity of the past couple of weeks. I wondered if someone could look at my aura or give tips on this.

      1. Hey Mike!
        Unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you. Lets keep our fingers crossed that others will chime in. Bright Blessings ! Caroline

      2. Anything “dark” as far as aura colours go, indicates that you have negative low frequency resistance to clear out of your Energy Body.

        It is telling you that you have negative “blocks” or “obstacles” that you need to clear.

        “….a dark purple aura can indicate a need to overcome an obstacle before achieving total balance.”

        The mere fact that you mention you “might be tampered with” means you are living in FEAR.
        FEAR is one of the biggest negative blockages that you can pollute your Energy Body with.

        Here’s the biggest secret re: FEAR —

        The best “protection”…..is NOT NEEDING ANY.

        1. Kiera thank you so much for your input. I was working hard in getting through yesterday. Lots of stuff coming up for release. I really appreciate the uplifting message, makes me feel I’m being looked after when I need it!

  26. During my vision I also heard from the Sun that there were many ‘sleeper’ souls who had not yet remembered their purpose but were still acting as channels of Love, conduits of the Loving Energy we were channeling.

    1. ❤ this one must be one of the "sleepers" as did not officially meditate. Tried inside the house, but felt stifled and called to go outside. so just sat outside in the sun and the shade and en-JOYed the "cleanness"—and the feeling of "autumn" again kept coming to me. The feeling was "quiet JOY".
      a jet zoomed far overhead with contrails, but no chemtrails. there was harmony with bird songs, bees/wasps, blooming colorful flowers, peacefulness—and strangely no outside neighborhood busy sounds like mowing lawns, BBQing, etc. one just kept repeating: Welcome, Love, Thank You along with setting Intention to join Ponders and for Infinite Silence.

      Thank You to All for your shared beautiful meditations. ❤

      1. Dear Lin, thank you for sharing this, and thank you for aligning your energy with this river of light! You seem to have been very much a part of this Gathering, and your feeling of “quiet JOY” is a wonderful testament to that 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha

      2. Dear Lin,
        In the world that I imagine myself in – or at least my island, there are none of those busy neighborhood sounds. No lawnmowers, edgers, leaf blowers or heavy traffic noise. Oh, forgot the power tools. Instead there is birdsong, bees buzzing, a horse’s whinny and cannot forget an occasixonal barking dog. Extinct trees are back and newly created ones, too. And a polar bear. I think you get where I’m going. I’m just getting started! 🙂 🙂 Keep shining that bright light of yours, dear one! 🙂 🙂
        Love and a big hug!

        1. ❤ yes! 1 is already growing giant redwoods in Southern California.
          no one else can see them—but I can. the current weather patterns are probably too hot for them, but 1 will allow Mother to remedy that.
          Polar bears, pups and horses are good, too. 😀

          Big Love Hugs back. xox 1-Lin ❤

  27. Dear family of light! I am still reeling from the intensity of these energies, and I have a distinct feeling that this Gathering will continue all through the night… It was such a powerful experience for me, I had to go and lie down for a few minutes afterwards, my body was vibrating so much I could hardly stand up. I began us usual by connecting to the energies, and as always, I greet you all and thank you for attending. This time, I was guided to say “please reach out and take each other’s hands, and complete this circle.” As soon as I heard those words in my head, I saw how we formed a circle that lit up with such a strong light, we fused into a circle of what looked like molten metal. Then, all I could see was flashing, bright orange light, like flames, and my whole body started to shake and vibrate. This whole hour I sat can be divided into two, with periods of these intensely flashing colours, going from orange to vibrant purple, then to green, blue and towards the end a sort of pinkish yellow one, and in between these rounds, I was in a blissful state where I felt myself floating, and the image I got was of an astronaut in his capsule, lying on his back, looking out on space. I saw others floating by in their individual capsules too, but they all looked like giant grains of pollen with intricate patterns on the outside. I also saw something like a wheel of fireworks being lit up, spinning round faster and faster, sending showers of bright golden sparks all across the globe. My sister and I were guided to sit outside on our balcony during this Gathering, and even of we could hear so much life around us, from birds singing to a rock concert somewhere in the distance, I could hear a very distinct note in my right ear all the time. My chest got very warm, and after a while, it was as if the top of my head split open like a flower, and I felt like I was sending out lots of pollen in all directions, and I knew that this was the reason for us to sit outside this time. As my sister described it, “I felt how everything that I could hear going on around me was drawn into my body and connected to the energies from this Gathering and how it all merged into one torus field of circulating energy.” Thank you all for making this Gathering into such a powerful event!
    With all my love, Aisha

    1. …although you mention an astronaut in a ‘capsule,’ Aisha, I immediately ‘saw’ in my mind from your description, the space baby at the end of the movie ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ – as if we are now in an entirely new realm of evolutionary vibration.
      Myself, I had no vision – but the word ‘transducer’ came to me, like we were all down-stepping the powerful galactic energies coming to the planet, for all to receive. ❤️

    2. Dear Aisha,
      Could we think of this video as the sparks of light. And can we imagine no gravity as a dream state?

      1. Dear Michael, thank you for sharing this! The sparks of light looks alive – just like I saw in my vision 🙂 And yes, “no gravity” to me also signifies dreamstate.
        LOVE, Aisha

    3. This is beautiful Aisha! The colors remind me of when flame is melting glass! The glass glows with different beautiful colors when it is hot. So much is happening in all of our meditations….a lot is going on.
      Love to you and your sister!

    4. Dear Aisha,
      Once again, I notice similarities between our experiences, like the circle of molten metal, and the flashing, and the floating in space.
      Much love,
      JJ 😊❤️😄❤️😃❤️

      1. Dear JJ! Yes, this was another powerful confirmation of how connected we all are 🙂 I am so glad that you could give so many details, all I “saw” was how we all connected and turned into this ring of molten metal, the rest was mostly fireworks on the inside of my eyelids 😉 I think you will find the CCs confirming your vision in the latest update and give an interesting explanation for it all!
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. I just read it, yes. I’ve actually seen this grid unfold and envelop the whole globe. It is very strong, like a kind of metal, very conductive. It is full of Love.
          LOVE, JJ

  28. I forgot to tune in at the ‘right’ time but I’m hoping that some version of me was there…I do understand that I can set aside anytime to connect. I don’t have a conscious experience like so many here but I so love the idea…thank you, Aisha, for all you do…<3!

    1. Dear Janis, you were definitely a part of this wondrous circle of light that we created! As the CCs remind us, not “seeing” anything does not mean that you are less connected than others, it simply means that you do not have the task of “reporting” it like some of us have. For we are ONE, now more than ever, and we all carry equal weight at this Pond no matter what we “do” or “see” or “feel”.
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  29. Soon after I connected I saw a vision of the whole Earth and a dark spirit dying and dissolving into the Earth. Then my vision shifted to my personal sphere of Light that was pushing out and dissolving the dark energy around it. It continued to expand until it merged with other spheres of Light and we all became one interconnected web of Light gradually squeezing out and dissolving the darkness between us. Then we became one cohesive shpere of Love around the Earth that gradually expanded up into the atmosphere. I am continuing to send my Love into that sphere of Light!

    1. Dear Saranam, thank you for brining your light to this Gathering, and thank you for sharing this powerful vision!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  30. Immediately felt the group, a big energy concentrated the whole time in my heart, as if to break it open. We were all connected via our hearts and hands around the pond, then each became a tube torus and we merged, forming an enormous tube torus of light that encompassed the globe, became the earth, and beyond. It was beautiful. xo

    1. Dear lawynne, thank yuo for sharing this – it resembles very much what my sister and I experienced during this Gathering 🙂 We are truly ONE!
      LOVE, Aisha

  31. One after the other I saw, everybody I ever met in this life and in other lives … taking of the masks and costumes and relax, smiling gently, ONE on the same frequency, ONE in the same void, brimming with energy! The play is over and we are gathering for a Meal of Love. Indeed it was all an illusion, just like I was told again and again. What a bliss to experience this! Hail, my Friends! The veils have been lifted and we don’t need them back. Thank you all for your wonderful existence, whether we have met in person or not.

    1. Dear Annemieke, hail to you, dear sister of the light and thank you for sharing your wondrous experience!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  32. I haven’t yet read this post. Just got on here to record my meditation at the gathering. This was a very healing meditation for me. A big thank you to everyone!

    The pond was calm today. The top of it was smooth and clear like glass. The sun was so low over it that it sat huge with a half circle of light looking as though the pond melded with it. Even though all seemed still, the pond was moving. It was full and cascading over one end of it water was trickling over the edge. I managed to lower myself into the water to become one with it. My body was pregnant and so round it was close to give birth. The large crystal at the bottom of the pond moved. There was an arc shape of white light coming up from below. A hand reached out towards me and gently pushed my hair to one side and then to the other. A calmness came over me and I felt a immediate healing. The burdens of what I have been going through felt lifted from me. Many people were meditating next to the shore. Something new is about to break forth. The birth of all we have been working towards. I continued to stay in silence and absorbed by the waters, warmed by the sun, and caressed by the loving oneness of the pond.

    1. Dear Denise, thank you for sharing your beautiful vision from this Gathering, and thank you for helping to make it into such a healing, transformative event for us all!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  33. I sat in my hottub, ready to connect to the pond. Expected to be sitting in the water but was immediately whoosed along with all of you. A flowing fast current moving out, out, to the ocean then surrounding the earth in waves. Our beings were light and we were connected into one stream of liquidlovelight that encircled the earth. I had just written about a blanket of darkness that was around the earth, awaiting our embrace. This pond gathering did some fine work! Woohoo…..body wiped out, lying here feeling it all. Loving us. Thank you all for your presence

    1. Dear Linda Marie, thank you for sharing this! This Pond has well and truly “breached the embankments” and made the liquid lovelight flow freely out into our world!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  34. Wow, just wow! I just finished the most powerful meditation ever. God was dwelling in me and I was dwelling in god. I am still vibrating in same energies that entered so powerfully into me. We are divine, we are one. I have difficulties to find words. How blessed we are, living here, now! Namaste.

    1. Dear Tina, I get chills of joy from this! How blessed we are indeed – thank you dear sister, for helping to make this into such a powerful meditation!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

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