Dear friends!

The constant companions wanted me to share this update with you today as we get ready to connect at 21:00 Oslo time for this month’s Gathering around the Pond:

“As you already know, this evening you will begin a new phase of your co-creational efforts, for as you once again sit down to connect, you will find connective doors that has so far been kept hidden from you, and through these doors, your combined energies will start to coalesce and merge in such a way, they will literally serve to wash away any resistance that may still linger anywhere in your systems. For you will truly become as if one, and you will truly merge into a field of energetic empowerment that will serve not only you, but this entire planet. And so we say again on behalf of All of creation, thank you for what you are about to begin, for you are about to set off a chain of reaction that will sweep through the entire human race, and you are about to set off a chain of reaction that will sweep the slate clean of any hindrances standing in your way.

For as you sit down to connect, you set off a signal that in turn will serve to ignite flame after flame in a complex but clear sequence of events that one by one might not seem to amount to much, but when put together, will literally make the old house of cards fall down. For you are the prime trigger, the signal to start off so many other events that will help to dismantle any and all of the old structures, and nothing not vibrating to this new tune that you will set the tone for will be able to coexist alongside that of the new. For the voice that will emanate from this choir that you have put together will ring out pure and true, and this is turn will help to entrain all of those with the similar task of resetting this entire planet into a frequency that will be beneficial for all.

So again we say, know that your efforts will be much appreciated both near and far, and know that your efforts will literally ring out beyond your scope of imagination, and what you may look upon as simply a small and friendly get-together connecting you and a small group of like-minded people is in fact a carefully orchestrated event of magnificent proportion, set into motion by All of creation in order to set into motion the coda, the final chapter of the old, and to herald the beginning of the new.”

It is with much joy and anticipation that I welcome you all to this wonderful event! See you all in a few short hours 🙂

Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha