The manuscript of survival – part 415

The tide of humanity has indeed passed a crucial point by now, and as these surges of energetic information keep washing over you, you will find yourself seeing the density of yesterday with a sharper eye than before. Let us explain. Again, what you see is not an accurate representation of what you are trulyContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 415”

A short update on the energies

As you have perhaps already noticed, much has been dislodged by this recent onslaught of energies, and as such, you will all find all sorts of flotsam and jetsam cluttering up your space from time to time. But do not fret dear ones, this is merely scattered bits and pieces from all of those oldContinue reading “A short update on the energies”

Welcome to the May Gathering around the Pond, Sunday May 4

Beloved family of light! This Sunday, at 21:00 Oslo time, it is once again time for another Gathering around the Pond. It is exactly one year since we had our very first group meditation, and I think it is a perfect occasion to celebrate ourselves. For WE are the ones who are making this happen,Continue reading “Welcome to the May Gathering around the Pond, Sunday May 4”

The manuscript of survival – part 414

As many of you have already noticed, the wheels keep turning faster and faster now, and the engine of change has been put into a brand new gear. This engine of change is indeed a formidable piece of machinery, and that is because all of the components of this machine are alive. And you countContinue reading “The manuscript of survival – part 414”