Dear friends!

So much has started to sprout here these last 24 hours or so, and much of it was started by Philip and Bixie and what you shared around the topic Philip calls the “Infinite Silence”. This has triggered so much in many of us, so thank you for setting off this shower of sparks, and thank you to everyone who has added their insights to this!

I was woken up at around 2:30 this morning and guided to go into meditation again, and I set my intention to enter this “Infinite Silence”, and just like the night before, I chose to do it while connecting even deeper to this Pond like the CCs suggested we do in their previous message to us. As I connected to the energies, I was hoping for another experience similar to the one Philip describes, that blissful state of “coming home” and feeling as if  “sinking into a luxuriating bath”, but I was given so much more than that. For as I connected to the Pond, I saw us all as a collection of hands stretching out to each other, and the moment all of these hands connected, I heard a loud CLICK and the word “exoskeleton”. Then, this grid of connected hands morphed into a beautiful filigree sphere floating in space, and it looked very much like one of those close-up images of a grain of pollen that Bev posted earlier. Pollen has been a recurring theme here, so I started to think that this meant that we had turned into a single grain of pollen, but then, I was shown this vibrant, colorful coral reef, and it zoomed in on one of the corals so I could see that it was composed of thousands of individual little polyps connecting together to form a single, complex structure. I was also shown how these small creatures filtered the water for food, and how they spawned millions of eggs into the seawater.

Next, I was given the words “You are the grain of sand that makes the pearl” and I saw how layer after layer of luminous substance was deposited on a small grain, turning it into a pearl that then became a pristine new Mother Earth. I was reminded of the words from “A history of Creation”: “In order to create, you must have friction”, and that WE are that friction, that still point of creation, like a “membrane” connecting to the void or “sea of potential”, that enables the energetic particles there to coalesce and become manifest, the consciousness interacting with energy to create the quantum collapse. This is not new, this is how All of creation comes into being, but what IS new, is this collective effort of creation we are a part of. For not only everyone here at this Pond, but every single light worker on this planet have come together with the intention of “building a new coral reef” – a New World, and now, we have put together this exoskeleton, this foundation, that will enable us to make this world come fully into BEing by continuing to “filter” this “ocean of potential” and sifting out more and more particles and use them to manifest it all – bit by magnificent bit.

And we will continue to “seed the waters” with our eggs, our spheres of light, that we release out one by one, and they will find fertile ground in thousands of others out there and turn them into conscious co-creators of this new world also.

I did not get much sleep because of this message coming through, but while I was kept awake putting all the pieces together, I WAS in that blissful state, I felt myself floating in this “luxuriating bath”, and with every slow breath I took I inhaled more potential, and with each exhalation, I created more of this message and more of this amazing new world we are all making come alive by our presence here on this planet in this physical body. The foundation is ready, the time has come to start to create in earnest, and I know that what we will make together, will be a world that is “nothing short of miraculous”, to quote the CCs 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha