A short update on the energies

You have gathered here for many purposes dear ones, but there is one thing that you all have in common, and that is your eternal quest for finding that inner peace you know reside somewhere, not just in you, but in every single being that inhabit this beautiful planet of yours. For you are indeed those that will serve to open the doors to this peace of mind, this space of tranquility and bliss, this vibrational field that will support all of mankind for eternity. You see, this hunger that has driven mankind closer and closer to the abyss, is the hunger that stems for the inner knowing that there is something else out there, something that will make you all complete. But as we have discussed on many an occasion, this hunger has led mankind on a misguided quest for an external solution to this inner longing. And as you all know so well by now, that gaping void within cannot be filled by anything that is separate from you, it can only be filled by connecting with what is already there.

For in order to become whole, you must relinquish any ideas of any superficial and temporary substitutes, and the reason you are reading these words, is that you have already seen the truth in this, and acted upon this. And so, some time in the past, you all started on this journey that would bring you home to you, in every single aspect of that word, and in every single aspect of your being. And this journey has taken you all through hardships and pains, through exhilaration and joy, and through adversities and successes, but whatever you have encountered on your way, it has all come for one single reason, to help you in this all-important purpose of reconnecting you with you, and through that, reconnect you fully with Source, that eternal guiding light that has been hidden away from most of humanity for such a long time. But you have broken through barrier after barrier, and you have ascended peak after peak, and bit by bit, step by step you have attained such a high level of understanding, you have found much of what you have been looking for. But still, you will feel far from complete, and at times like these, what you still sense as missing will seem to take up an inordinate space within you. But again, you are not missing anything at all, you are simply not fully aware of the full magnificence of your being, and that is why were are here to keep shining that light into your inner sanctum the better for you to be able to discern it through this somewhat befuddling haze you still seem to hover within.

Remember you are still very much in a holding pattern, the one we discussed in our previous message, the preparatory stage that is all important, but also an extremely challenging place to reside. For what you want more than anything at this stage, clarity, is something that will seem to be even more elusive than normal, and so, you will fret and push and strive while at the same time you may feel as if unable to do anything at all. And so, you think you are literally falling back in exhaustion, and you will think that you have lost your grip on it all, and that any previous advancement will be lost and gone with the winds that seem to push you down continuously.

Again, that is definitively not the case, but again, we fully understand your reason for feeling thus. But as you have all managed to lift yourself free from the old yokes that used to keep you tethered to the old, but as yet have not been able to fully savour this with all that you are, you will still have to adjust to these external energetic showers that will impart more and more information into your being. And so, what you crave most of all at the moment is not something that you will be able to access. For you are still very much under the influence of these outside forces that are helping you and your physical body to come together in the very best way, and as such the battle fatigue that many of you are suffering at the moment, may seem to be resting heavily on your shoulders for a little while yet. But fret not, you will all find a way to give yourself a little respite, and some of the clues on just what to do you will find here in this space.

For as we said early on in this missive, there is something that connects you all, and there is something within you that has brought you all together in this space, and the more you manage to tune into this, the more you will feel that peace of mind that you may search for at the moment. Remember, at times, strength does come in numbers, and now, that is indeed true. This does not mean that you have to force yourself to go out into the world and face your compatriots, either directly or through showing yourself in this space. No, this simply means that all you have to do, is to open your heart to your brothers and sisters in any way that feels right for you, and then, you will feel a sense of communion that will better enable you to see your own connection to your core. This may sound confusing, for indeed, we usually ask you to within and seek there, but this time, we ask you to rather open up to what is already created around you, in the form of an energetic layer that was not there before, but that now will serve to connect you all at a deeper level, and one that will also serve to help you see you with a clearer eye.

So again we say know that all is well, and that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and even if this may seem to be a period of solitude and isolation, it is in fact a phase where an even deeper connection between you will begin to crystallize. And remember, this does not mean that you have to push yourself out from that safe space you might find yourself seeking to at the moment, that inner sanctum where you can just be with yourself. For you can still be there, but you can at the same time allow this brand new layer of connectivity to enter your space, in a way that will enable you to find a way to balance yourself better through this rather intense period of seeming disconnect. This may sound very contradictory, for as you all know more than well by now, this feeling of being in a void also implies a heightened sense of disconnection. But now, we want to you try to find that new frequency that is already in place, there for you to connect to any time you feel able to do so. And when you start to tap into this field of magnetics, you will find your own energy starting to flow more in sync with the current that is engendered by all that are already connected to this grid you have created by your very presence in this space that you call your Pond. And we think you will all find that this brand new current will help to buoy you all in a way that will help to lift not only your spirit, but also your physical vehicle so that the remainder of this phase will be lighter on you all.

292 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. just now….Amazing….Eireport has been communing with my HS !…so cool !!

    Platforms of Illumination have been created to support “mass” consciousness ascension.

    Selected individualized groups are in place to create lower atmospheric attenuation and eduction into Higher Mind.

    Transference from platform to platform occurs with great ease at this time.

    Elevation of humanity to Hue-manity on “mass” scale occurs is accelerated.


        1. Thanks Philip…a great message from Eireport & fits so perfectly with All these today’s sharings….the Amazing effect of Creation’s energy grid establishing upon Earth is that it will heighten one’s perception, one’s consciousness to the Truth of Creation & will make our transference of communication to each other, & to our higher self much easier & with greater clarity…if fact not just between us, but All Life upon Mother-Earth !…..how wonderful is that !!!…..Love, Bev~

          1. …..more and more people becoming true self with Devine mother on universe ….. what a wonderful time & so much to look for it…. thank you to all voices from the silence & nature & everything…. makes me smile when I say that

            1. Thank you Philip for your beautiful words & you are magnificent I so appreciate your beauty🌺 good night

  2. B to B — wishing U well ! wand tapings coming your way !
    Love to All
    I certainly am in suspended animation.
    Calmer knowing its not just me! I always seem to have things happen with me ‘first’. Should trust this by now 😉 I feel the funk before others and before it is written about here and other places most times. I was almost afraid to come in and see how all was because if it was still just me…. oh boy. though… I certainly don’t wish anyone an ‘uneasy’ shall we say, time too! Glad I Am IN good company! The Best! xxxx oooo

    1. ❤ Glad to see you sounding so well, Breezie, if though in a funk. yep. you're right, you do seem to head the pack. Continue looking upwards with expectation and gleeful anticipation. Much Love, xox 1-Lin ❤ 😀

    2. ❤ Dearest B… you're shining in my Heart. Loving you as always, 1-Lin ❤ +

      p.s. looking forward to good news from you… and how you lit up the operating room and all hospital staff!! 😀 😀 😀

    3. Shout out to You ‘A’ !….Loving You bunches as always !…& Absolutely sending multi-shining beams of Love & Healing Light to our treasured ‘B to B’ !!!….& we ‘All’ are in Great company here !….Love, Bev~

    1. ❤ what a truly Lovely, JOY-filled gift, Michylin. I so en-joyed listening to your daughter's song(s)… it was soft and meaningful and perfect. one also has a sense that she has a powerful voice and can belt it out when called upon in service to other songs. Maybe one day you all will come to the States and offer a tour of your beautiful collective Light and talent… though it would probably be enormously expensive.

      Be well, Dear Michylin&Family. Continued Love Blessings to you all. You are Loved so very much, too. Your gentle, kind Heart is very BIG and welcoming to everybody/everything. 😀 ❤

      p.s. the guy on the guitar ain't bad, either!!!! 😉 😀 Have a FUN day! Hope your cleansing is complete and you feel better now.

    2. Thank you for sharing this, dear Michilyn! You and your wonderful daughter make me smile with my heart 🙂 Thank you for adding so much light and joy to this world!
      LOVE, Aisha

  3. Love is the beginning ❤ Love is the end ❤ It can be no other way for its all there is ❤ So surrender and let the Love flow to you and thru you ….Bless you all great and small ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Philip: „You may find you like to bathe in it, look into the infinite space of Infinite Silence, feel it and more. Relax and Soak into it like sinking into a luxuriating bath.“
    I leap for joy – every time I go into my heart space I immediately fall into a pool of water. At first I wondered about this and thought “this is a cleaning?”
    But then I began to explore the basin. It is warm and soft and I lie in it almost every day, on the back – it does sooooo goooood.

    Joy and Love ❤
    Bixie 😀
    Ich hüpfe vor Freude – immer wenn Ich in meinen Herzraum gehe sinke Ich sofort in ein Wasserbecken ein. Zuerst wunderte Ich mich darüber und dachte „ist das eine Reinigung?“
    Dann begann Ich aber das Wasserbecken zu erkunden. Es ist warm und weich und Ich liege fast jeden Tag darin, auf dem Rücken – es tut sooooo guuuuuut.

    Freude und Liebe ❤
    Bixie 😀

        1. I wanna float, too ! in the Bliss Peaceful Bath in Rainbow sphere ❤︎
          thank you for your love always, the beautiful words always in the short & sweet poem and sentences and that is I wanna become. love tomo ❤︎❤︎💖

        2. It’s addictive in such a powerful way! Much gratitude to you, Bixie. And love! 🙂 Caroline

          1. Yes, dear all, that’s the reason why I live.
            To become more and more again what I really Am.

            And NOW we ALL are on the way ❤ ❤ ❤

            Bixie 😀

  5. Thank you Philip SO MUCH , Bixie, Anna and everyone,💓❤︎

    That was exactly I was getting at & THINKING of whole week.
    in my mind this morning, too. puzzling in my mind.

    Love is more than word can explain and has no definition in me.
    if I put the meaning to it, it probably is like …. just feeling good !!
    we are consciousness has body.
    If I think of it…..

    no judgment no comparison, my body name is tomo & is just being looking at no name everything but want to see only love & harmony.

    Love tomo thank you for your beautiful insight Philip, i still use f words though. and I troy not to.

      1. words is very important tool. has souls. and if each be responsible with feelings ( prefer feeling good to self) this world become haven in me 💓 thanks you r gooood

      2. ❤ this one has nothing to add, Dear Philip, Bixie, AH and Tomo, except a hearty sincere Loving Thank You. So looking forward to your new site, Philip. Continued Blessings & Love to each of you, to us All. ❤ 😀

  6. So Bixie’s post has prompted me (gratitude Bixie) that now is the time to share more detail on the words I was given “A new way has opened.”

    Infinite Silence… that is the ‘words’ it chooses

    It is beyond words though they are necessary to share here… 🙂

    All roads to HOME! So the new way has the same destination. Indeed like SOL it is the way and the Home.

    With an energetic encoding that animates the connection.

    When I look back I can see it has emerged over some time though a key piece in it’s conscious awareness was watching some of Mooji (thank you Michyllin for that link). He said something I already knew. I got a big inner YES and it just unfolded from there…

    It will allow or help more to connect.

    You might like to try it – see below. I know and experience it to be powerful.


    Infinite Silence : All that IS.

    It is No Thing yet the animating principle of All that IS. IS = Infinite Silence.

    How to access the new way!

    By your heart based INTENTION. Simple and Profound.

    It is a a feeling INTENTION that steps you into AWARENESS of INFINITE SILENCE.

    The INTENTION is an energetic bridge into the AWARENESS that is ALWAYS present and that you have simply forgotten about.

    Simple and Profound. Precisely the same as Spheres Of Light.

    Since Infinite Silence and Spheres Of Light are one.

    Anything beyond this is words for the human vehicle. Pointers or Signposts to Truth. The Truth within you, within ALL.

    The ‘new way’ gives people ‘another option’ to the same source.

    The human reference to the ‘label’ Infinite Silence is energetically encoded and aids the body – mind – heart – SOUL connection.

    Close your eyes and Be Open to the experience of INFINITE SILENCE.

    You may find you like to bathe in it, look into the infinite space of Infinite Silence, feel it and more. Relax and Soak into it like sinking into a luxuriating bath.



    There is much more to come with this as there was and still is with SOL. It is though insights to help people connect or make the journey to the knowing that is already there.

    I will be putting all this and more on the new site when it goes live.

    Enjoy and Infinite Blessings of Infinite Silence to ALL Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Philip, thank you so much for sharing all of this! As you say, it is beyond words so I am glad you have managed to put this together – “connect the dots” as the CCs said 😉 “You may find you like to bathe in it, look into the infinite space of Infinite Silence, feel it and more. Relax and Soak into it like sinking into a luxuriating bath” – this sounds SO wonderfully familiar 🙂 Last night, during meditation, I did as the CCs suggested in the message above, I opened my heart to connect even deeper to US here at the Pond. It was such a powerful experience, I literally felt my whole chest expanding, but the best part was that I “saw” us all as these chocolate hearts that melted and dissolved into a wide, flowing river of melted chocolate. “I” became ONE with this river, we all did, and it was just like you describe it above – Infinite silence – infinite bliss!
      LOVE, Aisha 🙂

    2. Dear Philip,
      Thank you for putting my experience of discovering “home” and “me” into words. I’ve never been one to formally meditate. About five years ago, I began to lose interest in listening to music. It didn’t satisfy me anymore, and believe me, I loved my music like so many Ponders. There was a gradual progression to an absolute need for silence. The craving for silence became intense over the past few years, which became quite bothersome when living with another person. I couldn’t have it any other way now. A while back, I told Breeze that she may find the need to be alone and silent, as it has a way of unplugging us from what is unreal.

      1. I’m discovering that, for me, the void is my natural state of being. All else is creation, which is exciting, but there really is no place like home.
        Love always to you and Sue,

      2. ❤ omg, C… last year one stopped listening to music, too… thought something was definitely wrong with me. have always been overly sensitive to sounds, so am used to wanting quiet around me [just thought one was being eccentric (again) as most of my friends think I am, but not hubby, thank goodness] A BIG THANX and laughter of relief for this. Continued Blessings of JOY! xox ❤

        1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Follow where your HS leads you, no matter how odd it may seem. Big hug to you and a dose of light and love coming your way! 🙂 Caroline

        2. Dear Caroline and Lin – I have it the same way. I rarely listen to music anymore, not even in my car. But I do love listening to the sounds of Mother Nature 🙂
          Love and light from me, Aisha

      3. Well, that’s wonderful. I guess I/you/we/ONE did it together if you follow the drift… I know you do. Silence is Golden indeed. Philip 🙂

    3. ❤ Dear Philip… THANX to you (and Bixie), one already experienced this lovely new way of BEing early this morning. Big Love and Blessings of JOY to you both for sharing. Be well and Blessed. With my Love and appreciation, and hugs of jOY… ❤ 😀

    4. Thank you so much for this Philip & Bixie…you’ve co-created a beautiful thing ! & I hope ‘All’ will also see how ‘Water’ fits so perfectly into this ! …as ‘Water’ is the touchable ~ seeable manifestation of the Infinite Silent realm we still cannot touch or see. & I completely understand what each is saying about hungering more for silence, as this is when we can dip into the most wonderful connections with Creation…remember, All the great masters, monk, yogis spent much time in retreat to BE closest to God !
      Gotta go……Earth Love & Celestial Light to You All…..Bev~

      1. What you say here Bev reminds me of when I dive into a pool of water and enter the blissful silence of it much as I said above:

        “You may find you like to bathe in it, look into the infinite space of Infinite Silence, feel it and more. Relax and Soak into it like sinking into a luxuriating bath.”

        That’s what it feels like when I dive in… in both ways… ha, ha Philip 🙂

        1. so true dearest Philip…in fact consciousness never forgets this sensation, as even as you were an embryo cradled in Water growing in your Mother’s womb you were ‘1’ with Water !…I you know ‘Woman’ is derived from ‘Womb-man’….interesting isn’t it….!
          Off to bed now….& another interesting thing about Silence, & wanting to step away from outside noise, even music, I don’t even set my morning alarm clock any more….I naturally awaken each day about the same time & welcome the early morning quiet…starts off my day much better too !…….have a wonderful evening !…..LOve, Bev~

  7. may be…. I should start practicing saying f words often, it is easy & I do that often and fun !!!

    1. Thank you Lin❤︎, you are an Angel saved me before I kicked myself go to the other side of the moon, you are so gentle & I am grateful & I enjoy loving. …. ok not so much loving. I want to believe all are unique in sharp way, clear way, genre way, loving way, smart way, funny english my way ha ha I love you all ❤︎

  8. can anyone define quantum healing ? I need help. please I am making my web site for first time in my life & cant figure out putting in one short kind sentence. thanks tomo

    1. Aw, heck, I’ll give it a go … why not? Quantum Healing: The loving cooperation between heart consciousness and matter, which are, at the core, the exact same thing.”


      🙂 AH

    2. And by the way, I feel this scene every time I read one of your comments. Thanks for your beautiful spirit!!!! ❤

      1. Thank you Anna❤︎ for the definition it helped me. I may not a versatile person who can express feelings and emotions in better ways. thank you for being patient. I work on it. Love tomo💓

        1. Dear Anna, what a beautiful sound Anna, it indeed helped me your definitions has clarity in me, there are so many tough definitions out there, all are great but I like simple which all can understand thanks💖
          big LOVE tomo with 💓x infinite ha ha

      2. ❤ one feels and looks forward to Tomo's pure Heart and Love in her posts as well… one feels when you say the f words, Dear Tomo, they probably don't resonate as f words in the usual intended spoken way by others. ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. When I woke up this morning I saw a black void with a white being insinde. Someone said: „This is you“.
    Als Ich heute Morgen aufwachte sah Ich eine schwarze Leere mit einem weißen Wesen darin. Jemand sagte: „Das bist Du“.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

    1. I love this Bixie. It is you speaking to you! It fits so perfectly with the insights I referred to briefly a couple of times about a message I got the other day ‘a new way has opened.’

      Feels to me like the void and the being are one… it is YOU. ALL of us…

      More to come to All in a separate post.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. It’s as you say, Philip, I feel it the same, but my English ist not good enough to describe it really well 😉
        I only write simple posts, the most important insights in a very shortened form.
        Thank you very much for your feedback, I love to be understood ❤
        Es ist wie Du es sagst, Philip, Ich fühle dasselbe, aber mein Englisch ist nicht gut genug um es richtig gut zu beschreiben 😉
        Ich schreibe nur einfache Postings, die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse in einer sehr verkürzten Form.
        Danke sehr für Deine Rückmeldungen, Ich liebe es verstanden zu werden ❤

        Heart greetings ❤
        I AM BIXIE 😀

        1. Alex, Bixie, Philip – thank you so much for this! ” it is YOU. ALL of us…” – or as Alex says “I would also like to mention something about the void space…it is created out of quanta and emptiness. Exactly as we are. Exactly as the universe is.” It is NO thing, yet it is everything, and so are we 🙂
          LOVE, Aisha ❤

          1. giggle
            you reminded me of one of the deep insights i received from LSD, hmm, early ’70’s, i guess. long time anyway



              1. thanks
                i am so glad that somebody gets the joke
                the funny part to me is to watch the look of befuddlement on the faces of those who don’t get it
                as it zooms over their heads

  10. I would also like to mention something about the void space…it is created out of quanta and emptiness. Exactly as we are. Exactly as the universe is. The void space is created exactly as ALL that IS is created…simply particles and space. I find this assists me in finding an ease with this space…as it envelops and becomes one with us all. hugs!

      1. Dear oyster girl 999,

        I watched it ❤︎❤︎❤︎ it is indeed love is all there is !! Thank you he is a really great teacher, he is indeed.

        ” Peaceful loving expressions to everything to everyone ”
        it is great hear this, excepting what is really needed.

        thank you I will listen to him some more, love tomo ❤︎

        1. sorry mistyped it !!

          it is accepting what is 💖❤︎

          LOVE is all there is. loving heart loving self (all) is just what is.

    1. yes,,,and people are impatient for the release from the old and the first steps into the new… yet,,, we have to think of the new born and its important process. A seed Always becomes what it is meant to BE.
      Orsen Wells just came to me with his ‘no good wine before its time’.
      Our vineyard is a fine one – it will produce. It already has
      maybe we just have to drink it all up more 🙂

  11. The most important thing i feel is to love it all…not love it When this or that happens, not love it only when I feel this way or that way, not love it only when someone is acting a certain way…love it all…does that mean you like it all? no…certainly not…but it does mean you love your OWN human 3rd dimensionally created body and heart and when you suffer, you love it even more…when you are angry, you accept the existence of your anger and you love yourself for feeling this way or that way…the more you love yourself, the more you transform the world…when your brain says, I will love myself WHEN this happens…that is the time to love yourself even more NOW….as it is…I love you all!

    Matt Kahn shares a wonderful video about freedom from adversity–give yourself a treat and have a listen…

    1. Dear oystergirl 999,

      thank you for this video I will certainly watch tonight thank you !!
      I like seth and he said “Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is its purpose.” ― Jane Roberts, Seth, and I believe so, too. & many waves of experiences teach us all & it is all good.
      Allowing everything & embracing everything, Love tomo

    2. ❤ wow. one is continually saying Thank You to sisters and brothers here. Please know it is always genuine/sincere from my Heart. Sooo, THANK YOU, Dear Alex (once again!!) for this lovely MK video—I watched 20 minutes of it and had to stop, but am back for more and even "seconds" later on. Continued Blessings and Love, Dear YOU. xox ❤

  12. Gratitude & Love from me & kids,

    we always are in imaginations such as swimming with wild dolphins, living in wonderful universe everywhere, this is just to share our magic ❤︎

    1. ❤ Beautiful, Dear Tomo… you gently sparkle my life, also. Thank you to you and your kids for the video and thank you for being here. With Love, Lin ❤

  13. This morning I woke up and thought ‘wild fires of undoing are gone but there is no sight of the promised land’. Then I realized my weariness affects my mood than any energy wave that might be coming. So much so that I feel disillusioned at times. And yet I know patience is a virtue and I pray for it.

    1. Dear Ra, thank you for sharing this! As the CCs keep reminding us, “the promised land” is already here, we have made it come true. But it is very difficult to “see” it if we use our “human senses”, it is something we have to connect to by going within for the time being. So yes, patience is very much a necessity now as we continue to do all we can to make this promised land become as real on the outside as it is on the inside as soon as possible 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. breeze, every time i read seth I remember you please believe in yourself, I don’t know exactly what is going on with your life but one thing I know is you sparkled my life & our seth said not to suffer so much anymore you came out to enjoy your life !! allow love and I am always with you Love tomo🐬❤︎

        1. I am never allowed to suffer long for I am a joyful sprite 🙂
          by nature
          so is my Kelly and with blessings he is doing much better this past week.
          I feel things before it really hits so to speak – so it has been a double wammy for me here in human form….but I am blessed to have the knowing and would not trade it when I release into the complete Love/Joy Space. if there ‘had’ to be both in the old duality, then so it was…. now, let all the goodies come and stay!! As planned so long ago – or a second ago – no time – all is Now.
          I have been doing inner work on both myself and Kelly. Keeping to Home – the Silence and the beautiful clouds became my solace of peace and renewal.
          thank you so much for your care!! Love always, Breeze

          1. The most loving breeze thinking of lovely Kelly in different reality is somewhere & I embrace all duality within me within you because I know we are constantly changing to beautiful and wonderful and you are always singing beautifully in me, love ya tomo🌺

              1. & you know what Breeze when I was going through huge one, they were all so patients almost unbelievably patient , this is what they told me they want to love you because they just wanna love. then I cried in joy. I am not saying here that I went through before anyone it just I experienced in my own timing what I probably decided in universe & still to come that is my excitements to explore. I am just very excited you are here with us, and take any process you like embrace all I mean even what you don’t understand the things that make it so much easier to bring you smiles, in my case it was like that.

                1. So much gratitude do I have in my heart for you my dear Tomo
                  We do live within each others hearts!
                  And I hear and feel all you are and say my friend – xo

          2. Hi Areeza,
            Wonderful to see your back here as a sprite.
            You being at peace gives me a smile that peace is back in life, now.
            Sending you a fleet of clouds in shapes that will Wow your imagination. En-joy!!!
            Blessings abound.

    1. flamingo~❡ ❤︎

      Thank you Otmn for this beautiful music & thank you Mr. Jeffries in heaven.
      it sure is the relaxing color of the sound. thank you

    2. Thank you for sharing, dear Otmn! It seems to be quite a few of the old “wayshowers” and pioneers who choose to transit now – perhaps in order to return in a new body to add even more light to this world 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. i love that idea
        i hope that’s true
        i need a new body, myself, i just about have this one worn out
        oh well
        no hurry

        1. Dear Otmn, I think you will be in your current body for quite a while yet, but that it will be a “re-tuned” version of it that makes it more enjoyable to ride around in 😉
          Smooch! Aisha

          1. Yup….Otmn….with a little tune-up, oil change, re-caliber the brakes, & new tires…your ride will BE smashingly glowing & ready to go another couple billion kilometers or so !!! You do know you are coming along for the whole journey right ? Don’t make us come & get you !……Love, Bev~

            1. .
              “If I had known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself!”

              ― Mickey Mantle

              1. Mickey, enjoyed life to the fullest. He did it his way.
                Plus each of us is in just the most perfect place, here and now.
                So do what I do and enjoy the ride, I intend to!!!!

  14. Greetings all,

    Aisha i can relate to the water theme lately. Last week before things hit me and my twin hard with this latest adjustment, our higher self gave us a message to “transverse the feeling”. I don’t normally receive messages advising how to cope unless i am already in the thick of it. So this really stood out this time from all other times.

    The metaphor was water based and we were told to hold our space like “water”, they showed us that while sometimes it is ok to be in the tree form standing firm and leaning in whatever direction, that this time we needed to be more dynamic like water. So in order to traverse the feeling of what is going around right now, it was to be, think, “feel” like water.

    It doesn’t surprise me that being in water and around it is helping right now.

    I have read many snippets here and there about water, currents and flows this week on these pages, so just adding this to the reservoir so to speak. If anyone is struggling on how to cope, then be like water, or get out to some water if you can. Perhaps that is the frequency and consciousness that can help bridge the gap / void that many are talking about. I mean what does a large body of water do exactly ? it bridges all sides (shores) together and seals all holes / voids. gaps.

    I am still recovering from “transversing the feelings”- got hit hard over the weekend by a strange stomach virus. Oh ever so strange -.- The irony of it being related to violently and painfully purging water through my body was not missed 😉 Whether i got sick because i didn’t do quite as i was told or not, I am not sure. When higher self checks you in for a ‘time out’ not much you can argue with. Once i am better i will be heading back to the swimming pool, to be in water 🙂 Water is the next highest level and expression of light, besides light that we have in 3d.

    Have gone through the disconnect feeling at the same time and it is advisable to not try and force the reconnect from the same holding position as before, things have moved on, and it will hurt as i tried. xD

    There is much more going on than what we are being made aware of. Depending on your perspective and how you may each interpret the energies lately, I can honestly say that those temporary downtimes and disconnects are still better than the alternative, nothing is more humbling than to remember how pea brain sized we really are.

    Water flows to where it needs to be, so be like water~

    Best wishes.

    1. Dear eleven 777,
      I thought Aisha/cc is really the tinker bells of beautiful words but you are also so fantastically clear like beautiful crystal water taught me today’s & everyday wisdom which echos my mind to be like water that what I like to stay to be. Thank you eleven 777*, love tomo・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

    2. When i say pea sized brain, i don’t mean that in a derogatory way, although my choice or words could have been better, Ops xD

      As i see it our 3d minds aka “chemical computers” aka ego can only process so much and that everything which filters through our perceptions from higher self still has to be compressed if one still wants to be in “root form” in a 3d human body. We are still dealing with the plumbing between a painfully slow dial up bandwidth and that of the mega fast fibre optic speeds of light- both analogies for where our consciousness levels reside.

      3d = dial up
      4d = adsl
      5d and up = fibre optic

      The taste i got of remembering that we are only as strong as the weakest part of us,… was humbling. We /they still do have to take things gently so not to fry and blow the sanity of our 3d minds in the process, hence the disconnected periods.


      1. categorizing will only put self-restrictions in the way.
        i say go with the flow and otherwise be unconcerned; whatever it is.
        you can’t make a mistake unless you really want to destroy.

    3. Dear elven777, thank you so much for sharing this and for adding to this “reservoar” of insights! I do not know if you are aware of this, but in Norwegian “elven” literally means “the river” – so you have the perfect name for this water-theme 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

    4. Hi elven777….I was wanted to tell you I really ‘Loved’ All you said about ‘Water’ !!….you might know already, but some ponders refer to me as the ‘Water Girl’…as I have spoken here so many times about Water ! Here’s something I said 3 months ago after one of our Gatherings ~

      “Thank you dear Aisha for hosting a wonderful Gathering & All the thought experiences shared by others. Thank you JayJay for allowing yourself to See the sacred hexagon honeycomb grid of creation, & Michael, your wonderful animation was actually quite profound in a simplistic way showing the grid of life creation which is within, & is ‘Water’….possibly now you may See why I Love BEES so much….they are completely aware, connected & awakened to the template of life ! As a follow up to my post about ‘Water’….For a moment, if you can, forget about everything that encompasses the ‘Me’, ‘You’, ‘I’ , imagine you are not human at all, you do not exist other than being only ‘Water’ as in truth, it is ‘Water’ that makes you, & allows you to exist at all. See yourself as nothing but ‘Water’….See, Feel, Move & Vibrate as ‘Water’….can you, for just a few moments ?”

      & this also relates to what Philip is speaking about ‘Infinite Silence’, connecting to the ‘Void’ which is the realm of Creation….it All has meaningful relevance to ‘Water’ ! When we truly know ‘Water’ we know Creation….& when we BEcome ‘1’ with ‘Water’ we change, everything changes…….if you have the time & or interested I have attached lots of videos these past several months here at the pond about ‘Water’ !

      ‘Water’… so much more than we now know !….
      LOve, Bev~

      1. & I forgot to say….sorry HS needed to put you through a painful time out…hope you are feeling better soon…& I know you will !….Love, Bev~

        1. Thank you bev37 H30 for your informative reply, I’m glad you posted this and i will look into it. I now understand your name “H30” hehe.

          I had something talk to me about needing to get off the shores during my sleep earlier and enter the water- another water / void analogy maybe about how we tend to seek the shores of safety, when right now the water is the new high ground or “safety ground”, something along those lines that i am def not articulated enough to put into words.

  15. “… you are simply not fully aware of the full magnificence of your being…”


    Oh yes I am.

    I am fully aware of the full magnificence of my being — I also experience it when I constantly play in the higher dimensions during OBE sleep state.

    I wake up here, in this restricted physical dream reality, with full recollection of my experience exercising my powers and my freedom in the higher realms.
    Flying, levitating, manifesting, de-manifesting, teleporting, telempathy, Template Reality exploration & creation, higher dimensional tasting/drinking/smelling/textures, Soul Family (dead loved ones) get-togethers…


    “But again, you are not missing anything at all, ”


    That is not my experience.

    I would say that because I am fully aware of my full magnificence, I am also fully aware of what I am “missing” in this reality — which is the removal of the LOCKDOWN on our higher dimensional DNA & our higher powers.


    “Remember you are still very much in a holding pattern, the one we discussed in our previous message, the preparatory stage that is all important,…”


    Holding & preparing for what, exactly?

    Does it have anything to do with the Éireport group being stuck and holding to the same message for nearly 2 weeks now:

    “Planetary readiness nears.”

    Ready for what???

    At least give us something tangible, here….

    1. ✨” I am fully aware of my full magnificence,”✨I simply love it !! & means lots to me & feel good reading this one beautiful word because I sometime choose to forget but I allow. Thank you for your clear insights I so appreciate your pure ness. Love tomo

  16. “it doesn’t matter where they put me
    one always finds a way out, but always seem to be seeing & understanding things, at the same time” – no one shines their light in the way that you do, dear sun_of_blue! Thank you for doing what you do, seeing what you see and sharing it all here!
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Dear miniblessings,
      thank you it is so lovely & so true in everything (o^^o) Love is all there is💝 love Tomo

  17. We’ll Sue and I have been out all day in beautiful spring weather to a lovely woodland and river walk. Beautiful energies there.

    Had a further and profound insight into what I mentioned briefly yesterday when I posted the SOL video. I’d been given a message yesterday that:

    “a new way has opened” – now I’m clear what that is and is intrinsically linked to SOL… more to come… very exciting and will share… blessings to all.

    Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Philip, it has been a day for being out in Mother Nature for my sister and me as well 🙂 I am very much looking forward to see what you will share about “the new way”!
      LOVE, Aisha

  18. Thank you as always Dearest Sister & to the CC’s ! Is certainly is a time where many are feeling unsettled to various degrees & even lost, or disconnected in this new form of ‘Void’….but we must All try to take a deeper view & understanding of what this ‘Void’ really is & what it’s for ! I had mentioned a song months ago which included an important phrase about ‘take me back to school’ & in fact this Void is very much that, but this is no ordinary school, as it is the school of ‘Creation’ & is a fine tuned teaching for each individual soul !…This is a time where Creation, if you ‘Allow’ & Accept it’s teachings is going to change the very You…you previously thought you were, & many the things you’ve been accustomed to seeing, & the knowledge you’ve learned previously is going to overrided with the real Truth of what Creation is, how it has always been here, & a very important part of You, who you really are & why you are here ! It All boils down to ‘Perception’ & if you ‘Allow’ yourself to See & Accept the Truth, Creation will BE bringing vast amounts of New information & Visions unto You ! As I said before, ‘You don’t need to go to the mountain, as you have the power to bring the mountain to ‘You’ !….but you must BE willing to Accept this New Truth as for many, it will cause conflict with much of your now thoughts you think are correct & True….or for others it just may verify thoughts & visions they have previously had…..BEing completely ‘Open without conflict & question’ towards what Creation will bring to you by many means, including visions, articles, new internet web sites & knowledge will be extremely important & will BE coming to You !
    The past several days Creation has been ramped up it’s deliverance to me, & so much, even more revealing than I once thought….as up til now I thought many of my previous visions were in their own context pretty Amazing….but no…there’s so much more & so much more coming…think of your self likened to a new book with blank pages that you’ve Allowed ‘You’ to BEcome very real…& you are now in complete Agreement for the Author to begin writing an unknown story, the story of You, of this world & everything about it from microscopic to the vast outer realms !….but it’s not going to happen overnight…some days it will be a few words, & sentences…while others may be complete chapters….it All will work in accordance to your own level of alignment & Acceptance….it’s just the way it works…..but I must tell you that ‘Water’ will Become even more revealing, how All of Creation, from ‘Fabonacci’ to ‘Implosion’ is All a part of the master plan & blueprint of Life ! How the number ’37’ is so vital within Creation…..did you know that the constant perfect temperature of our bodies, of All warm blooded creatures is 37 degrees…it is what creation call ‘temperature-less’ & it is the very ‘Void’, the very fertile growing space of divinity, the ‘Zero point’ that has already been prepared for the expansion of ‘Perception’….in fact the very nature of DNA, is not what we thought it to BE, or even looks like what we were led to believe….BE Open to Accept the Truth & rise above what you have been taught ! ….think ‘Flower of Life’ & the Hexagon grid of Creation energy & the six point geometric marker of Creation ! Try not focusing so much on the empty pages, but the Amazing story that is BEing written within it !…Allow ~ Allow ~Allow
    Wishing ‘You’ All the most Amazing of times where Truth shall BE revealed to ‘You’……Love, Bev~

    1. GaiaPortal ~ May 25th

      Fruition of energetic seeds implanted in Gaia grid structures occurs in short order.
      Removal of oppositional energetic seeds and accompanying entanglements nears completion.
      Forces of Higher Dimensional Light flow effortlessly through current energetic undulations on Gaia surface.
      Impactful renderings of shadow structures occurs at each now moment, within each hu- and Hue-being, as well as within all group structures.

      “””Veracity of “Light Guidance” rapidly becomes validated for all Gaia participants.”””””

      1. ❤ oh my Go(o)d-ness… THANK YOU, Dear Aisha&CCs and Dear Bev!! ❤ ❤ ❤ one feels like jumping up and down (at the moment) from reading this exciting information [other times, my Heart space is just flat, devoid of all feeling—but it's all Good.] Even with all the incessant pushing/pulling/stretching/imploding, we're all so very fortunate to be part of this… and we're almost Home.

        At 2:42a.m. this morning, one got up and released a collection of colorful helium non-mylar balloons with ribbons in honor of the one-year anniversary of my dad's passing (I only do this rarely so almost no damage is done to Mother). my Heart space at that moment was again "flat", but the anticipation and planning before hand was great fun. All "alone" under the stars, knowing one was surrounded by Beings of Love&Light (& my dad) celebrating with me. he was a war veteran, so it was doubly fitting to remember him as today, in the USA, it is Memorial Day for all veterans… so Blessings to all and to dear Otmn, too.

        Thank you to each of you at this Pond—when my Heart space isn't registering flat-ness, one feels such profound Love—and JOY—for and from each of you, even if your outer you is being cranky… one also knows cranky. Be well all. With Love&Light&JOY, 1-Lin ❤

        1. Dear Lin! Love and blessings to you and to your father’s spirit, and to everyone celebrating Memorial Day! And thank you for what you share and for reminding us that it is “all Good”, even the crankiness and the “flat” heart 🙂
          LOVE, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

        2. Thank You Lin….Always !….& what a magnificent way to celebrate you Father’s Spirit !….when you described it, I felt I was right there with you ! Love Healing & Blessings to All Veterans & also to All Life that continues to suffer & endure strife in this world !
          Love, Bev~

        3. Lovely Lin
          My dad, a vet too – last good outing was last memorial day which was also my parents wedding anniversary. they both were out watching the parade in town. nice memories and a nice last picture. was hard to go to my parents house for first time since last Oct. Getting it ready for sale now.
          nice idea you had for your Dad. Blessings and Love, A

    2. Seeing through the eyes of bees……….. Think I’ll go plant some flowers now! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Much love to you, Caroline

      1. Ahhhh…we are Kindred Souls ! Thank you for these simple but powerful words !….says it All !…..Love to you Caroline !…..Bev~

      1. Thank you Philip…it ‘All’ is BEcoming more & more fascinating each day !….going now to read your latest post….sure it will BE most enlightening !…..Love, Bev~

    3. Dear Bev! Thank you for these powerful words, there is so much here that makes my heart sing and my brain come alive 🙂 ” Try not focusing so much on the empty pages, but the Amazing story that is BEing written within it ” – so true! Ahh – and WATER! My sister and I are feeling such a strong urge to be close to water, so today we just had to go for a swim in a small lake deep in the forest. I do not think I have gone swimming this early in the season since I was a small child, but I have a feeling I will be immersing myself in water – in every sense of the word – as often as possible this summer 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Thank You Dearest Sister….the swim sounded ever so refreshing, but I bet it still was a bit on the cool side….which actually is better & has more benefits for You & your Sister to connect too ! Wishing you both a continued increasing bond with ‘Water’ in the coming months !
        I know a lot of what I am saying seems to be flying over the top, but HS encourages me to keep gently pollinating the flowers & it is a certainty that one day, the flowers with this dispersion & accumulation of intertwined fine grains of ‘Pollen’ will seed & grow into wonderful glorious fruit that will ripen & then a new layer is born, like the rings of tree… they will BEcome the continuation of new ‘Pollinators’ ……the perfect process that has been part of Nature / Creation for millions of years !…..LOve to You both !

        1. & forgot to mention….the added infused energy connection with the surrounding trees to the Water is also most beneficial for you both !

          1. Thank you, dear Bev! We recently discovered that the granite hill we live at the bottom of has a huge water reservoar inside of it, serving the area we live in. The water is pumped from a nearby lake through a long tunnel going through the entire hill so no wonder the energies here are so beneficial. It feels a bit like living next to a “natural battery” 🙂 I so love the way you describe the “human pollinators”, this never ending cycle of creation, and how we are helping to make the once barren land fertile again 🙂
            Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

            1. “helping to make this once barren land fertile again”….Yes we are ! Exactly true, but this time it will Be even better than before the beginning !….& Thank you for further explaining this lake…I understand now why you sense it’s power & ‘natural battery’ is pretty much what it truly is ! I just recently, a few days ago, was led to an article about an Amazing man from Austria, early 1900’s, who spent most of his life studying, observing & gaining great insight about ‘Water’…so much wonderful information that my mind simply drank it All in & seemingly brought me up to an even higher appreciation for ‘Water’…if that was even possible !….He spent a lot of time observing the natural habit & flow of deep forest streams & your mentioning of the tunnel, clicked a similarity….I’ll look up the site again & share with you as soon as I can…..have a wonderful evening !…..LOve, Bev~

    4. Dear bev37,

      thank you always for your beautiful words, love Tomo

      💝 Love is all there is.💝
      Able to choose feelings.
      Able to allow.
      Able to love.
      & feeling good places is I am. ✨

      1. Thank You Tomo….indeed ‘LOve’ encompasses , flows through & is the vital ingredient that makes the living energy of All of Creation !…. Love, Bev~

        1. I think of what is love & always have no definition but soft, kind, feels good, comfortable,,,,etc, if anyone can come up with short lovable words I would really love to uses. love tomo

          1. many Thanks back to you Tomo ! & Thanks for sharing the video !The thing I find most interesting about the word, the feeling of ‘Love’ is that you don’t have to say any of these other descriptive words…’Love’ is the full basket All by itself, where as anything opposite to Love, you’ll find hundreds of words, & different tunes of emotions with each one unto it’s self & own isolated meaning….that’s just as I see it…Love, Bev~

            1. Bev, dear Bev, thank you it helped me lots indeed. Non physicals are guiding me through to express & I feel hesitated at first but I feel right in me now all LOVE & gratitude from me, I am learning slowly making my own web site and blog in turtle speed looking forward to have lots of fun expressing little art with kids thank you Bev with lots lots lots of LOVe. tomo

        2. thank you Bev always making so much sense for me (sounds storage but true) thank you ❤︎tomo

  19. “…you are simply not fully aware of the full magnificence of your being…”

    That says it, Aisha! Thank you! Just what I was working on this morning with my friend. Hold up the white flag of surrender. We hold ourselves back by believing what “the masses” say; by holding them back we hold ourselves back. Allow your arms to drop to your side and let the masses go. See the vision which stands before you! It is the future…it is YOUR future!
    Love to all of you on this wonderful day of SURRENDER! Donna

        1. Dear Donna – a whole lotta LOVE flowing back to you! Thank you for adding these words and this joy to this Pond 🙂
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

        2. Thank you Donna !….we will BE reflecting our soul Light back & forth to each other, then out to All ! have a glorious day !….Love, Bev~

    1. I have been saying ‘I surrender, I surrender already!’
      the nothingness has taken over – so there is now nothing to surrender I just realized. thats nice 🙂
      Bring on the everything

      1. Exactly Breeze. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize what was still holding back one aspect of myself. I knew there was something, just couldn’t access it. I “Believed” (knew) that it was simple and that I could get it quickly after all the work I’d been doing. So on this day, the revelation was huge. I surrendered with the white flag, but felt I was in the front row with so many people behind me pushing me! What was I picking up? We were all holding ourselves back. I was stuck there with turmoil. My arms were out to the side, and Abraham spoke and said, “What do we see as our vision? Never mind those behind you. Look forward to your vision.” There was more, but that was the gist.

        My love of the white flag of surrender. I see me now, not holding back myself or things of my past. I dropped my hands down and there was no longer tension in my body, and I looked forward. My eyes got bigger and I now see clearly…more than ever before.

        Here’s to the final release! Donna

    1. Dear Jean – I think you are already very much connected to this “brand new current” 🙂 Thank you for BEIng a part of this collective flow of LOVE!
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

  20. It certainly is an odd place, this void of ours. Or maybe it’s just mine. Who knows? Time doesn’t work the same way, food is different, and there is an ever present urgency while simultaneous calm all around.

    I’m sure there’s something I want to be doing, but I’ll be damned if I have any idea what it is. I don’t think I’m going crazy, but then I suspect that thinking is the problem all along. Trained from birth to rely on thought, disregard the feeling, trust the evidence.

    The thing is, feeling IS evidence, but a uniquely subjective form that can never be “proven”. So we learn to disregard it, much to our own detriment.

    I had an insight into the distinction between feeling and emotion recently, which helped me. What I “feel” is an energetic, vibrational signal. Much like what I hear, see, smell, taste, etc. How I choose to interpret it is just a thought, an idea, an intangible nothing. My emotion is how I react to that thought. For so long those around me used the terms “feelings” and “emotions” interchangeably, but I don’t see it that way any more.

    Whether lurker or just listener, I don’t say much, never quite certain how it might be taken, whether I will be subject to someone else’s emotion that I don’t want, or just forced to face my own through the wonderful mirror that is life in physical form.

    I’ve no idea where any of this is coming from, or until it comes out of me, where it is going. We’re told that all is well, and I trust that it is, because I know somewhere within me that it cannot not be.

    We are eternal beings, after all, and before all, for that matter.

    Just some musings from where I exist in the present.

    Love to all,


    1. As if they are my own words. Thank you Paul, for stepping up. We truly are one.

      Love, JJ

      1. dear JJ❤︎, thank you indeed you are so right !!!!!

        dear Paul, Each single one of us are all stepping up in unique ways in harmony. Whenever I feel anxiety or close to fear I ask myself where is the thing coming from inside because it is mostly likely 120 % from inside in my reality & it was a rock soon will soon becoming beautiful small diamonds & you can jump fly over the diamonds & singing & thanking. tomo🐬

    2. Dear Paul, thank you for describing this “befuddling haze” with such clarity! I was nodding in agreement while I read your words so I can only echo JJ in saying “As if they are my own words”. So yes, this void truly is this void of OURS 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. D I T T O Paul and thank you much !
        I find myself being so aware of what I am about to say to others. all the time. Sometimes, I will start to talk and it seems laborious. It can feel wrong and I want to just ‘stop’. I find myself keeping more quiet and communicating in a different way with people.
        I too trust it is all “ok” for same reasons you express. Love, A

    3. Thanks for sharing this, the CCs said we might find solace in these comments and they were right.

      I experience this disconnect as a slight annoyance with this trying and strive to move forward with the anscension stuff, it’s like I just want to be normal and binge watch Netflix or something.

      1. Lol allisfaith, love the binge on Netflix /be normal comment. That is my thing/thinking often. I just want a darn Starbucks coffee and to be normal for a sec- I mean just a sec if “someone” wouldn’t mind please. But noooo, no coffee deadens my brain and clarity so I must settle for their crappy green tea while pretending to be somewhat normal ;). Lol, gotta love it. It’s quite a thing this process

        1. Ha ha – allisfaith and Veronica! I said exactly the same thing to my sister yesterday when I really felt I needed a “vacation” from all of this energetic workout 😉 But then again, going back to a “normal life” would be the worst thing that could happen I think 😉
          Love and light from me, Aisha

      2. yes and for me its like this ‘nothingness’ has taken over. I cant seem to ‘try and make it change’. I dont get too upset about it but it seems like the CC’s said in that we ‘expect’ things to work like they used to. At the same time, if I focus on just being… I still get ‘nothing’. and yet, at the same time, I feel more True to my Love than ever before! – in a no-thing sort of way. lol
        Love 2 U

    4. I would say that the “voids” definitely are separate. Mine has lasted years.

      Always remember that you exist in a completely separate reality bubble, from everyone around you. You are an entire contained universe from a different, separate perspective.

      We are all just overlapping “bubbles”, who agreed to share a collective experience of one big-ass 3D bubble reality.
      It’s one big-ass bubble bath in which we forced & trapped ourselves to remain in the same confining bath tub.


      “Whether lurker or just listener, I don’t say much, never quite certain how it might be taken,”


      You will evolve to a level, where you free yourself, and you are no longer affected by how others respond to you. You are free when you no longer agree to be affected by anyone.

      This point at which you no longer give a shit what anyone else says, comes when you realize that everyone around you is YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED REFLECTION.

      You are basically, “the only one in the room”. It is all YOU. Coming back at you.
      All the people you interact with, are actually personalized versions of those people coming in through your Consciousness, which your Consciousness (or Higher Self) has chosen to be specifically relevant to you.

      You are not getting the full true scope of each person….you are experiencing a portion of that person that is “keyed” to you, so that you can interact and learn your lesson from them.
      So that you can see your own Higher Self reflection coming back at you, through them.

      The next time you choose to wonder how what you say “might be taken”……you may want to remember that it is all simply YOU, talking to YOURSELF.

      1. Thank you, that is VERY clarifyiing. So the response you get from Pondmembers is simply me responding to myself.
        God, when you say it, it is so clear, when I try to explain it, it gets all lost.
        😊 JJ

      2. Thank You Kiera for your continued participation here with the group as it is important, more than you know. Interesting for someone who does not like or appreciates ‘Metaphors’, the bubble bath one is really a very good one !…Thanks for that ! What you’ve said about ‘Personalized Reflection’ is also very good & quite accurate, but you should know it is much more complicated than this. When we interact with other souls we are also connecting with their consciousness of learning & evolving so there are many feedback loops created, not just the one of our own reflection….as I said, it’s very complicated…maybe someday I’ll elaborate more on it, but for now I think most would simply not understand….as much of the complicated processes of Creation…we just are not ready to grasp a lot of it, & Yes, that includes ‘Me & You’ too…..but we’ll get there….that’s a certainty !….Love to You Light Sister !…..Bev~

        1. ❤ Dearest Bev… one hopes the "someday" when you elaborate will be soon. one always looks forward to your posts (& those posted to me individually) and videos, even if I don't comment at the time for one reason or another (being quiet/going thru something personal). You really are a huge Light here with a matching Heart, and You are Loved and Treasured. Know that!! 🙂 Continue to be well and to be so very Blessed. With My Love, xox 1-Lin ❤ 😀

          1. Thank You my Dearest SOL-ar Sister !!….Your words always touch me deeply !…Love You BIG BUNCHES will Pollen filled flowers on top !!! & I AM more then willing to share with you anything you want to know if I can…so just ask me !…..& you don’t have to explain any personal stuff…really…All o.k. !….I Feel your Loving Shining Soul Heart & that’s All that matters !…..Truly wishing You a perfect day filled with the very best things You Treasure & Love !….Love, Bev~

            1. ❤ since one doesn't yet know consciously (perhaps) what you already have been made aware of, then just elaborate as to what you were talking about, but only how you are "called upon" to do so and when and how much… and what you are comfortable in revealing. If it's not now, then this one can wait. 🙂 This all is such a wonderful, JOYfilled ride now and this Pond is shining like never before. The Love here and elsewhere just has to spill out to Mother and the rest of humanity and little be-ings soon. one is very excited about the forthcoming clean up/restoration of Light/health to it all—my Heart almost bursts with anticipation of the unfolding of this Gift.

              Loving you, Dearest Bev! 😀 ❤

              1. Ha….Dearest Lin….you don’t know it but you just answered your own question !….”the Love here & everywhere just has to spill out to Mother & the rest of humanity & little beings”….that’s exactly what is happening….the grid of the new world is not coming from above as everyone thinks it is….it is coming from below….below your very feet ! This is Mother’s transformational gift to All Life…the ‘Oneness’ of humanity is just a part of it…the ‘Oneness’ in this Ascension is first for the benefit of All Life upon Earth….’Health, Equality & Harmony’ ! That’s the most important reason why we are here….& this powerful birth of energy will spiral out into All that Is….you might liken this to ‘Mother-Earth is the Seed that is Sprouting’ ! You must BE patient though & Keep Loving & Keep sending your Healing Soul Light to All of this Earth…especially to Nature & All her BELoved creatures of the wild !…there is no marked time as to when any of this will come to fruition….just know in your Heart of Hearts that the process has begun & will come with certainty & You must completely Believe in this….& in fact, just like any seed, the more warmth & Light it receives…the faster it sprouts !
                Love, Bev~

                1. yes, that is very true in my reality & thank you Bev once again for your lovely words in clarity❤︎ what I see is constantly changes into always something greater better wonderful & beautiful.

                  no one go through same process & no one experience the same thing it is beautiful conscious ascensions within and with nature & universe all in one within. some process take a quick second, some takes longer, it does not really matter how long and what contents the important truth is it always re (god) alize (stand) within into greater Love & we are not alone &

                  we remember clearly that we are all connected in nature universe people non physicals, and this is what I experienced & am grateful & still more to coming, what is coming one thing I know for sure that what they told me is only greater and greater love, It is only my own reality but I am staying in Love & I don’t need to try to stay because once you experience know that no one leave from Love this is also what they told me & they are always with me with you all ready love at anytime any moments for just only for you so please listen to your heart.

                  I sound too smarty pants to some, but it is my true reality in my own world and it is feeling so good. and I know I am in love with you all with nature. thank you my gratitude always goes to ranch and every one of you. I hope I said right and Aisha because you are here I could be here thank you for letting me be here love tomo💖

                  1. sorry I did it again ❤︎ goes to not ranch ▶︎goes to each and every single one of you good souls 🌍

        2. The process is speeding up rapidly, Bev, so you may be providing that explanation sooner than any of us realize! 🙂 Caroline

          1. I KNOW !….Thanks Caroline !….I have already been told to expect some Amazing transformations in June, but it has already commenced with this new moon in ‘Gemini’ !…..Love to You !…Bev~

            1. Ha! I’m a Gemini with my birthday landing this year on the Eve of the upcoming Solstice. Awesome! 🙂

              1. ❤ what a terrific birthday present, you very-bright, shining Gemini, you. Yes, awesome… and so deserved. xox ❤

                1. Bev, Lin, Caroline – what an exciting thread of light and information you have created here! No wonder my feet and lower legs are twitching and reacting more and more to the energies coming from Mother Earth! And it is perhaps not by accident that every surface in our aparment is yellow with pollen from the pinetrees and every corner has a bunch of fluffy white seedheads from the trees nearby 😉 A truly fertile time this! I see our planet as this huge seedpod with this amazing sprout growing out of her like with the two seedleaves unfurling on top, getting ready to begin producing the true leaves in a spiraling pattern 🙂
                  Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha 🙂

                1. Libra here 🙂 balancing act – though no act ❤ and Justice for all!
                  Very Cool indeed C – your birthday on Solstice day !

                  1. Thanks ‘A’….Sorry I meant to say ‘AH’ is Gemini….(Sleepy)…Happy Special & Event-filled day to ‘C’ !….Love, Bev~

      3. Dear Kiera,

        Thank you always from my heart 💖I do really appreciate your very comments it all are so clear insights. I am always smiling when I read your comments because I really feel deep love from you & within you.

        What Bev 37 ( I like 37 too 😃 & 39 ) said is also I so resonate & beg described so well that I also feel there are something so unknown still to be discovered. I may be not even talking the same language but I always feel there are something more than what we reflect in own reality. it all fun staffs to discover.

        I create own reality & I am the only captain in own ship in own world so I try not to BE happy, I just simply choose me (Love) & just be happy in joy with appreciations. and co create 🌍
        I hope I said it right & kind way Love tomo I really like your comments. thank you

      4. Thank you Kiera – I feel much clarity from your words. ” …everyone around you is YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED REFLECTION.
        You are basically, “the only one in the room”. It is all YOU. Coming back at you.”

        I copied some of the message to re-read and remind myself.

        I was reacting today to a conversation, and reacting with compassion and trying to apply understanding to the feelings I was having. Then, when I applied the remembrance that “it’s all me,” I saw the conversation differently, and I realized that some of MY fears had been triggered; some of MY issues we swirling around inside. LOL!

        And I also realized that I don’t know for sure how that felt to the other person. And if I deal with my OWN reactions, that’s the gift in it for me.

        So thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful reminder. It showed me once again to focus on myself, myself, myself; with love, love, love.

        This transition is challenging — though better than amnesia!! LOL And I really appreciate the messages and camaraderie here. So encouraging!

        Much love to ME as YOU! LOL! Sarah

      5. hugs
        i say your opinion of me is none of my businees,
        no one is qualified to judge me

        i think i love you
        you know you are somewhat annoying with all the extra scroll down through the extra lines?
        it’s ok
        love them the way they are

        1. My ex always said ‘what other people think is none of my business’. he had to loose his mind though – to find his heart
          I’m a no man is an island type myself

  21. I just had a great med… 🙂

    In it I felt detached, but then I got wrapped up in this soft, thick stuff, all around me.

    Later, I saw my own face(!), which then changed to AH’s face(!!). It was so incredible.
    I stayed in med for 1 1/2 hours, the longest I have ever had.

    Love you all,

    1. dear JJ, that is a long meditation & such an exciting experience to see your face? ah ~ interesting, I saw myself upside down looking at my face to this morning right before I woke up. I hope you had some clam relaxing time💓tomo

      1. Thank you, tomo. I also felt my inner core turning to chrystal. Everything felt very CLEAR, Well, almost everything. There were still parts of me that need “work”.

        <3, JJ

        1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience, dear JJ! You have certainly proved that we CAN be deeply connected even when we are floating in this void!
          Love and light from me, Aisha 🙂

          1. Yes, I guess I saw myself in the womb, in embryo state. Well I didn’t actually see myself, but I experienced myself in that state, and there I saw myself and my TwinSoul. It’s hard to explain.
            Thank you, Aisha, for your Blog, and for the opportunity to express oneself, and for one of the greatest gifts of my life, meeting my TwinSoul here on The Pond.
            JJ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. Dear JJ, sending so much LOVE back to you! Remember, YOU are the one who has allowed yourself to receive these gifts, so do not forget to give yourself a big thank you as well!
              Aisha ❤

            2. Dear JJ, you have me remembering again. When my ex and I first met. One night, I saw (and felt) him and myself going down a birth canal together! It was a wonderful and powerful experience. Cheers to us for all the wonder that we are! ❤

  22. Dear friends! Once again it seems that the timing of our next Gathering around the Pond is not a coincidence. For already this upcoming Sunday, June 1, we will get a chance to tap into “this brand new current ” together 🙂 I am really looking forward to this, and I think we all feel the need for something that will help to make this phase lighter for us all!
    With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

        1. Yes, me too. I don’t know when I’ll be able to join in, because my children will be coming back from a trip to South Africa. Here’s the link to a blog they made with pictures of their safari trip.
          All the pictures were made with an iPhone, so you can imagine how close they were to the animals. The rangers that accompany them said that they had never seen so many animals themselves.

          1. ❤ Dear JJ… your girls are so beautiful! and the photos quite wonderful… and playful, along with the sentiments. Just delightful, JJ; thank you for sharing. (the elephant looked a little too close for comfort, especially with its ears out, and one has never seen a safari
            vehicle (in pictures) without a top on it—being so close to wild animals, that is).

            Truly JOYful memories for your girls; you must feel very satisfied to have given them such a lovely gift and experience. Continued Blessings to you, Dear One. Be well, and we'll see you at the Gathering when we see you (like Sun says). 🙂 With Love, 1-Lin ❤

          2. Dear JJ, thank you for sharing these vibrant, joyfilled pictures! What a wonderful adventure they are having 🙂 Love and blessings to you all, and do not worry, you will be a part of the Gathering – when the time is right for you 😉
            Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

          3. Thank you so very much for sharing this images….I for ‘1’ really appreciated seeing them & it gave me even more a visual opportunity to know you & your family….that’s important for me !….you will BE at the Gathering in one form or another, even if you might not be aware of it as you are connected here now with us, & many don’t understand this yet, but this connection has been ingrained & has become a part of us & this is now a forever part of you, something you can’t undo & that’s a good thing !….really…..& I’m very pleased your meditations have begun working better for your benefit !….Love to You !…..Bev~

          4. Dear JJ,,, truly glad that you shared your wonderful girls and their adventure with us! I love their energy! glad they had such a great trip which was evident on their happy faces 🙂 Much Love from me

      1. Great photos you all looking so beautiful & enjoying in safari & it is soooooooo beautiful pictures, thank you JJ ( for me close thing is in disney land or zoo but still I am in safari !! )

    1. Dear Aisha, thank you always, again Love & gratitude from me💓 I believe always things gets better & better! No matter what do best of what is at each moments & make the best of it again and again so future just gets better & better, it can never go wrong and allow to have any feelings because there are not only one path & there are many right paths. Lost in space is good inner time benefit lots & fun, thank you Aisha & everyone. Love tomo💙

      1. Aisha 1 more thing, June 1 2014 mean to me lots i feel like it is a big turning point for myself to become more to who I am & I am so grateful you plan to do gathering 🌍 till the day I enjoy working hard for my & kids future💓. thank you

        1. Dear Tomo, what a wonderful synchronicity! Thank you for being part of this family of light and for adding your energy to this Gathering:-)
          LOVE, Aisha

          1. I think being more to self effortlessly in love is what I think is feeling good place for me. somehow I think being myself effortlessly by continue to do so everything become in right place in right time for kids and me. Even in blank space there is always a little me consciousness awareness reside inside will lead me to bright future & more laughter😃.

            1. Dear Tomo, I love the way you manage to put into words the magical way you go about your journey 🙂 It is like you are painting pictures with these light-filled words 🙂
              LOVE, Aisha

              1. Dear breeze,
                It is morning time here & Good morning my great teacher & beautiful light friend♥︎,

                It is always wonderful to speak with you & we all are I believe reconfirmations to each other remembering from ancient knowledge & creating fantastic brand new DNA. I so appreciate you always.*\(^o^)/* I hope I said it right.

                “Notice that the stiffest tree is the most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

                1. I have lots of new bamboo shooting up in my back yard here 🙂
                  I talk to it often and stroke it with Love for a happy growth!
                  It has the most wonderful sound in the breeze 🙂
                  Night time for me.,… off to dream land…. probably more work but the kind I really like! Enjoy your day sunshine! Love and hugs

                  1. wow you are still wake, you got to do beauty sleep time for your beautiful tomorrow ( I guess it is already tomorrow for you?) how amazing it sounds from you, you know if you like gut one of thick bamboo & rice or any vegetables steamed inside bamboo is so delicious I done it when I was a little child smelled mighty good I remember, good night to you see you in la la land may be I am floating in space with bamboos ha ha love you tomo

                    1. Hey ! and it turns out we did float! and in pods of wood – in my dream last night.
                      coolness! ;D

    2. I AM fully (re)connected, rooted, and locked In. I feel that, collectively, this last bit of ‘time in the chrysalis’ may last from one to 3 weeks. Depending ;-). But no longer than that. By the time we are on the doorstep of the next Solstice, ‘things’ will have changed dramatically, as the Energies are just way too high now — and climbing fast — for the shenanigans to continue at the ‘lower vibrational levels’ we are still having to tolerate. I feel the ‘rubber band effect’ may be triggered VERY soon ;-). Anyway . . . people’s lives will morph in a good way for most– naturally for those who have CHOSEN to continue on this wild journey into the creative unknown, and to LET GO of anything and everything that they may still be attached to from the lower vibrational matrices. Again, the radical changes shall be positive, and welcome. For most. We hope 🙂

        1. You’re welcome. And THANKS! I actually created it around two years ago, but never used it. The Cosmic Silver Surfer LIVES!!! . . . . . .

    3. Thanks again dear Aisha for your work and efforts. Thank to all dear souls for being always here around this pond. I am sending my love to all ❤

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