A short update on the energies

Let us begin this missive by saying that these alternating currents you are currently being exposed to may cause many of you to falter at the moment. That is only natural, for in this phase of the proceedings, you are not only being reconnected to much of the underlying structures that constitutes your real base, you are also being disconnected from earlier, more temporary measures. And so, you will in many instances be left feeling as if untethered from it all, hanging in a void, or suspended in such a way you will have a hard time finding your bearings. We know this will cause more than a little confusion, anxiety and stress in some of you, but we ask you all not to fall into the old patterns of reactions because of this. You see, this is as always just a temporary thing, and as soon as you move on to the next level, all that seemed to have vanished will be replaced by something that is much more fundamental and complete than what you have been before.

As always, this is a process taken in increments and now, as you have all passed so many of the old markers that used to define you, you can in many ways be described as new and improved, but as you are still going through these changes internally, you will still feel like you hit rock bottom from time to time. And even if what causes these bodily and mental reactions are actually signs of advancement, they can easily be misconstrued as setbacks. For now, as you are being unplugged from many of these old and temporary circuits that served you well during that earlier phase of your enlightenment, you may seem to be left bereft of anything at all that can serve to define YOU in all of this. And so, what used to be the markers from which you used to navigate will no longer be there, and you will feel as if lost in a land devoid of meaning, substance or even life at all.

For this is a place you have spent some brief moments in before, and it can be likened to what many call the void, but this time, the sensation of being in this state will for many be something very different. For this time, it can feel that you have lost it all, that you are no longer the one you used to be, you have become null and void, devoid of anything that seems to hold you together. Not only to the being you used to be, but also to what will become, and so, this is in many ways a challenging place to be. We can liken it to the phase of the development of an embryo, when after a sequence of cell divisions, one after the other in a similar fashion, everything seems to come to a halt, before the whole mass suddenly rearranges itself, forming a very new structure, unlike what it looked like from the beginning. Well, you are in this phase now, as you have followed a sequence much like that of the early stage of an embryo, but what you stand before, is a very different development altogether, and so, where you are at now, is that all important stage of preparation before the big change. And when we say change, we once again refer to that inner process that you are all going through, that alignment within that will serve to align you fully with All of creation, and that will engender some remarkable results, more than what you have been able to perceive so far.

So again we say rest assured that all is well, and that you are not lost nor forgotten, you are simply held within this womb of light, suspended if you will for the time being, while the necessary preparations go on at full speed on all sides. So do not fret, even if you do feel disconnected, for you are anything but. You are fully connected to Source, and you will never be disconnected ever again, but for a while, it may seem that you are out there on your own, as if floating in the vastness of space like an astronaut floating away from his comrades, still ensconced safely within their vehicle. So again we say, all is well, and you are exactly where you are meant to be, and even if you do not see what lies ahead of you in this at times seemingly impenetrable fog, know that the sun is shining on a fertile landscape on every side of you, and even if you cannot detect it at the moment, it is and will always be there, waiting for you to fully arrive. So once again we say stay centered and stay focused on your breath, and keep connecting to that inner core within that is always there, always ready to greet you and welcome you home, even at times like these when you may feel as if you have lost yourself completely on the way. For home is where the heart is, as the saying goes, and so too it is in this. For you will always find the YOU you are searching for there, in your heart, the very center of your being, the one that will never be lost nor locked away beneath any form of imposed limitations ever again.

So keep breathing and keep listening for that voice within, it is always there, no matter how hard you other senses will have to work in order to try to make any sense of what is happening in and around you. For you need not try to fathom it all, you just simply have to BE, and allow this ever flowing river of light to keep carrying you ever onwards towards tomorrow.

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    1. Dear Monica, wow it is very interesting thank you for this wonderful movie I was amazed so many are not eating at all & be ok & even look happy(o^^o) thank you Tomo

  1. Thank you cute Adam & Lin for this great video❤︎ stone speaks indeed ❤︎ I am glad more people recognize this. I am getting more and more wired right, and also sound annoying smart pants like but they do speak & they healed me. too magical it is happening to many now & I am truly glad. thank you Lin❤︎ love tomo

    1. Dear Lin, thank you for sharing this amazing video! I love the way he describes it all, it just comes natural to him. Philip – when he talks about how the grid generates an energy field like a “hot air balloon” that surrounds the whole world it reminds me of SOL!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Hello everyone.
    This is my 45th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
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  3. Thanks so much for this message, was so timely after waking last night very distressed. It has been a tough week or so! “Calm” has been the word for the past few days…

  4. Hi,
    I’m new here. Thank you for this update. I’ve been struggling alone with ‘something’ for over two and a half years, not really knowing what has been going on. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling, and its getting harder to handle. This weekend has been like hitting bottom (again). I thought I had got there once before. My whole life I’ve had a sense that there is a deeper truth and that nothing around me is the way it seems. This morning it was clear, for a few moments anyway, that nothing is real, not even me. In that moment I felt completely disconnected from everything I knew… it was too much to handle, but there was no choice. So I laid on my bed and let my body shake and tremble until it passed.

    So thank you for helping me to understand that everything is ok, even though it doesn’t feel that way.


    1. Dear jlc, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! This is not an easy journey, and as The constant companions, the group that I channel like to remind us, it is not one that is to be taken in solitude. So thank you for reaching out to all of us here, it is always a joy to welcome another member to this family of light 🙂 The CCs also say “in order to become ONE, you must first become none” and I think that this is perhaps the most challenging part of the journey. Like you say realizing that “nothing is real, not even me” can be almost too much to handle for us as individuals, but as a group, we can help each other to break through all of these old illusions and help to set each other free. You did something important to help yourself by allowing your body to release the tensions by shaking and trembling. That is the natural way to release stress, animals handle stress in the same way, but we have been taught to supress this kind of natural reactions, so thank you for sharing this important lesson! I hope you will feel at home here, and I know you will get much love and support from all the other sining souls gathered here 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Yes, I appreciate your comments and Aisha’s.
        It is good to have this Pond support, knowing we can break down the sense of isolation as we progress. LOVE to all, Monica ❤

  5. “… and that will engender some remarkable results, more than what you have been able to perceive so far.”

    Such as?

    A few details would be nice — even vague & convoluted details would be better than this nothing.

    For what we have been able to perceive so far… besides wave motion of the reality hologram, reality Time Frames blending into each other, some inconsistent higher dimensional flashing Light Beings & colours, good ol’ blinking/winking silver sparkling Prana energy….and seeing that the sun’s light is now “Blue”…

    All greatly appreciated to be sure, and still not justifying why I decided to come here and go through hell & a handbasket in one single lifetime.

    The higher dimensional results so far perceived, are not balancing out the horrific physical experience that is still ongoing.

    Even the Mayans expected to perceive some amazing Magic during the HD Shift last year.
    I’m sure they are scratching their heads still, just as I am scratching mine (as well as the terrible Orion-Reptilian Negative Energy skin-ravaged bloody rashes all over my body still)

    What it all boils down to is this:

    For us to be able to engender some “remarkable results”, our collectively agreed-to 3D lower-dimensional FILTERS / BLOCKS / Limitations…….

    ……..NEED TO BE REMOVED from our DNA.

    1. Kiera, they are being removed and the RNA is also getting revamped at this time on this spot of the globe in some people. It has not been comfortable at all. That is an understatement. I don’t know about other areas or other persons, but with some of us here it is getting done with the help of some strange bedfellows.
      Forest Joy

    2. Kiera,
      ARION has announced the following prophecy in 1988.
      “Earth. That will experience a shift of the planetary scale (selection) in 2006-2013”
      http://oriharu.net/jARION2013_P276~277.htm (though Japanese)
      The other message as follows came out after 2013(now).
      ASANA MAHATARI : http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.jp/2014/05/great-days-asana-mahatari.html
      “These doors of opportunities are still open and I say to you:
      Not until many face renewed dying, will they turn back, yet for many it will then be too late, because this decision is made out of fear and is not born out of the longing for God or does not spring out from the heart’s desire to return to God. ”
      “The “ascension ramp into the Light” is ready, in order to accept
      the ascending ones and mankind is being separated so that each
      one can experience himself in his new unity. Unity is impossible
      for mankind that creates such different perceptions of life,
      because Unity of a world will always be attained with a
      uniform vibration. And it is now the yardstick of all things.
      In these days the vibration fields of individual human Beings
      is being checked, and is finally determined by the “Council of Light”.
      Thereby the allocation to the chosen level takes place and the process
      begins whereby the chaff is separated from the wheat on this level.
      After all the preparations in order to reach the “threshold level” for
      ascension have essentially been completed, it is now called for to
      determine the ultimate destinations for human Beings.”
      Further, ARION said “When a person without the effort if it was kills the earth, there are souls to be brought to zero will came out.”.
      http://oriharu.net/jARION2013.htm (though Japanese)
      But world is now full of light.
      ASANA MAHATARI : http://lichtweltverlag.blogspot.jp/2014/05/great-days-asana-mahatari.html
      “In a great act of will on this and the other side of the veil,
      sluggish energies were removed, energies, which may never
      reach this level again. This process of “removal of dark energies”
      continues unswervingly, because the foundation for it was put in
      place by the great light warriors of the first and last hours.
      Darkness can no longer hold on, because it will be immediately
      dissolved on this “ascension level”.”.

      1. Cute *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*!!Groundhog Day ♥︎

                  1. Dear Lin, you are always kind & so compassionate and I so appreciate you learning lots from you. thank you for taking your time to share this videos. you too have great day 💓tomo

      2. I loved it, Michael! It amazes me that some people take the time to sit and watch a little guy like that. And then make a video, edit it, have a commentary, and post it for so many to enjoy. Thanks — that made me pause in the craziness of this day and these times and smile!

  6. It´s not a void it´s a fart. Am in my six week of diarrhoe. Present from Portugal… There is a 20% chance that by tomorrow my brain comes out at the wrong end. he he.

    1. Hi Michilyn,
      Once in the past had the same reaction to Portugal…..from the salad!!!!
      Just sending commiserations!!!

    2. ❤ I laughed a donkey laugh out loud so spontaneously it surprised even me!! And that was FUN!! 😀 Like one said previously, you almost never fail to make me laugh. Hope you feel better soon. (still laughing here) Your tours must really be something! Be well, Michylin… and a BIG THANK YOU!
      🙂 ❤

    3. Dear Michilyn, that is one thorough cleansing, you must truly be working for the collective 😉 Thank you for BEing you in every way and for bringing some extra love, light and laughter into this world! I do hope your “lines are cleared” by now so you and your insides can go back to a more regular life 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

  7. I seem to be experiencing flash forwards to events to come. Almost like they are possibilities. I don’t know if these are imaginings or not. I seem to think some kind of judgement is coming. Did I clear enough? Will I be taken just short of better times? Then I calm myself down but this cycle seems to continue.

    I see the “markers” as deja vu and see them almost once a day. This phase seems frightening. Is it this intense for others out there?

    1. No — it’s only “intense” if you are still playing the Game of Being Afraid…..but I’m no longer afraid of anything — and that’s the problem.

      When there is no more FEAR…this interminable Physical Reality Game is a hamster-wheel cycle of BOREDOM.

      Your “flash forwards”, are actually you skipping/shifting your focus to other co-existing Parallel Realities.
      Your consciousness is unplugging from this reality enough to be able to do that.

      “Almost like they are possibilities.”

      – Yes this is exactly what they are — not “almost like”, they ARE possibilities….all possible parallel realities play out, in creation.
      This is the structure of reality.
      All you do, is shift your focus from one possible reality to another, depending on your vibrational state you will move to a matching vibrational reality.

      “Judgement”??? — YOU are the only “judge”.

      “I don’t know if these are imaginings or not.”

      OK, hold up, here.
      You DO realize that “imaginings” is the mechanism of communication with your Higher Self AND the higher dimensions?

      That whatever you IMAGINE, exists somewhere, in some dimension, because you created it by imagining it.
      If you could see it, whenever you IMAGINE something, you are actually farting out a newly created cloud of energy (the imagined creation) ….that has to go someplace because it now exists.

      * All creation, all manifestation, takes place through the Energy Power Tool of IMAGINATION.

      * Communication between you and your Higher Self / Higher Mind takes place through IMAGINATION.

      So are you really sure, that you want to continue de-valuing & discrediting your “imaginings”?

      1. Thanks for your reply Keira.

        Not de-valuing my imaginings. During the awakening process that I’ve experienced this far, THIS has been the most intense part! I experienced the boredom before this phase. Because my imaginings are so intense I have a hard time changing my focus off of this . It seems to have really shaken me at times.

        I’ve also been imagining breaking the structures relating to these visions. They’re like glass and smash. I continuously cycle between panic and being level headed.

        Very intense times for me and it helps to reach out to people who might be going through similar or who can relate.

        1. Dear Mike, this is only my own reality speaking, and I hope this make you smile. I had an intense 3 month & non stop I mean really non stop instant manifestations in reality. Whole my life has been full of natural for me yet different conscious experiences after another. †he 3 month I experienced completely shook me from the core. and Mike what I am trying to say is no one experience the same. It is magical you create everything and it is not only illusions, so please have fun & Please love yourself, even though I don’t go through with you but my heart is always with you. strange ? but true. love tomo😃

          1. Thanks for your replies Tomo. You’ve got a very kind heart and you’ve given me comfort.
            Thank You

      1. ❤︎ Thank you Kiera, great videos! someone said before that deja vu is something you have not yet done & need to continue or to finish, well either way it is always fun to have this fun deja vu s ❤︎love tomo

      1. ❤ Thank you, Kiera, for the videos. Helped to expand my pov!! 🙂 I hope Blessings and a shared JOY and delight come to you and your daughter today. ❤

  8. ‘Ground control to Major Tom . . . . ‘ HAHAHA!!! OH, but that SO very delicious sensation of The Void . . . NOT! ‘Delicious’, that is. Going Home more and more often these days. Not many other options left at this point, are there, with all those old ‘markers’ gone….. 😉 ❤

  9. Dear Aisha and CCs……I am so thankful beyond any words I can say or utter here, for today’s messsage. It speaks to me for I am experiencing exactly what is described and so very, very thankful some of you so help me to know by your sharing that I am not alone. What else can I say except I am holding and knowing we are one in hands and hearts. I love us/all beyond words. Jean

    1. Dear Jean, holding your hand and sending you much LOVE as we keep sailing through this void – safe, protected and always connected 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

        1. Better yet, just dial S-E-L-F on your Internal HOME line, and you should get through to your OWN source of perfect information . . . . Or click on my gravatar, and write me at one of the two e-mail addresses in the profile 😉

          1. For a year and a half I’m followed by aliens that bother me to no end. They also put smth in my head and body which creates pain. Could you please tell me what’s going on? Who are they and what do they want from me?

            1. Just ask them! And remember, NOTHING happens in your life without your own soul’s permission, nor without a Go(o)d reason. And LOVE is the answer to EVERY question — though it sure may not SEEM that way very often 😉

    1. who wants to know?
      i remember life times when we were burned at the stake for answering yes to this question.
      ok shrug so
      what is your question?

        1. yes, now.
          It’s the Memorial day weekend.
          I know/knew a lot of dead soldiers
          I know a lot of damaged, semi-insane veterans.
          so now we pause and remember
          the smell of blood mixed with burning diesel and rubber is not something to remember, and yet, it is not possible to forget.
          you sound confused.
          If you hear voices you must learn to tell them apart.
          There is two sets of voices.
          one beneficial, the other not.
          sometimes some of the stuff they put in your head is not good for you.
          here is how you can tell which is which.
          if you are led to narrow your focus on something or someone, reject it.
          The good guys will only lead you to a wider understanding of everything.
          The best part is when you get them separated you can order the bad guys to shut up and leave you alone. you are sovereign in your mind. They will have no choice but to leave.

          some cemeteries today, a few more tomorrow
          i copied your address i will answer
          but not right now

          1. speaking of remembering
            Remember none of this is good or bad.
            It’s all about having experience.
            I wouldn’t be who i am if i had left anything out.

            (repeat until you can believe it)

            they keep telling us we won’t face anything we cannot cope with.
            they didn’t say it was easy or fun.
            sometimes it is, actually

            NO MORE WAR

      1. For a year and a half I’m followed by aliens that bother me to no end. They also put smth in my head and body which creates pain. Could you please tell me what’s going on? Who are they and what do they want from me?

    2. Long time no see Golen Eagle… whatever the question know that you have the answer within. Some friends may help draw it out o you. Philip 🙂

  10. Dear sun of blue, wow ! clear & so kind vision thank you ❤︎ It is done I just told a big main G to triple speed the all processes for everyone. love tomo🐬

  11. Dear sun_of_blue, you fearless, tireless, feisty pioneer – thank you for BEing you in every way and for sharing your insights, your observations and your meltdowns :-)!
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear sun_of_blue! As always, the way you manage to put your views of what is going on into words brings much light to this “convoluted journey”. I have to say that the nonday and the anger has been here for a visit or two lately also, but it helps being two persons adrift in the same void at the same time in the same house 😉 And yes, this is definitely a working weekend, and my body needs a lot of food to keep going now. I hope anger will leave you in peace and let you and your good wife enjoy the rest of the weekend!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  12. ❤ just like your name, you absolutely Light up the day!! and one en-JOYs the laughter you bring to me spontaneously. of course, your Wisdom leads the way. Be well, Sun, and have a wonderful day. 😀 ❤

  13. Wow! Exactly how I’ve been feeling! Lost, disconnected, so depressed I just wanted to give up on all of it, including life itself. I REALLY needed this update! It’s like it was written just for me; a sliver of hope in this churning pot of crap my life is at the moment; enough hope to fuel a few more days of soldiering on… Thanks!

    1. Dear Vicxster, welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light, and thank you for bringing your light and your frustration here! I am certain you will find much love and support here at this Pond that will help you through this challenging phase, for you are not definitely not alone.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you, Aisha, for your warm welcome. I have actually been a silent light sister for over a year now. I visit every day, and if there’s not a new post, I just re-read the last one posted. THIS message, however, I have saved in its entirety- even printed it out. The rocks on the bottom of my life have had many sharp points I’ve found- while being bounced over them repeatly over the past weeks. Then, two days ago, I was propelled thru a vortex into an abyss with a new, lower bottom. This message allowed me to see a glimmer of light from there to find my way up. There are tears on my face as I write this- they are tears if gratitude! XOXO 🙂

        1. Dear sister, I am so glad you felt called to step forward now so we can all reach out to you! That is why we are here, to help each other to make the hard parts easier and to make the great ones even greater 🙂 I send you a big, big hug, and I think you will find that the glimmer of light you have seen will start to grow bigger now that you have allowed yourself to receive help and support from this Pond, not just from these messages, but also from your brothers and sisters of the light gathered here.
          With all my love, Aisha ❤

  14. Thank you Aisha and CC’s . The messages have been extra fun lately. We must be in some very new territory.

    1. Dear Veronica, it definitely feels like we have taken a big step into something very new, and that we are about to move even further “inland” 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  15. Staring the blue summersky, seeing the leafs moving on a high tree and birds passing by. There seems to be couple of clouds sailing on that blue. I can fall down on that sea in my mind. Just nirvana thinking about it.

  16. CCs: “We can liken it to the phase of the development of an embryo, when after a sequence of cell divisions, one after the other in a similar fashion, everything seems to come to a halt, before the whole mass suddenly rearranges itself, forming a very new structure, unlike what it looked like from the beginning.
    Well, you are in this phase now, as you have followed a sequence much like that of the early stage of an embryo, but what you stand before, is a very different development altogether, and so, where you are at now, is that all important stage of preparation before the big change.”

    Funny – write the CCs from an embryo, I think for 1 week on eggs, hear thoughts songs from “Bread with Egg” and knew today that I AM a golden egg, a cell nucleus of the ALL-ONE.
    The thoughts of the ALL-ONE are GOLDEN! (As I thought that the sun came through with all his strength, and shined in my face).
    Therefore I Am GOLDEN. Because I AM a core of the ALL-ONE, the cell nucleus, the divine EGG as the origin of life.
    All living beings originate from eggs, from the fish, reptiles, to birds up to the mammals. Eggs must not be oval, there are also sphere-shaped round eggs and transparent germ cells.
    The thoughts of God’s love now spread on the cell nucleus of the ALL-ONE, that I AM, and makes every single cell of my physical body golden.

    Lustig – die CCs schreiben von einem Embryo, Ich denke seit 1 Woche an Eier, höre Gedankenlieder von „Brot mit Ei“ und wusste heute dass Ich ein goldenes Ei, eine Keimzelle des ALL–EINEN Bin.
    Die Gedanken des ALL–EINEN sind GOLDEN!!! (Als Ich das dachte kam die Sonne mit aller Kraft durch und schien mir ins Gesicht).
    Deshalb Bin Ich GOLDEN. Weil ICH ein Gedanken–Kern des ALL–EINEN BIN, die Keimzelle, das göttliche EI als Ursprung des Lebens.
    Alle Lebewesen entstehen aus Eiern, von den Fischen, Reptilien, über Vögel bis hin zu den Säugern. Eier müssen nicht oval sein, es gibt auch sphärenförmig runde Eier und durchsichtige Keimzellen.
    Die Gedanken der Liebe Gottes breiten sich nun über die Keimzelle des ALL–EINEN die ICH BIN aus und macht jede einzelne Zelle meines physischen Körpers golden.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

    1. Wonderful insights Bixie… I had similar ones a year or so back about Spheres Of Light… being the Golden Egg of creation and we are Spheres Of Light so we too are the Golden Egg with immense creative power. Beautiful insights you have had. Philip 🙂

        1. Dear Bixie, thank you for these words and thank you for the images! It resembles the spheres I saw in my dream two days ago 🙂
          LOVE, Aisha

        2. what a cute beautiful art 💓 I wanna be in the sphere, thank you for your beautiful homepage, I will show it to my daughter I am sure she loves it. love tomo

        3. Dear all, thank you for your comments ❤
          I'm very happy that you like my pictures,
          I made in many month, each picture is made by myself
          with Mspaint, Animake and Photoimpact.
          The persons are my husband Ron and me
          in the universe, in different dimensions.

          Heart greetings ❤
          I AM BIXIE 😀

            1. ❤ Thanks ❤
              It was a lot of 'work' but I loved it so much.
              I call my homepage "my rememberings of my future".

              Most I love 'Bix and Ron in our Sausewind' (Spaceshuttle with Caravan equipment).
              I imagine that we fly in the universe, marvel the stars, galaxies and wonder.

              Bixie 😀

            2. ‘Sausewind’ means:
              sausen wie der Wind = fly like the wind

              Heart greetings ❤
              I AM BIXIE 😀

                1. Yes, and it reminds me of Ramtha in “The White Book”. He also speaks about the wind, he wanted to be free like the wind. I also want that.

                  Bixie 😀

  17. Yes, that void, that ever present void. As always, very supportive, the CCs speaks as it’s directly to me. Thank you Aisha for all your work and thanks to the CCs!

    Urban Ternström

    1. Dear Urban, thank you for shining your light here, it makes it easier for us all to be ” floating in the vastness of space” when we know we are in the company of so many others 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  18. Thank you Aisha and CC’s, such a helpful messge! Im always there with you all even though i dont often comment. Love you all. Sue

    1. Dear Sue, thank you for BEing here! Your light is always present here at the Pond, even when you do not feel called to share any words 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

        1. ❤ Dear Tomo… Thank you for the sweet, JOYful tune this early morning. one enjoyed watching the "conductor"… (you?). Have another Lovely day—one is sure anything but would be highly unusual for you. your gentle and Loving energy is looked forward to and appreciated (it takes a learned strength to be gentle and welcoming—you are powerful). you must Light up many lives around you. Continued Blessings. With Love, xox ❤ 🙂

          1. Dear Lin, truth is I am not used to hearing such graceful kind word & from my heart my gratitude appreciation love to you & I can shine as who I am now because you are shinning so beautifully took the moment to notice even for me. thank you for letting me be here & I learn and grow. I hope I said it right, I love you thank you Lin💓

            1. ❤ you said it beautifully, Dear Tomo… you always do. 🙂 and here is my Love back to you, Sister of Light ❤

            2. Dear Tomo i and Lin —

              Tomo i, thank you for the beautiful music. And Lin, thank you for your beautiful message of appreciation.

              Like Lin, I was moved by the care the operator took to produce the most beautiful tempo in the music. Claire de Lune is a favorite song for me; I love it in all its iterations. It was so moving to hear it from this simple, yet complex, music box. The hands of the operator are so beautiful and expressive. So human, and so dear.

              I’m reading a couple of the Explorer Race books, channeled by Robert Shapiro — one about Particle Personalities and the other called “ET Visitors Speak”. The messages in these books help me to vividly imagine how EVERYTHING is alive and sentient. EVERYTHING has love at its heart. We’re told that we are in one of the LOVE universes, and that everything here is made of love; literally made of love.

              And so, to see only the hands of the operator somehow touched me so much, because within those hands, according to these books, are countless particles of aware life, voluntarily making up the body, so that we may have this experience as the Explorer Race. And according to the messages I’m reading, every particle would rejoice at the love and care and sensitivity being shown by the operator, to share this beautiful music. And there is love at every level — the composer, Dubussy; the maker of the music box and the delicate paper; the one who stores the paper so carefully, so that the tune remains; the operator of the music box; Tomo i, who plays it for us; Lin, who writes in appreciation and amplifies the love; all of us who hear it and read it, and feel the love and beauty, and amplify the love. And then the living love we’re surrounded by. We live in a paradise of love.

              I hope I am conveying even some of the tender appreciation I feel at this experience, which makes me feel surrounded by love as I listen to this lovely tune, played in a lovely manner, with such beauty and sensitivity.

              I love everyone and I appreciate the Pond so much. The reassurances from the Constant Companions are so welcome right now.

              Much love to all, and my wishes for a frabjous day for everyone (frabjous is a nonsense word from Alice in Wonderland, lol). KISSES ALL AROUND! HUGS!! HUGZ!!!

              1. ❤ Hi, Sarah!! the depth of Love and appreciation is bottomless as you have just shown—Thank You for a FUN, frabjous posting! 😉 ❤

              2. Dear Sarah, you are so beautiful Sarah & thank you for all your loving like music words. I am grateful to you & I didn’t do anything I am like you I so appreciate him Dubussy’s moon light, this magnificent music box & I somehow thought this fit with Aisha’s embryo so I post it, I am glad you are happy with this just like me thank you for your sweet words. so real credit goes to this gentleman who makes this beautiful box;

                Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”
                (“Moonlight”). Arranged for music box by Joey Fala.

                For more information on the instrument, visit Takkoman Harada’s website: http://www.01.246.ne.jp/~ttha/index.htm

                The chromatic music box has 33 notes–almost 3 chromatic octaves–and uses card/hole media. The music box is handmade in Japan by Takkoman Harada.

      1. Dear Aisha, my deepest gratitude & love for everything you do. thank you very much for letting me be who I am, letting me be here. I am learning lots and lots from you & that is love. tomo

  19. Yeah, yeah, keep breathing… The body feels like it’s going to snap in half, throat is acting up… These voids are killers for me, every single time…

    Love anyway,

    1. Dear JJ! Much love and a soft embrace from another “beat up” lightworker! It is always good to know that we are in good company 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

        1. ❤ yep. yep. yep. almost always smiling and laughing together thru the black and blue—beautiful colors btw. Self-hug that body, Dear JJ—you/it deserves it. 😀 ❤

          p.s. this is exciting stuff! What are we gonna do when this is all over?
          What's next for all these Goddesses and Gods?? This is inch-by-inch, hard-won glorious stuff. ???? happy butterflies.

          1. F*** Lin, you speak my language.
            Love you so much, you sweet thing you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😝❤️ JJ

            1. ❤ donkey laughing from you and from Michylin down below. Ya know… I mean, what else is there?! This package deal is all so bizarre and FUN and wild and painful and just plain silly at times [oh, forgot depressing 🙂 ] … and yet none of us have given it up and don't want to (c' mon, really). The Prize. The Love. The Light. And Mother smiling and shining again in all her Glory. And us–and all brothers and sisters, too (the dark ones transformed or gone—to where, God help us). SOMEBODY break thru and beam us up… Waverider? Sun? AH? Caroline? Denise? Otmn? Kiera? + (me thinks Aisha and sis already have)

              One can FEEL it—It's wondrous… and IT'S SO DAMN CLOSE!!!

              hel-loooooooooooooooooo out there, in there, in here. ❤

              ok. be quiet, 1-Lin.

              1. Oh God – you guys are cracking me up! I’ve had the cosmic rug pulled out from under me. Shut down. No conscious connections, similar to Otmn. Telepathy – gone. Can’t even feel AH now! Can’t see the particles, either. So, this one won’t be beaming anyone up soon – I’m stuck in the Twilight Zone!! 🙂 Thankfully, it’s gardening season. Love you

                1. Twilight Zone? It’s a No Zone, it’s like there hasn’t been any progress AT ALL. All is lost is what it feels like. 🙂 I know it isn’t, but this is tough going.
                  Love, JJ

                  1. I feel ya JJ. This is absolutely the toughest part of the journey. I feel all is lost too. I feel like Divine Mother has turned the other cheek for the last time. Like it’s all going to hit the fan…

                    It’s been a tough weekend.

                    Hope you guys are getting through it.

                    1. Yeah, exactly that about the Divine Mother! Oh God! Even meditating doesn’t “work”.
                      Going to the Pond always helps though, thanks Mike.
                      Love, JJ

                2. ❤ Loving you, C… as long as you're ok (in the process). Continue to be well, Dear One. ❤

                1. ❤ footstep. footstep. footstep. footstep. footstep……….

                  [don't forget to look up 😉 ] ❤

    1. ❤ Hi, Philip… am waiting for your new videos enthusiastically. Tried accessing your blog by clicking on your name, but for some unknown reason, doesn't work correctly… so for those wanting to visit your blog site, here it is: http://www.spheresoflight.org. Thank you for all you are doing, will be doing, Dear Philip. Have a glorious day with Sue. 🙂 ❤

      1. Thank you dear Lin… I’ve just realised from your message the web address was wrong! I think it had changed one time to another account and then I hadn’t changed it back correctly! Now corrected. Haven’t done any new blogs recently but there is plenty there already! Funnily enough, I’ve just been given a message to write… so that means something is coming. The new website has been in a holding pattern until the time is right… and I was also told this morning “a new way has been opened” connected with this – an affirmation of other messages oh and ‘Buffalo came in this morning too’…

        I’ve been holding back on sharing this video since the new site ‘gatewaylocation.org’ a name I was ‘given’ 8 years ago (but not used ’til now as the time was not right) is not yet live but since you have mentioned videos you might like to see this one… it’s actually other people sharing their experience of SOL from one of the free workshops… enjoy – much more effective than anything I can say <3:

        1. Dear Philip, thank you so much for sharing this! This whole video is such a powerful testament to the beautiful energy that people connect with through SOL, it was so uplifting to look at 🙂 You are definitely giving a huge gift to humanity through the work that you do, dear brother, and I am certain this gift will keep growing and evolving a lot in the time ahead.
          With love light and gratitude from me, Aisha

        2. ❤ wow. BUFFALO, Philip—"abundance"! en-JOY. 🙂 And thank you for catching us up on your good news/website—will be looking forward to your new manifested creative projects. Continued Blessings and both of you continue to be well. Now, am off to view your video above. 😀 ❤

        3. Dear Philip,
          This is indeed very exciting news and gives me a hint as to the reason some of us are in the holding pattern, waiting to “go live”. I’ll get back to you and another later. Have to get back to the garden now!
          Much love to you and Sue,

          1. Enjoy your garden, dear Caroline! Having somewhere to dig in the dirt is a real “lifesaver” for my sister and for me. Not only is it a wonderful way to become grounded, it also helps to defuse those “angry hours” that seem to erupt more easily now 😉
            Love and light from me, Aisha

  20. Perfect for the last week or so. The past life meditations I’ve been doing have put me through many of my “phases”. They’ve been easy and yet thorough. The lives I’ve seen lately have shown me who I came to be; not only the end result, but all the challenges that brought me here. I can sit with them as a humble participant now and know that I have moved beyond ALL of them. Cheers to a wondrous life of finally knowing we all BELONG!
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Sit in silence and honor your place here at this time! Donna

      1. ❤ Dear Donna and Dear Linda Marie, always en-JOY your words, your shared Wisdom, and your individual blogs. Thank you! Continued Blessings. 🙂 ❤

  21. Thanks again dear Aisha,
    It is good to know that being at rock bottom from time to time is a definite sign that you are advancing and are exactly where you are meant to be !
    Who would have thought it eh ? Good comfort.

    1. Dear Phil! No wonder we feel rather “battered and bruised” at times like these, for the landing is seldom soft even if it is on the way up 😉 It is a bit like being tossed by a wave up to a new level and landing flat on the face, so it does take some time to get it all together again.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

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