The manuscript of survival – part 417

As you have perhaps already noted, these incoming energies will once again be churning up quite a few interesting ideas here and there. You see, you have by now been well prepared to start to divert your attention elsewhere, that is, you have passed through so much of your personal preparations on this journey, you have become more than ready to start to shine your light in a very new direction, one that will lead you to seek further into topics and ideas that may seem far removed from your immediate sphere of influence. And what do we mean by that? Simply that as you have allowed yourself to go through this thorough personal process of cleansing and jettisoning all of the old and cumbersome filters that made it difficult for you to do and to be anything but a human, you have also made yourself able to start to step far outside the old comfort zone, and so, you will begin to find yourself seeking out answers to questions you cannot even put into words yet.

Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you each hold a vital part of the construction plan or blueprint if you will of this new world you are already busy putting together, and as such, this first and somewhat prolonged phase of personal clearance was simply a prerequisite, something you had to go through in order for you to become readjusted in such a way you could be able to do what you really came here to do. For you did not just come to lift yourself out of the old drudgery, you came to lift mankind as a whole out of the old and into the new, and so, your role encompasses so much more than what you previously have achieved. Not that this in itself is not a major achievement, far from it. As we have told you again and again, what you have already accomplished is above and beyond what anyone else have been able to do. For your journey towards the stars if you will is truly a journey of discovery for all, for you make this journey while still within a human body, one that may at first glance seem ill-equipped to accomplish such a feat. But as you have already shown us all, it is indeed on that is more than able to stretch and evolve far beyond any old ideas of limitations that have been bred into you. And so, you have all shown us the way to do just that, and now, you stand poised to begin the next phase of this saga, the one that will take you all into brand new waters – in every sense of the word.

You see, what you have already done is nothing short of miraculous, but what you are about to do, will be regarded as even more so. For you have by now opened the doors that will take you back to what you truly are, and not only that, these doors will also take all of mankind to a place they have not been before. For these doors lead to the halls of knowing, the halls of wisdom of such a kind, it will – with your help – rewrite the entire history of mankind. For as you managed to wash away the old grime that stood as a wall between you and these shimmering halls of wisdom, you also enabled all of mankind to become truly connected to this Source yet again. And now, as you begin to truly breathe in this fresh air of opportunity, you will begin to feel something stir within you, and that something is a very defined vibration. For what you will start to feel, is the activation of your part of this grand plan, your part of this blueprint, your part of this great endeavour of turning back all of your brethren from that precipice they have brought themselves and this lovely planet you all inhabit.

For you have come here to spread more than your light, you have also come here to spread something definite in the form of information, and when we say information, we mean that in the widest possible definition. For you are here to help to heal the wounds that has been inflicted, not only on you, but on everyone else, and you have also come here to help heal the deep wounds that scars this wonderful planet of yours. We know that this may seem to be a task far too overwhelming for any of you to even contemplate, but remember, the tools you have at your disposal are not of this world. For as one of your wise old men once said, you cannot solve the problems you have created by going at it in the same way that created them in the first place, for in this, you need tools that no one has even thought of before. For what you will help to bring about, is such a turnaround it cannot be accomplished by the old set of mind, nor by any ideas or instruments or procedures put together by that old set of mind. For what you are about to embark upon, is such a path of discovery, nothing in your history can even come close in comparison. You will start to make progress in such a way, even the most advanced ways of contemporary thinking will seem to become outdated and outmoded in the instance something created by this new way of thinking will see the light – in every sense of the word. For you will begin to find solutions in a very new way, by connecting the dots and by accessing the records that have been off limits to mankind for such a long time. And what you will start to discover, will astound even the astutest amongst you, for it will literally open up a whole new world of creativity that will enable you to find solutions to even the most complex of your problems.

Remember, what ails mankind, indeed what ails this entire word, are problems entirely caused by the ill-advised choices made again and again through the history of mankind. And so, as soon as you start to truly tap into this “outer worldly” source of information you have been granted access to through your willingness to step forward into the light yet again, you will begin to see a very new way of solving these old-fashioned problems. For the problems you see around you, are problems entirely associated with the old energy, that dulling vibration that served to dim down the lights within you all. But now, as you have managed to lift your heads above these murky waters, you will literally see far, far further afield, and you will see what no man has seen before. For you will see through the veil, and you will start to see the potential that awaits you on all sides, and you will realize that all you need to do, is to start to interact with all of this potential in a creative way for you to truly realize this vast and untapped potential. Both within you, but also around you.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to convey, is that now you will all be asked to step up to the plate in the form of allowing your curiosity to lead the way. For what you carry within, can in many ways be likened to a map into uncharted waters, and this map will show you the way you are supposed to take in order to deliver your crucial part to this overall plan of righting the wrongs on this planet. So take some time to tune into this part of your being, the part that knows so well already all the answers to all the questions you have on how, when, why and who. And then, you will see how it starts to come together, and you will find yourself peeking into corners you have overlooked before, initiating conversations with people you did not even think you had anything in common with, looking into topics you did not think was of your interest at all, or you perhaps thought was beyond your scope of ability to even contemplate looking into. Or you may find yourself called to visit a certain place or a certain person, or even get the urge to simply sit down and write something, or sit down and draw something. Not necessarily something that seems to be the answer to any of the aforementioned questions, but still, it will be an important step on this part of your personal journey.

And as you start to pick out these steps into the future, others will also do the same, and you will see how your path will start to converge with some, and perhaps start to diverge from others. For as you know so well by now, even if your journey is unlike anyone else’s it is also intricately woven into this huge web of enlightened beings that you yourself is just one of, and so, you will see how the threads of this magnificent loom will begin to come together in some very new patterns, patterns that again will engender some brand new connections, all pollinating each other in order to make this whole tapestry of light come alive in a very distinctive way.

You see, you are simply one amongst thousands, so even if you may feel the heavy weight of this responsibility to help to make this whole operation come about a little too much at the moment, know that none of you will be overloaded in any way. You also need to remember that even if you are just a small wheel in this whole intricate machinery of global enlightenment, you alone can make a huge difference. But you are never alone in this, and you will never be put to task on something that will be considered as too much for you in any way. For you all come well prepared, but you also come well trained to seek to connect with all of those other people that constitutes a part of your group. For you are all part of a group, or rather, you are always part of one group or another, and sometimes, you will be linked up to more than one of these conglomerations of enlightened beings, some on your side of the veil, others on the other side of the veil, and so, you are all well connected at all times. And do not forget, amongst the members on your side of the veil you can also count a whole host of people who are well trained to carry out much of what you will help to bring in in the form of information. For as we have discussed on many an occasion, many of you will act as transmitters of information, information that you will be guided to share in the right place at the right time to the right person or persons, people fully equipped in all sorts of ways to carry out your instructions and make them come into being.

You see, this is in all aspects a creative endeavour, but also very much a collective one, for that is an intrinsic part of this whole operation. Mankind needs to relearn to reconnect – on all levels. They need to reconnect with all of their own personal aspects, they need to reconnect across any of the old borders and divisions, and they need to relearn to connect with All of creation. So this collective endeavour is what will bring the new world fully into being, and it will do so in a time span that will be deemed as remarkably short – even by human standards. For this will be a change that comes about in leaps and bounds, not in small increments where you need to learn A before you can venture into B and so forth. You have entered the express lane now, in every way, and so, you will all be propelled forward at an ever increasing rate. And you will be propelled forward in a way that will set you all on that path we mentioned earlier, the one that will help you to see your part in this big plan, and where you will be encouraged to seek the answers to those questions you did not even know you have it in you to find, much less make into reality. For now, there is no looking back, there is simply going full speed ahead with all that you are. So take a deep breath, and take a good look within, and we are certain you will all find that first clue that will help you to set the course for that glorious tomorrow that awaits you all.

200 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 417

  1. ” For you have by now opened the doors that will take you back to what you truly are, and not only that, these doors will also take all of mankind to a place they have not been before. ”

  2. ANTICIPATION BUILDS FOR WEEKEND METEOR SHOWER: This weekend, Earth will pass through a stream of debris from Comet 209P/LINEAR. If forecasters are correct, the encounter could produce an outburst of bright meteors numbering more than 200 per hour. The best time to look for these “May Camelopardalids” is on Saturday, May 24th, between the hours of 0600 UT and 0800 UT (2 a.m. and 4 a.m. EDT). The timing favors observers in North America.

    Earth won’t be the only body passing through the debris zone. The Moon will be, too. Meteoroids hitting the lunar surface could produce explosions visible through backyard telescopes on Earth. The inset in this picture of an actual lunar meteor shows the region of the crescent Moon on May 24th that could be pelted by May Camelopardalids:

    1. And from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan:

      “Well folks, here we go again getting seeded from deep space with a brand new meteor storm first time ever for earth. As we all well know meteors are all from different parts of the universe. They are older than time and always have an agenda. Last year meteorites were found in the Sahara desert that were from Mars, when cut open they had life in them. I totally believe that these space rocks come to give us something that we must need.
      Some schools of thought say we were seeded from meteors in the very beginning of earth, others say we came from the Stars themselves. Either way, ya’all get ready for an infusion from the heart of the universe.
      Since this meteor shower is named after a stellar giraffe it is important that we take a look at that energy:
      Giraffe’s medicine includes seeing far into the future, the ability to reach things that are unreachable to others. Giraffe says it is time to allow your foresight to lead the way. Your gut instincts and clairvoyance are telling you something. Listen to your heart. You have the gift of higher perception and inner awareness. Make your words count and share your awareness with others. You often know the future and can sense what is going to happen.”

      1. Dear Otmn and Lysarbejder, thank you for sharing this! Nothing happens by chance, so I guess these interstellar visitors come at this moment in time for a special reason πŸ˜‰
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. Thanks ‘Light’ Sister !…Agreed….nothing happens by chance….this has been planned for a long time.
          Having some down time right now….my brain has been yet, ‘Fried’ again !……LOve, Bev~

          1. Dear Bev, it feels more like the whole body has been “fried” today πŸ˜‰ But I agree, it is difficult to try to “connect the dots” or even do the simplest of things these days.
            Love and light from me, Aisha

            1. I can contribute with a fried brain πŸ˜‰ Harvesting leaves in the forest and barefoot in the lake was my salvation πŸ™‚ Some frying is “better” than others, especially when the sun is involved πŸ™‚

              Love & light ❀

              B to B

      2. Thanks lysarbejder !….I know this, & I Love Gillian’s messages from Spirit….always have ! & this particular one is a very important ‘1’ to All who resonate with the spirit energy of the ‘Giraffe’ !……I asked you once before, do you know the importance of your gravatar image ? It holds a very significant visual message……Love to You !…Bev~

    2. Thanks for sharing this Otmn !….I knew of it’s coming for a while….but it will not will BE explosions & fireworks…the energies will be suttle, with a more profound invisible impact & greatly needed by Mother-Earth…….everything is as it should be, & you are perfectly o.k. ~ you just need this time for a little settling & re-adjusting…..
      Love to You….Bev~

  3. Im glad to know im not the only one feeling sooo tired ..went out to work in the garden and ended up laying in the grass under a tree and falling asleep ! Lots of Love and many Blessings ❀

  4. Dear sun_of_blue, dear B – big hugs to you both from another rather tired lightworker πŸ˜‰ My sister and I have both been talking about how little the food tastes these days, so your tastebuds are not the only one affected, B!
    LOVE to you both!

    1. Follow your body’s cravings for HIGHER FREQUENCY foods. As you rise in frequency.

      For 45 years I thoroughly despised pineapple and grapefruit. In the past 2 months I now crave it like mad.

      For the past 2 years can no longer tolerate eating the old lower frequency food favourites of Beef, whipped Creams, Ice Cream, strong Alcohol.

      1. Yes Kiera – so do I as well! I just crave grapefruit and citrus and avoid the same things as you do – how nice you mentioned it πŸ™‚

        Love ❀

        B to B

        1. My coffee still tastes good to me, but only the really good one and brewed with really expensive coffee filters.
          But the food tastes also not good to me. Everything tastes stale, so I give a lot of vinegar, herbs, and especially pepper into it.
          At the moment I can eat only noodles and tomatoes – very well spicy and enjoy a certain kind of well cooled ice chocolate.

          One night in a dream-experience I had tried two soups that were so delicious, I’ve never eaten something delicious in 3-D.
          It was a bean cream soup and a strawberry cream soup – hmmm, so delicious.
          Some time before lemon juice was given to me, I could really taste it, that was the beginning of my gustatory exercises.
          I think we are prepared for the higher frequencies and our sense of taste has gone already there.

          Mein Kaffee schmeckt mir noch, aber nur der wirklich gute mit richtig teuren Kaffeefiltern gebrΓΌht.
          Aber das Essen schmeckt mir auch nicht mehr gut. Alles schmeckt fad, deshalb gebe Ich eine Menge Essig, KrΓ€uter und vor allem Pfeffer hinein.
          Momentan kann Ich nur Nudeln und Tomaten essen – sehr gut gewΓΌrzt und eine bestimmte Sorte gut gekΓΌhlte Eisschokolade genießen.

          Eines Nachts in einem Traum–Erlebnis hatte Ich zwei Suppen probiert, die waren so lecker, so etwas KΓΆstliches habe Ich in 3–D noch nie gegessen.
          Es war eine Bohnencremesuppe und eine Erdbeercremesuppe – hmmm, so kΓΆstlich.
          Einige Zeit zuvor wurde mir nachts Zitronensaft gegeben den Ich wirklich schmecken konnte, das war der Beginn meiner Geschmacksβ€“Γœbungen.
          Ich denke wir werden auf die hΓΆheren Frequenzen vorbereitet und unser Geschmackssinn hat sich schon dorthin begeben.

          Heart greetings ❀
          I AM BIXIE πŸ˜€

          1. I have in recent years wanted to eat more vegetables, berries and fruit. A few years ago I made green smoothies that actually got my sleeping problems subside after only a week!!! The need for green lasted until I started drinking birch sap in the spring and then the need was not so obvious anymore.

            Everything goes in cycles and varies all the time. I always boils different vegetable soups and just today I made ​​a wonderful, nutritious nettle soup on the fresh nettles that I’ve picked. Young leaves of birch leaves and rowan leaves are harvested today. It goes so quickly here in the North when the growing season starts so you barely have time with the important, early harvest because I am leaving for a while.

            Thanks you for sharing bixie πŸ™‚

            Love, light & gratitude,

            B to B

            1. ❀ Be well, B!! Looking forward to your safe return and the NEW you! πŸ˜€ xox 1-Lin ❀

              1. Thank you dear Lin ❀

                But first I'll attend a performance at City again tomorrow – gospel + Big Band = a lot of swing πŸ™‚ There is a lot going on these days πŸ™‚

                Much love & light to you and thank you so very much for caring about my surgery. Much appreciated ❀ ❀ ❀

                B to B

      2. Thank you for sharing this, Kiera! I am very grateful for the way you continue to enlighten us all πŸ™‚ My sister and I also started to crave fresh pineapple a few weeks ago, something we NEVER eat normally, we even had it for breakfast this morning. Like you say, the body is continuously changing as the energies change, and different cravings come and go. My sister usually get the urge to eat exactly the same things I do at the same time, and that is both a confirmation and also very helpful when it comes to choosing what to have for our next meal ;-).
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Methnks your cells are remenbering your lifetime in Lemuria, Aisha – 50,000 yrs ago, perhaps. Kryon has said that we are sometimes drawn to eat that which sustained us in other cultures, other lifetimes.
          Even today Hawaii has the best pineapples on the planet! 😊

          1. Interesting – thank you for sharing this, dear Lysarbejder! Good thing I have a another pineapple waiting for me in the kitchen πŸ˜‰
            Aisha πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you ❀

    I think this message is very nice, but I am too tired to evaluate its message today.

    Love, light & gratitude,

    B to B

    1. No need to… is simply a recycled message.

      It is also rather outdated as well……as for instance THIS has already been experienced for so many many years now:


      “You will start to make progress in such a way, even the most advanced ways of contemporary thinking will seem to become outdated and outmoded in the instance something created by this new way of thinking will see the light – in every sense of the word. For you will begin to find solutions in a very new way, by connecting the dots and by accessing the records that have been off limits to mankind for such a long time. And what you will start to discover, will astound even the astutest amongst you, for it will literally open up a whole new world of creativity that will enable you to find solutions to even the most complex of your problems.”


      Ironically, (and hysterically)…. the message itself is now as “outdated” as the “outdated and outmoded” concepts it is mentioning.

      1. Hi Kiera,
        Since you believe this missive is all old hat, where’s the healing that its speaks of?

  6. Dear Sun_of_blue!

    I am so incredibly tired – and have been all afternoon – so now it’s just sleep that apply. I hope tomorrow gives more inspiration πŸ™‚

    Regarding coffee I think it has lost its genuine good taste – or are my taste buds changed? I have big problems to cook really good coffee nowadays….

    Love & light ❀

    B to B

      1. thank you Kiera, I just simply love Basher, he teaches me lots always helping me especially with my children. he is like a father !! love tomo

        1. Such total agreement… a mother, father, teacher, companion, friend, buddy, higher dimensional associate,…. an unconditionally loving Ascended Master whose goal is to make YOU a Master as well.

          This is what “family” should have been like on this planet.

          1. Dear Kiera, thank you❀︎ I didn’t know about MCM+C, I try MCM+chondroitin for my shoulder & also talk with my own shoulder to be easy & to be well. and yes, in my reality everyone is diffusing infusing changing from the master of limitations to the full master of happy joyful creators. and I am on the way too !! it is all fun reality await for us. thank you kiera Love tomo ❀︎

      2. Thank you Kiera!

        I rewind this video many times but have hard to understand anyway πŸ˜‰ However, as I understand it, it is about taking in D-vitamin in higher doses and so I have done the last couple of years and the good taste of coffe has ceased in the meantime. So – as usual – I have to choose πŸ˜‰

        Love, light & gratitude ❀

        B to B

  7. cc’s –“For what you carry within, can in many ways be likened to a map into uncharted waters,”

    As I read the missive the only part that resonated today is this one phrase.
    It feels like everything has completely shut down and left me totally alone. I haven’t been able to meditate or communicate telepathically, at least not to my awareness.

    yes a map of uncharted waters is totally blank and void. uncharted means unmapped, unknown. I’m sailing through heavy fog at this time.
    oh well
    I know it will be all right, as soon as it gets over being all wrong

    1. Dear Otmn! Big, big hug coming your way from me! These are challenging times, and I can relate to the feeling of being in a void and sailing through fog. We have been in this state before, but this time, it feels even more empty at times. To me, these days are fluctuating between heavy fog and brilliant sunshine, but I try to remind myself that this emptiness is for a reason, it is preparation for another huge refill of light πŸ™‚
      LOVE – always, forever! Aisha

        1. I spent 4 hours digging in the dirt yesterday, and plan on doing some more tomorrow πŸ˜‰ You can have some of our Sun, it was way too hot here today..
          Aisha ❀

          1. Dear Aisha!

            You create divine gardens everywhere – creates conditions for seeds to sprout and blossom in their full glory everywhere. God bless you in your continuous work ❀

            Love, light & gratitude,

            B tp B

          2. one way to stay grounded is to not clean your fingernails after playing in the garden.
            I got one little message that said
            “We are protecting you”
            ok, but i don’t know from what?
            so i guess that is why i am shut down
            sail on

        2. Grounding work completed here. Dirt washed off, a little stubbornly remain under the nails but is continuously leaving πŸ˜‰ Now sun and rain will do the rest πŸ™‚

          Love & light ❀

          B to B

    2. Big hugs O-man….Last week I was in your space completely–nothing at all seemed normal and everything had changed right down to the texture of the energy incoming and then, I simply surrendered to the feeling and allowed it–and loved on my own heart, loved the one feeling separated, isolated, alone..and an amazing thing happened. i realized that everything we have done to get to “here” brought us to here and no further because the new energy is so different–nothing works the same! So simply Be…love and accept where you are–who you are–your own heart and open and allow for new ways to come…when I did that I ended up on a two day bliss extravaganza where everything I saw was a miracle to me! I could go on and on like bubba in forrest gump listing all the miracles and wonders in my field of view and then started mining down to the mircroscopic and then out to the universal…new ways….definitely…you are simply in what I would term slack tide, or a wash…between big waves…and you will surf with joy very soon my friend! πŸ™‚ Alex

      1. I didn’t know what to think of it. It was almost comically simple. πŸ˜„
        Love you Lin!!! ❀️❀️❀️

        1. ❀ … and entertaining while providing the service to a wider audience. Russell Brand has a magnificent, quick wit… like Ethyl!! πŸ˜‰ ❀

            1. ❀ oh my YES! we miss her bunches+++. give her a Skype smile for me. πŸ™‚ and for you, and for us… All IS perfect. πŸ˜€ ❀

              1. I know it’s all perfect, but God I miiiiiiisssss here, I looooooong for her. Sorry, I got no one else to talk to.

  8. Thank you all for your beautiful words ❀ Togather we will tear this place up with love and light and togather we will create Heaven on Earth… ❀ ❀ PEACE ❀ ❀

  9. well,it always makes more sense if i read it a second time,i noticed!
    -what i’m getting is that fukushima ain’t a big deal-and if it was,it would be being taken care of…for it’s an intelligent world-if not the brightest,yet,,,,,but potentially could flare up considerable-
    -and you’re not the first to be lonely
    thank god you’re not the only!

  10. Thank you and I am so happy to be with you and reconnect love love ..Jacqueline
    Light love joy and I am

  11. Thank you and I am so happy to be with you and reconnect love love ..Jacqueline

  12. ❀ Dear Aisha/CCs… Most exciting missive yet! oh boy oh boy oh boy! Let's go! This thrilling part of the journey makes up for all the necessary previous "crap". We're strong; we're Gods; We're ONE. (the JOY is back!!!)
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

      1. Hello dear Aisha… May you have an inspired, blessed day… Btw I apologize for misspelling your name! πŸ˜‰ Love, David

  13. Dear Aisha, I have been thinking about what the CC’s have been saying regarding having information to help repair the earth. I see now that it will come to us via meditation, dreams, etc.. We are the seers. We are the transmitters.

    Last night we lost my brother-in-law to cancer. It was only last week that my sister asked me if I knew how he was doing. I had to bring up my courage to tell her that our father who passed a few years ago had been waiting for him since early April. I hate being the bearer of bad news. She told me last night that it helped her immensely to know that our dad was with him. I think I have finally accepted my self as I am with the gifts I have been given to give to others here on this plane. Not easily done for me as I have often been ostersized for being one of those that at times knows things. I can thank my dear brother in-law for giving me the opportunity to truly be myself out in the open now for all to see and stand tall doing it. He has left me with a great gift. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers over the past many months. Larry is now on the other side and I am sure he will be assisting us on this plane with his amazing technical brain. πŸ˜‰
    He could figure anything out that others said couldn’t be done. Love to all here an love to all that it is!
    ❀ Denise

    1. ❀ Dear Denise… Heart hugs to you and your family as your journey thru your loss of the physical Larry. And Blessings and Love to Larry for returning Home and now BEing out of pain… and best of all, being greeted by your dad.
      And my Dearest Sister, huge Blessings to you for BEing the Light that you are/have been. It's your time to Shine now, in your full Glory, with full appreciation by all.

      one feels your energy; I wish I could give you a real hug and some cheerful flowers. Be well, Dear One. Larry's (and your dad's) help in healing Mother from the other side will be most welcome. xox ❀

    2. Dear Denise, wonderful, shining sister, thank you for daring to shine your bright light in this way! You will bring so much help to so many by BEing the way you are, and for accepting the gift that has been given you. My heart goes out to you and to your family, and I send my love and a big hug to you all.
      Aisha ❀

      1. Dear Denice, please excuse me aisha & I do feel exactly the same what I aisha said here. Thank you & I know all my loved ones are with them too. thank you Denice. Love tomo

    3. Dear Denise,
      What a wonderful gift Larry has helped you realize and OWN. My heart is with you and yours,

    4. Blessing to you Denise, its not the easiest of things to embrace a gift like yours when so many do not yet understand. I am sure it will bring you many blessings as things unfold. Philip πŸ™‚

    5. Tremendous Love to you Denise for being you and for the gift of acceptance of self which your beloved BIL gave you in his passing. Gentle healing love to your whole family during this tender time. It always feels good to know our beloveds are alive and well on the other side of the veil, but we still miss them from our human side. Hugs. Alex

  14. you are such a blessing to us all and to this world. we thank you for sharing your gifts with us. you give me such encouragement – and sometimes i feel like some of the words that come through are SPECIFICALLY for me to read/hear! much love, aisha. ❀

    1. ❀ Dear Audrey… oh my gosh… one LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the idea of tiny homes that you share on your website. One has seen pix of these elsewhere, looks for them actually, and they're innovative and thrilling. Just think, no more homeless peoples/children!! One hopes you will keep us informed of these tiny wonders and also your appreciation for FOOD!! yum.
      πŸ˜€ Blessings of JOY to you and with Love ❀

      1. sweet lin! thank you so much for your kind comment and for taking time to browse my blog!! i truly feel privileged to live in and be part of a very cool movement that is taking the internet by storm. tiny living is amazing and i agree with you – it is a doorway into a whole new idea of helping the homeless. this is just one article on another movement which converts dumpsters into tiny homes!!
        it’s incredible to find all these stories of amazing people doing amazing things … sometimes in the “tiniest” of ways πŸ˜‰

        thanks again for stopping by and i hope you enjoy my blog and the updates on the tiny home living
        xxoo ❀

      2. ❀ hee hee YES! had seen this article previously. A bit "rustic", but do-able in a pinch. [one prefers more comfort and aesthetics though πŸ™‚ ] Isn't it exciting, Audrey?! and you get to watch one being built next door. Love the NEW. hugs. ❀

    2. Dear Audrey, your words touch me deeply, thank you from my heart! I had to take a look at your blog too, for like Lin I absolutely love the idea of tiny homes. It is definitely part of the NEW, and now, I even know a person living in one of these small wonders! And yes, I agree with you when it comes to food – “i believe in treating our food as sacred nourishment and energy. i believe that if your food can go bad, it is good for you. i believe nature can provide the solution to many of our common ailments.” Thank you, dear Audrey, for shining your light in so many ways!
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. thank you thank you thank you lovely aisha! you have always been an inspiration to me… i share your blog with many people and i find such comfort in connecting with you. thank you for taking time to look at my blog, as well. i feel very blessed to be where i am at this time. i’m so glad you enjoy the tiny home movement, as well… i’m so interested to see where this all takes me! πŸ˜‰

        keep shining your light. it’s so beautiful and i’m so grateful to you and for you! xxoo ❀

    3. Dear Audrey,
      They literally just aired a story on the local noon news on tiny living. SO COOL!! Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Many blessings, Caroline

  15. Thanks Aisha and the CC’s!! I’ve been “seeing” a lot of us working on the same things in my sessions (in physical and non-physical). I’ve seen my guide taking many of us to our terminals to learn new things. I’ve seen energies being transmuted and I’ve been involved (for the first time) with the grounding of energies with my guides. Listen up…this IS THE TIME. It now feels like I am not me. I’ve also started to BE IN my other timelines as my physical body in this timeline was still. Be still, be quiet, be loving, be compassionate. We need each other. All of us are needed in the stream of consciousness. The static is less once you move around a little and get used to it. Communicate clearly. Sending love and light from the “stream”.

    1. Dear Donna, thank you for sharing these wonderful sights and important insights! ” It now feels like I am not me” – that is exactly what I have been repeating countless times these last couple of weeks so thank you for this confirmation!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  16. Hello everyone.
    This is my 44th favourite Japanese song from
    Wink – Turn It Into Love (Released Date : Nov.16, 1988)
    (This Japanese song is a cover of)
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    Human(Life) always affirm.
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  17. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! So amazing that we are on opposite sides of a huge ocean yet we seem to be on the same wavelength of incoming information somehow:-)
    Just a few hours ago I started a new project that feels very right, necessary and mine to do even though it really involves things geographically far from me and out of my personal sphere of influence. Then I get the email of today’s message from the CC’s to confirm my intuition:-).
    Just as the difficulties of peak oil may soon begin to dismantle the neoliberal project of corporate controlled globalization, a more organic and spiritual form of globalization is growing through our many networks of living beings who are connecting on new levels of awareness. Beautiful!

    1. Dear Ohnwentsya! Thank you for sharing this wonderful confirmation, we are definitely riding the same waves now πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best with your new project, and I am looking forward to learn more about it as it starts to unfold!
      LOVE, Aisha

  18. First of all apologies for sending such a negative comment but I had to share it. The last 4 – 5 weeks I have been experiencing great resistance. I feel ‘down’ and there is so much negativity, fear, victimhood and I seem to hate almost everything. I ‘fell’ into this state from love and light πŸ™‚
    I really don’t know what to do, how to get out of this ‘hellish’ state.
    Anyone else in this situation?

    1. Dear Ra, welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light! Thank you for bringing your light here, and thank you for sharing your experience, I am certain you will find that you are not alone in this! For me, these last couple of weeks have been extremely “volatile”. I go from way up high to way down low for no apparent reason, and at times I feel almost drained of everything. The only thing that has helped me, is the fact that I have people close to me experiencing exactly the same at the exact same time, so this told me it was definitely not anything personal. And as always, the best remedy for me whenever these “lows” hit, is to go out in nature – sometimes at an angry run πŸ˜‰
      Love, light and a big hug from me, Aisha

      1. Hi Aisha!
        Thank you for your reply. I am so happy to hear from you. I have been following your messages for a while. What would I do without the ‘Update on Energies’… Love, Ra

      2. Hello Aisha,

        I just joined here and already I feel a strong warm loving energy in my chest! I felt the same these past weeks and just today I was saying to my husband that I felt like I was missing a spiritual family, family members with the same vibrational energy you could say… After ready your post of today and the responses to it, I felt like coming home! It’s strange because I’m so far away here in Belgium but even so it feels so close! Thank you for your loving work and to everybody here doing the same loving work! And has you say so well, knowing that others go true the same things helps so much to cope with these things!
        Lots of love to you all!

        1. Dear Katja, welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light! Thank you for bringing your light here, I am so glad to see that you feel at home already. It is always wonderful to meet another shining soul, another member of this vast, truly global family of kindred spirits πŸ™‚
          Love and light from me, Aisha

  19. Thank you, Aisha, CC’s.

    It sounds daunting, yes, but we will do it together!. Great! I have already seen some small wonders. Just the other day, I was om my bicycle passing by all these wildflowers/plants and I was thinking, how wonderful it would be if the right type of plants would just light up, signaling to that person with an sickness of some sort: “here, use me, this/I will cure you.” And sure enough, my TF who had a terrible rash, was told by her own body: “tomato!!!!” Sure enough it helped. So it was not the plant that shouted “use me”, but it was the own body screaming out what it needed. So maybe it was a collaboration between body and plant? I don’t know, I just came up with the idea… πŸ™‚

    Love to all of us,
    JJ ❀

    1. JJ, you are right on with your thinking. Plants do come to people with information for healing. They have songs and information regarding their use. The Shammans have been doing it forever. Each plant has a spirit just like each of us and it communicates. One only needs to open ones being and listen. The plants are waiting for us to communicate with them. Go ahead and get friendly with a wise plant. πŸ™‚ you’ll make their day!
      ❀ Denise

      1. Hi Denise. LOL…This is where the ‘ol “Tree Huggers” came into common verbiage. If we choose a large tree, we may ask to place our backs against the tree and the tree will assist in releasing some of our denser energies.
        We are so connected…

      1. Hi Aisha,

        Some one came on line in spiritual connection with sprites,faeries.
        There maybe some others here that are interested.
        Name was Decahedron void…..complex Geo-design.
        On face book. Attached to Ron’s post.
        Just sharing the journey.
        Blessings all.

  20. Dear Aisha,

    Love & gratitude from me ❀︎

    once again I wish I find a very appreciative loving words to thank you but It seems I can’t come up with decent one ….. so I just say thank you all from my heart ❀︎

    Non physicals always have special customized ways to express & to show love in everything. We are beloved beings & love is all there is. & I am grateful. It has been very loving journey for me and I am happy.

    Love tomo

    1. Dear Tomo, as always, your energy speaks for you πŸ™‚ Thank you for your presence here and in this world, making everything brighter!
      Aisha ❀

    2. ❀ Dear Tomo, your energy is Lovely, and Lovable and Adorable… and sooo very Bright. Thank you for you. πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. Thank you for your most kind loving words & I so appreciate &so grateful to you our both bright light dear Lin & dear Aisha❀︎🐬

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