A short update on the energies

As you have perhaps noticed, the incoming flux of energy will start to interact with your own energetic field in all sorts of ways. Some of them may be noticeable in the usual manner, such as physical reactions in varying degrees of discomfort, while others may be more subtle and not so noticeable in your everyday life. But if you take time to tune in – and we do mean that in a very literal sense, we venture to guess that you will all sense a change of tune within.

For these energies bring in a very new set of frequencies, and to a trained ear, they will sing to a very different tune than the ones you have been accustomed to hearing up until now. And when we say ear, we are not referring to that outer aperture, designed to take in those outside noises generated by natural and man made phenomena on your planet. No, in this we are referring to that “inner ear” of yours, that part of your sensory system that overlaps the ones that you use in your capacity as a human. In other words, your inner sensory system, the one that has been lying dormant for such a long time, but has come back on line now, will start to pick up these new signals, and it will start to do so in a way that will first alert you to those less subtle overtones, for then, to lead you deeper into this new world of communicative skills that you have by now started to access, at least to a certain extent.

Remember, you are still very much tuned into everything that goes on outside, and as you all know more than well, these external levels of noise will at times reach fever pitch, as there are still those pockets of resistance to the light that will continue to emit a lot of noise in the hope of diverting your attention from this vital inner conversation that is going on 24/7. We know that for some of you, this conversation may at times be construed as more than a little bit bothersome, for it can seem to be nothing more than an incessant cacophony of illegible noise that leaves you at a loss for meaning and at times, at a loss for sleep. But if you manage to truly tune into it, you will find that your whole body will begin to respond to these noises, by lessening up the tension that it still carries with it. This may sound confusing, but what we are trying to say, is that these tunes of frequential “noise” are also talking to your physical body in ways that will enable you all to complete this process of physical ascension much faster.

For as you all know more than well, this process of enlightenment this time involves the presence of a physical body, and unlike the process many of you have been through in earlier parts of your existence, this physical vehicle needs a lot of maintenance and care in order for it to be able to complete this immense transformation. In many ways, you can look upon this physical vehicle of yours as the golden chariot if you will, for it is indeed this seemingly humble creation that will lift you and all of mankind to new heights in every way as you bring those higher aspects of your being into full harmonics with this amazing physical construction. For this “humble abode” you inhabit is not just a sack of flesh and bones, and now, you have all in some way started to get some glimpses of its grandeur. For this intricate creation, comprised of a vast number of single cells, all connected together through a network of highly intelligent systems of connectivity and communication is what will bring humanity to that place they have dreamed of forever. For through this humble vehicle heaven will once again walk on Earth, for heaven is that energetic vibration that sings to the tune of love, and through your physical vehicle, this frequency will once again be firmly anchored into your Mother Earth.

And now, as these internal frequencies continue to retune you all on a cellular level, this physical vehicle is preparing to become that fully functional energetic hub of love that it has been prepared for for such a long time. Remember, the journey from a lower density human being to one that vibrates at the frequency you have already attained has been a long and arduous one, but also one that has been a necessity in order for your physical body to be able to contain these immense surges of energy it has already taken on. And now, as the floods are increasing once again, you will also start to hear as the gears and cogs within you respond to these new frequential signals coming in, hence, the sense of this inner monologue becoming stronger and stronger. It may at times be bewildering to listen in to these signals, but remember that they are as always signals of progress, both on a personal and on a collective level. For by now, everything you do and everything you accomplish, you do for all.

So again we thank you all, for all that you are and for all that you do. For you are helping to lift yourself in the sense of allowing your physical body to go through this immense task of enlightenment, and you are also allowing those higher aspects of you to connect with those parts of you already accounted for within this physical frame of yours. We know that many of you are starting to get more than a little impatient and you want this process over and done with, and so it will be – at the earliest of opportunities. But again, timing is everything, and so, know that for every step you take, you help all of mankind to get closer to fulfilment in every way.

For you are pushing ahead now, and as the speed increases, the feeling of this onward rush will also manifest itself in many ways. It may at times feel as it you yourself become blurred and difficult to distinguish in all of this, and even if that may cause some anxiety, it is simply a sign of rapid progress. So stay safe in the knowledge that you may be rushing ahead, but you are not doing so in a heedless way. No, every move you take is carefully monitored, and in this, you simply cannot go wrong. For your heart is guiding you now, and it is also more than eager to complete this gap that still separates you from this final completion, and so, your heart will do all it can to speed up this whole process. So just let yourself be swept away by this rush of inspired energy fuelling your journey, and know that from now on, this process will pick up even more speed. So expect to become a little wobbly on your feet now and then, but you can also expect to become light headed from the rush – in the very best way. For we do think you will all in some way find a way to truly enjoy this part of the ride, and we venture to guess many will also start to enjoy it so much you will actually shout for joy and revel in the exhilaration.

221 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. jumping ahead just about 3 or 4 years
    we hear
    your mind is all you need, so what do you want with me?

    Surrelistic Pillow


    1. I will except those smoothes and lay you down a Gregorian chant.
      You fright there was alot of diversity that year as The house of the rising sun,Amimals, People…Barbara Streisand,I get around by the Beach Boys,Helo, Dolly by Louis Armstrong, My baby Love, Supremes, (girls in the back of the bus sang), Chapel of love,,,,Come a little bit closer,Jan and Dean, My Guy, Mary Wells. And………..

  2. Dean Martin
    The Door is Still Open to My Heart

    that’s it i have had it up to there with 1964

  3. Since I started my musical journey (vibrations), as the years goes by, 1964 was overshadowed with the Beatles. And their hair cuts!!!! I wanted to pick up a guitar, actually the drums!! Mom’s ears wouldn’t have it.

    1. here’s the truth.
      we didn’t want to hold her hand
      What we really wanted to do
      was hold her glands
      but true

      1. 12 years later,after I joined a religious organization .
        But as teen that wasn’t going to fly.

  4. If money does not exist….at store…..

    me: I give my art paints for what I want as an exchange❤︎🎨
    kids: I dance❤︎ !, I sing 😜, I show karate moves❤︎☯ !,

  5. Hi All,

    I was just listening to a White CLoud channel from Blossom Goodchild, and towards te end there was a quote that struck me so I thought I’d share the love 🙂

    “One fine day in the days ahead all your doubts, my friends, about the reality of who we are and where we are coming from, shall be removed and you will know in all certainty who we are. You will know us. You will feel our love so strongly for you.”
    White Cloud through Blossom Goodchild May 16 2014



  6. No time like the present Denise, B to B and all… further experience with the veil…

    I shared previously that I seen it turn to a curtain of transparent water looking substance and wandered back and forth with ease. Like stepping back and forth into two parallel worlds. Now I think about it I had a sense they were merging or coming together closer in vibration. Perhaps that fits with something you said Denise… can’t recall the detail now.

    The further experience was very interesting to me. I decided to go into meditation again and revisit and walk through this transparent and very thin water like curtain. As I did I was somewhat surprised and a little shocked even (but in a good way) that this time there was quite a crowd of people to greet me me in a most joyful way. There had been absolutely no one about the first time I had walked through and if I had any expectation it was that it would be similar this time. So boom… there’s all these people there as I wandered casually through… we were all so happy to see me and greet each other and there were lots of hugs… and I noticed the numbers kept on increasing more and more people were coming through until there was quite a multitude! 🙂

    Amongst the many interesting things to me about this is that in my meditations I tend to just sit there in the energy feeling it and and embodying it since that works so well for me. So to have such a surprising and enjoyable visual was as you can imagine something of a surprise and good shock as I mention above.

    Later I saw something else emerging and growing ‘it seemed’ out of the ground a sort of white crystalline tower… now I think of it almost Christmas Tree type shaped though slightly more curved from the point to the much wider base.

    The other sense I had that I remember now was that many had suddenly ‘walked through’ so to speak and the numbers were increasing daily I felt. I had a feeling this was a kind of an alignment of the parallel realities that it was very easy to do now for many and that the more that did the more it anchors this new energy regime into our reality.

    Interestingly I’ve just seen this post from Gaia Portal which reminded me of the experience… perhaps it is related… who knows… 🙂

    “Star Collectives assemble, via Gaia coordination, for progression to next level.

    Assemblers of Nova Gaia energetic structures have completed necessary tasks according to ascension protocols.

    Stationing of Light Carriers and Holders prepares path of Expansion.

    Consecration of next phase is complete.”

    I can’t overemphasise my surprise at the visuals on this occasion.

    That’s as much as I can remember for now. See what you make of it! I wonder if others have seen similar?

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for this additional revelation of yours dearest Philip ! indeed there is much you are now discovering & pieces & thoughts regarding creation & ascension coming into clearer view for you ! The image you seen of the white Christmas tree….did it look like this ?

      I was Born by the River...

      “Water” so much more than we know…
      LOve to You !…..Bev~

      1. Your pictures never cease to amaze me Bev… see the insights I had overnight about the nature of this beautiful structure … I think you might enjoy them… Love, Light and Joy, Philip 🙂

    2. Dear Philip!
      Sounds very similar to what Drunvalo Melchizedek describes in his very short book, “Living in the Heart”. The water, the doors, ect. I’m having dreams about water, fish, new and old relationships, new and old houses, unlocked and locked doors. Seems like they are always challenging me in some way. Hard to remember. But the GaiaPortal message has me thinking we will be very busy – very soon. Again!
      Love to you and your wife, too!

      1. I have said book Caroline and I read it and practiced with a lot a few years ago and I can see the resonance of what you are talking about here. Living from the heart is surely what this is ultimately all about. It reminds me of a phrase I was ‘given’ a while back when sharing SOL once again… it was this:

        “Living from the heart, is living in the mystery.”

        When you go deep into the heart of that you see and experience so much truth… it points to many things and key is about centred in the absolute totality of the beauty of the moment… NOW.

        I am sure your dreams are guiding you along the way Caroline they sound very pertinent to me and I have a feeling you are right about the Gaia Portal message.

        Blessings and much love to you and Mark. Philip

      1. If we say they are and truly anchor the experience in our bodily reality then so it IS I say… it is up to us I feel. Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    3. I’ve realised overnight that the pure white crystalline structure I saw coming up out of the ground quite fast was actually really rather like a massive stalagmite that you would normally see rising from the floor of a cave as the ‘crystalline water drips down on it for millenia.”

      This one though was pure white, above ground and had grown fast particularly recently! It struck me this was a great metaphor for what is going on here, individually and collectively…

      The crystalline water drops are the light that is now literally pouring down onto the planet, hence the fast growth, the stalagmite is US, All of US in our true divine pure and pristine state and we are ‘reaching for the sky’ as this one was in my visual. It was I feel touching the light from the sky. Often in caves you see stalagmites and stalagtites meeting in the middle so to speak.

      As the people gathered around it to look at it I now recall a feeling of wonder. WE ARE Souls in Wonder… Wonder at our innate beauty, Wonder at our truth, Wonder at what we can create when we allow the light in and this is very much a collective effort. How beautiful is that…

      Philip ❤

      1. Wow, Philip, thank you so much for sharing this! It really resonates for me, it is as if I can reach out and touch this structure – but now I get a “look, don’t touch” message. Something magical is growing, and it is crystalline and very pure, just like you say 🙂 It also seem to have something to do with drawing up or interacting with “nutriants” from the Earth herself, a symbiotic relationship in some way. I know we will have more information on this soon, it seems to be an important part of the puzzle.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

      2. Wow, Philip! The crystal is growing! It will be able to draw more energy the bigger it gets. Love this! Yes the time lines are closer. I would say that is different then the veil. We can see it happening because the veil is dropping or we just have the ability to see through it. Don’t know. I can only feel and experience. For me there is no thinking involved. When my brain gets involved it just messes things up. 😉

        1. Yeah I know what you mean so I can’t be sure what I passed through but it was a big and nice surprise to have these visions so clearly! Philip 🙂

  7. Caroline ~ the cat – Buddy – is coming to live with us tonight. Keep in your thoughts please a nice interjection shall we say with my Ink Jet! 🙂
    Kelly’s Mom, Sharon is still with us but she does not want to be any longer. Blessings dear, dear Sharon for all you have endured – you opened my eyes more – and my heart more – and you are one of my favorite Beings! God Speed !!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Her daughter, Heather and little grand daughter Addison (3), are on their way back to Ohio. safe travels. she knows it will most likely be the last time she sees her mother alive. She is concerned about 'family' now and how it will be. thank you C and all for your good thoughts on these things for us

    1. Remember to keep Buddy in a closed room for a night. Then let them get to know each slowly through a cracked door. After a few days, put their food on respective sides of the door to see if they will eat within scent and sight distance. When I worked at a no kill cat rescue, that is the advice we always gave when introducing mature cats to one another. Just follow their lead. Blessings to you and the family always – Caroline

    2. sending ‘You & Kelly & All your Family”….Big Hugs ! I know these are trying times for You, but You dearest Sister have great inner strength…you will not falter…you will prevail !…Love, Bev~

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