The manuscript of survival – part 416

As we have touched upon many a time before, mankind has a long history of looking outwards in search for answers. You see, as mankind got severed from the old links that connected them to themselves, they were left as if floating in a vacuum, and it felt as if a void had opened up within. In this void, mankind has tried in vain to insert all sorts of ambitions and intellectual games in order to try to fill in this gaping void within, but to no avail. For what has been brought into this gap between the real you and the you you have been feeling, was only transient and insubstantial substitutes for something that was so fundamental for you all, nothing could take its place. And so, mankind was left to search in vain for anything that could make them feel whole again. For within this gap, even if they could not name it nor set any words to try to describe it, they sensed that a fundamental part of them was missing. And so, a quest to become whole again was set into motion again and again, but each and every time, this quest sent you all searching in the wrong direction.

For this quest would usually take the form of a search for something outside of yourself, something tangible, something that felt so tantalizingly close, but yet so far away. And in this quest for this elusive piece, that final answer that would make it all come together, much of mankind’s false moves have been carried out. So instead of getting closer to the truth they seeked, they instead started to move further and further out from the truth, both in a literal but also in a spiritual sense. For mankind has a long history of seemingly stumbling upon an answer, and they have given what they have found a name, and in some instances even a body and a face, and so, they have constructed a vast belief system around it. Hence, the emergence of compartmentalised belief systems, or religions if you will, all claiming to represent the truth, and all spending a lot of their time and energy in persecuting those adhering to another “truth” than themselves. And so, what was once a unified group became more and more splintered, and as you approached modern age, you became even more so. For at the advent of your modern age, mankind started to seek the answers to this gaping void within in other locales than those where the spiritual messages were shared, and so, they looked in vain for a more material solution to this emptiness within. And so, what they found, was a way to fill that void temporarily by accruing objects of diverse kinds, objects that brought fulfillment for a short time, but then, turned into a prison. For once they started to try to fill that void within with this kind of immaterial materialism, the void seemed to grow larger and larger, and to counteract that, the need to accrue even more started to grow into almost a frenzy. And as the heaps of material objects grew, so the wastelands of this beautiful planet also increased exponentially, and we do mean that both in a literal and figurative way.

For this materialistic dogma was no more successful than the spiritual ones in filling up this void within, and so, the more you begat, the less room you had for love. For love, when it is truly present, will fill any nook and any cranny you could care to think of, and when love is present, there is no need for anything else. Not that this entails a life devoid of any personal effects at all, rather, that this hunger for “something more” will vanish as if it has never been there at all.

We think it is safe to say that many of you can already attest to this, for as you open those doors within wide open to step into the light, you will also feel the sense of finally becoming complete, and then, the suction from that old void will no longer be a factor in your life, for then, there will be no more void within. And then, you will also see the truth in the words we have given you on so many occasions. For you already have everything you need, you are already in possession of the multitude of fragments that constitutes the fullness of your being, and when you see this, you also see that there is nothing external, whether that be a person or an idea or even an object that needs to be added to you in order to make you YOU. For again, what you have been seeking to become, you already are, and no matter how far and wide you travel, there is simply nothing more there that could be described as essential for you to find in order for you to become ONE again.

In other words, you are already whole and complete, and you have no voids to fill nor no missing parts to seek out. For it is already there, within you, but as we have told you again and again, you do have a hard time truly taking that in. And so, you will still feel the need to go on a long and arduous quest to “rediscover yourself”. But all you have to do, is to do the simplest exercise of them all;  just sit down, close your eyes and dare to open that door that beckons you to do so. For there are no locks there, no intricate questions to answer, nor no detailed descriptions to be followed in a perfectly timed sequence. There is simply this, a need to make the commitment to take that last little step, that last little step that may seem to be more than a lifetime’s achievement, but that can be accomplished in the split of a second.

Again, we cannot give you a detailed map, nor a time and date for you to follow, for in this, it is indeed up to each and every one of you. Some have come close to take this simple, but oh so transforming step already, while others still feel uncertain or even unable to do so. But this is not above and beyond anyone’s capabilities, for this is simply what you already ARE, and as such, you cannot go wrong, nor can you miss the mark nor can you lose your way. For all you have to do, is to truly want to BE with you, so you can BE you in every single particle of your being. And remember, this is not something that needs to be achieved, this is simply something you need to allow. For it is already there, YOU are already there, within you, in every single particle, in every single breath and in every single heartbeat. But still you look about for the answer to the questions “Who am I really? Where can I find that missing part of me, who is my alter ego, and where do I belong?”

Again, the answer is simply this: you already are all that you seek, you already know all that you want to know, and you already exist to the fullest of your capabilities. But as yet, few have dared to truly see this, and so, you will all need find the courage and the willingness to truly go beyond the borders you still set around your very core.

Remember, they are not really there at all, they are simply a figment of your imagination, set up by that outer part of you still uncertain about the shimmering, bright light you can sense is there, behind those protective screens you have erected. For as we have told you before, you are all so very close to your own brilliant core by now, the power of the light emanating from it can make your eyes water and your mind decide to back off a bit. It is understandable, for it is a long time since anyone inhabiting a human body also carried the full force of their light in full view, not only for themselves, but also for their surroundings, and so, you will still balk at the thought of taking the plunge and tearing away that last protective covering within.

For you are trying to protect yourself from your own light, and it is as we have told you before, simply a cautionary measure triggered by that old and ingrained fight or flight mechanism that has been your constant companion for eons. But now, it is time to dare to unveil the real you, the full brightness of your light, and to step fully into it, and truly become you to your fullest, brightest and truly magnificent potential. And when you do, no thing and no one will be as before, for when you finally stop trying to extinguish your own light, the full force from your light will in turn lighten up everything around you.

It may still sound too daunting a prospect to many of you, and rightly so, for you have all a long history of being hunted down for the very reason that your inner light became fully visible on the outside, and so, the need to cloak yourselves in anonymity is still very much a gut reaction to so many of you. Again, that is understandable, but this time, it is finally time for the de-cloaking of all. And in this, you will once again be the pioneers, and so it will take an effort for so many of you to truly rip off the old mask and stand there in all of your splendor. But we know you will all do it, for as the first masks come of, it will send out ripples of energy of such a magnitude, it will help to rip asunder those heavy cloaks of light-restricting fabric that still exist, near or far.

So again we say, this small step is perhaps the hardest one for all. Not to complete, but to contemplate, but we know you will all take the plunge, for that is why you came. But we also know that it will take some time and some prodding before this process will be set fully into motion. But have no fear, we are not talking sometime in the distant future, we are talking about your present. For as you get exposed to more and more of these energetic particles being injected into your atmosphere and into your very being, you will be assisted in closing this gap between potential and manifestation, and so, inch by inch, breath by breath you will all get there. And all it takes, is for someone to be the very first to bridge this gap between thinking and BEing, and then, the veils will fall and the borders of self-imposed separation will be no more.

So again we say, sit down, close your eyes and feel you way back into you. The light is powerful but the light is simply YOU. So you will not be turned away, nor will you encounter anything that can be detrimental to you if you dare to approach it again after such a long separation. Remember, this light is not something new and unknown, this is the Source you once came from, that core you have felt missing, lifetime after lifetime, but now, that core is no longer off limits to any of you. For those outer inhibitors that were placed upon you in order to make it unable for you to find that core, and that led you into a labyrinthine search for a substitute, leading you all further and further away from the center of your being, those inhibitors are no longer there, and you are more than welcome back home to you – whenever you feel you are ready to welcome yourself home.

182 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 416

  1. Hi everyone. My adventure rolled to a close this evening. LA airport was filled with some stress (with only 4 hrs sleep) as they told me I had no ticket for the last leg but after a few tears and lots of deep breathing it got sorted out and the airline was found that my ticket was for. (It wasn’t the one I’d been emailed.) I actually marched up to the “distinguished ticket” counter (darned if I remember the proper name) instead of standing in the regular ticket holders’ que. That’s a good sign 🙂

    I was taken directly from my 18 hr trip to the Legion where I dance when in town! It was a great way to let go of the emotions attached to my transition and long flights! I looked a little rough in runners and casuals but had a great time. It’s interesting that people prefer to share their own ‘stories’ rather than hear mine… but that’s ok… it will focus me sooner on getting to my blog I trust. Now to sleep… finally 🙂 Love to you all. (Thanks for your comment earlier Sunny. I haven’t read all but noticed yours.) ~Nancee

    1. Dear Nancee, welcome “home” 🙂 I think you will find that your wonderful adventure is far from over, even if you are back on familiar ground 😉 Have some rest and find your bearings again, I am looking forward to give you a welcome home-hug at the Gathering tomorrow!
      Love, light and blessing from me, Aisha ❤

  2. Just catching up with this channel and the most current one following. I don’t post much but do read each one every day and take notes. Thank you all so much for doing this work and holding the energy – Breeze, Birgitta, Lin, Sun of Blue, Otmn, Aisha, Kiera, Bev, Pupma, Denise, Nancee, Anna Helen, Jay Jay… All of you who contribute here. I learn so much from all of you. I have discovered that we can try so hard to achieve this spiritual awakening that we can literally make ourselves sick. The secret is to simply let go, and allow it to come in its own time and arrive according to divine timing, when it is correct and right for us. Love to you all. Sunny

    1. Dear Sunny ❤

      I really appreciate your words and that you remember my real name – thank you ❤

      I quite agree with you when you say "The secret is to simply let go, and allow it to come in its own time and arrive according to divine timing, when it is correct and right for us." In my opinion, no need to worry about missing the boat so to speak. I so love you for your words and for being among us in this special time ❤

      Love, light & gratitude,

      B to B

  3. Anita said:
    “…but wouldn’t it be wonderful if simply enjoying earthly life while in these physical bodies could bring about the same effect on our cells?”
    It’s called an ORGASM.
    Reaching orgasm in the physical body, is as close as we in the physical can get, to the experience of being One with Source energy.
    Those in the higher dimensions, exist in a naturally orgasmic state. How intense their naturally orgasmic frequency state is — I would really love to know.

    My advice to you, if you wish to vibrate at the very high frequency associated most closely with Source frequency…

    … to masturbate like hell!

    F**K yourself until you are blue in the face, as much as is physically possible for a human.
    Then see what happens — what are you now able to perceive, after f**king yourself senseless, day after day?


    Why do you assume that the micro tubules are “closed”?

    I would imagine that they are always OPEN, always operating constantly, passing energy & information in a constant stream of data packets.

    1. Hi Kiera,

      I imagine how far open micro tubules are (how much consciousness we are allowing in) depends upon the individual in any given moment.

      You understood the point to my question exactly, that enjoying our physicality is a huge part of the process we continue to experience. And I agree, it begins with the physical expression of self-love. It’s a great opportunity to reunite and heal the masculine and feminine within as well as open up the pleasure centers in our body that we’ve numbed out through the ages. Pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, is so rarely talked about and it feels as though we’re missing a big, beautiful piece.

  4. Its funny because, I don’t want to want.. to have anything. I Am content with Me – with The Love.
    It seems I still have to have a house, food, etc. etc. and it seems I still have to ‘do’ something to have this. This is my only dilemma – other than any and all suffering on the planet. I could go live in a redwood tree I suppose. 🙂 I know I would be happier but not completely because Kelly cant come – he still has a rash since the redwood visit. And, the trap also becomes if I were to be free from the Job world and others still in it, I am not going to enjoy my own freedom very much….though I would volunteer for tons of stuff.

    I Love the Me I Am… I just don’t like the set up here. Never have. Seems others have this dilemma and since I have no answer for this , I have no help to offer on it …and so far have not seen any offered any place else either. How do we live without having to work – or beg? How does all the suffering finally stop? Oh well. Still in prison and it only gets harder when you feel more and more alive with the Light. Maybe I will get an answer soon. I’ve got the wisdom, etc… sure don’t know how to use it to end the working/suffering crap. I offer what I can – always and I keep open for the change to set all completely free from these afflictions. ❤

    1. Hi Areeza,
      I have a question you may be able to answer
      Why are you creating in your life right now, suffering, or as you write “suffering crap”?
      Pain we observe, suffering we create. In fact we are creating all of it, and co-creating too.
      I love you deeply and ask this question as a friend.

      1. Because Areeza really really really wants to go through the experience of “suffering crap”. She is not done with it.

        She is clinging to it like a drowning person. She is milking the misery experience for all it’s worth, and will not give it up until she has sucked every single drop of suffering dry.
        She has made this quite clear, over and over again.

        It is as valid an experience as all the others are.

        Because WE are done and completely finished with that experience, does not mean that all others are finished as well.

        Those milking misery, are simply moving at a slower pace of soul evolution.

        1. hey… and in a way Kiera…If I could suck it all up for everyone, I would so it would be gone forever. We are One so who is ‘done with it’ and who are the ‘others’ who are not as u say? Are you made because ‘they’ are slowing you down?

          1. ‘are you mad I meant in last sentence – because they are slowing you down’. Take a look at your own reactions is my advice. thanks and be well. Love, A

      2. I am not suffering myself persay. It IS around me so I feel it and suffer with it. I am One with it too as I am with all the goodies. It IS on the planet still. you can not deny it. or you can if you want to turn a blind eye – if that suits you for your own reasons. I will suffer with it until it is all gone. that is my way. may not be all others way… but it is not something I can deny until it IS truly Gone For All.
        What I have made clear is I am part of All That Is — so if there is any part still suffering, I do not move beyond it completely. LOL… .Kiera, if there was not suffering we would not have answered the call ! There would be no call. to assist at this most crucial time. I did not come here in human form entirely for my self and that experience. No light workers have that I know of.
        My boyfriend and others in my immediate circle are suffering to degrees I certainly could not handle. I am an empathy – most healers are.
        When I feel I am doing the most I can and others choose to add more to the burden, yes, it bothers me greatly. It creates more suffering. I am One with those folks too.
        I have so much Love and Joy – it is too bad you consistently miss that in me Kiera. I have been sought out for my wisdom and open heart all my life. Kiera… What I have offered with my compassionate heart has touched and healed and continues to do so.
        Do I say I am tired of it – the weary parts that is? Yes , because I am. Who isnt? Who wants more? I do not but I am immersed in all of it – the good , the bad, the beautiful. Turning our backs on the stuff we label as ‘bad’ has never helped. Judging has never helped. Love to you and All always

      3. Dear One Michael, I did not create my boyfriends suffering – for an example – but I will hold him thru it – as I hold All thru it. That is what I mean. And I don’t care if or how he or any one creates it. That is not my business. I offer what I can from my heart. It is easy to offer – it is not easy to keep seeing and feeling any suffering – anyplace.

        1. Hi Areeza,
          You seem to be defining compassion.
          You seem to be defining being loving.
          You seem to be divinely embracing.

          Many blessings on your path!!!

  5. now I am being shown the lighted Vitruvian Man image again. Seeing how we were all lighting up/waking up along the way — and now joining our hands/feet/tubules of light if you will – to form the new honeycomb grid we have formed. so yes, we are all feeling/experiencing/Being each others vibes in this way.
    I felt like I wanted to just die all morning and I come up with this stuff. LOL

  6. I have said many times ‘we are God’s tentacles’… The Feelers….The Carriers…. so God can be everywhere. So, we are The Tubules in this way. As also in worm holes…..Tubules seem very necessary in deed.

    1. Indeed!! Love it 🙂 Areeza

      You know you have just reminded me of something about sacred geometry from Nassim Haramein’s work with Elizabeth Rauscher. There’s a graph they plot with all the key dimensions in the Universe against I think its mass or something like that right from the average human size to galaxies down to atoms etc… and I have a feeling I recall microtubules being one of the steps on the downward scale! The amazing thing about this graph is that based on their theories all the points fit on the same line!

      So if I’ve remembered correctly this is validation for your insight Breeze there are, if you like, tubules at many levels… us being one of them!

      Will look this out again some time to confirm. Philip 🙂

  7. The Tables Turned

    by William Wordsworth

    UP! up! my Friend, and quit your books;
    Or surely you’ll grow double:
    Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks;
    Why all this toil and trouble?

    The sun, above the mountain’s head,
    A freshening lustre mellow
    Through all the long green fields has spread,
    His first sweet evening yellow.

    Books! ’tis a dull and endless strife:
    Come, hear the woodland linnet,
    How sweet his music! on my life,
    There’s more of wisdom in it.

    And hark! how blithe the throstle sings!
    He, too, is no mean preacher:
    Come forth into the light of things,
    Let Nature be your teacher.

    She has a world of ready wealth,
    Our minds and hearts to bless—
    Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health,
    Truth breathed by cheerfulness.

    One impulse from a vernal wood
    May teach you more of man,
    Of moral evil and of good,
    Than all the sages can.

    Sweet is the lore which Nature brings;
    Our meddling intellect
    Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things:—
    We murder to dissect.

    Enough of Science and of Art;
    Close up those barren leaves;
    Come forth, and bring with you a heart
    That watches and receives.

  8. a few thoughts.
    The door asked why I wanted to go thru it. Why was a change ‘from here’ – ‘to there’ necessary? I thought a second and answered “because it will feel good”. Nothing happened after. I was thinking just this moment that its not just ‘the other side/another way of Being’ that is to feel good but the opening process of the door as well. I suspect that once we feel completely good (and completely whole in that goodness) – no matter what (unconditionally) – the door disappears.

    Tubules are necessary in everything — the opening. for the receiving.

    And Love enters….. and Love says…..

    1. The tubules are ‘the journey way’
      for it there was no journey to have …what would Be?

      1. All That Is desired/desires/intended/intends to Journey through its all that is-ness 🙂

        1. Dear Areeza, thank you for taking this path and for picking up the signs along the way and share them with us! So true – if there was no journey, what would BE?
          LOVE, Aisha

  9. Hello everyone.
    This is my 43rd favourite Japanese song from
    Junko Iwao – Universe of Palm (Released Date : Jul.18, 1997)
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  10. Hi Sun_of_blue, I see you mention wind blowing through you. You may find it eventually blows through all of you at once and possibly very fast in a big whoosh! I had this experience and it came up from my feet and right up and out through my crown in a flash. It was a kundalini awakening I felt. Sue, my wife, had the same some months later. Perhaps this is what is unfolding for you? Philip 🙂

    1. Hi Sun_of_blue, I would probably say the same about the wind coming through me – it was one big whoosh and I knew instantly what it was! I was lucky enough to witness Sue’s as well.

      We’re definitely a team though for some reason I don’t remember I seem to have volunteered to go first with all these things – ha, ha 🙂 🙂

      We’re very lucky to be twin flames who met only a few years ago.

      Philip 🙂

    2. Dear sun_of_blue, B, Denise and Philip – thank you all for sharing these wonderful visions and insights! “We are in this world but not of it” – I can so relate to that! And yes, sun; “all is well, we are ”all” working really hard to close the gap & the energies are pulling to two worlds together with us ”all”. Like you say, Philip, a few individuals are testing the waters for the rest of us, and every time one takes a dip, it makes it so much easier for all to follow suit.
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha
      PS – take a look at the link Tonik posted below – I think it is related to what you say sun about “listen to where one can hear consciousness coming from”

      1. Thanks for posting the link again. I had read it and now again… the language is a bit ‘hard to decode’ but I understand it’s energy… shall we say!!! Philip 🙂

  11. Dear Sun_of_blue!

    Amazing things happen with you now 🙂 Thank you for your sharings.

    The last couple of days I have gone into some sort of standby, but I do not know what awaits. It feels like I’m between two worlds and I can feel that I’m waiting for some kind of transition or kind of completion, but I do not know anything actively to speed it up. To go into myself, close my eyes and imagine that I open doors does not work for me. Meanwhile I am shoveling soil, planting and let life flow at its own pace. What will happen will happen and I can´t do anything but just BE 🙂

    Much love & gratitude ❤

    B to B

    1. Dear Sun!

      So nice to read your answer 🙂 I think you have a lot of more patience than I have. I feel the pulling in me all the time and when I sit down and ask what it is all about I give up too easy and too fast. That´s me 😉

      So nice you started singing too and in the best of choirs 🙂 I joined a flash mob in the city among shopping people on Saturday and at a given time we started to sing a hymn to celebrate the approaching summer. I really loved it 🙂 I think that´s another way to narrow a gap 😉

      I greatly appreciate your amazing work for all of us ❤

      Love & gratitude ❤


      1. So this is what brave is……Recording a flash mob with care, and to share it with us all. Thank you B for being sooooo brave.
        This braveness could be the door we are all to cross. 🙂

        1. Hahaha – that´s not braveness to me (see my comment to Philip). Anyway it was a friend in the choir that recorded our singing and posted it on youtube :). Appreciated your comment 😉

          Love ❤

          B to B

      2. Dear Sun_of_blue!

        I have “pissed off” so many “smart beings” in my life so I can´t count them all 😉 and I feel no worries about going behind the veil either – if I just could find it ;))) I am not frightened by the unknown – any fear that ever existed disappeared when my son died – so I actually don´t know what to be afraid of. However, I look forward to join you in the backseat, eating cakes and having a cup of coffee 😉

        Much love, joy & gratitude ❤

        B to B

    2. Mentioning ‘being between worlds’ B reminds me to share an experience that I explored several times yesterday!

      I decided in meditation to look again at this misty veil I had seen and talked about here a few days ago. I decided it was not scary at all and at that … it or I changed or we both did it together and it became like a beautiful transparent curtain of water very thin so I could see the world on the other side. It was warm and sunny just like here yesterday and I decided to step through to see what would happen!

      I stepped through easily, saw some water, went for a swim in it and then thought I’d come back through the sheet of water (veil). This was easy and I felt fine. I ended up going back and forth several times to see if I could repeat the experience. It was very easy.

      I felt amongst other things that what this was showing me was that as the saying goes… “we are in this world but not of it” – a saying I have heard many times but now feel I’ve had an awakening consciousness feeling/experience of it. It was like I/we were in constant communication with it. It was if you like a constant companion.

      It also felt rather like that this reality was ‘here now’ and the more we consciously interacted with it the stronger the experience becomes. As in the much talked about anchoring in and sharing the new vibration shall we say. I felt and feel and inner joy about this and it is calling all of us to do/experience the same thing ‘now’ to bring this ‘new world’ or ‘new dimension’ into our consciousness awareness experientially in each moment and in that way it helps us and everyone. May be as I reflect on it further this interaction has been going on ‘unconsciously’ but now we can make it conscious.

      May be it would be worth everyone giving it a go in a way that is right for them!!! Be the change as Gandhi put it – literally.

      Be interesting to hear what others experience. We have All created this opportunity!!!

      Joyfully, Philip 😀

      1. Dear Philip!

        I am really pondering about what you are saying.

        “I felt amongst other things that what this was showing me was that as the saying goes… “we are in this world but not of it” – a saying I have heard many times but now feel I’ve had an awakening consciousness feeling/experience of it.”

        Twelve years ago, when this trip really took off, I ended up in a state of “non-being” even though I still always have been present, if you know what I mean. Recall that I clearly felt something happened to me. So it has been for me all the time since then and if you want to talk about boldness (nod to Michael) it has been a great deal of courage to always act in this “non-being” and trusting that I still work in this reality although I’m not really present (is there anyone who can understand what I mean??;) I’ve become so used to it that I hardly reflects on this anymore. When I read what you write, I get so clearly reminded of this … “we are in this world but not of it”.

        It would certainly be an interesting experience to come fully into reality again! 😉

        Thank you Philip ❤

        Love, light and gratitude,

        B to B

        1. Hi B, I get what you are saying. It is like being in a meditation of sorts. You just are and your body is here on this plane, but the mind or consciousness is in two places; the one here and the one above. It is easiest to be in when I am in nature, around animals or small children. Love to you B!

          1. Yes Denise – you express the whole pretty good 🙂 Have you also been in this state for more than the last 4-5 years (when everything accelerated)? I would say that it is like having a veil in my existence that I go in and out through all the time. Therefore, this talk of going behind the veil is a bit strange to me – that’s nothing new …. I donno as Anna Helen used to say 😉

            Yes – as you say “It is Easiest to be in when I am in nature, around animals or small children.” So amazing to share this experience with you Denise 🙂

            Love & gratitude ❤

            B to B

            1. Hey B and Philip,
              I have been doing this my entire life. I do believe however that I had blocked it for some years say in my 20’s as it wasn’t exactly an excepted way of being. It wasn’t long after that loss of identity I regained myself back in early 30’s. My animals helped me with this especially my cats. I started training my dogs again, yoga, meditation and lots of books! All things I love!! The being easier now to go across or in and out of the veil as you say Philip….I am not sure if I find it much different, but I have been noticing what I would call a layering or imposing of one space over another recently. Wonderful sharing experiences like this with you all!
              Love and Light to you,

          2. This is a good way of putting it Denise… when I think of it in those terms I am sure many of have touched it … what I was also noticing was that it seemed easier to float back and forth.

            I’ve also had a deepening of this which I will share when I’ve written it up as best as I can recall it. Philip 🙂

            1. Responded to both you and B above Philip. 🙂
              Looking forward to your in depth writing.

    3. Yes Sun_of_blue – that´s what I do – I let B be in joy for this glorious season when the leaves unfold in full swing, the birds criss-crossing through the forest, and life begins to vibrate. It is the best time to just be, enjoy, and feel gratitude for life.

      I immerse myself not to see through the veil at the moment – it will come when it comes – and I have been busy trying to make to order my garden. Today I sowed my seeds just in the right timing before the rain came to give them life. What can I do better than live fully in love and thankfulness? I am who I am and so B it 🙂

      Much love, joy and gratitude ❤

      B to B

  12. Hi
    Now, I have read KRYON CHANNELLING “Soul Communication Part I” which Bev introduced. 1 already have read Part2. What I understand is integrated manner of thought is Pineal thought(intuition / Nonlinear) and scattering manner of thought is Brain(eye, ear, nose, mouth, skin) thought(mind / Linear).
    Love & Light,

  13. For continue to display image file Circle_of_Witchcraft.png 1 added necessary changes in
    * It need to set “Screen Saver” OFF.
    * It need to prevent automatically sleeping.
    * It need to prevent “eco” and to set “High performance”.
    * It need to prevent sleep. For change the setting click the “Change when the computer sleeps” in the lefe pane and appear next page there is “Put the computer to sleep”. You have to set this to “NONE”.
    ・About Windows7 or later
    * In the same page there is “Dim the display”. You have to set this to “NONE”.
    * It needs to turn off “Desktop Preview”.
    * You have to turn “Aero” off.

  14. it is something to see some of the lurkers find their voices
    some great comments were made.
    we have been waiting for you.

    let’s go play in the dirt.

      1. Today I have gone barefoot outdoors for the first time this year – in soil and mud – lovely! 🙂 Moreover, went into the water in the lake (only with my feet 😉 – and it was a WONDERFUL experience 🙂 Try it Areeza!!! 🙂

        Love ❤

        B to B

  15. Philip,

    I had a dream about spheres of light last night.

    They started very small, and reality took on a granular appearance as it was made up of tiny spots of light, then they started to get bigger and coalesce into larger spheres.

    At this stage, a hand with distinct spheres of light was shown to me as it touched a (I sensed) throat with cancer which was cured as a result.

    Then I was shown a boy who had the ability to bring forth football sized spheres out of his hands. They started about his elbow and slowly moved up his forearm which was held aloft until they were supported between his fingers, resting on his palm. From there he could direct them towards whatever ends he saw fit. He showed me he could put one into the ground on the site of a desolated forest, which instantly regenerated across hundreds of acres.

    I was not able to tell whether the boy was me or someone else, but the sense I had was one of needing to guide him on the appropriate use of his power, to mentor him.



    1. What you say reminds me of the boy who handled the football so brilliantly in the video I posted lately 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your dream Paul ❤

      Love & gratitude

      B to B

    2. Wow! Love the dream. It sounds very positive to me. As you probably recall I interpret my own dreams daily. This sounds to me like you talking to you!

      Spheres Of Light are with you indeed are you and showing you you. Interesting you mention the cancer thing… I know of several cases that resulted in that kind of shift after being ‘exposed’ to SOL. So anything is possible if it is the right time for the person.

      Characters in dreams even different people are usually showing us a facet of ourselves. So the little boy could well be you and may point to you growing and being mentored in this new awareness. It could equally be someone you may meet but I’d need to ask you more questions and know more about the feelings in the dream to help you clarify.

      SOL has immense creative power. Something I haven’t spoken a lot about here but I will be doing some videos on soon. Trust that helps for now at least. All in all I feel this is an amazingly positive message for you/for us all. Philip 🙂

    3. I know I have said it before but these – what I have named ‘Light Serving Balls’ which came to me months ago – are just awaiting our direction. They are eager 🙂 ❤

  16. great job ‘Sun’ ! you are certainly on the right track when you speak about working with the male & female energies within consciousness….when you reach the point where the 2 run together in perfect parallel harmony & unity seamlessly into ‘Me & You ~ You & Me’, so ‘Happy together’ I’m sure many doors will not only open, but will complete dissolve away for you. The other You, You seek is You as who else could You possibly create a lasting Loving bond with All your Life (birth to death) than You ! The veils keeping illusion, & Creation hidden have been there for a reason, most do not understand…but they are getting thinner, but now only allowing trinkets & taste samples through….you will see synchronicities more & more in abundance in the days to come, & if you try to spend more time with Nature, you’ll BE very pleased with the New things you will See !
    LOve to You ‘Sun’ & Pleasant Dreams !

  17. What do you suppose happens to micro tubules when we fully experience moments of physical pleasure through laughter, sharing a delicious meal and good wine, loving/powerless sex, holding a baby, feeling a beloved pet’s fur? Are these moments enough to open the tubules or are they steps along the way? I guess I am asking because I want to understand the role that pleasurable physical experiences play in realizing our divinity in human form. We’ve been told for so long that physical pleasure is ‘wrong’ that I’m convinced there’s something outrageously uplifting about it, beyond our wildest imagination. I understand how holding love and compassion for all can open doors and cause our cells to vibrate at a high frequency, allowing the meld between our consciousness and our physicality but wouldn’t it be wonderful if simply enjoying earthly life while in these physical bodies could bring about the same effect on our cells?

    1. Anita,
      I have no answer fro your question. I just think when we put ourselves out there God will pick us up!!!

      The duel energies of lighting.

    2. Ahhhhhh, Anita , beautiful Thoughts. Another way to keep control/keep people down is to instill guilt for experiencing joy and pleasure. The body does vibrate at a higher frequency and fills with love and more light when experiencing these things. Lovely to be reminded and think about how this has affected the past and will now effect the future . Gracias !

  18. Visiting Source core makes me weep like a baby every time. It does make me think is it taken too. More times there eliminate the rush and hazzle deeply imbrained and the wrong conclusions which I seem to have been doing quite alot. Saw my twin flame in timelessness too if to be trusted these things good to know she’s there too. These companions seem to be right about the speed. Only time seems to solidify and tie the visions. I was told that my focusing on the dark makes it a bit problematic for me. It all comes in pairs. Gotta lighten up, and stop rushing. Sorry about that.

  19. When reading this message my body got a rush of heat. After I was done it subsided. Also Phillips comment made me recall that I used to speak using the words “one” and “we”, as that was how I felt, but then with effort changed it to me And I . I had totally forgotten that.

  20. After allowing myself the experience of feeling grumpy all day at work (instead of pushing it aside and being ‘nice’ for the benefit of my coworkers), I picked up a Dairy Queen chocolate ice cream cone for dinner. I crashed soon after I got home and had a long night’s sleep. When I woke up this morning and checked in with myself, I saw an image of me in a box. We were both getting smaller and smaller. It seemed like the box was closing in on me but it did not feel claustrophobic or frightening in any way. I was trying to find an opening so I could get out though, in the way you might look for the opening in a pair of drapes. It was not in a frantic or desperate way. I wasn’t finding that opening and the box kept getting smaller. I considered stopping it, or looking away, but decided that at this point I have nothing to lose. If the box collapsed on me and I got snuffed out, or whatever, so be it. I just can’t carry on like I’ve been, week after week after week, so I let it continue and I watched. Well, the box did finally close in on me, and neither the box or me existed in the same way any more. We dispersed and became the all, or the nothing, or both at the same time. Who knows what it all signifies. My day looks pretty much the same as any other Saturday 😉

    On another note, I realize that making the decision to bridge the gap between thinking and BEing is done at the individual level, but when I read the CC’s words that it takes someone to go first, it did not feel as though they meant the one at the personal level. It felt like the one is the larger one mentioned in the past, perhaps at the level of the Pond.

    And somehow, these two paragraphs go together. LOL. Who knows, maybe we all could benefit from eating some crap and drinking a lot of coffee (I’m cheering you on, sun_of_blue!) to get us out of our heads. Let’s dance a little, too 🙂
    Love to All.

  21. Yesterday afternoon I caught up on all the replies to the Short Update of 5-14. What an outpouring of emotion! Then I read MS 416 posted on 5-16. Wow! What a contrast going from one post to the next…

    As I reread some of the material from MS 416 something inside clicked…a shift…a frisson…an Ohhhh: “you are already whole and complete…you have no voids to fill…no missing parts to seek out…it is already there, within you…you already are all that you seek, you already know all you want to know, and…already exist to the fullest…” Then a thought popped into my head: “This is true! This is what I want to believe!” Because there was such certainty within me I knew there could be no barrier between ME and the truth so plainly stated.

    I allowed a moment of silence to let it sink in: This is really true… I knew that this truth is EMBEDDED in my heart and soul. Whatever fears and doubts may arise can only swirl around the truth…they cannot affect it. I can become distracted and knocked about by images of the past, and I can feel as if I’m back in the Land of Fear with nothing to hold onto, but this is no different than getting caught up in a good movie! I am the producer, director, and star of whatever my mind projects, and I am the sole person in the audience! Why am I putting all this energy into scaring myself? Why do I pretend to believe that the movie MUST BE reality? Truth is loving and loveable. It includes all, accepts all, purifies all. It is untruth that is difficult and a source of trouble. The ego toils…the spirit does not.

    I went to bed last night wondering what might happen in dreamland. I lost count of the dreamlets that came to me. Some were vivid and very creative, others bland and mundane, but all were reflections of my fears, insecurities, embarrassments, etc. Since the dreams were either replays of actual experiences or re-enactments based on imagined negative outcomes, I couldn’t help but respond. I have always been emotionally sensitive and my feelings come as a kaleidoscope, so I just sat through each scene as if in a movie theater. I never lost the feeling of certainty that arose earlier in the day that NONE OF THIS MATTERS or means anything. So what if I screw up, fall short, disappoint myself or others, or ______ (fill in the blank)? Life JUST IS. Everyone has the same experiences! Taking all of this personally is quite a trick of the ego. Holding onto this as if it were MY PRECIOUS LIFE is just self-preservation.

    When I woke up this morning I thought again about the notion of “self-preservation.” Until then I had never believed that my life drama was a form of holding onto, or preserving, lifeless memories of things I would rather forget. I am completely into living my life in the NOW…it’s just that the past won’t let me do it! LOL.

    My life goes on…drama here and there…ups and downs…but today I feel great. I am grateful to feel a piece of the truth carved into the rock of my soul. Thank you Aisha and CCs.

    1. Hi Steve,
      I heard once words that went like this.
      Nothing matters except what you decide.
      Glad to see you are creating, feeling great!!!


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