The manuscript of survival – part 416

As we have touched upon many a time before, mankind has a long history of looking outwards in search for answers. You see, as mankind got severed from the old links that connected them to themselves, they were left as if floating in a vacuum, and it felt as if a void had opened up within. In this void, mankind has tried in vain to insert all sorts of ambitions and intellectual games in order to try to fill in this gaping void within, but to no avail. For what has been brought into this gap between the real you and the you you have been feeling, was only transient and insubstantial substitutes for something that was so fundamental for you all, nothing could take its place. And so, mankind was left to search in vain for anything that could make them feel whole again. For within this gap, even if they could not name it nor set any words to try to describe it, they sensed that a fundamental part of them was missing. And so, a quest to become whole again was set into motion again and again, but each and every time, this quest sent you all searching in the wrong direction.

For this quest would usually take the form of a search for something outside of yourself, something tangible, something that felt so tantalizingly close, but yet so far away. And in this quest for this elusive piece, that final answer that would make it all come together, much of mankind’s false moves have been carried out. So instead of getting closer to the truth they seeked, they instead started to move further and further out from the truth, both in a literal but also in a spiritual sense. For mankind has a long history of seemingly stumbling upon an answer, and they have given what they have found a name, and in some instances even a body and a face, and so, they have constructed a vast belief system around it. Hence, the emergence of compartmentalised belief systems, or religions if you will, all claiming to represent the truth, and all spending a lot of their time and energy in persecuting those adhering to another “truth” than themselves. And so, what was once a unified group became more and more splintered, and as you approached modern age, you became even more so. For at the advent of your modern age, mankind started to seek the answers to this gaping void within in other locales than those where the spiritual messages were shared, and so, they looked in vain for a more material solution to this emptiness within. And so, what they found, was a way to fill that void temporarily by accruing objects of diverse kinds, objects that brought fulfillment for a short time, but then, turned into a prison. For once they started to try to fill that void within with this kind of immaterial materialism, the void seemed to grow larger and larger, and to counteract that, the need to accrue even more started to grow into almost a frenzy. And as the heaps of material objects grew, so the wastelands of this beautiful planet also increased exponentially, and we do mean that both in a literal and figurative way.

For this materialistic dogma was no more successful than the spiritual ones in filling up this void within, and so, the more you begat, the less room you had for love. For love, when it is truly present, will fill any nook and any cranny you could care to think of, and when love is present, there is no need for anything else. Not that this entails a life devoid of any personal effects at all, rather, that this hunger for “something more” will vanish as if it has never been there at all.

We think it is safe to say that many of you can already attest to this, for as you open those doors within wide open to step into the light, you will also feel the sense of finally becoming complete, and then, the suction from that old void will no longer be a factor in your life, for then, there will be no more void within. And then, you will also see the truth in the words we have given you on so many occasions. For you already have everything you need, you are already in possession of the multitude of fragments that constitutes the fullness of your being, and when you see this, you also see that there is nothing external, whether that be a person or an idea or even an object that needs to be added to you in order to make you YOU. For again, what you have been seeking to become, you already are, and no matter how far and wide you travel, there is simply nothing more there that could be described as essential for you to find in order for you to become ONE again.

In other words, you are already whole and complete, and you have no voids to fill nor no missing parts to seek out. For it is already there, within you, but as we have told you again and again, you do have a hard time truly taking that in. And so, you will still feel the need to go on a long and arduous quest to “rediscover yourself”. But all you have to do, is to do the simplest exercise of them all;  just sit down, close your eyes and dare to open that door that beckons you to do so. For there are no locks there, no intricate questions to answer, nor no detailed descriptions to be followed in a perfectly timed sequence. There is simply this, a need to make the commitment to take that last little step, that last little step that may seem to be more than a lifetime’s achievement, but that can be accomplished in the split of a second.

Again, we cannot give you a detailed map, nor a time and date for you to follow, for in this, it is indeed up to each and every one of you. Some have come close to take this simple, but oh so transforming step already, while others still feel uncertain or even unable to do so. But this is not above and beyond anyone’s capabilities, for this is simply what you already ARE, and as such, you cannot go wrong, nor can you miss the mark nor can you lose your way. For all you have to do, is to truly want to BE with you, so you can BE you in every single particle of your being. And remember, this is not something that needs to be achieved, this is simply something you need to allow. For it is already there, YOU are already there, within you, in every single particle, in every single breath and in every single heartbeat. But still you look about for the answer to the questions “Who am I really? Where can I find that missing part of me, who is my alter ego, and where do I belong?”

Again, the answer is simply this: you already are all that you seek, you already know all that you want to know, and you already exist to the fullest of your capabilities. But as yet, few have dared to truly see this, and so, you will all need find the courage and the willingness to truly go beyond the borders you still set around your very core.

Remember, they are not really there at all, they are simply a figment of your imagination, set up by that outer part of you still uncertain about the shimmering, bright light you can sense is there, behind those protective screens you have erected. For as we have told you before, you are all so very close to your own brilliant core by now, the power of the light emanating from it can make your eyes water and your mind decide to back off a bit. It is understandable, for it is a long time since anyone inhabiting a human body also carried the full force of their light in full view, not only for themselves, but also for their surroundings, and so, you will still balk at the thought of taking the plunge and tearing away that last protective covering within.

For you are trying to protect yourself from your own light, and it is as we have told you before, simply a cautionary measure triggered by that old and ingrained fight or flight mechanism that has been your constant companion for eons. But now, it is time to dare to unveil the real you, the full brightness of your light, and to step fully into it, and truly become you to your fullest, brightest and truly magnificent potential. And when you do, no thing and no one will be as before, for when you finally stop trying to extinguish your own light, the full force from your light will in turn lighten up everything around you.

It may still sound too daunting a prospect to many of you, and rightly so, for you have all a long history of being hunted down for the very reason that your inner light became fully visible on the outside, and so, the need to cloak yourselves in anonymity is still very much a gut reaction to so many of you. Again, that is understandable, but this time, it is finally time for the de-cloaking of all. And in this, you will once again be the pioneers, and so it will take an effort for so many of you to truly rip off the old mask and stand there in all of your splendor. But we know you will all do it, for as the first masks come of, it will send out ripples of energy of such a magnitude, it will help to rip asunder those heavy cloaks of light-restricting fabric that still exist, near or far.

So again we say, this small step is perhaps the hardest one for all. Not to complete, but to contemplate, but we know you will all take the plunge, for that is why you came. But we also know that it will take some time and some prodding before this process will be set fully into motion. But have no fear, we are not talking sometime in the distant future, we are talking about your present. For as you get exposed to more and more of these energetic particles being injected into your atmosphere and into your very being, you will be assisted in closing this gap between potential and manifestation, and so, inch by inch, breath by breath you will all get there. And all it takes, is for someone to be the very first to bridge this gap between thinking and BEing, and then, the veils will fall and the borders of self-imposed separation will be no more.

So again we say, sit down, close your eyes and feel you way back into you. The light is powerful but the light is simply YOU. So you will not be turned away, nor will you encounter anything that can be detrimental to you if you dare to approach it again after such a long separation. Remember, this light is not something new and unknown, this is the Source you once came from, that core you have felt missing, lifetime after lifetime, but now, that core is no longer off limits to any of you. For those outer inhibitors that were placed upon you in order to make it unable for you to find that core, and that led you into a labyrinthine search for a substitute, leading you all further and further away from the center of your being, those inhibitors are no longer there, and you are more than welcome back home to you – whenever you feel you are ready to welcome yourself home.

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  1. Perhaps it was your Kundalini energy rising Sun_of_blue and may the face disappearing is releasing attachment to ‘form’… but only you will know for sure! Philip 🙂

  2. This morning I decided to go look for the door. I was in bed, on my back.
    I got to a place/space where I had never been before. I could breath easily and a calm was in me, it must have been peace.
    During the night I had some dreams I had never had before. I don’t really recall them, but they were not bad dreams like usual. These were dreams of potential.
    I will allow the energies to lift me even further. I don’t think I have been able to open the door yet, but I am not disappointed. Maybe next time, or the one after that. I know it will come to Be.
    Love, JJ

  3. Dear Aisha!

    This morning I was reminded that it’s Norway’s national day today 🙂 I got to experience this amazing celebration in Tromsø in 2008, where everyone was dressed up and turned out en masse to proudly celebrate their national day, and had dinner together. We have a lot to learn from it in Sweden;)

    Wishing you and everyone around you a wonderful “syttende mai” and hope that the sun shines upon you as it does here in Sweden ❤

    Much love, joy and love ❤

    B to B

    1. Thank you, dear B! We are about to leave now, and it will be like driving through hours of celebration with flags and people in their best dress everywhere 🙂 This year is special, bercause we are celebrating the 200 year anniversary for the signing of our Constitution so even the Swedish and the Danish royals are here to mark the occasion. And yes, the sun is out, at least in the southern part of the country 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  4. by the way, for what it’s worth

    pollen is to plants what sperm cells are to animals

    i dunno
    could it be what volcanoes are to rocks?

  5. In my sleep i got the answer to the question i posed yesterday.
    We are tortured and hurt because we do not pass it on to others. We are abused because that is the end of it. We take our lumps and then transmute the negatives to neutrals or positives. In this way we wash the crud off of our beautiful little blue speck of the universe.
    All this shit happens to us because we can handle it.
    It has been difficult to believe in my my “creator god” status when i was told multiple times on a daily basis, that i was wrong about everything for decades. no matter what i did, it was never good enough. I never believed that crap and grew to be reckless and defiant towards authorities.

    from “Sweet Charity”

    thanks to you all for keeping the world moving
    like when i was tending bar and then at 2AM we would announce
    “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”
    so let’s just keep going.

    1. We rip off our masks,
      lets be the first ones/1 to do it.
      As in the final scenes of the movie V for Vendetta.

        1. It is hope, it is truth, it is now. No more enslavement, no more walls, no more veil, no more illusions, no more limitations. One more step to go, one final step, just one small step…

          1. ❤ Thank you — and here is a beautiful speech that is contemporary — Kevin Durant — American basketball — he received the Most Valuable Player Award — he thanks everyone, from his heart.

            My son sent this link to me, because it is so inspirational.

            This is the truth about us, the Explorer Race — we have HEART –

            to Kevin and EVERYONE, thank you for the LOVE!!! ❤


    2. Otmn I really like what came to you here about the suffering. Basically saying, we transmute it and it stops. It is true everything is a circle and one thing begets another. Some one has to get off the wheel and end the cycle. Thanks for your insight!
      <3. Denise

  6. Dear Aisha, thank you & good morning ❤︎

    Love, compassion, bridge were the main theme last year for me.

    Allowing all changes which often time tells me to be me.
    I now am excited & always appreciate all happy synchronicity which all non higher physicals showing & bringing to me.
    so I choose & focus to be my own fun vibrations.
    The point of life is now is happiness.
    With love, appreciation, compassion to all I am true me fun me happy me.
    thank you everyone & aisha for your love. tomo

  7. Blessings on all of you dearest brothers and sisters of the pond. This message speaks to me with a single concept. Self-Love. For generations, lifetimes, eons we have been placed in a position in society to believe that we were damaged goods and we must work to become pure in order for us to be “saved”…everything we did was a sin…everything we needed to do was to obtain “dispensation” or forgiveness from something outside of ourselves and then when we obtained it, only in death were we then “allowed” to sit in eternal worship of the one who forgave us.

    Bull crap…

    We are one…we are living atoms of light in the blood of god/goddess, made of the same stuff and as we are the same stuff we are perfect. Our lives from the moment we were born, perfect into this world have led us to believe that we are imperfect. The heart knows but the brain detracts from that knowing. Ultimately, when we TRULY love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, knowing full well that the wholeness of ourselves is TRUTH, we will open up to that fullness of ourselves. I am feeling daily that sending I love you’s to my own heart and truly embracing every moment in this body with gentle support and acceptance that my path is perfect has really helped me to TRUST that in this opening, there will be no rejection.

    Ultimately every instance of our lives, when we look outside of ourselves for completion there is that instance where we can be rejected and so many times we close our hearts to be protected from pain…but in our eternal state there is no suffering and no rejection because we are already complete, affirmed and honored as divine sovereign beings within the whole of I AM.

    I AM me..I am perfect…I am love. Hugs all! Alex

  8. Yay… I’ve been trying to comments for the last two days and the one above today several times but not happening so the time must be right now as it’s just gone live! Philip ❤

    1. Dear Philip, thank you so much for sharing this, it really resonates so much! I had a feeling you would be able to come through with all of this now – for the time IS right , this is for “our present”, not the future, as the CCs say above.

      My brain is buzzing with all sorts of information now, but as I will be more or less offline during the weekend I will not be able to share it all but here is some of it:
      I was told “in order to become ONE, you must first become NONE”, or as you say Philip “the disappearance of the ego”. And yes, it is “scary”, or that is what we THINK it is. Like the CCs describe it in today’s message: “this small step is perhaps the hardest one for all. Not to complete, but to contemplate, but we know you will all take the plunge, for that is why you came.” And we are getting SO close to taking that step, for like Annemiek and you also see, we ARE this already, but until we manage allow ourselves to truly experience it, we are not able to truly believe it.

      And for us to be able to experience it, we must step away from fear, and yes, fear is that single, inhibiting factor that is extremely efficient in keeping us from stepping fully into our light. The CCs say it like this: “ascension happens on a cellular level” and now, we have also been shown a part of the “anatomy of ascension” through the information about part the tubules play in this.

      To return to Annemiek’s description: “The only one that is keeping you from unity with All That Is is YOU, because you are actually the only one that can shut your own tubules. Every bit of negativity within yourself, every bit of fear closes your tubules resulting in that you yourself isolate (parts of yourself) from the WHOLE.” This is why every single Master will tell you to meditate on love and compassion. The goal is to be 100% of the time connected. This might be the answer to the Q of the Dalai Lama. Yes, independent of religion EVERY child should learn to stay connected from a very early age. What actually happens in our physical body on a biological and quantum level is that any thought brings about an emotion and hormones, and its hormones that are the physical means that influence body and mind. So with this new information it came to mind that this is how energy and these things work: hormones are chemicals that can actually shut down the TUBULES in the brain/body of the person having thoughts, based on fear instead of love. Because of this it must be very easy for others to use people as robotic computers (if you know how this works). All you have to do is frighten them or get them anxious to shut their system down. Another way to do this is to let them focus only on one frequency, excluding other frequencies as occurs in lots of religions and philosophies and e.g. in our media, both mainstream and alternative. Now WE know how this works it is equally easy NOT to be trapped in this body and instead stay fully connected to the ONENESS of ALL. It has been told again and again: whenever we have chosen for fear, choose again. With Stuart Hameroff’s work we now know why. I believe this will be of tremendous help to actually do it.”

      I think we are finding a way to override this fear, and Bev, the link you shared above about pollen triggered something in me. “Pollen is protein” – perhaps we have found a way to “gather pollen” like in our visions that produces a protein that keeps our tubules open? Philip – you shared a link to an interesting article about biophotons:
      It lead me to this interesting quote: “Cell to cell communication by biophotons has been demonstrated in plants, bacteria, animal neutrophil granulocytes and kidney cells. Whether such signal communication exists in neural cells is unclear. By developing a new biophoton detection method, called in situ biophoton autography (IBA), we have investigated biophotonic activities in rat spinal nerve roots in vitro. We found that different spectral light stimulation (infrared, red, yellow, blue, green and white) at one end of the spinal sensory or motor nerve roots resulted in a significant increase in the biophotonic activity at the other end. Such effects could be significantly inhibited by procaine (a regional anaesthetic for neural conduction block) or classic metabolic inhibitors, suggesting that light stimulation can generate biophotons that conduct along the neural fibers, probably as neural communication signals. The mechanism of biophotonic conduction along neural fibers may be mediated by protein-protein biophotonic interactions. This study may provide a better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of neural communication, the functions of the nervous system, such as vision, learning and memory, as well as the mechanisms of human neurological diseases.”

      Perhaps the “pollen” we have been shown is a protein that we somehow manage to produce that overrides the old mechanisms that shuts down our tubules by sending out biophotons that enable these signals to be transmitted. And perhaps these biophotons also play a part in the collective effect, the “ripples of energy ” that will be engendered that will touch us all when one single person manage to “bridge the gap”?
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  9. Hi everyone, I was reflecting deeply on Annemiek’s insights (related to Hameroff et al) an extract of which is below and ‘working with them last night’ and this morning in a deep meditation I started getting a series of insights connected with this and I’ll see what I can recall to share. The bold part of Annemiek’s insight not surprisingly is key! Sorry I can’t seem to post in response to other posts at the moment!

    Annemiek’s central message was in relation to one’s higher-self:


    What came is this:

    This once again links to the Rubidium insight and the connection with The Light. But for now… this flow of Pure Consciousness from Source is a multi-channel communication.

    Communication is Action in Common Union or Action in Communion. It is a inspired action from beingness.

    The channel is wide open in the state Love, Joy, Gratitude as above these energies are expansive and unlimited.

    Fear will close down or at least restrict the channel since this is a holding on constricting and limiting energy. It promotes smallness.

    Looking into the ‘veil’ a thickish mist was visbible in which it would be hard to see.

    What was communicated was that it’s characteristics were such that it, at first, would feel as though one was losing oneself in passing through.

    This, however, would be the small/egoic self and this is what the ego fears. Losing itself.

    The word ‘annihilation’ came which reminded me of what I call my annihilation experience from last March (2013) where ‘this being’ went into the vortex but not all the way through but enough to make a massive shift. This was to help me and thus others too for we are all One. I remember being told at the time I had ‘volunteered’ to do this. The words were “I was a leader” as in volunteering to experiencing this ‘early’ so to speak. 🙂 Don’t remember doing so buy one must have, ha, ha!! 🙂

    A reminder came that the “annihilation” sensation felt then and transmuted by Spheres Of Light was connected with this mornings insights. It was a deeper clarity than felt at the time. It was in fact the sense of annihilation, the disappearance of the ego OR SEPARATION which is the same thing. The other side of it is the experience of ONENESS, UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, JOY, ENLIGHTENMENT!

    I know I didn’t pass fully through last time (March 2013). Something halted that and that was surely connected with timing, readiness etc and the wider process.

    The awareness this morning that was also that that this is a Physical Ascension we are experiencing in the body vehicle. The body vehicle needs time to integrate and upgrade as well. This is obviously intrinsically linked to a shift in consciousness and is ‘new’ at least partly in the sense that is touching ALL at the perfect time for each individuation (person) rather than the odd few masters of old!

    This veil of mist and passage is not scary at all in truth. It’s part of the illusion that keeps one feeling separate, unconnected and as the energies intensify it melts away. Indeed it melts further and further away with each shift upwards by anyone.

    So this adds to what Annemieke was given. You are this HS, this higher consciousness, its not outside of you it IS you so by being and acting as if it is you one reinforces the connection, thins the veil and accelerates the process!

    Trust this all makes sense. It’s not easy to convey all this with the limitation of words! However, it must be done!

    As the masters say… “Truth is an experience not a belief … so don’t believe a word I say unless it resonates with your inner experience or knowing.”

    Blessings to ALL. We are ALL one!

    Philip ❤

    1. Thank You so much for this Dearest Philip & I was just shutting down my computer & quickly noticed your post….glad I had a few more moments to read as it is zapped with some great information…..especially this ~

      ” You are this HS, this higher consciousness, its not outside of you it IS you so by being and acting as if it is you one reinforces the connection, thins the veil and accelerates the process !”

      that’s it….that’s the truth, & also what has been communicated to me many times as well !….so glad to hear you say this !…music to my soul-ears ! & how this so nicely ties in with ‘Happy Together’….Me & You ~ You & Me…. & you might find some tidbits of thoughts expanding in the references I posted about ‘Pollen’….as it also ties into some of things you’ve spoken about….have a wonderful weekend Dear Light Brother !……Love, Bev~

      1. Thanks Bev I’m glad to hear it resonated and I’ve just read all about Bee Pollen too… amazing stuff. Sounds like we’d all benefit from having some each day! Philip 🙂

  10. I’m ready to go Home. 😉
    Either I follow someone else’s light or I’ll find it myself. It makes no difference to me, but maybe this time I will allow myself to do this by myself. I’ve been a sheep following other sheep for too long now. It’s high time I follow my own Light!

    ❤️ JJ

    1. I haven’t done or completed anything yet, as to that I haven’t found the door yet, but I soooo long for it. Maybe all one has to do is click one’s heels and say “there’s no place like home!”
      😄 JJ

  11. One of the best for me lately. I so wish they would tell us “how” to do this. It generally seems that the CC’s as well as other “helpers” express this as though we are consciously or intentionally not becoming whole and complete. I honed right in on the part about their assisting us in this process, ‘cuz as much as I AM ready, willing, able, and driven for this new state of being, I’ll be darned if I can figure out how to accomplish this. And I have had many well-meaning people give me their versions, which to me just continue the “riddles.”

    1. with you Shannon! I am having trouble – but only because of my daily routine. If /when this changes up, I will be just fine. how to do that ?? that’s my only question left. Got to do it to save my heart from total dismay for it wants to soar so so much !!! XO

  12. Saw bright blue/purple light flash by me the other day. forget to post that… and I don’t think I even posted that I saw it when we were in California. Yes… it flashed on by and I set my eyes where I last saw it… and picked up camera… snapped a quick picture… and it turns out u can see my eyes looking straight at this blue light! coolness. will share pic when I can – on my profile. I look pretty sad in it… was crying just before in thinking of Kimmy while in my alone time at the Hotel. Then…the blue light (which her Mom likens to her). So I smiled on 🙂
    Also, a couple pictures have large rainbow orbs in them. One, she is right over all our heads at the beach the night we set up the lanterns. other, is between her boyfriend and his lantern. very cool.

  13. Have to find time to read this one. Soon to leave for the hospital. Sharon – Kel’s Mom – in coma. They will do surgery (which she would not have wanted as she said no more – but brother no up on paper work – so…) They are trying to relieve the fluids. I saw her in a coma two days ago and said to Kelly I thought maybe that would be her way of slipping on outta here to a better space to Be in. She was getting better yesterday…so , by 5pm our time we will know more. Thanks be to all of my most wonderful kindreds here! smooches all the way around ! and around….because Life Is….LOVE

    1. yes❤︎ life is love,Love is all there is in everything. all Love all gratitude from me to seth/breeze love tomo💓

  14. Wow Aisha, that is so brilliant! The ever present void, the ever present longing to fill it, to close the gap, and the ever present resistance, the pressure I have always felt, and that eternal process of opening up, taking every punch, opening up again and again, layer after layer. It finally feels possible to return back home again.

    Thanks and blessings to you and the CCs!

    Urban Ternström

  15. We are coming into a long weekend holiday here in Canada, so for sure I will BE getting out as much as I can & ‘Enjoy’ Nature with some gardening, walks & ‘Allowing’ Me ~Myself & I some well needed bonding time with any & All of Nature…hope to See lots more BEEs too ! As I had posted months before….’Nature is really Good for You’….& has been scientifically proven that there is a biological chemistry interaction that trees, plants & moving Water stimulates & relaxes, rejuvenates our brains !….makes All perfect sense to Me !….so for those that may BE interested, & some weekend reading, I’d like to share some more Amazing stuff about ‘Pollen’ …..

    Pollen, so much more than We Know….Pollen is Nature’s Perfect Food !

    Happy long weekend Everyone….& truly hope ALL will spend some time bonding with the benefits as well as the beauty of ALL that Nature Is !
    Love to All !……Bev~

      1. & mayhaps……you might catch the H3C to ‘ H30 ‘ connection…..the back bone link of the chemistry of Proteins…..something we All are going to know a lot more about in the near future !

  16. Thank you always Dearest Aisha & CC’s !….a wonderful expansive message regarding “Know Thyself”….& I completely Agree !….so many experiences coming forth stronger each week, each day for me in which I AM feeling a more powerful, yet comfortable & assuring connection to my own inner Light, my Higher Self & it is truly wonderful !!…I only need my physical tired body to complete it’s catching up ! I think this message has been wonderfully timed as parts of this I had tried to explain to Lin yesterday, & am certain she will Love this missive !…it also ties in so nicely with that recent experience I had with my compost bin ! The old encasements whether hiding or protecting the vault of creation is crumbling & rotting away now for us ALL to dig into any & ALL of these now exposed treasures…ALL very ready for us to utilize, create & build if only we ‘Allow’ & complete our re-bonding to our inner Light !….Access to this Liquid Gold that Creation supplies in never-ending abundance will not only cause our surroundings to BEcome brighter but will also supply the most important vital nutrients for our New Creations to Grow Strong & Beautiful !

    The song ‘So Happy Together’ has been on my mind for days now, & I think connects to this missive quite well !….& HS really wants me to post another photo to match this…..& I’ll get to that as soon as I can !….& this image also ties in the Light of Creation to the beautiful gifts, & shining jewels that we All can find in Nature ~ right there, unconcealed for All to See !….as I keep saying….Nature is Creation !….pure, beautiful & perfect !

    Enjoy your family weekend Dear Sister !….
    & Earth Love & Celestial Light to ALL !……Bev~

        1. As we are happy together(nice song Bev), and I’m hearing we are the One. Then we must already be home, and we are just a larger version of our individual selves.
          Now we all hold hands and take the step through.
          What do you say…..1….2…3

  17. I spent much of this lifetime traveling the world, looking for the heart of God.
    Only recently have I found it.
    Ahhh, the clues were everywhere along the way but it was a process of self-realization that couldn’t be taught or told.
    “…what you have been seeking to become, you already are”

    1. Dear lysarbejder ❤ – your comment reminded me of these lines from the TS Eliot poem, "Little Gidding" —
      "We shall not cease from exploration
      And the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time."
      Yes, and I believe our explorations are taking on a joyful feeling! As we step into our full remembering of who we are and what we are, we will remember so much about our true abilities. We will have so much joy, happiness and adventure! It's starting even now!

  18. Thank you CCs and a special THANK YOU Aisha for channelling this wonderful message to us today despite your flu, which I hope is easing now.

    Much love to you and all your family ❤

    B to B

  19. ❤ „The light is powerful but the light is simply YOU.“ ❤

    I saw the white light, white stripes of light. I’m prepared for my light !!!!!
    Ich sah das weiße Licht, weiße Streifen aus Licht. Ich bin bereit für mein Licht !!!!!

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

  20. Happy like Ulysses,
    Made a nice trip ,
    Or as cestuy then who conquered fleece
    And then returned , full of purpose and reason,
    Between his parents live the rest of his age!

    When shall I see , alas , my village
    Smoking chimney, and in what season ?

    { Refrain , x2 }
    But when will I see from my village
    Smoking chimney, and in what season ?
    But when will I see

    Will I see the ending of my poor house,
    Which to me is a province ,
    And much more ?
    I like living more
    What my ancestors built
    That Roman palace bold front,
    More than marble hard
    Please fine slate me

    More Gallic my Loir , the Latin Tiber
    More my little Liré , the Palatine ,
    And the sea air Angevin softness.

    { Refrain , x2 }

    I have crossed the seas to the strength of my arms,
    Only against the gods ,
    Lost in the tides ;
    Entrenched in a wedge
    And my old ears pierced
    Never to hear
    Sirens and voices .

    Our lives are a war
    Where it is up to us
    Worrying about our fates ,
    To find the right choice
    To distrust our steps
    And all the water that sleeps
    Pollutes our paths supposedly paved with gold !

  21. Dear brothers and sisters of the light!
    It seems like my sister and I have completed our “body cleansing”, for we both got a strong urge to give our apartment a thorough cleaning as well today. This usually signals an energetic shift of some kind, and it does feel as if that is what we have been through this week. Tomorrow, we will travel to our parent’s to join the rest our family, and I have a feeling it is not by accident that we completed this intense process before we left home ;-). I will be back late Monday, until then, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I know this Pond will continue to offer love and light, laughter and joy with so many shining souls constantly here to refill these waters!
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Thank you for sharing your love and light, laughter and joy 😉 David ❤

    2. I also felt an urge to deal with some paperwork today that has been on my mind for many months 😉

      Have a nice weekend with your family 🙂 Guess the rest of us will be busy opening doors this weekend 😉

      Love & light ❤

      B to B

    3. ‘Refreshed & Cleansed’….for your journey !….may you both Enjoy this Family Time & sure Mom will BE offering up some delicious home coming meals….just what your 2 bodies need to strengthen & add some comfort to !
      Love, Bev~

    4. Glad you and sis are better! Planting a big kiss & hug for you both – with Love, A Blessings for the journey ❤

    5. I was just planning to do some housecleaning, tomorrow! 😄
      Love to you and all of your family, the Pond, the CC’s, and all there is.

      Love and Light,
      JJ ❤️

    6. Dear family of light! Thank you for all this LOVE 🙂 I will bring it – and you – with me on my journey 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    7. It’s amazing how quickly these physical energetic cleansings can go when we allow them the quiet time to process and complete! So glad you two shining stars are feeling better and I know you will have a wonderful time soaking in the love of family on your visit! Blessings and love! Alex

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