A short update on the energies

You have by now started to truly feel into these new undercurrents of transformational energies sweeping on to these shores, and remember, these energies are nothing less than particles of potential, potential that you will have a hand in realizing. For you have by now jettisoned those old cloaks of disbelief, and as such, you stand poised to finally put on the mantle of creators that you so reluctantly left behind when you stepped on to these shores many lifetimes ago. Again, this role as creator gods are not new to any of you, but they will be so in the manifestation as humans. You are all old hands at creating, but your memory serves to mislead you when it comes to your adroitness, for when you look around, you will think yourselves capable of only creating chaos, confusion and despair. Granted, mankind has a long history of pulling the wagon closer and closer to the cliff, but that is history now, and it is one that you have vouched will never be repeated, and so, you have all allowed yourselves to step into full consciousness again.

For as you sought to connect yourself with the true you, you also allowed consciousness to start to fully interact with your human-ness in a very new way, and so, what has been driven by fear and a primitive intellect, will now be driven by another vibration altogether. For as you stepped back into consciousness, you stepped into the frequency of love, and this frequency cannot be distorted in any way. For as you began tuning in to that vibrational channel that only transmits this essence of Creation, you cannot become tainted by that low drone of the old. So even if you at times will find yourself shaking your head, searching for that crystal clear transmission coming your way 24/7, know that you will not and cannot lose connection. It may simply be time for you to step back a little bit and clear your mind the better to see through your heart. For you see, you will still be inundated with visuals trying to derail you, visuals depicting one dire set of circumstances after the other. But again, this is the old concepts of illusion, the old ways of fear’s insistence on putting up a shimmering smokescreen of denial in every direction. But you will see through it, for you will look with your heart, not with those old habitual ways of reacting to the same old worn record of distress and duress, disaster and doom. For you will find that pure and simple tone always present within you, and it will not disappear, no matter how big a surge of automated alarm signals you will encounter.

For make no mistake, there are still some small pockets for resistance, and they will try their hardest to make themselves heard and make themselves seen, and so, they will be strutting their same old stuff. And even if they have all become more than a little frayed around the edges, they will try to display themselves as big and strong and with shining arms at the ready. But you will not fall for these displays of desperation, for you will be there, within that new atmosphere where love reigns, and where you will find yourself stepping up to the challenge of interacting with this shower of energetic particles in a very new way. For now, you will not simply welcome them at the door, you will sit down and have a real conversation with them, and you will find a way to set them into motion that will enable this vast stream of incoming potential to start to coalesce into something tangible.

And no, you cannot create havoc in any way, you can only create love, for only love will be able to interact with these molecules in a way that will enable them to become, and only love can be created from love. So again we say become as if a child again, and learn to play with these ever so eager little companions, there for you to play with. For as you play, you will regain your trust in you, and you will regain your trust in you as a creator. For this can in many ways be compared to learning to ride a bike. At first, you will feel uncertain and wobbly, and you will think the speed will make you fall. But that will not happen, for we can guarantee you that as soon as you start to interact with these particles, something within you will say “I know this, I have mastered this before”, and so, the analogy with the bike will be proven right. For it is just as they say, once learned, it is never forgotten, no matter how long you abstain from doing it.

And so, we ask you all to let yourself go, and try to find a way to let your guard down, for that is still there in some capacity or the other. Remember, you have all been through a period where you were retrained not to seek to become what you were before, and so, that old survival instinct of staying down and not raising your head too much above the sea of humanity will be one that will more probably than not make itself noticed in one way or the other in the time ahead. But you know you can safely ignore that voice now, for you have found the new tune within, the one that is giving you the same message over and over again: it is time to BE what you really are, it is time to act as that creator god you came here to be, it is time to give life to that dream of yours, bit by bit, piece by piece, molecule by molecule, and it is time to do so with ALL that you are. For now, you are no longer separated from yourself, and now, you are no longer divided. For you have become ONE in ways that will be hard for any of you to truly comprehend just yet, but it is something we have been able to witness the birth of, and we can only say it is more spectacular and more ground breaking than anything anyone has seen in All of creation.

So again we say thank you for all that you are and thank you for all that you do, and now, we thank you for what is about to come to life through your hearts, through your hands and through your very essence.

209 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. I spent time looking over a few past manuscripts and their posts. Many have continued to post on the old as I my self have been late posting many times. All goes fast these days…difficult to keep up. All is well though and in the time intended. So many bits and pieces at this pond. It is like a painters palate where one can pick up the different colors and paint the picture of ones needs. Picking up the pieces for ones own heart and mind, painting over ones canvas with different colors and sometimes washing over the parts of it with a swish of water to dilute and paint over with something more in tune with ones soul. This picture keeps filling in being painted and repainted until it reflects the beauty of soul…the heart of ones dreams. Brushing over the past hurts, filling in with color that is more suitable for one. When this canvas is finished it will reflect all that is beautiful and yet the parts that were washed over will still slightly show through from underneath. One will be able to see through to the depth of the soul the soil of the heart where beauty has grown making the now more beautiful.

    Fellow ponders, I have read through the grief, sorrow, loss, change, joy, frustration etc. that many are going through at this time. I am without words. I go forward into whatever peace I can find this day in gratitude and love and will be holding each of you in that space. You are each loved beyond what I can express.
    Holding you gently,

    1. ❤ Beautifully expressed, Denise, on many levels. One will re-read it many times. The Peace, Kindness and Love with which you wrote it is felt. Thank you sincerely. ❤

    2. This picture was given to me at the beginning of this journey. A wonderful Swedish woman, a “proclaimer of wood” (I hope the reference is correct when I translate 😉 described us people like wonderfully beautiful paintings with clean, brilliant colors when we were born. During the course of life we change, add, remove and paint over what we do not like and finally becomes the painting unrecognizable. When the light gets a chance to come in, we begin to wash clean the colors so that we can discern the amazing painting we actually have been all the time.

      So amazing we got almost the same picture 😉 ❤

      Much love & light ❤

      B to B

    3. you said: “One will be able to see through to the depth of the soul the soil of the heart where beauty has grown making the now more beautiful.”…. expressed perfectly !!! Love you Dear One ~ Areeza xo

  2. Hello everyone.
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  3. Love the sharing of childhood stories.
    Red rover, red rover, I call Green to come over! 🙂
    My older sisters made up a game called ‘witch in the tree’ and they would hide a ‘key’ (which was a simple twig or stick) in a large pine tree – hard to find it always blended so well. Once you found it, you had to set the witch free and if u did not do it or took too long, she cast a spell on you and u had to be the locked up witch. Interesting to recall this now.
    Pancakes ….ahhh…. my grandma made them in shapes of bunnies or bears or whatever we wanted. Happy Days! Had breakfast with Grandma until age 24!! Even after when I stayed with my future husband, I would on occasion drive home to have breakfast with Gram! I had her for 26 yrs. A true blessing. 3 generations all in one large Victorian house.
    Ahhh… the winter sledding and ice skating….rushing home to warm up….get some hot chocolate while the mittens dried on the radiator…so we could go back out and have more fun. The pool in the back yard…. my Dad always had to have his pool. Age 70, when they finally sold the old Victorian and moved with a view of the town he grew up in….here he is putting in an in-ground pool. his dream. I can see him now relaxing with eyes closed in the ‘love seat’ part he had carved out in the corner of his creation.
    And I always thought all little children had it like I did by the way. I am so sorry that many did not. Like Forest Joy says – come join in the pool of magical childhood moments with all of us!
    I did feel the pain of others though because I would cry myself to sleep nightly with a deep inner knowing of world suffering…. though I had no reason to support this knowledge. I would also stomp hard on my bedroom floor yelling at what I thought of as the Devil below… and I would yell nice things….lol… like i was trying to put Love into the Devil’s heart… by Force because I do remember stomping very hard. Sweet – a little kids way of doing what she came here to do! Loving you all – Thanks so much! ❤ A

  4. Attempting to post a comment here as it’s not happening on your posts. Sending you all much loving Spheres Of Light… some profound insights last night related to Annemiek’s post which I trust I will jot down and share later!!! 🙂 ❤

  5. Thank you, Lin.

    “Things” from the past have been coming back to the surface for me too. Thought I had dealt with them already… Maybe one more (last) time for them to rise so I can let ten go.

    Yesterday my wife and I signed the divorce papers. We got together 24 years ago, May 16th. Got married 8 years ago, May 16th…

    Love to you, dear Lin. You are much loved! Hugs!
    ❤️ JJ

    1. Dear JJ!

      You ended a chapter to begin the next. With much gratitude and love, we can embrace that which has been and with open eyes and each other’s help, we can create the best of all worlds – only we get to flush out little remaining dirt first 😉

      Much love to you and your family ❤

      B to B

    2. ❤ Dearest JJ… 1 gives you my Love in celebration of what was and what is to be and is awaiting your delight. Traveling the emotional spectrum isn't for sissies, is it, my Dear Sweet Light Brother. We came here to "experience" emotions. Boy, did we! It feels like the end of the emotional journey—loose ends have been tied up. Now we're FREE to live in the one and only true emotion: LOVE.

      We are One in LOVE. We made it! 🙂 [now to recover 🙂 ]

      Always JJ, my Love to you&yours, 1-Lin ❤

  6. I have consciously decided to be no more victim and looked at what in my childhood was nice. All other I did not look any more.
    One day then I could FEEL: Yes, I had a wonderful childhood, I was a princess, I was always loved and was always very happy.
    (It really dosn’t matter how I felt AT THAT TIME, the decision to be no victim makes the difference).
    I do not feel to owe my parents something for my happy childhood then I created it to me afterwards by MYSELF.
    But I thank my parents for that they raised me and that I had some nice experiences by I could heal me now Even later.
    I Am the beloved child of God ❤

    Ich habe mich bewusst entschieden kein Opfer mehr zu sein und schaute mir an was an meiner Kindheit schön war. Alles andere schaute Ich mir nicht mehr an.
    Eines Tages dann konnte Ich FÜHLEN: Ja, Ich hatte eine wunderschöne Kindheit, Ich war eine Prinzessin, Ich wurde immer geliebt und war immer sehr glücklich.
    (Es spielt wirklich keine Rolle wie Ich es DAMALS empfand, die Entscheidung kein Opfer gewesen zu sein macht den Unterschied)
    Ich habe nicht das Gefühl meinen Eltern etwas zu ‚schulden’ für meine glückliche Kindheit denn Ich erschuf sie mir nachträglich SELBST.
    Aber Ich danke meinen Eltern dafür dass die mich großgezogen haben und dass Ich das eine oder andere schöne Erlebnis hatte mit dem Ich mich jetzt Selbst nachträglich heilen konnte.
    Ich Bin Gottes geliebtes Kind ❤

    This morning someone said to me: „We can wait in calmness“.
    Everything will be alright ❤

    Heute Morgen sagte jemand zu mir: „Wir können in Ruhe abwarten“.
    Alles wird gut ❤

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

  7. “You are all old hands at creating, but your memory serves to mislead you when it comes to your adroitness, for when you look around, you will think yourselves capable of only creating chaos, confusion and despair. Granted, mankind has a long history of pulling the wagon closer and closer to the cliff, but that is history now, and it is one that you have vouched will never be repeated, and so, you have all allowed yourselves to step into full consciousness again.”

    “as you stepped back into consciousness, you stepped into the frequency of love, and this frequency cannot be distorted in any way.”

    “So again we say become as if a child again, and learn to play with these ever so eager little companions, there for you to play with. For as you play, you will regain your trust in you, and you will regain your trust in you as a creator.”

    “for you have found the new tune within, the one that is giving you the same message over and over again: it is time to BE what you really are, it is time to act as that creator god you came here to be, it is time to give life to that dream of yours, bit by bit, piece by piece, molecule by molecule, and it is time to do so with ALL that you are. For now, you are no longer separated from yourself, and now, you are no longer divided. For you have become ONE in ways that will be hard for any of you to truly comprehend just yet”

    ❤ Love, Light, Joy and Gratitude to ALL-ONE !
    Adam Michael ❤

    "So again we say thank you for all that you are and thank you for all that you do, and now, we thank you for what is about to come to life through your hearts, through your hands and through your very essence." 😀

  8. this place is heavy-weight! i’m a little out of my depp!
    right now i’m listening to some klown calling himself drake-well they say that’s his real name–he’s actually great,a comedian-but has this ‘serious’ mission,apparently to somehow free the nation-and hopefully world,,from the fatcats in charge,with the help of some ‘white-hats’ in strategic positions and posts…but these things take time,so he keeps saying..
    the way he talks,well,everybody just thinks he’s a great guy and he is,if he’s the real ‘deal’-so to speak…
    to me there’s just really a couple of different kinds of people…so i guess it goes without saying,i don’t get ‘out’ much—haha–
    anyways,it’s been another heck of a full moon,i hope everyone feels relief from whatever’s gettin’ to ya-i can tell ya,if fukushima gets its way,we won’t see too many more christmases so let’s make it a good one if we get that far right? how’s the scorpios feelin on this full moon in scorpio,right? i’m a gemini,i wouldn’t know! as a gemini,i feel very old!
    anyways–there’s always so much reading to do here,i should not add more to it til there’s a good reason again! hang tough,y’all,be the frickin dream!

  9. Did anyone have a loving and happy childhood experience? It looks like we have all been abused and suffered for decades, because of it. I don’t want to think that the only way to become aware is to have to be tortured.
    When I got the news that my “dear old dad” was dying. My first reaction was
    great! finally the abusiveness is over. It was a day that I had waited for, for a long damn time.
    So please, did any of you get here without all the pain?
    I want to believe it’s possible.

    1. Dearest Otmn – I had a most glorious childhood! truly. I had the best of Love with what I would without hesitation call a perfect grandmother. All other grandparents too! and aunts, uncles. My parents not perfect but loving was always there and I felt safe and happy. My heart was able to remain open. Teenage hood, well, some trouble and confusion began. But childhood – ahhhh – I felt blessed each and every day and I did take it all in consciously. Love to you my friend. hey, we were only 2 miles from Oregon on May 4. When we were on an old dirt logging road at Lady Bird Johnson grove area and we did not have much gas so we turned around. wondered how far u were from there.

      1. pain came when i had to step outside into the ‘real’ world. This was of course necessary as I was not to stay hidden all my life. I had a good set up though 🙂

    2. adding that we were even sheltered that there was a war going on during my childhood. I never knew about the abuse my sister suffered. Never knew my mother was having an affair since i was age 3. but… i am grateful for being sheltered and growing in a Love space – mostly with the grandparents. My grandmother even chose to openly Love my mother though she was cheating so long on her son. Amazing woman – amazing soul. She lost her only daughter when I was 6… this even was not shown much… the sadness… only Joy came from this woman 90% of the time.

    3. Yes, there are good homes and good childhoods out there. I had one. There were several siblings with the same mother and father who loved us all. No major abuse, Minor stuff, just an older brother who called me dumb a gave a small bump on the on the arm of which he was always reprimanded. He apologized in our late teens and said he was just jealous. But that same older brother would never complain about having to escort my friend and I to her house at night so we would be safe.

      My mother would never order us to do something but ask and most always used the word “please.” The worst was to have to face my father who always used reason to explain the grounding which I usually deserved. There were no rapes or inappropriate sexual behavior.

      We lived in a small town, climbed in the hills most every summer and fall day, and kids of all ages from blocks around would come to play in the back yard nightly. There was hide and seek, red rover red rover, put the handle on the frying pan games. In the winter there was ice skating, sled riding, and fox and geese game with all ages playing together. When it was too cold outside we had a grand time inside. Our home was open for all ages of youngsters. There would be three groups playing games, ping pong on the dining room table, or dancing to music. Our parents told me later they enjoyed it all and they always knew where we were then. To this day even in our 50’s and 60’s, when visiting with my sibling’s and my old friends, they will remind me of those wonderful times and my mother’s homemade pancakes for breakfast.

      There was an oil boom on which is akin to a gold rush in some ways, so there could be some unsavory characters. But the older ones watched over the younger ones. We weren’t allowed to go out alone at night nor did we want to.

      Like Breeze we had wonderful grandparents just a few blocks away who took us fishing and bought us ice cream cones. We learned responsibility, to share, kindness, and that no one was any better than others. We had good meals with lively conversation. My father subscribed to a wide variety of magazines which we were encouraged to read from news to popular mechanics to foreign affairs.

      In our teen years we tried our parent’s patience but were still expected to be responsible and for the most part we were. We still headed into the hills on foot and by car with many tales to tell later.

      My father who became quite accomplished in our state always told interviewers his greatest accomplishment he shared with his wife: raising 6 children who grew up to be self supporting happy adults and each still came back to visit.

      My husband and I tried to give that same life to our children and the many others who came to stay with us. Like our parents we consider our now happy self supporting adult children our greatest accomplishment and they too come back to visit.

      There were some trying times throughout this, but they were usually discussed in a reasonable manner with a reasonable and fair outcomes.

      Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

      Love, Forest Joy

      1. So when any of those unhappy childhood memories darken your view remember you are always welcome to join us in those wonderful times. Come on over where you are safe and encouraged to be just who you are. And please stay for breakfast. Mom makes all you can eat of the delicious homemade pancakes. You are just a part this goofy bunch of kids!

        1. sorry, but i can’t envision what you describe.
          It’s sort of like “Lassie” or “The Hardy Boys”
          all i know for sure is that “leave it to beaver” was not a documentary of the Eisenhower administration.
          no “father knows best” was a lie.

          on the other hand I am grateful .
          nothing can scare me ever again.
          i know
          i’m making a silk purse from a sow’s ear,
          but what else is there?
          I am so glad not everyone had to walk my path.
          than ks

      2. Thanks Forest Joy!

        I can relate to you story as well. We were four siblings (actually five as the first daughter died 1,5 years old quite inexplicably despite very healthy).

        There was never much money. My parents took over a forest farm from my grandfather devastated by forestry companies who tricked farmers to invest in sawmills which ultimately led to forest destruction. It was hard work all the time but we siblings were also our parents’ greatest joy and pride. We were always loved and although we hardly got to see some affection between our parents, the love for us kids welded them.

        As with most other families it was not always peace and harmony in our home all the time. My father’s deep depressions when I was a kid sat traces in me as well as other events as I told you before, but in general, I can feel that I have been privileged to have had the childhood, upbringing and the most amazing parents, as well as other people around. They led me up to this trip for which I am infinitely grateful.

        Love & light ❤

        B to B

      3. ❤ wow. Thanks, Dear Otmn, for asking the question, and Thanks, Dear Forest Joy and Breezie for answering. Like Otmn, my intellect couldn't relate, but my Heart and my vivid imagination could—definitely!! I was right there beside each of you as you Lived Love… and omg, I WAS there at your table sharing lovingly prepared pancakes with you all. And the 4-letter word "safe" which had always felt hollow and out of reach and more like a 4-letter word of the negative kind, suddenly entered my Heart and became part of me and changed into a Loving 4-letter word—Thank You so sincerely for that, Forest Joy.

        This forum that Aisha has so kindly—and Lovingly—provided, guided by the CCs, can only be described as remarkable. One hadn't planned on posting anything yesterday, but during the reading of comments, what had been hidden and restless deep within this one, suddenly surfaced and demanded expression… for better or worse. One doesn't usually like to post negative gunk and will refrain, but the painful, in-grown energies were insistent. One received tremendous healing from that post and the shared responses; hopefully, others did also. Thanx, ALL, for your Heart Ears.

        Continued Love Blessings to you All, xox 1-Lin ❤

        p.s. wishing delightful, spontaneous laughter and funny humor ahead!… raises the energies to mountain heights. 🙂

        1. Yes Lin – this forum is has really become remarkable – as each and every one of you has too 🙂

          Love you all ❤

          B to B

        2. Oh, Lin, tears. Thank you for allowing me to share for there is plenty for all. Our dear Aisha, by allowing herself to be, we can be.
          Love, Forest Joy

        3. Love you Lin . The positive and the negative help me and others. Thank you so much for being you! And for sharing All of you!

    4. Dear Otmn!

      You did it anyway – didn´t you?

      I am so grateful that you brought your energy to this blog – for any of us to grow with it ❤

      Love & light,

      B to B

  10. Dear brothers and sisters of the highest unconditional love and light, of the blessed pond. Sending my love and light and emeralds, my talisman for love to the higher beings of each person, each being on all planes in all dimensions at all times…

    The most blessed thought to me is creating the new. Let us imagine creating something new…the flow of it–lets imagine a wall where we want to put new beautiful wall paper, but that wall, which represents this world has been overlayed with other, older, dark and ugly wallpaper, scattered with spots of beautiful design, but overall the wallpaper is ugly.

    we have two choices…we can either spend a ton of time and energy scrapping off the old wall paper, removing all vestiges of it–steaming it–using peeling chemicals or scrappers and then sanding the wall before preparing to put on the new wallpaper..


    We can simply paint the wall white with primer and then wall paper over it…the new wall paper is beautiful, pristine and full of joy.

    To create the new, we need not remove the old…and we are speaking about creation here, not releasing old detrius from our own souls which must release all that is not of the higher vibrations in order to emulate those new vibrations…we can choose to love on a world where none of these things could exist. We can choose to create spaces of love filled with so much joy and high light that nothing lower can exist in our spaces of love…and then we connect the spaces of love and that amazing world exists for the collective.

    I put down my scrapper a long time ago and it was the best, most uplifting and positive thing that I ever did–besides loving myself unconditionally…

    Huge hugs! Alex

    1. sorry cant resist – tear down that wall !!
      I only see an illusory wall now. One which separated us by our mind thoughts and fears. And it was necessary for light workers survival. And we did cover things over and over and over trying to make them ‘fit’. Now heart speaks and it says its safe to remain open – all is well. All that match its vibration will come – again because it is safe and supported now. Thus the energies now here are enabling All to keep their hearts open. No more barriers necessary. This does not mean we must be in any space which does not match what we wish to experience. I wish I knew when it would be that all here on Earth and Everywhere will come from the Heart. A decade ago would have worked better for me. But thats just this body time speaking.
      Love always and forever, A
      Hugs Alex!

      1. LOL isn’t it funny that I picked a wall to explain creation? Just perfect to have you say tear it down because I agree with you–all walls….all veils down! Hugs! alex

  11. Blessings to us all visible and invisible …
    Our inner strength is with us, moreover it is!
    Much love from the depths of my being …

  12. And finally there is this: I have been in the deep sorrow space for longer than I would like. Today, a deep inner silence set in as I lay my head upon a top fence rail and rocked with the fence back and forth….and it did not matter what space I was in – Joy or Sorrow – All felt thoroughly Good and Whole.

    My Zen Calendar offers this today:
    “It is by silence that the saints grew, that it was because of silence that the power of God dwelt in them, because of silence that the mysteries were known to them.”

  13. Also – for Lin and others in CA Area: I had to come to me today that these fires are keeping evacuated people safe when possibly a big earthquake occurs. Just a thought I wanted to share.
    For many, many yrs now – every May 15th I hold my breath as I think ‘the big one’ will hit on that date. All Be Safe and sound in the name of All That Is. Amen.

    1. ❤ Thank you, again, Dear Breezie, but please don't worry your big Heart. All IS well; All IS perfect. If "the big one" does happen, we are prepared as much as possible and will ride the wave literally with all others and then do what is necessary for All, including pets. And we have plenty to share. 1 is sure most Californians will do the same.

      If "it" is to be part of the huge, wonderful change now taking place all across Mother, then (smiling) 1 welcomes it. This 1 is sooo tired of greed, abuse, hatefulness, unkindness, that 1 welcomes almost anything that quickly aids welcoming in the NEW Dawn of unabated Love and PURE JOY. It's "time".

      Be well, you-Breezie, with the Big, Big Heart. ❤

  14. Unlike the usual JOY, sometimes quiet, sometimes exuberant, mine seems to have been draining from my Soul/my Life of late which set this one into a tailspin. All kinds of sour, horrible memories from my birth family/childhood have been constantly popping up into the surface of my consciousness like bubbles in a lake. Made this 1 unhappy to say the least, thinking 1 was going backwards and doubting myself hugely. Back story: my mother has chosen to take herself out of this game by refusing to eat and will not be force-fed; she’s down to 103 pounds in a nursing home for dementia. This one has decided to refuse to see her or any family members, as the last time I saw my mother she was outrageously nasty, not in the usual pit-bull (apologies to pit bulls) passive/aggressive manner. It’s been weighing heavily on one’s mind that this is unkind to her as a daughter, but very kind/protective of one’s self. Vicious internal conflict; how does one honor both? One chooses. One chose self. She’s done enough lifetime damage (our chosen roles) and doesn’t need to do more.

    Until this morning after a very restless, prayerful night, one was in limbo and deep pain. Then one read Lisa Gawlas’s (her psychic reading expertise shared with us by Alex and Caroline previously) latest blog post. Everything gelled and came into crystal-clear Clarity. All IS well; All IS perfect… and my choice is perfectly well and the best for me and possibly even for her. And one looks forward to having a nice, Loving conversation with her once she transitions.

    One thought about not posting this as it is far from JOYful like most posts now, and 1 doesn’t know if it will be helpful to any. A few others here are also feeling anger/rage fueled by abusive parental memories; perhaps this will be of service—-perhaps not.

    Excerpts from Lisa Gawlaw’s latest regarding “memory wipes”: “…Now take the incredible elixir we are being directly bathed in for this three-day cycle [May 14,15,16], it is serving to charge up your magic wand of creation (and then some!) However, this magic wand listens to only one frequency… that of the heart.  The true energy supplier of your whole world, emotion.  All emotions.  Yes, even those very important ones so many think we need to rid ourselves of… like anger and/or fear.  Both instrumental in our ongoing processes.  Even that pesky energy called frustration is quite useful really. As long as it comes thru the heart of love and not the denser part of the ego.

    “…An example of the genuinely partnered denser mind that knows, understands and even appreciates fear.  Let’s say you meet someone for the first time and suddenly you are filled with the creepy crawlies and want to run the other way. Trust your bodies warning system.  It is simply telling you that this person (or even a place) is not good for you.  Without the design of the ego, the heart would just play as a willing, loving partner and end up getting squashed thru it all.

    “…The energy of frustration is like using weights to strengthen build your body, in this case, it would be the unification of your mind and heart together. Pushing thru the frustration, really does build the bond of mind and heart, strengthening its energy together.  The mind knows matter, the heart knows dreams, the two together build your dreams into created matter.

    “…Love is also a key to that electromagnetic pulse that starts the engines of creation humming.  The full spectrum of emotion are the building blocks of our new world coming alive thru us.

    “…Our challenge (or should I say, my challenge lol) is not going back into the memory of what once was, and bringing that energy forward to dilute what will take us forward.  Maybe that is why I seem to be getting a memory wipe every day. Erasing the emotional charges that once fired thru the memory fields.  I right now to readings even.  Until recently, if you reminded me of a visual that happened in one of our readings, even if it was years ago, I could instantly call that reading up and remember it in full.  Not any longer.  I am challenged to remember some things. Even the things that emotionally set my soul on fire… went elsewhere lol. Even with that, I now hear, we are in a new frequency, a new, super charged emotional field. What once was a catalyst to get us to Here, did exactly that.  Now we must feel with our new spectrum of emotions and follow the thread of creation to new heights, new adventures… together…”

    Lisa Gawlas     http://www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html (May 15, 2014)

    1. Thank you Lin & I certainly do feel this turbulence that has risen up in your life now, & I send you the biggest, most compassionate hug I can muster !! Know that you are not alone as many here are also feeling their own turbulence pitted in amongst the grandeur of great news, great happenings & sharings….this for me, is just one of the many difficult parts of these sharing sites….as in truth we come together sharing lots of words, either in grief or celebration but we really do not know each other at a personal level, & that rest of it part, much is left to feel through it or guess it. Please see that We are All pitching highs & lows these days & although most of us are getting through it one way or another, many of us are reaching out to any channeler that we think will help us, or give us more insight – strength to get through these difficult low parts……not that there’s anything wrong with this, & for many it certainly does help, but for me, this time of transition is compelling & calling each one of us to seek our own inner guidance, our Higher Self first & foremost ! & this is what I’m BEing told right now, although I always travelled this path in this way for quite some time. I’ll just share a little personal episode of mine…..a close loved one, under job stress stuff went verbally ballistic on me yesterday, out of the blue & unexpected…& channeled their lot of nasty’s full force unloading on me. I won’t go into all the details but my HS was shining & strong surrounding me & told me that I must not worry that nothing will happen to me, & I AM protected & BEing looked after at All times & these are the remaining remnants of nasty’s that are funneling & fuelling through those easiest to access, like many of the unawakened ones. HS now is able to establish a much greater strength now with me in my 3D world due to so much Light energy that now exists here & my increasing in learning the way of creation, we are Becoming more ‘1’….the thing is, this will continue for a little while longer, but HS encourages me , the physical here me, to mentally stand back & not engage with any of it….kinda like watching a movie, it’s not real, & anything hurtful flung in your direction will either penetrate you, bounce off you, or fly right past you…pending what you choose & whatever I choose, HS will always BE there to help me, support me & never leave my side ! & you must also continue your ‘1’ness to your HS first & foremost for the most important aspect of your learning, developing & BEcoming the real YOU !

      Sending You my Light Sister BIG LOVE my Dearest Lin !!!!!…….Bev~

      1. ❤ Thank You, Dearest Bev. Time to veg for a little while as the numbness/lack of sleep seeps out. One will come back and re-read later when more collected. In appreciation and Love, 1-Lin ❤

        P.S. have a Great Afternoon/Evening ahead!

      2. ❤ My Very Dear Bev, this one is much more collected now, and most sincerely appreciative of your Wise Words and Heart feelings contained within. My knees got scraped by this unexpected silliness, and so am almost back to BEing fully, and wiser. 🙂 Thank you for your dear Loving Kindness and Thoughtful sharing. 1's ready to continue moving forward and upwards with full-force again. You bring so much Light! With My Love and Appreciation, 1-Lin ❤

    2. Dear One Lin,
      I had this come to me just today (I knew I was to share it here too): “when you come to me from your heart and you ask my forgiveness, It will surely be given unto you”.
      This came to me when thinking of (for one example) my Kelly’s brother and his wife. Re these harsh ones- in their chosen behavior that is. The brother did not even come to check on his mother while Kelly was away (Kelly asked him to and to mow the lawn – did neither). The Dr said yesterday that had Sharon been treated sooner, the infection probably would not have gone to her brain as it seems to have. They even saw her before we did on Mothers Day for a bit and did nothing. As soon as we got there, it was insisted she go to hospital. Now, we can say she is meant to go at this time, etc, etc. Yet , to me, it does not take away the lack of heart given to the matter. and I am all about heart in all matters.
      I do not want to see them again – until they may decide to come from their open hearts. Otherwise, there is no usefulness of a meeting between myself – my one – and them as all is to Be heart to heart now. I would not keep quiet. lol. I would simply say “please only come to Be around me when your hearts are open and active”. something like that which would of course, put them in trance. lol
      This gave me relief and understanding. Now, I am not saying they would have to come right out and ‘ask’ for forgiveness to me or anyone. As long as they bring their true, open hearts, all is already forgiven and it goes forward from there. It is really quite simple.
      >I have also been having things come up from the past. One thing was about my older sister and how she was attacked – yes raped – by two men when she was a virgin at age 13. This was horrible enough – but – also my parents did Nothing about it. Nothing at all. how horrible I was thinking! And later youngest sister even dated and lived with one of the attackers! like wtf! That sister and I worked together and it was rough at that time – and just could not understand what Karma was at work here, etc. And I could see how some things unfolded in older sisters life afterwards too. Some just want to shut off the bad stuff, some escalate it, some focus on turning it to good, and some we just have no explanation for the behavior.
      ~ An open Heart filled with Love is always the answer ~

      1. Lin – your open heart touches hers by its very intention is my message as well – to you and All today. Whether face to face, body to body – it does not matter. The other’s response does not matter. You are Being In Love with All That Is and your mother is aware of this on some level or soon will be.
        Much Love, A

    3. Oh my heart can’t take much more either Lin.
      I feel what you have found, in the truth, with your mother. I also had to come to this understanding a few weeks ago with my mother. A long awaited apology for her cruelty and coldness was not what it appeared and finally, FINALLY I closed the book. ” Self-Self preservation. Enough damage done”
      Yes, Lin, I understand quite clearly what this relationship has done to you in the past. I also have to have hope that we are correct to protect and support ourselves now. I find comfort in that decision. I did wrestle with what a good daughter is, for 45 years. Walking away from a mother, placing her outside of your life should requires this self conversation and it is a hard one to have. I get it. We are still here. (:

      I must tell you Lin and other Ponders, that I helped my 10 yr old Golden Retriever MulDoone over that darn bridge yesterday afternoon. Lymphoma won out and took another angel. Mully left so quietly and quickly under a beautiful large green tree with a soft breeze making delightful sounds through their leaves. I felt so many other of my rescue dogs with us. I am numb today. I spent 1 year keeping him with us here and healthy. What do I do today? I cry at such emptiness in my home & in my heart. It is deeper with dogs than humans for me.

      Loss and grief I believe, were my life lessons this go around. Who ever (ME?) planned this all out was completely nuts however. We are only given what we can handle? Who said that? So for me, I am to somehow keep breathing today through yet more grief and loss. This is a much deeper grief than saying goodbye to my mother.

      I am so tired of this old worn existence. I am so blessed at the same time & filled with gratitude for dogs. I am lost, numb and slowly getting angry waiting for ,all types of suffering, torture, disease & death to simply END.

      Today? I do not feel the strongest of the strong on Gaia.

      Hugs Linn,


      1. It seems to test us – if we really are done, done with the lack of heart shit. We Are. All Will come from the heart but until it does – it just plain sucks sometimes. Love 2 U Terri with a giant hug from this one who understands too! ❤

      2. and I am so sorry for your loss. I like to think I was there – the breeze – as yesterday I was thinking of my lost kitties and closed my eyes and listened to the breeze thru my treasured bamboo. There was a soft piece of cream colored fur (like my Tribby used to have) beside me then. Tribby came to me the day before – I felt she walked right on by me and Ink Jet and he seemed to look too.
        Blessings Terri ! For they will always Be with us.
        May this breeze come to you again and again in Loving Comfort

      3. ❤ My Dearest Terri… Thank you. 1 understands our similar lifetime roles. It brought strength, among other wonderful qualities, which 1 knows you know. Yet, it's time for us both to move on past the role-playing, isn't it, which you are successfully doing. What tripped this one up is 1 thought it was a done deal… so it's just residue and what Sun said: "it checking to see what my heart & consciousness dose with those thoughts". So, 1 chooses Kindness, Love and Respect with the focused Intent and Application shared by Sun. The turbulence is dissipating quickly.

        Regarding your dear, dear, sweet companion, Muldoone, the Heart really has no words—the loss is beyond expression except that of Love which I fully give to you, Dear One. 1 envelopes you and Mully in Golden White Light in complete Thanksgiving for both your shared unconditional Love and healing with each other. The furry Love of our pet children is such a delightful gift while we have it. Stay well, my dear Light Sister Terri. With my Love, xox 1-Lin ❤

        p.s. thank you for taking time out of your Heart's distress to respond to me. ❤ + Do be well.

      4. Huge hugs Terri…loving the one who is in grief and suffering from the physical loss of the puppy, but who knows deeply that love is never lost and your baby will always be with you…love is always kept…always present in the heart…Alex

      5. Dear Terri,
        Each of us have felt the loss of a loved one.
        I read one time that animals like dogs have souls, not human, but souls. So what comes to mind is that as we come back for more living in this 3d world ,they do too.
        I would be looking deep into the eyes of another animal and see that spirit of muldoone gently staring back.
        Hope this helps your grieving time, this sadness of seperation.

    4. And again, I hear God saying “When All of Me comes back to Me, I Know I Am not full of Shit!!” hehe

    5. ❤ Hi, Sun… Your entire message resonated deeply within me—and actually brought Peace. It must be you lent some of your Peace to this one as it was instantaneous. Thank you sincerely.

      This one especially embraced your last sentence, "one tells his mind sometimes, that it is loved." It brought a deep welling of emotion and tears due perhaps to maybe a sharing of your energy experienced in your treating your mind with such loving kindness and respect (we are One now, so 1 felt it). There is great Wisdom shared in your post/this sentence. This one plans to adopt your kindness. This one would never have thought to do this (for others, yes, but not for 1-Lin… and in doing so for others, that kindness would have been lacking, as it wouldn't have come from all of me 100%).

      In Loving Gratitude—and Respect, 1-Lin ❤

    6. Linny baby, Huge hugs to you. It IS joyful to post this! It is joyful that alll these deep hidden particles are coming to the surface to be released and honored as part of the past that got YOU to where you are. The soul contracts are complete and from a non-physical perspective your mother gave you what you desired to experience in this lifetime and now her path, she moves forward into the unknown fully learning and experiencing the lessons she set for herself. To inhibit her path, to block it, to alter it is, from a higher soul perspective, not unconditional love. So, in this moment you are releasing and transmuting and loving the one who suffered but knowing that all is well, and you are allowing her her path and through self love you make the choice that is joyous to your soul. You can choose to love her higher being or simply send light for her path, or you can say simply that your soul contracts are complete and you release them with honor. All that remains in our cups that is not of the higher life IS and will come up at this time for release–this IS a joyful thing–so, as Matt kahn so blessedly says–LOVE your own heart–love the one suffering–love the one who feels bad, love the WHOLE of YOU! huge hugs to you baby girl! 🙂 Alex

      1. ❤ Dearest Alex… Thank you. Your message helped bring even more Clarity to my Heart and my choice. Funny thing is, the night before all this release, I dreamt I was being prepared for surgery. I do believe some heavy "stuff" was removed, as 1 felt quite empty—and deeply shaken and spent—yesterday, and also lopsided. One had asked that my Heart be opened completely, whatever it took, so I feel my request was granted with Grace—one hadn't expected it to happen in this way and had even forgotten my request until last night—which is probably good so the action could be 100% completed. This one feels Blessed and glad it's done. Now to more fully move on… in JOY, when it returns, and it will as the channel is now open and unblocked.

        Continued Love Blessings+ to you&yours,
        With Gratitude and Love, 1-Lin ❤

    7. Dear LIn!

      I am so grateful that your mother gave you life so that we could meet here ❤

      Love you – always ❤

      B to B

  15. ♪ ♫ Joy to the world …… ♪ ♫ ❤

    This place looks a little bit like the dome in my heart room.

    Bixie 😀

  16. Last night, shortly after midnight, my receiver failed, he froze the TV picture and was set to „0″. (Not in four digits 0000, but it was unusual in only ONE – -0 -).
    I don’t know if that has anything to do with the universe or just for me like: „go to bed “.
    When I got up this morning, there was an unpleasant odor in the air. I thought, “aha, the remaining darkness has left the earth.”
    Just now, someone said to me: „It’s a new beginning” ❤

    Gestern Abend, kurz nach Mitternacht, versagte mein Receiver, er fror das Fernseherbild ein und stand auf „0“. (Nicht vierstellig 0000, sondern es war ungewöhnlicherweise nur EINE ––0–).
    Ich weiß nicht ob das etwas mit dem Universum zu tun hat oder nur für mich war „geh’ ins Bett“.
    Als Ich heute morgen aufstand war ein unangenehmer Geruch in der Luft. Ich dachte: „aha, die restliche Finsternis hat die Erde zu verlassen“.
    Gerade eben sagte jemand zu mir: „It’s a new beginning“ ❤

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

    1. Peace, and more peace, and more balance.
      Thank you Bixie!
      And gratitude to CC and Aisha for sharing in this missive ,that fun and the joy of playing with “it”/Life, is where we can go from here. :).

      blessings all.
      deeply going for the Joy of life.

        1. Jag gillar verkligen den här typen av föreställningar 🙂 I morgon ska jag och några hundra sångare till sjunga sommarpsalmen “En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt…” bland folk på torget i city. Jag behöver träna på altstämman innan dess 😉



  17. Dear friends! I am still very much in “cleansing mode”, so I will not be here much today either. My sister is going through the same, so we will probably have to postpone our trip until Saturday. Thank you all for your loving support! I said to my sister yesterday, whenever one of us sneezes, now it is like I hear all of you saying “bless you” at the same time and I can feel your love embracing us 🙂
    With much love and gratitude from us both, Aisha ❤ 🙂

    1. Dear Aisha, once again please take good care of yourself & your sister & dad, your parents must be very proud of you both (^.^) I felt how much you meant to myself & I so appreciate you are giving me chance to be here with many Angeles & gods here & I am sorry I just realized I double post water you tube I am sorry. Love Tomo. Good night

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