A short update on the energies

As you have perhaps already noticed, much has been dislodged by this recent onslaught of energies, and as such, you will all find all sorts of flotsam and jetsam cluttering up your space from time to time. But do not fret dear ones, this is merely scattered bits and pieces from all of those old constructions having been dismantled but as yet not been completely removed. But they are all scheduled for removal at the earliest of opportunities, so do not think they will stay around for too long and spoil your view.

Again, we speak in parables, but the message we want to convey is this: you are all more than eager to take those first true steps into the brand new, the fully formed place of your dreams, devoid of any negativity, however small a part it may still have in your life. And so, whenever something a shade darker than the brilliance you expect to see appear in your proximity, you will feel as if is still tainting the whole picture. Nothing cold be further from the truth, but it is indeed understandable that you may think so. For by now, you have all in some ways been able to venture behind the lines as it were, and you have had a preliminary glimpse of the world to be, either as a detailed description given to you during dream state, where you have felt as if existing in that wonderland already, or by some sudden and unexpected feeling of bliss in your everyday life, when you know you have arrived somewhere wonderful, even if it is just in your mind.

But still, those small gimpses of the new will leave a lingering taste, and you will want to have more of it, and not just a small, tantalizing sample now and then. And so, you may feel as if tricked into a process where you are being tossed small scraps tasting so delicious, they will lure you into continuing to slosh through all of the debris and all of the density you still sense all around you, only for the promise of something better on the horizon, a horizon that seems to move further and further back by the day. Again, this is more than understandable, but again, this is also very much your old programming speaking to you. For you have been taught to expect failure, and you have been taught to expect disappointment and you have been taught to be a victim of propaganda and disinformation, and so, you have it in you to expect the same this time also. For where are all of those glorious views we have promised, and where is all of that freedom we have told you to expect? The simple answer is this: it is already here, it is already within you, but it is very hard to see as you have still so much of your attention trained without.

We know that these words will fail to make an impression on those still set on expecting nirvana to appear as if from out of nothing ahead of them much like on one of those entertainment shows that your media is so fond of propagating, but in this, you cannot be more wrong. For what you are waiting for, is not something that will appear out of the blue, put together by forces unseen, for your entertainment only. No, the paradise you want, and indeed truly deserve, is the one you are already constructing yourselves, and even if it seems to be a very long way from completion yet, it is in actual fact already here for you to seek into and for you to enjoy. It is there, not under your very eyes, but within your very bones, within every breath you take and within every beat of your heart.

For as you managed to dislodge yourselves from the old and detrimental grid of yesteryear, you also managed to connect to that brand new grid, the one literally filled with milk and honey, enough to sustain even the most ambitious of your dreams. For you have already made your dreams come true, by refusing to stick the old nightmare where so many of your fellow men still reside, but again, it takes time for a human mind to let go of all of the old patterns and programmings, the ones that limit your view in every way. And so, your outlook will still very much be formed by what you see within the narrow confines of the old blinkers, and it takes an astute heart to keep overriding those old signals. For as we have told you on more than one occasion, those old signals are still being sent out by those jamming stations, still set on disrupting the signals between you and that real you, the one that already lives in harmony with these new frequencies, the one that is already basking in the loving light flowing into your golden sphere without interruption. And so we will once again repeat what we have been speaking about on so many occasions, and that is the need to not fall into the trap of tripping over any of these small remnants of the old scaffolding still lying about. Yes, they can be more than a nuisance at times, but they need not constitute any hindrance for you if you manage to simply step over them and leave them lying there. For they are not your responsibility, they are not yours to dismantle and stack in a more orderly fashion. For this is not how this process work. All you have to do, is to focus on your inner light, the one that is already bright enough to light up a considerable distance around you, but still, it can be easy for any of you to overlook it at any given time. Remember, none of you have your old shades on, but you still act like you have them from time to time, and you will find yourself stumbling around as if in the dark, when you in fact have more than enough light with which to navigate safely from.

Again, we do not say this to berate you in any way, we just want to remind you of your own greatness, the one that has a habit of slipping out of your own focus from time to time, or rather, the one that as a habit of being drowned out by that that seemingly endless choir of negativity that still will erupt from time to time. So take some time to take a good look around you, and this time look with your heart, not with your instincts, and you will see the truth in our words. And then, you will also see the magnificence of the work you were so busy carrying out during your last gathering. For that was no ordinary get-together, no simple celebration, not just another block party. No, that was something else altogether, for that was the first real venture within the great halls of knowledge, and that was your very first communal dip into this amazing well of wisdom, and that was your very first successful endeavor when it comes to true inter-dimensional collaboration. Granted, none of those previous encounters you have staged in this manner have been inconsequential in any way, they have been important stepping stones towards that giant leap you took this time, but again, what you have accomplished now, bears little resemblance to anything else you have managed to accomplish earlier. For as you formed a human chain of souls, you reached further and higher than you have ever managed before, and you opened some doors that was indeed a couple of levels higher than we could have hoped for. And so, you once again far surpassed any stipulated requirements, if we may use such a word, and you once again proved your prowess in outreaching yourselves.

For you are indeed made of the same stuff as the stars, and now, you will start to see that in the minutest detail. For you will see what lies hidden within, and no, we are not referring to anything esoteric, we are in actual fact referring to those driving mechanisms of your entire universe and beyond, the detailed programming that runs this biological computer if you will that sustains not only you, but everything else. For you have started to peer into the very core of your being, but you have also started to peer into the very core of All of creation, and so, you will start to find some answers that will not only surprise you, but also delight you. For you will find that this seemingly impenetrable complexity is divinely simple, and you will find the answers that you seek that will not only change your outlook completely from one of singularity to one of connectivity on a very different level than before, but you will also start to find the answers that will help to change everything you see around you. And yes, we do mean everything, as what you see now, is enough to make your heart cry from desperation at times. And so you have finally managed to pry open that door that will lead you to all of these answers, but again, they are for you to search out, they will not be delivered on a silver platter, stamped and ready for your approval.

For again we repeat the same old adage that this is not done FOR you, but BY you, and so, you have once again shown this to be true. For you have shown yourselves more than worthy of our admiration and gratitude, for you are indeed wiser than you think, and you are indeed brighter than you think, and now, you will find a way to realize this for yourselves too. And when all of this comes together, you will no longer have any time to look for problems, for then, you will only see the solutions, no matter where you fasten your eyes. And then, your mind will no longer limit any of you, and all of your inherent powers will come out into full bloom, and with this, the world of you dreams will cease to be a mirage and start to simply BE.

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  1. Have yet to catch up….
    BiG BIG LOVE !!!
    synch’ed in here ! BIG TIME
    nothin but blue skys do i see — smiling on —– ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you Aisha and CCs XO
    EVERY THING has changed and is OUR BELOVED NEW XO
    It must be the re membering, the all of the Me(s) one with the all of the You(s) being a One. I had planned to be at the Pond in stillness at home and forgot; it would have been my first. However I had initially set the intention of doing so. On Sunday I was with my husband at a shopping center and became overwhelmed by energies flowing through me and had to leave for home immediately. Not negative energy just a feeling something very important and very big was happening. When we got home I realized it had been 3:00pm when the wave came in and the energy continued and although subsided somewhat it is still flowing through me. All of me All of you in One. I love these gift’s of Love Light Compassion from Aisha and the CCs because when they say something like we have said this before or it is important to say this again, it is. Because it is always a new me hearing it in a new way with a new understanding locked in until that new me hears in a new way with a new understanding and locks into a new membering. XO Kay

    1. Dear Kay, thank you so much for sharing this! “All of me All of you in One.” – a perfect way to sum it up 🙂 And yes, like Anna Helen said earlier, it “Feels like a constant Gathering now”.
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Kay thank you for your message! “It’s always a new me hearing a repeated message, in a new way with a new understanding.” That puts how I often feel into such perfect words!!
      I will be back in B.C. for the next gathering (though possibly jet lagged) but the time of the Gathering will not be during my sleep time at least 🙂 So maybe see you there!

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  4. Hi everyone. The energies got a bit heavy this week but I’m still enjoying my time here, especially when digging out in the gardens 🙂 I leave Friday and return to my cousins’ in Brisbane then take a 24 hr bus trip back to Canberra at 6:30 pm Oz time Sunday evening.

    Here’s a lovely, light, fun video for those who need a wee pick me up as I did; it’s especially for the dog lovers amongst us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2iTS6f9_Co


    1. Thank you, Nancee.
      A moment ago I hit rock bottom, ready to exit this plane of existence, and then I watched this wonderful uplifting video you posted. I didn’t like the written comments in the video, but hey, I’m allowed a bit of grumpiness.
      I’m still upset, but a little less so.
      I love you, my starsister!

      1. Dear JJ, we are all allowed our moments of grumpiness and an “angry hour” now and then 😉 Here’s a little extra uplifting energy from me 😀
        LOVE, Aisha

      2. ❤ When the timing is right you'll be together again with your delightful twin… until then, keep 'em laughing… and don't forget to keep giggling yourself, especially in the face of discomfort/sadness—raises the energy immediately. Now, go out and celebrate YOU!! 😀 and 1 will, too, from over here. YOU make me smile in appreciation. ❤

    2. Dear Nancee, thank you for the update – and thank you for the wonderful “pick me up” video! I am sending you some extra uplifting energy too!
      LOVE, Aisha

    3. That was adorable, thank you Nancee! ❤
      I've always been more of a cat person, though maybe that's just because I've never had a dog. 😀 (I love dogs too!) **and spiders, although I admit they still get the squish sometimes.

      1. ❤ eewwwwww… no no to spiders. anything else, BUT spiders. takes all 1 has to not kill them, trap them & take them outside (and sometimes they lose to the squish—not funny or fun for this 1)

        1 enjoys your posts! 🙂 ❤

        1. Dear Lin,
          So I have read that every single living being at some level always gives permission to transcend the physical life. So some times it’s just the spiders time to get squished. It’s all good, all of it.

  5. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    “…For you have already made your dreams come true, by refusing to stick the old nightmare where so many of your fellow men still reside, but again, it takes time for a human mind to let go of all of the old patterns and programmings, the ones that limit your view in every way. And so, your outlook will still very much be formed by what you see within the narrow confines of the old blinkers, and it takes an astute heart to keep overriding those old signals. For as we have told you on more than one occasion, those old signals are still being sent out by those jamming stations, still set on disrupting the signals between you and that real you, the one that already lives in harmony with these new frequencies, the one that is already basking in the loving light flowing into your golden sphere without interruption. ..”

  6. Thank you Aisha for today’s update!

    My preliminary glimpse of the world to be came by sudden and unexpected feeling of bliss in July of 2012. 👼 After losing that bliss and heightened state of consciousness, meditating and visualizing became much more difficult. I’ve basically almost completely stopped.

    I am not consciously aware of ever being at the pond or meeting with any of you, and I apparently opted out of remembering my dreams a very long time ago. I am able to recall only maybe 3 or 4 very short dream segments or flashes from the past 2 or 3 years.

    Almost all the amazing things I’ve seen and experienced have been during my waking hours, such as seeing Quetzalcoatl / Kukulkan in the sky. Other than those awesome instances, the vast majority of experiences I have had have been on the internet, and so I often wondered if someone was playing tricks on me. I even believed from time to time that EVERYONE knew what was going on except me. Feeling like I was going insane was NOT fun.

    Unfortunately, I am not comfortable talking about myself, am not comfortable communicating over the internet, and don’t know anyone from my area to talk to about this kind of thing. Thankfully, (thanks to you all) I’m starting to feel more relaxed about it. I want very much to help others and be able to ask for and accept the help of others.

    Speaking of which, if there’s any other ponders from my area, I would love to make some friends I can talk to face-to-face. 🙂

    Thank you to EVERYONE here at the pond!!
    Love and Gratitude,
    Adam M. ❤

    1. shrug
      it would most probably be easier to differentiate if we knew what area you are from.
      let’s go play

    2. Dear Adam Michael, thank you for allowing us into your heart! It takes great courage to travel the path we do, especially when it becomes a lonely one like yours. But now you have become ONE with this family of light, and I am so glad you have chosen to open yourself up and show us your light. I hope you find someone you can meet face-to-face, and now that you have taken this first step towards connecting deeper, I am certain you will find someone crossing your path very soon 🙂
      Much love and a big hug from me, Aisha ❤

        1. ❤ xox ❤

          *embaces hugs gladly and enthusiastically. 🙂

          **blushes upon kiss..
          but plants a quick peck on your cheek and disappears. 😀

    3. I’d love to come visit, Adam! I’m from Holland, Europe. Last time I was in Chicago was in October. Haha, just passing through though. I was on my way to meet with another Pond member. Can you guess which one?
      I’m pretty (highly) frustrated because I can’t get back to her.
      Love yah, my friend, my brother in arms.

      1. Thanks JJ, I would love to meet you too.
        Can’t..? Why, no money to travel?

        I am truly grateful for your friendship,
        and I Love ya too brother!
        Adam 🙂

          1. sorry if I was prodding.
            I want to travel so much, but have always felt tied to this spot for one reason (or another). Assumed family responsibilities I think is the big one. Majorly conflicted feelings on that one. Money has been an excuse I use too. 🙂

            1. No worries, Adam. Yesterday was one of those ultimate low days.
              I got family ties too, and so does my Twin Flame, AH. We met in September. I went to see her for the first time in October. She came here in December, but she is back in Memphis now and I am here.

  7. “For where are all of those glorious views we have promised, and where is all of that freedom we have told you to expect? The simple answer is this: it is already here, it is already within you, but it is very hard to see as you have still so much of your attention trained without.”


    Actually this entire time I’ve had my attention trained WITHIN.

    Which is why it is a continual shock, when I’m “forced” to engage with the surrounding reality, that I look around in disbelief at the same ugliness.

    Training oneself to look within, would be most effective if we could completely DISENGAGE from participating at all in this old fugly matrix.

    Since we can’t go into true *seclusion* as did the ascended masters of old…our only alternative (besides typical ascension through Death)…is to unfocus & sever our mental perception from this reality by going Mentally Insane.


    “…where you have felt as if existing in that wonderland already, or by some sudden and unexpected feeling of bliss in your everyday life, when you know you have arrived somewhere wonderful, even if it is just in your mind.”


    Exactly how a Mentally Insane person operates.


    “And yes, we do mean everything, as what you see now, is enough to make your heart cry from desperation at times.”


    Nah, the feeling of “desperation” comes from actually focusing ON this fugly reality.
    But being unfocused & detached from it as much as is possible, — without being totally secluded or insane — when still having to interact with it at odd intervals…
    ….No negativity is experienced, no desperation is experienced — what IS experienced is a spiritually perplexed wrinkling of the nose, as if smelling a planet-sized pile of shit.

    At this moment, I’m opting for Insanity as the best perceptual release mechanism from this reality …. as well as the spectacular unfocusing abilities within “Autism” as a key reality detacher.

    1. now now
      don’t vilify insanity.
      I’m not the only alumnus from the psych ward who hangs around here.
      we did not get where we are by leaving anything out!

      1. I’ve been in the psych ward a few times as a juvenile for “mis-behavioral” issues. However, I cannot recall ever feeling like I was losing my mind until the last two years or so. I can certainly say, my not wanting to be put in a place like that has contributed to my reluctance to talk about my recent experiences.

        hmm.. maybe losing (or loosening) one’s mind(‘s grip) is not a bad thing as long as one does not fear it? worth pondering perhaps. 🙂

        autism is an interesting subject.

    2. Kiera my sweet Sister…you really are a Diamond in the ruff….of course you do know that you have already become your very own blockage. I truly can relate to your many frustrations & you are truly justified in feeling this way as we All don’t like the surrounding fuglies that we see & feel each day & wish that positive change would come a lot sooner, a lot quicker….but we must accept the greater divine plan in all of this, & the truth is lessons learned by mankind have often been through strife & hardship, destruction & emptiness in the well when it runs dry….& it will. When nature decrees the fires to keep burning & the rivers to keep flooding….beautiful vast bodies of ocean barren & lifeless from radiation & pollution….more storms than sunny clear days….unbreathable air…….you must see that this has already begun & when sickness & disease becomes more common than healthly bodies, more death than birth, then you will see massive wake up wanting positive change to come from the remaining population upon the Earth…..when, is always the pivotal point…sooner will be definitely better than later, but that’s why we All need to stick together & shine our Light unified in strength out into the world & influence that change to be sooner than later….every little thing you do makes a difference & often you don’t even know how much & how great you are contributing….or as you say, you certainly can choose insanity & be oblivious to it all & know deep inside that no difference at all is coming from your life…..but really, I know you don’t want that, if you did you probably would have jumped off a bridge already. We need each other, the ponders need your intelligence, strength & certainly your Light….& you know too you need us, if you really think you didn’t, than why do you keep tuning in …..time to Shine Sister !….isolation & loneliness is a state of mind, you are 3D real here now for a reason & you are way smarter & way more valuable than to make insanity your reality !….
      sending you a realness warm LOving embrace !……Bev~

    3. Hi Kiera, I was reading up on autism yesterday as I’ve always had a tendency to avoid eye contact. (as far as I can remember.)

      Bev posted Part 2 of a message by Kryon which I felt led to read so I found Part 1 first, and it has a very interesting discussion on human consciousness and multidimensional communication. Under the section titled “The Types of Soul Communication” it suggests “The autistic mind is the forerunner of things to come”

      “There’s an attribute of a nonlinear mind that you call autism that you should study. There are many autistic Human Beings who can tell you the day of the week for any year within any month. If you were to ask that person, “What is the day of the week for the 15th of the month in May of 2035?”, many would know the day instantly. Most Humans would gasp at what appears to be their computational efforts. But the truth is that computation has nothing to do with it. You see, it’s not a formula, and it’s not math. The answer already exists, so it is known. You can go to almost any personal computer that is calendar friendly and find that information, because it already exists. It’s a concept that has already been developed, produced, and stored.

      The nonlinear mind works this way. Many with the autistic mind are able to interpret this information almost instantly, because they see the concept. They’re not calculating anything. Now you know the difference between linear and nonlinear. The autistic mind is the forerunner of things to come and an anomaly of future Human development. These are the savants of the day, and many of their difficulties stem from their inability to work in a linear world.”

      Part 1:

      Part 2 in bev’s post:

      Love & Light,
      Adam ❤

      1. Well, not avoiding eye contact completely, just uncomfortable maintaining it for very long. It seems to be becoming less of a “problem” as I get more comfortable opening up and sharing more with other people. 😀

  8. Thank you as usual for your work, Aisha. I didn’t think I did a very good job of meditating on Sunday, but your message from the cc’s today about what we accomplished on our last gathering ties in nicely with the visions I received while at the gathering. It was very nice to read this.

    1. Dear Rita, you did an excellent “job” during the meditation, for all we need to do, is to simply allow ourselves to be a part of it. Remember, what we “see” or what we remmber is just a small part of what is actually taking place, so never think that you are not “doing it right.”
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  9. Thank You Aisha & CC’s for another wonderfully revealing message !…..& I think this one ‘1’ line sums it’s up quite nicely…….
    “The simple answer is this: it is already here, it is already within you, but it is very hard to see as you have still so much of your attention trained without.”

    All the swirling of ifs, maybes, could haves, doubts, & questions….whether it BE negative or positive occurrences…it all hinges on 1st making the choice of what it is that we want & then full open trust in ‘Allowing’ it to happen ! There is a simplicity in most things like training to BEcome a better athlete…it requires work, discipline, focus & lots of inner confidence & trust in ourselves ! Bringing in the New Earth requires All this & more… with lots of patience & understanding & support for one another as we most certainly are a variety of souls with different training methods too ! Becoming proficient ‘Lightworkers’ is All in humbly ‘Allowing’ with dedicated LOve, Trust & Confidence …. Knowing Difference is BEing made, sometimes we only see as small but often great change is happening far beyond our singular vision & the more we accept & understand this, the greater the change proceeds ! It really is True, that as we change, shine brighter individually we change what’s around us ! We are energy, frequency & vibration…& within our projected Light, All that surrounds us is affected by it…& then we really start to See with Creation’s Eyes & Feel with Creation’s Heart the wondrous beauty that has always been ! This connection triggers open & you will never be the same old, same old again !

    Something many are not aware of, but the CC’s briefly touched upon it & it is that we ALL carry a powerful energy field, & it’s not from our soul or even our heart….it is a biological chemistry that activates within our very core with focused intent…it often is referred to sexual energy, but when we Allow ourselves to learn & harness this power on any Positive thought, like Love, Healing, & well BEing for Life….this energy field can radiate out from small to great distances…in fact it can BE limitless, All pending on what you choose, how strong & confident you are in your intentions & most importantly, what you ‘Allow’ into your Life regarding the sacred knowledge of Creation ! Certainly if we continue in this way….this is the recipe for Masters & Miracles !

    I’ve just read Kryon’s latest posting & it wonderfully touches on this & of course….so much more !….gotta Love Kryon !
    “The law is this – this communication will come to you only with your allowance. The moment you open the door of allowance, you may begin to feel it. Those are our rules.”

    He also mentions something wonderful about us & our perfect union with trees, & the forest, & I’ve had a recent vision & encounter with….so hope to expand on that later……gotta run….
    Wishing You All a most perfect & glorious day…….Love, Bev~


    1. ❤ As usual, a BIG Thank You, Bev, for the Kryon link… and for your post! With Much Love, 1-Lin ❤

    2. Dear Bev, thank you for sharing this important remidenr, and thank you for sharing the link to the wonderful message from Kryon 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. Dear sun_of_blue! I think you are so right in saying that “as any one of us finds a way of doing this the rest will just follow”. We are so connected now, we have “formed a human chain of souls” as the CCs say, and so, we stand on each other’s shoulders – the shoulders of giants as they say – stretching ever closer to that opening. And when that first one makes contact, it will be like a current passing through us all, one single unit of beings all fully connected, all fully THERE at the same time 🙂
    Love, Aisha

    1. Yes…Thank you ‘Sun’….always appreciate your unique perception ! & Aisha, I just LOVE what you just said….”And when that first one makes contact, it will be like a current passing through us all, one single unit of beings all fully connected, all fully THERE at the same time “….that’s so much like my forest experience !…will explain later…Love to you !…oh & forgot to tell you that I really visually enjoyed your photo in the gathering missive !…..Love, Bev~

      1. Dear Bev, I am so looking forward to hear about your forest experience, so many synchronicities popping up now 🙂 And I am so glad that the photo I was guided to include have spoken to you as well. I usually know when I feel the urge to photograph something that I am to use it for a specific purpose, and I think you have it in the same way.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Aisha & Sun!

      So lovely picture 🙂 And the wireless connector requires no power switch, just an intention to act, to break forth as a flood that you can not stop 🙂

      Love you both ❤


  11. “For you will find that this seemingly impenetrable complexity is divinely simple…”. What I love about your messages is the clarity and simplicity, always. Reading other channels and even some of the comments here adds more confusion than clarity so I actually stopped reading them. Once again, I’m most greatful to you and the CCs for the crystal clear energy you bring into my life.

    Blessings Aisha!

    Urban Ternström

    1. Dear Urban, many blessings back to you! That is what this Pond is all about – a place to come and “partake of the waters” in a way that best suits you 🙂 I think that the fact that we are all so different is what makes us even more as ONE, the whole spectrum of colours coming together to form one unified source of light. Thank you for adding your color to this light 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. “Sometimes if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping away beneath you, you suddenly Know Everything There Is To Be Known.”
        by Winnie The Pooh

  12. Thank you Aisha and CC’s for this lovely message on this lovely day 🌀🌊🌈☀🌞. It is a sunny 73 degrees Fahrenheit here today! Magnificent.

    Yellow light and love from my heart to yours Aisha! To help support this time of movement and transition.

    I have now over my years of experience been cat scanned and xrayed from my head to my toes, never to have found a thing. This last bit was so very physically challenging and confusing. But I report that the body according to md’s is still working properly. One day I plan to know just what is happening for Me and others to help people support their bodies through transitions, cuz wowza it can blow the mind (and the body-ha).
    Love and hugs to all experiencing those unexplainable, exhausting and sometimes painful body/physical “stuff”, may it pass quickly, easily and smoothly.
    ❤ 🌺

    1. Dear Veronica, I know what you share will be of help to so many, and yes, the task of supporting others through this very physical transition is so important. Thank you for blazing a trail for others to follow 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  13. ❤ Dear Aisha/CCs… Thank You sooo much for this update. 1's spent the last day/night+ saying (constantly) "NO!" to jamming signals and old programs and again constantly turning back to 1's Heart Eyes/Ears. 1 refused anything negative, and not always easily… took constant attention. 1 even wondered briefly at times if 1 was slipping backwards. JOY was still there, but only in the background, if 1 really looked with focus.

    Take good care, Dear Aisha… and ALL. This path is sooo much easier and (usually) enJOYable along side each of you. Continued Blessings/Love ❤

    1. Dear Lin, joy is always there, but sometimes it does take a little effort to locate it – thankfully, coming here always helps to bring it a “giant leap” forwards 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. “Together…we Shine…together there is durable & lasting strength to conquer the storms”….Earth Love & Celestial Light to fill you up always !
      Love, Bev~
      (& always grateful for All your kind words to me & my photos !!!!)

  14. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! It really is such a contrast between the stuff in the news and the quiet inner knowing that seems inevitably accompanied by physical oddities and disruptions. It does seem that the brighter light indeed shows darker and longer shadows but since shadows are insubstantial things I suppose just keeping that in mind is helpful:-)

    1. Dear ohnwentsya, so true! In between all of this outer and inner turbulence comes these moments of tranquility and deep sense of peace and certainty, like a wonderful oasis where we can gather ourselves and regain momentum.
      LOVE, Aisha

  15. and…… I will have more creative thoughts, harmonized fun new things, and even have huge wings before I even encounter little bumpy here & there !! constant synchronicity that happens more in heavenly earth. 👼

    my imaginations expand & it is fun to do so !! thanks 💓

  16. Dear Aisha, I am grateful to you & everyone always🌺

    I am already in harmony like I used to be in lights. I feel the way.

    we all hold magnificent keys to create physical reality with my expressions of All That Is in unique love, fun love, beauty & harmony with everything & now I so appreciate it is becoming Heaven on Earth. don’t you feel it? I do !!!!!!!!!

    Love tomo

    1. Dear Tomo, thank you for sharing these beautiful words and for your uplifting energy! My body is struggling a bit today, so my wings seem to be dragging the ground at the moment 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Dear aisha, Please have good rests, care more love more yourself(*^^*) I know you do already but little more for us.
        Thank you also always for caring for me too I really am thankful to you aisha *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*& I give u extra huge jet wings when you are tired. *\(^o^)/*

  17. I am seeing things a little differently. I read that our dna was tinkered with, our minds have been tinkered with, archons sabotaging our thoughts, and so what I find most hopeful and helpful is that much of our suffering was in fact due to external forces which were responsible for the negativity in humans, which was more than we could overcome. Also, according to Hindu teachings, other cosmic forces impacted us to be in the Kali Yuga for many thousands of years – the darkest of times. So I wonder why we feel so responsible for the negativity in humankind. I’m trying to be gentler with myself with all this, and be extremely thankful for all the clearing away of these, which wreaked such havoc with our inner peace, joy, and love. I just don’t think it’s our fault. LOL

    I find this message just what I need today — that we had a huge lift with the energies from our gathering on Sunday. I am so ready for this to show itself to be the world of my dreams.

    Blessings and Love to All,

    1. Dear Shannon,

      thank you Shannon, yes!! we all suffered toooooo many years & forgetfulness is over. we all have choice, we can choose now !!! isn’t that wonderful, I am so happy I feel energies, positive energies in so colorful everywhere lately. yes of course i do experience bumpy & but I have one more me watching and making silly faces to lift me up, thanks shannon.

      Love tomo😃💓

  18. All is well. Very well.
    Got a pair
    of handmade
    Mocassins. Deer leather.
    We are still at a pond in
    Portugal. Hot, swimming,
    Fishing relaxing. Free energy…
    Pond is king B-)

  19. Thank you Aisha and ccs. Comforting and hopeful, peaceful and love filled, I AM appreciative! ❤ Monica

  20. Your thoughts create what you feel see and hear. Your heart knows what is good or bad. It rejects the bad and keeps the good if you allow this to control your thoughts. Your thoughts create what will happen in your life. If you let all the negitive things in life over run your thoughts. You are creating what is in store for you in the future. More negitive thoughts. If you reject all the negitive thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. You create what your heart loves to come to pass in the near future. The human race is a race of creators. That has been a sore in the body of our universe for many ages because of all its negitive thoughts. It has been a dog eat dog world with 96% negitive thoughts sent out from the human race. The time of the strongest negitive power only survive in our world is coming to an end.

    The changing of all the negitive thoughts into thoughts of positive love for all is changing our world one person at a time. The human race as a whole wants no more wars. Let your mind see the negative and replace it with a positive thought that makes the heart smile and brings a tear to the eyes with a joy to over come all walls that may try to block your way. Refuse to let negitive thoughts run wild in your thoughts. This only harms you and all around you. Positive thoughts help you over come any and all negitive thoughts and helps you and all things you touch with your thoughts and actions of love for others. Look for the love that is hidden in all things. No matter how negitive it may be. That wants nothing more than to share this hidden love with others if it could only over come the road block of negitive thoughts thats keeps the heart from shining its love to others.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Dear Ray😄,

      I just wanna thank you ❤︎
      you always make “ALL that is ALLLLL that is” so beautifully.
      & yes! joys, good thoughts, compassions, love shine everything.
      I would like to believe it is more % of people are now know that we can choose happy💓 thank you Ray tomo

      1. Yes humans are above 50% that have positive thoughts now. 96% was the human race lowest number in negative thoughts. . There have been times when almost all of earth was placed in constant fear that could not be taken out of the humans thought process. It was always there to haunt the minds of human thoughts. This still is going on in parts of our world today. These places can only be helped by people with positive thoughts to help them over come the negative thoughts that haunt their minds. It doesn’t matter which side is right or wrong in causing this type of negative thoughts. You can’t fix negative thoughts with negative thoughts. That is what is happening now. Both sides have their own negative ways to do things. All this can be fixed from the voices and thoughts of those who can maintain positive thoughts in all things that are not subject to the desires of greed and power over others for self gain by helping others do the same with love for all and for the good of all.

        Love and blessings

  21. “For you have been taught to expect failure, and you have been taught to expect disappointment and you have been taught to be a victim of propaganda and disinformation, and so, you have it in you to expect the same this time also.”
    That is exactly how we still find the problems and hindrances! They are just illusions…
    This message gives me much trust and courage to go further, as always 😉
    I realize I began to see the new world arising in the very realistic plane, too. Perfect harmony has been actually always there, we had just to realize.
    Thank you very much, dear Aisha and dear CC, for the message!

    1. yes!! Than you chihiro san” perfect harmony has been actually always there💖 ”
      love tomo

      1. トモさん、どうもありがとう!わかり合える人がいるのはうれしいです。

    2. Time to “pop” some positive energy into this world!!!

      This came up……..had to take off my shades in Joy!!!

      1. thank you Micheal 💓yes everything gonna be alright💓to be the world of dreams🌍( right shannon?!)

  22. Today I found some very surprising and beautiful answers about Atlantis, the 4th dimension and the ‚ harmful reptilians’ for me.
    Since then my head feels like a softly turning galaxy 😉
    It feels goooood, but also very unusually.

    Ich fand heute einige sehr überraschende und schöne Antworten über Atlantis, die 4. Dimension und die ‚schädlichen Reptiloiden’ für Mich.
    Seitdem fühlt sich mein Kopf an wie eine sich sanft drehende Galaxie 😉
    Es fühlt sich guuuuut an, aber auch sehr ungewöhnlich.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM BIXIE 😀

  23. 🙂 Thank you, Aisha, CC’s and Pond family of Love and Light!!

    I couldn’t comment yesterday (again!) but want to say to Philip – wonderful about “living meditation,” and I am so happy that awareness of SOL continues to grow! oriahu, thank you for the meaning of the word “jiwa” and for speaking about SUBUD. I had never heard of that until you began mentioning it here are the pond. I read a little about it yesterday and found it very interesting. The Seven Circles symbol holds particular significance for me.

    All other ONES, sounds like we all had a great Gathering. Feels like a constant Gathering now, doesn’t it? Guess it always really has been. 🙂

    I love you!!!!

    ❤ AH


    1. The power of God is the center of Subud. Hence there is no doctrine and anybody who believe in any religion can enter the Subud. SUBUD member say only “the power of God”. They don’t say as Light nor Love as convention.
      The essence of Subud is the power of God. When rookie member surrender to Almighty God(OK in the subjective) near Subud member in the same room or venue, God’s power will be transmitted to the newcomer. The senior Subud member just surrender to Almighty God, too. Himself/Herself does nothing.
      The very first, the God’s power(sphere of light) falled from the sky into one city worker of Indonesian around 1930. The man established The Subud Brotherhood. There are Subud members in 84 countries spread across the globe, with group and national organisations in 54.
      They say rookie of less than one year or so, so unstable, that to participate in collective Latihan is preferred.
      Thank you!

      1. “Latihan” is Indonesian normal word as training. But human does not anything other than surrender to Almighty God.
        The latihan is hold twice a week in one room. Room of men and women are separate about latihan. Each latihan will end in about 30 minutes. Start and end are referred to in the words of the member in charge to determine the appropriate timing.

        1. When I was a member of SUBUD, there was held “World Latihan” once a month. Depend on my memory, the World Latihan started around 1988.
          It becomes the tea party Latihan is finished. After the tea party they return to home.

          1. oriharuさん🌸皆ある時点で光からの色んなお呼びがある様ですね覚えて良きを広めたり様々今楽しい時を迎えてますね嬉しいです有難う!(今日はしゃべり過ぎたので寝ます良い夢みよっと!)Love tomo

    2. perfect….”feels like a constant gathering”…..you are always synced & tuned in to the heart beat of the pond….hope you never feel that any of us forget about you in your silent times !….Rise & Shine On Sister !…..Love, Bev~

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