A short update on the energies

Today, the Sun will once again shower you with beneficial gifts, and even if this day looks less than ordinary for some of you, it is still very much just one in a long line of extra powerful days, chock a block with delicious treats for your inner being. Let us explain.

As you many of you have already noticed, that inner dialogue between your inner being and this outer light can reach fever pitch at times, and we do mean that in a very literal sense as well, as some of the reactions from the friction caused by these incoming missiles and your own energetic field can indeed create quite a lot of heat within your physical body. Other reactions can also be apparent, and as we have already discussed in an earlier missive, the sense of vertigo can be very prevalent now, and you may feel as if you are moving around on an unsettled ground in every sense of the word.

Still, these are merely symptoms of work in progress, with an emphasis on progress, and as such, your body template is buzzing with activity aided by all of these small packets of interstellar energy. This benevolent shower of small sparks, all set up to set you all fully ablaze with the brightest of lights hitherto seen on these shores will continue for quite a while yet, and even if you perhaps think that our choice of word was at a fault when we called this “delicious”, for your inner body, this is truly manna from heaven. For this is in all aspects the refreshing spring rain it has been waiting for for so long, and now, it is truly drinking it all in, relishing in every single molecule of light that is coming its way by way of the outer worlds. And so, what you as a “passenger” within this amazing physical vehicle may experience as a sort of motion sickness is once again only symptoms of a huge growth spurt that will enable you all to reach those lofty heights you have so hankered for.

Again, what may feel extremely unsettling at times, whether in a physical or in a more emotional way, are merely bumps in the road that will be more noticeable now that the speed has increased to such a degree, and even if they can be bothersome at times, they will indeed decrease as this body of yours will get better at BEing in this continuous flow of liberating light-rain. And so, expect to feel less like a passenger in an airplane being tossed about in the heavenly turbulence, and more as a contended one, settling in to explore the surroundings and to admire the view as it keeps whizzing by at an ever increasing speed. For you are well on your way to your destination now, and soon you will all start to see more and more details on the inflight information screens giving out details about the velocity, trajectory and indeed the all important description of that longed for destination. In other words, the rapidly thinning veil will start to serve up more and more details to each and every one of you, and you will start to receive this in many different ways, as images, words, sound, sensations or even scents. In other words, this will be a conversation involving all of your human senses and then, some extrasensory ones that are finally starting to come out of their long slumber thanks to this refreshing spring rain of energetic droplets of light that will continue to shower down upon you all.

So lift your eyes to the sky, the better to savour this life-giving rain, and let your heart open as wide as it can the better to take it all in, and let your mind take the back seat for a while, the better to silence that at times ceaseless chatter of anxiety and unease, and let this heavenly peace percolate into your very being, drop by shimmering drop.

275 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. i could have no chance of listing my favorite songs
    there are thousands of them
    here comes another

  2. Hello everyone.
    This is my 37th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  3. now i’m going to do what my sister always does when i try to talk to her

    change the subject back to something interesting but meaningless.
    she insists on being trivial
    i don’t know to cry or scream?
    then I read Karen Bishop. She talks about some folks have had enough and they are about to bail out of the sack of meat that they think is the totality of their prison.
    I guess, i should start planning a funeral.
    on the other hand
    it is the cycle of life
    btw it will be like a heavy anchor removed, which slows me down.
    or i may keep on for another decade
    hug me

    1. Otmn… a little morbid sounding but, “Build it (funeral) and they will come!” (It worked in the movie 🙂 That said, your mom will leave when she’s ready. So cry, scream and then wrap yourself in the warm hugs being sent your way by your friends at the Pond. Love, Nancee

    2. You can never live life in advance or prepare their grief. Being in the present is the only way to be.

      Love ❤

      B to B

    1. All the things I have talked about is nothing but what I call paper work that can over burden the mind of humans. Just let it all go and let the spirit do its work. No body needs these type of weights on their mind. We should never dwell in these types of thoughts. See them for what they are and move on. Look at the good things in life and let those thoughts remain with you. Think only with thoughts that can help others not thoughts that harm others. The spirit that lives within each of us knows how to fix the earth with all its problems. Let it do its work while remaining in thoughts of kindness to others. What I have talked about most here know about. We all seek knowledge about life. Learning to deal with what we read see and feel about things can be more than one might handle. We as a single person can’t heal the earth. We as a whole joined in spirit can do anything. Let the spirit do the work and enjoy the ride. Just try to remain in positive thoughts. Not the thoughts of all the paper work about what is wrong. Negative human thoughts create the paper work. Positive thoughts discard them and lets the spirit flow grow within us.

      Love and blessings to all

      1. Thank you Aisha! CC’s are getting windy lately, aren’t they!!!

        I loved what took such time for you to write Ray.

        Thank you and lots of hugs all around for all the Ponders.
        May 1, 2014 We have made it this far, let’s keep going.

        Anyone having interesting eye events lately? I saved someone’s sanity today by forwarding Aisha last Energy Update ((:

        Love it when I get to do this and help someone who is scared of these incoming energies and the physical symptoms.

        Love, Terri

        1. Dear Terri, yes, let’s keep going 🙂 Thank you for BEing here, and for helping to spread the light far and wide!
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  4. As the mind of humans become more enlighten in the spirit and learn how to maintain these enlighten thoughts in communication with the higher self. It becomes more like day and night between the different thoughts. The chatter within the thoughts of humans that comes from our invironment in day to day life we all have to deal with generates what I call paper work. Some is useful in working out problems or in the creations of more advanced thoughts. Most is useless chatter of lost thoughts. Such as fear or hate that has been taught to many. The best word I know of for thoughts of substance and just chatter in the thoughts on humans. Is asking the word why to anything that comes to your thoughts. The human mind is designed when ask a question to work on this question until it comes up with a answer it will accept. If not accepted these thoughts are put on the back burner and come back at a later time to try and answer the question why.

    When enought of these questions back up and start to over flow in the thoughts of the mind it can cause problems. Such as lost sleep while the mind keeps working on these questions why while you sleep or lack of focus. Focus is not letting the paper work get in the way when trying to learn something.
    Have you ever talked to someone and tell them you aways go back to the same thing. This is when they haven’t accepted or accepted to reject that thought. It is always there and comes back to haunt your mind until it has a answer. A person has to come to terms with their toughts to accept or accept to reject them form your thoughts. If not they build up. When you meet a person that holds all their feeling inside. Sooner or later this will build up and come to the surface with a much stronger force than would be used if this was just released a little at a time as you come to terms with it. You face fear head on in a calm manner and deal with it to get it over with and move on. Don’t let things build up inside until you blow up.

    You can ask a thousand people the same question and can get a thousand different answers. Simple questions have simple answers. Complex questions have from simple to complex answers. This depends on what you have learned in life and if what you learned is truth or only part truth or just a myph handed down through time. What can come into play in getting a answer can be much more complex than the question because of all the paper work you have attained in life. What the world of humans think about as a whole is mainly controled by religion and what the governments put out as news as how everyone should live in their thoughts and everyday life Depending on where you live. The world as a whole don’t think as one, but is getting closer everyday. It thinks as many large to small parts with different views on different subjects.

    The internet is changing this because you can see the views of most of the world on the internet. Many countries ban different views from what that country wants its people to think and believe in. The internet is a beginning of worldly views about things that is changing the thoughts of many faster than they have ever changed in our history. The next step in this is where the spirit comes into play as a communication device. It is a communication that is sent out from each person on earth that is collected and stored in a place that can be accessed by any and all who learn to use it. The spirit uses this all the time whether you know it or not. It is wireless unseen and off the grid so to speak. I have heard said that there are human devices that try to do this but these aren’t universial knowledge even if they are used to try to imitate universial knowledge. Look at the true intent of these devices to see the truth in them. The spirit collection is like what the larger governments are doing now in their collection of information of what is on the internet. If you don’t use the internet or a wireless device or phone or credit card it can’t be collected. The spirit communication is collected into the Earth, water, air and magnetic fields of our solar system. Some believe this extends out into the lining of the black hole in the center of our galaxy and further out into the universe. Some believe this can be stored in the body of each human in the smaller particles within the atoms of our body.

    Humans use man made devices made from different particles to store its information. The spirit uses particles made from the creation of our galaxy that man did not make that are through out our galaxy. Are we learning to return to our true creation through communication through the spirit. I think the human mind is learning to use this communication through the spirit that has always been with us only hidden from most of human minds. Our most important job is to keep wars from comming about in the world we live in. For us to advance in love and knowledge of the unviverse and how we fit into it as humans. The greed and power over others must stop in our world. What makes more sense helping change the thoughts of humans for a love for all things or using power and greed over others that will return in time stronger than ever before until the masses over run the opressors that rule through war and fear. This would only repeat itself until power and greed over others is no longer a way of life on earth. The thoughts of humans has been controled for many ages through fear and war to feed the power and greed of others. Some places this is more extreme than in other places through religion and letting the law makers rise above and not subject to the laws they rule others with. Some laws were put in place with the intent to give more power to feed the greed of others. All this can change with the human race if we instill love for all things for all people. All these things will be known for what they are and not allowed..

    So up the wattage of your spirit and let it shine to the world. Learn to use the energy of the body and spirit to send out our love and peace to our world. What we send out in spirit energy is instant and travels through out our Earth and into our Galaxy in a flash that vibrates all it passes through to awaken them with a love for all that is. The energy we recieve daily. Keep what you need and release the rest back as pure love for all.

    Love and blessings to all

  5. ❤ Hi, Breezie, anyone… last night for about 1-1/2 hours before 1 went to bed and working on the computer, 1 felt a "presence" around/behind me—directly behind at times and then in the room—and heard "cracking" noises in the room. 1 forgot to ask what this presence wanted, so after awhile 1 went to bed. Almost immediately after laying down a strong "breeze" swept thru 1's head and shoulders (making me wide-eyed and alert, never happened before) and felt as though the head had enlarged 3 times the size and felt like little Light sparkles were blinking on/off in the head and shoulders and just plain sweet Love. That Love made me fall asleep soon after thinking of/seeing my giant Redwood pine in the bedroom surrounded by "the Loving Presence". 1 is no longer uncomfortable around these Presences. 1 is Grateful. And the Love was so very Sweet and Gentle.

    No windows were open as the warm Santa Ana winds are blowing in Southern Califrornia, besides it was 92 degrees F yesterday and was still warm at night.

    Have had the different smells lately, too, starting with the fresh popcorn smell a couple of weeks back. 1 Loves this new NEW.

    Continued Love Blessings to us All as we complete our Light work, xox Lin ❤

    (1 feels a soft JOY today as it usually is an exuberant radiating JOY)

    1. Thanks, Lin, for sharing this. Thanks to all who are having these new experiences and detailing them for us who are following behind. It is very reassuring. All are One. ❤

        1. hmmm… just posed the 222nd response at 22:22 (and why did 1 even notice; don’t usually pay attention)

    2. “1 is no longer uncomfortable around these Presences. 1 is Grateful. And the Love was so very Sweet and Gentle”
      ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you Lin

    3. Do I need to recalibrate my sensors? 😉 Last night I heard a noise that my friend could not hear but I was just so happy that I could hear it – without hearing aids 😉 Has taught me to appreciate the small events ;)))

      Happy for you though 🙂 ❤



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