A short update on the energies

The quickening has started in earnest now, and that steady stream of visitors we mentioned in our last missive will certainly be announcing their arrival now. You see, this is an incoming tide of such proportions that if you could see it from our vantage point, you would indeed be mesmerized by the magnificence of it. For this is no simple alignment in the sky, this is in actual fact a huge and overwhelming shift coming your way, as you will all in turn be facing a whole host of benevolent interloper from the outer fields. And when we say interloper, we do mean it in the best possible way as these seemingly insignificant sparks of light will turn into a huge bonfire of flaming love wherever they land. For they will not be stopped by any army of negation, no matter how hard you try to think otherwise, for they will all make a beeline for your heart. And even if some of you still may be harbouring thoughts of your own shortcomings, they are nothing but mere figments of your imagination. And so, what you still will think of as a hindrance to your own progress is no more real than the rest of the illusion you see around you.

You see, your mind is still up to conjuring the world it thinks you are still a part of, and so, it will continue to project the same movie, that same endless roll of negative images you have been immersed in, seemingly forever. For your mind only knows what it has been taught to do, and so, it will do all it can to “keep up the good work”. And so, the endless litany of negativity that so many are subjected to will continue, but again, this is all made up within you to make you feel at home. For the human being has been reprogrammed to resist change at any cost, and so, whenever a change such as this one looms on the horizon, the energetic reverberance from it can be felt beforehand, and the internal alarm bells will go off. For whenever the light is approaching, it is as if it is pushing up a front ahead of it, the pressure will increase, and just like any super sensitive animals can feel the first stirrings of an earthquake long before any humans can, so too will your inner being respond to these advance signals from the incoming “lightquake“. And so, the alarms will be set off, the fight or flight instincts will be activated, and you will all in some ways feel the hormonal panic train start to pull out from the station, pulling you along with it at an ever increasing speed. In other words, the incoming energies will always be presaged by a rush of anxiety in many of you, and so, the mind will add even more fuel to the fire by starting to conjure up worst case scenarios, something it is very adept at doing.

So again we say, go within, and when we say within, we mean that inner core, deep under the layer of anxiety that the more shallow parts of you are currently swimming in, and find that deep pool of tranquil water where you can float peacefully, getting ready to soak up these incoming particles of light that will help to set that inner flame ablaze in a very new way. For that inner flame is not to be feared, far from it, for that inner flame will only set the old dross alight, it will not wreak havoc on anything that is rising to the higher truth. So that flame may be bright enough to make your eyes close momentarily because of the power it contains, but you will soon get adjusted to this new brightness, and it will not be long before you can drink it in fully and savour the wonderful taste it brings with it.

So remember this in the days ahead if you feel your mind and your body rebelling because of these new embers of bright light coming into your being. They are not interlopers such as you are used to think of them, they are simply wedging themselves between the real you and the world of illusion, widening the gap between the two of you to such a degree, it will at times feel like you are straddling a chasm. So yes, this may be unsettling at times, but that is because your mind will still be trying to keep up the good work by trying to grasp on to the last straws that remains of the old, but as the grasp will be ever slipping, the feeling of free falling may once more be topmost on your mind. Just remember, you are not falling down, you are actually being elevated so high and so fast, it is not for nothing one can use the phrase of dizzying heights. And just as for mountain climbers, a rapid change in elevation will always bring with it a time for physical readjustments and yes, a time for physical reactions. But again, even if they at times may be bewildering and leave you at a loss to explain what, who or where you are at any given time, we can tell you that you will always be exactly where you are meant to be. So try to remind yourselves that in this, it is always the best to simply allow whatever it is that comes along to happen, and not to get stuck in trying to control this premiere flight in any way. For these winds of love may carry you far and away from any known destination, but that does not mean you will get lost. Far from it, this will simply mean that you are about to discover so much more of the why, who and where of it all.

202 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Hello everyone.
    This is my 35th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Sayuri Ishikawa – A Pure Song of Affectivity(Song Genre is ENKA) (Released Date : Oct.06, 1993)

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

      1. Thank you, Monica! “the illusions come up to be melted away” is a very helpful way to decribe this, and we can all benefit from some extra warmth to help this process on its way 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha

  2. Aisha,

    I want to let you know that this has happened to me twice today. I have been visited twice (in 15 minutes), in a time of trial and was physically hugged and told I was loved and then given a personal message. I heard it inside and the hair stood up on my arms! I am not going to reveal the specific details, but was told the time has come for everyone of the light to get and extra boost of the light they truly are and that even more is coming, and any confusion is temporary. We will all push through and discover we are growing different (for lack of a better word) by the hour now, and that love will absolutely triumph! I wasn’ t even thinking of your words in this post, when it came out of nowhere (somewhere) and totally enveloped me…oh oh.here comes another one. It is incredible! Thank you for posting your words so that I have a reference for this! Wonderful!

      1. Shannon,

        Your happy fuel will be replenished. One thing that I have come to know is that there is no accident in where we are placed. The miracles come because we are in our places which are intrical to this ascension process. All will be revealed and the light will shine in all the shadow places. It helps to know that we are love, and love is always victorious. Hold steady and watch what shows up. It may not always look pretty at first, but it is a gift we are in trusted with for divine manifestations. Love to you!

        1. You make sense to me, zorro, that there can be much good that comes out of dire situations. I just still cannot reconcile the treatment of the animals. It’s hard to imagine that they would agree to come experience what they do here if they really knew how bad it would be. No amount of good can lead my intellect to accept the levels of evil and torture that existence in this “illusion.”

      2. Dear Shannon, sending some extra light and a big hug to you! I hope your level of happy fuel have increased a little bit during the night 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha

  3. as long as the 3D bodies are being upgraded so they can completely heal , thats wonderful. As long as the 3D status quo (the one that keeps us from total freedom to completely enjoy this beautiful Earth) is going away, that is wonderful. anything short of that… I have to say I am not up for existing in. Just more upgrades to enhance the body as it has to live in 3D makes zero sense to me any longer. So, i would like to know what the plan really is. when i ask, i sometimes see two worlds. so i get to thinking as i did long ago about that. I cant say i like the thought of ‘split offs’ as i believe they have happened way too much already for anyones liking.
    Speaking for myself, I do not feel complete Joy when I know any others in any universes are still experiencing suffering….and i mean whether it is their choice or not. Maybe thats just me. Maybe not….for if that powerful All encompasing Being did not feel this, why would it desire and intend any change in the first place.. for the better?
    Love and Peace

    1. no, it’s not just you
      i feel so sad from all the suffering
      i guess i’m greatful for all that vomiting i did last year.
      without that purge i don’t think i could put up with any more of this shit

  4. Having thoughts I don’t remember having before.
    Weird but kind’a relaxing.
    Routine thought patterns seem to be filing out…
    New groups of thoughts lining up…
    Seemingly soothing…
    Different for sure. 🙂

  5. Went through a period of a dense energy immersed in my Being brother. The cussing was encompassing 24/7. Take a moment and check and then Release all unwanted sources of energy. There are very bright entities that know how to locate an opening within our auric fields. I released it and feel happy again.

  6. Dear Aisha,

    That is such a wonderful and “at the right time” message, I cannot thank you enough. All the negativity projected by my mind into my being is so stressful and demanding. But focusing on my inner light, which is at present a very bright yellow, helps a lot to get out of this dark valley, which is nothing but the Death Valley: the dying of the old to let the new in.
    And I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the advent of the final wave that concludes our transformation…
    With so very much Love to you and all Ponders,

    1. Dear Philipp, our minds certainly seem to be in hyperdrive now, so thank you for adding your wonderful insight to this: “Death Valley: the dying of the old to let the new in.” Keep focusing on your inner light, for it is even brighter than you can see 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  7. I just have to tell regarding my modem (for my fixed line telephony) that I could not connect yesterday.

    Today a telemarketer called me ON THAT PHONE!!! I just stared at the handset and screamed for joy (how often do you do that when having such phone calls? 🙂

    I had connected everything correctly, all wires worked, it was me who did not understand it because I did not hear a dial tone. I needed a phone call from outside to realize that all lines are open, I had done everything right.

    Thanks Aisha, CCs and The Pond for your phone call to me just over a year ago ❤ ❤ ❤

    Love & Light,

    B to B

  8. Beloved Pond Tribe, I sit here at a loss for words because I am at the still point, I feel we are all entering that zero point space where the potential (Divine Masculine) and the Creation (Divine Feminine) of our god selves will be lit on fire with this energy incoming and form the final alchemy of the physical with the spiritual. It’s hard to keep a thought in my head over the past few days as I feel as if my body is made of a rubber balloon and it is being filled, filled filled with this energy…like jet fuel it is and the final spark of the heart will light it ablaze and in this crucible all that does not serve will fall away and what is left will be the brilliant and strong diamond core of who we truly are.

    We will then physically and spiritually know who we are. We will know that we create our reality, we will know that we are divine and eternal and we are completely perfect at all times and becoming more and creating more and loving more…the entire point of the journey is MORE because the universe is benevolent and expansive and abundant. The only thing that stops any of us from knowing this at this point is fear.

    Fear moves us out of the heart and into the brain–the brain is a 2 dimensional construct. it is a difference engine and if it cannot find an answer to complex questions presented to it–like the shift we are going through, it will simply play an old script that worked before…thus the mind scramble and anxiety many are feeling in their thoughts right now. That the 3D world is doing its damndest to get anyone out of their heart and into their head is pretty obvious. Of course it would! It does not want to die because it does not know it is an illusion! The only way to remove fear is to starve it out. Fear feeds the system my friends. What do you want in this world? Feed it….

    the blessed buddist monk thich nahn han (probably spelled that wrong) lived through the vietnam war and served his fellow man with deep love and he said that we must in every moment FEED and water the seeds of love and not even root out the seeds of fear, but simply allow them to wither…the roots are strong but lacking water and attention they too will die. (I am paraphrasing here…and probably adding some of my own shtick)…

    We are powerful. We are sovereign divine beings. We create our own reality. We are Co-creating it with every single particle of quanta in the universe. WE are GODs…WHAT do you want to create? I choose to create a melding of spirit and physical, a melding of god and earth, a melding of unique physical beings all connected through source energy to the center heart of the universe. I choose to create joy in every possible moment for all beings, kingdoms, devas and elementals. I choose to create a world filled with wonder and curiosity and ease and grace and health and abundance, but most of all…with love…

    I could riff on this for hours…The quanta of this plane is being joined by the particles of light from beyond this plane and with the alchemic connection in OUR heart spaces…new worlds, new dimensions, new creations are born…out of US….WHOOOT! Much love! Alex

    1. So much for being at a loss for words…I guess my divine beloved inner being had plenty to say! I better read it so I know what she wrote! 😉

      1. Dear Alex, your words blaze a trail of light as usual – thank you for allowing them to flow! I have just watered the seedlings for my garden and I will continue to water and feed the LOVE and the joy and the gratitude – forever 🙂
        Aisha ❤

    2. You really are a sparkling flame Alex ❤ I wish you could see my happy dance for you :)))

      Thank you for what you are and all you share to all of us ❤ WHOOOT! WHOOOT 🙂

      Love & light,


  9. “And so, the alarms will be set off, the fight or flight instincts will be activated, and you will all in some ways feel the hormonal panic train start to pull out from the station, pulling you along with it at an ever increasing speed.”


    (very loud Wrong Buzzer Sound Effect):

    My high-speed magnetic levitation power Train of Neutrality left the station years ago. At max speed.

    Speed still ever increasing exponentially. Still only a few other trains in sight at the moment. Most still sitting at the station.

    Just BRING IT ON ALREADY……if there is something to bring.


    1. Just BRING IT ON ALREADY……if there is something to bring.

      let me know when you are full
      i will never stop

        1. Awesome song, and one of my favorites! Thank you, and you should know that I am throwing on this happy and energetic cloak as my clothing today! Perfect choice!

  10. When the heart speaks – it is beyond words that one hears what is said.
    I speak to the old folks who live at the Home with my Mom – and I realized I always speak to their heart from mine. And when I return the next week they ‘remember me’ – they remember the heart that spoke to theirs!!! This is an alzheimers/dementia Home. They dont recall my name, they only know they know me.
    This is a nice gift to know

    1. Dear Areeza, it is a wonderful gift – one you are giving so generously, but also one you have allowed yourself to receive ❤
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  11. Love the above Doors song ! thanks!

    I came in to post this one – it was ‘an offering’ on my ride home from visiting my Mom. I just listened to it again a few minutes ago and it became a second offering… enjoy

  12. well? anything unusual yet? what should we….say! i’ve got clean cups,and what’s called organic coffee here–and we got the purest water at my house-well it’s not really a house,nor mine–if you could just bring your own chairs–sorry,it’s a long story…we’re sorta in between couches right now if y’know what i mean?
    welcome to earth! yes,earth is what we have to wash off ourselves occasionally…but it’s sunk in pretty deep by now…
    sorry–it’s a strange day!
    say! i had a song,perfect for how i wanted to feel….let me just recall that–dang it! hey everyone–are we finding any solace yet? i feel a lightening-if not a whitening…haha–i’ll be back,with lots to say!
    i see there’s about a hundred miles of postage to read–forgive me if i seem perpetually about 3 days behind!

    1. never stop posting arctourist and three days behind isn’t far, better than my three weeks
      as for anything unusual, I remember about 20 years ago I was an atheist and had become tired of asking for help from above. I had fully satisfied myself there was no spirit or God, and I remember thinking it would be too weird to be true. Well this is WEIRD
      No wonder my small logical mind doesn’t cope at all
      wouldn’t go back though, no way
      Its extremely weird but far too interesting to look back now

  13. Toot toot, your hormonal panic train is leaving the station at 0101 ö clock
    IM imaginary
    , Gleis 4.
    Please gap the mind. We will reach our destimation Chasm City with two lightyears delay.

    1. I lost my Train of thought….
      hopped on the Ship of fools….
      took my Flight of fancy….
      then decided to take a walk

      just came to me a bit ago – so here was a good spot for it 😛

  14. Thank you Aisha and the CCs for the beautiful and timely confirmation ❤ I truly feel like I am literally at the point where I can release all that I came here to do and prepare to receive healing and proceed to the next stage 🙂

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