A short update on the energies

For now, it is as if you are holding your breaths, suspended in a stillness of heaven and Earth, anticipation running high, the nerve endings tingling ever so slightly as they sense the incoming tides of benevolent beams approaching. For you are once again awaiting the imminent arrival of emissaries from beyond your skies, emissaries that will uplift you all in manners you have yet to witness. And so we say, go within your heart, the better to witness what will develop. For what you are awaiting, is something that will touch you deeply, and it will do so no matter where you are. For it will be a limitless and borderless event, and it will be one that will be taking place far from the prying eyes of anyone less inclined to welcome these shining beams of brilliant light. For this will once again be a thing of the heart, a whispered conversation between you and All there is, a communication devoid of words, but filled with meaning of the highest intent.

So again we say listen well to what you heart is telling you, for it is your heart who will be the welcoming host, and it will be your heart who will be bringing you these good tidings as they arrive. One by one at first, but as the days go by, this trickle will increase to a steady stream of pilgrims from afar, arriving at you door, carrying with them greetings from home. For this benevolent host of far-travelled harbingers of the light knows where they will be welcomed and so, they will flock to those wide open hearts awaiting their arrival, and they will come in a multitude, but there will be no shortage of room for them. For the heart is an endless, boundless place, where love has no limits and where the light will always feel at home and find a place to settle. And this time, you will all find your hearts expanding beyond what you could have expected, for this time, you are more than ready to take on the part of the welcoming host, the one that will know that the time has come to do just that, and not to turn the light away any more.

You have needed much time to prepare for this, for you have spent many a lifetime considering yourselves unfit to play host to the messengers of light. You have looked upon yourselves as tarnished and tainted, impure and restricted in all manners, but now, you have finally found that what you have considered as blemishes are simply signs of lessons learned and of wisdom acquired. And so, you have finally opened your heart to yourself, and by doing that, you have made more than enough room for this incoming light to find a place to settle. And there are no limits to this light, nor is there to your capacity to harbour it any longer.

So get ready to receive, and know that every single visitor will be staying a long, long time. In fact, they will be with you forever, but unlike any other house guests, they will never seem to outstay their welcome. For what they bring with them, is peace of the mind, as they will all help you to put your mind at ease so that your heart can step in and finally regain its rightful place at the helm, a place it was forced to abandon a long, long time ago. But now, the heart will set the course, and it will do so for the brightest of futures, and it will do so because you are the one who will finally allow it to do so fully.

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  1. Tremendous love and hugs to you all. I felt the wave of intense and HUGE energy begin over the last day or so, like a cliff wave and ahead of it was a lot of energy that needed transmuting, so I went silent and served the all by shifting these emotional energies through my field. At times I felt like I was in a trance and the only thing to do was to breathe and ground. I spent some time in the waters of the pond, and realized the pond had become a vast ocean with no shores, as vast as the universe with no ending and no beginning, only pristine, peace and beauty. Being there helped me to sleep. Huge hugs to all, my heart is WIDE open and I accept any who come with the highest unconditional love and light! alex

  2. There were a lot of feelings being expressed in those videos 😉

    Yes – totally out of focus. I haven´t been able to plan so much earlier during this journey and now after Easter, it feels like I take a step out into the world blindly and just trust that I end up where I’m supposed to land. Really exciting – here we go 😉

    Love & light,


      1. You are often in my thoughts Areeza and in my mind you are stronger than ever ❤ 🙂

        An event that looks like a thought – my bike broke down yesterday so I need a new vehicle. Wondering if there are bikes with wings? 😉



  3. Aisha, I don’t know if anyone has asked this, but wonder what your sense of “imminent” is, when the CC’s speak of imminent arrival of emissaries.
    Thank you !

    1. Shannon 33 love you so much! I also would like to know better how the celestial’s view “imminent”! Good question for Aisha!

      Bev 37 sending prayers along with yours to the animals at the Bundy Ranch but all animals suffering in any way today. We must not stop no matter what emotion seems to over take us. We are tired of the pain and suffering of animals of all kinds. I pray all the time and ask, ” when is enough enough for them, for us”? “God? Haven’t you experienced darn near everything by this point? Let’s get on with the imminent portion because we are so ready down here!”

      Thank you very much for adding to my prayers for their safety today. I have been outside most of the day and have not heard of any new reports. TV is just so one sided and to top it off, on the wrong side as usual. Frustration, Oh yes! But also inspired that more good people are waking up and showing up!

      Off for an overdue “Tune Up” to get all my bones put back in their proper places….hugs to you both and again, and a whopping big thank you!

      Love to both you ladies ((:

      1. Love from my heart to you both, Terri and Bev37 for your powerful thoughts for relief and rescue for our animal companions who are here solely to serve man in his experience in these lowest levels.

        I laugh at your “God, haven’t you experienced darn near everything by this point?” — I so agree with your rant there to God! Can’t Divine Mother intervene in Her magnificent compassion????!!!

        You are welcome, Terri, and my thank-you back to you!

      2. “God? Haven’t you experienced darn near everything by this point? Let’s get on with the imminent portion because we are so ready down here!”
        Very well said Terri. I find myself ranting When? When? When? When? ad nauseum to myself especially when I see something like what is going on in Nevada.
        What about a general Ascended Masters strike for peace and happiness for all the animals not to mention a pay rise for us and better working conditions, no wait make that no more work at all.

        My hope and secret belief (which my negative mind will not really accept) is that animals came here at their own choice at a higher level of their being and that they will benefit in some way not understandable to me, and will reincarnate to live in bliss here when the new earth has fully manifested (WHEN??). I know the animals are loved without limit as part of the One by the universe and All That Is, humanity at large just hasn’t caught on yet.

        On a more personal note the above message from Aisha and CC’s is spot on as usual. I have noticed a lot more CC contact and messages sneaking in at all hours and in all situations since April 15, and I had a very wild ‘trip’ today in meditation which felt like a real Crossing (grand cross). I was escorted somewhere wonderful and had a great time for several hours and did not want to leave there, except the only thing I remember is coming back, through a tunnel with doors closing behind me all the way. With each door closing more of my recollection of the experience back on the other side very quickly faded, until the last one closed and I opened my eyes in my bedroom. At this point my real experience had been covered by an intense and odd dream and I was given to understand that at this time it would not be appropriate to fully remember my visits in the higher dimensions because this would make me unable to focus and function in my present day to day life.

        Thank you Aisha, CC’s and all of you / I

        1. Good day, Simmy. I really enjoyed your post. Always gives me hope to hear of someone’s experiences, that one day I also will have them as you are now.

          My understanding is that animals do agree to come here, though it is to serve, and in the spiritual realms that supposedly is enough. (My negative mind is not entirely pleased with this, but so be it for now.)

        2. enjoyed your post to Simmy — cool experiences you are having in dream world – or real world you astral projected too!
          xx oo

          1. thanks, mostly my experiences are much more subtle but I am learning to take more notice of them even when they seem small

    2. it is already happening to me
      totally out of focus
      yet amazing
      don’t stop now
      i need to find focus before i find words

        1. Dear otmn, thank you for sharing this! Both your words and your choice of music resonates very much with me – especially that wonderful Norwegian music from the mountains I love so much 🙂
          LOVE, Aisha

    3. Dear Shannon! Just like “soon”, “imminent” is probably a “malleable concept” to the ones on the other side of the veil as the CCs like to say. In other words, when it comes to the timing of events like this, they never give any precise definitions of it. But this time, it does feel that these “emmisaries” are already starting to show up, at least, that’s what it feels like in my body 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. We are sure an impatient bunch! I agree Aisha it seems different this time, definitely more action or more awareness of it!

  4. hey everyone! well! we’ve got this far,and there’s no point in wishin we could turn back now-i mean i might be tempted –haha–are you kidding? man,i think the best us yet to come–‘course i been sayin’ that for 30-some yrs!
    hey aisha,what the heck are you doin’ in norway,you speak perfect english,–and do you need a slave/manservant? haha!

  5. I ask prayers to go out to all the animals being terrorized, abused and killed in Nevada by the BLM on Mr. Bundy’s ranch. There is not one animal rescue group or huge animal welfare organization representing the terrorized animals, not one. My email is full of them today, looking for more donation money, for other projects they have accomplished little to no solution to over the years however. (clubbing the seals)

    Desert Tortoises, donkey’s, cows and their calves are all being abused and calves are being trampled when the helicopters terrorize them to stampede.

    Today, a video of a donkey actually hit while trying to flee, by a flying helicopter then roped to a fence to be kicked, punched in the face and the tail lifted so high as to lift the donkey in the air. Abuse and killing is happening and not one animal rescue group is there for the animals. (Expendable by-products?)

    Please send your love and some big time light to that area in Nevada today. No matter how you feel about Mr. Bundy, his animals do not serve to be treated, killed or terrorized while the human drama plays itself out. Send the animals some love please.

    Thank you, they need all the help they can get. I have spent the morning writing to numerous groups and organizations asking them to help the animals and get moving, today, now for the animals. I hope someone steps up and pray for them to take prompt action on behalf of the animals being threatened with untimely death after abuse

    Thank you with all my heart Ponders ((:


    1. Terri, I feel the same pain as you with this. Yesterday I went to the BLM website and sent an e-mail to them, copying every person on the national and Nevada’s pages. I did not get a single reply, but I’ll bet some read my e-mail.

      Then I went to Twitter to the #BundyRanch group page and re-tweeted a number of posts there, some of which also described the horrors involving the animals.

      I posted it on my Facebook page. I pray for a major MIRACLE for the animals there, too, as soon as Heaven can arrange it.

      Thank you also for caring and let’s send our love and light to that very dark place. ❤ ❤ ❤ Angels, God, Ascended Masters, ET's and ED's . . . . hear our prayers!!

    2. Dearest Terri…I hear ya ! these acts of horrific animal abuse is just so wrong, & if we All only knew of All the terrible things that are going on upon Earth with so many domesticated animals & animals in the wild sick, suffering, & starving to death mostly from mankind’s disrespect for nature it would make our head’s spin ! It has been on-going for so long…but I try to focus on doing the best I can in my own area, as I know you do too, & I send my prayers that at least one help group will step forward & try to remedy this injustice !…& as far as the e-mails asking for donations, I know, & get lots of them too…I only support the ones that I feel really are sincere & are able to make a difference…& not that I can send big donations, but I have to settle with some is better than none….this road that the animals, the birds, the BEEs, the butterflies are All travelling is a difficult one, laced not only with abuse, but poisoning their food supply, & taking away of their homes….I often ask…when it will All stop…please help them…please save them…please let Mother-Earth step in & provide for them as she only really knows best how to !….I understand & feel your anger, frustration & helplessness….you dear soul are not alone ! May we All keep fighting for them the best we can, & always keep praying for their health & survival !!! I know there are others out there just like us, & differences in the right direction are being made, maybe not quick enough, but we must not give up !….Earth Love & Celestial Light to you Terri !…..Love, Bev~

      1. thanks
        you explain better than i can as to why i raise frogs. It’s something i can do in my area. frogs need all the help they can get

      1. Thank you, Michael, and all here who are healing this situation with their attention and love. It is deeply comforting to me, as I carry the images in my mind as long as this situation continues. Blessings and love.

    3. Hi Terri,
      I will keep the animals in your area in my heart. Have you heard of YEA!?
      Youths Equine Alliance. They seem to get a lot of press regarding the wild mustangs being held. I am not familiar with the perticular case you spoke of here, but if it involves horses and wild burros perhaps they can help in some way. I wish I could hold all the animals in need, but at least I can hold them in my heart. I will keep them close.
      Much love to you Terri

    4. All my love, tears and prayers to the animals in their unspeakable suffering Denise. I looked up the story and was horrified to see what is going on. We have the same problem in Oz of the blind and deaf government departments being in charge of animal welfare with all their vested interests and greed. Animals are the most vulnerable and abused group of beings on the planet and I have never got any answers from ‘above’ about why it is allowed to happen to them except they are here to support us and they agreed to it before they incarnated. This is my one sticking point and makes me resentful about being on earth and makes me wonder how I can ever find true peace here while animals continue to suffer on and on in every corner of the earth. It is hard for me to understand how All Is Well because of this. If anyone has received any insight from beyond the veil I would love to know…

    5. Terri I have been reading more on what is happening in Navada and it is outrageous. I found this page
      but couldn’t get onto the BLM site from Australia for some reason.
      I wonder what we as Masters are supposed to be learning from seeing this. Hard for me to feel acceptance and trust, finding myself shouting at God instead. Must be missing something.
      Thank you for caring about the cows.

      1. I agree with you with all my heart, Simmy, “What as Masters are we supposed to be learning . . .?” with the torture of the animals. It is one of the hardest things in life, for me to not be doing EVERYTHING possible to stop it – making calls, sending letters and e-mails, etc. there is always so much that could be done. How to know where the boundaries are? I get so frustrated with spiritual teachings which do not address this satisfactorily for me. Thank you so much for caring and sharing your thoughts and feelings with this challenge. ❤

        1. It is indeed our challenge. the Ascended Masters tell us that the New Energy is utterly different from the old and maybe the seeming ‘gap’ in the spiritual teachings are because these teachings are designed to lead us out of our old 3D understandings of power, control and warfare, and into the New and very different ways of seeing and doing. We seem to be still in nowhere land, almost clear of the old but not yet with our new 5D legs (or wings) nor with our full understanding.

      2. Love to you Simmy. I 100% agree and I dont have any answers. I feel exactly as you go and many other here.
        Sometimes I think I can not stand one more minute here living with the suffering ones. yet,,, if we were not here and just chose to leave them… that is horrific too! I pray, I pray, I pray — I hug them all in whatever their sacrifice is !!!
        I do not even have a problem with eating animals. If they are to be treated kindly and killed in honor and thanksgiving… I believe they are born again soon if they wish to serve again and again.
        The abuse though… God , Please, Please
        I had the oddest thought the other day about those who abuse and kill coming back as animals that are abused … aweful thought, i know but it did come to me. They would have to choose this to learn and go thru their karma more quickly i suppose. would never, ever want to eat one of those! take in that energy – no way !
        So…perhaps it is part of a greater plan we do not understand. yet.
        Hugs to you and All

        1. Thank you Breeze. I agree we need to accept that there are things beyond our current understanding and that everything is under control at the higher levels of existence.

  6. I was just reading on Jean’s site about Project Blue Beam.
    I may have missed what the CC’s say about this dastardly program.
    How will I know that what I experience is truly from above and not some thought created from this abomination? I felt fear at my not knowing what is real when I should know. Is my heart open enough to know the difference?

    Aisha? Do the CC’s mention this Project Blue Beam? I read this today and found it absolutely similar to what I expected to happen for our benefit not for our demise. Maybe I need to be much more discerning in my reading?

    My head is just spinning with questions now….thank you always for all you bring to my life & my understanding.

    Love, Terri

    1. >3 Dear Terri… 1 is sure Aisha will respond, yet in the meantime, the CCs have suggested that we all remain in the Love frequencies and forego any fears. 1, too, the last couple of days, has had fear thoughts creep in (old fears), and 1 immediately said, “NO!” to them and “YES!” to Love. 1 had to repeat it (still am) many, many times as they seem to be persistent for some unknown reason that 1 doesn’t care to know the “why” of anymore.

      This is our NEW world, our “time”. 1 refuses to feed the negatives with fear frequencies. It’s up to us; our responses will bring about the NEW changes faster or slower according to our responses. You are sooo powerful, Dear Terri, 1 hopes you are able to choose the Love frequencies, especially as you fortunately live in such a Magical space as Sedona, Arizona. Look at what you created from your mother… AN APOLOGY (even half-assed as it was, ‘cuse the slang). wow. Most of us NEVER received that!! Powerful, you are. 🙂

      All is well; All is perfect. btw, 1 had been wondering about you and was so pleased to see your post/name. Much Love to you, 1-Lin ❤

      1. Your heart will know, Terri.
        Lin’s response is very wise
        I would add a smiley face but I don’t know how

        1. ❤ Dear Simmy… first a colon symbol " : ", then a right parenthetical symbol " ) "… viola: 🙂 … substitute a " D " for the latter = 😀 ❤

          (the Heart ALWAYS knows no matter what anyone else says)

  7. Joy to Mother Earth !
    Bless her with all spirit/flora-fauna/animal/elemental Love !
    Lay your bellies upon her and breath with her as One!

    1. Thank you Jean – love back to you too ❤ I am drinking birch sap from my beloved birches nearby and healing them with my love back in gratefulness.

      Love & light,


        1. Birch sap is the water birch tree sucks up off the ground to give strength and vigor to the tree. It is only in the early spring this process is very tangible and you can download sap until birch leaves are the size of mouse ears – then it will stop giving sap. Usually it’s about a week’s time just after snowmelt.

          The sap is water, has no particular taste – not even of birch – just a soft and slightly sweet flavor but contains many minerals and vitamins (up to six different sugars, but not sweet at all, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and sodium). Birch sap was formerly an important vitamin supplement in the early spring ; even the cattle used to get sap to drink.

          When the delicate birch leaves are growing out, they are also very useful for example in salad, tea. I dry them and use as a tea in the winter. They are cleansing for the body and soul also enjoy to the fullest 🙂 Today is also made of champagne on birch sap and you have problems with psoriasis of the scalp, rinse your hair with water being pulled in a few hours with birch leaves.

          I could tell you much more about it and there are many more recipes. Trying in vain to find a good site in English, but if you ‘re interested, you can yourself Googling for ” birch sap .”

          It was a long answer to your question Denise but the abundance of the heart – hence the mouth speaks 😉

          Love & light,


          1. Thank you so much B!!! Very interresting to me. I watched this video and another that followed it. 🙂 we have some very old river birches in the back yard. I have been wanting to plant more as a few have been dieing. Have not yet found any at the nursery. Using the leaves as well for tea and such sounds wonderful. Are they the small new spring leaves only or can the new leaves in summer be used too? I am going to have to look further into it here. I am always wanting to learn more and more. 😉 my father and grandmothers knew a lot, but they didn’t pass it down. I do know my great grandmother dug up sassafras tree roots in early spring to make tea. It helped cleanse the body after a long winter eating starchy foods and meat or so my great uncle told me. Once again thank you for sharing your wisdom!
            Love and beautiful light to you!

            I drank some wonderful ginger tea with honey this morning! Used fresh ginger. Would love to share tea with you B!

            1. Older generations’ knowledge of how they could use natural resources has always fascinated me, even if I can not make it to any great extent. To drink the sap in the spring is an old tradition and it is a wonderful way to meet the spring for me. My interest in taking advantage of natural resources have become so much stronger over the past decade and I’ve certainly been herb old woman in past life;) I follow the flow in my interest, and it may never become a “must do”, just lust and joy.

              Birch leaves is always best to pick while they are small (best quality) but you can also use the full-blown leaves only if they are healthy. It would be really wonderful to have tea on birch leaves with you Denise :))) I drink it every morning and I have also always fresh ginger in it – and some other herbs as well 😉 Maybe we could have a herbal tea and birch sap party next gathering? 😉

              So glad you enjoyed my information 🙂 I just want to add that I never use such large bottles as was shown in the video – only liter bottles.

              I will think of you, sending you my love, every time I drink my birch leaf tea with fresh ginger 🙂

              Love & light,


              1. Yes! A herbal tea and sap party at the gathering sounds great! This next gathering is going to be a blast! I sense it already as the energies really are amazing right now. The barriers are no more. We really must have been wise women/ herbalists in past lives. Hey we aren’t to far off now. 😉 putting you in my heart at tea time B!
                ❤ Denise

  8. Blessings to you All on this important day…”Earth Day” ! I hope you All will find something most wonderful to express your gratitude today to our BELoved Mother & even if it simply is in taking a few moments of silence to send her your Heart-Love !….& I do know, for quite some time about the Heart having more capacity for Love, thought & imagination, even more so than our minds…& the latest little video I recently posted wonderfully confirmed that…how incredible to have that confirmation !….
    Thank you Aisha & CC’s for this fine message & hope All enjoy some Heart felt moments outside communing with the bounties of Nature ! Although I have to work, my Heart is with the Earth & her BELoved creatures….& I did enjoy on the weekend, some wonderful moments outside with my trees, my gardens, my kitties & even had a visit from 2 new born baby BEEs !….a Lovely Easter with family too !

    Also Happy Anniversary to Lin…Happy belated birthdays to ‘B’ & Kalea…Blessings to Caroline in her recovery, Areeza’s emotional healing & Happy Earth Day of Love to All Ponders….& endearing hugs to All those who may be feeling sad or misplaced today…….Earth Love & Light, Bev~

    Light the Candles for Earth-Day !

    1. Thank you bev~ for belated birthday greeting and the amazing picture that showing one of the flowers that I and my grandchildren planted on Good Friday. We had a very lovely time together 🙂

      Love & light,


    2. ❤ Thank you, Bev… hubby (off work) &1 celebrated by "going to the Trees" and in 1's Heart—while hugging the trees—took Caroline, Breezie, Veronica, and anyone facing challenges and all Ponders. Like you, Dear Bev, 1 was/is gloriously happy—hugged and thanked a lot of Trees… and thanked All of Mother.

      Thank you for Lily-Girl, Bev—gorgeous and Heart-felt. We all together will take good care of Mother with our new healing Love frequencies.

      1 has never had the privilege of seeing a baby bee! Do they look any different/size? Did you happen to photograph the babies? 1 LOVES the bees; how Lucky are you to see babies!! 😀 Loving you, 1-Lin ❤

  9. Hello everyone.
    This is my 34th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
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  10. Dear brothers and sisters! I have been guided to step back a little bit and just BE, so I wish you all a wonderful Earth Day, and to Lin – happy anniversary!

    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful, smile smile smiles, love love loves, I think to us all…. what a wonderful earth day world!!!

  11. Greetings all, All through out the day, same message keeps coming.. ” Wu Wei” ” Wu Wei” ” Wu Wei “… Back too the silence, one goes… Thank you Aisha and happy (earthday/birthday) B to B…. Peace n blessings to all….. Wale

    1. Thank you Wale 🙂 Remember my mother said that the day I was born – the snow had melted away. So it has today too 🙂

      Much love & light ❤


        1. Who cares about days and time – I just care about your love 🙂 I heard this song in the morning – I love it – and I love you ❤


  12. Hello from Los Angeles, Aisha – THIS is great stuff! Thank you! The energies have been working from the inside out to open the heart so that the higher frequencies can settle there. From the toroidal flow of the heart these energies will create a new, dynamic field of perception and experience that will become a firestorm through action. Just as indicated, the energies have cleared a pathway in the darkness where so many, including myself, have been hiding.

    Speaking for myself, trying to remain open while in darkness, in a state of humility (i.e., vulnerability), has been VERY difficult. Over time, the dreaded enemy never left, but instead I became accustomed to the idea that there is nothing I can do about the darkness. It is just there. If it’s going to sweep me out to sea or crush me, then so be it. There is nothing I can do.

    This sounds so simple, but over thousands of years I learned to be a VERY GOOD mouse. I know every hiding place, and I went to every one of them. This time there was no peace in this…no respite…no refuge. Pulsing within me, first in my ears, then in my mind, and finally in my heart, was the reassurance that God is All Loving and S/He would never leave me alone and separate in my fear and trembling. Sitting there in my 10,000 hiding places, where I lived in self-created darkness (!), I imagined every reason why I was not good enough to carry the light. Who would want ME? Certainly not God…and in any case I can’t face Her because of my shameful cowardice. I am blemished beyond redemption. Flawed. Poisoned from the inside out.

    ***Wait a minute!! This is just a reflection of the shadows around me in my hiding. What am I doing here??!!**

    One day out of sheer boredom, when I didn’t care about anything, I left the shadows of my hiding place and found that there was nothing but light. I didn’t believe it. I thought God was tending to other bad creatures and would soon return to get rid of me. (Surely I am the reason for all the mess…mice like me are the REAL culprits.)

    This is all still very surreal, but my heart is calm…content…in its center. Outside the heart-center there is often noise, people stomping around, and remnants of fear and confusion. I see it and acknowledge it but don’t stick around. I don’t run away, either. If things don’t feel right, I go back to the heart-center where there is no hiding, no fear, no shadow. Just warmth and peace. I like it. And I very much look forward to what’s ahead.

    1. Your lessons to learn during this lifetime:


      1. YOU are “God”.

      (There is no SEPARATION. Take responsibility for being *All-Powerful*, and for creating your own reality.

      Because it sounds like you’ve already fully explored *dis-empowerment* to the max.)


      2. LOVE & EMBRACE your “Darkness” as much as you love your Light.

      (Never invalidate & devalue and HIDE FROM your Darkness. You devalue *yourself* when you do this. You devalue & reject half of creation when you do this.

      Also…..what you resist, persists. Until you embrace it and make it part of yourself. Because it already IS you.)

      Mastering this reality, means mastering both the Light AND the beautiful Dark.

    2. Dear Steve,

      I really appreciate you sharing your story, because I and many others can identify with it.

      “If it’s going to sweep me out to sea or crush me, then so be it”

      Yes – I think you have to come to that point before you can loosen your grip of the 3D-world. I am so glad you did ❤

      Much love and blessings to you ❤


  13. Dear friends! So much love, so many beautiful words have been shared here today, thank you all 🙂 I have spent the whole day out in Mother Nature, soaking in the LIFEforce into every pore. We have gone from cool weather to summer temperatures over the last week, and now, everything around me is exploding into life. As I walked through the forest I felt all of you so very present, it was like I was breathing in the essence of everyone gathered here. This feeling of connection is so strong, and so is the feeling of being suspended in this “womb of light”, safe and tranquil but at the same time so vibrant and so alive. I send my love to you all, wrapped in a big hug of gratitude and joy, and I send an extra big hug to those of you still feeling the pressure from these energies. May you all find bliss knocking on your door very, very soon! ❤
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  14. ❤ Hi, 1-Sun… a realization came to 1 that perhaps 1 had been (untentionally) coat-tailing to 1’s new One-ness a couple of days ago, as 1-Lin didn’t feel completely locked in at that time. The key was indeed in the lock and turning, but the tumbler hadn’t clicked yet. This morning 1 awoke and KNEW 1 had locked-in during sleep time. 1 awoke with renewed JOY&energy, could meditate more regularly vs 90-second spurts, and even felt rested. 1 has been sleeping 12+ hours/day, off/on, and waking up in the mornings with deep, elongated pinched-brow creases as though 1 had been concentrating deeply/working all night. 1 was totally exhausted all. the. time. even with so much sleep (others had told of this symptom). 1 looked as though 1 had not slept in years. 1’s neighbor down the street stopped to say hi, and politely asked if 1 was ok. 1 couldn’t say, “yes, it’s only the Ascension process”. He looked genuinely concerned. The sleep issue had been ongoing for about 3+ weeks. On the 15th/lunar eclipse, the intensity stepped up until this morning. Had had excruciating abdominal pain and vomiting, a few migraines thrown in. 1 knows JOY is a choice, so kept choosing that with somewhat successful results. (and 1 knows—-and appreciates—-that others have lived with far more debilitating issues for far longer)

    For those 3+ weeks, 1 felt like a racehorse at the starting gate entrapped into the tight-fitting gate contraption. During this time, there were intense energies running through 1’s body 24/7, especially the feet/legs. Even when sitting/laying down/meditating/etc., the legs are always moving/dancing… like the molecules/particles are intensely bouncing off one another, not violently, just energetically. And there was no where to run/move. Free from feeling trapped now, not gone altogether yet, but dissipating.

    For the first time ever, I read Aisha/CC’s blog and felt in-cluded. The phrase: “… you have opened your heart to yourself” applied completely. 1 is in total Peace and quiet Joy and Love. 1 has embraced One-ness. 1 doesn’t know if there are more steps, more challenges; probably are (and 1 is ready to continue with renewed vigor), yet 1 KNOWS self-Love for the first time. It is glorious. Thank you, Dear Aisha and CCs, and 1-Sun. And Thank You, JJ, as you reminded me to continue drawing/doodling the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Life. It IS Magical. 🙂 And a special Thank You to "you" who kindly sent me an email with a link. 😉

    Now to get some really restful sleep so 1 doesn’t scare 1’s neighbors or others!!!!

    Sincerely, Love&JOY to you All… and Thank You to each 1 as you All aided 1’s efforts, as 1 will hopefully aid yours, especially those facing current challenges. ❤

    1. and while you sleep… may your ‘tap root’ connect to my own with that good energy. sure need it. yesterday was rough. I wish I could have stayed home by 1self.
      sweet dreams — and just wait until you awake and look in the mirror ! you will see 😉

      1. ❤ We are no longer we; we (you) are now 1.
        1 + 1 = 1 even if you don't see/feel it… YET!
        With Intention, your tap root will connect with 1.
        My arms reach for you, Dear Breezie.
        I Love You. I Love You. I Love You… +++ ❤

      1. ❤ wonderful song, B! explains my feelings towards connection with Spirit especially in the quiet of night meditation and then dream time. very special. Thank you, Dear B. ❤

      2. I grew up listening to these type songs. Born to older parents. My fondest memories are rocking in my chair by myself in the dark, listening to Nat King Cole, Sinatra (strangers in the night always comes to mind), Johnny Mathis, Perry Como with the background sounds of Mom cooking dinner. I would always hum in my own way along with the songs.

    2. Hi, 1-Sun… wow. maybe 1 wasn’t coat-tailing after all (am just beginning to Trust 1’s own capabilities/feelings—as you expressed: “this is something more of us have already done but didn’t even know we could do this…”

      Wishing 1 sweet, refreshing sleep and smiles in 1’s Heart. ❤

    1. YESSSSSS!!! The even more magnificent New Game to end all the old, boring, often tedious and unsatisfying old games we have now finally outgrown — FOREVER!!! . . . . . 🙂

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