A short update on the energies

I wasn’t expecting a new message today, but when I sat down to watch the live streaming of the lunar eclipse, this came through:

As you are all aware of now, what happens in the sky is an integral part of what is going on within your body. For your body does not constitute your limits in any way, far from it, your body constitutes the receptor that enables you to connect ever deeper to everything that is around you. At first, what you perceive will be what is transmitted to the inside of your body though the five senses, but bit by bit, you will realize that the information you can pick up in this manner is merely a small ripple on the surface of All there is. For now, as you have all become more adept at tuning into the real message that lies behind so much of these at times deliberately misleading snippets of information that you are being served through your eyes and your ears from numerous sources acting on behalf of diverse less beneficial masters, you will understand that in order for you to get the real picture, you need to turn away from whatever is served you on a daily basis in your mass media.

So that is why we say go within, for that is where the real story is unfolding, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For within is where you will find all the answers, all of the news and current updates you could ever wish for. But remember, most of the sources for these news lies outside the boundaries that constitutes your physical vehicle, and now, what we would like to delve a little bit further into, is how these “galactic news” enter your vehicle in the first place. There is no secret that there is a correlation between what is going on literally above your heads and what is going on within your own bodies. For you are intrinsically linked to the energetic streams that comes flowing in towards this planet. Some of this information, in fact, quite a large proportion these days, comes from your friendly neighbour, your Sun, and even if your scientists are already monitoring her closely and trying to keep up with her seemingly capricious emissions of diverse energetic particles, they themselves have little or no knowledge of the real source of information that this brilliant celestial body really is. For the Sun acts as a portal for other, more far flung forces, and even if the Sun herself is capable of producing much of the highly charged particles coming your way, she also acts as a form of transformer, much like what we have told you that you do.

In other words, she is not only a transmitter, she is also a receiver of signals coming from another source, deep into space. In fact, it is a source that lies hidden behind the veil to use an expression you are all familiar with by now. For the sun not only represents the dimension that you are currently cohabiting within, she is also a go-between between your side of the veil and the other side, the multifaceted one, the time and space continuum that some of your scientists like to refer to as the multiverse. Yes, for the Sun is one of those peepholes or portals that encompasses the totality of All there is, and as such, every time you gaze towards this shining orb in the sky, you are also gazing towards an opening between here and everywhere, a partition that also acts as a portal, a divider that also acts as a connector. In other words, you are constantly in contact with All of creation by way of this energetic peephole, and through this peephole comes a steady stream of information that is helping you to step closer to that door of multidimensionality yourself. That is, it is helping your awareness to awaken to the fact that you are already truly a multidimensional being, capable of tuning into so much more information than what your human senses and indeed your human mind has led you to believe for such a long time.

And now, that aperture in the sky has been opened just that much wider, and it is letting through an ever increasing stream of these information capsules masquerading as light into the very core of your being. And ever time your physical body encounters one of these numerous infinitesimally small super charged particles, it reacts in a very specific way. for your body is already set to receive these “good news” coming in at an ever increasing rate, and even if you yourself have little or no conscious interaction with all of these particles, still they play a huge role in your daily lives. For as you are all literally walking, talking receptors for these intergalactic messengers, you are keeping up a non stop conversation with them in the form of energetic re-patterning within. You see, all of your cells are currently busy taking in and taking on all of this information in all sorts of ways, and even if you think that you are only suffering from a kind of mild flu, some erratic soreness of muscles or slightly annoying pain in your bones, you are in fact listening in on a small part of the static being created by this ongoing, super intense conversation between the individual cells in your body and all of these incoming signals to act. For all of these intergalactic messengers carry the same message: time to get going, and they cause such a flurry of activity within you, no wonder you feel a little out of sorts now and then. Remember, your body has been designed to withstand this huge relocation of energy, for that is what this is all about, for as all of this information enters your body, it does so in the form of energetically charged particles, and these particles are then charging up your entire body, bit by bit, cell by single cell, and this in turn is what is raising your frequency.

For light equals information equals frequency, as we shared in the previous message, and so, you are all being retuned into these brand new frequencies by the interaction between your own living cells and this huge orchestra of incoming celestial music in the form of energetic discharges coming your way by the help from the Sun. So this is indeed an ongoing process, and even if some of the static it produces can at times seem to be a little bit overwhelming, we again ask you all go to within the better to discern the good news that all of these small friendly visitors bring with them. For they bring a constant source of reassurance and affirmation from Source, and as such, you are already connected to a never ending source of beneficial energy that will sustain you every step of your way. You are still very much in the process of retuning, and even if this seems to be a never ending cycle of constant discomfort, trust us when we say that there will come a day in the not too distant future when this annoying and at time debilitating sense of static will be a thing of the past. For the clearer the line, the better the reception will be, and so, this whole process is all about opening up all of your lines to the optimal capacity, the better to be able to savour these “broadcasts” in the best possible way. For the reception will certainly become crystal clear in every sense of the word in the very near future and with that comes a brand new way of being able to really savour the information coming your way. And then, you will also understand far better all of the real workings that lie behind these at times more than fiery displays in the sky.

For remember no thing happens by chance, and every time something extraordinary goes on in the heavens above, it all carries a message to mankind, and we do mean that in a very literal way. For these messages come in all forms, but what they have in common, is the nature of them and that nature is simply energy in the form of diverse versions of light. So again we say, look to the sky, and revel in the displays you will see there, and know that every time something out of the ordinary can be perceived with your still somewhat limited human senses, the actual impact this has on your energetic body is indeed monumental. So too this wondrous display your moon is putting on even as we give you these words.

So take heed and lift your eyes to the sky, the better to savour these incoming fireworks. But make no mistake, the fear mongers will always have their say during an event such as this, and they will try to stoke the fires of fear in any way they can. So all we can say is this, fear not any internal fires these heavily charged energetic displays may set off, they are merely signs of activation, but learn to avoid looking into those outside fires caused by those still set on setting this world’s reservoirs of fear afire by violent actions and by ill-omened words. For those fires can easily spread and they will bring down many an unprepared mind with them.

So stay centered and go within, that is the best advice we can give you, and will continue to give you. And when you do remember to go within, you will all hear the good news coming percolating through every sinew, cartilage and bone you possess. For these good news are not limited in any way, they are seeping through every single particle of your being, and so, they should be easy to detect if you allow yourself to listen for their wondrous voice.

161 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Channeling with Galactic Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, 4/16/14:


    (GFOL) “…There is no struggle, dearest Blossom. Yet there is to be change. One shall only struggle if they choose to forget their strength and the LOVE that they are.


    “Would you consider the change you are going through NOW at this very moment, to be a struggle?

    (Blossom) “My answer would depend on what day and what was going on in that moment. Some days FEEL triumphant … others … a bit of a struggle.
    And the times ahead shall FEEL very much the same … only on greater balances of the scale.

    (Blossom) “I have learned to let go of the time frame and just take your knowledge as a general guide as we walk forward. It is interesting for me, working with so many at the moment, who know not of all this we speak. Life just goes on … because it does. I see some who shine their Light, because that’s what they do … and some who do not … because that’s what they do. So, for me it just goes to show … whether you are privy to any channellings or not … it is about how you choose to behave … and what attitude you choose to take … about EVERYTHING … that matters. It’s ALL ABOUT BEING/BRINGING JOY!

    (GFOL) “HALLELUJAH! Has the penny finally dropped Blossom?

    (Blossom) “No, my friends … I got that a long time ago. The point is … the ‘challenge’ is … remaining in joy … no matter what.

    (GFOL) “Yet, joy does not disappear simply because you are not FEELING of it.

    “It is YOU! YOU ARE JOY.

    (Blossom) “Sometimes, it is tricky to find it … depending on what is facing you.

    (GFOL) “Only if you chose it to be so. Many things in life can be tricky or easy … depending on which attitude you chose to adopt regarding it…”

    (always with Love and Deep Gratitude to Aisha/CCs <3… and to Ponders)

    1. hey….whad up Lin !….you have been missed !….Tanks for sharing Blossom, haven’t read it yet…will do…I feel a related ‘CC’ message theme coming though….!!
      hope All is well…& Hugs to You !….Love, Bev~

      1. ❤ Like you and many, being Guided to be quiet
        (to practice using my new Heart ears and eyes, and
        to radiate Love to Mother/west coast +)
        Continue to be well & radiate, Dear One of Light 🙂

    2. Thanks Lin! I´m going to dive deep into the love of my dear family during the Easter so I´m going to be in a quiet mode too.

      Happy Easter to you all my dear friends ❤

      Love & light,


      1. Then, a public (in advance) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEAR B, on April 21st which you’ll be celebrating with all your gang. Will be thinking of you smiling and singing with your grandkids in the birches and at the lakeshore. Blessings and Love always, Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Why am I getting all this information. The spirit is talking I’m listening.

    Love and blessings to all

  3. Has anyone ever thought about the shape of the center part of our galaxy. It is shaped like a peanut. If you think about this it could have been a merging of two galaxies long ago. One was a little smaller than the other. We could have two black holes. If you think about this it may be the reason we have a two party system. One galaxy was more advanced than the other when they merged together. This could have been the reason for all the wars on earth in its past by other beings. This would also explain why our solar system is exposed to such different types of particles as it travels around our galaxy. It would also explain why we have had so much chaos from this happening and why we still have so many comets running wild in space. It would also explain why all the outer planets are so much bigger collecting all this matter that enters our galaxy. Could earth have been paid a visit from two different types of beings from two different galaxies or maybe many types of beings. Might they have have played with our DNA to gain control of the life on earth. Were parts of our solar system made from both galaxies or from the higher advanced or the lower advanced galaxy. Many things to think about.

    Just some more thoughts from the old man

    Love and blessings to all

      1. Nice website Oriharu. Nice to see a updated physics website that isn’t about what is taught in schools with all the old ways of thinking. One of my best friends has a PHD in physics. He learned all the old ways like all the others physics but he has always explored new ways of thinking. Like most physics he may look like he is day dreaming a lot of the time in his own thoughts. He is really fun to talk to and just be around. He is simi retired in a very cold place that is to cold for me to visit him. But we talk on the phone. His brother is very active in other things but much like his younger brother in the way he thinks about things. I worked with them off and on for about 10 years and have been friends with them ever sense then. They both have a over abundance of blunt common sense in many ways when ask a questions about what they may think about something. To them they don’t understand why most people think the way they do. Religion is a fun thing to talk to them about. I can’t help but laugh when we talk about things like this. I know them well enough to press their buttons to get reactions from them that to me are funny. They love to be around people who can challenge their thoughts. But this is also a sad thing for them they are loners most of the time. Most deeper thinking people are. I’m about 15 years older than they are so they always were kind to me because I had a little more time to do some of the things they haven’t done yet in life. I am honored to have known a few people like these brothers in my life. It brings a smile to my face when I see two of my grandkids taking physics in collage and what they may become in life and how they may help the human race later in life.

        When you get old like me almost everything you see people talk about brings back memories of my younger years.

        Love and blessings to all

        1. Dear Ray
          There are a few genuine information in YouTUBE, though there are many lies. But variety of information is higher than TV. When the time is left over I can always look at YouTUBE or keelynet(http://www.keelynet.com/). The very interesting. Previously I was also dissemination of information of videos(http://oriharu.net/jvideo.htm = Is this as “You Too Video?”) and free energy(http://oriharu.net/efe.htm) to the world in free. Every time I clarify something about the free energy and post it then people who were talking about free energy in the BBS of Japan are went away one after another from the front of me. But movements in the world was the reverse. Keelynet had been working for free in originally in AOL, and PESWIKI also came out in free(I suppose to think in timing). I think that it’s spread to the explosive YouTUBE also because it’s free.
          It was in 1997 that criticism was growing for my character that had received attention in Japan. “Behavior and your judgment, is like a robot!” Many(?) song group named ROBOT is made?(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daft_Punk) Entertainers and politicians richs has the fastest response to my informations. They(Japanese entertainers) did criticism in the form of CM in Japan, too. They ride it on the momentum. It came closing in on me in that way, I knew what is/was spoken. Then I reply to them(http://oriharu.net/jiam.htm#ROBOTS). The meaning is “There is a way of purification of the heart that deeply repent = was recognized ‘the sinfulness of my own’ I think it’s common sense by the Christians.”. Reaction was changed after that. Japanese singer Hikaru Utada released “Can You Keep A Secret?” in 2001. Perhaps she wants to inform to me about something of Green Robot.

          Google was founded in 1998 adopted the mascot of the Android OS Green Robot. Thankful! Kylie Minogue has also allowed the 3 Green Robots dancing in her song WOW(Released : Feb 17, 2008)

          I think. Her outfit was also using the colors of the Japanese flag(red and white) . This is Thanksgiving beyond the position of each other anymore.
          Story is likely to expand forever. Thank you all for read my missive. Good night. Now is 00:33 Apr.18 in Japan.

    1. interesting ! …being the center of galaxy….,the harmonized o point place like the center of the hurricane…vortex…stillness…… being in the center must be very interesting view. I would love to dream about this, thank you!

  4. Hello everyone.
    This is my 32nd favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Satoshi Ikeda – Marriage (Released Date : Sep.21, 1991)

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  5. hahaha – how could I forget to read Karen Bishop? Just lovely 🙂

    “My brain is gone. I feel as if I have been completely erased. I cannot think. Just one big blank. One day I am jabbering away and the next day I literally cannot even speak. And the worst part is, I don’t even know who I am anymore! Everything inside my head is one big blank!”

    “I have been so stressed that I can’t even remember what I did a moment before. And I am doing the strangest things. I was just looking for my bath towel and my daughter swears she just saw me pick it up and put it in my briefcase. Well, I don’t believe it. I mean, why would I do that?”

    “I am so bone tired and emotionally weary that I just don’t care about anything anymore. Trying to think of something to do to cheer me up only brings a ‘No thanks. Can’t do it’ as I cannot imagine having the energy to attempt the usual normal. It’s hard to barely drum up a thought. I cannot go that deep right now. I don’t remember ever being this tired for so long. All I can seem to do is rest, rest, rest.”

    “My joints are killing me! And they are so stiff! I feel like Gumby trying to move my limbs. And I am so-o-o-o-o-o exhausted.”



    1. Thank you. To begin my day reading this made me smile..It is lovely..
      Last night I heard a voice within telling me the exact words: Weakness is Strength..
      There was much more said…but..right now my head is empty and all I can focus on is to eat my breakfast and look at the sun shining in through my window.
      Much love♡♡♡♡

        1. Glad Påsk! ♡
          Yes..and it is so wonderful that they appear when we truly need them the most.

      1. Dear Mimmi “Weakness is Strength” – what a wonderful way to say it! And thank you B, for sharing! “This is a time like no other”, to quote a friend of mine, and the extremes we go through in the space of a single day are mindblowing. From a frenzy of activity, where I am guided to dig deep into scienitfic papers that seems incomprehensible yet important to this process of “rediscovering”, or to a state of total confusion, where a concept like eating or sleeping or brushing my teeth seem surreal and my mind goes into a total blank and I look at the keyboard and wonder what it is used for. Yes, weird IS the new normal!
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. A space and time for all things, in a single day. I have the same experience. I cannot do the same thing the whole day long. In a single day I will find the urge to meditate, work, rest, go outside for a walk in the woods, come back to work again, eat, rest, oh whatever. No one thing seems to last very long.

    1. Thanks Forest J and everyone! I am still yet to catch up reading. but i do know your thoughts and heart to hearts with me and my family! its all so appreciated! I brought my brother-in-law (Kims Dad) to the pond a few days ago to read a bit to him from you lovely ones!
      not in the mood to really speak much so I just sent u all my Love each and every day – Love , Areeza

  6. Beautiful Aisha !

    I was also thinking about that last night….and I am happy & grateful to you.

    Quiet my mind, clarity, alignment, think of pure loving, no resistance in anything I do is what I might call my version of meditation .

  7. Hi all again~
    I am sharing this here with the understanding that Spirit nudges. Those I gather with in body in our town embrace many different Christ Lighted paths and attend several different churches. Some visit homes and temples, mosques, and synagogues. All believe in the power of prayer.
    There is something called entrainment in music. As we share music and vision, the dogmas and abuses melt away. For me our Lightbody/innate body upgrades are also about Christ light of kingdom within Godsparks…
    IMAGINE~ We in our town are preparing for May 1st, National Day of Prayer. My part goes like this…
    I am honored to be asked to help with the music! Yes invite everybody again to the Community Church. That is my vote.
    I have a string of YouTube videos of songs I propose, starting with this one…

    Then this one brings goose bumps when I heard the holy ladies sing it together…

    Song of Reconciliation

    I can offer many others as well. This is the excuse to buy myself a really good set of speakers. I really want to rock it out for Jesus> National Day of Prayer Amen! Allelluiah! He is risen! King of kings and Lord of Lords over us all, mighty Counselor worthy of all Praise and Worship!
    By the way, there are other versions of The Air I Breath that are more…black gospel, there are women versions…I will practice with piano and YouTube back-up, plus any live musicians who care to join…:)

    OK, enough. I honestly want to come into the 21st century with these songs.
    I will not be offended if you just say no…like to The Prayer…I doubt there is enough patience for this to be included. 🙂
    I know you can surf the web too for offerings, and we do have some time.

    This is not our country but I am throwing this in for you to enjoy because we are truly one nation in Christ, eh?
    I think it is just a happy spring, resurrection song.
    Blessings all, love you! Monica
    And yes I will ask my buddy who goes to St. John’s about getting in touch with his priest about this.
    I believe God speaks in many ways through Spirit. Higher Self. Higher Power. Grace~

    1. i spent the last hour or so trying to hear what you are trying to say
      it hurts
      you, me them, us
      we all hurt
      we are it
      after 100’s of lifetimes this is it.
      no more rehearsing.
      where’s Daffy Duck when we need him?

      how special is that?

    2. “There is something called entrainment in music. As we share music and vision, the dogmas and abuses melt away. ”

      So true Monica! As you perhaps have noticed I am a gospel singer and when we sing our songs there really is a melting in hearts in both singers and audience – and I adore it 🙂

      Love & light,


      1. Dear B and Monica – thank you both for talking about entrainment – a word that also popped into my head as I was replying to Tonik’s comment further up this page! This is an important key, for this is all about allowing oneself to be re-tuned in a way that will literally make us “in tune” with the incoming frequencies. I sense so much information waiting to come out on this important subject, and I think Tonik formulated it perfectly when he said : “I’m fascinated by the idea that one can control experiences in the multiverse by sound. Feels more natural than trying to force the focus, it’s been a wall to me. Whenever you get “in” start singing… simple as that… just amazed…” This is the best way to become a part of this “galactic orchestra, and through that, exponentially increase the positive effect we can have on the world around us instead of trying to just push on in our own beat. I had to google the word “entrainment” to make sure that I understood it corrcectly when I responded to Tonik’s comment, and I found this interesting definition: “Joseph Jordania recently suggested that the human ability to be entrained was developed by the forces of natural selection as an important part of achieving the specific altered state of consciousness… Achieving this state, in which humans lose their individuality, do not feel fear and pain, are united in a shared collective identity, and act in the best interests of the group, was crucial for the physical survival of our ancestors .”
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Thank you Aisha, true it is an important thing we certainly will be discussing more of in the future & Thanks for adding this information ! almost hard to believe that the simplicity of one’s singing can be bring about great change inside & outside…& group singing magnifies this effect. It was explained to me that it is not in the words, or even the music, but frequency tones that emanate from our inner source that is the part of God….& Mother-Earth & All of Creation Absolutely “LOVES” to hear us singing, the birds, the BEEs, the whales, All animals…even the plants & trees sing vibrational music & this concoction & potion of Life Energy soothes the Heart of the universe !…..Love, Bev~

    3. Thank you dear Monica for being here & All you share. We All are part of the sacred woven tapestry of creation, & often there are as many differences as similarities but that makes us All unique & we are All vitally important with each thread & fiber we weave…each bringing their own gifts to the round table of this ascension…so shine on Light Sister !…Love, Bev~

      1. Thank you all. Yes, entrainment, joyful music, singing always shifts me into a more desirable feeling state. Delightful! So sing along, any time you want to~ We will be aiding beleaguered young and old everwhere who just need a few blessed hours of shut eye!

      2. I am trying a different way of posting this too…
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        Post by Monica King.

  8. Hello blessed pond tribe. I had a wonderful visit with our dear Diana, our dear Artemis, our Bella Luna last night and this message from the CC’s does fit right into it–though Aisha baby, calling it a “short update” on the energies makes me laugh it was pretty darn long~! LOL (but awesome!)…

    For much of our human lives we have viewed ourselves as BEING our senses, or relying on them to suss out the world, when in fact much of the world is being read by our innate body and intuition–the outer layers of us are expansive, and these are layers firming “within” the realm of connection to our own body vehicle…they are like our radar and I will collectively call them the “field”…

    The field brings things in in many ways and some see it, others feel it in their body, others hear it and there are many combinations of what seem like human 3D senses feeling these energies but they are NOT…the innate is a very delicate and wonderful thing and it will speak to you in the way you are best able to perceive it. For me my body feels things but as I allow the expansion of this through a deep knowing that all is well, I am hearing it more and more and actually in the darkness and the dimness I can see the energy–though I have seen auras for a long time I am not speaking of them, I am speaking actually of these energy particles, this quanta, this charged information that the CC’s speak of.

    WE exist in a blessed soup. The soup contains the essence of our mother Sophia Gaia as elements that support our physical body and the broth of the soup is this quanta, this blessed energy that is swirling around, awaiting our command to create, to become–the gift of our mother, the creative one…from our father, the potential of all potentials. What is entirely wonderful is that this soup contains quanta and WE are all quanta coalesced and once we understand that quanta can be combined in any way imaginable we begin to see the reality of this world…thought, love, directed intention create this world…and we have a tremendous and wonderful responsibility to choose wisely WHAT we create–to choose wisely what we give our attention to and why the CC mention something that I feel is very important…to GO within and block out the chatter of the DEliberately deceptive 3D messages incoming.

    These messages are trained on the one thing they need, your energy–and the energy of fear is a powerful energy–but it is not as powerful as the energy of love which wipes the plains clean and plants the seeds of beautiful flowers in its wake on the fertile planes…choose wisely–it is your free will choice…I choose love.

    Hugs! Alex

    1. Dear Alex, once again you also choose the perfect words 🙂 Thank you for shining your light to help us see more clearly! (And I think that to the CCs “short” is just as malleable a concept as “soon” 😉 )
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Thank you Alex for this !….& I Love that you mentioned Diana & Artemis with Bella Luna & of course let us not forget ‘Lilith’….in fact she is known by many names but these are most significant for me as well ! & I’d like to add that all this enhancement of quanta energy is now actively affecting Mother-Earth, All her Life & her Elements….especially ‘Water’ that has a more instant absorption to these energies…& since ‘Water’ has a main influence on Weather we will be seeing a heightened response !…interesting for me, that today, out of no where, & unpredicted, a storm of rain & high winds moved through my area today & I sensed the increase of charged energy in the air. Finally I just want to repeat a phrase you used & is so absolutely true & perfect…..”this soup contains quanta and WE are all quanta coalesced and once we understand that quanta can be combined in any way imaginable we begin to see the reality of this world…thought, love, directed intention create this world…and we have a tremendous and wonderful ‘Responsibility’ to choose wisely WHAT we create”…..Amen to that !…..Love, Bev~

    3. As I read your words Alex, I got the image of our Crystalline Energy Body (the crystal clear us the CC’s keep speaking of ) and how light and love radiate it – activate it – energize it, etc. and how discord, fear, etc. stagnate it. I did not see those unpleasant energies disturbing it – just falling off and not enhancing it.
      I do like that. It creates a strong image for me.
      thank you
      Love, A

  9. Dearest Breeze, please consider Peace above all else,
    She awaits your companionship.
    Deepest Love, ❤

    1. Yes, thank u Sally. I am in a null and void sort of space for the most part these days – but its ok. cant wrap my brain around much for too long which seems the norm anyways !
      Going to Arcata, California (northern) May 1 – May 6 for Kimmy’s funeral and to see the redwoods – her friends have friends on private land we can go to and they said it is ‘magical’. A much needed Journey no matter how it came about I would say at this time. To Be with those giants in that mystical space will be amazing. Kim is all around. I can feel her beckoning and those trees too.
      The first three days had a lot of unrest – prob for her as well. then, it eased up and even for her boyfriend, Joel. He was able to go back to her room and was at peace there he said. We have all been going thru the stages. But all doing well.
      thanks to you and everyone for caring so much and it does help hold us in a good space during a difficult time !
      Much Love and hugs, Areeza

      1. Dear Areeza, thank you so much for sharing this, I can feel the shimmering, beautiful energy from Kimmy and from those magical trees. May you all feel this loving energy embracing you in the time ahead ❤
        With all my love, Aisha

      2. Oh Areeza, I’m so excited for you! Meeting Kimmy in the Redwoods could set you both Free!… A
        welcome Home, of sorts.
        You sound calm…. I’m happy you’re doing well…
        We Love you and will be thinking of you as you enter the Redwood Realm… amazing turf, indeed.
        Bear hugs to You, Kelly, and Joel.
        ❤ Sally

        1. Oh hey! I forgot… altho’ you can’t tell, my gravatar pic was taken in the Redwoods.. love that ‘neck of the woods.’ 😉

  10. I almost forgot about the sun´s healing effect on me. The sun and nature that’s been my constant healer and companion all the time. This afternoon, I at last took some time to sit in the sun and just breathe for half an hour. Right away I regained my balance. I never cease to marvel at the sun’s impact on me – indeed significant!

    Thank you Aisha and CCs for this confirming message – and a special thank to you Aisha for always being in duty for us 🙂

    Love & light,


    1. Dear B, you are so right, nothing helps to balance us so much as being out in nature 🙂 The sun affects me in so many ways, sometimes it is soothing and balancing like you say, other times it makes me so full of joy and vigour while other times it is such a powerful source of information I am guided to be out in it only for a short while. A most powerful, faithful and helpful companion indeed!
      Love and (sun)light from me, Aisha 😉

  11. I’m fascinated by the idea that one can control experiences in the multiverse by sound. Feels more natural than trying to force the focus, it’s been a wall to me. Whenever you get “in” start singing… simple as that… just amazed…

    1. Dear Tonik, thank you so much for sharing this powerful insight! Yes, becoming entrained, in harmony, will bring you so much further. 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. I just realized that the whole concept of “entrainment” is an important key – further down it comes up again in commens by Monica and B, so I have left a longer response there.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

  12. Thank you dearest Sister & so glad the CC’s communicated another update regarding this most important spectacle event within our sky ! Indeed there is so much more going on & attached to this than most realize & for me, I was told it’s main significance was that it was to BE the 1st sacred alignment with the moon since her releasing of the enslaved negative energy in which she was locked & surrounded by ! She now is able to join with the Sun & other celestial bodies in this beautiful energy harmonic that is flowing once more In the expansion of the universe !
    Although the sky was overcast in my area, I watched her for a few hours, the earth’s shadow moving across (top left to bottom right) just as I had envisioned. Through the haze, for a few moments, I watched as she turned into a beautiful glowing orb of umber radiance ! (much like the living embryo color in my gravatar) I found it interesting that my pre-vision of moving veining glowing blood lines were not within her body, but in the clouds that moved around her & through her…I believe I understand the significance, but I think I need a bit more time to think about this & it’s meaning. So Much moving forward now, & speeding up indeed encompasses All these ‘RE’ actions…re-assembly, reflections, retuning, reconnecting & remembering…. All gearing up, amping up our inner soul flames, back to the state of knowing who we really are & the greatest show on Earth is about to BEcome beyond the white-washed, faded 3D that most are used to seeing…so get your hexagon ~ crystal rose colored glasses ready… !

    but for Today it’s a good day to stand down, to allow All this high charged energy to settle & allow yourself to drift Lovingly in the arms of Mother Nature !….this is the song that now fills my mind…LOve to You All !

    “I’m looking at myself, reflections of my mind,
    it’s just the kind of day to leave myself behind,
    so gently swaying thru this fairy-land of Love,
    If you’ll just come with me & …
    SEE the BEAUTY of TUESDAY Afternoon !

      1. Dear Bev, thank you for sharing this amazing image! I found this wonderful description on spaceweather.com: “During the early hours of April 15th, the Moon spent more than three hours gliding through the shadow of Earth. The Moon turned red during the transit because the core of our planet’s shadow is red.

        Why red? A quick trip to the Moon provides the answer: Imagine yourself standing on a dusty lunar plain looking up at the sky. Overhead hangs Earth, nightside down, completely hiding the sun behind it. The eclipse is underway.

        You might expect Earth seen in this way to be utterly dark, but it’s not. The rim of the planet is on fire! As you scan your eye around Earth’s circumference, you’re seeing every sunrise and every sunset in the world, all of them, all at once. This incredible light beams into the heart of Earth’s shadow, filling it with a coppery glow and transforming the Moon into a great red orb.”
        LOVe, Aisha

        1. Thank you ‘Always’ ! & I did read that…yes….!….& it does tie into my vision of the ‘moon embodying the mirrored reflection of the earth’s spirit, & the fiery ring around the fullness of the moon’ …Love back to You….Bev~

    1. & Mother Nature most certainly Lights Up my Life…I SEE her…past, present & I know she will shine bigger & brighter in the future ! She is the embodiment of so much shining Love & Light for All Life !

      Light Up my Life...

    2. Beautiful Sweet Bev, I am guided to mention that the veining in the clouds around the body of our bella Luna could be the upgrading and circulation starting in the etheric body and spirit body of all..most folks simply focus on their body vehicle and their soul, and there is so much more to us, so many layers of energetic bodies and then there is our body elemental assisting along the way…grounding, the red color this newly expanded layer…feels like it to me..as I stood in the moon shadow last night i gazed at my own energy and it was massive and not only that it was directive, I could move vast swaths of space by simply swirling my fingers…what fun to play with this as I could see the beautiful tiny light beings attracted to the energy flowing through me like moths to a flame…what fun! Standing down today, resting and integrating. Much love! alex

      1. always grateful for your wonderful input & adding your intuitive perspective to these ‘Layers’ of our understanding as we continue fitting all these bits & pieces together upon our ascension journeys, walking together & assisting one another !….the wholeness of this vast soup, including All Life & Energy is becoming, evolving more & more into a masterful dish ! The veining waving from her & around her… I did sense that for the 1st time, since her release, she was able to energetically reach out & join her celestial sisters & brothers in this alignment… a new static of energy was added to the ‘Soup’ ! I also received this image of although energetically small…her presence has been missed from these junctures for a very long time & her presence back into the mix is vitally important & a new sense of completeness & home coming felt across the universe….so this also is a reflection unto us…those that may feel they are small & don’t think they have much to offer…you are wrong !…You are the many vital moons that Creation needs & Loves…& is not complete without You !!!…….Love to you Alex….& All my dear Ponders !….Bev~

    3. Dear Bev! Thank you for sharing these words, they are full of the same wonderful energy as in this new lunar luminosity 🙂
      Love and (moon)light from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Lysarbejder! Yes, this path is not for the faint of heart, as the CCs like to remind us, but still, we KNOW that we will make it all the way. And we will do it by taking one step at the time, sometimes a frustratingly small one, other times, a giant leap. And yes, managing to stay in the NOW, no matter how hard that can be at times, is the only way to “get there”. But we have each other to hang around with and to find comfort, joy and support in on every step of this convoluted journey, so thank you for BEing here too!
      LOVE, Aisha

    2. wondering….are you aware of the symbolic meaning of your gravatar image ?…thinking you may not understand just how significant & powerful it really is…..Love, Bev~

  13. Staying centered is the best we can do now..
    We will feel the pull and the push from the incoming higher energies and the outgoing..outgrown energies..
    It feels almost like being in the birth canal..
    But on an energy level..Shifting from one frequency to a higher one..inside and out..
    Realizing that we are the conductor and the orchestra..playing every instrument there is..
    There is no separation between the seen and the unseen..the heard and the unheard..the one and the many…
    All is included..every shade..every expression..every thing and every one..
    All is Within the All..
    We will see..and we will see that what we thought we saw only were a tiny part of the infinite multitudinous multidimensional realities that truly exist within and without..
    It is amazing..bit by bit by bit we are unfolding..just as the nature here right now are beginning to wake up again..so are we.

    1. Beautiful, Mimmi! Thank you for sharing these words! Your image of us unfolding and growing, just like all of those tiny buds I see bursting into life all around me is so fitting. The magical resurrection is taking place both on the outside and on the inside now 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  14. Hi, again, Everyone!!! (Denise, did you find LIGHT?) I bring to you more evidence that something is really happening. I captured White Light that was moving while photographing my Periwinkles. I felt a “presence” and for the first time ever, I saw it in my viewfinder. I tried to see with the naked eye, but the energy was too subtle.

    So that being said, seeing is believing. I am stunned at what is happening. With Love, Amy


    1. Which hustle and bustle it is in your pictures;) Reminds me of when the kindergarten children usually pass through the forest 😉



  15. L= I = F
    Where is my change?
    Change must come
    from within.
    From the otherside of
    the sun. Thank you Aisha.
    Love and Moonshadow

  16. I dreamed I got my hair cut two different places and both hair stylists wanted to be paid not with money but by some service I could provide instead. I was confused at first, but then realized this was the new way of doing things and signed up to baby sit for a few hours. Wasn’t sure I would survive it 🙂 , but the kids were real sweet. So I believe we will be doing this bartering or exchange for services more and more in the future. It actually is an old way of doing things, but I am getting that it will be an even exchange of people’s time and all time and services will be considered equal. No one will be making more then another. All will be valued. I am getting excited….starting to tear up. Just thought I would pass this on for hopes sake. ❤
    Love to everyone!

    1. Dear Denise, this is already happening! Check out http://www.impossible.com/
      “impossible.com is a new website and app that encourages people to do things for others for free. People can post wishes of things that they want or need help with and offer what they can give – can be things or skills. Impossible shows these wishes and offers and people can connect with one another. You can also create thank you posts to send people.”
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Denise here’s another community based organization of services.
        Timebank USA.
        Thank you for the not impossible coming true Aisha!!

        I read into the missive today….
        (We are the world)
        We are the Sun,
        We are the ones,
        We are the best ,most wonderful, courageous loving life, compassionate,freedom loving, evolving benevolent,And Joyful.
        We are!!!

    2. Also, Denise, it’s very exiting how many people are waking up to the fact that the value is not in the currency, but in us. WE are the value!


    3. I think you are absolutely right Denise! When we change services no valuation will be made, it is only necessary to replace the need.



    4. Thank you Aisha and Michael L. I didn’t know about these groups on line. I am looking forward to a time when we are all valued and a time where we can all follow our hearts path.
      Much love,

      1. Funny Bashar says, just go for your Highest excitement, which for each one means, when ever you desire to!!! So why wait!!!!!
        Take the step when you desire Denise. It’s in you all ready, let it leap out!!!!

  17. “So take heed and lift your eyes to the sky, the better to savour these incoming fireworks. But make no mistake, the fear mongers will always have their say during an event such as this, and they will try to stoke the fires of fear in any way they can. So all we can say is this, fear not any internal fires these heavily charged energetic displays may set off, they are merely signs of activation, but learn to avoid looking into those outside fires caused by those still set on setting this world’s reservoirs of fear afire by violent actions and by ill-omened words. For those fires can easily spread and they will bring down many an unprepared mind with them.

    So stay centered and go within, that is the best advice we can give you, and will continue to give you. And when you do remember to go within, you will all hear the good news coming percolating through every sinew, cartilage and bone you possess. For these good news are not limited in any way, they are seeping through every single particle of your being, and so, they should be easy to detect if you allow yourself to listen for their wondrous voice.”

    Mmmmm. Feels good and spiritually logical somehow.
    Grace move abundantly in blessings and peace. ❤ Monica

  18. In the center of our galaxy there is a cluster of huge stars around the center of a black hole. These stars are very dense and comepressed. All the way around this center are different stars that give off different frequencies. As our sun moves around our galaxy it is hit by these different frequencies so is our earth and our bodies. Our bodies have all these different frequencies that are only activated when our solar system moves through these paths of frequencies on it path around our galaxy. The black hole block these frequencies from traveling across this black hole to the other side of of our universe. So our sun is only hit by some of these frequencies or activated particles in certain places on its path around our galaxy. Our earth has been in a lower path of frequencies for thousands of years. These particles are very dense. We can see inside of the atom down to the center of the atom.

    In the center of the atom is a bubble that vibrates at a different frequency from the outside of the atom we can see. Inside the center of this bubble in the center of the atom we see is a smaller particle in a bubble that gives off another frequency. This is endless it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. This is what gives humans the endless search for knowledge that drives us in a knowing there is more to life that must be found. All of these particles are within all of us and in everythig we see and don’t see. Human science knows of this they just can see small enough to see it or undestand the working of these smaller particles yet. Our solar system is entering a cycle that is taking us through a path of these activated particles that is hitting our sun Earth and everything in our solar system including our bodies that have these inactivated particles. Move through this is activating these particles. Its a communication from particle to particle.

    Nothing can stop this from happening. This has been going on for billions of years. These smaller particles will give us access to a much different knowledge about life and creation From communicating to these particles within us all. These particles have been sleeping for many ages on earth and our solar system. We will move into the highest frequency of our solar systems path. There is no limit to what humans can do once these particles become awaken within the mind of humans. It could be compared to a marble verus the sun. Some call this the golden age that our solar system is moving into. So all we can do now is learn to communicate with these smaller particles and enloy bringing our bodies up to this new frequency before we may see what this will bring to earth and humans.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Thank you ‘Ray’….I Agree !….You always share such wonderful in-depth knowledge & vision & All so very True !….Love & Endearing Blessings being sent back to you !….Bev~

    2. Thank you Ray for sharing your knowledge…you are always sufficient and interesting in exposing it. Be blessed, too.

      1. “For the past 11,000 years we have been outside the photon belt, in the “dark ages,” immersed in the negativity of polarity and duality. Currently, we are in the photon belt, entering a 2,000- year cycle of enlightenment receiving the transformational and transmutational energies of the Christ. The return of Christ is the return of our very own Christ Consciousness, which is activated by the energies from the photon belt. The photon belt is the radiation and eminence of the Christ Energy, which awakens humanity and ushers in the era of peace.For the past 11,000 years we have been outside the photon belt, in the “dark ages,” immersed in the negativity of polarity and duality. Currently, we are in the photon belt, entering a 2,000- year cycle of enlightenment receiving the transformational and transmutational energies of the Christ. The return of Christ is the return of our very own Christ Consciousness, which is activated by the energies from the photon belt. The photon belt is the radiation and eminence of the Christ Energy, which awakens humanity and ushers in the era of peace.For the past 11,000 years we have been outside the photon belt, in the “dark ages,” immersed in the negativity of polarity and duality. Currently, we are in the photon belt, entering a 2,000- year cycle of enlightenment receiving the transformational and transmutational energies of the Christ. The return of Christ is the return of our very own Christ Consciousness, which is activated by the energies from the photon belt. The photon belt is the radiation and eminence of the Christ Energy, which awakens humanity and ushers in the era of peace.”\

        from the above link. some of it is good… i skipped thru a lot of it

    3. May I offer what just came to me Ray? that last part – I heard: “allow those (new light frequency) particles to speak thru your human vehicle at this time” — all flows from this allowance

  19. Thank you, Aisha.

    I will go within, I will, because outside of me there is only turmoil, and yes, if I pay attention to it, it scares me deeply.


    1. Dear JJ, you posted your comment at 14:14 and according to ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes, “Angel Number 1414 is a message from the angels that your thoughts and feelings are being elevated to a more positive state. Give any fears or concerns of any kind to the angels for healing and transmutation, and have faith and trust that you are being supported, encouraged and guided by the angels along your path. You are safe and protected – always.
      At each new phase in our lives we are somewhere we have never been before. Have faith and trust that you have the skills, talents and abilities to face all that lay ahead of you. You are where you are meant to be at this time.”
      LOVE, Aisha 🙂

      1. So much love back to you, dear Aisha. Thank you for your encouraging words. I feel that I should not “look at” disturbing factors that I might think will make things impossible. Instead I am paying attention at what I do like in the here and now. 3D people might label this behavior as denying the facts, but I don’t see it that way (anymore). I’m empowering my wishes and desires from my heart.

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