A short update on the energies

By now, you have all started to settle a little bit into the new energetic format that you entered as you passed through the portal of light that was offered to you all during this past weekends’ communal get-together. Again, this is something that is offered each and every one of you on an individual basis, and so, it differs as to whether or not you chose to enter at this time or if you preferred to delay this experience, and it also differs as to how you experience this shift yourself.

For this is one in a long line of such shifts, and so, it will come as no surprise to any of you that after such an event, it will take some time before you feel more or less fully settled within this new energetic signature that you carry. For this is as you all know a process that is taken in increments, but as you have already progressed to such an advanced state energetically from you original density, you are now well equipped to take on far larger helpings from this energetic smorgasbord to use a familiar phrase. We use this somewhat simplified description in order to remind you that this is in many ways a large menu of energetic implements that are being put to use in order to help you all to attain that full potential you already carry imprinted within your very DNA, and so as we told you beforehand, this last event was no different from the other ones when it comes to the individual tasks you went through. But what was slightly different this time, was the wide scope of group efforts that was carried out throughout this event.

For you all took part in at least one of these smaller get-togethers that was an intrinsic part of the whole, and so, you all contributed to it in so many ways, and you all partook of the benefits from this energetic cornucopia that was opened throughout the whole evening and indeed in the days and nights before and also in the following days. For this is not just an event that is narrowed down to take place within that single defined moment of time that is designated as the “official” time for this event. No, it will in many ways continue to stretch out both in time and in depth, for this is to all intents and purposes a multi-dimensional event, and as such, it is much much broader in scope than any of you can fully fathom at the moment. But we can already conclude that this whole magnificent get-together was a resounding success. Not surprisingly, as you all have a long illustrious story of staging these communal efforts in such a wholehearted way and with the participation of so many, the combined effect of it is no less that astounding. And for this, we give you our wholehearted appreciation, and we want to thank you all on behalf of All of creation.

Again, this is not something you can be forced to partake in, for this is simply something that must be allowed on an individual basis by you, and by that highest aspect of you that resides within the very core of your soul. We know that many of you have some magical moments from this event already imprinted on your heart walls, but we do want to remind all those of you failing to recall anything at all that this does not imply that you did not take part at all. For your willingness to open up to these energetic immersions is more than enough, and your ability to recall any of the details is not a signal of success or not. It is simply a result from the programming you carry, and for some of you, the task you have been given beforehand is to recall and to report what you do see to the rest of the members of this magical orchestra. So even if you have no recollection at all at having given your voice to this wondrous event, we could hear you loud and clear, and we saw as you all lit up with a splendor we have not witnessed on these shores before.

So yes, you truly brought the house down in every way, and as you raised your voices through the roof, you also enabled a brand new frequency to enter. Not just in your hearts, but in this whole planet. And from now on, the tune has well and truly changed into one that will sing out even louder and clearer, and it will bring joy into so many hearts. And it is thanks to your efforts that this glorious song now will be heard by all, and it will start to become more and more noticeable in the time ahead, as you all get more accustomed to carry this new tune.

And carry it you will for eternity, for it has become embedded within your soul in a way that makes it unerasable. And so, wherever you go you will carry this song of love and joy, and even in the darkest of places will this song take root and start to sing out ever stronger. Again, we can only thank you for what you have taken upon you for it is a task of immense proportions, but it is also a task that will bring you all no end of joy. For you will see the results from all of this love that you will be spreading around, much like the gardener will rejoice at seeing his tiny little seeds start to sprout and then grow into the most magnificent of gardens. So thank you all, for bringing this bounty down to Planet Earth, we know it has found fertile ground, both within each and every one of you, but also in the very soil you walk upon.

210 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Yesterday all of the lightbeings surrounding me collapsed.
    We are in contact now again.
    I know all will be well.
    The moon feels like never before.
    I am not able to think clear enough to get to your comments.
    There is always a good reason for being shut off from information.
    Love you anyway!

      1. Need a plunge in the Pond so I am just taking a peek around here 🙂
        Howdy sweet people of the light!
        Thanks for your loving embrace, everytime again. ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

        1. I have waited the whole week to be able to go and buy myself a new camera – but I´ll have to be sitting in the Pond yet another day. Vulnerability is the word today!



          1. I say Amen to vulnerability, B. ♡
            My backpain and muscle cramps just do not go if I do not cry.
            So today I am laughing and crying over the dead again.
            Oh you will enjoy your camera so much dear B! 🙂
            Patience and sharing, somebody told me wisely and lovingly.
            And then…release

            1. I have never had muscle tensions and pains. My way of reacting to the energy downloads are migraine, vulnerability, sadness and physical weakness. Today I feel like one huge vibrato, but I have been here before 😉 Looking forward to a new day tomorrow 🙂

              Love & light,


  2. This night I saw that there is a little tale left to my healing.
    My psyche solved the trauma of each part.
    But the form in which they existed since I was seven still exists.
    These are the several soul bodies that I can still feel and see now.
    Two other bodies in my body.
    No energy left.
    Air thickening already.
    Enjoy the ride I guess.
    Love to you all.
    See you later after this process.

    1. My heart is with you Willis and I embrace you with my love ❤
      I can almost reach you with my voice – not far away – from northern Sweden 🙂


      1. Wow B to B I can hear you now!!!
        It makes me so happy to hear your voice!
        Not far away at all!!!
        Oh it makes me cry.
        I just missed this so much after this lonely journey.
        I will sing you back on my way home!

        1. Dear Willis!

          None of us here around the Pond is far away at all 🙂 I am so glad that you appreciated my calling 🙂

          Lot of love & light to you Willis ❤


          1. I could always feel you during my journey but these last few days I feel like travelling alone, in a mist.
            I guess it is meant to be like this.
            My water is getting cleared but without any outside contact it seems.
            But it’ s so nice to know you are all here.
            Always. And so very near.

            1. I know what you mean – I was there too. Disconnected, alone but at the same time satisfied and glad – queer combination 😉 As many times before I needed to talk about my feelings and get feed back to understand how I felt. I really need you all to understand it all 🙂

              Much love light ❤


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