Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond

Dear family of light!

April has already turned out to be a BIG month energetically, and today, we will have another chance to dip into these powerful energies together. For at 21:00 Oslo time, we have another Gathering coming up, and I think we can expect it to be a powerful event. This is what The constant companions have to say about it:

“The time to reconnect to that vast energetic grid you call the Pond is once again upon you, and even if you are all deeply connected to these energetic filaments already, these monthly get-togethers serve to strengthen and deepen these bonds. Not only between every single individual already connected thus, but also to widen this river of energy that is running through you all. For you are all a part of a vast network of energetic pathways, and some of them run parallel to each other, while others merge at certain junctions. And so, you will all play more than one role is this energetic get-together, as you will have your own individual experience and indeed your own unique benefits from attending this “meeting”, but in addition, you will also work in cooperation with other members of this illustrious group.

For as you all connect to that same core connected to Source you do so in very unique ways, and as we have mentioned earlier, you can in many ways be likened to the individual players in a huge orchestra. And so, you will have your own specified part of the musical piece to play in order to make the whole composition come alive. And this means that you are the only one who can contribute just the right note at the exact right time in order for this whole composition to come together, and through an intricate cooperation between each and every one of you and all of the other individuals making up this celestial orchestra, you make it all come alive in a wondrous way. Sometimes you will play a solo, and sometimes, you will be part of a small or larger group constituting a section of the orchestra designated to play out one part of the score, and at other times the whole orchestra comes together in a magnificent display of talent and cooperation that is a delight to behold.

And today, you will all go through the whole range of roles. For not only will you play out your own beautiful solo piece within this gigantic symphony, you will cooperate with your fellow musicians in diverse ways, for then to end up in a truly magnificent crescendo of complexity and harmony, where your individual voices or notes will be woven together into a shining fabric of light that will cover this entire globe.

For remember, you in turn are part of an even lager orchestra, one that incorporates players on both sides of the veil and as such, the moment you all sit down individually to tune yourself up to begin this concert, All of creation will prick up their ears and many will start to follow suit. For they too play an important part in this orchestral maneuver, and even if many of you will have no recollection at all of seeing this grand orchestra coming together as one and playing out their masterpiece, others amongst you will once again be able to report from this important event afterwards.

So again we say thank you to each and every one of you for adding your beautiful voice to this magnificent piece of intergalactic cooperation, and know that those amongst us not fortunate enough to be chosen to play alongside you are more than happy to be able to simply sit and listen to the wonderful energetic masterpiece you will perform in a few hours from now. The audience is ready and waiting and your fellow musicians too, and so we bid you all welcome to another wonderful group event that will be played out under the stars in your very own concert hall, the one you have so carefully constructed together in order to make it such a harmonious, tranquil spot that it will serve to enhance every single note every single one of you will let ring out throughout this performance. It will be an ode to the light, performed by individuals who in themselves carry enough light to light up any stage, but when they come together, shine strong enough to outshine even your Sun.

So thank you for everything that you contribute to this piece of celestial music, for remember, without you, it would simply be like notations on a piece of paper, no more interesting to look at than squiggles adorning a manuscript. But thanks to you, it will come alive for the very first time, and we are all looking forward to the premiere performance of this piece, coming into existence through you and with the help of some wondrous energies the likes none of you have ever seen before. And that in itself is more than good enough reason for us all to eagerly await the commencement of your concert with even more anticipation than usual. So we say enjoy your moment in the limelight, for we think it will be one you will remember for a very long time, as it will be a delight not just for the spectators, but even more so for the grand collection of musicians taking part in this wonderful event.”


Thank you all for being a part of this amazing orchestra of light, I am really looking forward to the premiere of this “energetic masterpiece” we will create together. And to borrow Alex’ expression, I am certain we will ROCK 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


Many regions are changing to or from Daylight Saving Time now so I do not include the usual list of local times that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time, but you can find your time here:  http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this “galactic orchestra” during this Gathering.

217 thoughts on “Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond

  1. I didn´t take part in this gathering, but on 6 April night I had this dream: What do you think about it, Aisha?

    Estoy en una casa. Recorro distintas habitaciones, pero no quiero estar en ninguna, pues en cada una de estas habitaciones hay personas con las que no me siento cómoda, porque no me tratan bien. Me siento agredida. No encuentro mi lugar. No puedo quedarme en ningún lugar.

    Ahora estoy en la calle, creo. Me dicen que el momento es ya, a finales de este mes o del siguiente. (Se refieren al cambio en el mundo). Creo que se lo comento excitada a alguien que está conmigo. Es un primo de mi padre. En la realidad él es fraile.

    Confirmo este mensaje al mirar al cielo. Veo una imagen impresionante, muy bella: Es una especie de esfera, como si fuera una luna pero mucho más grande. Dentro de ella hay un elefante blanco grande y alrededor varios objetos de distintos tamaños y colores moviéndose, como si se tratara de un proceso en el que los objetos se están traspasando a otro lugar, o sea, como si de esa esfera se llevasen a otro lugar.

    Creo que alguien habla de que está bien dejarlo todo escrito para saber.

    Hay más gente mirando al cielo también. Me despierto en ese instante. Siento que ha sido un mensaje real, que ha sido un sueño verdaderamente mágico.

    1. Dear Marga, thank you so much for sharing this dream and for briging your light here! I had to use google translate, so it is not very accurate, but this is what I got from it: “I’m in a house. Zip around different rooms , but do not want to fall into any , because in each of these rooms there are people that do not feel comfortable, because they do not treat you well. I feel attacked. I can not find my place. I can not stay anywhere.
      Now I’m on the street , I think. I say the time is now, at the end of this month or next . ( They refer to the change in the world ) . I think I mention someone who is excited me. It’s a cousin of my father. In reality he is a monk.
      I confirm this message by looking at the sky. I see an awesome picture, very beautiful : It’s kind of field , as if it were a moon but much larger . Within it there is a big white elephant and around various objects of different sizes and colors moving , as if it were a process in which the objects are being passed on to another place , that is, as if that area is focussing on aspects other place .
      I think someone say that is good to write everything in order to know .There are more people looking at the sky too. I wake up at that time. I feel that it has been a real message , which has been a truly magical dream.”

      What you describe seeing in your dream is very interesting, for it reminds me of something that I saw in 2012, and that came up earlier today triggered by a film I saw on youtube. For just like you, I dreamed about going outside, looking up to the sky and seeing something magical that made me cry from joy. What I saw was not as colorful and detailed as what you saw, but I made an illustration of it that you can see here:
      Like you, I knew it signalled a huge change, and I remember thinking “they have returned”. I am so amazed that your message turns up today, just after I was guided to go back and look at this illustration myself! There is definitely a link here I think, I am not quite sure exactly what this means, but perhaps we will see it soon – in the sky 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you for your reply, Aisha. I have read it, well, I have tried to understand it, it´s difficult for me in english… and I wrote there my dream, using your traduction, to know what they think about it.



  2. I’m so far behind and missed reading most posts about the Gathering. In about 12 hrs I’m off to Murwillumbah to meet my next host… going to Linpinwood! (Try and find that on your map Lin :). My cousins are a bit shocked as are ‘their’ relatives that all my other hosts on this trip have never been met before and were met via chat rooms or referrals from online contacts. I just smile… I get it even if they don’t.
    I may not get internet for a while so Lin if you see this can you email me anything that I might not want to miss knowing? OR Breeze 🙂 (IE news of Caroline etc.) THANK YOU
    Love to all of you. I’m going to be in the bush in a cabin and visiting a “crystal filled river.” Otmn me and myself are getting to know each other better and better 🙂 ~Nancee

    1. Yes Nancee – you really got the idea how to connect, believe, spread love and be in these days 🙂 I send you all my love to support you ❤


    2. Dear Nanc… certainly regarding the email! Be well and en-JOY your cabin and crystal-filled river (HEAVEN ! ). Still encircling you with rings of JOY and Light. I did try unsuccessfully to find Linpinwood, but I’ve got your general area—having great FUN following you!! Loving you and your adventurous Heart. I hope you’ll get to dance in the river—all those molecules of happiness. xoxoxoxoxoxo Lin 😀

        1. Hi, Nanc… I couldn’t find anything resembling that name, but did find Murwillumbah which you mentioned previously… so I figured you’re in that general area and just a little to the west. VERY excited for you, Nancee. (as you mentioned, the outline of the Australian continent does look like the head of our little white westie terrier pup or his cousin, little black scottish terrier) Looking forward to when you next surface with a report. Love you, xo Lin

  3. say! well i,i just keep waiting for i don’t know what…i’d like to ,like,remember it all-dangit,there’s a wall,and it’s still like total duality….so-called conscious,and then the sub-conscious…the subconscious rules-of that i have no doubt…is it simply too massive to bring into the ‘light of the conscious mind’? i reckon so…
    the ‘new energy’ is upon us now no doubt! as is flippin obamacare–omg–d’y’see what i mean?

    1. i know what you are waiting for.
      you are waiting for yourself.


      you’re it

      get out of your own way
      and politics is done. we are starting something new
      you are new
      get it?

  4. God, I feel like I am being squeezed and molded, and it is not pleasant. There is no control, no nothing. Haha, nothing familiar! It is unlike anyting I have ever been through. For the last couple of Gatherings I have felt great pressure, squeezing and upheavels. I am able to participate, but that;s about it. I am there, but I am not. Oh God, it’s like everything in my life right now: I am there, but I am not.
    I so wish to BE there. The longing is sooooo there. Being THERE is soooo close. It is pure agony not to be able to touch it yet, to BE there yet. Oh God.

    This song has come to me for the second time again:

    Haha, a storm has actually come in after many warm days…


    1. Feeling u JJ — hugs from me — was just thinking same re wanting so to be there/here wherever my true essence is at its best completely. So I came to the pond as i often do thru out the day to help my longings or to join in the joys or both. and here we are ! 🙂 ❤

          1. now there ya go! its all good JJ ! I will drop a few in there myself. maybe all our tears will meet up and form into a new critter that will crawl out of the pond and nibble on the leaves 🙂 our energy will touch everything – the leaves will blow around – land on a few folks – touch the ground and so on…..

              1. now if God cried tears of joy And sorrow,,, that explains the duality. pass me a plate of pure joy please.

      1. Dear JJ, dear Areeza, sending you both an XXXL plate of LOVE! ” I am there, but I am not” – what a perfect way to describe this state of rebirth we are passing through. There is no control, that is the whole point, for we need to “stop our minds from getting in the way” as the CCs like to say it 😉 But you are both HERE, you are an important part of this family and of this whole magnificent but bewildering process of change. And you are making a huge difference, even on days and nights when everythings seems “wrong” to you 🙂
        With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  5. Surprised by Evening
    by Robert Bly

    There is unknown dust that is near us,
    Waves breaking on shores just over the hill,
    Trees full of birds that we have never seen,
    Nets drawn down with dark fish.

    The evening arrives; we look up and it is there,
    It has come through the nets of the stars,
    Through the tissues of the grass,
    Walking quietly over the asylums of the waters.

    The day shall never end, we think:
    We have hair that seems born for the daylight;
    But, at last, the quiet waters of the night will rise,
    And our skin shall see far off, as it does underwater.

    “Surprised by Evening” by Robert Bly from Eating the Honey of Words. © Harper Collins, 1999.

  6. & since the recent message from Erieport was mentioned I just wanted to say I really Love & resonate with it !…….especially
    ‘Foundations of Higher Vibrational Density now being created will support the New Gaia Paradigm.’…..Yup….& the rocks say it is so !
    Love, Bev~

  7. The energy of today is – very silent.
    no birds singing even
    so so silent. So still. no breeze blowing.
    I feel sleepy and quiet – 3rd eye whirling around and has me off balance a bit.
    maybe All is quietly listening to the new tone 🙂

      1. I love sending love into water. I live near a little river and it is becoming more accessible each day. I also have rocks in my sacred space, and yesterday at the Pond it was 3pm our time and I was able also to be outside for the gathering, listening to birdsong, clear, blue skies, sunshine, no clouds, just warmth and spring breezes.

        As I closed my eyes I saw within, us all linked together in a global kaleidoscope of ways. Our bodyglove light cocoons were lit and emanating shimmering golden white light. Filaments shot out with tendrils of light reaching for lines like fishing lines of shimmering white light threads, gossamer as spider webbing, linking each of us in the gathering, swathing the Earth above and around it in a shimmering network of light. Like a global light show, a kind of shawl swathing the heavenly realms above the Earth, the airy biosphere. A loving groping of tendrils interconnecting, more and more like light viny tendrils interweaving, shimmering, sparkling off rainbow of color bursts, even as the globe was partially bathed in sunlight, partially bathed in moonlight and starlight, there was a depth of beauty to the blue spectrum of heavenly colors reflected in the waters below.
        Peace be with you. Peace within, above and below and all around.
        Blessings, love and Light, Monica

    1. Same here Areeza! Very silent, not even a breeze during the whole day. Almost a little spooky…and I feel very different today…a day of waiting…



      1. yes spooky here too – like i landed in a ghost town. 🙂
        A little bit better than this morning as far as my dizzy feeling. Pressure came between my temples a couple hrs ago. Still feeling a void of life around. So weird.
        I am not concerned, mind u – its just so…weird.
        take care of yourself B — much Love, A

          1. Have a great sleep and some nice dreams
            I wish I could join u – have to go food shopping after work in a bit. then , i am off tomorrow.. yeah!
            prob was a good thing i had the day off even if cable did not work out. told them to come asap but not mornings. they said friday in the morning. lol…

  8. Thank you Aisha for hosting another wonderfully exceptional Gathering ! I’m feeling rather fatigued from All these new energy visions & adjustments, but just wanted to tell everyone I am so very pleased to All those that had these beautiful connections with each other, especially with the Living Light & ‘Water’ !….it reminds me so much of the magical day I released my sacred code into the ‘Water’ off Cuba this time last year…certainly All these experiences with ‘Water’ makes my Heart sing !…& although I myself had expected a musical encounter & a further bonding with ‘Water’… instead, on my way to the Gathering, out of the blue, I was whisked away to be shown the deeper revealing of ‘Rock’ !..interesting that Alex & Aisha both have been saying ‘Let’s Rock’…but I wonder if they thought about Spirit wanting us to take a closer look at Rocks !
    Rocks are the very structure of the Earth, they are in fact living carriers of energy, they are the holders of history & time…they shape the landscape & foundation for All life to exist & grow…even the precious ‘Water’ must have the support of rock to form & contain it’s body ! We don’t really think of rock as living, but it actual is very much alive in it’s own context as it always has & will absorb the vibrational energy of Creation ! Rock plays a most vital role in the balance & existing in the secure foundation of the Earth & holder of Earth’s energy…& I’ve been drawn to understand it’s living essence, feel the energy that it contains, from mountains to sea shores, rock has many stories it wants to tell us ! Locally I was drawn to the wonderfully formed beach rock along the coast line…& Amazing how these rocks have been shaped through there interaction with the ocean waves over thousands of years into these beautiful rounded egg shapes in various sizes…& they make their own beautiful music as the ocean flows back & forth through them. I was also being drawn to an ancient type of rock in Romania that have a most peculiar growth (linked below) & then the most fascinating ones I was drawn to are those of the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland (linked below) They speak to me of their now skeletal remains of the living hexagon grid of life that existed & protected Mother a long time ago & they tell me it’s very important to take a closer look at them now & feel into their echo of energy as this is the grid of living energy that is returning, & being born upon Mother-Earth once again !
    As the core Heart of Mother-Earth stirs & her living grid takes form, there will be a necessary movement in earthquakes & volcanoes to heal, & activate the new foundation. We often think of the grid only above, surrounding the Earth, but it very much a part of the Earth itself..in the very fibers of plants, & trees, the Water & yes, the rock ! The entire orchestra is so much more than us….we will assuredly know this when Mother-Earth begins to sing ! I will catch up with All your wonderful comments & experiences later …. Love to All !…. Bev~



    1. I have always spoken to rocks 🙂 Love them and collect those that ‘let me take them to my house’. oh yes, they will tell u if they want to stay put! thanks Bev, Love, A

      1. so cool….knew you would Love & understand them !….& I have to tell you, when you mentioned in how you touch the Water at the lake, you are doing it in the most perfect & profound way of touching Water…Love it ! There is an energy skin or field that lies on the surface of Water & when we place the stretched out flat palms of our hands immediately above the Water, without touching it we connect to Water in the best way….our energy joins with the energy field of Water…& when we say ‘I Love, I Appreciate You, I will protect You, my soul is One with You !….oh so powerful !!!

        1. Water communication you folks are doing. What a upgrade for me to start. Thank you all!!!

    2. Dear Bev, thank you for once again reminding us of the magic that surround us on all sides 🙂 It is all alive and it is all energy, as the CCs like to remind us, even the things that seem immovable. And I agree, you can connect and communicate with rocks and stones in the same way as with everything else .-)
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. when I was young I loved to collect rocks. Everywhere I went I would pick up a rock to save for later to look at. Like you say every rock has a story to tell. We just have to learn to hear what it says. In all my travels I have a rock from many places. From the humming of crystals to the ting of silver ore even the slush sound of layered mud turned to stone from the pressure of time. I also love sea shells and the sound of each one gives off when held close to the ear. Everything we see has a story of creation if we listen. All these things are building blocks for mother earth. Mother earth has the stored knowledge of all these things and freely gives up their stories to any and all who listen. They are a part of mother earth just like the fingers are part of the body. Do we not know what our fingers have done through life and what they have been through. Mother earth is the eyes of all earth not just part of it. She stores the energy of all life and releases it to maintain earth that is created on earth. All earth creations are returned to earth. All spirit creations are returned to the creator of spirit. The source of all spirit. This is why the body and spirit are a two party system of life. None of these things ever die just recycled in form and used in different ways of creating new life. All of this knowledge is held in universal knowledge for all to share. All of this is stored and can be shared through the spirit of humans to the body. How is this done. It is done by communicating with the mind of the body through the spirit of the body to the source of this stored knowledge we all have access to.

      Love and blessings to all

    4. Bev thank you for sharing about “Rock.” I am often drawn to rock. Today it was petrified rocks and last week it was the huge boulders at one of the zoos.
      You also reminded me of a 12″ diameter rock that was hanging on the wall of the ancient Peru display in Canberra last month. Kathy and I were both drawn to it and stood with our hands on it. (No one came and told us to leave either 🙂 We were mesmerized with the energy flowing from it. I’m not sure what it imparted but it was something good and to share that with my new friend was very special. Love, Nancee

    5. Loved the rocks Bev! I still bring some of them home with me. As a child I use to carry some bigger then me from where ever I found them. My parents wouldn’t always let me bring them. I was so very hurt at the time. Still think of some of them to this day with great love. Rocks are the old ones you know. They contain much knowledge and history. Exciting! ❤

      1. This reminds me of my “morning rock” at the lake where I used to sit having my feet in the water and asked the rock to release my heavy energies 🙂



  9. Greetings and Thanks for sharing.

    My head and third eye has been feeling really weird lately, on and off the whole of last week I have been feeling energy move in and around my temples, out of my eyeballs, out of my ears. It has been very uncomfortable for the most part and I have been having many conversations with my higher ups over it. It only abated every other day. Then yesterday it started building up into something more migraine like on a silent level. My eyeballs were so hot and even the tips of my ears were achy / scorched. As the time went on i was feeling more and more dazed and ended up going to bed early feeling like a zombie.

    I asked for a perspective of what was wrong or going on, I am way too familiar with going through these adjustments and bouts of ‘energy flu’ , yet this was taking things to another level of discomfort that i could barely take. My ears were also ringing in a way they haven’t before, Short pulses of ringing with feeling energy pushing and moving behind.

    When i asked to see my alignment (for some reason i have to be extremely specific with my higher ups, I can’t just say show me what’s wrong) they showed me where i was distorted, in my head, third eye, and higher up centres above my head. I asked for help or something to calm things down. A few moments later I saw strongly ( clairvoyant ) a red laser like pole in my upper crown alignment, from say a foot above my head upwards. I knew that wasn’t normal, but i watched as i was shown this then go out like a light to nothing. Then saw a blue light pole come into it’s place, except this blue lazer light was also attached to something else flat, like a flag pole in a ..i want to say grid or swirl. Instantly i felt the jarring, friction of the previous energies ‘gone’ all the noise, static that had build up to such a degree yesterday, was all gone. It felt cool and soothing to have this vision in my head space which lasted a few hrs.

    I was then ‘told’ during this that today there would be a shift.

    I still feel rather frazzled and today feel a very high (heated) energy coming through my body. Can feel the energy coming through my hands today which is far more tolerable than my eyeballs 😮

    1. Dear elven777, thank you for sharing this, I hope your body will have an easier time coping with these energies in the time ahead!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. Hello everyone.
    This is my 29th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Satoshi Ikeda – A Boat of The Moon (Released Date : Jun.21, 1988)
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

  11. Ah, the quantum soup… I haven’t chosen to “participate” in one of the gatherings… but, by virtue of our oneness, I am certain that there was wonderful communing! Gratitude to ALL for playing their parts in all the different ways!

    I was cleaning up my computer a few days ago in preparation for taking it in for a hard drive upgrade (YES!) and came across something I wrote for a ceremony I participated in for the Conscious Convergence in 2010… the opening of the 9th Wave – Enlightened Unity Consciousness in Mayan Calendar terms… and I thought how funny it was to see it and wondered why it was showing up now.

    A week ago a friend dreamt of me with a nickname Latoya which means “Victorious One”, and as I visited that friend for brunch and a day of love and fun, I saw a store front named Victory. After reading the info. about the orchestra, and Aisha’s note on resurrection (my guides told me 2014 would be such a year for many of us), and the beautiful tree – it felt that this offering was for all of you here.

    May we all continue to offer our grace and our blessings! If not you, then who? Much love!!!

    A Song of Victory

    Elisabeth, July 2010

    Sing a song of Victory
    T’was said that it would be
    Sing a song of Victory
    Alas, for you and me

    For on this day, comes forth to show
    As every good thought must
    A seed that long ago took root
    Intentions, ripe and just

    We sing our song to celebrate
    The truth of what has come
    A gift each child will know, indeed
    A gift for All, not some

    For in the natural rhythm grows
    All that which longs to be
    And in this cycle, we enjoy
    The Grace, that sets it free

    We sing this song, of Victory
    Alone, apart, no more
    Thanks to that which cast this song
    To land upon our shore

    For Love did set, into each soul
    And nourished every heart
    A melody, whose message dear
    Joined every precious part

    United, by our hearts and souls
    We see the shining rays
    Exuberance, Magnificence
    Shall fill our every days

    Into this moment, we’ve arrived
    Where all intentions meet
    And anchored in, our Unity
    Our dreaming work complete

    1. Dear Elisabeth, thank you for sharing this beautiful gift!
      “We sing this song, of Victory
      Alone, apart, no more”
      No, we are no longer alone or apart, we are ONE, and it gives me great joy to know that I am a part of this cosmic orchestra, this magnificent family of light 🙂
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Well I call this perfect – in words – in time
      oooooo I LoVe IT !!
      many thanks for sharing your manifested poem!!
      what talent we have here at this pond I may add 🙂
      Love and Bliss to you always – Areeza

  12. Dear friends!

    When I started the meditation I was sitting at my lake and saw Aishas tree with the light behind. I sang the whole scale of tones as I thought you would all enter at “your” special tone and I felt the anticipation among all of us. I also wanted to sit by the tree that I usually say represents me, a big, high aspen which also grows down by the lake. Since I could not decide where I would find myself, Aisha´s and my tree merged and became one 😉

    I can not tell you what then happened during meditation. There were scattered images all the time, some letters that did not make any sense to me but I was in and around the water all the time, saw strong eddies in the water. I tried to reach across the water to the other side by prolonging the bridge I was sitting on. I almost felt pain in the back of the head on the left side.

    After the meditation, I slept for an hour and then I woke up and have been awake all night until 7 o’clock this morning when I went to sleep for an hour again. It is very still and quiet outdoors today, just as if nature is holding its breath. Myself – I do not know where I am but as usual I do not know what is what 😉 The nose drips constantly and I feel pretty shaky but filled with some sort of wonderment today 🙂

    I am so grateful to participate in this gathering and for that you share your wonderful experiences ❤

    Love & light,


    1. Love 2 U today B! I feel so much more at home as my kindred star seeds are now more activated than before and there is a steady movement now that is spreading fast. my home is here 🙂
      Thanks to everyone for what your intentional Love and Light has done!
      I Love you! ❤

      something else I saw on my way to work this morning is everyone dipping their hands in waters near them and placing your new frequency there to meld with the water's upgraded frequency. When others in your area touch upon those waters, they will be activated more quickly and strongly.
      I do this at my lake. Have done so ever since I moved there 4.5 yrs ago. I did not consciously know what I was doing then. I close my eyes and place my hands just lightly upon the top of the water — while I am in my Kayak. I have a love affair with my Lake as I do the Sun – and this love affair just keeps growing with All. 🙂 XOA

      1. Oh yes, I love touching water in the same way with the palm of my hand almost drawing the surface of the water upwards. It feels so wonderful and alive, warm even when the water is icy cold 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. …and so did I today, but it was not enough thawed water in the lake so I could spread out my hands on the surface – but it will – soon 😉



    2. Dear B, thank you for calling is in with your singing 🙂 What a beautiful way to start the Gathering! My body is pretty shaky too, but it also feels happy and light today.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    3. B you played such a special part! Thank you for starting the concert with your beautiful singing! ❤ 🙂

  13. Wonderful experiences fellow Ponders… I got mine in parts… and just as I started to type the latest Eireport message came through which fits perfectly for me in what I saw and messages I got:


    Falling Stars light the path for Newer Establishments.

    Foundations of Higher Vibrational Density now being created will support the New Gaia Paradigm.

    Alternative pathways have diminished as result of much elevated Human Consciousness, even since our last message.

    Far-reaching actions in Mind, Heart, and Body of Gaia politic are now underway.

    The moment to be recalled is Now… and none other…

    I first saw or imagined it raining down ‘light’ as in Spheres Of Light but it came as the Golden Eggs (SOL is the Golden Egg – a message from a couple of years back)… (The I guess would also be the falling stars from above… it’s all metaphors anyway.

    The Pond was lit up with the light…

    …along with this I got the line of the song: “It’s raining men”… I’d never paid much attention to the lyrics of that song before. But checking them this morning there’s a resonant part about the role of mother nature too and the divine balance of masculine/feminine which ultimately are all ‘one’ anyway!

    In the night I was also given a re-worded line of a song: “Something tells me we’re in for something good.”

    Oh and another one this morning:

    “You won’t fool the children of the revolution” – seems we are those children not to be fooled but to create and recreate our reality with the gift of the light/golden eggs.

    This week in particular I feel like I’ve been constantly been reminded to be in this moment and this moment only which also fits with the Eireport message.

    Great work everyone!

    Philip ❤

    1. Dear Philip, thank you for adding some more pieces ot this amazing puzzle! Éireport Blog is a wonderful confirmation, and I love the way that music and songlines act as “wayshowers” for us. ““Something tells me we’re in for something good” – I do agree 😉
      Love and light from me, AIsha

  14. WOW – I have just read through what you have all shared about the Gathering, and once again chills are running up and down my spine! So many similarities! The confetti/ raindrops/rain essence/a cross between christmas lights and fireflies/star seed rain droplets covering this whole world and us, on the inside and on the outside, bringing in this golden, healing energy. Like Alex describes it: “I knew the energy of the pond now infused all of the earth, all of the beings, all of the kingdoms, all of the dimensions and then we had been infused with an even higher level of energy after we had released our “selves” and allowed the energy that was already in our hearts to bathe ALL that is…” And the SOUND! Denise and Areeza – you both mention hearing a singing bowl. I use one to mark the opening and the closing of the Gathering, by striking it once. When I did this last night at the end of my meditation, something very strange happened. The sound always continues for a long time before it fades away, but this time, it was as if a new sound started within the original one, and I heard how this new sound came around my head and was in a space close to my left ear. It was such a weird experience, for I literally felt this sound as if confined within a small space, but it was interacting with the ringing sound I have in my ear permanently from before, tuning it so it matched the new sound coming from the bowl. My sister also heard this “new sound” and she commented on the strange experience of hearing this new frequency coming through the usual sound from the singing bowl. I have to quote you Areeza: “A single tone came into play — it was ‘AHHHH’ in what would be ‘Re note’. nice it was. The Earth was pulsating – ‘keeping the beat’ came to me. Other planets joined in and Beings were whirling about with these sashes in their hands. sort of like the whirling dervishes. I then heard: “The heart of the one beats in the heart of the many”.I also heard: “A sound once made does not stop resonating/reverberating = God Spoke.” same with movement/motion = God Moved. I was told that a certain sound/tone has wanted to come to this Earth for a long, long time. It is here now and will remain.”
    And the WATER! Denise you say: “This water of light is now everywhere! It is on the earth, in the atmosphere, in the clouds, in the snow, flowing in streams and wherever water goes, it is in us and around all things. We are now absorbing it and swimming in these wonderful healing light vibrations!” And Areeza, when you add: “I am remembering what I wanted to post a few days ago that at the time I could not put into words. It had to do with all of us touching water anywhere we were – near where we lived – and placing our attention on it turning to rain drops – going up into the atmosphere to cover areas in need of help across the globe – and to awaken I would say now too – putting our own frequency in them so touch as much as possible as quickly as possible.” I have to say YES; YES; YES! Water is a limitless, boundless carrier of information and energy, and as “walking healers” we will bring this new sound, this new tone, and we will place it into water in all shapes and forms and help it to spread around – from this Pond and to this entire blue planet 🙂
    I have to close off with your words, Otmn, for you say it all in one short sentence: “i dunno, but something crossed from somewhere else to here.” Amen to that!
    LOVE, Aisha

    1. Placing our lighted – activated – star seed in these waters! oh how wonderful all this is!
      and the sound… it was “holy” i wanted to add. So beautiful how you even use the singing bowls! and you too picked up on that new – ever resonating tone!
      I now know what I always wanted to – it is even my first sound memory in this life! -about that far off airplane sound that used to put me in trance and hanted me all this time for I knew it ‘signaled something’. This is it!!! I want to kiss and bow to everything right now ;-D

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