Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond

Dear family of light!

April has already turned out to be a BIG month energetically, and today, we will have another chance to dip into these powerful energies together. For at 21:00 Oslo time, we have another Gathering coming up, and I think we can expect it to be a powerful event. This is what The constant companions have to say about it:

“The time to reconnect to that vast energetic grid you call the Pond is once again upon you, and even if you are all deeply connected to these energetic filaments already, these monthly get-togethers serve to strengthen and deepen these bonds. Not only between every single individual already connected thus, but also to widen this river of energy that is running through you all. For you are all a part of a vast network of energetic pathways, and some of them run parallel to each other, while others merge at certain junctions. And so, you will all play more than one role is this energetic get-together, as you will have your own individual experience and indeed your own unique benefits from attending this “meeting”, but in addition, you will also work in cooperation with other members of this illustrious group.

For as you all connect to that same core connected to Source you do so in very unique ways, and as we have mentioned earlier, you can in many ways be likened to the individual players in a huge orchestra. And so, you will have your own specified part of the musical piece to play in order to make the whole composition come alive. And this means that you are the only one who can contribute just the right note at the exact right time in order for this whole composition to come together, and through an intricate cooperation between each and every one of you and all of the other individuals making up this celestial orchestra, you make it all come alive in a wondrous way. Sometimes you will play a solo, and sometimes, you will be part of a small or larger group constituting a section of the orchestra designated to play out one part of the score, and at other times the whole orchestra comes together in a magnificent display of talent and cooperation that is a delight to behold.

And today, you will all go through the whole range of roles. For not only will you play out your own beautiful solo piece within this gigantic symphony, you will cooperate with your fellow musicians in diverse ways, for then to end up in a truly magnificent crescendo of complexity and harmony, where your individual voices or notes will be woven together into a shining fabric of light that will cover this entire globe.

For remember, you in turn are part of an even lager orchestra, one that incorporates players on both sides of the veil and as such, the moment you all sit down individually to tune yourself up to begin this concert, All of creation will prick up their ears and many will start to follow suit. For they too play an important part in this orchestral maneuver, and even if many of you will have no recollection at all of seeing this grand orchestra coming together as one and playing out their masterpiece, others amongst you will once again be able to report from this important event afterwards.

So again we say thank you to each and every one of you for adding your beautiful voice to this magnificent piece of intergalactic cooperation, and know that those amongst us not fortunate enough to be chosen to play alongside you are more than happy to be able to simply sit and listen to the wonderful energetic masterpiece you will perform in a few hours from now. The audience is ready and waiting and your fellow musicians too, and so we bid you all welcome to another wonderful group event that will be played out under the stars in your very own concert hall, the one you have so carefully constructed together in order to make it such a harmonious, tranquil spot that it will serve to enhance every single note every single one of you will let ring out throughout this performance. It will be an ode to the light, performed by individuals who in themselves carry enough light to light up any stage, but when they come together, shine strong enough to outshine even your Sun.

So thank you for everything that you contribute to this piece of celestial music, for remember, without you, it would simply be like notations on a piece of paper, no more interesting to look at than squiggles adorning a manuscript. But thanks to you, it will come alive for the very first time, and we are all looking forward to the premiere performance of this piece, coming into existence through you and with the help of some wondrous energies the likes none of you have ever seen before. And that in itself is more than good enough reason for us all to eagerly await the commencement of your concert with even more anticipation than usual. So we say enjoy your moment in the limelight, for we think it will be one you will remember for a very long time, as it will be a delight not just for the spectators, but even more so for the grand collection of musicians taking part in this wonderful event.”


Thank you all for being a part of this amazing orchestra of light, I am really looking forward to the premiere of this “energetic masterpiece” we will create together. And to borrow Alex’ expression, I am certain we will ROCK 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


Many regions are changing to or from Daylight Saving Time now so I do not include the usual list of local times that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time, but you can find your time here:  http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this “galactic orchestra” during this Gathering.

217 thoughts on “Welcome to the April Gathering around the Pond

  1. Dear friends! The energies from this Gathering followed me into the night, and as I went to bed, I went into mediation mode again and asked “is there more”? The answer came at once “we have saved the best for last” and then, I was shown the image of a man. I saw just his head, he was half turned away from me, gazing serenely ahead. He had this regal air, like a young king, and he was filled with light. Then, the image shifted, and I saw a whole army of men like him, they looked like knights in shining armour, rows upon rows of them, the bright metal glinting light. I heard something that first sounded like “weapons of mass destruction” but I knew this was wrong, for there was nothing sinister or dark about this at all. Then I heard the phrase again, and this time I heard it clearly “weapons of mass resurrection”, and above this army I saw white angles floating, and I saw that none of these knights were carrying any weapons, but a bright light shone out from their chests. Just writing this down sends shivers down my spine again, because I realized that the man I saw first, was Christ. But this army, these “weapons of mass resurrection”, that is US, every single person living on this planet carrying the Christ Consciousness within them, and now this immensely powerful light is being resurrected on this planet again. When I woke up this morning, I was trying to digest all of this, and so I decided to meditate again and I started to connect with the energies like I usually do. But this time, it felt very different, for this time, when I connected down to Mother Earth and then opened up to the energies from above, it felt like everything had the same vibration. It was like my vibration matched the one coming in, and this again matched the vibration in Mother Earth, and it is such a feeling of connectedness, of being “home”, of having been re-tuned. So I have to say the CCs was right, this feels like nothing I have ever felt before. I do not think this blissful feeling will be permanent, for there is still much work to do, but it makes me full of anticipation and eager to keep up this work 🙂
    With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you Aisha – I know as well that this is the 2nd coming spoken of long ago – the Christ Consciousness awakening in all of everthing! What I know on top of it is that it is the Star Seeds coming to Life! I was told I was star seed many yrs ago. I did not realize they came from the Pleiades until I read Kryon. This all links up now and brings me even more joy for the many confirmations and realizations of what my life (lives) have all been about. A big squeeze from me dear sister! I am no longer overwhelmed – I am at peace in these blessed truths — for all we have brought forth with our True Love and commitment to it ! I embrace everything! ❤

  2. I saw the same thing. to me it looked like a cross between christmas lights and fireflies. little lights flew all over, then they all came together, a window/portal opened, I saw an appliance? some sort of machine that had indicators and switches. It was white, porcelain maybe. ? white, like a toilet, but round on top. It seemed small as i saw it through the the portal.
    the little lights separated into all of infinity.
    I asked for healing.
    my body shivered and quaked.
    when the lights came back together it as a white li8ght.
    when they separated they had all the colors.
    And then they came back together, but this time, I saw the ?appliance? in my world and as large as a garbage can.
    i dunno,
    but something crossed from somewhere else to here.
    words fail me,

      1. ‘Between Two Worlds – The Boatman’
        that was what I chose to meditate to for the Gathering – or it chose me
        The boatman is The Christ sailing upon these new clear waters!

  3. I called my gathering experience ‘An Ode To The Light’
    I put on some meditation music to help me get into it – what I chose was called ‘Between Two Worlds – The Boatman’
    At the end of my journey, I was unsure of what took place and I was not going to write it here. I then instinctively went to read a couple days past at the Pond. Found Aisha’s link about Nulls and Nodes and boy oh boy!
    So… my experience started by seeing many Shamans performing ceremonial dances/chants around fires…all over the globe…all different tribes. I saw sparks from their fires go up into the sky – into space.
    Then my consciousness had me alone among the reeds at the ponds edge.
    I felt a gentle rain and I loved each rain drop so! I was feeling ‘rains essence’. I set my intention to Be my essence: Breeze. I blew into one of the reed tubes. I was all of a sudden traveling inside the reed – like it was a worm hole – and I could faintly hear musical sounds coming from the ‘other side’ I thought I was traveling too. The journey was slow and the rain drops were with me and then I realized the sparks of light from the shamans fires were within the water droplets! (this is where I get it much better now after reading the Kryon msg – and realizing they were most probably ‘pleiadian star seed’ as they were very much alive! and… on a mission! ).
    Then, I was all of a sudden back on my couch – sitting quietly – simple state of being In Love – hearing my own song – song of the breeze.
    Then I realized I could still be with all the star seed rain droplets. (right this minute, I am remembering what I wanted to post a few days ago that at the time I could not put into words. It had to do with all of us touching water anywhere we were – near where we lived – and placing our attention on it turning to rain drops – going up into the atmosphere to cover areas in need of help across the globe – and to awaken I would say now too – putting our own frequency in them so touch as much as possible as quickly as possible).
    Then,,, I kept hearing “come back to me”, “come back to me’. over and over.
    Then I was with Caroline – sitting beside her holding her hand.
    Again… the phrase ‘come back to me’ – over and over. (right now, I am thinking of this being my pleiadian husband ?? or has to do with the pairing in Kryons msg maybe – will think on that more later).
    Then, I flew fast all around the Earth – in spirals of light – I passed others – all very, very fast. Smiles, Glee, such Joy, such Freedom, carefree.
    The Spirals produced a sound (after reading the Kryon msg, I see Sun posted something about this I had not read until now – very cool!)
    The sound was maybe like Tibetan singing bowls? not sure.
    “Others” shot down – all around to greet us. From other galaxies I felt.
    A single tone came into play — it was ‘AHHHH’ in what would be ‘Re note’. nice it was.
    The Earth was pulsating – ‘keeping the beat’ came to me. Other planets joined in and Beings were whirling about with these sashes in their hands. sort of like the whirling dervishes.
    I then heard: “The heart of the one beats in the heart of the many”.
    I also heard: “A sound once made does not stop resonating/reverberating = God Spoke.”
    same with movement/motion = God Moved.
    I was told that a certain sound/tone has wanted to come to this Earth for a long, long time. It is here now and will remain. (again, I now ‘get it’ more from the Null/Node msg).
    It ended with my seeing our star families shaking our hands.
    Blessings all,,, thank you for letting me share my experiences in such a Love space as this Pond with my Loving family. ❤ Areeza

    1. Wow Areeza! Your meditation made me cry. Still tears at the moment. You heard the singing bowl! Sparks of light in water droplets! I am just shaking my head here…so amazing how we each have similarities. The pond truely is a web of light that brings us all together. I am going to go read Kyron and the other messages you mentioned as I haven’t read them yet. I like what you saw about the shaman and the reeds. Love you Areeza my sister of the light!

  4. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to quiet my mind during this meditation time. Eventually I was able. Perseverance seems to be a major lesson for me these days. So here is what I received.

    It started with a singing bowl with myself centered in it. The tone went out from it and kept going. I was soon lifted slightly up with my arms raised and hands in prayer form as though diving upwards into the sky. I stayed there as though the handle in the bell. My energy and light flowing out like the sound of the singing bowl. I saw the light from the vibrations blanketing the earth. It flowed like water and eventually covered the planet. My body in the singing bowl was then lifted higher by the flowing water of light. It lifted me like a spout of water from a fountain pushing me upwards. Soon flowing water of light was spewing out of my being from my flowing hair and off my clothes. The flowing light continued to go out and around the world as the singing bowl kept sending out vibrations. Then I dove into the water of light and was swimming with dolphins enjoying the vibrations and light water. There was much joy and everything was filled with light and sound as it flowed over and through all things. I gave the dolphins a woven crown of flowers and plants. They excepted it freely. It was a gift they had given me a long time ago and now I was able to return it. The water of light started spewing upwards into the air like fireworks of water. It seemed to be the culmination of this event.
    This water of light is now everywhere! It is on the earth, in the atmosphere, in the clouds, in the snow, flowing in streams and wherever water goes, it is in us and around all things. We are now absorbing it and swimming in these wonderful healing light vibrations!

    Thank you all! Sending love out to everyone!

    1. Truly wonderful! Our experiences do match nicely.
      I write mine down as they are unfolding in my minds eye or wherever it is happening – Then I come to post it without reading anyone’s first. Love this similarity! and you Denise! thank you

      1. I write mine down after the meditation and then I post it. I have a few I haven’t posted as it got misplaced. I usually post before I read everyone else’s. Funny at times what I get doesn’t seem to be like anyone else’s and then later it all makes since. 🙂

  5. I was on the same mountain t9op0 in France Auvergne than six month before. I arrived here from Belgium after a long journey and after a wonderfull week of physical contact.
    At nine o cloick I was in deeply meditation. I had not read trhe missive before. Now we are here in an old monastary and play music with friends from Portugal. The night is quiet. The stars shine in the dark. We did wonderful. The univ erse loves us. May all people be happy and safe.

    here an impression from our workshop

    1. your group knows how to have FUN… and how to encourage it!! Beautiful country–Heaven. en-JOY. thanx for sharing the fun. 😀

    2. Looks and sounds like wonderful fun! I want to try circus yoga! You do know how to enjoy life. Love to you! ❤

  6. hey! my main thoughts were,in the couple hrs before 2100 aslo time,just,y’know,firstly and most importantly,what to wear..! and i was like okay,i like the purple-i miss my purple t-shirts i used to wear–anyways yeah-
    then i got to doin’ laundry and this’n’that,and before i knew it,it was time to check in and say hey-because i’m just ,like i would’ve been maybe a bird in a tree-i’m just naturally shy–
    but thanks everyone for making me feel welcome and safe–that’s awful decent of ya,i…well i reckon i ain’t come acrost a lotta groups so friendly–anyways,it’s energetically a dynamic year so far,huh? here’s to infinite resiliency-and patience–and here’s to some kinda break,some kinda rewards,BIGTIME!

  7. Dear family of light! I sit here still very much connected to the energies from this Gathering, and I have a feeling they will continue through the night but I will try to give short summary of what I experienced. For me, it started half an hour before the Gathering itself. It was such a peaceful, loving energy, and I sensed that the audience was starting to arrive. Mark, Caroline, JJ, Vive and their whole family and many, many others came, alone or in groups, and we welcomed them all. They settled in, many easing themselves into the tranquil, soothing waters of the Pond, coming to BE with us and to receive the love this event would create. When the Gathering started and I connected to the energies, it was like this pure, white energy came into my body from four different directions, merging in my heart and exploding outwards, like confetti of light over the Pond. At first, it was very much a “solo event”, and I felt the energies very strongly but I did not “see” anything. But then, I saw myself as a drummer, twirling the drumsticks between my fingers and counting up, playing out a steady rock beat. I was a part of a rock group, performing before a huge audience, and we all had a great time. Suddenly, our gig was over and we stood at the edge of the stage hand in hand receiving the applause. Then, I was in the audience, listening to a chamber orchestra playing a beautiful piece of music that moved us all to tears, before I suddenly found myself on stage again as a part of this huge orchestra and choir performing Beethoven’s 9th, “Ode to Joy”. It is one of my favorites, and I was thinking “how can they top this?” when I suddenly saw how some of the performers started to grow into these huge beings of light, shimmering in every colour of the rainbow, like iridescent underwater creatures. The light in them grew stronger and stronger, and then, every single person on the stage turned into pure light. Suddenly I was alone again, and I heard the phrase “Go, tell it on the mountain” from the song over and over again, and I saw someone looking like an old prophet with a long beard and a wand in his hand standing on a mountaintop, his arms stretched out, light shining through his hands. Then I heard the words “Christ the redeemer”, and the old man changed into the statue of Christ standing above Rio, and it was alive. Then I was back at the Pond again, the concert was finished and the audience was on their feet, applauding, and we were all applauding each other, and I got such a huge blast of LOVE from this Pond, it felt like I was melting from the heat of it. The energies are still really intense but in a good way, and I need some time to try to digest all of this, so I think I will go to bed now 🙂 Thank you all for this amazing experience, we DID rock and we did create some wonderful, powerful “music” together!
    With much love and gratitude and joy from me, Aisha

    1. at 20:59—instant Pure Peace and Love. Magical Gathering, Magical day from all the sharing here. Thank you, God… which means each of us. xox

    2. Beings of light, music, water, a party…..yes! This was a big event! Much to celebrate! The water of light is flowing out from this pond like never before!
      We do rock! 🙂

    3. Love this to bits Aisha! We had Ode to Joy as the entry music when Sue and I were married! I love the other messages particularly “Go tell it on the mountain” I remember that one it always struck me as very moving. Philip 🙂

  8. First we all did the electric slide to this. Then we formed a circle and each of us danced in the middle. Not sure who this is/was, but he’s been in a meditation of mine before (in which he picked me up and carried me away from something in a protective manner), but he has shoulder length dark wavy hair. Anyway, he danced with me in sort of a swing or 50’s style, throwing me all over the place. Everyone had a great time!!

    Love to all of you…

    🙂 AH

    1. I have often danced the “Electric Slide” over the past 20 years. I did wake up 15 mins before the gathering but with only 4 1/2 hrs into my night sleep I went back to dreamland… asking that I through intention gather at the Pond if even in my dreams. How could I resist being there to dance :)? Thanks AH. Love, Nancee

  9. It is very interesting how life unfolds perfectly. How we are where we are supposed to be and doing what we are suppSosed to do. We can think we are supposed to be doing something “else” and feel bad about it, but if we really look at the pathways that follow something we realize it was all perfect.

    Like today. I forgot we had a gathering. I took a weekend off to rest, to focus on my space of love. I didn’t even read any messages from the last few days. After a relaxing morning I came on to see what was up and saw the heading about the gathering. I didn’t read more than the first paragraph, knew i was “late” it was 3:30 my time and connection usually starts at 3…so, I simply sat down to connect at the time knowing that it was all perfect.

    I came upon the beautiful pristine pond and everyone was encircled and smiling as if something magical had happened. I didnt hear any music but all of a sudden in the distance, in my reality my daughter started to sing out loud–wake me up by Avicii….I smiled, perfect song for a pond gathering (not knowing that the focus of Aisha’s message was about our combined music!)…

    I walked into this picture perfect, pristine environment and I reached out my hand, and with a finger I tapped the middle of my view and immediately it all sprung apart! Tiny little squares as if the whole was a picture and was being broken up into confetti before my eyes. I also realized that all our bodies were doing the same and the squares were caught up in a swirl and spread out on the wind. They advanced over a gray scale land and each square pulsed with vivid color and landed on something and lit it up. A square landed on the gray grass and was instantly fused and started to turn each subsequent square next to it, or molecule or section vibrant rich green. The same thing happened with the people, the sky, the birds, the worms, deep in the ground, the bedrock of our mother Sophia Gaia was coming alive–some of these squares also floated out of our realm and started to interact beyond the veil–turning on other dimensions, other beings…

    But we were simply awareness at this moment..we had no body, only consciousness and love and wonder–then suddenly from across the veil came squares floating back, but they were bright golden and glowing like the sun and they floated down and came towards us and a square landed right where my heart would be and suddenly I reappeared, in my body, my energy and aura glowing and my heart ignited by this golden square of energy (Golden Christed energy I feel)….the beautiful picture of the pond was there again, returned but different…and I knew the energy of the pond now infused all of the earth, all of the beings, all of the kingdoms, all of the dimensions and then we had been infused with an even higher level of energy after we had released our “selves” and allowed the energy that was already in our hearts to bathe ALL that is…

    Chills…:) Love you all! and we DID ROCK IT and continue to rock it Aisha baby! Alex

    1. Alex, this just put me to tears. The light flowing like water in my meditation was golden. Love to you girl! ❤

  10. Dear brothers and sisters of the light! Time for me to step back and “tune in for the concert” 😉 See you all in a little less than an hour!
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  11. I love the bareness of trees in the winter their beautiful bark and creative growth of their limbs. How beautiful they are to me! Thank you Aisha! I will be at the pond 3PM my time in eastern USA sending out a blanket of light around this great earth. Blessings to everyone!


  12. hey everyone…so if i was in new york city,when would it be 2100 aslo time,right? anyways,we ain’t goin anywhere–haha–what’s this about a show…how long have i got? help!

    1. Dear Arctourist, thank you for bringing your light to this Gathering! Looking forward to connecting with you in about 2,5 hours 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

  13. Hi everyone just thought I’d share this from this week which may help some. It contains an insight I was given about the upgrades which I feel is applicable to all of us in our own way.

    The energies were off the scale or what! Monday night and quite a bit of Tuesday I felt like my head was being emptied out… I just had to rest and let it all happen so we haven’t done much all week but we have had some nice walks which was important reconnecting with nature and deepening Sue and my already deep connection with each other.

    Just had chance to look something up and check on experience which I feel will be helpful to share with you. I asked somewhere in the midst of the intensity for some insight in to what on earth was going on… Then somewhere this experience unfolded:

    “I was taken into an out of body experience seemingly from my childhood home but it had been markedly improved. I flew out of the window. I floated above and saw some young children (Asian I recall) they were singing and I commented that I thought it was a very beautiful song that would be a ‘hit’ or touch many. They saw me and seemed unpeturbed that I was in the air.

    I next saw a man who asked if I was an Angel. I am not sure if I replied or just sent love. Then I seemed to turn in the air with my back to the ground and I noticed there was a copy of me lying exactly above me and touching me looking down eye to eye, nose to nose etc all the way down the body. It was me… my higher me I was sure. This higher part then took control and we flew of in this formation at great speed over water I recall. We seemed to end up in a vast almost aircraft hanger type space. The key thing that was drawn to my attention was lettering on the ceiling of the hanger depicting the part of the process I was going through. The lettering said FM.

    I knew this instantly to mean Frequency Modulation as they use for instance in FM Radio and other applications of Frequency Modulation to transmit signals and information. It’s been a while since I studied this in physics and I have had to wait until now to check out my understanding.

    I’ll keep it simple. FM (Frequency Modulation) is a very effective process of ‘encoding and then transmitting information’ by varying the ‘Frequency of the signal’ from the ‘base or carrier signal’ which has a set Frequency. So I read from this that vast amounts of encoding and transmitting of information (light and energy as) was and is being received by us and also onwardly transmitted. My sense is that it feels intense as the ‘modulation’ or ‘varying of the signal’ is a powerful process to experience bodily and this ‘energy/light/information is sending is being used in a many ways in our bodies, DNA and more. I feel this process may be ongoing for a while. Sue and I were full of energy yesterday but got a bit over enthusiastic and overdid it and now are a bit tired again.

    The gathering tonight from the message Aisha has received fits well with this above process. Where it talks about us playing various tunes, even various instruments both individually and collectively.”

    Trust this helps. See you at The Gathering…

    Philip ❤

    1. I am sooo happy for both you&Sue. You needed a light break from all the lifting.

      (I will come back and re-read your post; still have this wonderful, darn, intense headache of two days. I know its all good/what it means, but makes it difficult to focus.

      You both be well. xo ❤ Lin

    2. Dear Philip, thank you so much for sharing these important keys and insights! What you say about FM really resonates for me, and I also think it is connected to what they say in the last Éireport Blog: “Stasis of planetary energetics is at an end, as consciousness ascends and expels lower statics.
      Deepest Inner Stirrings portends explosive and rapid movements of Higher Paradigms, for the benefit of all Gaia inhabitants.
      Cascades of Light now increase in strength and intensity and effect.
      Cosmic Multipliers are in full effect at this moment.”
      In other words, this “frequency modulation” we are experiencing is linked to our roles as “cosmic multipliers” . This also fits in well with what the CCs have said about earlier about our roles as “transformers and enhancers” of the energies we then send out again.
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Yes,….I was just about to say to Philip, what is the difference now then, since we have been serving as frontline FM transmitters for years now.

        Without knowing it, for many years we naturally modulated and dropped DOWN in frequency levels the information packets coming into our physical bodies, which we then grounded & transmitted to the Grid and Humanity.

        By the time we actually noticed that we were acting as Transducers for the Earth Grid & Humanity, we were beginning to feel “High”, and often “dizzy” as we ourselves adjusted to the higher frequencies we were bringing down.
        Once you become used to being permanently High, you don’t even notice anymore that you ARE “High”.

        But anyway, what is also fascinating is that we are unknowingly bringing down coded information through our IMAGINATION — not just through our physical bodies.
        Our imagination is our direct connection to our Higher Mind….it is how we communicate with it.
        When we receive a concept/idea from the Higher Mind, that is a “download” we are receiving through our Imagination.

        Even more fascinating, we are unaware of everything the Higher Mind is throwing at us in these visualizations & ideas, because of what Kryon described:



        “You are in 3D. So let’s pretend that you are a “quantum” TV receiver, as a Human on earth. Let’s say that your 3D reality corresponds only to all the red color pixels (millions of spots of information on your TV screen). Let us say that as I come and speak to you, I would be talking to only the red pixels of a much larger system. In 3D, you only get a “partial” download of what is actually happening.

        Now, let’s further tell you that the red pixels have no idea about the blue ones or the green ones. In this metaphor, you might believe they exist, but you’ve never seen the big picture – all you understand is red. Your reality is like that. As long as you remain in 3D survival, no quantum or multi-dimensional energy is viewable to you. In fact, you walk around with all the pixel colors available, but red is all you get in 3D.

        There’s no one on the planet who really has all three colors of physics (using the metaphor).”


        Because of this tri-chromatic delivery system of information to us, which our physical minds can currently only pick up 2 of the 3 components…..we can’t even “SEE” in our imagination the full coded message that is being downloaded to us.

        This is why we are told, over and over, to “Go *general* ” when we visualize.
        Because if we demand that our imagination match our manifested reality exactly, we are unknowingly cutting out a massive amount of information that was downloaded to us, just because we couldn’t process it & see it.

      2. Re: the Éireport message — interpreting US as being the “cosmic multipliers”, has me wondering….

        ….What exactly ARE we multiplying and enhancing right now with these High Frequency energies?

        Since it seems we have had to do the opposite all this time, to make the energies tolerable for Humanity to absorb by first stepping down the frequency levels before general transmission to the public ( to keep the populace from being fried, getting sick, and going insane).

        More like we have been serving in the capacity as “cosmic reducers” of these energies, for the benefit of treating mankind with kid frequency gloves.

        What then, are the “cosmic multipliers?”
        Since this Éireport message is coming from the Lyran aspect of the galactic federation, I would be fascinated to know what cosmic process they are referring to, in detail…..

        1. we are the expansion of creation, just as a biological cell divides & multiplies…when we choose to shine our Light, we become part of the expanding Light of creation ‘cosmic multipliers’

        2. It is the star seed activation now taking place. Seeds for evolutionary leap in consciousness (Christ) were ‘planted’ long ago. they were dormant for a long time. We helped in activating them and now we are the ones who multiply this new energy – for the quantum leap. Frequencies are set – some are ready to receive, some not – yet.
          It is truly a natural process – like what takes place in any other seed. And All Seedlings are uplifted in this new energy as well. Next generation 🙂

  14. Thank you Aisha & everyone💖
    🐬I am a fairly new one as a part of lager orchestra 🐳 but I play harmony with all my heart !

      1. Dear Breeze,

        We all experience in different & unique ways when we start connecting the strong energy.
        And I am here communicating into myself & I am once again grateful to you all💕

        Kryon – A Story about Ewelynn the Tree🎵🎨

        1. Thank you, Tomo, for this wonderful video… I look forward to coming back later to watch it fully. I appreciate your taking the time to share, especially about Trees, as personally they hold my Heart.

          Blessings, Dear One. xox ❤ Lin

        2. And God/Life/Love Sprouted
          and one day each sprout had grown enough to have full awareness of its True Essence.
          thank you
          Love Grows because It Does
          …Dear Tomo, you touched upon what has been stirring in me for a long time in this life (being our true essence). For this gathering I have had an idea of what it would encompass and this video brings it fuller into my view.
          thank you

      2. Dear Breeze,

        We all experience in different & unique ways when we start connecting the strong energy.
        And I am here communicating into myself & I am once again grateful to you all💕

        Kryon – A Story about Ewelynn the Tree🎵🎨

          1. Thank you breeze!(◎_◎;) I pressed twice by mistake 😅
            I’m so old fashion & now learning PC, ha ha

    1. Dear Tomo, thank you for bringing your shining light to this Gathering, and thank you for sharing this wonderful video!
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. 💗I thank you so much Aisha & brother & sisters.
        while I was going through strong energy in last October to December, you all were right beside me in my instant manifestations, it is true!

        1. Dear Tomo, we are truly ONE, here to make magic happen by connecting our hearts and our souls so we can help each other to SHINE 🙂
          Love and light from me, Aisha

  15. I Love your Tree, Aisha, next to the beauty of the lake and the Sun streaming it’s New Light thru the branches. A Lovely Gift from you to help celebrate the Gathering. I gave your Tree a hug—and I felt it hug back (no time, no space… re-energizing!). 😉 Huge Happy. 😀

    Namaste and a big hug to you&CCs. ❤ Lin

    1. Dear Lin, I knew this tree would speak to so many of you 🙂 I was guided to go into the forest close to my home today and hug “my” tree. It is a big, beautiful pinetree that I always go to when I need some extra balancing. Perhaps this is the hug you also felt 🙂 A big hug to you from me too, and a big THANK YOU for being a part of this wonderful Gathering!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. yes! Thank you for sharing your Tree hug energy—I’m beginning to feel the blessed transfer/sharing of energy more and more. (Pines are my favorites, too; I have a favorite one that I drive away to visit—a very tall, Wise Friend) 😉 ❤

  16. Dear friends! Mark, Caroline’s husband just sent me this update: “Thank you for your thoughts and love. Caroline is recovering. I have told her of your messages and we are both very grateful.” I know many will join me in sending both Mark and Caroline some extra love during the Gathering today 🙂
    Wiht much gratitude and love, Aisha

    1. Thank you for this message Aisha! Have been thinking all the day how/what to do for them and now I am glad to be able to send my love & light to both of them via your message too.

      I am singing with you in the choir tonight Caroline ❤


    2. So glad to hear news. Will be sending more love and healing light to dear Caroline. Already there I think. Light travels fast thank heavens. Be well! We love you! Bathe in the light and continue on your path of healing dear.

      Always in our thoughts,


    1. I LOVE this – such a powerful way turn the negative into something positive! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for bringing your bright light to this Gathering, Areeza 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Gratitude to you Areeza,
        Been looking for a way to show folks that giving love is much, much MORE then imposing what you believe is “right”.
        This is the way to love what you don’t want to see any more. incorporate it, envelope it with high love.
        Thank you, thank you for sharing this illustration of how love really works!!! :))

        1. I have been looking for that way too Michael – and this was perfect.
          I have thought much upon those people I have come across that I did not ‘seem to’ resonate with. what thoughts did I harbor of them if their behaviors bothered me? and to turn this around for a very quick resonance change upon Earth.
          Thank you Michael for sharing these thoughts with me – Love, A

  17. Hi All,

    Many strange and wonderful manifestations in my world this weekend, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month will bring.

    Still breathing, and smiling 🙂



  18. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    “Perché, quando tutti voi vi connettete a quello stesso nucleo collegato alla sorgente, lo fate in modi molto particolari e, come abbiamo accennato in precedenza, è possibile paragonarli ai singoli musicisti di un’immensa orchestra. E così, ciascuno di voi avrà la sua parte specifica nel brano musicale da riprodurre, per rendere viva l’intera composizione. E questo significa che tu sei l’unico e solo che può contribuire con la sua nota giusta, nel momento esatto e pertinente, per far sì che tutta questa composizione sia manifestata nel suo insieme e, attraverso un’interconnessa cooperazione tra tutti, ciascuno di voi e tutti gli altri individui che questa orchestra celeste racchiude, rendete tutto vivo in modo mirabile. A volte si suona un assolo e, a volte, farete parte di un piccolo, o grande, gruppo che costituisce una sezione dell’orchestra designato a suonare fuori da una parte della partitura [ndr – i cosiddetti “assoli”] e altre volte tutta l’orchestra si riunisce in una magnifica esposizione di talento e di cooperazione che sono una delizia per gli occhi.”

  19. Simply wonderful description of our collective I’AM that the Companions Constants have given us today! Thank Aisha, with all my heart, thank you! … 🙂 …

    1. Dear Adele, thank you for helping to share this message and by that, bringing in even more mucicians to this orchestra of light 🙂 And thank you for adding your light to it, it will be wonderful to connect with you tonight!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  20. Wonderful picture dear Aisha with all its branches enlightened by the sun. I can almost feel the explosion of any bud soon strikes out 🙂

    I would like to publish this amazing video that fits very well with what CCs say in their message today.

    Thank you so much! See you tonight!

    Love & light ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Dear B, thank you so much for sharing this video, I am weeping with joy from watching it. It is such a wonderful example of what connects us all across any man-made barriers or divisions – for we are all filled with LOVE and a deep sense of being ONE. What a beautiful way to make it come alive through the gift of music 🙂 I am so looking forward to hearing our wonderful composition come alive tonight, and I see us all spread out over this globe just like in this video ❤
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. See you dear Sister 🙂 Btw – don´t forget to fold down the wings so that I can fit to sit next to you ;)))

        Love you my Sister in joy and love ❤


            1. Dear B… there are no words to express the beauty of Eric Whitacre’s video. Like all else here who heard it, I was deeply moved, still am. Thank you sincerely for this lovely gift today, my/our Friend. With my Love, Lin

    2. Below is taken from that most wonderful link I just now read that Aisha posted on 4-4 (409)
      Kryon Channelling
      PART TWO

      >This Virtual Choir connects to the above msg so well – I am in awe of what is transpiring. This conductor/composer Eric does not fully realize who he is and what he is really doing on top of this beautiful collection of singing souls! He is Pleiadian I would bet my life on that! 🙂 And for certain that beautiful blonde young woman is too!
      And my gathering experience did not make much sense to me until (for some reason) I went right after to this above Kryon post from Aisha (I had not read it when she posted it – OR anywhere before)
      Love, A (will post my gathering experience once I get it together – now that I understand it..lol)

      “Kryon has often given channelled messages that mention Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. However, Kryon always refers to Dr. Todd as Yawee.

      In 2001 Dr. Todd began remembering an ancient and sacred practice of toning that activated the pineal gland and created profoundly expansive experiences. In the following years Dr. Todd began teaching others the Pineal Tones. In 2010 Kryon gave Yawee [Dr. Todd] instructions about what he should do with tones. At that time Dr. Todd had developed sixteen Pineal Tones. Kryon told Yawee he was to develop twenty four because within the twenty four are twelve energies that pair up to create coherence [in-phase]. Kryon gave Dr. Todd instructions to create a choir to sing the paired tones on December 21, 2012 and that the best place to assemble the choir would be in Hawaii [the original core Lemuria]. When specific Pineal Tones are sung against each other [in pairs] they create a third language. ”
      ((ok…re the third language: here I say go back and listen to the Choir above – the last song – there is an ‘overtone/undertone’ at certain points that just makes my heart sing with joy! — and I have created this myself toning “AH OM” and holding the mmmm and placing my tongue in the back of my throat, bringing the tone up a notch – its a sound I never heard before and it ‘came to me intuitively’ how to create it back then. I recorded it as I felt for certain it was important for the future – Areeza – I also have always felt I had a Lemurian Life as well as being Pleiadian Star Seed ))

      MORE from the msg:
      “Why do we need to know about the Pineal Tones and the choir? Kryon has explained that in Lemuria, once a year on December 21, [the solstice] Lemurians got together and sung 12 sets of the Pineal Tones. This created a mass consciousness quantum signal. The signal was sent through the galaxy. This once a year message went out to say “thank you” to our spiritual parents, the Pleiadians. The messages stopped more than 20,000 years ago.

      On December 21, 2012 Dr. Todd Ovokaitys gathered over 900 participants to sing the Pineal Tones. The Lemurian Choir event was opened by Hawaiian High Priestess Kahuna Kalei’iliahi. Kryon has said the following about Kahuna Kalei’iliahi:

      Spirit has placed upon Kahuna Kalei’iliahi a high energy of responsibility, one that she has earned through her Akash. She carries the Royal Blood of a pure Lemurian and has awakened to the core seed – KRYON
      The Lemurian Choir sung specific tones in pairs which sent a quantum signal throughout the universe. The choir sung the exact same tones sung by Lemurians 26,000 years previously. Kryon stated that Dr. Todd’s memory of the tones was “shockingly accurate”. Kryon further explained that the original Lemurian choir created a “lock” on The Crystalline Grid when the 12 pairs of tones were sung. The “lock” is a metaphor that represents the “time capsules” within The Crystalline Grid. The information held by this “lock” is something that couldn’t be released until the end of the 26,000 year cycle. Therefore, the tones sung by the 2012 Lemurian Choir was an event that turned the key in the “lock”. This is another metaphor that represents humanity’s choice to recalibrate The Crystalline Grid with compassion. Turning the key in the lock stimulated the 12 “time capsules” in the grid, enabling them, and preparing them to be opened.”

      Thank you Aisha !! this link has linked up many things for me!! 😉
      Blessings sister! ❤ Areeza

      1. Thank you for reposting this Breeze. After the meditation a friend of mine called me and I was telling her about what I experienced. The part on mine with the dolphins was very special to me. Several years ago in a meditation the dolphins had crowned me with the flowered lai. I believe both times we were swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I mentioned to my friend that I felt it may have been near Hawaii. Now here all this information you posted only convinces me more so. I was thinking today I may need to plan a trip out there. Not sure how it could happen, but I will put it out in the universe and if it is to be it will be. This has been a very special meditation for me. Thank you so much for helping me find more understanding. Love to you Breeze! ❤


    3. Wiping tears here in Oz. His passion alone moved me to tears as I realized he gave opportunity for others to free their own passions. FIRE is on the move in hearts world wide. The elements themselves seem to unite through the people involved. Thanks B to B!! Love, Nancee

  21. Once again, a beautiful photo, Aisha. The light seems to shine right through the heart of the tree, into the heart of the beholder.

    Love, JJ

    1. Dear JJ, thank you for your words, and thank you for bringing your light and your soul to this Gathering 🙂
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you, Aisha, for that link. It is beautiful & really helps me. Thank you, everyone! I feel the love coming in! To me, it is delicate and yet all-present, like a cloud of perfume of light. I love you all. I love everything. I don’t always feel it, but I do at least now know it. Yay! I look forward to our adventures in love!!!

  22. BIT PART

    Anonymous, unavowed
    This unremarkable string
    Fastened in place with pegs
    To the harp’s framework
    No specific name or title

    Beyond the one designated
    Conventionally to this one
    Frequency of vibration
    In one among various
    Tonal systems – Pinned

    The name, the tone, is true
    Only if the string is stretched
    To one unvarying degree
    Not too tense, nor too slack
    That one pure perfect note

    Which, plucked over and over
    Soon becomes monotonous
    Quite void of all interest
    A bore, dull and tedious
    No wonder – Look at the word

    Shush, they’re about to begin
    The harp gives angelic voice
    Our unremarked string sings
    No longer a sole monotone
    Key note in the heavenly choir

    1. Dear Ben, thank you for sharing these wonderful words and for bringing your light to this Gathering 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Lysarbejder, thank you for bringing your light and your joy to this concert, I know we will have a wonderful time “playing our hearts out” together!
      LOVE, Aisha

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