A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, this brand new grid of energetic filaments that are criss-crossing your globe has certainly lit up more than a few power points all over the place. This can in many ways be likened to what many of you refer to as acupuncture points, set into energetic pathways at junctures that serve not only to anchor these energies, but also to magnify them.

Let us explain. What we are talking about now, is in fact some of the properties of that brand new energetic system of pathways that many of you have been instrumental in setting up, and as such, what we share now, will come as a surprise to some of you, while for others, it will serve to confirm what they have already intuited is the case. For as you all connected during these last few days and weeks of energetic upgradings, you also served to anchor in a vast number of these grid points, manifested through the interaction between your physical bodies and these incoming energies, making this whole net of pathways come into being. And now, it is up and running, albeit not at its fullest potential just yet. For as it always is in these cases, a certain period for adjustments needs to be taken into account, as this is indeed a brand new energetic environment not just for you, but for this whole planet.

Again, remember what we have shared about this earlier, for this vast net is not only covering your globe, it is also deeply embedded within the entire structure of this planet, all the way down to the very core. And so, it can be likened to a continuous field of energy that is not only surrounding you, but is in fact embedded within every single particle of your being, making you all fully connected in a very new way. For this is an all-encompassing field that will interact with everything you see around you, and everything that is still unseen, and as such, it cannot be likened to anything that has ever been put into place around this part of Creation defined as Planet Earth. For this is simply the New inn all aspects and in all dimensions, and it will enfold you all as if in a brand new womb of energetic fabric that will serve to heighten the frequency of everything it interacts with. And, as we just said, that literally means everything that is currently somewhere in or on this planet. And so, what this will entail is indeed a huge shift that will lift the entire planet to a new octave, and as this comes into action, you will all be lifted along with it and start to vibrate at an ever increasing frequential tune. So in other words, the ground work that you have done has literally enabled us to retune not only you, but your whole planet, and already, many of you can feel the first stirrings of this brand new tune that is starting to vibrate through your being. It is a song you all know so well from before, for it is the song of love, and it will start to ring out ever louder and ever clearer as the time goes by.

So again we say thank you for your wholehearted efforts in carrying out this magnificent scaffolding work, and for putting all that you are into this huge project of realizing this whole energetic rewiring. As we said, your role has been and will continue to be a vast one, for you all act as these acupuncture points we referred to earlier in this missive. And so, with every step you take on the surface of this planet, you will serve to heighten the conductivity between the different coordinates of this huge grid, and so, you will literally be the walking healers of this world. So again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation, and know that your journey will no longer be measured in years but in the amount of light quotient you will continue to bring in to this planet as you continue to walk forward into your wonderful future.

147 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Hi All,

    This came through to me earlier, as usual, I don’t know who it is for, so ignore if it doesn’t apply to you.

    “Trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down, is like trying to learn to play the piano by breaking someone else’s fingers”

    Love to all,


  2. I like the sound of this, from Eireport:

    “Massive energetic flows transfer prosperity consciousness from Cosmic to Humanity mind.

    Grand havens are established for those in the midst of such flows, and all will be benefited in numerous ways.

    Flight from such flows is not possible.

    Gaia requires this balancing.

    Portals are ready.”

    I strongly suspect that more than one contributor to Aisha’s blog is included in the “those in the midst of such flows”. This should be fun…



  3. This is for sun of blue

    Hi everyone, I have never posted before but have been a reader for over a year. Now that I introduce myself I would like to share my appreciation for ashia and all of you for creating this space. It wasn’t until i read sun of blues latest post about his hands hurting and his dream of the concert hall that i felt a push to respond.

    Sun of blue, I have also been through the hurting hands thing in the past few days, not only that, but your dream which you shared which made no sense to you, i believe i had a very similar dream last week. Like yours it took place in a large concert hall/ theatre. I was sitting in one of the top level rows with my whole family around me. Everyone was dressed in smart evening wear and it almost had a hint of high society about it. I took it as more of being in an opera, but never actually saw or heard the music / play down below, i was too distracted by what was going on in the seats in the upper floor/layer. There was some sort of commotion going on and some disorder broke out as several people were “arrested” and were led away by some force. I then was shown a cut scene where this incident had made it as the days big news, it was being treated as a huge event which was being shown back as a recording.

    The dream then switched scenes to me being in another building near by, this was in London UK. I for some reason knew i had to leave this building and that when i did, i would run into some trouble. It was like a pre warning of a script that was about to play out. As i left the building 2 young thuggish looking males were outside waiting, they started to follow me, making their intention clear that they were going to harass me. I started to run across the parking lot to these 2 big park gates – you mentioned gates in your dream too. Well i stopped at the entrance of the gates, knowing that the 2 lads were running after me. I saw two women at the gates and i immediately said to them with words that I felt being channelled through me ” I ask you both to turn around and acknowledge the presence of these two men now as you bare witness now to a crime being played out. These two males are stalking me, following me and intend harm. You are the witnesses to this- while this was being said the 2 males stopped dead in their tracks and immediately started to regress in form, i saw coding moving around there t shirts like the matrix type coding, i noticed that their power had been taken from them by simply calling them out or calling the 2 women ( gate keepers)? to witness them. Whatever it was that happened, it changed the game. I felt waking up that this was a sign that the power has changed hands significantly now. I also felt i had access to pass through the gates but this little scenario had to play out at the gates. I woke up before knowing what i did next.

    1. HI elven777 and I to welcome your words.
      When i read sun of blues – and now your – post, I see these gates and the two women. I have been at these gates too. One of the most significant events/Shamanic experiences in my life so far. I was amazed when I saw them and the two women bowed and they opened immediately for me. These women were angelic and I recall the color of shimmering purple on or around them. I ascended up a stair case and more unfolded that i have posted here before. This experience has helped keep me going all the yrs that followed it was so profound. and real. I agree with your assessment of your experience. Great stuff – thank you for sharing this ! Love, Areeza
      Others have mentioned being in many different rooms and buildings – I too have had these in my own dreams more lately.
      Keep our intentions strong and it seems clear help is readily available – and also to assist us in altering a future event too. I also had experience with this in helping to save one of my sisters lives – in a dream before the event actually did happen a couple of days later.

    2. Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂

      I usually fly under the radar but I am so glad I posted here. Thanks for your feed back Breeze, and confirmation of what you got. They did indeed have a real angelic energy about them and I was in awe of how empowering the whole situation was. It was like being show the power is back in equal hands in how to handle those scenarios from now on. It felt like a long lost right or method being made accessible again and how in the past everyone took the citizens arrest seriously. I’m sure there is more to it I am missing.

  4. Aaa that portal in middle of the pacific and the scary lizards in the dreambook make it Lemuria then. Alcohol and night of the lizards… ah… man I was lost with it. Funny man, funny. Yo hey those toning codes Kryon please man. Hehe!

  5. Breeze and anyone else who’s interested ;), check out Hilarion, a perspective on the current flow- or lack there of. I tried giving the direct link but it was super big, so here is the link to oracles and healers who posts Hilarion links.


    It does make it almost sound like a test, but only if you choose to look at it that way. Maybe just yet another clearing and truly a deep one. I cannot personally relate my current experience to childhood, feels more past life to me, but I am open to the idea…..

  6. Hi all
    just having a hard time. Uncertainties on top of uncertainties. dont know how to trust right now. was feeling so good about Springtime coming – being on the road mornings taking it all in after the long, long Winter. and that day when I felt that gratitude, i feel it was snatched away. I dont understand. If after all I have gone thru I am still to be tested then I guess I fail. I dont know what this world is all about at all anymore. so, i will check in once in awhile. see how it goes from here. Just going to look for 2 hrs a day that are filled with goodness and be happy for that. if more, than so be it and so on. Love to everyone

    1. Dear Areeza!

      I was snatched away last week as well in a way I couldn´t even dream of at this stage. So abrupt when I was feeling so good and it reminded me of being in anxiety many years ago. Didn´t know how to handle it and then I was stuck in my energy until Friday when I felt a relief, but there is more to be done. Though I had the most wonderful day yesterday with gospel singing all the day and incredible meetings/happenings with people around, I can feel that I have more work to do.

      We’ll make this my dear sister – we’re not going to fall at the finish line – right? Take my hand as we help each other – here we go!!!

      Love you ❤


    2. I hear you Breeze,
      I don’t care to share my story at the moment, but I feel similarly in that I’ve been pushed (or pushed myself?), right off the last edge that was holding my life. And life seems to stand in no balance and actually maybe no life, although I am not choosing to let my mind go to that place as I do choose to be here for my 2 year old for a long long time.
      Much love dearest Breeze, I hve no words of wisdom, but I repeat to myself ‘you are loved and cared for’ over and over when my mind wants to despair.
      Namaste my friend, my tears flow for you, for us, for anyone so greatly challenged at this time.
      And thank you to those who are in a place to ‘carry’ us and guide us along the way.

      1. thinking same thing V – to thank all those that are in a better way to help carry us at this time. So thanks for saying that out loud here !
        And to B ! u are a sweet angel too – and I get worried about bringing anyone down here with my woes. then, i am amazed at how you and Lin and my other kindred friends come thru and understand and even have similar experiences. I have sometimes gotten so lost- thinking its this stupid old pattern creeping up at a time I should be soaring with Joy! Its unclear right now, so that makes it more difficult but I know it will get clear again and I was supposed to ‘drop everything’ – that much I feel had to happen. I know I have to be more grateful too as I tend to not trust and want more and more to help me relax (outside) instead of inside giving it to myself. i know, i know! lol. Its just — ugh! you know when u feel that hell again that you so dont want! We will be OK. Love you all so much. Gratitude runs much deeper than my despair !! XXX OOO

  7. Alex, you’re like Santy Clause—you continually bring gifts.

    I’m taking the initiative to re-post the MATT KAHN VIDEO link you posted above beneath Breezie’s post. I almost missed it. Matt Kahn’s sharing is so sweetly powerful and simple (37 minutes), I would love anyone who is interested to have access. I understand different things resonate with different people… that said, the simplicity of the video/message is so stunning and vibrant, I will re-post in the “newer comments” section as well with thanksgiving to those who allow with patience (and scroll past) the second re-post.

    (all with Love and Thanx to Alex for the initial post/link) ❤

    1. 🙂 YEAH, BABY!!!! 🙂

      Thanks, Lin! And Alex — whoot whoot!!!


      😉 AH

  8. Regarding the bird nest – now I understand why the crows always show up for me – with a building’s stick in his mouth 😉 So here it is in Solögas book on crow:

    “You learn new things all the time and so it always opens up new possibilities for you. My gift to you is to learn something new. A crow always learn new things – just that is its strength. By downloading lessons from all depart the always victorious ”



      1. That really was REMARKABLE Simmy! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂
        Today I attached the cleaned nesting box again and am eagerly waiting for prospective small birds to check it out 🙂 But it is still cold here in northern Sweden and water is still freezing in the nights.

        I am so glad that you reached out to us and that you are feeling better again Simmy:)

        Much love & light to you ❤


        1. Thank you so much B, I am very glad I did too. Hope it warms up for you and the birds soon, but not too much! We in Oz had to endure heatwaves of 4 days in a row of up to 44Celcius this summer and I for one was craving a bit of cold!

  9. Dear Aisha!

    Thank you for your latest missives that I really enjoyed although I havent seen the videos.

    A lot of things happened last week. I was stuck in my energies again after meeting my frirend that I left and I was stuck the day after as well though I tried in many ways I could to let the cramp in me. Another friend gave me healing so I could practice gospel with my friends in the choir. It felt important to sing. She helped me again in the evening when I came home and was totally exhausted and then slept all night. When I woke up on Friday morning the cramp was still there and before I got up from the bed, I started to breathe through and clean my chakras with sounds. I saw a lot of old doors, for the most doors for old barns and one of them was half open and a man appeared in the doorway. I turned back to a barn where the roof collapsed and decided to see what was in there. If you ever saw pink baby mice in a birth sack you get the picture. I took them with me (there were a couple of them) and went down to the lake that is in my home village (where I built my vision) and rinsed them in water. Then came my little inner child up (which I met many times before) and was much bigger than me and it felt absolutely amazing. But there was some left in the sac and I put them in a bird’s nest on top of the large aspen that leaned above the water. I’ve been climbing many times in that aspen irl in my childhood 🙂

    I got up and felt the strong need to stretch the entire body which almost got muscle soreness afterwards. After visiting my hairdressers 😉 I went out to my birch trees as I usually tap for sap (but it’s too early for that yet). I admired them, stroked their shiny, beautiful stems – was very touched – and leaned against one of them and asked for redemption – and GOT IT !

    It feels like I have been through an important start to my awakening, but more to come 😉

    Yesterday, I participated in an amazing gospel music performance that was like an acupuncture point for me. I was like a “walking healer” and I gave and received joy, love, singing and had quite amazing meetings with people.

    Love & light,

    B to B

  10. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for your never ending quest to find the way ahead and to explain what you find as you travel it 🙂 “I believe this is where they want us to live in, not understand what is going on, in & around us, I don’t believe they want us to find are feet at the moment, I think they can get more done, when we can’t find are own feet.” – once more you succeed in putting another part of this mystery into words! As the CCs told me this morning, we are “flying under the radar” in order to get to where we are meant to be as fast as we can, but this also means that we are flying under our OWN radar. And the reason for this is as always to “avoid letting our mind get in the way” 😉
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Aisha and Sun_of_blue!

      You are such a brilliant combination to clarify what this ascension is all about – I cannot thank you enough 🙂

      Love you both of you ❤


  11. Dear friends !

    I have had the need to be quiet on the blog a few days – and perhaps the future as well – we´ll see. But I am always with you all, and have read many messages you shared here and I feel the pain that exists in many of you now. I mention no names because I understand that I missed a lot of messages in my silence and can not always catch up.

    When reading some of your messages I cry – but not just because of your pain, but of joy and gratitude for the amazing important key you are in this ascent. You undress completely naked to your bare legs and share your pain – have nothing more to lose. Dear, unique friend – I wish you could see your greatness in what you do – how you raise your voice for all others who are fighting the same way as you do to break through. I am filled with admiration and gratefulness!

    I pray, sing, love you and thank you all for your fight, for your light, for being here and for that you choose to share your despair with us. It fills me with unspeakable hope. God bless you ❤

    Love & light,

    B to B

    1. Dear sister B, your amazing light is always a part of the brilliance of this Pond, so take all the time you need to step back and just BE. I send you a big, big hug and all my love, tack för att du vågar vara dig själv och tack for att du delar med dig av ditt ljus och din kärlek 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

    2. Dear B,
      I am in a similar place, thank you for being you!
      And everyone please know my love is with you even if It doesn’t look like I’m here.
      – V

      1. Dear Veronica!

        It is very important to be able to dedicate myself to myself entirely from time to time and still have full confidence that my light family understands that I love and need them and for myself to know that I am loved anyway. It gets a little dilemma for me when I’m gone for a while and I need to catch up on what happened while the spring sun shines outside and I do not want to sit at the computer all the time. I can not monitor everything that happens, do hardly see any videos – how good they may be, especially as I do not understand what is being said in English without subtitles;)

        We do our best Veronica – what more can we do?

        Love you ❤


        1. Dear B and V…
          You both are more than enough without doing anything. Your Lights SHINE up this space plenty… even when you’re so-called elsewhere.

          Breezie does the same. I Trust and have full confidence we all will find our footing in those times that we find our Balance a little wobbly due to our learning to live in bodies that are increasingly vibrating at higher levels/faster rates. We’re here for the finish line; we’re standing right on top of it. If you are unable to laugh now, we all will find ourselves laughing it up soon in an amazing celebration of Victory, of Love. Loving you with Light&JOY&Smiles, Lin ❤

  12. Dear Sun!

    I don´t understand your last sentence – at all:

    “…to me it all seems to be mad stuff, going no where & meaning nothing at all ”

    For me this was great stuff 😉 ❤

    Love & light


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