The manuscript of survival – part 405

You have by now been exposed to these brand new energetic frequencies for a short time period only, but already, you are all showing signs of the deep change that has taken place. For some of you, this is also becoming apparent in numerous sorts of ways, while for others, the deep changes have yet to become noticeable to the outermost layers of your being.

Let us explain. As you are already aware, the totality of your being is indeed an incredibly complex one, and even if a small minority of you have already been able to reconnect to every single layer of you, for most of you, this process will take a little longer. Again, this is not any kind of race or competition or any proof of ability or prowess, it is simply a sign of the different roles you are playing in this huge and complex process. For you are all exactly where you are meant to be, and for some, this will entail accessing their full repository of knowledge earlier than most, while for others, it means that they will be guided in a slightly different way.

Again, nothing will be left to chance here, so the work that is carried out by every single individual involved in this whole turnaround process cannot be eliminated or replaced by anyone else, simply for the fact that you all carry your own unique programming specifically tuned to fill that one designated slot in this huge orchestra. So just as a violinist cannot exchange places with a percussionist, no matter how skilled a musician he or she is, none of you can simply decide to switch places with any given person involved in this huge galactic orchestra at any time. And so, we urge you once again not to compare notes in the wrong kind of way, as in comparing your “success” or seeming lack thereof with others. For you are all a success story in every sense of the word, but as you all move forwards, you do so at a specified pace and in a very specific direction, unlike that of anyone else’s. This does not mean that your path will not correspond with that of someone else’s from time to time, but when it does, it does so because it is meant to be so. So when you find yourself seemingly diverting from the general direction that others are taking, it does not necessarily mean that you are moving in the wrong direction, that you are stalling or falling behind. That is, as long as you know deep within that you are following your own inner guidance.

For as we have told you earlier, you are the one with the hand on the wheel and the foot on the pedal, and so, if you choose to disregard the signals your higher self is sending you continuously now, you might be apt to get entangled in a cul-de-sac somewhere. But this is something else entirely, and we are certain that you will all know the difference between honoring your own path and going against your own inner knowing. Be that as it may, at this stage of the proceedings, many of you will find yourself abruptly turning down one for you perhaps surprising side street, at least compared to the choices others around you are making. And we would not be surprised if many of you will find that this seemingly quiet, unassuming street suddenly turns out to be an expressway towards a very intriguing destination, one that you did not even know you had a desire to visit.

In other words, this has turned into av very different “ballgame” now, to use a phrase many of you are familiar with. For now, the force fields within you all and indeed the totality of the gravitational field that encompasses not only you, but this whole planet, has changed to such a degree, there are many, many new opportunities coming into being even as we speak. For now, there are brand new carriageways opened, roads that have been untraveled for eons, but now lie there beckoning you to come and take a look. And all of these new roads or highways and byways if you will lead up to some very, very interesting conjunctions, places of interest, but not simply for the views. In other words, you will all be lead down brand new roads taking you to gateways that have once again been declared for open and accessible for all. That is, as long as you choose to take these new and for you extremely unfamiliar roads.

For there are no signs pointing you in the direction of these new and untraveled roads, or rather, there are clear signs to follow, but they are not marked as distinctly and in the same manner that the more “normal” life paths are staked out. So now, you will be asked to search deep and to listen even more intently, and we would also like to remind you not to dismiss anything that does not ring a bell as it were at first sight. In other words, you must muster the will to stay open and inquisitive, and to be willing to heed some signals that may seem indistinct or unfamiliar at first. For many of the old and more traveled upon paths are still there, beckoning those of you more inclined to choose the known over the unknown, and as such, it behooves you all not to simply walk ahead without even taking the time to look around you intently before you decide upon the next step. For over there, obscured by some kind of superficial conundrum, might lie an important passage that will speed up your own journey exponentially, and so, this is indeed a time for evaluation, reassessment and clarity.

And why are these important pathways so hidden, we hear you ask. The answer is simply this: they are not hidden, but as you have yet to get accustomed to taking in the totality of your surroundings through the senses not encompassed simply within the scope of a human mind, you are still very much apt to overlook what will become more obvious as you train yourself to become fully awakened. For this is what this is all about, awakening the dormant senses, the ones that have been there all along, but has become neglected as a result of the reprogramming that you all have suffered, the reprogramming that was done in order to make you all feel so much smaller and less incredible than what you truly are. So again we will use the parable of the unused muscle, and so you need to start to train those still half dormant muscles. For just like in a physical body, your natural instinct will be to favor those muscles already working at full capacity, and so, if you do not consciously choose to engage those still rather feeble feeling and untrained parts of your being, you will literally miss out on information that could help you to speed up your own progress.

So again we say, help yourself to fully awaken by not giving in to the temptation to simply step forwards without even taking the time to sit down and survey your surroundings in every direction. And when we say every direction, we are not simply referring to a 360 degree sweep around the horizon. We are also referring to the other directions, as in up and down and most of all, inwards. For you are truly multidimensional beings, but as yet, you have very little training in existing as such, and so, without making an effort, you will continue to exists on a singular level like you always have. And that is why we say it is incredibly important that you take the time to acknowledge the fact that now, everything has indeed become much more complex. And do not let that tempt you into thinking it will be too much and therefore it is better if you close your eyes to it. For this time, the one thing you would want to do, is to finally open your eyes for real. For if you do, you will see behind this thin and simple minded illusion you have been staring upon for all of your lives, and when you do open your eyes in every sense – and with every sense you do have, not just the ones that are defined within the boundaries of a human existence – then and only then will you be able to truly live at your full potential.

For you are all set up with an incredible array of abilities, but as yet, they lie there undiscovered, like long forgotten treasures in a deep closet. But now, that door has been flung open, but if you continue onwards thinking you can find this treasure by simply being the same old you, you will most probably walk right past that door without you even noticing it is there. For remember, we cannot force you to find your own hidden treasure, we can simply do what we have always done, remind you of its existence. But if you allow yourself to become a seeker and an explorer in every sense of the word, that is, constantly pushing yourself beyond what you already think you know, then you will certainly find yourself staring in awe at the treasures lying before you. And then, you will know that you did what you came here to do. For you have come to rediscover the wonders that are YOU, and even if you have all already found much joy in discovering the truths that lies beyond the old versions of you, there is still so much more to find.

So do not let this chance pass you by, as you are all set and ready to become truly complete for the very first time ever at the earliest of opportunity. But if you disregard the call from within to search for that more elusive road, you might fall for the temptation to rush ahead down the first well trodden pathway you can find. But that does not take you in the right direction, for what you seek, lies a little bit more hidden than that. After all, it is for you to find, not for someone else to simply stumble across on any given day.

So again we say, go and seek, and ye shall find. And yes, it might bring you some frustrations along the way, for it is not certain that the first opportunity you meet is the one and only way to go. We know this will cause more than a little irritation in some, for you can already sense that you are tantalizingly close to discovering this seemingly elusive treasure trove, but we do hope you will find some consolation in the knowledge that this impatience you do feel, is indeed a certain sign that you are fully committed to the task. And so, what you do, will certainly serve to make you not give in to simply tagging along with anyone else without making those all important personal choices you must make to find YOU.

243 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 405

  1. Wow. My (well, what little is left of my ‘human’ personality structure’s) belated reading of this incredibly stimulating message could not have been timed better. I guess it’s ‘time’ to ramp up my personal explorations of this New Reality we’ve co-created together — though after the last month or so setting new records, reaching previously unthinkable heights, and pushing the limits of human experience a bit farther in certain ecstatic areas of co-creative, playful bliss . . . well, it IS challenging to image-in where it could possibly go from here! But I think I’ll manage. After ALL, some One’s gotta just go ahead and DO IT, right??? Regardless, I AM looking forward — immensely — to many more of YOU joining me in our New Unlimited Playground . . . . . 🙂

  2. I just woke up in the middle of the night with a dream that showed me : if we are changing a situation with our love and compassion that’s like an attempt to reconnect our planet and humanity to the powerful support system of the universe.
    It is like starting an old and rusty engine after a long time. We might need many attempts and a lot of work until the engine is running smoothly again. We humans are like the mechanics and it is our job to start the engine again. Our friends on the other side of the veil will support us in every way they can but the initiative has to come from humanity.

    1. Thank you my dear friend!

      My heart rejoice with love & light when I read your message ❤

      Yes – indeed it is!!! You describe it so very well and that is exactly what I experience now regarding my dear friend (if you read my earlier posts). There is so much love in the process around us and I can really feel that what is done and intended with love in micro will expand in macro all over the universe. And it is easier now 🙂

      Let us help each other to lubricate the machinery to fulfillment ❤ ❤ ❤

      You made my day RJay :)))

      B to B

  3. Dear Aisha – something odd has happened here. 3 posts I left on the 23rd -1 before and 2 after Otmn’s Across the Universe video have disappeared. they were there this morning ? I only see a post from BtoB after the video now.
    Maybe it was from that old semi retired ‘me’ and it had to come along. LOL
    It was cool because it mentioned some other magic that happened ‘Across The Universe’ (put it out there for that song to come here by another ponder and Otmn picked up on it!)
    thanks for checking on this for me ! Love, A

    1. Another thing that I noticed yesterday re Otmns message. For some reason, it was the first in line to be answered when I opened the mail. When I harvested all the other e-mails I saw that it really would have been opened to me much later. Hmmmm – there is something magical about this man…;)


    2. Dear Areeza! This is weird, for nothing has been deleted, I am sure of that. Are you sure they are gone? For when I open the page, I find these two comments from you below the video ‘Across The Universe’:
      “AHHHH — Otmn you picked it up~! So, yeah for me it sooo makes sense! Little experiment I did yesterday. 😉
      We were watching the movie “Across The Universe” — I love this song so I was going to come back to the pond and put it here… but then I decided to just ‘put it out To The Universe’ and trust it would be here!
      You guys are amazing! Love Love Love”
      “and I was going to go to bed feeling a disconnect – did not like that and wanted to feel up again and on track. So I come dip in the pond.
      I call what I found in mine and Otmn’s connection (across the universe) A Treasure. Wow. Just Wow and thank you Otmn~! Love U! I can sleep with a smile that i send across the universe with a wink and a smooch !”
      Are these the “missing ones”? Perhaps they just blinked in and out of another dimension for a while 😉
      (PS I checked the spam filter, and there is nothing from you there either.)
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. HI Aisha — it is still gone — from my view anyways. lol. just checked again. There were other posts answering Otmn’s post above that Video too that at gone – not just mine. All I see are his posts and B to B’s at the end. You put it here again so its ok. Just weird.
        Across The Universe: It was an amazing and successful experiment and that is the main message!
        Let see what today brings! 🙂
        Love to you this day! Areeza

  4. watching a new series called “Resurrection” – has me thinking that a way we might never die would be to have these surrogate selves. Kind of creepy, like Battlestar Galactica show – lol – I know but if there were a few MEs around I could see how it would be doable.
    Man!… the ceiling light just came on automatically again! just now – 8:14pm
    >I was going to cancel this post. so, i will leave it now. talk about creepin the bejesus outta me!
    Ok will say goodnight now. XOA

    1. A few years ago similar things happened with my friend’s CD player, which could increase the volume even in the middle of the night. A medium “cleaning out” the energies that disrupted and then it’s been quiet at least one year. Yesterday she told me that it had started again. I told her she could ask who or what would attract her attention. To be continued …. 😉



  5. Had a nice release on the road. Something happened when I got so sleepy, I had to pull over (chose a nice sacred, protected spot, facing the sun), shut my eyes and about 10 min. later I ‘wake up’. It was 11:00. I dont remember all the things I talked to God about before. I know that I was informed that my other ‘mes’ are mostly with God as the Seraphim. I felt that one of the other ‘mes’ came in and took over so the other one could go back to Gods side and rest. That version was really worn out and going thru a ‘had enough’ phase. I knew I was different when I woke up. Took about an hr to get used to it. I had a sense that this has happened on and off all the time but I have never been so aware of it. Occured mostly at night as I used to never take naps.
    Gave me an idea of multiply personalites and some so called mental dis-eases too.
    It gave me great relief – to know I have many ‘mes’ that come and go but are all me and part of God – and they are the essence of the Breeze that God sent forth for it’s pleasure. God’s many creative thoughts that were sent outward – and mingle together as One in reality – and it was always intended they one day return – after waking up to realize what they are – what part of All That is they are and how ‘treasured’ they are.

    1. I have also suspected that I have traded places with myself. thanks for finding words for it.
      keep in mind that every lesson is more challenging than the one before. The age unfolds, let it flow as it will or as it won’t.

    2. Kind of a good idea if you think about having many of us at one time. More ways to heal to learn. Wonderful insight Breeze. Thank you again. Ever greatfull for the many yous! 🙂

    3. Just for a link up: I had that experience. had some doubt and dismay (my biggest nemesis’ – but getting smaller!)….It was then backed up with the ‘just dessert’ email – the ‘time out’ as Susan called it. The second dessert email to really drive it home!
      This really is getting fun with the back to back confirmations to keep us full speed ahead!
      And how nice to know I have such back up! the MEs – the YOUs – so cool, so very cool.
      there is something else nudgeing me… i will come back with it later.
      Oh… wait I remember: I will go so far as to say I was supposed to have this distraught sad version come full force so I would ‘recognize’ the switch to the other me – the ‘time out’. and to get on with the next step in being more aware of MEs. 🙂
      Love, A

  6. Strang things are happening (my grandmother used to sing that in a funny tone around the house when weird shit happened).
    well… this is cool:
    I was getting my home emails and I read one from my good childhood friend in Virginia. She had gone out to lunch with her hubby and their son and his girlfriend of one month. She included a picture… I am expecting to see the whole group but it was of her dessert. LOL. just a plate full of dessert partly eaten on a nice white plate with a nice glass to the upper left.
    Ok… I joke with her where is the group shot? Really felt it was quite odd.
    Then… next up, I see a new update from Our Susan. She includes a picture too – saying we need to take a ‘time out’.
    ok…. ready?? It is a picture of a dessert on a nice plate with a nice glass to the upper left !!! YUP….. ok… Universe with your magical, mystical sense of humor – I GET IT! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. LOL — my ‘just desserts’ — shared with my kindred coworker who let out a roar that went across the room – (and Universe). She sure needed it too!

  7. During this period of transitioning, it matters not if I personally reach the land of milk and honey.
    Paving the way for others is love enough for me.
    Passionately forging ahead to clear a path for ALL while in deep deep deep love…. I thank you for this moment.
    God Bless all of us who are labeled and ridiculed… I take it as confirmation.
    Expanding until I become nothing,

      1. Omigosh!.. my beautiful Mother Earth pic was deleted from my photo gallery… ha.. dunno… I feel very technically challenged at this time so I guess this is how I will look for awhile… I don’t even recognize myself!! 🙂

    1. Hi Sally,
      Just a thought I had… can never not be, there for you can never expand to nothingness. Now if you expand into the all of it…That is something!!! 🙂

      1. Hi Michael!
        I really like what you said….
        This reply to you was gonna explain what I really meant by expanding into nothing.. but when I gave it a second thought, I decided that ’expanding into the all of it’ sounds waaaaayyy more fun!!
        Miles of smiles to you, 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. These words came to me in meditation this morning and was guided to post them. Seems appropriate.

    KNOW that GOD’s AWESOME POWER is on the WAY.
    Know it, feel it, run with it, enjoy it.
    Hold it in your hands, your feet,
    Your ears, your eyes,
    your hearts.
    Love it, kindle it, live it, know it.
    KNOW it…
    In your life, in your soul
    In your SACRED HEART.
    For there you will find PEACE.

    1. Thank you, Dear FJ, for this and again for posting so beautifully your recent experience… and for then telling/reminding me to “feel” it also as our One-ness, our experiences become Universal. Your sharing that day and today is profound. I think it was Alex who previously also said something similar about experiences becoming universal. I just now got it. 🙂 We’re all so lucky to share Aisha’s blog and “our” experiences.
      Blessings of Love, Light&JOY&Laughter to you… ❤ Lin

      (hope I'm making sense; just got back from the mall looking at imacs—I'm not a mall person)

      1. Beautiful, yes I feel peace, and a deep sense of purpose and how important this unity grid work is. Not waiting for “someone else” to do it. WE are the ones. That cocreate the help needed with global healing in all realms. And so we continue, beaming and bathing with LOVE light, the Christed ones above and upon earth, moving, maintaining, infusing, healing with the joy of Light. Mmmm.

  9. There is a Nuclear Summit going on right now in The Hague. Leaders from all over the world including Obama are here now to discuss safety.
    Send love to The Hague and you will send love to global leadership. 🙂

  10. cant wait to read more of this Monica – sounds like something I will surely be on board with.
    Lots came to me in the past 1/2 hr…. and then my kindred co-worker came over… and she is on the verge of tears to! We both crashed at about 1 – 2 pm yesterday EST. And she had dreams of being ‘held down’ and felt the opposite of celebration mode when she so wanted it to! Like here we are and we cant enjoy it – just like I stated above.
    Has to do with the ‘cut off point’ we all knew was coming – and we all wanted everyone to be on board with the process, etc. But things must move on now as we very well know too.
    ok.. have to hit the road… i will get to release this in solitude there at least! It is a day of mourning for me and some I believe. Let It Be.
    Love, A

    1. Yes Breeze, let it be. We need to mourn, and release, and join, beam, radiate, visualize the Light, the LOVE as we go. Deep healing Breeze, the watery emotions let that anguish go, and then we can feel washed within and perhaps a new stillness and graceful ease not attainable without the flood gates opening and letting go. Blessings, Monica

  11. Hi all, Here is a meditation that I hope we can all join as well…:)
    Lets all get involved with this wonderful joint meditation [flippyone]

    Montague Keen, March 23, 2014
    My dear, please understand that the reason so many problems are being hurled in your direction at this time is to try to take your mind off our work.

    Our project is designed to work with the EIGHT OBELISKS IN ROME. These obelisks connect with all the other obelisks worldwide which incorporate all the ley lines. Their ENERGY must be released.

    I ask that everyone combine your energies to do this. You are powerful beings. Use your power to release Earth’s energies to humanity. Please give your all to this exercise. Veronica’s team has provided you with the MEDITATION. This is how it can be done. Give your full attention to it and keep doing it, until you are free of all negative control systems, and all the killing has stopped.

    Humanity has come together, and by working together you will free yourselves from all the corrupt control.

    Let love be your guiding light. We are with you at all times.
    Thank you, my dear, for putting so much effort into this. We will succeed !
    Forever, your adoring, Monty.
    (Click Below for .pdf version)
    Global Meditation for Ley Lines Restoration
    (For simplicity the meditation is also presented below)

    Global Meditation for Humanity to Focus on Rome

    Dear friends, Humanity is at a point in its existence where forces that are not of the light are attempting to take control of the Planet and plunge us into a time of war and further suppression of it’s people. We are urgently asked to focus our thoughts in a global meditation or prayer for the good of all of Humanity and the Planet on 25th of March.

    We would invite you to take part with the following suggested meditation.
    You may of course use your own format in keeping with your own methods of prayer or meditation or beliefs.

    The importance is in the strength of your intent and visualization.

    Please know that linked as a group,
    your meditation is very powerful, creative and real.

    Firstly recognize that all of Humanity is linked by our Heart energy.

    Take a moment to visualize this link and have the intent of the Will to do Good and that we are all One.



    Take a few moments now to see and feel this link between all of our brothers and sisters, regardless of religion, Race or Gender.

    Again, we invite you to visualize a Higher Creator Being or God according to your belief.

    Acknowledge His/Her existence and to request assistance in this meditation for the betterment of all of Humanity and the Planet
    and to anchor the Light and Love of the Creator on Earth.

    Group Visualization

    Take a few moments to visualize a beam of Lighted energy descending upon the center of Rome and being anchored there.

    See this powerful white/golden Light expand to dispel all darkness
    and to encompass the eight Obelisks around Rome.

    At this point the obelisks begin to resonate with the Light and be aware that these are placed where the Energy or Ley lines cross and converge and are sometimes known as power points or nodes.

    Know too that these ley Lines expand outwards across Europe and beyond to encompass the Earth.
    They are linked to other Obelisks and power points through out the world.

    This lattice work of energy lay lines may be seen as the ‘Flower of Life’ and it is indeed the vital energy pathways that sustain the Planet and Humanity.

    See the Lighted Energy expand again,
    like the flood gates being opened to flood the Ley Lines around the world with Light.

    See the Ancient Sacred sites in your countries being empowered and energized. Where there have been blockages placed on the Ley Lines, see them swept away. Where the energy has been stagnated, see it being revitalized.
    Where darkness prevails, see it being lit.
    Where there has been pain or suffering as a result of war, see Peace, Love and Forgiveness.

    As the whole planet begins to become brighter and resonate with the Light of the Creator, see this as a period of Disclosure for all that has been hidden from us.

    Make now the affirmation that as Humanity, we no longer choose to war on our neighbors, but that we accept all as our Brothers and Sisters and that we choose Peace.
    We acknowledge the hurt that we have caused to the Animal and Nature kingdoms and we seek now to live in Peace again.

    Let LOVE, LIGHT and POWER descend upon the Earth.

    Blessings to Caroline and Mark as well. Peace my friends, Monica

    1. Thank you, Monica. I’m familiar with (Montague, in Spirit) & Veronica Keen’s work with Mother’s ley lines. There are many indigenous people/tribes around the world working on these essential energetic lines, too.

      Since our main computer crashed, haven’t been able to access the Keen’s website. Thank you sincerely for kindly printing their latest post in its entirety here. This project is vital. With Much Love&JOY to you, xo Lin

      p.s. if you have time, would you mind posting the link to their website as there is a valuable link within the link. Thank you sincerely. ❤

    2. I had seen this last week and found it interresting. Thank you Monica for bringing it back to my attention.

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