The manuscript of survival – part 403

We have come to you today on a most important mission, for we are here to prepare you for what you have in store in the next few days. As many of you are already aware, the period we are referring to, is the one that leads up to that point in time that you have specified as the midpoint of the year if you see it as divided into two equal parts, both of them encompassing the same amount of light, although divided into two. This is as you know a roundabout way to describe the day of your recurring Equinoxes, the days that your planet seems to stand at a midpoint, a point of balance if you will, for then to start to shift ever so slightly on its axis yet again. We know that for many of you, this time of the year has always been considered an important one, and rightly so, but this time, we cannot stress enough just what an important period this will be. Or rather, what an important period it already is. For this is not just a one-off, a one day event that comes and goes as quickly as that. No, this is something far more important, and the lead up to it is already well on the way.

We know that many of you can attest to this, for you have already been subjected to those first intense preliminary door-openers that have swept all over your globe, and even if the outcome of all of this door-opening so far have been less than enjoyable for many of you, the end result will as always far outshine the side effects from it. So again we say, know that all is well, and even if you will feel these energetic blasts to be more than what your physical body can bear, it is not. For you are indeed made of strong stuff dear ones, and even if your mind may start to falter alongside your struggling body, neither of you will have to fear the possibility of succumbing to any of those “ailments” you might fear at the moment. Again, we know that this will be less than consolation to those of you deep in the throes of these mighty blasts, but still, we will as always continue to remind you that you have all been carefully prepared for just such an occasion, and indeed, you are also carefully monitored throughout it all.

But let us return to the original subject, that of the upcoming event that will once again blast away so much of the remaining resistance that still abounds on all sides. For this will not be a normal event, such as the ones you are already well accustomed to. No, this will be of a much larger magnitude, and it will be one that has no precedent anywhere in Creation. Again we hear your questions, asking for details and more information to be given ahead, but again we have to give you the same answer that these are not questions that can be answered beforehand, but let us just repeat what we have told you on many an occasion before: What we are referring to, is an event of grand proportions, but it is not an external event, it is in every sense of the word an internal one, and this time, it goes both for you and for your loving planet, your home away from home, your Mother Earth. For as the days dawn in the weeks ahead, you will all find yourself within a very new space, and even if the outside circumference of it will look very much the same, everything within it will be very new. For even if you have all been through a long and gruelling process of re-setting you own personal setup in a way that leaves it free of old encumbrances and inserted detrimental circuitry of any kind, you still have a ways to go before you can function at your full capacity. But after this part of the process is over, any hindrances will be reduced to a minimum, and your own capabilities will start to evolve at an ever increasing speed.

We know that these are words you have heard before, and to many, ad nauseam, but again we remind you to take a look over your shoulder to see where you are now compared to where you have been. And even if that will be more than a challenge for many of you in the present circumstances, we also know that deep down, you will know that the answer is indeed a positive one. For although you still may feel more than a little bit challenged in every aspect of your life, you will also know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are being propelled forwards at an incredible speed right now, and you are not alone in this giant race for the future either. For with every step you take, more and more souls will be following in your wake, and as you make headway, you break down the barriers that have also held the rest of mankind trapped. For you are the wayshowers, the pioneers, the ones that have taken upon them this grand task of breaking through every single barrier that have ever existed standing in the way between you and your former greatness.

For as you all know so well by now, what you are discovering, will seem to be unknown territory to you in so many ways, but what you are really doing, is rediscovering all of your former glory. For you are already everything that you have striven so hard to reach for, and now, as the days tick by and the tempo increases considerably, you will be helped to close that seemingly endless gap between then and now, and it will be done in a giant leap that will serve to bring you all up to par as it were. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that now, the energetic environment you have been contending with will change in a way that will be enormously beneficial to you all, as well as to your planet. For now, the whole field around your planetary body will make such an adjustment to the currents that run through it, it will be like switching from one kind of energy to a very, very different one. Again, we will refrain from giving you any details beforehand, but we would like to point out some things that may occur for you all in the time ahead as these shifts comes into action.

First of all, your physical body will once again start to exhibit signs of confusion in ways that it may not have done before. In other words, even if you are all well versed in all of the different ways that your body can react to these huge energetic fluctuations, it would not surprise us at all if many of you start to report new and diverse “symptoms”. And yes, we use the word this way in order to remind you that you are not falling prey to any kind of disease here. For this is simply a sign of you body being “out of ease” in a way that it has not been before. And before any of you start to go into fear about this, it is not given that your body will start to react in a manner that is distressing to you. It can also start to react by going into action mode as in eager to do all sorts of things at an increased rate. So this can indeed manifest in all sorts of ways, we just want you to be aware that any signals that will start to be given now, are merely signs of you already being in full swing welcoming in these heavenly helpers in the form of energetic messages that help you to re-tune and tweak each and every connection in your body to prepare for the full blast of these Equinox energies.

For make no mistake, what you have ahead is more than a little ripple across the surface. This is something that will go to the very core, not only of you, but also your planet, and as such, the effects from it will be profound. So take some time every day to simply BE with yourself, and step back from it all if need be. For this is indeed a very important period for you all, and we want to advise you all to listen carefully to the inner guidance you will be given at all times. If you feel like being out and about, do so, and if you feel like the opposite, try to honor that as well. Follow whatever road that is being presented to you, as it comes into your consciousness in order to lead you to a space that is right for you at this time, whether that be out in nature, with friends or relatives, or somewhere completely different. Just remember that if you feel lost and alone, always ask for help, and it will be given to you. For this is not something that should be done in complete isolation from others, so seek company in a way that feels right for you, and reach out through means of your electronic devices, your consciousness or simply by allowing others to come into your space from time to time. Again, this is an individual journey, but some stages of it requires you to be just with you, while others will be better experienced as a group.

So let us sign off by saying that we know that many of you are feeling as if you cannot take any more of these energetic upheavals any more, and we have no problem in understanding that. And yes, we would gladly trade places with you if we could, but that is not an option, as the roles were handed out even before you came to be here in your very first incarnation within a human body. So this is something you have been primed for from the very beginning, and as such, no one can do your job in your stead. We wish we could help you in any way to further lessen the impact it all has on your emotional and physical bodies, but we are doing all we can to make this part of your journey as less challenging as possible. We know this is of little consolation, but you have been taken through this rigorous process step by step, at increments that have ensured your safety all along, and even if you feel ready to throw in the towel right now, we also know that the moment you feel the new stirring in your core, you will once again step up and say “I am ready and able and willing to take it all the way. For that is why I am here, that is why I was born into this very body, and together, we will accomplish what no man has ever done, and what we will do, no one in Creation has done before. I am here to shine my glorious light once again, and when I do that, it will shine across not only this planet but beyond, and for every step I take, the light will become brighter in every single being around me, both on this planet and off. For I am here to do great deeds by being inside a small and seemingly frail body, but this body is the key to the whole magnificent process, and this key is also one that will help to unlock the doors into every hidden chamber that exists. For this body will start to act as a magnifier of these heavenly signals so that no heart anywhere in this world will be able to remain silenced ever again. For as I open myself up to these rays of light, I am also opening up all of humanity to the knowledge that beyond the fear and desolation lies freedom, love and happiness for all.”

311 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 403

  1. Thank you, dear Caroline, for the Lisa Gawlas link. I began reading it and will circle back and finish. I’m full up to my eyeballs with sadness from some news I received Saturday morning. My favorite uncle committed suicide Friday with a gun. (My uncle’s son, my cousin, found him) My uncle had lost his wife, my favorite aunt and mother’s sister, a couple of years ago, relatively young, 60s, to Parkinson’s—she suffered a great deal. Since then he had been on anti-depressants and doctor stopped them, but didn’t prescribe new ones. Then he received bad news that his kidneys were in bad shape, failing. I guess it was enough to push him over the edge. His youngest daughter was put in a nursing home in her late 20s with severe, unmanageable MS, still alive/there. Guess he had had enough of seeing suffering. (There’s been a lot of illness/suffering in my family/extended family, I believe, due to incorrect eating habits, polluted food, sensitive metabolisms in most family members—people won’t listen, choose to listen to doctors/incorrect western medicine/profit-minded guidance)

    I’m just sort of numb. Having released the indoctrination of Catholicism, I see that probably perhaps his path may have included the experience of this event. My ex-husband also committed suicide by gun—he was a policeman—we had remained friendly; he called me a couple of hours before. I was clueless. How does anyone ever know?

    I was going to remain quiet, but the energy build up was too much. So this is kind of a quiet rant. I KNOW that all is perfect, everything is as it should be. I KNOW this. And my uncle is re-joined with my aunt and other loved ones and at Peace. I’ll find my sea legs, but am just a little wobbly right now, especially with all the lovely horrible incoming Light energies coming in right now. 3D life ain’t for sissies, all illusion, but still…

    Most everyone at the blog is asleep now, so this is a good time. Didn’t feel compelled to post until now. Couldn’t keep it inside any longer. I just want to hit or kick something. And that’s ok. Sure could use a giggle. I laugh at the most inappropriate times, and this is as good as any… seems to raise the energy. The smile from my Heart has temporarily disappeared and that doesn’t happen often. xo

    1. Oh Lin!
      Please do not ever feel you should remain quiet when a life altering event such as this occurs. All of our “knowings” can buffer our grief and sadness, but we are still human and must allow acceptance and healing to begin. Please give yourself permission to cry! And lovingly hold yourself as you release your emotions. I must go now, but know that I am sending supportive energy to you from my heart. Love coming your way……Caroline

      1. There is NOTHING more lovely than a baby’s infectious laughter/giggles. Thank you sooo much, ML. 🙂 xox

    2. Dear Lin,

      I love you! Keep yourself in the light and love of Christ Conscience. I am crying tears at the moment after reading your post. Life is so crazy sometimes. Well for your good laugh perhaps some of my grandmothers strange humor….she would say “I guess he just got tired of being here and kicked the bucket” and she would imitate kicking a bucket with a big swing of her foot and proceed to laugh. She really liked kicking that bucket for some people. 😉

      Love to you dear Lin!


      1. Thank you, Denise. I LOVE laughter, and I’m very visual! I “saw” your grandmother swinging her leg/kicking the bucket… Thank you for the laugh and for “loaning” your dear grandmother’s good humor. To me, laughter is the song of Angels. xox

        1. I am afraid my family was always seated back by the kitchen and told to keep it down. 🙂 Boy I sure miss them and all the floor rolling laughter. Thank you for reminding me of it all Lin. Hugs to you tonight. Going to head off to bed.

    3. Oh Lin! I’m so glad you were compelled to post… I’m sure you can feel the Pond Love already!
      Lightness and laughter to you until you get your sea legs.
      Holding you while you laugh and cry,

      1. Thank you, Sally… I do feel the Pond Love. I can usually walk thru things on my own, but this experience came out of the blue. The sadness comes from knowing he was alone, felt totally alone, when he made his decision/HIS experience. He’s happy and at Peace now and with Loved Ones. xoxoxxoxo

    4. My dear LightSister!

      I just dropped in here at the website and found your message and just can say I am with you in your loss!!! Please know I am sending my love & light to you my dear friend. As you know I lost my young son just a couple of minutes after having dinner with him. You never know when such things happens.

      My advice to you dear Lin is to ask the light to hold you and allow yourself to dive deeply in your sorrow, to really feel and experience it, to be able to let the light, love and gratefulness fill you again.

      I am holding you in MY arms dear Lin!

      Love you!

      B to B

          1. I did not know about the Motorcycle, Dear B. wow. That was an experience, a huge, sad one. I’m glad he’s always with you now, and you have the gift of communicating with him.

            I finally did let all the emotions roll out of me last night while trying to meditate. My eyes are monstrous puffy this morning—I look like a fish!! haha Such an odd experience (keeps coming back to “experience”) trying to honor his path and mine… two different frequencies, points of view. Felt like my mind was bouncing around off invisible walls inside a sealed, galaxy-size paper sack. I didn’t allow myself to get out of my head and truly FEEL the emotions until bedtime. I felt your Love and the huge Love&Light at the Pond. The important thing is he is at Peace now and surrounded by Loved Ones… most likely probably partying, knowing them. Love you, B

    5. Dear Lin, thank you for allowing yourself to share your pain with us! This Pond is deep enough to receive everything we need to let go of, and it will never run out of love and light to fill even the deepest of wounds. I send you my light and a warm embrace, and I know the smile will return to your shining heart soon 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Thank you, Aisha… you and your dedication to and Love for Spirit/Mother+/us/humanity and the CCs diligent care of us all has carried us all “in the Light” thru different situations. This is one more. I always appreciate and Treasure you more than you know, as I KNOW all here do. Thank you sincerely, xoxoxox

    6. Dear Lin,
      U know u cant keep things from us anyways. 🙂
      I knew something was up and was even going to ask you. I could feel your energy and sadness.
      What makes it tougher on you is that your ex did this too — so its that collective thing that triggers the past emotions too sometimes.
      My prayers and Love are always with you my light sister!
      I personally dont think suicide is all bad. Its just ‘exit stage left’ when you need to. It Is Ok. And like you said, your Uncle is much better now and U will have an even better relationship with him Lin.
      XXX OOO

      1. yep, Breezie, you’re right, on all accounts!! Trying to put words to feelings right now is another odd “experience”… so just trying to FEEL the emotions of the horrible thoughts instead of running away from them. Thank God literally for my always coming back to laughter. A giggle, a laugh, is a gift that Lightens the Heart. This craaaazy illusion business. I’m DONE, too. Good thing it’s the final curtain that’s happening, huh?! The greed and the sorrow will be banished. yippee yaaaaay to that. Something tells me you’re at least part Irish, so Happy St. Pat’s Day to you&Kelly. You and I will share a tipsy apple cider ’cause neither of us drink! Here’s to Good Times, Good Laughter, Good Friends/the Pond and Mother+… and Trees. 🙂

  2. Dear Aisha,

    I’ve been reading your words of inspiration since last year, and I did not know how much I was going to need your voice. I have so many problems in my family since i was a little girl, and i gave birth 10 months ago. I feel I’m in charge of my family awakeness, when i was a child i already felt that way. This week i was going to sleep, I tryied to meditate, but there were too many toughts in my mind. Suddenly i realized that these toughts weren’t only MY toughts, they came from my grandmother, my grandfather, my cousin, and people who i could not identifie, and they were all wanting my help, but at the same time, some of then, especially man’s toughts, made me experience kind of guilty, while my grandma and sisters (there where MANY sisters) where trying to make me feel good with myself, telling me to accept fully who i am. Do you think I’m going crazy? Is this my imagination? What do you think?


    ps: I’m from Sao Paulo – Brasil

    1. Hi Mil – If I may place an answer here for you. If you are crazy than so am I. 🙂 and its a good crazy! We are all One and the veil is just a thin sheath barely there anymore. I used to feel I was responsible for my entire birth family but I do not any longer. The realization comes of the Universal/Galactic family. Everyone will choose where the best place is for their souls to Be. We are forever joined in our consciousness and some expand at a different pace than others – yet as every droplet in a pond affects the entire pond so it always will be. Be at Peace dear light sister – I send this intent from me to you and I hope you feel it wrapped with the Love and tied with the Joy that encompasses it! Love, Areeza

      1. Areeza, thank you so much for your words. I’m kind of feeling free now. And happy. And surrounded by love. Everything is so connected and tied. It seems that i’ve been waiting for this moment during my whole life, you know? The moment of answers. I feel like i am the history of Latin America, the silent history, the untold history of my sisters. We’re living social changes here in Brasil, people getting to know their rights (our rights), fighting on streets, meeting, discussing, looking back to the past, understanding our lives from a new perspective, from a coletive one. It’s so beautiful (and painful), gratitude is the word that would describe what I’m feeling right now, for being able to see, to feel, to experience this moment of change not only in my heart and in my family, but as a nation too, and as a continent, and as a planet, and as an universe.. There is so much things to do, but in the other hand, so much things to celebrate! One of them is the privilege of being on Earth right now, connected to the Pond, talking to a person who I don’t know, who lives in a different place in this planet, other country, other community, other culture, but still, another me. Because we are all one and we are here to remember that.

        Thank u for sharing your luv with this woman.

        Kiss kiss kiss kiss,

          1. yes, Sally, a beautiful exchange between Breezie/Areeza and Natacha. So Lovely to be included in the sharing. One-ness is absolutely critical and soooo comforting. With Love, xox Lin

        1. touched here – You are Beautiful Natacha – so glad you are here ! And you are in the mix of so much happening where you physcially reside – part of that revolution – that solution – that evolution ! Blessings! XOA

        2. Dear Natacha, thank you so much for what you share! As you say, “There is so much things to do, but in the other hand, so much things to celebrate!” and to me, the energy that you are receiving from the females in your family is extremely important and also a powerful confirmation of the process we are going through. For this surge of the sacred feminine and the way you feel it is guiding you to celebrate YOU makes my heart sing. We have lived so long suffering from guilt and fear, now it is time for us all to live in LOVE. No, I do not think this is just your imagination, for you are not alone in feeling this empowering, beautiful energy lifting you up and connecting you to those that came before us and to those who are walking by our side today. For we are ONE now, and we are already living the change 🙂 Thank you sister, for BEing a part of this change, and for bringing your light to this Pond and to this world!
          With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. for sure – good stuff! thanks C. A few things I experience too that she mentions are: the dark, shadow ‘birds’ darting around from the corners of my vision. Especially the mucous! omg, how i have had excess of it my whole life. Especially the eyes. I instinctively thought it Was saving my life in some way! C – this is so cool to know it could actually be a protectant for me. The weaving of the new grid of course. Having the electronic issues – I gave up on using my wireless – connect direct with wire to DSL now. My passwords not working at times in recent days – never had that before. Had to do system restore two days ago just to be able to get into Windows with my password I have used for years.
      She talks about the elongated slinky — ahhh… those light rings I was ‘squeezed thru’. nice! and… get this: at work during that time Marketing folks on the other side of my office space were playing with something that sounded just like a slinky!
      The beyond death magazine article I mentioned earlier – resonates with what she is saying we are going thru in our ‘live reincarnation process’. Remember some of my first memories in this life I was saying this is my last life and asking when i would get my light body back. These earliest statements are my stead-fast comforts come early to lead me on.
      Still reading… lots of goodies here !
      Blessings C! XOA

    2. “The only thing I do understand about the other side of the equinox, the last week of march before we enter April, is this “buffer” that has been surrounding us thru this month starts to release itself. We will be released from the intense orientation period of this first quarter as we become the creator Beings unabetted.” Lisa Gawlas

      >>What I, Areeza, am feeling within my Being is the Eden I have planted, nurtured and grown myself… just waiting to burst out in full bloom<<

  3. Dear friends!
    My head – and the rest of my body – is spinning from everything that has happened this weekend. I know it will take some time to literally digest it all, for it has been an intense period filled with closure on so many levels coupled with profound insights and new beginnings. I can see from the comments you have posted while I have been “away” that it is not only my brain and my body that is reeling around from all of these energies, but I can also see that even if we are all in some ways affected by the intensity of it all, this period is also an extremely fruitful one, filled with inspiration and insight and new connections. So we do ROCK even as we roll from the punches these energies deliver 😀 I know the coming week will continue to be intense and interesting for we are getting closer and closer to the Equinox, and I am certain it will be one to remember. I will step back now to try to “reconnect” myself after this incredible weekend, but I will be back here tomorrow and I am certain that the CCs will have something to share with us all then. Perhaps it will be your “404 manuscript not found” that will manifest for you, dear Michilyn 😉 So thank you all for shining your bright light and for sharing your words, your wisdom and your love so generously, you are turning this Pond into an endless source of light 🙂
    With all my love, Aisha

  4. Hi all~ A hearty thanks to everyone at the Pond, and for all the inspirational comments. Thank you Aisha and your sister. I am rocking and rolling with awareness of all kinds of waves of energy too, and glad to be enriched by understanding reading other comments.

    I am on the US east coast in northern New England, and feel drawn to send intent of love into all the water and air and soil, in love and light, with use of crystalline substances including snow.

    I join meditators daily, send love and healing into everything and everyone, and also repeat the serenity prayer and other simple prayers for peace and healing.
    I rejoice seeing our world wide web used for these purposes and how sound, and music and singing are working to dispel darker, lower vibrational entities/energies harmlessly, and with, again, unconditional love.
    I thank you for all your descriptions of experiences too.
    Blessings to ALL, in love and light, Monica

  5. follow up:

    from link: “AFTER Jesse (Ventura) filmed, we collaborated with an independent scientist to conduct a specific test of John’s equipment.
    The purpose of the test was to validate that John is able to convert a radioactive element into something inert, something safe.
    Uraninite was placed in front of one of the interferometers. In fact, it was placed precisely in the place that Jesse was, when he was filmed with the light bulb lighting up without electricity. That area of the room is where the “baby ray gun” was operating.

    The uraninite was tested prior to being sent to us. We tested and filmed (in high definition video) the uraninite when it arrived, and throughout the time it was in front of the smaller interferometer (baby ray gun). The uraninite was returned to the scientist for evaluation.

    The uraninite had transmutated. It changed form.
    The normal “half-life” of uraninite is 4.5 BILLION years.

    It takes 4.5 billion years for the uraninite to “decay” to 1/2 its original level of radioactivity.

    Using John’s technology…we were able to traverse 3 billion years of decay…in 30 DAYS.”

    1. This is all very interesting and brings hope. Have you seen the study of snowflakes forming under different vibrations? Snowflakes (water) senses our intentions. There is a book about the study of snowflake formations around the world. I will have to look this up tomorrow. This must have been touched upon here at the pond in all the water discussions. We need a search button here 🙂 my brain can’t keep all in order to regurgitate it back. Very exciting to read more about energy work. Thank you Breeze!

    2. Really? I watched some Hatchison’s video on YouTUBE. But I can’t understand because its English.
      About URANITE its takes 30 days to half decay.
      Thank you !

  6. hey everyone–sorry it’s taken me so long to post a post–and there won’t be a new installment of the manuscript til i do–haha–forgive me–it’s been,well,you know how it’s been–haha
    i finally remembered a little bit of my dreams this morning-so that’s progress–it didn’t make much sense at the time,and i should have known i was dreaming but i can see now that i was quite asleep…now,to wake myself up at these moments,would be a good idea-dang it!
    running out of time-seems a long life has now gone by and hardly a damn thing to show for it….oh,woes r us!
    heck with it–y’know what? what if yesterday it had all been shut down-i’m confident we made it that far and that was good enough,got nuthin left to prove so just give us a break–knock us the frack out or into next year already-this one’s already far too old,cold,and not feelin so bold..
    i’ve heard things. things i don’t wanna repeat! god dang it!
    if i could translate how i feel now,into a little ditty on the stupid guitar-and i was the frickin guitar gad–haha-then i would want it to sound just like this one thing by steve vai called ‘sisters’–and dedicate it to aisha and her sister there in norway is it-it was below zero here in michigan this morning–i reckon we were always at home in the cold,we nordic-track folk types right?

  7. ahhh… if i did not remember that actress Courtney Cox went to have energy frequency healing…. I would maybe not have found this – so quick anyways! It was locked in my way back machine in my brain. 🙂
    This was brought to my attention by my healer friend yrs ago. He is part of this group still I believe. I have not thought of it in a long time. It was like one thousand dollars to get this healing… with so, I was like ‘yeah right’. >And they do it with just a photo of youIt is recommended to read the book as a head start to the AIM program.
    >Never been a true Wayne Dyer fan but here is what he says: Wayne Dyer, a great supporter of the AIM programme, says:
    “there is no disease, there is just
    frequency or energy imbalances. Disease vibrates at
    a certain frequency — so every disease has its
    unique frequency. Your photograph contains all the
    energy of who you are and is just a tool, the
    window for you to heal yourself” —

    ok… need to eat! I think this is it – for now~! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  8. I am taking up space. lol. I dont want to forget this and not bring it.
    Upon falling asleep last night I placed my consciousness in my hammock – at the tree house at the Pond. I looked down and saw the pond glowing from deep down in its center. I think of All of us as droplets in that Pond – the vision of a droplet coming up from a droplet dropping down – in slow mo (this has been placed here by many different ponders – the paint, water vibration, etc.) I see many droplets coming up from the golden glow – into the sky – forming clouds – going to the Pacific Ocean – you get the picture. : ) It was beautiful. So, when I woke up with what I did – it added up; the Love in our own conscious waters – Our Essences! – oh God how wonderful! and Mother Earth’s Love Consciousness. My what Magical, Mystical, Precious Energies of Love Consciousness All IS~ ! I mix my tears with you Forest and everyone. My cup runneth over – I so get that verse more than ever.

    1. Dear Breeze,
      You take up as much space as you desire – your inspiration is infectious! So many things are beginning to come together for me too, although lagging as compared to many of you. Doesn’t matter! I have been waking up literally giggling and smiling for days – even through the sickness and balance impairment. I’m beginning to understand, too, that many of us have been “paired” with significant “others” for special tasks to come in the near future. Just as you are paired with Kelly! I’ve had the growing awareness recently that it is not a mere coincidence that my husband is a mechanical engineer that is highly gifted in CAD design. Maybe he and I will be working on something together soon! Especially now that 3D printers are becoming more accessible to the general public. An article I had just read in the local newspaper states that some can be purchased for $2,000 US dollars, which was used by an online international team of experts to create a plastic prosthesis for a girl’s deformed hand (the design of which will be uploaded to the Internet and shared for FREE once it is perfected). I believe the prosthetic will be called “Shea’s Hand”. Yes, expensive – but not what it was a short time ago. So many are sharing their CAD designs for free, now, on the Internet. I am tentatively allowing myself to become excited for the future – let’s get through this shift and be “present” until we are solidly anchored in the new. As we heal ourselves, we are healing the world! I would be doing the happy dance right now if it didn’t make me sick!

      And to all of you – Breeze, Veronica, Forest Joy, Terri, Birgitta and all those I simply cannot remember because I’m too filled with excitement – please keep posting your symptoms. I have been able to have some small breakthroughs with my husbands budding awareness because I can literally read your experiences to him! Being an engineer, he requires tangible evidence and you are providing me with that as you post your stories. He is beginning to understand that it’s “not just me”! THANK YOU – ALL, from my heart! Many blessings, hugs and love to you! 🙂 Caroline

      1. C o o l ness re your husband! my guy too 🙂
        You are such a joy C! Things are falling into place – ha… i first wrote palace.

      2. Us all… LOVE vibes out and in to Mother/everything/everyone. Carry a smile in the Heart, in the kidneys, in the liver, in the spine, IN THE BRAIN, in the eyeballs, etc., and then RADIATE it out like the Sun. We’re all Suns. We’ve/our Pond has been healing all along.

        Thanx, Breezie.

        1. Thank you, Dear One! Blessings to you and yours, also. Much love coming your way………..!. 🙂 C

      3. Caroline,

        There was a video a short while back from another lightworker (I cannot remember his name for the life of me and I’ve watched numerous videos of his—seems like it’s Steve—something or other and not Beckow) talking about the 3D printers and his experiences in the past with CAD and he was an engineer and helped design and manufacture different things to help the environment and healing, etc. It was interesting. If I think of it later I will let you know, or someone else might have seen it and know who I’m referring to.

        I’ve got the swirly brain this past week also and my arms feel like the bones in them just ache. I feel like falling asleep right now but need to get some things done.

        My hubby has been slow to wake up too and doesn’t always get it when I try to explain things to him, but Aisha’s site is one of the few he reads and if he doesn’t understand something I try to explain it the best I can. I think he’s catching on, but I try to be patient and know he will in his own time.

        Blessings everyone,

        1. Dear Brenda!
          Thank you for sharing your story with me(us)! Yes – it is so very reassuring that our husband’s are beginning to “catch on”, as you say. I watch mine as he slowly allows things into his awareness. And I’m fascinated at how he has changed over the years, particularly in his own emotional healing. Very subtle. Yet profound.

          You may, perhaps, be thinking of Bill Ballard? He has been one of the leaders in getting the word out for linking CAD engineers and the 3D printers together at this time (particularly for FREE ENERGY schematics), and is unbelievably inspirational. I believe he is one who was at the leading edge of the development of LED lights? His videos are available everywhere on YouTube. I find it fascinating that the newspaper article on Shea’s Hand was written and published in MAINSTREAM MEDIA papers. Looks like it was written by a journalist from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and was published today in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (our big city newspaper). Word is definitely getting out there! YAY! Blessings and Love to You! :)Caroline

          1. Yes, that’s it! It was Bill Ballard. Don’t know why I had Steve in my head—soooo many names to remember and I am not so good with remembering names.

            Yes, helping the men have been a challenge. Some years David (my husband) had been so sick I couldn’t explain anything that was going on because I knew he just wouldn’t have been able to comprehend it. I woke up in the late 80’s and through the 90’s I was trying to read what I could to try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, compare notes with different authors, and that was before we had internet here. I’ve got some great books though! I didn’t even tell David what I was finding then before he got really sick (got sick in 2000) because I wasn’t even sure how to explain it and I was still putting pieces together.

            The ascension symptoms really started for me in 2000, so trying to deal with the symptoms and trying to help him was an ordeal, which from the other stories here it sounds like a lot of you guys had similar situations. So, yes, that is why so many of us are sooo ready to be done with the symptoms. Yesterday was a doozy for me too. Had to stop everything and lie down for awhile. I also think, for me anyway, that’s one of the reasons Dec. 2012 was so disappointing. I was so hopeful that we would be done with the symptoms and everyone would be feeling wonderful and be better able to help the others. That was always a big questions for me too. How are we supposed to help the others when we feel so crappy ourselves and can barely make it through the day? So, I just meditate when I can and send loving energies to everywhere and everyone and maybe that is all my job is supposed to be.

            Blessings everyone,


            1. Dear Brenda, thank you for everything that you have shared about your journey, and thank you for being a beacon of light, even on the days when you are being hit hard with the energies. You ARE making a difference 🙂
              Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Dearest Areeza,
      Seek and ye shall find. Find you have! The CC’s above speak of opening doors. Ask and the door shall be opened. Open it has! Holding hands we are stepping forward, shining brightly, vibrating our radiance, dancing to the new universal beat, spreading dew drops throughout all of creation. For now there is a new dance for a new time in a new life. For WE ARE!

  9. I dont think I am going to calm down for awhile…so here is more still with shaky hands – tears – the whole mix – raw. 🙂
    I just told it all to Kelly. he is speechless. lol. not sure if he could take it in – yet. Truly, this is nothing new. What is so emotional is the connecting of the dots – the linking of so much in my life that lead to this very, Very awake moment in space time.
    I want to share an experience (the initiation). I had Lymes Dis-ease many yrs ago as most of you know. At this time, I was off of my heart meds again. Trying. I had been bit by a mosquito (not tick) at a wedding reception – by a river – outside in the evening. had the ring on my arm, etc. Well, my Dad decided to fire up the old (literally old) Winnebago and take his family to the beach. I was about 26 yrs old. My sisters and their guys (I was with myself at that time – break up from the man I would marry 2 years later). My young niece. This old Winny made it there and back somehow – barely! (my Dad never took care of anything lol – mechanical especially). This motorhome (lol can see Oriharu saying – ok , i know what a winny is niow!) — it was sitting outside his Bar (Tavern) for yrs and yrs – we took many trips with it when I was a teenager. ANYWAY…. lol….I want u all to get this picture. We are on the Jersey Beach. It is a full moon. Waves high and forceful. Family all goes in the water. I have not been feeling so good and even thought I should go to the Dr instead of this Beach trip. Well, want to romp around and play too. I go in. Not in long and I feel over-taken with energy – from the Moon – the Sea with its power – the Earth beneath my feet. I can remember it right now. My heart then starts a serious arrhythmia (frequency change from all I took in!). I get that now. I kind of did then. well, i ask Jesus Christ for help. I am praying to just get me to the blanket on the sand. He does – I know he does – that lime green energy surrounds me and he is carrying me. It was profound. I was looking at the life guards – my heart still all f..cked up skipping beats. no steady rhythm. I try to crawl to them. I dont get far and I start to ‘fade out’ – black out. I am later to write the it was like ‘turning down a radio’. yes.. get it! I get it all now so much more~ ! I was in the void – the place between – the black space of creation – the neutral zone. I was to come out of it – like turning up the radio is what i wrote. I got all the human senses back. I mean I could not even hear before, etc. My heart is a normal beat. I am back on the blanket. I try to tell my family. I take my heart medication. lol. We drive back home – the manifold shot – just made it – lol. ok…so I share this with you all because I connected on this initiation and what it meant in my life. The healer I went to later on for the lymes told me of this – that all healers/shamans, etc go thru this initiation. I told her my Beach story – she got it – and I thought I did – but now I really do ~ ~! ok… more in a bit. also… at the beach i brought with me a magazine – i believe it was Insight Magazine. On the cover is a woman – mystic looking – surrounded by black – and the caption article says “Beyond Death”. I have kept that Magazine all these yrs (for some reason). It was the first thing I looked at after ‘coming too’ on the blanket. XOA

  10. I came right here upon waking up to place more into this Pond.
    This is very profound for me. A realization from my research last night – the search that lead to the ‘frequency’ modification/change to heal – to cleanse – to purify – to awaken – the one that will lead not just Mother Earth but All her creatures to Bliss.
    All of you here have helped in our coming to this. And yes, it has been In Us all along! The Water. How we can change ‘its’ frequency – With Love.
    It will be hard to write the next part for this is what I woke up with — I was asking how ‘we’ could help place in the waters of Mother Earth what was needed to not only heal Fukushima fallout, but anything that was not Pure Heaven Essence Upon This Earth. My own tears that flow right now writing with shaky hands have the answer within them! Omg. Ok… breath. I realized – the obvious (lol) – that Mother Earth, being a Living Being herself! – is able to change her own frequency – the frequency of her Living Waters – With Love! oh yes! and, of course, ours Too! (I have another vision I will share later that came when I was falling asleep last night).
    ok… this also brought me to my own experience many yrs ago…. my own ‘initiation’ if u will that I have pondered ever since. ….. more to come. I am very shaky this morning. but OK 🙂 ahhhh… more than Ok! Love To All

  11. I get the left side of the head and left ear ringing/singing/buzzing.
    Sometimes, rarely, I will get a popping in my right ear.
    I always get an optic aura in my left eye right before a migraine hits.
    Headache all the time, but not a migraine, not recently that is.

    What I do notice is either I am not hungry at all or famished and have to put something into my mouth immediately.

    Drinking copious amounts of water daily.
    So………..I guess I’m normal! HA!

    Love & Light,

    1. Ain’t life grand! A little sarcasm maybe. Really it is, but it does have its moments. Sometimes more than others.
      Thanks, Terri. Love to you

  12. And Caroline and B to B, thank you for sharing your current physical manifestations. This week has been a doosey, or at the very least quite interesting. Nausea (yes I’m using the arnica), bowel cleansing, vertigo/dizziness , some crazy feelings if anger beneath the surface, bouts of fatigue accompanied by random insomnia (most of this abnormal for me) and my normal waking between 2 and 4am, to sleeping long and deep. Today the dizziness upon standing was like none ive ever experienced. And the fatigue , omg, when this is over I will promise you I will never miss the fatigue :$! That is my most common thing.

    Anyway I appreciated your share so I wanted to post mine in case it helps anyone at all.

    Love love love to all!!!!!!

    1. Yes, time to hang on and open the door for this wondrous light. Here, hold my hand connected to Pond in this circle of light and love. We are all in this together. Together we will stand and shine shine shine. Let it in and shine it out. Harmony is on its way!
      Love, Forest Joy

      1. interesting native american scenes here – that man from youtube i mentioned to V above…it struck me how he referenced them as being the peaceful ones who were here first…how we had Heaven On Earth and messed it up. connecting the dots again… 🙂

        1. WOW! I felt some of my Native American “selves” stand up and yell, “SHINE ON”! So moving for me – thank you! 🙂 C

      2. Veronica, my ear noise is ramped up something fierce with immense pressure in left ear and a headache which moves all,over but mostly left side. Have got the steel shanks latched onto my feet and digging deep through bedrock into earth center to ground solidly.
        Holding hands, Forest Joy

        1. This left side of head stuff is so interesting to me. Mine lately has been more tingly and distant, but still sending out its presence. Less heat and pressure. I feel those shanks go deep and strong, a pleasant weight to them.
          Good night (I think) my eyes are feeling heavy…

      3. You warmed my heart and brought a peaceful smile to my face. I hold your hand and stand together …and shine shine shine , thank you , namaste!

        1. I feel your hand softly in mine. I feel your radiant smile. I feel your shining heart. How happy my soul feels. Let’s spread it far and wide.

    2. It is so important to share our experiences – good as well as – less good 😉 It makes us hold on, stand it a bit longer and know it is all OK. If I had been through this in loneliness, without friends to share with and be confirmed by, I suppose I would have looked upon myself as a sick person like my society has classed me the last decade.

      I thank you for sharing Veronica! Most important!

      Much love to you,


      1. You shine, my dear B. It so helps knowing others are experiencing similar “symptoms”. And, my on my, some of those experiences are something. This beautiful pond created by beautiful Aisha with all of us makes this difficult and frustrating process more beautiful by the minute. Thank you!

          1. ahhh…and as I just closed my eyes with that feeling….of Oneness… the Breeze kicked up and swirled powerfully all around my house….ahhh my essence within, without, all about….

  13. one more:
    Using zeolites to clean up radioactive compounds is not new. At the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Richland, Washington, radioactive strontium-90 (Sr 90 ) and cesium-137 (Cs 137 ) have been removed from radioactive waste solutions by passing them through tanks packed with the natural zeolite clinoptilolite. Zeolites have also been used to clean radioactive wastes from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant site and elsewhere ( [link to]

    And zeolite’s uses extend far beyond cleaning up radioactive waste. They are used in crops and pastures for higher yield by making fertilizers more effective and for long term soil improvements. They decrease ammonia levels in ponds and tanks and filtrate water for cleaner tanks by soaking up sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ), a pollutant produced by burning high-sulfur coal. Coming from waste toxic gases, sulfur dioxide is the major cause of acid rain. In fact, zeolites are the most effective filters yet found for absorbing sulfur dioxide from waste gases and are helping to clean the air of gases coming from energy plants which burn high-sulfur fossil fuel at the Ohio River Valley and other regions, as well as for purifying the air in mines.

    Learn more: [link to]

  14. Re above: they also say the frequency shield broke apart chemtrails !

    more good news from same link:
    “John (Hutchison) and I (Nancy, his wife) were on the Gulf of Mexico, working (for free) to restore the BP oil polluted water. That’s when Fukushima blew, and John remodulated the equipment into a “shield”. Before, he was directing the signals at and into the Gulf of Mexico water. We tracked the plume coming over from Japan and saw Minnesota getting hit. Our home was in Minnesota, along with the people who had loaned us the pick-up truck and trailer we were using on the Gulf of Mexico. So, at the end of April 2011 we returned to Minnesota. In Minnesota the Geiger counter was going off like crazy. Took about two weeks, and radiation levels dropped (this was confirmed by the Minnesota EPA).

    We tracked where the main contamination from Fukushima was occurring.
    West coast, between the Pacific and the Cascades.
    John purchased a bus that had been used as a SWAT command center and we converted it into a mobile lab, with ray gun mounted on top. The equipment was running as we left Minnesota beginning of April 2012. We have been here, on the southern coast of Oregon since then.”

    >> this couple is dedicated… i read the whole thread and fell in love with them. They dont ask for money to do it either. here is their website:

    1. So I’ve been thinking everyone is in bed when I finally get a chance to check Aisha’s page. But it seems,Breeze, that you and I may actually be in the same (or close) time zones. I am central, sometimes mountain time zone. My normal time to be able to ‘connect’ electronically to the pond is early morning and later in the evening, seemingly after everyone here is done or has yet to begin, as I often see the blog with no comments or many, no in between ;).
      And although currently I remain emotionally distant, I check in periodically to try and stay updated.
      I so appreciate those who are able to continue posting and sharing, I am in such an overwhelmed/overstimulated mode that I am unable to say much. Just aiming to stay balanced and in love.
      Love to all 🙂

      1. I so get that V – the states we go in and out of. Its hard for me but I stay determined. I’m a stubborn one. lol. I am on EST. I usually dip in the pond early mornings during my work week and thru-out my day. Always feel instantly better when i come here 🙂 Dont come so much early evening as Kelly likes my attention.
        Watching “Butterflies Are Free” in the background – Goldie Hawn/Edward Albert 1972.
        Have a joyful, peaceful night V!

        1. Thank you
          :), may I give you a big hug Areeza? Thank you for your stubbornness and determination 😉 :))

        2. You know what interesting V? I was worried I was going off the deep end again… letting too much dark in with the Radiation. Yet, I felt so strongly to keep going… and then with Kelly’s dream about it. I saw what could have been judged a negative video on youtube. But, this guy had such passion. he dropped the f bomb like very other word though. lol. but…so determined and strong in what he felt about Fukushima and fighting his own cancer – deadly one – but he seems to be winning. anyway.. i was like what the hell am I doing watching this?! But I felt the goodness of his energy particles and I got more determined to find something positive in all of it…that how I got to what I did… so I thank that man and it shows how when u can stay in the neutral zone, you are so much better off. Not so many road blocks so to speak. ok… now,,, truly to bed. the be-witching hr one min. away.
          Love, A

      2. We are here supporting one another in love, whether we are currently on the blog or not. It is important for me to follow MY flow also to have balance in life 🙂

        Love you,


    2. Japanese politicians, troubled because they ignored even if primary people provides information that can solve the problem. And they started to do reverse. They willing to export nuclear power plants, and re-running. It’s better to have a high awareness Japanese politicians like as Germany, but they do not seem to think nothing about Nuclear power plant.

  15. yup – still searching out Fukushima solutions here. This is VERY interesting.

    physical matter is energy
    vibrating at a certain speed
    we measure these vibrations and call them “frequencies”

    All matter in the physical realm has a “frequency signature”.
    Radioactive elements are distorted.
    They are trying to “get to rest”.
    They all eventually become lead.

    As they “decay” they change form and give off vast amounts of energy
    This radiation is harmful to cells.
    (Distorts–damages the cells so that the cells are mutated when they replicate. Cancer, etc.)

    Frequencies cause pressure and movement.
    When a radioactive element encounters our frequency shield,
    it encounters pressure and movement on the subatomic level,
    which stabilizes the distorted radioactive element,
    rapidly “bringing it to rest”.

    Just like singing a lullaby to a baby.
    And we have the independent scientific reports that prove what I just said.

    We have been on the southern Oregon Coast for over a year, using John Hutchison’s technology to eliminate radioactive contamination.

    Certain tones (music/frequencies) are input into John’s RF signal generators. John modulates the tones and sends out multiple RF signals that are based upon the tones that have been input. Some months ago, we modulated the tones BEFORE they were input into the RF signal generators (and then John modulates even further). This resulted in over 2 times the “energy output into the shield”.

    Recently we installed an extensive security system, complete with infrared cameras. We have been getting strange “swarms of balls” picked up and recorded on the security infrared cameras. During one of these swarms, I took my TV camera (that has infrared) outside to film.

    (And yes, we get “flying balls” on the infrared security cameras INSIDE, but that is a different story that I will need to post)

    What I was able to record is the actual frequency shield that John Hutchison has created.

    >>see link to check out the Anti-radiation shield they captured

    >>oh… and zeolite (from volcanoes) IS another way to absorb cesium 137 – also crystalline silico-titanate (molecular sieve) – from what I read up on, these are both perhaps being used at the F site. would like to find out for sure.
    >>When I read about these I was reminded of that slight ‘interruption’ in my one gathering vision. It had to do with this ‘black crystal’ hardening the radioactive cesium in the ocean. I am also reminded of my “Light Serving Balls” with the flying balls mentioned above.

    ok… I think this is a good find & connection actually. Something we can work with – any and all interested. Thanks! much Love, ~A~

    1. Omg breeze, this totally makes sense to me. Brilliant!!! Sound waves are so important. I’m gonna have to read what you said again, but this really really resonates for me!!!! Thank you so much for working on this!

      1. 🙂 we are gonna bring the Uni-Verse together and sing our song of Oneness that will purify and bless All. Amen
        I went from so down to so Up on this (with this find that resonated – Finally) – u can probably imagine! I will form/join a good plan now. XoA

    2. Breeze, thanks for efforts digging up the info. Yes, we have been working on it for some time with some of those very same tools in many different dimensions. It is not always easy and can still have some nasty side effects within our physical realm. Many of us have felt them. Tis an amazing plan we have been helping the Divine implement. We are so lucky to have you with us. Right now I believe we have begun to as Alex says “frieking rock.” Your tea party is well attended. Believe we have all been clasping hands holding each other up as we rock and roll. Hang on!
      Love, Forest Joy

      1. Dear Forest, I could not rest until I found something that ‘made sense to me’ about a solution. I have been working for hrs on this online. I dont even remember how I got to this site. lol. I think it was the Zeolite that started it. yes,,i just hit back bottom a few times and i had googled ‘zeolite for fukushima’. I liked the “God’s Hand In Fukushima” … like ahhh…. finally something that resonates! 🙂 There is so much to do with this being resolved and now I see a full born ‘song of the healing waters’ coming into the picture. when things like this link up thru a ‘strong intent’…well, it just help me so much to keep going and with a more rested heart. Ok… to bed very soon.
        Thanks again my dear Forest friend for understanding my compassionate concerns! Love you ! xx oo to All!

    3. You have actually done this yourself?
      It makes a lot of sense.
      Vive is being treated for all kinds of bacteria and viruses using frequency waves that cancel out the bad organisms. And we give her Zeolite against the cancer.

    1. Hahaha! Now that’s funny… I don’t care who you are.
      Thanks for the amusement Michilin. (spelled with an i instead of a y this time 🙂 .)
      Still chuckling,

      1. Cute owl! Never seen him before….how cool!!! Are you a late night owl? I have friends with owl totems. I will have to try making it for them. Adorable! Love to you Breeze!

        1. I do like the evenings better than the mornings. Have always felt better at night time. Its only 8:35pm here. Just relaxing after dinner… going to give my guy a nice back/hip squeezing now 🙂
          I found these cool symbols online and cut and pasted them into a file I can use whenever I want to put a special stamp on something!
          Have a great night D! Love you

    2. The law of 12.
      White key of piano is 7. Black key of piano is 5. (5 + 7 = 12)
      The law of 7 is The law of octave.
      The law of 12 is The law of octave, too.
      Truman Bethurum was taught “The space is running on Duodecimal.(12 ary)” from space people.
      60 ary has been used to as time on the Earth.
      I do not know yet the details.
      I don’t have any planned intentions to human relations. I don’t have planned mind nor calculative mind. It may be something got bumped by chance. lol

      1. I think the existance of “The law of 12” is sure thing.
        Bacause of “Light of creation” of Kavala.

        Future, someone could figure out the details is desirable.

  16. The law of 7 (Tha law of octave) is appear as order of life, too.
    1st is conciousness of Material.(C)
    2nd is conciousness of Plant.(D)
    3rd is conciousness of Animals.(E)
    4th is conciousness of Human.(F)
    5th is conciousness of Small Angel.(G)
    6th is conciousness of Archangel.(A)
    7th is conciousness of God.(B)
    I learned it when in Subud that there are two order of life exist, Small Angel and Archangel among The God and Human.
    Piano keyboard represents well this law. There is no black key among E and F. This means difficulties of progress.

      1. Ok Lin – up on your feet now ;))) It is morning and the sun if shining and we´ll make this day the best ever – so far 🙂

        Come on everyone – it’s not so far to go – and we´ll make it, I know it :)))) Drop your yoke now, whatever it is, and unleash – it´s really high time now! Be like a child 🙂

        Love to you all,

        B to B

          1. Hahaha – yes JJ – I HAD the spirit, but it was early in the morning, woke up feeling very well. But about six hours ago I was hit by the most sudden attack I ever can remember. Nausea, hard pain in the stomach, dizzy, sweaty and I almost passed out. It came like a bolt from the blue and now I am tired, frozen and unable to do anything but watching TV under the blanket in the sofa. I think I can be happy that I had SOME days when everything felt really good. So – back to business again;) I wonder if I can sing tomorrow…

            I have expectations that it will get better after the equinox. Really hope so 🙂

            Love to you,


            1. Dear B,
              I’m going on my third day of complete bed rest from the same symptoms – it’s extreme vertigo for me. I’m accepting that this is how I will be until the Equinox is over. Took two weeks off of work. Let’s pray that this intensity will indeed end in a few weeks. Hang in there with me, Sister! 🙂
              Love you! Caroline

              1. Dear Caroline!

                Looking for more blankets to warm me with in the couch!!! I freeze so copiously and can not believe how things can change so soon.
                Come on C – together we can move mountains 🙂 We won´t give up – never!!!

                Sending my love & light to you!


                PS. Would you mind a cup of herbal tea listening to some nice old love songs in the meantime? 😉

                1. B – I have my cup of herbal tea in hand! Thanks for the love songs. 🙂 I think the mountain is going to do more than move – it’s going to shatter to dust by the time we are finished! Stay warm, Sister! Big hug, C

              2. Dearest C and B, I have been fortunate with only a little of the dizziness. Body aches still. did not leave the house today.
                Hope u both are much better by the time u read this. Love, A
                Wand tappings for All!

                1. Thanks, A!
                  I feel like I’m already beginning to move into the shift with my body. Weird! 🙂 Inner ear is definitely being affected. Be careful everyone – watch your balance. Love & Light coming your way…..C 🙂

                2. I feel like weather in spring – ups and downs – though spirit don´t fail. Now it’s my body that isn´t able to keep up with the pace but I calibrate the best I can by singing 🙂

                  Thanks Areeza!




    (3/14/14) regarding upcoming Equinox on March 20th, excerpts:

    “…Use these days wisely. Do not get entangled in the collective emotional/egoic/mental levels. Let them have their experience – without judgment or unsolicited advice – and be very aware of your influence if you have taken on a higher level of light.

    “It is extremely helpful to global service to be in a pure state of love during this passage. Calm, focused, centered, balanced. We are not carrying others through this phase, we are amplifying the new HUman state as Wayshowers. As we have learned, busy-ness as usual does not work for many levels of this process – it changes constantly now, and we need to let it BE.

    “…Support the planetary detoxification. Do your best to give up the distractions of the old. Get offline when you can. The frenetic energy of social media can be distracting as the collective worries and assumes what is or is not the truth. There are far too many trigger stories which misguided ones are irresponsibly spreading around. Hold true to responsible creation – only share what contains light encodements of the highest integrity and love.

    “It is our responsibility as true wayshowers and guides to maintain stability, love, harmony and peace through this passage. Sometimes the best way to teach is to be silent. It gives others the opportunity to have an AHA moment; they may see their addiction to mental or emotional stimulation and learn that they need to be still right now…”

  18. I feel like a newby, yet resonate with much of what has been shared above. I eagerly open to light, love and new energy as I walk my spiritual path. It is an exciting time.

  19. Reblogged this on Angels & Stars and commented:
    “What we are referring to, is an event of grand proportions, but it is not an external event, it is in every sense of the word an internal one, and this time, it goes both for you and for your loving planet, your home away from home, your Mother Earth.”

  20. This song is one of the most major song in Japan.
    This is my 21st favourite Japanese song from
    Amin – I will wait (Released Date : Jul.21, 1982)

    Lyrics :
    The following video is a song of the reunion after.

    (I caught a cold, heat is coming out, I have to rest.)
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD

    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.

    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===

    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

    1. Was reading from your link:
      Rise. Come to My Gift.
      “Take and eat. Take and drink” I said to the apostles. If you only knew the gift of God and Who it is that is saying to you: ‘give Me a drink’, you would have been the one to ask, and He would have given you living water I said to the Samaritan woman (John 4:10).”
      “… I am anxious to give Myself to you, because I love you. And My anxiety is inextinguishable. I ardently wish to communicate Myself to you to make you ready for the banquet of the celestial nuptials. And you need Me (Christ Consciousness) in order not to languish, to dress yourselves with dresses adorned for the Wedding of the Lamb, for the great feast of God after overcoming the affliction in this desert full of snares, of brambles and snakes, which is the Earth, to pass through flames without suffering damage, to tread on reptiles and have to take poisons without dying , as you have Me in you. (Mark 16:18)”

      Very interesting words here… thanks O! Love, A

  21. I have been out for a while and laying low. Thought it was only going to be for a few days or a week, but was still needing to tap into my own inner self and guidance. I have popped in here and there and was able to keep up with the group meditations. I know I have missed much going on here and not likely able to read everything I have missed. I do apologize for not giving a heads up about my stepping back and need to go into self, but the process just took me and kept going. Still a need for introspection and quiet, but not as much. I have been able to remember my hearts path and have been ridding myself of old energy. Still needing some help in that area and so I have been going for accupuncture treatments for a few weeks. I am looking forward to spring and all the coming newness we are all sensing. Hope everyone here has a bright and glorious day!

    Much love to you! Standing in the light,

    1. Dear Denise!

      We all have to take care of ourselves first before we can help others. I know what you are talking about re stepping out to take care of oneself, do what you need and love to do in this reality. I myself had a dip a few days ago when I just could not bother at all about the blog – I needed a break to think only of myself. Because it takes so much effort for me to follow up – while giving thousandfold back – so I needed to devote myself to my “normal” life with friends and singing and just ignore what is happening around the blog. But that does not mean I do not care about all of you or people around me. I just had to recharge the batteries.

      I send my love & light to you my dear friend!


      1. Sweet B you are so understanding and thoughtful with everyone. I would love to hear you sing. Love to you!

        1. Thanks Denise! Your messages embraces me with so much warmth and care – always 🙂

          It feels like I am able to sing tonight and even though we had a few cm snow again we´ll melt it away 🙂 If there will be a recording of the concert I will let you know. In the meantime you can listen to “Who knows but you Lord” that we sang last year. Our choirmaster at the piano and I am in the mass 😉 An amateur recording but great song anyway 🙂

          Love you,


          1. Wonderful song for Sunday morning….very peaceful. Thank you B the energy from it is wonderful! Truly needed. I hope you are able to sing tonight. Yes melt the snow away! We have rain today and 50F degrees. It’s been a long winter. Many blessings to you B.

            1. Dear Caroline!

              Here is another gift to you and anyone who would like to join, Soul and Body Fusion, that I mentioned before and you said you were interested 🙂 It “came to me” as I use to say about a year ago when I needed it a lot and I always look forward to join SBF 🙂

              What is SBF?

              This is what Marica Broman writes on her homepage in Swedish
              She is the one who introduced me to SBF via Facebook:

              SBF is not a treatment, therapy or technique.
              SBF is not healing even though it usually leads to healing.
              SBF goes beyond what we have known about.


              Every Tuesday at 21:00 Swedish time (same CLOCK TIME as the gatherings) but you can connect whenever you want because time is not linear.

              How to do it:

              Sit relaxed with your feet on the floor, hands on thighs in receiving position. Deep breath. Set the intention to integrate the soul in the body. Remain in the body and experience what happens. Something happens, whether you feel it or not 😉 Drink water before and after.
              It takes about 20 minutes.

              Here is a website in English that describes the SBF (though I never read it myself 😉

              As always it is up to you as you are the one that knows what is best for you. Take it or leave it 🙂

              Much love,

              B to B

          2. Beautiful, B! I kept looking for you as you all were singing. Thank you for sharing with us. xoxo Lin

            1. My dear friend 😉

              You probably will not be able to see me until the day I sing solo and it coincidentally happens to be recorded 😉 BTW – I could sing yesterday and even tonight we practiced before a gospel concert on March 29 with a known soul and gospel singer. We are 200 singers in the choir – WOW 🙂 I am so grateful that I can participate – so far 😉 It actually feels like a kind of celebration….of life! 🙂

              Love you,


  22. I’m pushing daisies in Mother Earth before anything real fun starts to happen. Those companions are asking for it big too hey f##k you I don’t like my work it’s boring okey. Hehehe. Shit I need to order LSD or something from NSA or other agency “air-america” it to my ip and I’ll raindance this shit over with. Goddamn constant hangovers and no drug feels a thing anymore. Rant over. Spirits like to be talked to you know. Nobody can see them. It’s a love thing… really 🙂

    1. gotta rant sometimes – bring it here – its cool – the pond soothes all.
      I noticed drugs dont work all the time – like Ibuprofen or valium. other times, they seem to work fine. My muscle relaxer – forget it lately. The whiplash I have experienced acted up and it seemed i hardly was able to get drug relief this time. it had lasted a week or so – thank goodness today it is finally easing up.
      All the best to you Tonik – hang in there! Love from me XOA

      1. note; i use natural remedies too – like Arnica, etc. and have had mixed results with them even. so, we keep draggin ourselves around. I would still give my life for the planet – so it is.

          1. I think I know what u mean about this. I believe my healer friend does it. He has also had me hold the herbals or supplements I take on one hand – arm outstretched and push on that arm. If it goes down, that one does not resonate with u etc. This morning, I am good with just the Arnica and Aleve. I hardly take Aleve but lately the aches and pains were getting to me. Was like ‘space drugged’ again last night. to bed really early – no choice. good sleep though 🙂 Love 2 U Michael, ~A~

            1. Hi Breeze… what you described is one form of muscle testing. I used it a lot when I was looking for supplements my body needed. I also use if for what foods weaken my body. Though when I’m staying with others I ask my body to please cooperate with me as much as possible as I appreciate the hospitality extended to me 🙂

            2. Ok I’m going to try to explain it.
              You personally have a body that knows exactly what is good for it and what isn’t. That being said. Stand up straight and ask a question you know the answer to, like are you a girl, with practice your body will move either front to back or side to side. Then ask it something you know is not true for you and your body will answer you in the negative whether side to side or front to back. So with practice you know what is yes and what is no for all questions having to do with your body. Some folks get so good at this that they just ask in there minds and the answers come seamlessly.
              Hope this helps.

              1. Oh yes,,, like a pendulum – my healer used that too. I never did get around to making on though I have a nice crystal stone for it.
                thanks Michael – I will do this – see if it does match my mind in the yes and no’s i get because I do think I do this naturally. Even if we say , are planning to go out and visit someone – if i dont see it , i know we really wont be going out – and thats the way it unfolds with the other party cancelling, etc. Today I saw a friend visiting us though as far as we knew, he was at his home 3 hrs away. Well, he did come today 🙂 Nice to have abilities. Love A

                1. You have wonderful abilities Areeza as you really are a wonderful “ability” yourself 😉

                  I can also kind of see if I will do something, if it is possible or not. Re my singing tonight, I really don´t know for sure (I still feel a little shaky) but my hope and joy goes for it, so I ask the Universe to make it possible 🙂

                  Love to you my dear friend,


                1. I’m a foodie. So this keeps me busy at the Super market.
                  Blessings to Whole Food’s philosophy.

                  Happy happy,

              2. Thanks for sharing this Michael. I was surprised that it worked. I am going to have to practice it some more. 🙂

                1. Ok Denise,
                  There are 3 parts to the human being,being human. Spirit, mind and body. Your body is a power house as most of us can tell when we get amorous. It’s DNA has an innate ability to KNOW what is good for it or not. We just have to tap into it. Folks through the ages have used Pendulims. And the mussel testing is just like the pendulim just with your body. I find it so much easier.

                  You have all the answers inside of you and use that and you can access some of them.

                  Peace all

  23. Canberra, Australia’s capital welcomed me with the most beautiful of sunsets. That’s twice now as the one I saw out the plane window on the first leg of my journey was amazing when setting between the clouds. Last night the sun flamed so bright with reds and oranges before sinking out of sight. The clouds were edged with white and to our ‘right’ the clouds put on another show that was breath taking for me. Kathy and I were jumping with joy. Then as the sun disappeared a young kangaroo made his appearance and posed for pictures. They’re dark but his heart and welcome are etched on my heart. Kathy even remarked that the sun was giving a very impressive welcome. This city was designed with special female and male energies in mind. I am very comfortable here.

    On a funny note for those of you who get it (I was slow), Kathy bought eggs today. The caption on the box reads: Gunning Bum Nuts with a chicken ‘gunning’ out eggs into a basket from her… ~Nancee

    1. Nancee you and your journeys are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing them. Looking forward to all you share down there in wonderful Australia!

    2. Glad you’re having FUN and seeing beauty and your ‘roos. Travel safe.
      Much Love to you, Nanc, xox Lin

      — where do you go from Canberra?

      1. On March 24 (day LYS plays in Edmonton and “mom’s birthday) I will most likely head for a woman’s place in Sydney for 3 days. Chatted with a beautiful red bird today, a water dragon lizard and a couple of kangaroos made an appearance at the Botanical Gardens 🙂 The almost full moon is gorgeous and Venus shines very brightly in the sky! Will be staying put here til the 24th… great company.

        1. Hey, you! 😉

          My daughter told me this morning that she had a dream we were in Australia. “Mom, one of your friends was there, too. We were on some kind of boat near that Sydney Opera House, and there was more than one moon in the sky.” Pretty interesting, huh?

          Is there any way for us to hear the LYS song? And happy early birthday to “Jewel.” I know she’s always near you.

          Love and hugs to you and all the pond!

          🙂 AH

          1. Hi AH!! Your daughter’s dream excited me just now. The moon will be about 1/2 and waning when I get to Sydney but I will be watching for opportunities to be on the water. I do plan on visiting that area. I have asked Ron, my composer friend if there is a link you could hear. I’m pretty sure he has LYS on his website. (I have it on my computer.) It’s a piano, cello and flute combo completed in 2001.
            A big hug to your daughter!! I will hold you both close while I’m in Sydney! Love, Nancee

  24. So beautiful and so full of promise and hope (referring to the last paragraph of the CCs. ) I haven’t posted here lately but I read every channel and most of the comments, and take notes to help me keep in mind what is important to focus on. Breeze,, so sorry about Sascha. She had a happy life with you. I only have one cat left that went through my divorce and separation with me. The other three cats are new . Phillip, sending energy peace comfort to you and your sweet dog, and to your wife and you.
    Anna Helen, where are you and are you ok???

    1. I’m here. I’m ok. 😀

      Just quietly sitting in the love space. Difficult for me to post comments lately, but I’m always here in spirit.

      Love to you, Sunny, and everyone else!!!!


      😉 AH

        1. B, you have me on my knees and weeping. What a powerful song!

          Do you mind if I join you on the sofa and have some herbal tea with you and Caroline?



          1. Dear Anna Helen!

            It warmed my heart that you liked the song! I brought it to you with my utmost love!!!

            As a matter of fact my dear Sister – I invited you too as well as all women around the Pond 🙂 Yeah – our brothers were a little back stage but were most welcome as well ;)))

            Much love and xoxoxo


        2. wow. popping in here. beautiful song, B! You three enjoy your tea and comfort. 🙂

          (I’m doing laundry and enjoying the sunshine today… will be thinking of you girls with hugs) 😉

      1. There was a story what was any book, Sirius is symbolized by dolphins, their skin is that it requires water always the same as the skin of the dolphin. There was also a witness report that people came out of the disc landed on the ground near river, they were playing with or suffered water in the river and thay return to disk and flew back. They say their disk is falf filled water. This story is from my memory.

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