A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noted, the lingering sensations from the get together you were all a part of a few days ago are still rather difficult to correctly identify, for what you did take part in, was of such a magnitude, nothing like it has ever been staged before anywhere in Creation. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you all on behalf of All of creation for what you have accomplished, for it is nothing short of miraculous. For during that period of time, and this is indeed still going on now, you managed to hook up to so many new lines of transformation, and when we say transformation, we mean as in a merging together of old and new, in a very new way. And old in this context simply means those parts of you that you have been without for such a long time, and with new, we mean you, those shining beings encased within a physical human body, but who now are composed of so many new components, we will henceforth refer to you as the new humans.

For you have not only managed to anchor such vast amounts of energy as never before have been seen, you have also welcomed YOU into you, in a way that is without comparison. We know that you have all some more or less vague recollections of what you went through during this gathering, and as always, the images you see will be flavoured by your own unique setup. But we venture to guess that this time, you will all see so many similarities in the different versions of your compiled recollections, it will help those of you who think you do not remember anything at all to believe that you did indeed take part in a magnificent collective event that was of the highest importance.

For you were all there, welcoming us all in, in ways that we can only recall with fondness. For remember, we are you, and you are us, and now, that is more true than ever. For the gates have been opened and you have pushed the doors all the way up, and now, a veritable flood of light is streaming down on you and indeed through you. So this is indeed a time for celebration, but also a time for recalibration, so we do not fault any of you if all you feel like doing at the moment, is to go into a form of hibernation for a while, the better to find your footing again. For none of you are who you were merely a few days ago, and now, this brand new version of you, and indeed of us, will start to become more and more noticeable in the days and weeks ahead.

And remember, even if there are those around you still resisting the influx of the light, and they will indeed carry on with their hue and cry and protestations in all sorts of ways, know that the light is here in full force now, much thanks to you. And this light will never ever dim down, nor will it come quietly. So expect some rather intense periods of energetic fluctuations before you all settle fully into the new groove. And this time, you will find that the groove we refer to, is not the old restricting version of it. Rather, we use it to signify the other connotation of the word, the one that is playful, wild and free, unfettered by the old confines, ready and eager to start to get things moving in a very new direction and to a whole new and so much more uplifting beat.

281 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. And the process goes on and on, seemingly endless.

    Anyone, who’s ahead of the game: please create something nice! I can’t wait for some goodness happening for this world.


  2. My email no longer works for some reason. I stopped getting email on the 14th of February. Kinda strange this has happened. I had a dream last night about my dog bringing home some trash. In the dream it seemed like I should not bring any trash home either. Maybe someone is giving me a hint. I can login to my email it just says not available but only some of my old email is there. A lot of my old email is gone.

    1. Dear Ray!

      I have had problems too and now I am using g-mail, which is new for me. Lately I noticed that it doesn´t attach the videos people send. Has anyone the same problem?

      Anyway when I loose mails and even pictures from the computer I consider it as it is time to start all over again. Makes it much easier to take 😉

      Much love,


    2. Ray and B… Funny you mention it… yesterday, almost all day, my husband and I were having our computer/email rid of viruses. When asked, the technician said it looked like within the last 2 weeks there’s been a lot of virus activity. This hasn’t happened in a loooooong time. (????)

  3. ..guess i should think about what to try’n’grow for a container garden…maybe i can try some potatoes grown in mulch too,piled vertically,so as to efficiently use space –got a small,small ‘yard’,i’m basically on a sand hill–haha…i grew an 11-ft sunflower in an 8-inch pot,a few times–i wanna use real big pots for the next sunflowers–real big ones–need lotsa good soil! lots! and cosmos–are me fav’rite–well there’s so many…but we wanna have tomatoes,peppers,cucumbers-and anything else we can get! time is limited…gotta start early ’round here–short summers !

    1. Love to think about the plantin time! I have a fairly large deck now so I am thinking of container pot garending too. Deer eat everything in the yard but i still want to try some flower beds at least there. Happy thoughts !

  4. hello to everyone,can’t wait for the next chapter–seems like the intervals are getting wider,longer,in between channelings..and we can all channel,right,right,well i wish i could! i can one-way send a message,but i never know if it arrives,-

  5. not only that,i’m now getting,that spring will have sprung before too long,the days just fly by,might as well have some fun!

  6. Alvin Lee & Ten Years After .
    Alvin Lee passed away on March 6, 2013.

    imo perhaps the greatest Acid Rock guitar of all time.
    raise your hand if you have never heard this before.

    shrug, it takes one to know one, shrug

    1. I love Alvin Lee…. Didn’t know he had passed… imo he was sorely underrated…. definitely one of the best. He gave it all he had and then some.
      Gotta’ raise my hand tho’…. never heard this one! Only had a couple‘a their albums, ‘Stonedhenge’ and ‘A Space in Time’.
      For some reason my brain just switched over to Steve Marriott. Imo a great singer and front man. Now I gotta’ hear ‘Itchycoo Park’… I think he was with ‘Small Faces’ when he did that one. OH!… and ‘Black Coffee’… he was definitely with ‘Humble Pie’ on that one.
      Thanks Otmn!

        1. ‘Watt’ didn’t ring a bell, but when I googled it and saw the album cover I recognized it.
          Hard to believe that was made over 4 decades ago… wow… yeah… sheesh is right. da-amn.

  7. I wish I could form a good complete thought about this parallel world thing. Kind of out of it at the moment but I do want to get into this. I see what Kiera is saying above. I entertained these views on my route this morning. I was thinking the only way for this Fukushima thing to make sense – if it could – was parallel worlds coming into play. I forget where I read it that some beings would actually experience a nuclear holocaust. I dont like that of course so I rejected it. Last we heard was All is going to ascend. There is a block in my understanding of how this is to be resolved. More to come.
    Love and Light and Peace on Earth – In the Name of All That Is – Amen.

    1. And… how can my desired reality just say ‘oh well’ to that other reality that still has the suffering going on? Its an illusion – the suffering? that would be nice – sure. guess thats whats bugging me. How would the suffering or ignorant, sleeping ones feel if we dismissed them as illusion? I was on a nice high and then…. as before, get pulled back down when the consciousness goes to the suffering. why I came in the first place to Earth – in the Pleiades, all was well and good… then we knew we could not move up further without bringing All else with us. So , here I am. confused as hell right now. Even with this expansion – no real answers. yet.
      thanks all. Love, A

  8. In other news:

    So there’s this girl I like (okay I like her alot). Today she spoke to me and told me “You’re so cute!” I’m taking this as a good sign, considering she has no idea what I look like.


    1. laughing here, SFD. a lovely door has presented itself.
      Your news makes me feel happy for you. Continue to be well. 🙂

    2. If you read the meaning of what she is saying Soul Feather. She is saying she likes you in a cute way. Anytime someone comments on what you are wearing or how you smile or what you say is just another to say they like the way you express yourself to others in many ways or what you do agrees with them in a good way.

  9. Many years of depression, anger and sadness are behind me now.
    I understand I am more than other people’s opinion of me.
    I am more than even my own opinion of me.
    I sincerely embrace Being the ‘odd’ one, and I am not even that…. for I am not to be described….
    I AM to BE experienced!

    1. Rejoicing with you in the Experience! I came back to the Pond because I am experiencing a change that came on subtle like but had me very aware to it. ‘An expansion’ is the only way I can put it. Fuller and fuller this expanded consciousness is. Am I filling this space or is this space filling me?
      Thank you Sally

  10. On the 5:00pm news 12 minutes ago, fish sold from ‘Asia’ in NYC has contaminated people – over 30 of them from Chinatown fish market. Hmm, lets take a wild guess and say it has something to do with Fukushima.
    Kelly predicted this type break out would happen 5 yrs out from the spill out – it is starting in 3 yrs. His prediction now is 7-8 yrs and its too late, not 10 as he originally stated. Tell u what, I am most probably not gonna eat fish now – call it fear, i dont care. I’m still happy here too! I have My Love always. I’m not just sitting here brooding about this but I am stirred into action. I am an idealist in my views – but a realist too. Bill Gates donated 40 billion – hey thats nice – and he could maybe save the world if his focus came around to this. Its gonna take money – not just Love sorry to say. Anyone who thinks this is just ‘adding a little’ to whats already in the water and not to worry is behaving very naively. Gonna keep finding a way here to get this out – with concern, XOA

    1. your concerns are also my concerns….& this is only the beginning… but always Action is better than Fear….Fear only spawns more Fear & that will not get anything accomplished…..Visual imprinting upon the minds of the people is going to take on a whole new level in the coming months….we’ll See…..Love, Bev~

      1. oh, Dear Bev, wanted to say earlier that I am not upset or offended. This is coming to Light for a good reason. we will get to ‘it’. Its not done cooking yet so to speak. Its a biggy and we are all taking our places as we do and its all fine. Love you

      “some time ago radioactive emissions from Japan’s damaged nuclear facility were neutralized to the extent that they posed no new health risks. ”
      Oddly enough, Strangely, “green fireball” is I have been witnessed in Japan a lot actually after 311. The “green fireball” was described by Adamski as “it is apparatus to remove the radioactivity”.
      Though Japanese this post was Apr. 20, 2011.

  11. What fear? What anger? Only concern based in LoVe by all who wrote. Perhaps not as You had hoped? Maybe not expressed as you see it, but It is all there. All the eye be holds.
    Forest Joy

    1. 🙂 thats it — concerns will steer folks to act. Main stream folks are not lit up like we are have to remember – as I said in an email to Lin today, cant even get people here at work to focus on sharing dishwasher responsibilities! I was emptying all by myself for a whole yr… finally, i just stopped and told management so they knew..and… we have dirty dishes put in with clean almost daily. lol.
      I am a bit angry by the seemingly senseless suffering though as I admitted. I am dealing with it and going within to keep searching for answers.
      Love and hugs to you Forest, have a great day/night! homeward bound I am….ahhh

      1. Hum, isn’t there some where a mention of “righteous anger”, perhaps in a temple sweeping away something to do with corruption and money lenders causing others to suffer? Even anger and fear have a place in the world. Yes, each can cause a stirring to action. It is knowing when, how, and how much to use. It is remembering to temper that action with wisdom and love.
        Today I’m into happiness also. I’ve been playing Pharrell Williams’ (I think that’s the artist) song “Happy” at the clinic all day. If you google “24 hours of happiness” there is a sight which has video hours of happy people jiving to this song, one for each hour in the day. It’s the same song played over and over. It is so happy. No matter how yucky one of my patient’s feel, each smiles with this song. I’m going to play it all week to help usher into, onto, and all over Creation HAPPINESS. Groovy,huh?
        Wisdom, love, and happiness to you, Breeze!

      2. I am giving you the answers, right *now*. (See the BASHAR videos above)

        Your searching for answers on this subject of Anger/Suffering can end right now if you pay attention to this, simply pay attention to this message (coming to you ultimately from your Higher Self) and let it sink in so that you fully understand it.


        Continue to put out Anger, Fear, and continue to Focus on Suffering (which you will now understand in depth, thanks to Bashar)….and it will continue to “boomerang” back in your face, rain down on your head, and serve as your personal MIRROR.

        So, until you are ready to give this up, and to instead focus on higher energies….the message to you from your Higher Self will always be this:

        “Never ever be SUCH a fool…

        Every feeling you’re showin’

        Is a boomerang you’re throwin’….”


        1. Many have denounced Bashar as a government agent to encourage people to not look at the wrongs of their society. I agree with those who say he is a paid agent.

          1. I do not resonate with him either….there is something within his vibration that disturbs me, whether he is a pain agent, I cannot say.
            Thank you Sadee…..for voicing this, & it brings up again this issue that we must not believe everything that is being said & done by others, even light workers….take only that which resonates with your heart & spirit.

        2. throwin the boomarang back your way, Kiera, for I am just not feelin it , nor this Bashar dude. thanks for your concern!
          Love, A

      3. Breeze,
        Are you sure what you feel is anger? Perhaps sensing an injustice your spirit has become aroused and concerned, not necessarily angry.

        1. Yes, Forest and thanks… it is more of what your describe. I, myself feel pretty darn good these days! 😉 Love, A

        2. And, may I add that all my life with just my attention on something… it gets ‘seriously looked into’ soon after so to speak… Movement then takes place…I see things happening after I have a strong focus going on. we shall see with this one. Thanks again for your support and encouragement and ..well just for everything! 🙂

    2. I am truly sorry if you &/or ‘A’ were offended….it was not meant in this context at all…I firstly just wanted everyone to see ‘Water’ & the rest of what I said in a more simplistic way, in the pureness & harmony of it as it is in creation….nature’s ‘Water’ all by itself in the Love-Gratitude connection & unison to us is the healing vehicle & a very important part of the equation.
      I hope the attached clip helps bring you some answers you are looking for.
      My Best Regards & Love to you both !…..Bev~

      1. Bev, I was not offended, perhaps just taken back somewhat. These intelligent ponders had read your posts, watched the videos, and posted replies. They discussed issues, voiced some opinions, and presented options to help solve some problems. You responded your opinion of these replies. Mine just did not agree with yours.
        I thank you for your care and concern of the state of this planet’s water and greatly respect you for it. I thank you for the video. Bev, I KNOW this. I KNOW the simplicity of it. I have been with water for eons in many different dimensions. Right now my task is different than yours as it may be with others who have responded. I ask that you respect that.
        May your task and your quest bring you much happiness.
        Forest Joy

    1. Hi Lin! No Koala bear holding until I reach the Brisbane area so probably next month! (It’s illegal to hold them in this area!) I will stay with Maria and her husband for at least a week. We spent the afternoon at a park with interesting sculptures. We took our shoes off on a nice patch of grass (most is burned brown from their summer) and I also walked the labyrinth made with stones… I even me a couple local Aussie’s today. (Maria is from Europe.) The ocean was so smooth also and I had some time to stand and enjoy it. Hi to all of you. Oh and their beautiful bengal cat has accepted me :). The birds continue to fascinate me also… Love, Nancee

      1. Fabulous Nancee that you arrived safe & sound….we ALL send our very best & look so forward to you sharing all your experiences with us !!! Love, Bev~

      2. C o o l Nancee! Give a hug to yourself from me and to Maia and her hubby too! Thanks for keeping in touch, Love xx oo A

  12. Hi Bev, I am not having fear yet I am feeling it around me in the plant/animal kingdoms since allowing my consciousness to touch upon this most disconcerting toxic dumping.
    We can not make what is a terrible thing a good thing. It is what it is. I, you, all of us can and should continue to place our Loving energy into it and anything that draws our attention.
    There is a great ig-norance of this Fukushima problem. I can get overwhelmed when I connect to the suffering caused by it. I feel the sadness and the fear because it IS there and happening. That, for me, turns to anger for the ig-norance.
    I am trying to understand why it happened so I know what the next move should be. If it is to bring more unity consciousness or what. If we light workers are able to even fix it and do – what would that do in bringing what was meant to occur? You see, I being Pleiadian, was once involved in trying to ‘fix’ things on Earth long ago. That was a mistake and made things go on at an even slower rate so to speak. We meant well of course.
    There is a lot to this event and what it means for mankind.
    Since the anniversary of the meltdown is coming up, this is being brought up and out for a reason.
    Love 2 U ! Areeza

    1. Love 2 U !…..& truly Thanks for All your wonderful comments ! I agree there is great ig-norance amongst the people of the world regarding Fukushima & so much more that damages Mother-Earth & threatens All her Beloved creatures….it often reminds me of a herd of ostriches with their heads in holes in the ground, as long as my thoughts are safe, I am safe….that’s the image that often pops into my head ! Awareness is always necessary first before any solution can be able to be found…..Love, Bev~

    2. Listen VERY CLOSELY to both of these videos, and you will understand finally, and you will also move on & leave behind you the state of being “Overwhelmed”:




    3. And you do not “FIX” any reality.

      They all exist simultaneously as parallel realities, and they will always continue to exist even when you leave them behind. You never change the reality….you move through the realities.

      What YOU are doing, is changing your vibration, and moving YOURSELF to a different parallel reality — a more positive one that reflects your change of vibration to a higher frequency.

      This is why you are always told, over and over, to change YOURSELF…..not your reality! The reality is the illusion surrounding you.


      1. Thank you very much, Kiera. it’s late; had computer problems earlier so will come back to watch. With much Love, xo Lin

        1. to me, you might as well say….I was walking home & on my way a found a little baby on the roadside, injured, crying & abandoned…but it’s only an illusion, so I kept walking….makes no sense to me. We are here, right now, actually as we are supposed to be for a reason !

  13. & this one I feel will be a guarantee to invoke ‘Tears’….but Happy Tears !….& what are Happy Tears, but ‘Water filled with Love”….our bodies, naturally have a never ending supply of them…a bottomless cup….& that’s a good thing ! You are a ‘Water’ making factory of Love !!!….hope you All get that !!….Love, Bev~

    1. “You are a ‘Water’ making factory of Love !!!….hope you All get that !!”

      Thank you bev~! You know – when reading the posts at this blog I have cried of love so much the last six months like I never did before. I could almost fill at least one nuclear power station with my tears 😉
      (Wonder if it is the reason that my tear ducts overflow so often when I’m outdoors nowadays)

      Thanks for the appreciaton for the link to Andres Amador 🙂 I was dumb with admiration for hit amazing creations!



    2. Thanks again Everyone !….I so Love this ‘Happy Tears’ clip too….wouldn’t it be interesting if every person upon this earth could cry ‘Happy Tears’ all at the same time, for even just 1 minute….bet that combined energy of ‘Water’ & ‘Love’ would make an explosive miracle difference….what do you think ? … Love, Bev~

  14. Hi everyone…I think my previous posting & clips did not invoke all that I hoped it would…instead of the enlightenment & awareness of creation ‘Water’ with intent of Love as it was supposed to, & drawing out the awareness of what toxic radiation is now doing to us, Mother-Earth & her Beloved creatures & how we are needed to heal & eliminate this….it appears that the response has been more off target, with alternative antidotes & anger & fear….so I’d like to counter act that right now.
    “It All can & will be healed within ‘Love’ unity between US, ‘Water’, & Mother-Earth” & Yes Volcanoes (core elements including Sulfur) & Pyramids are going to be a great part of this…but that explanation for another time. The Us part must be resolved first….

    The one & most powerful emotion that threatens Unity upon this Earth is Fear. Here is a clip of an Amazing man that not only has conquered Fear with his beautiful Strength of Love, but has become One with creatures of the wild that may surprise you ! All creatures are children of God, All deserve a chance for Love, for a Family, for respect not only for them, but for the land they call their home….every creature born upon Mother-Earth deserves the right for survival.

    I must thank ‘B’ for helping me discover this video as she posted a link for Andres Amador, who creates Amazing beach art…I was very impressed with this ‘B’…& on that page I found this one….Thanks again….Love, Bev~

    1. THANK YOU!!! for posting this as simply as possible – “The Us part must be resolved first…. ” And I gotta say, the happy tears were flowing with the lions. I have dreamt of this type of ongoing experience my entire life. And I know that it will happen! 🙂 Love to you, Caroline

    2. When the lions hug him, oh… happy tears~ I always ask that in 5D world I can be friends with big cats hahaha so this makes me so ecstatic. Thank you, Bev. Love&Light

    3. omg, Bev. So beautiful to behold. Thank you sincerely.
      (I appreciate ALL your postings, even those that take a different approach than mine; your Heart is deeply kind and respectful—full to the brim with Love for Mother/all Her inhabitants. Thank you always for your “time” and energy in posting, always)
      Loving You, xox Lin

    4. Really nice – however, he does hang with the fat and happy ones! 🙂
      no skinny ones or they would not be so friendly and he would look like food.
      My uncle had lions (Sampson and Primba and Tar Baby the black panther that no one got real close to)….so I learned a lot from him. He played with them and so did my Aunt – only when they were calm after eating. u can imagine how my friends loved to come visit my aunt and uncle with me! what kid has this in their family. He was a large animal vet too.

    5. I’ completely with you on the water issue. When I ‘awoke’ I actually spoke with water molecules, strange as that sounds but then I also spoke to trees, bees, flies, dogs, cats. Listen to running water, when I did I heard my name being called.

  15. hey y’all!
    honestly? i can’t recall a damn thing-i mean literally!
    i know i dream,or there are dreams,but ,can’t get there from here-that’s what it is! frustrating! ah well! not gonna think anymore about it-
    if i could just listen to music,thru a decent stereo,all day long,and all night,i would! but,all’s i got is these leetle teeny computer speakers–
    and there’s more great things on you tube to hear/see than there’ll ever be time for–
    looking fwd to more clues or whatever-haha-so take heart,see,even the arctourist feels lost sometimes–go figger!

    1. song kept coming into my head after reading your post – i kinda got my head in the clouds today. Love, ~A~

  16. Am I too fast to introduce? It may more of slowly be better a little more. For groovy(!) I thought it will be better “once in three days”.
    There is inspiring poem in the last song “Star’s voice”. If I try to express the feeling well,
    “Please take me to another planet with you”…Impression!
    Today’s comment cannot read yet. Video watched a little until now. Let me introduce next one. Following the next will be 3 days after.
    This is my 18th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    AMAZONS – Swim to the 8th wonder (Released Date : Jun.19, 1992)
    http://oriharu.net/M/Amazons_Swim_to_the_8th_wonder1.rm (Real Player)
    http://oriharu.net/M/Amazons_Swim_to_the_8th_wonder2.rm (Real Player)
    http://oriharu.net/M/Amazons_Swim_to_the_8th_wonder3.rm (Real Player)
    (Not exist in internet. For Japanese copyright, preview file cannot longer than 45 second. So I make 3 preview files. Interval among each files is 1 second.)
    Lyrics : NONE

    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.

    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT! ===

    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

  17. Dear friends! I found this very interesting channeling from The Group/ Steve Rother called “Just Bee – A Higher Vision” that I think also will resonate with many of you. Bixie, they mention something that resembles what you described in one of your comments about how you moved yourself a little bit aside inside of yourself: “a person shifted their vibration sideways instead of up or down as you are used to. That little shift of energy sideways takes you into another dimension. There will be a time where you can leave this dimension to enter another dimension for a short time, and then come back.” Bev, I know you will find what they have to say about bees very interesting.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Yes… when I say I ‘slide’ in or out, this is what it is like – sideways movement into another dimension or space – with the funnel/tunnel whirlwind energy always at the top now it seems (not unpleasant – just ‘aware of it’). Just now I saw it as L O V E — the energy movement from top and shooting out sides like an “E” or “L” — from the ground up is the “V” – and when I an centered , its the “O” 🙂 nice!
      I will all of a sudden ‘snap back’ when this sideways thing happens. Its only in very short spurts – very short, quick – so far :0 thanks Aisha!
      Hope u r getting nice rest!

      1. Dear Areeza, thank you for sharing this wonderful LOVE-visual 🙂 I am having a much lighter day today, it is such a relief from the extreme intensity of yesterday. I am also looking forward to my trip this weekend. It has turned out to be one of those “interesting assignments” I am being given whenever I am guided to go to a certain place at a certain time. This time, it seems to be all about visuals, about seeing a specific exhibition that “accidentally” opens the day I arrive there 😉
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. have a most enjoyable & revealing time !….& I agree…I also am getting this message….in the coming days, it will not be about words, but all about ‘Visuals’….in fact this is basically how telepathy works, it is all about sending-receiving image imprints of the mind….we’ll ‘See’ where this leads….Love, Bev~

    2. Thank you Aisha….I already read it several days ago….was very interesting but I’m afraid all he spoke about Bees was not purely accurate….very close though ! I do love Steve & his wife, & Love reading all his channeled messages !…..LOve, Bev~

  18. Dear sun_of_blue! One day very soon, we will all realize that we are truly the chosen ones. For we are the ones who were hand picked for this assignment, the most coveted one ever in All of creation. And for each single soul going through this incredibly challenging transformation here on Mother Earth, there are thousands of others watching us in awe from the other side of the veil, wishing they could be here, doing what we are doing. For we have not only blown the roof off, we have blown away any and all limit as to how far we can take this. So I say, let us go ALL the way, and then some.
    With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Sister!

      Thank you for your words! Time to provide our shoes with studs now. May we never slip again!!!

      Love & light,


      1. U B are a ‘star studded wonder!’ Love you
        I have slight headache and sore throat today and yesterday too. The whirlwind tunnel energy still above my head.
        All is good with it!

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