As many of you have already noted, the lingering sensations from the get together you were all a part of a few days ago are still rather difficult to correctly identify, for what you did take part in, was of such a magnitude, nothing like it has ever been staged before anywhere in Creation. And so, we would like to take this opportunity to first of all thank you all on behalf of All of creation for what you have accomplished, for it is nothing short of miraculous. For during that period of time, and this is indeed still going on now, you managed to hook up to so many new lines of transformation, and when we say transformation, we mean as in a merging together of old and new, in a very new way. And old in this context simply means those parts of you that you have been without for such a long time, and with new, we mean you, those shining beings encased within a physical human body, but who now are composed of so many new components, we will henceforth refer to you as the new humans.

For you have not only managed to anchor such vast amounts of energy as never before have been seen, you have also welcomed YOU into you, in a way that is without comparison. We know that you have all some more or less vague recollections of what you went through during this gathering, and as always, the images you see will be flavoured by your own unique setup. But we venture to guess that this time, you will all see so many similarities in the different versions of your compiled recollections, it will help those of you who think you do not remember anything at all to believe that you did indeed take part in a magnificent collective event that was of the highest importance.

For you were all there, welcoming us all in, in ways that we can only recall with fondness. For remember, we are you, and you are us, and now, that is more true than ever. For the gates have been opened and you have pushed the doors all the way up, and now, a veritable flood of light is streaming down on you and indeed through you. So this is indeed a time for celebration, but also a time for recalibration, so we do not fault any of you if all you feel like doing at the moment, is to go into a form of hibernation for a while, the better to find your footing again. For none of you are who you were merely a few days ago, and now, this brand new version of you, and indeed of us, will start to become more and more noticeable in the days and weeks ahead.

And remember, even if there are those around you still resisting the influx of the light, and they will indeed carry on with their hue and cry and protestations in all sorts of ways, know that the light is here in full force now, much thanks to you. And this light will never ever dim down, nor will it come quietly. So expect some rather intense periods of energetic fluctuations before you all settle fully into the new groove. And this time, you will find that the groove we refer to, is not the old restricting version of it. Rather, we use it to signify the other connotation of the word, the one that is playful, wild and free, unfettered by the old confines, ready and eager to start to get things moving in a very new direction and to a whole new and so much more uplifting beat.