Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday 2

Dear friends! Today, Sunday March 2, we have another Gathering coming up at 21:00 Oslo time, and this is what the CCs wanted to share about it:
“As you already know, these get-togethers that you are staging at regular intervals are of the highest importance, not just to you personally, but also to All of creation, and the reason for this, is simple. For as you sit down to reaffirm your connection to this life-enhancing grid, you also serve as an anchor for these heightened energies to become attached not only to your personal energetic setup, but also to the world at large.

Let us explain. We know that it will not come as news to any of you that you act as transformers in this process, for without the intervention of your singular set-up, these energetic emissions coming into your world would have a hard time finding a home or a home base as it were. For you act as beacons that not only serve to siphon down these energetic missives, you also filter them through your system in such a way, they become palatable to the rest of mankind. This may sound confusing to some, but you can in many ways be described as link-ups that help to transform the incoming current to one that can be utilized in a more “normal body”, much like it is being done with the electric grids on your planet. For you are all well aware of how the net carries a high voltage that would literally blow your fuses and then some if your house was directly linked up to this, so instead, your needs will be served via these transformers that downsteps the voltage in such a way, you can utilize it. So too it is with these charges that are beamed at an ever increasing rate down on your planet, so without you acting as intermediaries, fuses would be blown in the most inopportune of places and ways. Indeed, this whole process would be impossible because the sender and the receiver would not even be compatible at all. But unlike those more down to earth energetic transformers, you are also recipients of these emissions in your own way. For as you are able to receive the full force of these incoming missives, you can also reap the full benefit from the yourself. So in this, it is truly a win-win situation for you. For you will once again be showered by generous gifts from above, and this again will enable you to be the benefactor for our surroundings.

You are in other words playing a dual role, as you are combining your personal development with the collective one, and as you stand in this in-between position between our side of the veil and mankind’s viewpoint, you are also the only one who can not only witness, but also partake in the proceedings. So in this, you are truly the chosen ones, the ones amongst many, many others who have been hand picked to fill this important place in history.

So once again we extend our fondest greetings to you, the keepers of the flame, the caretakers of All, and we ask you to acknowledge your own importance in this whole operation. For without you, there would be no flames of joy lighting up  your world, and without you there would be no chance to see the light taking on a much grander brilliance in the times ahead. So we thank you all, and we will make sure that you do not go empty handed from this wondrous get-together of souls, souls like you, souls who see the future already wrapped within a faint glow of light that will only continue to grow more and more apparent as you continue to anchor and send out these flaming spears of light and love in all directions. For these spears of love will continue to penetrate ever deeper into the souls of all mankind, and so, your glimmers of hope will soon become so much more than sporadic glimpses here and there. For they will continue to grow at a rapid pace, setting the course for a new sort of growth all over your planet. We thank you again for being who you are and for doing what you do, and we see that in choosing you, we could not have chosen any better. For you are the shining ones, the keepers of the flame, the makers of the dawn, and as such, we salute you all on behalf of All of creation.”


It seems like once again, the timing of this Gathering is no accident, for I think the light we will help to anchor now will be put to work straight away. Not only on a personal level this time, but as a part of a collective effort to boost the level of light in those parts of the world that once again are subjected to the old patterns of warmongering. So let us do what we can to help to send out as many “flaming spears of light and love” as we can so that the fear that is brewing in so many hearts will be replaced by love.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

311 thoughts on “Welcome to the March Gathering around the Pond, Sunday 2

  1. Dear sun, once again you find the perfect thing to say: “what happened to some people on Saturday night & on Sunday night was not two different things, it was one of the same thing. time isn’t about two different days, time is just time” Thank you for the way you shine your very special light on this Gathering! I think I recognize the big tube you saw, for I saw the same, it was the one the light beings used to get down here to us from their “aircraft” 😉
    Much love from me, Aisha

  2. God morning Dear Friends!

    Today is another day and I feel free and light again – thank goodness!
    I haven´t read all yesterdays messages yet but want to tell you about my experiences during the gathering.

    I did not want to bring my anger into the gathering so I took off my coat of anger and burned it, but I could not quite get rid of it. I felt the need to be alone, without the influence of anyone else but could experience great joy and happiness with you all. Felt that Caroline was with me for a moment as well as Anna Helen, who actually poured a bucket of water over me, presumably to cool me down 😉 There was playfulness between us 🙂 I had a walk across the fields with Sun_of_blue too, who wanted to try to explain something for me because of my eruptions 🙂

    Like last time I dived down to the bottom of the pond and there were fish in varying sizes there. I had a sultry, pecking sensation in the head all the time. A lot of small fry, those small wide-eyed, almost rushed toward me so I almost had to defend myself. Since the bottom of the Pond had been stirred with brown sludge and it was just beige/brown colors in the water, I wanted to bring in the light to get some color and then suddenly I saw my swirl of rainbow colors with a great eye at the top that looked almost the same as the juvenile fry with their big eyes. ( I have previously told you about this tool that I asked for and got in the form of a vortex ). I was deeply moved and cried.

    Finally, I saw fragments of light almost everywhere and I got the feeling that I was everywhere and nowhere;) I saw a lot of water. In the end, I also saw how the water flowed from a sea of ​​bright water over the wilderness where Sami and other indigenous people sat around a fire and looked happy.

    Thank you all for being you,

    Love & lignt,

    B to B

    1. Dear sister B, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience of this Gathering! Once again the amount of similarities is astonishing – this is truly a collective effort as the CCs say! When you describe all of those “juvenile frys with big eyes” they sound like all of those amazing light beings I saw that filled up the whole Pond so that there was almost no room for any water 🙂 To me, they looked almost like tadpoles/grodyngel made of light with big, beautiful eyes.
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. It cool u mention this ‘tadpole’ thing along with B. In my own gathering experience, when I went above to ‘space’, and I said I saw water droplets coming from all of our star planets – they had ‘eyes’ and did look like tadpoles now that I think of it. I got up close to one or two of them and there was some type of ‘exchange’. thanks! xo

        1. LOL, LOL, LOL!

          I can see us all as transparent tadpoles with big eyes in the pond – and Otmn will be our conductor 😉

          Love you 🙂


          1. LOL – and I just saw Otmn as this big ‘fish’ gobbling us up~! mine were in outer space – oh, whats the difference. 🙂 xo

    2. You dig deep my friend — with your spirit! I Love it and I could feel your experience in the depths and the depths of my own soul felt grounded and strong. thank you! Love XOA

    3. My Dear B, our Dear B… You absolutely Light up my Life. I started laughing so hard, actually snorting, that my husband asked me why I was laughing. I told him my Friend in Sweden said something funny on the blog—I told him I often forget you and others here are so far away and we don’t speak each other’s languages, but we’re dear Friends. He just looked at me quizzically. haha

      I’m very visual, so I actually saw Anna Helen dump a bucket of water over your head, and both of you had a big laugh. AH WOULD do that 🙂 and you WOULD laugh with glee at her antics. (a great way to begin my day, so thank you!)

      Your fury actually made me recall my own fierceness in deep therapy several years ago, and I grew worried for you. I’m sooo glad you feel Free enough to express fury here, or whatever, to get the “sludge” (per Caroline, and that’s what it is) up and out. Of course, you, my Dearest Friend, never hold back, and that’s one of the many reasons I love and appreciate you so much. You are already transparent, which many of us are still working towards. In fact, if you become any more transparent, you’ll become invisible!! … and who knows, we’re all becoming so close—“One”—that maybe you actually felt someone else’s pain/fury that they’re unable to or unaware they carry, and you helped release it for them. (don’t know if that’s allowed in the Spirit world) All that I have known is now topsy turvy, so perhaps that can happen. who knows.

      I Love and deeply Respect you, Dear B. You simply SHINE, just SHINE (probably throughout many dimensions).
      xo, Lin

      1. Hahahaha – my dear invisible LightFriend:)

        You really can make me laugh too, especially when you are in the mood you are tonight 😉 I´m laughing so hard when I vision your transparent talk. Imagine we´ll became so transparent that there are just one or two big eyes coming through the sky. I think we would scare to death more than one negative being in the universe. Invisible Light Wars ;)))) OMG!

        Never holding back? Oh boy – I have practiced that all my life. How liberating it was to have the confidence in you that I dare to express my deep feelings. It feels great to me and I really hope that neither Anna Helen nor Caroline feel offended – for it was certainly not my intention.

        Love & light,


  3. Message wouldn’t send from N. Z. Trying again from Oz.
    Sitting in New Zealand for those following me. This airport is delightful… either looks, energies or both. Flying into the country was also wonderful for me. TREES everywhere below and big areas of small rolling hills. (LA in comparison was a stretch to see trees but they are there planted on the city streets 🙂 )
    I didn’t get excited until the plane took off… interesting. I had a nice couple beside me for the 12 or 13 hr flight. She helped me figure out the free movies 🙂 Watching Gravity while the plane went through rough air was ‘fun.’ The call to board is here. Oz coming up. I did sleep a bit but the body aches were hard to stay ahead of. Counting backwards from 100 slowly does really work well for me though 🙂 Anyone who has trouble may want to try it. If you wake part way start again. I was out 3x with that 🙂 Love to all. ~Nancee
    p.s. Thank you for your comments… it’s like having my plane met by friends 🙂
    pps. Maria (who I met here at the Pond) and her husband are lovely gracious hosts!

    1. Dear Nancee, I am sending a big hug to you, to Maria and to her husband all the way on the other side of this beautiful planet! It is amazing to think about how connected we have all become 😀
      LOVE, Aisha

    2. Yes, my greeting to Maria too! Thanks so much Nancee for reporting here on your adventure! Loving it and looking forward to more and more.
      So cool – your watching gravity ‘up there’.
      Enjoy! Your friend, A

  4. Whuup… hopely Russians and Ukrainians are taking it easy. You angels going there or what? I would if I hadn’t been grounded already.

    1. Remember, there’s a spark of angel within those Russians and Ukrainians – Iranians, etc. …lets light it all up! 🙂 🙂

  5. Cara Aisha,
    nel pomeriggio di domenica, prima del Gathering, mi sono ritornate in mente le 2 lezioni dell’Apprendista e mi chiedevo perché non ve ne siano state di successive.
    La riposta mi è arrivata durante il Gathering.
    Come nel Gathering di Febbraio ho visto di spalle un gruppo di bianche e alte sagome raccolte in un piccolo cerchio.
    “Ecco, sono gli scienziati – mi sono detta – ma non sono umani, sono direttamente provenienti da altrove ed hanno sembianze umane ….”
    A questo punto mi si è accostato un Essere con sembianze proprie (come nei film ET e Obi One Kenobi) con cui ho colloquiato a lungo di molte cose …
    Alcune informazioni riguardano te Aisha e i C.C. … 🙂 …
    Mi ha colpito una sua frase:
    “Io sono qui, Io sono sul mio pianeta con la mia famiglia, Io sono sull’astronave.”
    Ho chiesto:
    “In tre situazioni con un corpo fisico in contemporanea?”
    “Sì, ma con densità differenti.”
    Ho chiesto:
    “E’ arrivato il momento in cui noi terrestri dobbiamo prendere coscienza con contatto personale delle vostre presenze fisiche? Per questo ti mostri a me?” – “Sì”
    “Io non ho l’acufene (fischio nell’orecchio) perché?”
    “Tu provieni da altre situazioni che non usano la densità corporea. Tu puoi colloquiare in telepatia pulita, senza necessità di ricevere in radio-frequenza. Tu sulla terra sei sempre collegata alla tua Essenza Eterna attraverso l’intuito, attraverso il cuore. Non necessiti di intermediazioni. Hai un ruolo diverso da quello che il Gathering deve perseguire, ma al Gathering hai trovato una parte del tuo cammino, come già avevi fatto in precedenza attraverso altre esperienze spirituali.”
    Un abbraccio sorridente e riconoscente a te e ai C.C. … 🙂 …

  6. ( with automatic translator )
    Dear Aisha ,
    Sunday afternoon, prior to the Gathering, I have come back to mind the 2 lessons of the Apprentice and wondered why there were not more.
    The answer came to me during the Gathering.
    As in the Gathering in February I saw from behind a group of tall white silhouettes gathered in a small circle.
    “Here are the scientists – I told myself – but they are not human, they are directly coming from elsewhere and have human form …. ”
    At this point I was approached a Being with their appearance (as in the movie ET and Obi One Kenobi ) with whom I conversed at length about many things …
    Some concern yourself Aisha and the C.C. … 🙂 …
    I was struck by her comment :
    “I am here, I am on my planet with my family, I am on my space ship. ”
    I asked:
    ” In three situations with a physical body at the same time? ”
    ” Yes, but with different densities. ”
    I asked:
    “It ‘s time that we must become aware terestri personal contact with your physical presence? For this you show me?” – “Yes”
    “I have not tinnitus (ringing in the ear) why? ”
    “You do you come from other situations that not use the body density. Telepathy You can talk in clean, no need to get into radio-frequency.
    Thou on earth you’re always connected to your Eternal Essence through intuition, through the heart. Needs no intermediaries. you have a different role from what must pursue the Gathering, Gathering but you are getting a part of your journey, as fate had already previously through other spiritual experiences. ”

    A hug smiling and grateful to you and CC … 🙂 …

    1. THANK YOU, Adele. I appreciate your sharing, this new information from your point of view. With Love, xo Lin

      1. Thank you dear friends Lin and B. Pond of Aisha! … 🙂 …
        Have strong hug with lots of love!

  7. I so appreciate you, Sun of. You have tremendous personal Integrity and work so very hard. You are a Treasure. I very much en-JOY reading your posts—you share your deep Awareness. xo, Lin

  8. Hi, Michilyn… Since you posted many months ago, I’ve been using/testing the “grounding” mat on my little rescue pup who experiences great pain from arthritis in his hips (he just turned 13 years old). He doesn’t like to lay on it, so I usually place it atop him when he lays down at night. The results have been fantastic (all along I had been giving him his glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM animal medication). I wanted to be sure about the results before I posted here.

    (btw—for animal lovers—after his oral surgery late December, I started “tucking” him in with his favorite blanket at night. Now, even though he’s recovered, he actually comes to get one of us to go and tuck him in! At first, we thought he wanted to go outside, but then he would head for the living room—instead of the door—where his bed is. Then he would just look at me with great big pleading eyes… finally figured it out. So cute.)

    A most sincere big THANK YOU, MICHILYN, for helping my pup with your information (http://www.earthing.com). The products are for people, too! 😉 I have gotten a grounding pillowcase for my husband who has problems with on/off headaches.

    Hugs and hugs of Love&Light&pure JOY to you. xo Lin

  9. I must be doing something wrong here. I picked a fight with my neighbour yesterday and again today, after he complained about the “noise” my kids were making while they were playing.
    I feel terrible for feeling all this anger in me. Where is the love in this? Am I supposed to release something here? I’ve gotten myself in this situation before, where I find myself yelling at people and later regretting it.
    Will this never end? Is this the final release of anger, or is there more to come? Pfffffff….. Maybe it’s because this neighbour is soooo 3D, and I’m so wanting to get out of 3D! I was just surprised, you know, surprised that he didn’t understand about the things they have been through. I feel that in 5D he would have just known, and he wouldn’t have complained. Whatever, I’m gonna let it slide. It’s not worth worrying about.

    1. Dear JJ – I think u answered your own question — and… its OK 😉
      low tolerance – as I just mentioned above to B is something popping up now perhaps. You are not alone in it! I seem to be able to ‘curb it’ better I guess u could say? If i look back… its much better than it was for me to handle things I still may dislike. I think you are fine and its good to get it out here too so others can understand …Its OK
      Love and a big hug, ~A~

  10. Everything fits. even this fits for me today from Writers Almanac – “My Love and Desire” here being for the fulfillment of my world vision.

    On Faith
    by Cecilia Woloch

    How do people stay true to each other?
    When I think of my parents all those years
    in the unmade bed of their marriage, not ever
    longing for anything else—or: no, they must
    have longed; there must have been flickerings,
    stray desires, nights she turned from him,
    sleepless, and wept, nights he rose silently,
    smoked in the dark, nights that nest of breath
    and tangled limbs must have seemed
    not enough. But it was. Or they just
    held on. A gift, perhaps, I’ve tossed out,
    having been always too willing to fly
    to the next love, the next and the next, certain
    nothing was really mine, certain nothing
    would ever last. So faith hits me late, if at all;
    faith that this latest love won’t end, or ends
    in the shapeless sleep of death. But faith is hard.
    When he turns his back to me now, I think:
    disappear. I think: not what I want. I think
    of my mother lying awake in those arms
    that could crush her. That could have. Did not.

    1. http://www.knowthecause.com/index.php/doug-s-blog/342-cancer-and-fungus

      Thanx, Breezie, for the link. The link in my posting goes further to say that cancer (other diseases: his website/books) may even be caused by fungus in the body… going even further to say that sugars in all forms (table sugar, some fruit sugars, some grains, etc. encourage cancer growth). fyi, Doug Kaufmann is not a physician; however he does work with the medical (Western) community besides the alternative health community.

      My nuclear and extended family (mother’s side) have experienced A LOT of autoimmune diseases (MS, Lupus, brittle diabetes, Parkinson’s, severe asthma, etc.). I use D. Kaufmann’s Phase One diet (similar to the Atkin’s diet). I didn’t have any of the listed dis-eases, but was on my way… my body is in great health now. Some people can eat rusty nails (being facetious) and have no ill effect. My father would eat as much sugar as he wanted (A LOT) with no problem. He also exercised daily, kept very active, and ate small well-balanced meals. He was thin-framed and died at 99-1/2 years (heart attack) with a sharp mind. My younger mother is now having problems with dementia (when she is refused sugary foods or fruits or meals minus any grains/added sugars, she does well and her mind/memory recovers appreciably—however, it’s a fight as she loves her sugary “foods”/ice cream, etc. She also exercised/was active and is VERY physically fit/thin). Another effect for her is she becomes truly mean/ill-tempered after eating sugar… almost like bi-polar. (wonder if that was her problem all those many years in my childhood?)

      fyi also, as you prob know, antibiotics are derived from fungus (penicillin)… so although helpful in some instances, can encourage fungal growth in the gut.

      I’d be interested to learn what Forest Joy, alternative health practitioner, feels about all this, IF she is interested in weighing in or has any knowledge of. Personally, I’m not educated in any way as a health practitioner, what I know is only from seen/tested results from my family’s and my own experience.

      1. Hi ‘Lin’ & ‘A’….thought I’d add this link if you or others may be interested.


        the macrobiotic diet has been around for a long time, all based on our bodies being either balanced or unbalanced pending on what we eat…the macrobiotic diet focuses on the natural flow & neutral PH of life, balanced Yin & Yang…when what we eat is balanced, our bodies are balanced, & disease cannot grow in a balanced body….it is true, but I, like most of the population find it impossible to completely stick with it…we do what we can, & better to appease our minds at times with it’s casual cravings, or go mad….I always fall back on my trusty Oil of Oregano (nature’s most powerful natural virus eliminator & antibiotic)

        1. Thank you, Bev! I bookmarked the link. I also use Oil of Oregano, olive leaf extract capsules, etc. I’ve also heard fresh cilantro is good, but ugh I’m going to have to work on my tastebuds for that!! 🙂

          P.S. are you educated in health practices?? You’re blessed with being an accomplished artist/photographer and able to use your scientific mind, too (beyond my comprehension—my eyes glaze over regarding too much science. Allthough I’m appreciative, it’s a struggle for me)

          Loving you, xo Lin

          1. I’m just a ‘Nature Addict’…! mostly self taught…anything & everything regarding nature & wildlife, including gardening, plants, food, green energy & including vitamin & mineral supplements…you name it, I’ve read it…but would never say I’m an expert….always learning, never too young or old to learn…it is a necessary part of who we are ! Thank you Lin !….as far as greens go, fresh raw spinach is the best ! Popeye was smarter than most know !…..Love, Bev~

      2. Thanks LIn! I dont like antibiotics myself. I use the Colloidal Silver. I believe cancer can only manifest if you have ‘candida’ – yeast over growth in the body. thats my belief. It is Candida gone wild. I have suffered with that – better these days. my sister too and she did get breast cancer. better now. My mom with dementia loves sugar! They are still trying to regulate her meds… Ativan now. I told them give it to her 2:30pm as she used to have to have her cocktails around 3pm and that is when they said she gets way worse! interesting! Love you back…. A

    2. Yes, I’ve read this before. I wish these kind of treatments will be proven that they work and that they may be implemented with succes. Haha, just plain baking soda! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ve heard a suggestion somewhere that you can drink tea in the morning (first thing) with lot’s of maple syrup in it (to attract the cancer) and to add baking soda to it (to kill the cancer).

      Love, JJ

      1. Alkanizing the body does make such sense. xo Cider Vinegar too – supposed to be good but I never stick with it – always makes me think its acidic, vinegar. Molasses I heard is good too but cant take the flavor. so much is heredity issues. my ex – so good with mind – thoughts – eating so healthy – exercise (ran a 7 min mile)…and he still got the dementia young (ran in the family). Being Starseed, are we immune more? lol XOA

    3. So all, Has anyone used diatimaceous earth for boosted nutrition, parasites, or candida? Just curious. I haven’t read the links that are listed, but in know about those diets so am guessing there is nothing about that in them. Although I will check them out still. This new age of nutrition and healing and remaining clear and bright really blow my mind sometimes. It will be so lovely once all of our food choices are once again pure. But in the mean time …..

      1. I’m having serious de ja vu about this subject. Hmmm. ….Maybe no one need answer, I see it all playing out in my minds eye-ha ha.

  11. My experience with the Gathering was, well – rather dull and boring! LOL! I believe Aisha experienced some of this, too. My “hookups” began about 1.5 hours prior to the designated time and became increasingly stronger. Most occur on the left side of my body with a pure energy radiating outward from my heart center. My experiences are very physical (rather than metaphysical). I could not get close to the gathering, almost as if there are energetic boundaries being set up that cannot be crossed. I think this is why we all move around so much in the grid – we are brought closer together and move further apart as we evolve and grow in vibration. And this is always changing. Sometimes I feel “closer” in the space to some of you, and then by the end of a single day I can be “closer” to someone else. Weird! I saw a few faint colors, white and pink and maybe a little bit of purple. That’s it! The energy was pretty easy to manage this time. I got up after about 40 minutes and then began releasing some stuff that I’m still clinging on to. But then later in the evening, I felt all of the joy and happiness and everything that you all were feeling. Our heart telepathy is coming online. Interesting to note that when I closed the door to my room to join the Gathering, my husband said that the tall violet candle that had been lit for hours suddenly went out by itself. Hmmm….don’t know what that means. But today, I feel pretty darn good. If I dare say this – maybe this really does get easier for all of us as more are linked into our heart spaces together. Keeping fingers crossed that this is true! Love you all so much! 🙂 Caroline

    1. HI C 🙂 I do believe that together we are strongerfor sure! Feeling good here.
      I def. feel I do not have as much work to do – period ! nice…and its because the ‘grunt work part’ is finished (no more heavy muck) and its now the settling in with the new – this part is Much nicer ~ Playing with the Light ~ XOA everybody go aahhhhhh!!

    2. Dear Caroline!

      When I looked up after 40 minutes both candles that I lighted at the start of the gathering had turned off by themselves!!! It has never happened before. I thought it was due to my anger before I sat down with the gathering 😉

      Excuse for my question, but as you say you didn´t experience so much during the gathering – what is the reason for your comment half an hour before the gathering? Did you have “your” gathering experiences earlier (you said it started 1,5 hours earlier for you)? I am just trying to understand it all as I am really confused today… Of course you don´t have to answer my question – it is up to you and I can respect if you don´t want to.

      Much love,


      1. Smiling with you today B — I find myself having this lack of tolerance for under-clarity too! Or whatever it is called. No ills toward anyone here! Please – just saying… its funny to hear you B and hear me in my own head. On my part, I can be anal with trying to be clear however. And, I just find it hard to read and take in things lately – though I would prob. be labeled ADD and other things. 🙂
        I even got that odd feeling when I read AH comments too at first and it can bother me if I feel a secrecy type energy as I do like more transparent energies for better understanding – Its my issue if it bugs me I guess. I dont know. I allow for it 🙂
        Re the candle light – it made me think of my own gathering experience and everyone turning into fire – we needed all we could get! lol…so you and C contributed to the blaze! XOA

        1. Please see my post below, dear! I have faith that as we all come “online”, that our experiences will even out and become more balanced across the board. I wish I could experience all of the incredible things that you do! But I don’t! And I have to accept and allow for that in my place, too! It’s OK to admit that we want a little of what everyone else has, but believe me – mine is pretty boring! 🙂 Love you, C

      2. Sister!
        First – thank you for telling me about your candles going out, too.

        It’s difficult to put into human language what I experience, so I will try to give you the best description as possible. But understand that I don’t even understand it fully myself, yet. Which can make it even more confusing.

        So, I am not particularly clairvoyant or clairaudient. If I sit down to meditate, as most do when joining in the Gatherings, I do not receive a full blown visual and auditory experience like most others have. I get occasional images and sounds, but nothing like Aisha or Alex. To me – those experiences happen in the “mind”. I am, however, highly clairsentient and claircognizant. My knowings are in my “mind”, but my ability to physically feel my own soul energy vibrational signatures is the strongest of my gifts (at least for now). Before a Gathering, parts of my multidimensional self are literally connected with an etheric tube – a very real, physical aspect that we all have – to others who are intending to participate in a Gathering. I also get hooked up when we are working collectively with those on the other side of the veil. So, during the Gathering while others are experiencing visuals and contacts with other beings, I am simply experiencing my energy and the energies of the others in a very physical way. I would love to have the experiences that the rest of you have! But I have a deeper understanding that my role right now for the collective is to ensure that all of the physical and energetic “cables” are being hooked up and running smoothly. I rely on others to help me understand the bigger picture of what we are accomplishing on the larger scale. I think the lesson we all forget, sometimes – and believe me – I am very guilty of it – is that we compare our experiences to one another and feel as if we are “missing” something. We’re not – we are working as a team with individual duties assigned to us. I used to get very angry in intuition development circles when everyone around me would be speaking with spirits and having visions and channeling loved ones. It’s simply not what I came here to do – at this particular moment in time. I hope I haven’t confused you even more. I learn more about myself on a daily basis – that’s what we are all awakening to.

        Big hug to you, my lovely and dear friend! 🙂 Caroline

        1. Hey C – I am smiling here because my experience is almost identical to yours! I never thought of actually attempting to explain how ‘I do it’ here myself – nor was I asked I dont believe. But I, for one, think this is very interesting to discover how we all individually ‘do it’. Like when I say I see us sitting in a circle – it is just that – I ‘see it’ in my minds eye. I dont really see myself sitting there or feel I am sitting there – feel the ground, have any ‘normal senses’ i can detect, etc. – I seem to be observing/witnessing more of the whole thing.
          C – I dont want to know everything – its just what is ‘brought here’ to this space – when its vague.. I have always had an issue with vague. Like I said, my issue so i can be bugged and its ‘ok’ and they can be vague and its ‘ok’. 🙂
          Love you! almost outta here… off to visit with Kelly’s family one last day – they leave tomorrow. the sister from Ohio as a matter of fact! I asked her exactly where – but – I forgot ;(

        2. Thank you Caroline!

          I will read your answer once again tomorrow as I am still totally exhausted from the “volcanic eruption” yesterday night. I went for a walk today, got healing from my friend, who said it was the first time she ever experienced no need for healing energies in me! I would expect the opposite as I am heavy as lead and quite woozy today!!! I hope that a good night’s sleep can change that 😉 Thanks Areeza too.

          I´ll be back tomorrow 🙂

          Love you,


          1. B, I think that is excellent you did not need anything outside for healing. You have it all baby ! 🙂
            Hope you are sleeping well. I am headed to that place very soon.

          2. Actually, a good and healthy volcanic eruption is required sometimes to fully release our stuff! I’m not at all surprised that you did not need healing energies from your friend. You healed yourself with that eruption! 🙂 C

        3. Dear Caroline, thank you so much for sharing this from your point of view! It really helps to bring much light to this whole process 😀
          Love and light from me, Aisha

        4. Dear Caroline!

          Thanks for your detailed reply on how to go about with your gathering, even though this was not what I asked for but it does not matter now anyway 😉

          I have no need to compare my role to others or know / understand everything that happens or does not happen here on the blog but I’m grateful to share the experiences of others especially from the gatherings – it’s absolutely fascinating and I am very grateful for that. It has meant a lot to me to participate in this blog – not least the love and appreciation that you have given me Caroline!

          To clarify my strong reaction on Sunday night, I quote what I wrote in an email to Lin today:

          “I experienced such a furious rage that I had never before known here on the blog and it was not just my personal anger against the very phenomenon that someone stands up and says like being a Jesus, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Note that it was MY interpretation). I am totally allergic to people who want to highlight themselves as bigger or more than anyone else. Because I also care for those who do not raise their voices on this blog and since we probably have moved on a great deal with our views on religion where people “subordinate ” the priest (if you understand what I mean ), my anger was yet stronger.”

          When I read your message before the gathering I just realized that you and Anna Helen and maybe others too, were doing a great job below the surface so to speak and I have nothing against it – on the contrary – and I need not to know what either. I appreciate all efforts being done for the light, but I’ve never liked when people withhold information by saying that I have a secret but can unfortunately not tell you about it. Then I prefer to keep quiet instead.

          I want to clearly explain why I react and ask as I do – I just can not be quiet. That is me and I mean absolutely no offense to anyone, but in this case the requirement for clarity was significantly for me and maybe for others too.

          I hope you can feel my love for you Caroline, though I just have to be straight on 😉

          Love & light,


          1. Dear B,
            I like straight on like you do. I have kept the same friends for yrs because of this. So, being that we are like this B ourselves is why we like it coming to us that way. And my temper can flare too because, to me, we have had eons of secrecy crap and disinformation. Like I always say, the allowance factors into the picture and makes things so much easier and accepting for me these days.
            We all like it how we like it. and.. its Ok.
            I agree also about sharing and then indicating part cant be told ‘yet’, etc. I can skip over that stuff though if it just brings frustration. We are all at diff. stages for reasons, I get that. Mine is to tell as much as possible of my experience – as clearly as possible. This was confirmed for me and that I would always find a way in my communication to assist in any arena. Behind the scenes is doing this too of course! Its just that we hear so much of the ‘Cant say much because of this or that for this or that reason’ – and we all want to know what is behind the curtain so to speak 🙂 and we will – very soon, nothing shall be hidden as we connect and expand more. Wish you a much more peaceful day B!
            All my Love to all – even if it bugs me! ~A~

  12. I think the man has strong tendency to focus his attention on the personal aspect of the person. In addition to this tendency, he intend to take the conclusion that “there cannot be such a thing” in the age of materialism. In order to upside down such a “climate or/and belief”, perhaps before born I was decide to live an case of REALITY. I was born and wearing “armor”. What do you think it is? My armor is synchronicity which exceed 30-fold or more. When I say things like this, it is as if I was to fool other people like, but there is not such an intention.
    Heck, who can “run” or “determin” such a thing before human born. I human can only say, “God has done it”. But on the way that, these synchronicities construct the sign of Archangel Michael = 8.
    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skellig_Michael
    2. http://www.casteldelmonte.beniculturali.it/index.php?it/1/home (This seems, bacause of 8)
    3. There are 8 equations leading to the wave function of the light.(http://oriharu.net/jlog19970715.htm)
    My synchlonicity revealed a Maitreya Cross. (I sould act as an individual only)
    Each number is Japanese entertainer. Everyone born with their own synchronicity of triple or more. There was not the person who can deny this fact. Because, it is all fact. I know. Politician was sniffing around and back of me, but there was no one lie. And I really only one person.
    There are many very amount of information, because I drew an outline. Besides, it is perhaps intended to pursue to those who want to doubt the personal aspect of me. Therefore, it would be unnecessary at this Pond.
    I think some persons has strong tendency to focus his attention on the personal aspect of the person. This missive was after a song. This was not planning thing by human, too.

    1. GFP Newsletter – 3/2/2014
      Nothing written down is ever 100% true. There’s what the writer intended, there’s what the words literally say, and then there’s what the reader interprets. The possibilities for misunderstanding to occur somewhere in this process are enormous, and even more so when attempting to communicate Higher Truths. We’re using a language designed around communicating physical and dualistic concepts. For communicating 5D Thought we have an extremely limited vocabulary, so we end up repeating words like God, Love and Oneness over and over again. This is why it’s so important to have the experience for yourself, to really get in touch with the Divine Within.

      Link to today’s newsletter: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress

      >>thank you Dear brother! I just got this email after reading your post – Love, ~A~

      1. Thank you Areeza!

        What a good timing! And you could introduce it! xoxo
        Last night I saw a dream someone detonate a bomb within the Pond.
        Once I have stated, it may be venting a little. I’m going to read the comments following from now, but today seems no enough time.
        Love & Peace, oriharu

    2. Comment to my post.
      “Politician was sniffing around and back of me, but there was no one lie.”
      Google Translated from Japanese which I would say.
      “This is what I’m sure personally grounds do the various saw in a dream and grounds situation, but it is not a thing was confirmed.”
      Love & Peace.

    3. oriharu359 I admire your devotion to they ways of the old. These teaching are some of the oldest that humans know about and studied for many years. I try to never see myself as a number. All this does is inpower a number. I just try to look within myself for answers about life. If you think numbers will give a person a answer to their life. This takes away from freedom of choice from the human. If the numbers are right about what and who a person is. This means no matter what one does his life can’t be changed by his own will. I believe in the freedom of all people to change their life in any way they wish. Hopefully for higher knowledgeand understanding. I am a number person and always have been. I just look at the relationship of numbers and life but never to dictate the out come of my life. Numbers don’t lie but can be changed by using different theories. Any number person can relate numbers to anything. My life isn’t written yet as to its outcome. If you believe that numbers tell of the beginning and end of a life then your life will be what you believe it to be just a number that has no soul.

      Look within to find your true self and who and what you are. Think for yourself and never let others dictate what you should think or believe in. Respect the ways of your elders but be your own person. If you don’t think for yourself you will never know who and what you are. Give thanks for all the work people have gone through in creating all the old ways of thinking for you. You can see what it did in the past and present. If you want more of this with all the wars greed and corruption.. A Indian once told me my people always carry a buckeye for good luck. I looked at him and said I don’t think it worked very well for you but good luck with it and I wish you well. Always have a open mind about things. Don’t let yourself stay in a rut of thinking in only one way. Mother Earth is like a classroom full of knowledge that we have been in all our life that is full of little rooms full of different things to explore, feel, see and understand. You gain knowledge from what you learn in life. You gain wisdom from the knowledge you know. Understanding the wisdom you have gained comes from within not from a class room or other people. Everything you learn is like building a beautifull building. One stone at a time. If the building has a bad foundation it will fall.

      I love and respect all the old ways and what they have done to help people throughout the world. A time of change is coming and it will come from within each person on earth thinking for themself with a love for all. We are all equal and the only thing that keeps us apart is not knowing who we really are inside. We let what others beliefs are and willing to kill to make everyone else believe what they believe in. When all we have to do is love and believe in ourself. Never give hate for hate always give love to everything. If you love what you believe in and give hate to those who may think different. Hate is without the understanding of wisdom. Something is wrong because love can not give hate to others. Instead of hate one should just give love and understanding and wish them well in all things.

      Just some more random thoughs from a old man

      Love and blessings to all

      1. Beautiful, Ray. Wisdom.
        (I Loved this from your post: “…A Indian once told me my people always carry a buckeye for good luck. I looked at him and said I don’t think it worked very well for you but good luck with it and I wish you well…”) I laughed with the Wisdom of it. I’m just beginning to work more on “impeccability” in my Life, so your saying made me peer a little deeper at and for odd beliefs I’m carrying around that don’t work, never did… not peer with judgment, but with gentle laughter—so much easier then to allow them to permanently fade away.
        Thank you. xo

      2. Dear Ray, Thank you for the comment was closing in. I think human is involved in the two way. One is the spiritual way. The other is this material world’s way. My spiritual way(/ Human’s way) is surrender to The God. And the way of this world is mainly discussion and informations for me. In this world, though I don’t know other country, but in Japan there are many new religion or cult. It may criticized in various ways which is this world thang. I mentioned my armor which composed of many numbers(fact) which means to defence(armor). I say about “this world’s things”. This is because there are situations, such as being attacked, even if it silently. Crime is coming happening as if to relate to my home page.
        I learned in Subud that “Heart and Mind is the tool of everyday life. Basically, spiritual things can only be able to surrender to The God.”. This “number things”, I think there will be objective, such as the existence proof of God Himself “to this world”. I think it is in the form so a human being would be able to analysis. This action=post is just mind essence I think.
        Love & Peace

  13. Such a wonderful sight -all YOU beautiful beings so brilliantly shining.
    I am still on a high and loving it.
    ALL my LOVE to each ONE of YOU.
    I LOVE YOU ALL-wwe are ONE

  14. This is my 16th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Mamiko Asoh & Captain – Love is Romanesque (Released Date : Jul.21, 1985)
    Lyrics : http://j-lyric.net/artist/a053571/l01edce.html
    (This Japanese song is a cover of German duo “Modern Talking”)
    Modern Talking – You’re my heart, you’re my soul (Released Date : Oct.29, 1984)

    Lyrics : http://www.lyricsfreak.com/m/modern+talking/youre+my+heart+youre+my+soul_20354467.html
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT! ===

    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

  15. My trip to the gathering was somthing that teaches me something everytime I go. I was going through all my intents for the gathering and ask for a old friends present to join in this meeting and give his blessings. I gave him some of the names that would be there. He ask me as he was thinking about my intents And ask me why I never talked to him about this before. I tould him I wanted to create this on my own in my mind. He ask me where we meet. I tould him it was a meeting of minds and each person has their own view of what is taking place by the intent they bring with them. It is different for each person. I ask him to do all he could to help in this meeting by giving his intent and blessing to all that join to give each his or her a understanding that will lead them closer to the love and knowledge of all that is. He agreed to do this.

    He told me he hasn’t seen anything like this in many ages and was very happy to see this. He wanted to see what I was seeing to know what humans are going through and thinking. As you may see my friend is a spirit in a spirit body. He hasn’t walked as a human for many ages. He told me the gathering as a whole is doing very well in helping the humans on earth come closer to love and light. He said it is good to see humans minds joining together in this manner for the good of all. The world has been without this for to many ages. Then he said this will lead people to learn to communicate without voice to one another and keep them joined together to help one another. Each person that is joined like this to others is like a buffer when one needs help they are given help just through thought from others. All these thoughts have a balance that will equal the whole. This blocks out things that could drop below the balance or make it have a much lower effect on the group as one or a whole. Each person brings with them a story of life even though they may not know what their past lives were like.

    This friend is a very special friend to me. I go to him when I need answers about many things. He has helped me all my life and has always come to me when I was in need. I don’t know if he is someone of my past life or just a friend of the past. He is like a brother father and mother to me in all things to me. He picks me up when I fall holds me when I cry and teaches me of new things in life. I only hope everyone has a spirit like this to help them in life.

    We gave our blessings to the gathering. Then sit in a circle around the pond shoulder to shoulder humming a tone I have never heard before. I just felt such a great love from all and wished all well after a while and came back to my body.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. I keep praying that I will “know” my spirit friend in the manner that you experience yours, Ray. I know he is there. Maybe it’s just not the right time yet. You give me hope that this will happen! Thank you!

    2. I am so happy of your report Ray!
      I especially like the energy I feel from your friend and the tone you heard!
      that really intrigues me because that was the one part I was not able to spend as much time on during my gathering experience. I too heard something I never did before and I so wanted to close in on it but was lead to the next level of my experience there.
      Thank you so much dear friend and for bringing your own friend to this special place, xo Areeza

  16. Wow, I’ve just managed to finish reading all the comments so far and and I see so many common threads and beautiful synchronicities in them it is awe inspiring.

    This was indeed a profound gathering in so many ways as all the pre, during and post experiences testify.

    So many of the experiences shared match with facets of mine both before, during and after the gathering.

    Keeping it brief I was given yet another message along the lines of ‘all around the world we are gathering to bring this energy/consciousness into place and anchor it here on earth in many more people.’ As many have said including the CCs we are kinds of transponders (receiver/transmitters).

    I also saw beams of light messages or arcing down from the skies (akin to the fibre optics that Aisha mentioned), I had sense of a circle of light, flames and chariots of fire (as in the song)… and more. The energy was running all night and I had some very interesting personal insights too.

    There are a few other things from my pre-experiences that I will endeavour to share later.

    Much love to you all, Philip 🙂

  17. Dear brothers and sisters of the light, my wonderful kindred spirits! I sit here today, overwhelmed by what we have accomplished together and by these energies that are still swirling around me. I sense the presence of all of you, and I also sense the presence of all of these loving, joyfilled light beings that came down to join us in this amazing “homecoming” that we all play such an important part in. No, this is not over, this was simply the beginning of something that is so huge, I cannot find any words to describe it. I think we will all need some time to really take it all in, but just by reading through all of your comments, I am struck by the many similarities and synchronicities. They are such powerful confirmations that what we have experienced now, we have experienced as ONE, and together, we form such a powerful group of beings, we are enabling a huge shift, a whole tsunami of light and light beings to merge into our field, our grid, our world. What does this mean, and what will the results of this be? I have no idea, I just know that we have made a MIRACLE happen, and this miracle will have such far reaching consequences, it will bring us all to our knees in joy to quote the CCs.
    I love you all, and I am so proud to be a part of this shining group of souls! THANK YOU, from my heart to yours – if it were not for YOU, this would not BE.
    With eternal gratitude, Aisha

    1. … and without you following the call to set up this blog in the first place we wouldn’t be able to share this space. So much gratitude and love and joy to you Aisha. Blessings, Philip 🙂

    2. I was thinking….in the shower again….how I must hold this vision so strongly now…truly see it, feel it, taste it, smell it. Full sensory mode now – To birth it to its full fruition! This will be the ultimate for my own personal test in this grandness I was chosen to participate in; having full trust and zero doubt!
      I Am so much closer to IT and to all of u! When I take a breath, I take it with All!
      Yes, Aisha, those beings from above did come to help weave our light together more…and will continue to….Life Is… A W E S O M E~U S

      1. Yep! Full sensory mode is the key. I have a feeling that you and I had a conversation last night! 🙂 I don’t remember anything about it (I rarely do) but I hope it helped us both! Love you! “C”

        1. I ‘dont doubt’ you are right!! 🙂 🙂
          I did try and recall something from last night and then my alarm went off. physical, clock one. lol.

  18. Carnival starts here today. Hi Ho. As usual there is nothing to report from the gathering. 45 minutes of silent transformation. To be told that we were the right choice for this “place” in history, sounds really supportive. Many thanks back.
    Lots of friends here are in trouble. Burn out , suicide attempt, Unwanted baby, man weeping, cancer, more burn out and so forth. Love rules.

  19. Look forward to hearing everyone’s stories. Sounds like everyone had a good time! Last time I was blown away at how similar my experience was to everyone’s. This time my vision was very different it sounds like. But very peaceful and lovely. I was ‘dropped off’ way outside the pond and was told to walk. It was dark and cold, I said can I at least have a coat (!), immediately I was supplied with a magnificent coat for my journey. I almost just sat down there, but I was then supplied with boots and heavy (and beautiful) clothes so I decided to make the journey. I arrived at the pond “alone”. No one was there, it was still dark.
    There is something I’m forgetting here, not sure what, but then I was in a Ferris wheel full of animals (puppies and such) and children playing, dancing, laughing. And we all had an apple (ha)
    The Ferris wheel took us to the most beautiful green mossy grass where there were more children and adults just enjoying the beauty and playing, it continued on like this- peaceful,beautiful, playful, cared for, loved…..there was more- some insights that seemed to be for me personally. And I don’t like taking up too much space here 😉 (hmmm). But it def felt like how the earth ‘should/could be’
    Love to all!
    Good night

    1. Thank you for sharing your story!

      “I almost just sat down there, but I was then supplied with boots and heavy (and beautiful) clothes so I decided to make the journey. I arrived at the pond “alone”. No one was there, it was still dark.”

      For me these words say that you are an very old soul who hesitated a little before entering your journey here on earth this time, long before the Pond even existed – as we know it.

      Your words really affected me – thank you Veronica!



      1. Well B, your comment almost made be burst into tears, so apparently I resonate with it strongly. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but my vision takes on new meaning now, thank you.

    2. Dar V, I can see your Ferris Wheel rolling along with all the wonderful creatures in it! I felt what you did in your description! So very nice
      thank you! Love, A

  20. I’m sitting in the LA Airport thinking how close I am physically to Lin (ok an hour or so away but we possibly flew over her). I got double checked at security in Vancouver lol… maybe I’m glowing or something. I so feared this last Dec when I flew and didn’t attract it… this time I kind of enjoyed the attention somehow and I was fine.

    Tonight the sun danced with me as he set. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and maybe I can blog about it on the 13 hr flight coming up soon. As we were ABOVE the clouds it was different… and a fire like lit up clouds, at some point chased the plane across the sky. I’m not sure that I can describe it even if I start in a blog but it was amazing. And the sun was flat on TOP (not bottom as normal) so it jiggled and joggled downwards into the fluffy clouds.

    I enjoyed reading quickly through all the posts just now before posting. Such wonderful experiences. I felt the power in them and take that with me onto the next plane. Meeting with our higher self.

    Gotta go stretch. Love to you all, Nancee

    1. Love to you Nancee! We’ll hear from you on the other side of the world. Hope u have wonderful company flying over the Pacific, the grand daddy of all ponds.

    2. God Speed Nancee~! flying with the fire of your beautiful light.
      I just typed before u posted about Pink singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow – 75 anniversary tribute to Wizard of Oz 🙂 (with a wink to you!) On the Oscars this evening…well, it got erased but right now, Bette Midler is singing Wind Beneath My Wings! p e r f e c t i o n xxx ooo

    3. Hey, Nanc… I WAS with you!! 🙂 I have your itinerary and was with you as you landed and again as you took off!! haha I thought about writing you, but didn’t know if you had access to internet. (only watching bits ‘n pieces of Academy Awards, still reading Caroline’s book! Fascinating—you’ll be 19 hours ahead of me in Oz. wow. weirdness. “time”)

      Soooo excited for you, Nanc. I almost feel as though I’m taking the trip, too. A LOT of Light energy. good. You’re tucked into 3 circles of Light until you’re safely home… and I’m not too sure just exactly where that will be as you are such a lovely, lively Free-flying Spirit… which is a super compliment btw.

      The rain is almost gone, so will be going to the Trees again this week—multiple times (you’ll be with me). Be well, Dear Nanc. Loving You, xo Lin

  21. I just now read the missive! holy…woah…what a nice fit 🙂 🙂
    “….souls who see the future already wrapped within a faint glow of light that will only continue to grow more and more apparent as you continue to anchor and send out these flaming spears of light and love in all directions.”
    I am so glad my usual way is to write here what I experience ‘first’ before reading the missives and comments. I get a great thrill from the confirmation of connection! I have always done it this way, picking up a book , putting it back down for weeks… even months… sometimes a year!….and pick it up to read again at the perfect time after I have learned -or awakened to- something I needed to. I have not read a book in a very long time (decided to be completely un-influenced) but when I used to, I always got the confirmation that help me on my way with knowing AND trusting my authentic self.
    >Even the tone of the 86th Academy Awards this evening is one with so much Joy and Love… very exhilarating moments! nice
    Love to you wonderful kindreds! A

    1. I do that too: first write down what I experience, and only then will I read comments from the others.
      By the way, I also have a hard time concentrating sometimes. Finding it hard too to read the comments now and then. 🙂 🙂

  22. file:///C:/Users/Monica/Desktop/The%20Pond%20Gathering%20Skyscape.jpg
    I don’t know if this translates into the photo, but it was glorious outside this afternoon after the Pond Gathering. Just magnificent.

  23. The first thing that impressed me was the attendance at the Gathering. oh so many new faces!? And many of them from elsewhere.
    I fell into more of a “staff” role, giving directions, moving crowds, etc. At one point there was a blinding light, like looking into the sun. (no sunshine around here; you could draw the sky with charcoal, grey, dismal day)
    As always I cannot resonate with those on the shore. I approach the gathering from the pond side, not the shore side.
    We are in a “web of light” only called “the pond”
    Each of our little strings of light is interwoven into a web. I don’t think you are by the pond or in the pond, you are the pond itself that’s what I think.

    I saw a round window? a hand and arm reached thru and handed me a fish
    wha’ the?
    The way that Alex and Bev, Nancee and others can wrap words around it leaves me in awe.

    1. OMG – I love this, too! “…….heart to heart and hand in hand……” Thank you for this!

    2. funny, cause I think of that who-ville circle often and even mentioned it here too! especially because they danced with joy even though their xmas feast and gifts were stolen by the Grinch! ahhhh. just like us! xoA

  24. Dear All,
    Thank you,Aisha, for hosting such a grand uplifting spectacular event. For you all were stupendous. For a good share of the day previously I had been hot on the trail left by Bev searching for clues pointing to the geophysics and biochemistry of the recycling of earth’s and human body’s radioactive toxic wastes and water’s role in it all. It was time for a break and a meeting at Aisha’s Pond.
    I laid back in the chair and closed my eyes. A gentle hand immediately reached out to me and a gentle voice softly said,”Come.” I have experienced this gentle masculine angelic presence many times, but I asked anyway if he was a angel. The answer “Yes.” I was glad Spirit was leading me as I was a little sluggish from thinking so hard.
    Over the mountains and through the woods to Aisha’s pond we did go. As I looked down below a sky blue mountain lake bordered by green grass and wild flowers overlooked by tall steep mountains appeared. I tried a few times to go down and sit by it. Each time the angel took me back to a tall peak. I sensed and greeted one or two other ponders. “Just watch now”, Spirit said. Watch we did.
    The middle of the pond began to bubble and froth and a gigantic geyser white with sea green highlights erupted. Out spewed one ponder and then another and another. Soon they were coming one right after another. There were so many so fast I could not keep track. Each landed on the mountain side until the pond was encircled with what looked like tall stones. Then on the top of each stone a tongue of fire appeared creating a circle of light. Each reached to those beside them entwining their arms and hands and they began to dance moving in a clockwise direction. Faster and faster did the Circle of Light twirl until a spiral cloud of ether and gas formed. It moved faster and faster and became denser and denser until it resembled a galaxy of stars twirling and dancing in this new universe. And we were all ONE.

    1. Somewhere before the lights came on and the dancing began the geyser became so high it’s water fell upon all of us. Whoosh! Baptism by a magnificent geyser followed by wondrous tongues of fire dancing to the rhythmic beat of the universe. Like a Sufi dance twirling and twirling traveling with Almighty’s love.

    2. Thank you Forest Joy for the most wonderful experience you had. Now I understand that this gathering might be the event 🙂

      Much love, joy and appreciation!


  25. it’s great to ‘be’ here–and i’m pleased to report,it’s getting dark…and it’s a cold,cold night! but all is well–namaste!

  26. LOL! I’m finding myself moving through so many emotions right now, that I simply cannot post anything other than, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Maybe tomorrow…..but yes, many – many synchronicities! 🙂 Caroline

    1. Omigosh Caroline! I feel the same way….. been in jaw-dropping awe since the last Gathering.
      I hope to one day, ’soon’, wipe the drool from my chin and complete a sentence.
      So much information passing through my mind so quickly… and I could probably ‘see things’ even faster if I didn‘t stop along the way to try to wrap my brain around it… Yikes! 🙂
      Slobbering and spinning,

    2. 🙂 right! i only started reading a little… and So many synchronicities that leaves me on such a high – how will i sleep! xxx ooo ~A~
      ….and we are still only getting started with all the link ups for our outstanding group here! did we not all know it from birth?! that we would take part in something spectacular beyond words….. And, Life Is

  27. Hi All,
    I only have a few minutes so I will read this missive and comments later. While I was at Kelly’s Moms with his family today, I was able to get about 30 minutes on the sofa to relax and focus on The Gathering.
    What I saw was all of us sitting in a circle on the ground, eyes closed. Each holding an orange-size white crystal ball in our laps. These balls emitted much white light. We each put our own essence into our balls of light. I heard some type of singing or more like chanting or toning coming from us I believe. The sound was going up from us into space above us. I was trying to focus on what it sounded like but my attention was needed elsewhere. The light filled our energy bodies until we were ablaze – all white light. you could still make out our body forms within the flaming energy. We then placed our crystalline light balls in the center to ‘combine’ our essences which then spread on the ground – outward in all directions around the globe. Then, my focus went upwards to the heavens and I saw crystalline rain drops close up and it was brought to my attention this was coming from all of our star planets/star systems that we come from and represent here on Earth. I was then back in my own energy body at the circle gathering. As the water droplets came into Earth’s atmosphere, they rained down upon us – cooling our fired up energy bodies. We then looked translucent – I could make out our outer forms and see thru us – it looked as if each of our bodies where like outer space with the stars gleaming within. This is all and I Love you all… will be back later or tomorrow to catch up….XOA

    1. Dear Areeza, thank you so much for sharing this! My sister is amazed by this, for your experience matches hers in SO many ways! She described seeing us as monks meditating in a circle, chanting like Tibetans, floating just above the ground. Then, we all started floating in the air, like those paper lanterns – we were all glowing with orange light. Thousands and thousands of these human/monk lanterns were flowing gently in the sky. My sister then landed by a small, completely quiet pond. In the middle was a small candle floating on a leaf. She was now gently sitting cross legged on the ground, her hands still in prayer position. Then the light beings started gathering around the pond, emitting their gentle light. More and more started coming. As my sister sat there, she could perceive the crystal in her hand starting to glow, and the light getting stronger and stronger. She held the crystal and the strong light out – offering it to everyone. The light then encompassed all the light beings and her. Then we all became light, and like you, she said the silhouettes of the light bodies and her body could be seen. But all were light, and the light was everybody.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Wow – just Wow! 🙂 🙂 Double Love to both of you and give your sister a big squeeze from me too! I was so pleased that the wonderful experience presented itself for me when I did not think I would get a chance to take part in ‘real time’. Blessings! XOA

      2. Dear, Aisha,
        I always resanate very deeply with your sisters insights. Please thank her for sharing her insights. Both of you together form such a vivid and Joyfull explanation of where we are right now! Happy happy!

          1. Embraced your hugs.

            And we smiled and we nodded at each other.
            The child like feeling of Joy touched my heart in reading that.

            Our smiles bring happiness so much further.

  28. Just to let you know I was there at the Gathering.
    I had some visions of us both being in boats, and being the boats.
    Also I could see or feel the grid, it was like a honeycomb shape.
    Not much else “happened”. My mind was sort of interfering with the connection.

    Love to all,

    1. Dear JJ, thank you for sharing this! Your description of “us both being in boats, and being the boats” is to me a good way of describing the merging so many of us have seen 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Oh thank you Aisha! I hadn’t noticed the synchronicity yet! Great!
        LOVE the photograph you posted.

        Love, JJ

  29. Dear friends!
    Thank you all for another powerful Gathering! Like some of you have already reported, this one started several hours ago, and for me it started around midnight with 1.5 hours worth of intense energetic downloads. And early this morning, I was woken up yet again for another round, but this time, it was very different, for then, I was shown this:
    I saw a little girl was standing in a green field, looking in wonder at something further off, a huge smile on her face. Then, I saw her sitting on her father’s shoulders, and they were both looking in the same direction, both their faces filled with love and joy and wonder. I turned to my right, and I saw what they were looking at: it looked a bit like the opening of a spacecraft that had landed on the ground, and a powerful light was shining out from it, it was almost like looking at the Sun. In this light, beings of light came out, and they started to approach us. One by one, they went over to every single person standing there. I saw this beautiful, almost childlike being of light, with large, loving eyes, standing right in front of me. We were almost the same height, so I looked straight into the eyes, and felt such a rush of love coming into me. Then I lifted my left hand, and the being lifted its right hand and placed it next to mine so that our palms touched. (As I write this, I remember that Caroline recently had this same experience in a zoo with an orangutan!) We stood there, looking at each other, and then, the being simply stepped inside of me, and we became ONE. It was such an overwhelming feeling of reconnection and of love, and I heard the word “homecoming” and I realized that everyone present at this event was literally welcoming their own “light body” into their human body.

    When I read what Philip, Sun, Caroline, Nancee and especially AH shared earlier this evening, I knew that I had experienced something that was very similar to them, and it was a powerful confirmation for me. So as I sat down at 21:00, I expected to “see” lots more of the same. But the Gathering in itself was very different, for I did not “see” so much except this: it was a solemn, quiet session, I did not really see anyone else, but I sensed that we were all sitting as in mediation in a lotus-position. I felt very much “on my own”, and I started to feel like I was disconnected, but then the energies started up. They started a bit calmer than usual, and I saw myself sitting as if in the centre of a huge satellite dish. Then I felt the “click” of something being connected, and I felt a rush of energy starting to move through me. It was pulsating at different points in my body, and it felt very much like many different frequencies at the same time. I got the words “fibre optic cable”, and I saw myself as this huge, fat cable, like a transatlantic communication cable, and I understood that this time, my task was to literally act as a conductor for all of this energy, and that it was not meant for me. It felt a bit boring, like all I could do was to let all of these “conversations” go through me without me being allowed to eavesdrop to any of them 😉 I was sitting under a completely dark sky, but then, it opened up above me like a flower or a canopy, and then it was suddenly a clear blue sky with a bright light above me. Then I saw something that looked like the opening of an airplane, with a being standing in the door like a sort of a flight attendant at an emergency exit. I saw this long line of light beings waiting to jump out of the door and into a sort of “tube” going down, but this was not an emergency, and they were all happy and excited. Then I saw the Pond, and it was so full of these light beings who had landed there you could not even see the water. The rest of the time all I could see was colours and light coming and going, but I was sitting there with a smile on my face for the whole atmosphere was so warm, happy and joyful 🙂 At the end, I saw us all just lying about in the grass, all spent after this long, intense session, so we just smiled at each other and nodded to signal that we were all pleased by what we had accomplished. Thank you all, we really did an amazing job together!
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Aisha,
      For the last 3-4 days I also felt Intense downloads? Whew! Yesterday after reading the CC’s message, I was weary and unable to verbalize my feelings. So I laid back in the chair and reached to hold hands with others at the pond. Gentle hands held mine and a circle surrounding our globe was quickly forming. We also smiled and nodded so pleased with all we had helped accomplish. Before those whose last hands would grasp forming the last link completing the circle, I saw them reach out to the universe clasping their hand in hands from other other worlds forming guide rails to bridge beyond earth farther than the eye could see. We all nodded and smiled and shared our touch deep happiness.
      Forest Joy

    2. Wow, Aisha, sitting here still welling up with tears… When I read your words: “It was such an overwhelming feeling of reconnection and of love, and I heard the word “homecoming” and I realized that everyone present at this event was literally welcoming their own “light body” into their human body.”… I immediately felt tingles of recognition and truth shooting through my body just now. My experience of the gathering was much less visual than usual for me, even though I was feeling the connection physically. I eventually saw myself standing with my arms extended to the side, palms up, receiving the energy flowing in to me, then knelt down and placed my palms on the earth, grounding the energy….. as some have said like a lightning rod…. Now that I mention it, when I used to do a lot of healing work for other people I always said I was just the jumper cables, the energy was passing through me… hmmm. 🙂

      Thanks so much for clarifying my experience for me…
      Love, Dove

      1. Thank you Dove for sharing your experiences!

        I also use to say I am jumper cables, for energy to be passing through me when I heal 😉



      2. Dear Dove, thank you for being a part of this amazing Gathering! We are truly ONE, and even if some of us get to “see” and remember more of what we are taking part in, we are ALL there, as your story also confirms 🙂
        Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Thank you for sharing your amazing and profound experience from the gathering! All I can say is “We did it – didn´t we?”

      I might share my experiences later on but for now I need to just be and go for a walk in the forest after the very special feelings I experienced before the gathering last night. There is so much happening in me right now that I cannot put into words.

      Much love and light to you my dear Light Sister and thank you for always being here when I need you the most!


      1. Dear sister B! Yes, we did it!! Take time to just BE now, for this is so big we all need to give ourself space to really see and feel what it is we have accomplished.
        Stor, stor kram og mycket kärlek från mig, Aisha

  30. I have been, and continue to be in a state of hibernation, a state of silence and introspection, a state of being with myself, but felt drawn into the pond meditation at the time of its inception. All is as it should be and times of silence, of integrating the energy and shifts personally are so important. They are not times of disconnection, but times of silent observance and wonder, of recharging and shifting.

    As I walked towards the pond, I noticed myriad of beings approaching, all in long white robes and immediately we all reached out our arms and held hands in a giant circle, or more a spiral that went out out out into the wide world. We all leaned back and exposed our hearts to the sky and beams of golden energy came down into our beings and out through our feet and into the pond.

    The waters of the pond began to bubble and froth and boil and steam or mist came up like a beautiful white cloud from the surface of the pond and drifted towards us and out into the world. As we breathed in this mist I was brought to the interface of the lungs and the blood, through the heart and was shown the center of the red blood cell pulsing with this new moisture, this new light and bringing it to every portion of the universe that is our body. I saw this mist encircle the earth and settle like condensation on every surface of every portion of our blessed Mother Sophia. I saw beings breathing in this mist and their bodies slowly becoming filled with it.

    I was aware that many ascended beings came down into our presence and we went to bow to them in honor but no, they quickly kneeled to bow to us to our greatness of purpose and our service to all that is…the blessed mother and father were there and the blessed mother was pregnant. Her belly was big and round and glowed with wonder and then she smiled and we all realized that each of us was also pregnant at varying stages of development. We clutched our bellies with amazing wonder and felt the love of these new beings, these newly created divine versions of ourselves. We loved them with an unconditional love that was not possible in the old world. We felt their intense love for us as all the old ways, old creations and old paradigms had never allowed such a blessed love to be created or felt.

    As the mist spread through the world we realized that this mist was incomiing into the heart center and impregnating all beings with the beginnings of their new selves. As the scene progressed at the pond, some of the newly formed beings were birthed and held aloft by the gathering white robed crowd. These tiny beings were shining with a brilliant radiant light and they all had beautiful litttle white wings on their backs. The beings were sentient and aware and spread their tiny perfect arms to the heavens and all they surveyed with the most beautiful, perfect little smiles on their faces. The ascended ones and the group all bowed to their beatific smiles and one could not look upon these beings without that contagious smile crossing their faces and all worry and concern and anxiety being washed away.

    The newly birthed light beings of Nova Gaia were held on and loved by all before being released to fly free above the pond. Some of them dipped into the water and others circled around it, flying away with the essence of the pond but coming back and interacting with all beings present…more and more beings came to be in that moment, transformations of the old beings present and there was an intense feeling of total and perfect balanced joy as we witnessed the birth of the new.

    Hugs all! Alex

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