The manuscript of survival – part 401

A long time ago, mankind came to these shores for the very first time, and with them, they brought instructions to go forth and make themselves a home on this planet. And this instruction, this blueprint if you will, has been with you all along through the ages, and it has been biding its time, waiting for you to find a way to find your way to the very core of your being. For when you did, you would enable the last stage of this whole plan to come to fruition, and now, you all stand before this very last stage of this evolvement. For even if mankind’s journey has been one that has taken many a detour on its way, you have not lost that inner spark, the one that has kept you going despite all of the obstacles you have encountered. And they have been many indeed, not least in the form of those beings who more or less hijacked you all and send you all wildly flying into a dark abyss of despair, where it looked as if you would all get completely lost. But you did not, for that inner spark, that part of you that is also a part of God, has been there all the time, keeping the fire burning, even when it looked as if every single spark of light was extinguished for good.

But it was there all along, tended carefully by people who knew of it, people who kept themselves off in the shadows, so that those representing an ever darker part of Creation could not see them. And there they waited, and there they kept tenderly blowing on the small ember that they managed to keep going, century after century, while in the rest of the world, mankind slowly but surely succumbed to the idea that the light within them was a thing of the past. Indeed, this extinguishing of memory was so total, it left no open doors at all to that place within that this small, flickering light still hid out, and so, the remembrance of your inheritance, your part of God, was forgotten and lay dormant in the vast majority of mankind for eons.

But now, that flame is blazing again, and that is because you are amongst those first brave pioneers who dared to venture behind these hidden doors once again. And what you found there, is what has been waiting there for you so patiently, generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime. For within you all, even within those representatives of mankind that you look upon as the darkest creatures of all, glows that same spark, that same little piece of God that everything in Creation has in common. For you are all chips of the same block as the rest of us, for we all share the same ancestry, and we all come from that same infinite ocean of energetic potential, that ocean that is set into being by the consciousness you are also a part of. For there is no division, there is no “them” and “us”, there is only we – now and forever. And even if you do find yourself categorizing beings into all kinds of shades from black to white and every stage in between, know that no matter the appearance, whether that be on the outside or judged by their actions, it all stems from that same single source. And that source, is the Source of light.

We know this is apt to cause a lot of confusion, and given the history of man, it is not difficult to understand. For you have been living out a long and complicated history under the thumb of beings that you will have a hard time finding any light in at all, but know that it is there. But theirs has been a journey that has taken them even further out from Source, and so, their actions have been governed by that. But know also, that no matter how far out into the fringes anyone ventures, whether as a single entity or indeed as a whole constellation, they still adhere to the same rules that everyone else. For what is the basic principle in All of creation, is the interaction between energy and consciousness, and remember, consciousness has been set into action in ways that have been devised in order to create it ALL. And so, what may look as the grossest of imbalance is there with a purpose in mind, namely to create the new. And so too, it has been with mankind. For if you had not been taken under the wings of the creatures that took upon them to re-create what had been created as a grand school in the first place, your place in history would not be the same. For if you had not been under the kind of mismanaged by outside forces that you have had to suffer for so long, this planet would not be in that dire situation you see today. And so, your role as the pioneers, the ones that are about to complete a turn around the likes have never before been seen anywhere in Creation, this role would not have been called for.

So again we say, know that all is well, and know that everything that has happened to get you to where you are today has happened for a reason. And we are not just referring to your own personal journey. We are referring to everything that has taken place. And yes, we are well aware that these words will cause an uproar in some of you, and rightly so, for you look upon yourselves as the carriers of the light, the righters of the wrong, and you feel your mission is a mission with a higher purpose than merely a personal quest for freedom. And so it is – in  every sense of the word. For you are all that, and more, for what you do, as we have told you on numerous occasions, you do on behalf of All of creation. And you do it because someone took upon them the roles as deactivators of the light on this planet, and they did so because they looked upon that as their personal right. They took what they could take, because they felt the urge to do so, and on the way, they enslaved a multitude of people and put them under a yoke that kept them sinking ever deeper into a morass of forgetfulness, fear and disempowerment. So to all sense and purposes, they created YOU, and so you stand here today, looking out at something that has come about because someone else created from the same urge you feel today. But to them, the purpose was the exact opposite.

We know these words will make many a head spin, but we also know that these words will make the penny drop, as the saying goes, for others. And please forgive us our somewhat unorthodox choice of words, for we do not take this lightly in any way. We are simply trying to help you to see the big picture here, and that big picture is perhaps infinitely more complex than you think you can even try to wrap your head around, but it is also infinitely more simple and extremely clear cut. For in order to see the light, the darkness will always have to be present in some form, and in order to create, you need friction. And so it is, and so it has always been. On this planet, Planet Earth, the friction has been such, it has created something that is not like anything anywhere else, and as such, the lessons have been learned again and again. But now, the time for a radical change is due, and the reason for this, is that there is indeed a time and place for everything – but not haphazardly. And so, what has been shifted to a gross degree in one direction, must be shifted back in the opposite direction, and so, the time for the light to reenter all of the great halls of your planet has come.

This shift has been a long time coming, and, as you all know, it was with you even before you came into being here on this little blue planet. Not only this time around, but before you even remember coming into being here at all. And so, you have been brought in to fan the flames again, not only within yourself, but within enough of your fellow men to ensure that this shift really comes into being. And with it, you have been given the task of literally rewriting your own history.

For mankind has a hard time seeing beyond the actions and so, you keep lists detailing the “good” and the “bad”, and there is no way for you to overlook the distinction between them. But that is what you will have to remember, for again, this is not news to any of you, but it is simply something you have been programmed to forget the moment you stepped away from the complete version of you and stepped into that container carrying the name of “human”. And so, you spend much of your time putting everything you encounter in one container or another, each coming with a neat label of “positive” or “negative”, “good” or “bad”, “them” or “us”. And so, you keep dividing everything up into more and more fragments, all in a grand effort to keep forgetting even more of who you really are.

For remember, everything is the same, as everything comes from the same Source, and even if it may look, taste, feel, act or behave differently, it all comes back to the same, it all comes back to ONE. And so do you, for you are no less God than anything or anyone you would define with such a description, so you are neither more nor less than anything nor anyone in all of Creation. This is the simple lesson you need to take to heart, for this is the one answer that will answer every single question you will still have. You are ONE, you are one single part of that grand total of ONE. You may feel separate, but that is simply because you have been taught to forget. But now, you have been told to remember again, and when you do, it will all fall into place, and there will be no one nor no thing that does not fit into that great, grand picture of YOU anymore. Nor will there be for everything else in existence, for this too, is part of you, just as you are a part of it. And so, we thank you, on behalf of us all, for doing what you do. For you do what no one has done before, and as such, you are making us all into an even greater version of us, for you are making this ONE into an even wiser ONE.

184 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 401

  1. Your postings are wonderfully helpful so thank you from my heart to yours.Amanda in South Africa

  2. When I read(17 or 18 Jan 2014) an Japanese article that crisis is imminent in Africa.
    Therefore I set it.
    Hilarion had explained “the law of grace” in the article 2-9 Feb 2014. I think it is clear that one hold a thought(=pray) which will become to resonate to The Great Love, then large energy comes flow to the person from The Great Love.
    “the universe perfectly mirrors back what they put out through their thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes. Now by the laws of the universe, the good they have given out into the external world around them comes back unto them. At this point in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, the law of grace is in effect and humanity is being blessed by the neutralization of any repetitive thoughts that come unbidden from the very depths of their being.”
    Therefore you can send incredible ‘p/sh’ower of love to all over the world! Of course the shower exceeded one person. Then I saw next figure of Mary that may have been opening to the public.

    They say the ‘Circle of Witchcraft’ act by the inteligence of light. Its speed must be light speed.
    The speed of light = 300,000 Km/s = 300,000,000 m/s.
    If assume the content(thought) act once per 1 circulation. Its circumference less than 1 meter. Even though if one meter, the pray will be 300,000,000 rotate per second. Who can pray 300,000,000 times per second!
    Appreciate to CCs said.
    “For they will continue to grow at a rapid pace, setting the course for a new sort of growth all over your planet. We thank you again for being who you are and for doing what you do, and we see that in choosing you, we could not have chosen any better. For you are the shining ones, the keepers of the flame, the makers of the dawn, and as such, we salute you all on behalf of All of creation.”

  3. Re Gathering: I will see what the day brings. Its Kelly’s birthday and his sister came from Ohio and other family is ‘gathering’. Always there though with you all! Enjoy! XOA

    1. Hi, Nancee… we’ll be at the Gathering tomorrow… and you’ll be with us/we’ll be with you as you fly away to your childhood dream visiting Australia for 3 months. will be holding you in a circle of Golden White Light the entire time. Fly Free, Dear Sister. soooo exciting!!

      With hugs and hugs of Light&JOY, Lin

      (will be following you as you traverse the map)

      1. I agree with you Lin!!!
        Nancee – you brave woman – know that we support you all time, any time you need us. Just connect 🙂



    2. Happy Birthday to Kelly! Heart wishes for a Blessed Birthday Year ahead in all areas, especially recuperative health. I hope it’s one, joyous long year of lovely celebrations, one after the other, for you both, Breezie. It’s “time”. Amen.
      With my Love, xo Lin

  4. The light we share now will be looked at in the times to come as dark light. As always the now becomes the past. The new will bring forth a light never seen by mankind before. The new will always make the old look dark and forgotten. Yet the new will pass as the old in a never ending cycle as humans reach for the lights they have never seen before. will we become pure light. Yes. When. Only the light knows what it takes to be light. We can see it feel it hear it run around with it. But never know it until we become light itself. Are their portals that can turn the bodies of human to light waves and send them to another location. Then reconstruct these waves of light back into the human with all his memory intact.Some souls of light say yes but other souls seem to remember nothing of the past. What would happen if this was done with only the positive light waves and left the negitive waves behind and not reconstructed on the other side. A massive wave of light would be present to make you immortal in many ways when your body is reformed. Would this be cheating to gain light. All this can be done now. It is just hidden in the depths of the pure light that won’t share it with humans yet.

    To withhold information like this is hiding the truth. If you look at why this is hidden you will know we would learn nothing by living life and the lessons we learn by doing so the way we live with a choice of what we do. If all knowledge were just given without learning all the things that lead to the knowledge of this. The purpose of life would be without reason and useless. Pure light is forbidden to give to those who may misuse it. If given this knowledge it could destory everything we know if misused. Those who hide the truth of some things do so for a reason. Humans have to come to the light by looking within at the light within you. You live with this spark of light all your life. Some never know it lives within us all. As some old masters of light and life once said. We shall make the human body of mankind. We shall become them and they shall become us. We will walk the earth and fly through the heavens as one equal with one another in thoughts. We will become the new life of light that has never been. This is all beings purpose in life to become the master that lives in you and the master that lives in you becomes you.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. thanks Ray.
      There is (soon to be ‘was’) the problem of information misused by folks like JP Morgan, Bilderberger Group and more – the 1%.
      There was cheating to gain dark.
      We could have had free energy over a decade ago. The people and planet became enslaved by those misguided ones.
      They can use or misuse their own free will. they can never take my Love nor Light – nope. They have made a hellish atmosphere here. Did too many freely give up their Light? Did Earth ever give it up? I guess it does not matter anymore – Because now the pendulum has shifted and the meek inherit their Earth. The vibes of a Lit up Earth and a Lit up people match. What happens to that which does not match? that remains to be seen – or unseen.
      Love, Areeza

      1. The knowledge was given in the 1920’s to make free energy. Greed and power over others took it all away. The blue prints still sit on a shelf hidden away from the public to keep the powers that be in power.

        Love and blessings to all

    2. I remember and would say this.
      “as you all know, the lower the frequency, the less ability to interact with the higher ones.”
      “They cannot interact with this ocean of creative energy, for they are very much in discord with it, and as such, they cannot constitute any threat if you will to this process at all.”
      “And so, you need not fear extinction, for that is not allowed, not even within the edict of free will.”
      The last message is felt as if talk to me to publick “it”. This message is the basis that I was determined to publish a “Circle of Witchcraft”.

  5. This is my 14th favourite Japanese song from
    Angelique – (Let me confess love) Until fall the snow (Released Date : Nov.01,2000)

    Lyric : NONE

    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.

    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT! ===

    Though minor song, I love this winter song.

    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

  6. Just everything is possible to melt together Now.
    It’ s all possible.
    Just imagine.
    Not scary at all.
    The information being exchanged in new combinations….it’ s happening already.
    A new world..
    Thank you all for your Light and Love lifting me higher to One-ness

  7. It’s a pretty complicated missive, this 401. If I get it right, it says that we are all light, we are all one, no matter how dark the other is. We are all one and All have a part in it. Good and bad do not apply, labels do not apply.

  8. Thank you Aisha and cc’s.

    There is a lot to this story Aisha that you talk about. Much of this story has been hidden for many ages as you know. I would love to talk about it or write a book about it because it is a story of the Earth and how humans came to be. Many books have been written about this but none know all the story and just give bits and pieces about our past. The ones that do know the whole story won’t speak of it yet. To them the story isn’t finished yet. Like you said the story of the past will be rewritten in the future then all the truth will be know about the whole story of earth and the beings that have spent time here. I like many others have spent enough time in the shadows. The earth is half night and about half daylight. There was a time when earth was much bigger and turned much slower without a moon. Humans are much the same. Many times I have been asked where have you been all these ages. I would just smile and say around. Many things are coming that will be new to all on earth. I will just wait until it is time to join my old brothers of light that have been around just as I have. Staying in the shadows of time. Waiting for the embers to come to flame and shine to all. All will know when that time comes. There won’t be any shadows to hide in. You never know maybe one of the larger planets on the outside of our solar system may become a star of at least a dark star. Then we would have a reason to try to control the weather to keep the earth cooler.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Dear Ray!

      Reading your message/s/ gives me the feeling of sitting close to a wise grandfather who is lovingly telling you the story of life.

      Thank you,


    2. their have always been another way to be wrong.

      by Micha F. Lindemans
      In Babylonian myths, Tiamat is a huge, bloated female dragon that personifies the saltwater ocean, the water of Chaos. She is also the primordial mother of all that exists, including the gods themselves. Her consort is Apsu, the personification of the freshwater abyss that lies beneath the Earth. From their union, saltwater with freshwater, the first pair of gods were born. They are Lachmu and Lachamu, parents of Ansar and Kisar, grandparents of Anu and Ea.

      In the creation epic Enuma elish, written around 2000 BCE, their descendants started to irritate Tiamat and Apsu so they decided to kill their offspring. Ea discovered their plans and he managed to kill Apsu while the latter was asleep. Tiamat flew into a rage when she learned about Apsu’s death and wanted to avenge her husband. She created an army of monstrous creatures, which was to be led by her new consort Kingu, who is also her son. Eventually, Tiamat was defeated by the young god Marduk, who was born in the deep freshwater sea.

      Marduk cleaved her body in half, and from the upper half he created the sky and from the lower half he made the earth. From her water came forth the clouds and her tears became the source of the Tigris and the Euphratus. Kingu also perished, and from his blood Marduk created the first humans.

      “The Deep” (Hebrew tehom) at the beginning of Genesis derives from Tiamat.

      1. was thinking when reading Ray’s comments about Marduk – thanks Otmn!
        I dont believe in global warming – its friggin freezing this whole Winter where I am!
        I have always been told I would write books. Something held me back – until the time is right. As Ray says, the story is not finished yet. I only want to write the truth. I also have to be my complete truth.
        Love, ~A~

  9. hey team! well,ever onward,and upwards huh?
    i still feel as if-well,as if i just can’t recall anything beyond this particular embodiment-and it’s really frustrating–i thought by now,much more would be clear,y’know ,what happened to the clarity bit–i seem to have missed out on that ‘stanza’……*sighhhhh*
    but it sure is nice to know we ain’t alone–and we ain’t alone–that’s great–and it makes all the difference–bless you all–
    say-is it march the first yet? this has never gotten so far,so far–outstanding!

    1. relax
      let it unfold and grow as it will
      you cannot rip a cocoon apart and expect to find a butterfly
      wait for it,
      truth be told, we are planning a surprise
      hush now

  10. To any of you interested, following is a link to a two-part audio channeling from Kryon regarding Soul communication with Higher Self (35 minutes and 33 minutes respectively)… I found it helpful—I resonate with Kryon as “he” has a great sense of humor, makes me lol sometimes.

    Thanx to Otmn, too, for sharing the “dancing energies” of DeBussy especially and also Beethoven. Magical, JOY-filled.

  11. Dear Lin – just want you to know that I am “back” together again with new grounding tools and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with my wise woman friend. Love you! 🙂 Caroline

    1. Dear Caroline – I am not Lin – lol – well not completely but I want to say I am glad to see you back together again and off the wall. lol…off the wall…we all are that! xo

      1. LOL! 🙂 Thank you. It appears that my next lesson in Mastery school is learning how to stay in my body. Love you! 🙂 C

        1. would love to hear more of what you experience C (re where u go to with your consciousness) – when u are up to sharing it. For many years I had issues being out of body more than in it and problems ensued. And, when I had that most spectacular experience of Being All That Is during a shamanic journey – I had Real trouble getting ‘back in’. My body was getting cold even. I expanded to such an extent, there seemed no way to ‘fit’ back in this body again. That one experience though – it anchored in so much for me with: “God Allows all the while embracing All of its creation with Love”. It truly was that simple. XOA

          1. Hmmm….it’s not that I “go” anywhere, but more of exactly what you describe as “being expanded to such an extent” that it is challenging for me now to move my soul with my body. I want my body to “go” in one direction, but my soul is etheric and wants to float in a different direction. I guess it’s more about finding a place deep inside my belly where I can anchor and stay put! It’s definitely a “coordination” issue between the etheric “me” and the physical “me”. I’m doing a lot of talking with my body. I’ve asked my angelics to close all portals around me, because the last thing that I want to experience right now is a full blown OBE!!! First things first! I’ve also made the intention for no traveling at night. I have done my work for the collective shift and now I believe I am giving myself permission to simply be the new me. It’s very freeing to know that I have the power to do this. I really need to take this in “baby steps”. I’m not one to have ever wanted to practice the great mystical gifts that others are mastering in this incarnation – I know I am doing all of that in my concurrent lives. I am also probably one of the few of us who actually really loves simply being “human”. My greatest and most heartfelt desire now that the shift is occurring is to communicate with the animal and plant kingdoms in our original language (and the elementals, too). I can feel how my heart is pulling this desire into my future timeline. And I know that this has an effect on the collective, too. Just as I desire to see a world free of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. We all do our part in bringing in our individual desires into the future timeline. Cool stuff! God – now I’m rambling. LOL! Love! Caroline

            1. Rambling? Oh no Caroline – I loved your description of your vision so very much!!! I love to be a human too and want to have abilities to talk to and understand and help to release every living being, nature and all that need to be released from suffer – to bloom in its highest respect.

              Now I know that one day it will be possible.

              Thank you my lovely vision sister 🙂


            2. Thanks for this great sharing….& certainly not ramblin’…you are a part of us…together we are learning into the New World !…& I agree about being human….see & feel the positive wonders of life, who ever you may be or where ever you may be….the Earth is Creation & has so much to show & offer us All !……Love to You….Bev~

          2. Forgot – there is also a sense of “unwinding” as if a fulcrum of energy has been set free and is now spiraling down and settling. I’m looking forward to the “settling”. 🙂

          3. Thanks so much Caroline – I feel the same with the hearts desire pulling me forward. Its a smoother process now and with actual results! not just wishful thinking! I Love communicating with the plant/animal kingdom. I do it in my own way (telepathically I would say) my whole life and as u say, will be fantastic as this grows to a higher level too. exciting! I always trusted that the interaction was real for me And them. I see more response these days on the animal part especially. On my route (I have to go the same way every morning now – new ‘rules’), I pass these cattle and I could swear more of them turn their heads when I come by. lol. I place my hand on the window and speak to them. And my interaction with my Boulder friend.
            I know what you mean about OBE these days. I have decided to stay put as there is this ‘star war’ activity out there right now. Lots going on. The other night, I felt trapped and not able to even go anyplace with my consciousness – there was a Lot of confusion – like nothing existed as it ‘used to’ or as I was familiar with. It was a very odd feeling but I was able to let go get comfortable again soon. Perhaps when I heard ‘you must let us take over now’ , it was my over-soul group. Wondering about letting got of how I identify with Debra/Areeza. I am sure in a few weeks, we will be saying ‘oh, but of course! – this makes sense’ – when we lift into even higher realms.
            I have never really taken to being human – all the denseness and yukky inner parts – lol. I think of my true self as more of a Light Ball. 🙂 I can see us taking whatever shape we want though too.
            XX OO with Love, ~A~

    2. Dear C… I am Lin 🙂 and I’m glad to know you’re back and grounded.
      Also, thank you, for the explanation of your current experiences–love your “rambling” as it’s very informative. I, too, was curious and appreciate Breezie asking the question.

      Hope your adrenals recover soon… all your hard work for the collective shift is deeply appreciated. En-JOY your hard-earned Freedom simply
      “BEing” and resting. With Love, Lin

  12. it’ s beautiful the way you say this Sun.
    the curtains go up.
    energies are working like an old friend.
    miracles keep happening
    I am not yet One, not yet completely
    In daylight and with complete concsiousness could I walk towards the Dark without any fear?
    Not yet.
    but I know now that day wil come.
    and I will walk up there in Love only.

    1. Beautiful Sun! Beautiful Willis! I Fall In Love with the two of you right here! I Love the sensitive men – and to express it like this – ahhhh 🙂

    2. ~ Perfect Love has no fear
      and we Will all walk perfectly together as One ~
      I am just getting started reading here again tonight –
      u folks are gonna melt my heart completely this evening aren’t you? ((smile))

  13. This is so Beautiful ~ Thank you, my heart is overflowing with the ever present Grace that is offered through Aisha.

  14. It has come to me that each of the energy waves we have felt over the last years are all interconnected with one another.
    energy waves can be expressed as sounds, interconnected sounds can be called music.
    It’s like the cc’s are playing a song for us, in a way.
    Then they showed me this video as a way to help me “get it”
    The waves are on the way, but you don’t hear/feel it until it gets here.

    did i just do what no one has done before?
    well, if i did, i must say spirit helped.

    1. WOW – Otmn – this just blows me away! Thank you so much for sharing these words and this visual, you have helped me to actually see what I was told in a reading years ago: “I am an instrument. I choose to delegate myself into different pieces of harmony. I am a song, and when I sing that song, those that listen will sing with me. Transformation occurs when there is oneness which starts to act in a spiral form. And this spiral moving upwards breaking the barrier of time into the sunrise of new beginnings and the possibility of all there is.”
      With much love and gratitude and a BIG smooch from me, Aisha

    2. Debussy is my favorite – If I listened only to Classical music it would all be Debussy – but of course you knew I melt with this too
      Thank you, with Love and smooches, Areeza

      UniVerse is One Song sung by us to keep the Love vibration alive

      1. DeBussy is a little too mellow for me I’m more of a Beethoven guy, at least my chaotic life resonates with him.

        glad to help.

    3. shining shoots of beaming Love Light harmonizing with sound tones creating music….your words, your vision & clip are wonderful !….All are beautiful expressions of vibrational creation energy being unified into ‘One’….these are often the times when we feel those ‘A Ha’ moments !…really Fabulous isn’t it !….Thank You…..LOve, Bev~

    4. Merci, j’aime Debussy, son histoire personnelle me touche beaucoup parce qu’elle comporte de nombreux points communs avec la mienne.
      Il a dit ces mots : “Je n’aime pas les spécialités parce qu’elles rétrécissent mon univers” je suis d’accord avec cela…

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