The manuscript of survival – part 399

We want to return to a topic that has been mentioned before, but that bears repeating as we usually say, and this time, it is the subject of time. Time is a subject that will keep popping up in our missives, and rightly so, as the whole concept of time and indeed the limitation you seem to think it has is indeed a subject that lies at the very core of this whole operation. You see, mankind’s idea of time as this linear stretch of events that slowly unfolds at a designated pace will also help to limit your ideas as to how and when a certain event may come about. For to you, things can only happen at the level of consciousness that you are able to witness. And so, you see strict limitations to everything as you seem to think that everything must adhere to these limitations that your idea of time sets up. For these limitations are indeed so basic to your whole idea of living, as you see how the clock starts to tick the moment – usually recorded for posterity – when you take your first breath and until that moment ย – usually also recorded for posterity – when you take your last. And so, each life is a line in the sand if you will, starting at one point and running parallel to all the other lives or lines that exist simultaneously to yours, and so, you all share the same intrinsic idea of when a certain event took place as you can go back in your annals and look at the time and the date when it was recorded.

And so, when you think back or when you plan ahead, you always adhere to this same strict line of time with no exception, so to you, time is indeed a straight and narrow line stretching forwards and backwards into infinity. But still, it is indeed straight as a ruler with no deviation to it at all. And so to you, nothing that falls outside of this thin line can exist, for if it does not fit into your concept of time, it does not even enter into your mind. Why, you even use your measurement of time to define the “age” of the light that comes into your line of sight whenever you look up to the sky. For you define the distance to the twinkling pinpricks of light you see above you in the night sky in time also, as in when the light from that star started its journey towards you. And so, your concept of time stretches into every direction you can see, yet it also narrows everything into that same thin line.

For us, the concept of time is indeed a very different one indeed, and now, you have perhaps also started to sense that time as you know it is no longer the same to you either. For to us, time is indeed a malleable subject in every way, and to many of you, time has seemed to take on this same formability too. For many of you will have sensed that time is no longer that defined, steady rhythm, meted out by your clocks and as reliable as nothing else. Now, you will find that the very idea of “keeping time” will throw you off balance, and you will indeed have a hard time – pun intended – keeping track of it all. For if you try to go back and describe just what you were doing at any given time – a concept that normally is an easy one to take into your mind – you will perhaps lose track very fast if you try to put these events on to a defined timeline. For what used to come naturally to you does not do so any more, and you will see that this straight and clear cut line will become squiggly and fuzzy, it will seem to back up on itself, stretch out and compress like an accordion being played by a very unskilled musician. And so, things that may actually have taken place at two almost identical points in time may seem to grow wider and wider apart, while things that took place with perhaps several decades between them will seem to have taken place almost simultaneously. We know that you will all be able to report similar instances, so again, we are here to remind you that this is simply a sign of you breaking through more of the old barriers that have held you captive for such a long – yes – time.

For as you break free of the old bondage of linear time, you will also find yourself much freer in so many other aspects. For when the rest of humanity still try their best to keep marching to that same old beat from their clocks, you will become a time traveller in every sense of the word. For as you leave the old confines of linear time behind, you will begin to understand that there are so many new levels or dimensions to explore, dimensions that exist simultaneously with the old and single minded one you have experienced so far. And yes, we do use single minded with intent, as you have up until now been living your lives as if you simply existed within this strictly defined narrow line of time, the old way of living your life unrolling that single-laned band that stretches from birth to death for then to be abruptly cut off again. But now you will start to experience a multidimensional version of you, the one where there are no endings nor beginnings, but where it all comes together in endless cycles of bands of time, like a Moebius strip seemingly biting is own tail as it traverses in an endless quest for knowledge and experience. For now, you will see that this narrow band of a human life is nothing more than a simple little line in the sand, but from now on, you will be invited to explore the whole beach, and beyond.

For a human life is simply a narrow little furrow in the sand, and the visibility is very limited by these narrow walls defined by the timeline you have all been well trained to follow. But now, you see these walls crumbling before your very eyes, and you will begin to understand that time need not be looked upon as a sort of straitjacket anymore, and the idea that you might even “run out of time”will be cause for mirth, not for desperation and frustration. For running out of time is indeed something you are no longer capable of, for now time will be at your disposal, and not the other way around. For earlier, you have felt forced to live your life dictated by the clock, and so, you have watched as the seconds, minutes and hours have seemed to literally run out into the sand, for never to return. And if you did not take advantage of this exact “now” it would never return, and so it would be defined as “wasted time”. Well, there is no such thing as wasted time, and that is an idea you will soon find more true than what you can even begin to grasp now.

For time is, as we have told you earlier, something very malleable and indeed, it is something you can even have a conversation with. And when we say conversation, we mean as in an interaction. For remember, time will no longer be restricted to a defined set of compartments, each measuring the same, as in your concepts of seconds, minutes hours and so on. For these compartmentalized ideas of time is no longer the ones that will define your lives as you start to peek over that wall that separates humanity from the rest of Creation. For then, you will see that you will be able to step back and forth between these “compartments” very easily, and you will understand that moving between the different layers of this multidimensional “cake” of Creation will also send you back and forth between many different versions of this concept of “time”.

We think many of you will have a hard time following these words, but let us just sum it up by saying that the walls are falling away in every sense now, and one of the results of this will be felt in your inability to keep track of time. That is, in the human way of defining it. So know that even if you will feel more than a little bewildered from all of these seemingly unending versions of time lapses, peculiarities and paradoxes, they are simply a sign of you becoming untethered from this old thread of third dimensional restriction, and you will begin to learn to straddle the divide between then and now in a very different way than before. And with this untethering will also come a new form of balance, as you will begin to understand the concept of simultaneous bi-location, a concept that necessitates disconnecting from the old in every way, especially the sense of time.

So again we say, simply go with the flow, even when it seems to take you far beyond what your mind can comprehend. For it will not take you anywhere you are not meant to go, it will simply take you out of the known waters and inte the brand new, unexplored ones in ways that will help you to set yourself free from the old and dive all the way into the new.

284 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 399

  1. Hello again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thought Iยดd share that now Iยดm happy again and very tagged for Equinox again ๐Ÿ™‚ In my joy today I found this wonderful video that I want to share with you:

    You know – life could be so wonderful if you let it in – in full :)))

    Love you all!


    PS. Sorry if I missed some messages from you – too much to take in after a break – albeit quite short ๐Ÿ™‚

    PPS. I got a joy crazies this morning when I was told I will meet my grandchildren – sooooon :)))

  2. Wise words about the word trauma from Jennifer Hoffman today.

    “I think our focus on ‘less’, as in fearless or painless, allows us accept that there is going to be a certain amount of those things that we just have to tolerate. But we don’t and we can focus on the ‘free’ aspects, as in pain-free and fear-free, and let those become our reality.”

    Love / light,


    1. Hello JJ!

      Feeling very light today too. So different, like coming into a new existence, though a lot of technology has stopped working. Whatยดs going on?



      1. Dear JJ and B – a big hello hug to you both! I think you also have gotten a taste of the new energies that have already arrived for the next Gathering this Sunday. I connected to the energies at the Pond last night and they almost made me fly out of my bed ๐Ÿ™‚
        Wishing you all a wonderful day!
        LOVE, Aisha

  3. I’ve have been out of control for lifetimes.
    keep focused on the goal and don’t care what happens along the way
    who needs control?
    love is enough

  4. Thanks everyone, regardless of hair color;) for a nice day on the blog. Now I go to The Pond and check if anyone is there. Think I sleep there tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you all,


    1. U can always hang another hammock. I Love my tree house hang out at the pond!
      lol…Lin u too with the taxes…. I use TaxAct Online – easy and only 13.95 for both fed and state. I got an xtra 500.00 for the energy saving new insulation, roof shingles, doors and windows that I paid for myself with the house upgrade last yr. And 50.00 xtra credit for all the clothing I donated to Lupus Foundation. I do that each yr. they come and pick it up and leave u a notice for taxes. so, maybe we can buy a new flat screen TV – something fun with some of the money… not all for bills. Thinking of doing away with cable and getting netflix and a digital receiver for local channels. such a waste of money TV is really. crap shows. Kelly is laughing at me for ‘organizing the chocolates’ in the box…yeah, well I guess I have a touch of OCD….ummm.

      1. hahahahaโ€ฆ organizing chocolates in the box?! I wish. THAT’S funny.
        I look like Lucy Ricardo in her famous episode at the chocolate factory. We immediately give away boxes of candy/cookies/etc at Christmas. Regarding sugar, I’m too undisciplined; it calls my name if it’s in the house.
        ok, I’ve procrastinated long enough. back to organizing, adding tax receipts for cpa. I kept hoping Shift would occur before the necessity. (we have both Netflix and cable—hubby in the industry; I would prefer neither)
        I’ll bring my hammock!! xox

  5. wow. it’s been a barrel of laughs the last few. pats on the back to us all.
    we’re still here and breathing, even laughing again. Grateful for the Light even when It presents darkness. I’m with Alex; I’m more than ready for March 2nd Gathering—early.
    Peace & JOY and Hugs & chocolate, Lin

    (always Big Thanks to Aisha/CCs)

    1. Dear Lin, I agree – we all deserve a lot of pats on the back! It is good to see that so many feel lighter today ๐Ÿ™‚ I was up there too earlier today – until my body decided to go into full cleansing mode again ๐Ÿ˜‰ Never a dull moment as they say… Peace, Joy and hugs in return from me to you and all the shining souls here – I think I will try out a pre-gathering dip in the Pond energies this evening to see if it makes my body a little bit happier ๐Ÿ˜‰
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. THANX for your smile even when there isn’t a motivation for it. You/your work/this wonderful blog/CCs keep us all going. Go rest, Dear Lady of the Lake (nod to JJ). You are appreciated, treasured and Loved, never taken for granted. [I send you Tree-Love energy that is still with me—I don’t know how it worked, don’t need to, but it is Magical—gently and Lovingly cleansing while uplifting.
        oops, I forgot, you Live amongst the Trees!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ] xoxoxoxoxo

      2. I was on my hammock this morning at the Pond ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Glad I thought of it, for I finally felt more relaxed
        Love 2 U dear Princess of the Pond (typed that and looked up to see Lin’s post – funny) — our Nordic Goddess… is your head expanding yet?! tee hee

      1. My B. your energy makes me smile always. xoxo
        Great to laugh again; for awhile there, I sounded like the wind blowing thru the trees in a storm—continually sighing loudlyโ€ฆ very unlike me. The air felt so thick, minus oxygen. (maybe that was another 3D “experience” I wanted? who cares. it’s gone. bye bye.)

        1. Dear Lin – oh stubborn one – lol – u just had to move that energy on up the ladder too – thats all… me too…. its all good! not picking on you!
          Well maybe lovingly I am ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like a big/little sister (not sure who is older – lol)
          where hope lives, smiles thrive ๐Ÿ™‚
          Not all over the place today like yesterday with the energy.

          1. hahaโ€ฆ I don’t feel picked on. I welcome Truthโ€ฆ and Pond Love. If I need to, I can always say, “ouch”.
            Loving you.
            From ‘O stubborn one.

  6. I noticed my legs were in much pain and had to fight to settle them down. Must be somekind of energetic block there with me. Clearing process started from my upper chakras and eversince been going downwards. Had something finally done to my rootchakra and split myself into many. Now it’s this waiting game again going. Oh yeah one night ago I had this powerfull presence and I felt my consiousnes sucked into this black and blue hallway or something. Didn’t have the guts being fully sucked out and raised my hand as trying to wake up. Just heard a voice saying: “it’s good for you to know what to do” and it released me. There’s someone or something that can do whaever it wants. I’m not in control, it is. Exciting spooky experiences hehe!

    1. wow – thats interesting experience u are having! My root chakra ‘vibrates’ a lot for the past few months. subtle feeling – kinda nice… lol… who needs an external vibrator when u have this ascension symptom at your hoo haaa?!
      LOL oh geeez.

      1. hahahahahahahahahaโ€ฆ only you, Breezie—well, and dear Otmn, too. Thanx. I’ve missed lol. Maybe you could show up at the bank with rainbow streaks in your hair (ala Nanc and V). Sounds like the suits could use some youthful energizing. would it be mean to use your wand and tap THEM with rainbow hair? omg. just got a lol visual of where I used to work with VIPs suddenly bearing rainbow hair. Big international studio that represents kids—you wouldn’t know it, though. Serious, serious, creased-brow, military-type profit-focused energy. ha! include politicians, too, just for fun.

        1. LOL. if u could see what the president looks like. I now am seeing him with this rainbow wig on! Norman is a West Point Academy grad – a real Army guy. He is ready to retire soon – his family has owned the First Hope Bank for 100 yrs. I sometimes call it Last Hope Bank. lol.
          here is the link so u can all check out the beautiful branches I go to each morning. very smart buildings i must say. Norm has good taste.
          enjoy – and if u are really bored, u can view the ‘History’ link to the left.

          1. respectfully, wig says it all ! ๐Ÿ™‚
            and wow. you travel quite a bit every day. I once lived 6 months in NJ—Willingboro, Burlington area. Truly beautiful green state, though I was unused to humidity in summer. I Love that kind of Nature Green. we’re more arid here in SoCal. I drive to pines and old oaks up north. we have “spots/oases” of green/creeks, and also beaches and mountains—cars are a necessity. the trade-off is we have sunshine almost all year ’round. I’ve read that once Shift/Healing happens for Mother, there will be more moderate weather worldwide.

  7. Feeling so much better today. Isnt it amazing to go from feeling so crappy to so good in one day! Keeps the faith strong. Yesterday, I could not even straighten my right arm – elbow, tendon pain. I have noticed the stretching thing I have been doing nightly since a few yrs ago. It started at my ankles and now up to my arms. I have to consciously relax the muscles when it happens… release slowly or I have a problem the next day. My soul is trying to make better space in my body ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ha! It’s nuts, but I think I’m actually beginning to enjoy the ride. Guess that makes me some kind of cosmic masochist! Going to the Rainforest now. It’s a part of the Cleveland zoo system. And a blessed sanctuary for fellow light folks here struggling through the winter. A place of sanity in the darkness! Love to you and all today! ๐Ÿ™‚ Caroline

        1. Yes, there are a few things here that make life in a dense, highly polluted industrial city livable. We have the best metropolitan park system (including Rainforest), Lake Erie, an ethnically diverse population, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! ๐Ÿ™‚ C

    2. I am glad to see that the energies are somewhat lighter today ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say that I respect you, Caroline, Sun and others having a fulltime work to do besides these uncontrollable energies that takes over without notice. I could not do it. Anyway – it wasnยดt meant so, but I can appreciate not having so many obligations to care for. My long distance walk today with my friend was hard enough feeling tender points almost everywhere afterwards ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wasnยดt it you who told me that we would get some help there with our ailments and resistance? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Love & light,


      1. Dear B, Yes, it is really tough to do this and have to work all day 5 days a week – and take care of Kelly and with my Mom being in the state she is in now….and my house never fully got put back together from last yrs disaster. uggh… but, like u said, it is our lot for some reason and we tow the line – With much assistance yes from beyond and @ The Pond ๐Ÿ™‚ I do so like the idea of those cities of light (healing centers). I have to believe things will move so fast in our direction! Love, A
        Enjoy the Rainforest C!

      2. B – I only work 16 hours per week, now. Had to stop working full-time back in 2008 due to total body burnout from this process. Adrenal glands stopped functioning. Been on the road to recovery and freedom ever since! I am gifted with a most loving and supportive husband, and have been told that I designed my soul plan to be this way. ๐Ÿ™‚ C

        1. I havenยดt been able to work since 2003 when my burnout was “official” and since last year I am retired. I have been blessed not having anyone but myself to take care of as it has been full time job just to exist ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Much love,


          1. We donยดt have a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but since a month ago we have a museum with one of the world’s finest privately owned collection of guitars that impress connoisseurs around the world. Noticing that I get a little ambassador at every opportunity :)))



        2. I pray Kelly’s settlement is very good and maybe I dont have to work full time. I’ve worked thru Lymes and all the burnout and taking care of my ex, his kids and now Kelly. At least I am better these days but not sure how much more 40 hr weeks I can take honestly. And Kelly wants to enjoy what time he has left in an ok body if it is to get worse as dr says. I dont think that way… of course….but its his body…his life. so, I hope to have some play time on the horizon for us to enjoy the great outdoors more. If it doesn’t work out, I would like to go on to a diff plane of existence (def dont see keeping this pace up and its so boring) and i would like to take everyone’s pains with me if that were only an option! My Mom, Kelly, his Mom, so many folks want to be here more than me. lol. Kelly would be good financially with my life insurance, house, everything goes to him.
          Just completed taxes…pheeww! another task out of the way.
          nice day out. Daytona 500 race is on – well Was on, raining hard in FL. Love, ~A~

          1. HANG ON, BREEZIE!! We’re standing on the Finish Lineโ€ฆ a good hugging, Loving Wind (Breeze) will gently blow us all across.
            Here’s a thought/pact: if you stop talking about “leaving”, I’ll stop apologizing for the earth and the sky and everything in between!
            Deal? seriously, I hope your Path allows you to remain.

            Question regarding Kelly: Have been having trouble with prayer healing energies for him. Don’t want to interfere with his choices/his Path. Does he welcome healing energies? or just comforting energies? Have felt a blockage for awhile—on my part.

            I pray for you, too (and mom+)โ€ฆ

            1. D E A L ๐Ÿ™‚ you
              lol…i just picked on you again below. we Are like sisters!
              Yeah… re Kelly… I tell him folks are here to offer help and to open up…. not sure what he is really doing in that arena. I accept it and just try to help him with massage. When u think of him, just send him Love and the comfort it brings. sure cant hurt! Thank you so much Lin! xo
              I also sent for some homeopathic and natural herbs for him – lets see if he takes them. and of course healing massage oils – now those he wont refuse!

    3. Right there with you, Areeza!
      Up one day, the next you’re down.
      Actually it’s the other way around, but that’s how the song goes. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Love & Joy!

  8. Great update Sun.
    For me, the feeling of being ‘out of control’ has caused some upsets – but only in short spurts now. As I feel also like its all being ‘handed over’ somehow. Certainly not used to this way of experiencing things. I know I will be comfortable with it more and more. There have been moments of sadness in letting go of the illusion that ‘was’. I let the sadness be, the Love is the under current and I cant grab the old way back anyway, so to speak. So the more it slips away (and I allow it to), it can bring odd feelings that I try not to judge. Going with the flow seems the best way with less discomfort in the mental/emotional/physical arena we still play in. What a process: bringing in the new with total trust while still seeing and contending with the old. and I am certainly not 100% with the letting go and having complete trust. lol.
    Love and hugs to you Sun… glad u r getting more rest….and your own experience of the process is going along well. I too notice the clarity coming into the Pond.
    Love to All , XOA

    1. In second your sentiments Breeze! Can’t say my mind is quite clear yet, but it feels like it is clearing again and I got to see come aura colors again yesterday – they go away when the stress gets high.

  9. Yes Sun! I feel clearer and sharper this weekend and I really enjoy it.

    Regarding your words “I feels to me, that I am not in control, of when I will let go, itโ€™s as if this has been taken out of my hands, for the time being”, I think that is good news ๐Ÿ™‚

    Much love & light,

    B to B

  10. Pun not taken. Having freedom to play with time I just stretch myself all the time. It’s like making my innerchild weep its weeps, so that I can actually do what I’m supposed to do with it. Best toy I’ve played with, truly is. Makes me cry and joy, with no barriers kept. Like we have this saying around here, that who has happiness shall hide it. This does not work that way. Again some donkeyballs lutheran nonsense.

    1. Nice rockin tune! The guys in this video had some Mik Jagger moves. My guy is downstairs rockin out himself right now ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I also see u have a very long list! I want to get an electric violin next – I have a cajon drum. Music helps the spirit.

  11. Dear friends! Like so many of you, I have been pushed and prodded hard by the incoming energies, so I spent most of yesterday in “mental hibernation” feeling very much like Areeza describe it in an earlier comment: “I feel I dont want to โ€˜be hereโ€™ but I dont know where I want to be!” Today my mind has decided to start to function again, so I have been sitting here going through all of the words, images and sounds you have been sharing these last 24 hours or so, and what an amazing journey it has been! I have been laughing and crying, giggling and nodding my head in agreement, singing and dancing with delight and at the end, almost been overcome with joy by the sheer amount of love and light, wisdom and honesty, compassion and insight that has poured out from each and every one of you. For this has been such a wonderful example of sharing and caring, of coming together to support and to lift each other in so many ways, culminating in Forest Joy’s amazing poem ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you, my wonderful brothers and sisters for making this miracle happen here every single day! I love you so much – time for the biggest group hug ever!
    With eternal love and gratitude from me, Aisha ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Dear Light Sister!

      I send you a big hug and much love! I am so glad your mind decided to start to function again because we really need you here ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you are having a nice day with sun shining on you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Much love & light,


    2. Thank You too from me Dearest Sister !…& as B said, ‘we need you here’, & we need each other !….what a truly wonderful, sharing & supportive sanctuary you have created here….valued & appreciated by us All !….your comment above was so perfectly said & I think we All had a taste of this as well, & as far as the laughing, crying, singing & dancing….it most surely means so much, but even means so much more when we do it together !…. Love to you All !….Bev~

        1. I believe you may be on to something here, Nancee. Our creation may very well be receiving a soul name. Love you, Caroline

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