A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, these incoming energies make themselves announced in all sorts of ways. Perhaps the best way to describe them is how they seem to fluctuate in wildly erratic patterns, and these seemingly unpredictable patterns of energetic transmissions will also affect you at many levels. And so, you will find yourself as if floating blissfully in a tranquil sea of good vibrations if you will, for suddenly to feel as if your raft has been toppled over, and you flail about in choppy waters, unable to find what is up or down. So yes, these are indeed times that will be marked as extremely unpredictable, as you will never know just what they will bring around the next corner.

You see, this is indeed a carefully orchestrated event, and everything that is being set into motion, will be set into motion in such a way your human mind will be left out of the loop. And what do we mean by that? Simply that all of this is done with one thing in mind, namely to help you get out of the old ruts that you have been so faithfully following within YOUR mind. You see, this is not done by accident, but by careful planning, and as such, expect to be tossed to and fro in the most uncommon of ways in the time ahead. For we will do all we can to help you to let go of any of the old patterns and programmings that still try to keep you going in that old and set of ways, and so, whenever you feel yourself finally fully balanced, you will probably encounter something that deliberately throws you off balance again.

This may sound like a callous way of doing things, but again, nothing will be left to chance here, as it is indeed vital that you no longer try to stick to the old “tried and true” any longer. And so, these energies will help you to do just that, by shaking the tree in any way they can in order to make you let go of the branches and finally take to your wings and fly off into the unknown. And as you all know well by now, this unknown feels so alien to you, as you think it will bring you away from everything that you still sense as the you that you have become so familiar with. And so, you hesitate on the brink of freedom, for you think you will throw away yourself if you truly let go of the old. Well, that is certainly not the case here, for the moment you finally decide to let go of that old and crippling grip on those last remnants of the illusion of you, you will finally realize that you have simply forgotten the truth of who you really are. And so, the moment you let yourself lift off, you will literally move into well known and well loved territory, for then, you will finally come home to the real you, and not that faint and illusory version of you you have been up until then.

So again we say, fear not if you feel yourself staggering around in the times ahead unable to find your balance for long sequences of time. For it is only an aid to make you become loose enough to let go of the old and encumbering illusory bits and pieces of disinformation that is still holding you down. And know also that you will find yourself surfing pleasantly along at times, experiencing a deep, deep sense of homecoming and bliss in between, and whenever this sense arrives, know that this is simply a small taste of what you have in store. For that vast ocean of tranquility that you will get to take a short swim in now and then is there, waiting for you to fully immerse yourself in it the moment that very last piece of old detritus has been left behind.

So enjoy these brief interludes in between the shake-ups, and remember that this sea of tranquility is indeed the end goal. We hope that this will make those not so pleasant and rather rattling moments more palatable to you all. After all, they will arrive as helping hands, not as any kind of hindrance. Rather, it is simply a thorough form of helpful hints if you will, in the form of energetic impulses that will hit home in those places where you seem to be stuck in some ways, but that will be shaken and sifted by these incoming energies in such a way, it will render them soft and pliable so that you can step away from any old rigidity that is still standing in your way.

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  1. The Singer aiko linked above was oppressed by the jealousy of the grand woman of the Japanese entertainment world, therefor aiko was not purged from the entertainment industry cause took no against action and keep quiet.

    However, the “same song”

    is advertised as the debut song of rookie of the same office of the grand woman, moreover, and singer aiko was humiliated by used in this rookie’s song as back chorus. This incident was prophesied in Psalm-24 line -Ⅳ of Archangel ARION.
    Ⅳ Why do you change the song of jpy to the song of bloody roar.
    Do you make a hand of this unnamed birds.

    1. I have mistaked.
      “song of jpy” is incorrect.
      “song of joy” is correct.
      “Do you make a hand of this unnamed birds.” is incorrect.
      “Do you make a hand to this unnamed birds.” is correct.

  2. This is what I want to piece together from my mushed out brain. I got that the way we feel – with the tremendous ‘over it’ feeling – it has to be because in fully feeling it and wanting it gone, gone, we Are fully release it. We had to be Done, Done, Done. I see this tornado – cyclone – energy swirling all the crap I so totally do not want anymore up and out from me (and around me at a little more than arms length). At the same time I feel a new cyclone Full of goodies but right now the other is stronger – and it has to keep my focus there – taking the last remnants of crap away. It feels more personal now – the crap being released. My dreams reflect it too. And its really important – to me – to keep it personal and keep to ‘my space’ right now. something like that. Love to all…. got to turn in now. A

    1. ” It feels more personal now – the crap being released. My dreams reflect it too. And its really important – to me – to keep it personal…”

      BINGO Areeza! Suddenly I understand my dream last night :))) THANKS!!!

      Love & light,


  3. for example, last week we had over a foot of snow. The wind was blowing hard, I went out and refilled the seeds in the bird-feeders anyway. With all this metal inside my body I get cold very quickly. The metal is like a cold magnet. Even though I was out in the snow for only a few minutes it took a couple of hours to get warm again.

  4. I’m doing jumping jacks here at work to stay grounded. Having a hard time staying in my body. Oh well……tomorrow will be different again – every day is unique! Hang in there everyone! Love to all, Caroline

  5. http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2014.htm

    Hilarion: February 16-23, 2014
    “…It is becoming easier to continue the process of refinement within one’s own character. As each person looks within themselves to those areas that need transmutation in the way they are expressed and recognizes the
    patterns that now need to be changed in order for their higher aspects to be more fully integrated and aligns themselves to this purpose, the way forward opens and greater revelations of their blind spots are revealed. This helps in the process of elimination of all that has hindered one’s progress to become a fully realized divine human walking here on Earth. All ways of being that have been assimilated throughout one’s lifetime and held in the subconscious mind can now be exposed to the light of truth, recognized as an area that needs change and consciously make the adjustments necessary…

    “As each person loves themselves more fully and with daily consciousness, gives themselves what they truly need, a greater degree of harmony and happiness, ease and grace flows through them into all areas of their lives. Life becomes more joyous in all of its aspects and each person blossoms into the greater possibilities of themselves. As the wounds from the past are healed and each person has regained wholeness within, the Earth is also liberated to move further into her own wholeness. When the human collective expresses love in action on a daily basis, there is no limit to the heights of achievement that can take place within society’s structures.”

    1. Thanks Lin!

      I wonder how many dark spots are left to enlighten for me/us 😉 However, here we go again :))))

      I hope today is a better day for you!

      Love & light to you dear LIn!


  6. …but yeah! i never liked surprises..so you can imagine how thrilled i am to read aisha’s latest couple channelings….still,i can’t wait for the next installment! thanks again,aisha,for being the faithful channeler–could you thank your -our-invisible friends for me,for all their attention and consideration–i wonder,what sort of a group are they-and how is it they can be so concerned with our ‘world’ ?

    1. Dear Arctourist! Our “invisible friends”, or The constant companions /The CCs as they like to call themselves, is a group or collective of very different beings representing several different civilizations. You can read more about them here. They often describe themselves as our “cheerleaders”/support team, and their task is to assist us in any way they can so we can fulfill our task of changing ourselves and through that, this whole planet. And as The CCs like to remind us, all the work we do, we do not only for ourselves, but for All of creation. We are in other words all part of a huge galactic “task force” working for the same goal, a new world where LOVE is the guiding force. And I do not think I need to thank The CCs on your behalf, for they have gotten your message already directly from you 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. hey,thanks! yeah,i thought it was probably many different people from many different places,so to speak…and maybe i haven’t read what you mentioned-thanks again!

  7. hey,lightworkers.org must be messed up or something–it said ‘you are not authorised to view this page’ when i tried to get to the channelings page..
    i had to wonder,”was it something i said..?”
    i think it must just be some mistake!

  8. “and when you stop and think about it, you won’t believe it’s true, that All the Love that you have been giving, has All been meant for You ”

      1. Blessings to you Ray !….I grew up with 2 older brothers, so even by the age of 7, I was well versed in all types of rock n’ roll !….but a few groups had a lasting imprint on me, especially the Beatles & Moody Blues !
        Have a great day !….Bev~

  9. Hi Ho Pondies.
    Honestly, this update doesn´t say anything that I can verify for me.
    I do not sense energies. Nor do I feel transmissions. Bliss states I do not feel. Yes, there was heavy wind outside. But as we slowly grow older and older each day, we experience what we encounter as our life. Ups and downs, good days, bad days. Modern times. Lightworkers.org just gave me a pink slip. Housecleaning.
    Sleepless nights and waking hours of worry or discontent. I think Nirvana is not around the corner. No ever so brightened event will change everything into better life for all, in an instant. Won´t happen. No miracles allowed in 3D.
    For sure greed, money and ignorance of others misery is taking over.
    Will love and light win this battle? Is rigidity the problem here?

    Beside all of this negativity I sleep a lot these days. Wondering if I do work enough.

    1. hey,that’s not bob dylan,it’s far too melodic and rhythmic for one thing-plus i remember it’s a band called stealer’s wheel-i was like 7 yrs old when the song was a hit on the radio in like 1972 i think it was-haha–yes the singer was gerry rafferty who later made that great song called baker street…….

  10. I had a old friend and his wife come to visit me over the weekin. He is a preacher and owns a book store. He owns several other companies. He was worried about me because he heard I don’t work or do anything anymore. I still get job offers all the time and I do miss working. My work days are over except what I may do around my home. This friend is a lot like I was when I was younger he knows the bible like the back of his hand. He has stayed with this most of his life. I can talk to him about any kind of religion and understand the way he feels about it. I have no way of letting him understand what I believe. He doesn’t know much about science and what I believe is a mixture of science and religion and living speaking spirits that can be communicated with. This isn’t a one way convesation where most religious prayers ask for help and never get answers to their prayers. Its a two way conversation that I deal with all the time. I listen to what is said and get a understanding from what is told to me by these spirits. I ask a question and get a full answer with understanding that may take a day or two to for me to understand. Most answers I get are more like a thought that makes me have to think with focus about to get the full understanding. When the human mind is given a problem to understand. The mind works on this until it gets a answer of understanding. When you sleep at night all the problems you may be trying to work out come to your mind in dreams to get a understanding of the problem you might be working on.

    To me it is all about focused communication with only love as my intent. I expect nothing but receive much more than I give with the intent of love for all. With the intent of love you get ten times the return than you give in understanding. I am like everyone else and still have ill intent come to my thoughts daily and have learned how to make them leave my thoughts by just saying I don’t need or want these thoughts any longer and give my thanks for this information and what I have lerned from it. Then give my blessing to this thought and ask it to leave. I can sit and watch people work at a job any kind of job. When I worked my heart was with my work in every way to make my job better not only for me but for anyone else doing what I was doing. I was always looking for ways to improve my work not just for me but for the company I was working for. As I watch people work I can see their mind wondering all over the place and not focused on their work at all.

    A person can relate his work to his life and how he may advance his life in love for anything. When a person is working he or she has a purpose that they are trying to achieve. Just relate this to your inter purpose of life and what you want to achieve with yourself with the intent of love. Work becomes a pleasure when you do this. You stand back and look at what you are creating and can say I did good and feel good about your achievements. You do this with only the intent of love and for all not just yourself by not letting ill intent stay in your thoughts. Others will ask you how do you do so well in your work, Then you see how hard it is to tell them how you are doing this. I have done work that have taken three people three days to complete and I could do it in thirty mintues. This is dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes much more. People would ask how can you do this with all this money at stake if something goes wrong. A person can’t do this if they have a fear of money and not believe in themself. I would tell them. Its nothing but numbers on paper to me. I always let the numbers tell the story. So just believe in yourself and trust the love you have for all things and you can do anything. Their is no limit to what you can do at work or within your thoughts of love. The love that lives within us all shares this love with all. The only limit one may have is the love they have for themself.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. Wow Ray….you just blew me away with this….I thought it was me speaking through you !….I still work the 9 to 5…& completely identify & mirror with what you said….& the communication with the spiritual realm, & HS is the same ! & might I just add one more thing….they always tell me they will never give me any ‘slam dunk’ answer…it’s just the way it works….it’s always more like tons of hints, & nudges & bread crumb trails as I must always do the work to reach any final answers, which they will confirm if that is correct….in this way my intent, my learning stays sharp & strong & the found answers are more meaningful when I become a part of the process with them…..& so true that any & All limitations that we should mostly be concerned with are the ones we place upon ourselves….including Love !
      Simply LOve this post from you Ray !….Thank you !….Bev~

  11. Dear friends!
    These incoming energies are definitely continuing to “shake my tree”, but at the same time, there is this sense of solidity, of calmness and joy that keeps seeping into every single part of me. As sun_of_blue puts it, I feel like I too have found “a new sort of balance, it’s nothing like the old balance”. For even if my physical body is doing all sorts of things in response to these energetic blasts that keep rolling in, I am also experiencing a deep sense of connection and gratitude, stillness and joy. It is as if my core is finally coming all the way up to the surface, and that all this disturbance in the form of physical symptoms, an almost complete lack of co-ordination and an inability to speak a full sentence without mixing up the words are simply signals of that last “residue” kicking up dust before it leaves. So yes, to me, this is definitely something very new, and along with this sense of renewal also comes a need to step back and really BE in these new energies, and I see I am not alone in feeling the need for some quiet contemplation. When I connect to the energy here, I feel this same sense of calmness growing, even if we all have more than our share of over-intense reactions to all of these energies. It is like the surface of this Pond is very choppy, but this disturbance is literally only a thin layer, and underneath it, the waters are calm, crystal clear and shimmering with a very new light. So even if these energies will continue to make me literally stumble around, dropping plates and banging into doors, forgetting the words and what it was I was supposed to do, and even if they make my body feel as if it has been beaten up by a heavy weight boxer during the night, unable to foresee if I will be feeling sick or ravenous when I sit down to eat, and uninterrupted sleep seems to have become a thing of the past, they also make me feel so HERE. I still get some emotional eruptions too, but I have found that they only come when I let my mind start to worry or think too much. Then I get an instant physical reaction in addition to the emotional one, but as soon as I manage to reconnect with that still, inner core, it calms down very fast. So I send my love and my light to you all, for I know we are all in that same rocking boat at the moment. But I also know that the only reason this boat is rocking, is because it is trying to help us to let go of the need to control anything at all during this process. For only when we allow ourselves to surrender completely to these intense, but loving energies, will we arrive at that end goal, that tranquil sea of knowingness, that sense of finally BEing complete. So perhaps the boat is rocking so hard to make us all fall out – after all, then we can simply float on our backs and let these waves carry us there 😉
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Aisha!

      A most needed message 🙂 Speaking distracted – I can stand it as long as the dry goods not change places with refrigerated products in the kitchen 😉

      It is important that we not let the melancholy roll in on us now, but will be reminded that we have actually climbed a few (many!) steps up and found an inner strength. The metaphor that we have darkness to lose their footing and will do anything to grab hold of us in the form of depression, self-blame and failure is clear and for me it raises even an anger that I’ve come this far – so I will not give up!!!

      Thank you for an uplifting message 🙂

      Love & light,


      1. My Dear B, JJ, Caroline, Alex, Aisha, all… Thanx sooo much for sharing these additional messages. Just came in from outside to look at the moon, talk to the stars/Mother, as I woke up with great melancholy—down DEEP like I used to have in my childhood. The pure, clean JOY I have come to know and had worked so hard to embrace/allow was completely gone. Then the doubting self-talk began, and I thought: “What is THIS? Have I gone backwards? Was it all just a dream? Am I going insane?” I felt so A L O N E and small, insignificant. I called out for immediate help… and even that made me feel terrible, as my personal power, Balance, EVERYTHING GOOD within myself seemed to have evaporated within only hours (6 hours of now-unusual uninterrupted sleep which felt like only less than 2 hours… I kept looking at the clock to check my disbelief).

        Then I came in and read these messages. Still in a fog somewhat, but now I can cope with these new energies. I’m even holding out my emotional arms to embrace fully with Love the old melancholy, the doubts, the enveloping fear. I can make friends with it all as I now realize doing so will permanently dissolve it into neutral Energy.
        There was a part of me (the small child part, I think) that although while moving forward since kept glancing backwards to make sure I (she) was still safe.

        I feel very vulnerable and naked posting this recall from my childhood, with tears even, maybe even some deep shame mixed in, but it’s All GOOD… now.

        Thanx again sooo much for sharing. I hadn’t realized there was still some of the “scary” memories lingering just out of sight, but so close. I’ll go meditate, read Karen Bishop, JJ’s link, etc. Breathing again. weirdness.

          1. Ok, so I must still be blocking my own voice. (Ethyl where did you go??!!) Maybe you were supposed to see this version instead; these days I try to view every seeming obstacle as an opportunity.


            🙂 AH

          2. (I LOVE Ethyl! absolutely) Thank You! for both versions. I actually related to the Dumbo version for 2 reasons: In childhood, I had had a very palpable, still unforgettable dream of two elephant parents and a tiny elephant baby… and just a couple of nights ago saw a huge elephant form (as I was watching) out of very white smoke in the sky from a neighbor’s chimney that brought a real and personal, powerful message to me from a Beloved Guide/HS(?).

            As I viewed the first vid, I was thinking thru tears (and a smile regarding Dumbo), “Man, AH is GOOD!! How could she possibly KNOW about “my” elephants?!” While outside, I had also asked for a “sign” that this new Guide was indeed still with me and not just playing games. and Viola, there was your video.

            Thank you sincerely, AH/Ethyl, with all my Love. And for the giggle; I embraced it and am still savoring it. 🙂

            1. so much “””””LOVE”””””” to You Dear Lin !….this is a momentary wobble & adjustment…& it does feel like a 1000 happy balloons just burst & came tumbling down….you are strong & you are ready for the next step….don’t be afraid….be confident ! This boat that Aisha speaks of is so much more than any boat….it is your life-soul-sail-boat that you built & you are the crew & captain ! you have set out now into the water for your solo voyage….hoist those sails, anchor that strong rigging like the solo sailor that you know you are & let the wind of Mother’s strength & secure embrace take you safely & confidently upon this next step of your journey !….you are not alone…many of us are feeling this call….Strong & Ready at the Helm my Loving Light Sister !!!……I embrace you !…..Bev~

        1. Lin, my dear lightsister!

          When I woke up Sunday morning I felt sad, empty, alone with no idea what was going on. A feeling like you have been cherished with love and support for a long time and now suddenly being left alone. This morning I felt the same.

          It is not your fault that you have flash backs to dark times. I have had those thoughts back when I was down in the dark too and I don´t know why. Maybe they must show up once again before leaving. If you have read Karen Bishops latest message you will understand that the dark is desperately trying to find stronghold everywhere now.

          We really do need each other now. Somehow it feels like we’re in the driving test phase in order to obtain a driving license and we will certainly not be flunked now? 😉

          All my love and light to you my dear friend!


          1. Thank you, Dears Bev and B… I took a long nap; couldn’t keep my eyes open! oh well… it’s a holiday here so might as well celebrate.
            Now I have to laugh at all this—from one minute to the next, it’s craaaazy weird. Just read Caroline is doing jumping jacks; I’ll have to try that. See, off subject.

            Reading words from both of you (and AH) settled me down further. I Intend to take this “boat” out as far into the ocean as I am able. If more “flashbacks” appear, great big hugs await.

            The JOY, Love & Laughter have returned for the moment. It takes me a long time to type now, so will go quiet again.

            Great big fat Blessings to you both, to All, xo Lin

        2. Lin

          A couple of days ago, I had the thought that this was like being on the Starship Enterprise in the holodeck area. A few times when the crew was there they had a malfunction and “the safetys” went off line. That meant you could die in there. I try to remember that it represents our world pretty well. We all need to be careful, stay centered and alert. There are a lot of really bad things going on right now and (I believe) being aware of them is important. In “aikido” the idea is when an opponent delivers a blow, just don’t be there when it’s supposed to land on you. In other words, feel your energy (ki) – and – extend your energy towards your opponent until you can feel his too.

          Thanks Aisha and CC’s



          1. Thank you, Jeff! I did go deep into fear/so-called dark energy and had to work hard to yank myself out of it quickly by using the Circle of Light around myself, the house/property, husband and even pup, then called for Help which came quickly. I will practice using your aikido technique with my Love Energy—more powerfully proactive. Thank you sincerely for enLightening me.

            Light Blessings to you, xo Lin

    2. In the words of David Cassidy, “I think I love you Aisha!”

      Thank you so very much for YOUR words here.
      I can definitely relate to just about all of it.
      Most especially this food issue. Sick or ravenous for food.
      I sure feel poor when I don’t consider what I am eating also.
      For me, meat seems to upset my digestion considerably.
      Are we all becoming vegan, slowly? I wonder.

      Again, your indispensable for me each day. It gets me through what I have to do in this 3D world. I have such a hard time lately just to leave the house even for a short errand. I come home running on empty. I have to buck myself up just to leave my safe house and home surrounded by the unconditional love of my rescue babies.

      My left ear has a high pitched sound which periodically pulses loudly. (Urgh, it never shuts off, ever!) This is getting to me big time lately, since it began over 2 years ago. Sometimes, when I am reading, my right ear has experienced immediately noticeable popping noises & startle me. When this happens, I pay particular attention to what I’m reading, I feel there is a message for me to take note of. This is usually absolutely correct!

      I am also barely able to enter Sedona at all any more. My temples begin banging, tummy feels like a clothes dryer on high and I have to get in and get out. Sometimes, nausea comes up strongly while in town. I have this also happen periodically 15 miles away in Cottonwood. One morning 3 sips of tea made we shoot over the kitchen sink and bring that right up. Oh, coffee makes me sick these days, caffeine is not part of my diet any longer. (Oh, I miss that so much. Just water now (with water wings on LOL!) at the Pond most mornings.)

      LOL, not sure, if that nausea I feel in Sedona is physical reaction to the energies around here (portals opening & closing) or if writing out checks for Washington is causing this nausea.

      Keeping my head up, light bright and a bucket close by! I need a new boogie board. These endless waves are kicking my butt.

      On a high note, My cancer dog MulDoone still here, quite simply amazing all around me. Makes sense to me, My Mully Bully is an angel ((:

      Blessings for all, Terri

      1. Wonderful update on MulDoone! He’s definitely your angel dog. My girl is doing great after her cancer scare, too. Another angel dog.

        Try to stay out of Sedona as much as possible, Terri. There is a big magnetic rebalancing going on right now there and in other places. Stay as grounded as possible and keep clearing the dense energies out of your body……..and breathe deeply.

        Blessings to you both! Caroline

        1. So glad for the updates on yours and Terri’s pups! I have been thinking of them! Love to you and your furry Angels! Love, Areeza

  12. From an interview with Pilli Cortese, director of a new movie called “Waves”:

    “When discussing the film’s themes, Cortese speaks enthusiastically about the need to embrace our emotions and how we must try to remember how to communicate without technology. If we remember how to do this she believes we may find a way of communicating wordlessly through our energy or, more precisely, waves.

    This technological and societal repression of emotions is, according to Cortese, ‘the worst thing you can do to a human being. For centuries artists, poets and even scientists have been communicating with their soul essence or Muse; it could be that with the advent of technology we have abandoned this habit and in doing this lost something very precious: the ability to listen to our senses’. ”

    Here’s the whole interview:

    1. Karen Bishop:

      “But at this point many of us really do not care and have simply had quite enough of all of it. In this we are crying out, perhaps literally crying, and packing up. We are going. . . . . no matter when or if the time is right. . . . we are going! No more waiting! The reason that we have had enough is because it is finally time and somewhere within us, we know this. Many of us are refusing to participate in any more of this insane process. So we begin the preparations and we begin to pack. And even if realistically the conditions are not yet optimal, as the spaces we yearn for are not fully positioned yet and cannot, therefore, exist, we are going anyway. We have made our voices clear and I am told that we have been heard.

      If we may not know everything with certainty at the time of this writing, we will indeed know very soon. Our clarity and the details will arrive. And then. . . . . we will not be travelling blind.”

      Are we going then? I feel I still have “work” to do. I’m still grounding things.

  13. Thank you, Shelley and Alex for sharing. I had a pretty good day yesterday, I even went to the beach. Lot’s of waves there, they were still coming in from the storm the night before.
    So then I get home, and all the old issues of the past and indeed worry about the future come rolling in (just like the waves at the beach). I guess I just have roll with them. God, its the hardest thing to do for me somehow. I NEVER get used to riding these waves. I don’t get seasick from them, but they just drive me crazy. I like things smooth and easy, sorry, that’s just the way I am. I can stand headwinds, that’s allright with me, but the constant pounding and the tumbling around in the waves, I cannot stand it. Will I ever learn how to ride these waves, I don’t think so.

      1. oh my god I was just about to post this song the other day hahaha, synchronicity 😉
        love this song, it really elevates the mood 😀

  14. I am simply grateful that it is the end of this day, and as everything is perfect, I am reading this message after the shake ups and the feeling of this is not my day–tending a sick child, cutting my finger, spilling hot oil on my hand and every glass or cup I picked up today I ended up wearing some of it–in the vent vault it goes-oh I even muttered the words–this is not my day and had a damn good cry…lmao!!!! Reminder? reminder that no matter where you are on the path at this moment their is no control…no matter how good you get right now “creating your life” all the tools available are not the full complement and daily the energy changes! Today was a reminder to me not to drag buoys behind my little boat that are energetic reminders of what went before or what could come ahead! Simply relax, allow and flow with the tide…water is a message to me today certainly as I change buckets under 7 different leaks in my bay windows…I will now imagine my space of love accepting the tiny drips of loving change until it is filled up full of love!!!! Going with the flow–vault closed! Hugs all! Alex

    1. Thanks Alex for your words! Nothing is the same anymore. This applies certainly to have faith that everything is still exactly as it should be and Karen Bishop’s latest message really gave solace.

      Love & light,


  15. I’ve been feeling like the janitor. People are dropping their junk all over the place. I am constantly transmuting negativity into neutrality.
    On the physical level I’m not doing much of anything, on the etheric level, I’ve never been so busy.
    I know it’s a good thing for all those people to free themselves. I’m not complaining. I’m just fatigued and becoming weary.
    all is as it should be

    1. I hear you Otmn! I’ve been feeling like the plumber, roto-rooting my way through the etheric space creating more unblocked channels. Think this last one was the place of no return for me. They showed me a highway sign that said LEAVING. Cool! Maybe now I can play in the dirt with my dog. 🙂

      1. Yes – if you can laugh out loud with a friend it helps, I have noticed 🙂

        Has anyone else besides me noticed that physical strength is at low speed as well? Last few times I walked an hour and a half with my friend makes me completely exhausted – later in the evening. It never used to be a problem.

        I wonder now how many variations on the theme up and down like CCs can present? 😉

        Love you,


        1. Good morning, B!
          Yes, our bodies are going through a massive transformation. I went through a long period of not being able to walk at all, due to the exhaustion and the fact that walking would trigger the headaches. Try taking shorter walks at a time and gentle yoga in between. We’re all different, so we have to figure out what works best for ourselves. I am finding that my body is getting stronger again and much lighter and fluid. I learned to accept the changes by focusing on what I could do, and not what I couldn’t do anymore. Please keep posting about these things, because it will provide help to so many others. In the meantime, learn to adjust to what works for you in the present moment. Love you! 🙂

          1. Morning Caroline 🙂

            Thanks for the much needed confirmation! The walk yesterday still feels in your body – I’ve never experienced anything like it! Sometimes I think it is the prolonged flu to blame. Hard to know what depends on what.

            Yes – it’s so important to share how we are affected now. Coming in from pepping my neighbor (lightworker) not to take the blame for feeling depressed and completely lost right now. We both have experienced these up and down emotions during autumn where it has felt as if being in a washing machine and then into the dryer and when the you now comes to a state of vacuum, we feel completely lost. Just as you say – it feels like this is a time when we really need to share experiences and support each other. Then Karen Bishops message, some happy music and the message from you will lift me up:)

            Much love, light and hugs to you Caroline!


        2. Dear B, completely exhausted the past two days. not too bad today. My heart was beating fast and hard when I even transferred a small load of laundry to the dryer. Been there before so I dont worry about it. I slept (like I was drugged again) yesterday afternoon for over 2 hrs. and had a really hard time coming awake.
          A few important things came to me this morning. I want to try and explain but my brain is mush. Maybe tomorrow I can put it together.
          Kellys Mom turned 70 today! that is a milestone in her family. We had a real nice day with her 🙂 Love, ~A~

          1. Dear Areeza1

            I slept like beaten on the couch all evening too. Wondered just how it was with you because you were so quiet. But now we’re back on track 🙂 Hope it will be Olympic medal this time 🙂

            Love & light,


    2. warm embrace to you Otmn….I know that often the tasks set before us are not fun & enjoyable ones at all !…sometimes I feel like it is that extravagant soulless party, where everyone wants to attend, have fun, eat & be merry, but then everyone leaves & no one wants to clean up the mess !…and I’m left alone with mop & broom & a box of garbage bags !…also just wanted to apologize if you think I abandoned you in the heart song challenge….I had to go out for a while then lost internet & you tube link….I really Loved All your song choices, even if I still can’t play many of them….but I know their words from memory….Thank You !…..have a glorious day !…Love, Bev~

    3. Otmn, JJ, Sun, and anyone else. I know I haven’t been here for a while. I am just at a point I can barely stand under the brunt of it all, and I am totally not willing to transmute here as well. There is so much dark that has been uprooted, I’m staggering under it all. I’ve tried so hard to shine bright over at Petals Unfolding, and now, I must pull back over there as well. I have never been so exhausted in my life.

      I just wanted to say to all of you who do the energy work, I am walking right next to you. If I could possibly do it, I would tell the energies to stick it where the sun don’t shine. This lightworker, exhausted months ago, is now so I don’t know how I am still breathing. If this phase is not over soon, I honestly don’t know if I can do it.

      My Branches have been shaken. It’s others’ branches that I am getting caught upon. I don’t want to, but it seems that is one of the reasons I am here. To bring Light to the dark.

      With all my Love, yours, Amy

      1. Love you Lady and have missed you!
        Allow a nice Love/Light tapping of my Wand.
        I have had a couple days of saying ‘welp, I guess I came to help the next generation cause I dont think I can do this anymore’. I think we all thought things would get started much, much sooner…and we are mostly 50 plus in yrs so how much more can these old over worked light workers take?! mind u, i do not think of 50 or 60 as old…its the work we do that carries along the rest….wears us out at times and we feel it. This too shall pass I say. I am here talking a lot again to the star beings about it. I really dont need a sign… I need a city of light healing center…and I needed it yesterday (meaning yrs ago – lol). Hang in! We are all always here with You Lady as you are with us!
        XX OO,,, Areeza

        1. Dear Areeza!

          I have for many years had great plans on what I want to do, have had a wonderful goal for my trip. Have wanted to do good for my fellow man before I finally close my eyes in this earthly life. Sometimes I think it was just that, to have the honor to be on this journey with you all, that was the point. I do not know, but what I DO know is that this trip is the most amazing thing I’ve ever been through in my life!

          My intention is clear – and I’m open to receive what is meant for me to do / be / experience. As I said earlier – I do not always know what is best for me – I have surrendered that to a higher power to help me sort out;) In the meantime I do the best I can and mostly I enjoy this ride 😉

          Have a nice ride today Areeza 🙂

          Love & light,

          B to B

          1. OMG! Switching over to Facebook I get this message for today:

            “You are a beautiful, magnificent, multi-dimensional being whose SOUL PURPOSE is to EXPAND into LOVE and BE LOVE”.

            Love you all!


      2. Amy!!!

        I am so glad to see your gravatar here again – feels like in the good old days again 🙂

        Yes – there are hard days – again 😉 but this time it feels so different. As I said before it is like endurance test before the final. I’m glad you come here again when you feel like it 🙂 We really do need each other, need to tell each other how we experience it now so that we get solace in that we are not alone in our struggle.

        A big warm hug to you Amy and a lot of love and light from me, your Star Sister B!

      3. Dear Amy, it is good to see you again 🙂 So much love and an extra big hug coming your way from me! May you find yourself floating peacefully in tranquil waters soon!
        LOVE, Aisha

  16. Thanks for the great post I feel like this is me 100 percent. It seems like the inbetween shake up moments are rare. Every season equals changes on the earth and each change is beautiful even in winter.

  17. Well I went from lovely bliss 2 days ago to violent vomitting in the wee hours of this morning! I attribute this to not doing my job yesterday (clearing the dense energy) as I have to do it daily or it gets stuck. This last month I’m awoken from 3-5am every morning to move the dense stuff through my body and after I lay back in exhaustion, I get blasted with waves of light in all shapes. Lots of beautiful moments in the black void and blissful waves to calm my stretched physical body. Being 4.5 months pregnant doesn’t help the situation physically. However mentally this baby is giving me determination to coast through this roller coaster life experience. I have so much on my plate these days that I have to constantly fight back the old pattern of fear and panic. Funnily I am finally learning how to ride the energy waves to find the smoothest way to get it all done even though it’s like climbing mount everest at times within a strict timeline. Grounding daily, breathing constantly and pausing to rebalance and ask for help at every stressful moment. The knowingness that all is and will be well is becoming easier to feel. When all is said and done, I think we all deserve a nice long fully indulgent holiday to recover from this grueling ascension
    ride. Blessings to you all and keep the faith!
    Much love

    1. Dear Shelley, thank you for sharing your journey with us! It is certainly “not for the faint of heart “as the CCs like to say, so I am glad to see that you are finding a way to ride these intense blasts of energy. I send my love to you and to your baby, this “incoming soul” has certainly picked a very special time to arrive 🙂 Hopefully you will both be back in that blissful state very soon!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  18. hey aisha! it seems you can’t post enough updates or say enough in any one post-i look fwd to this idea of bliss,or experiencing what that means–ok,well i reckon i’ve felt it before,i reckon we all have–okay,well,i hope to have sumthin’ more to talk about soon! channelers,keep on channeling! and are we having fun yet?

  19. hey–i think i know how y’feel…did anyone see ron’s last video? i feel that way quite a bit..and yeah,it’s profoundly…..*somethin’*

  20. hey! yeah,bliss? what the heck is that! shyee-heah! well,i reckon i’d love to share that feelin’-and so much more–nice to be here,i’d personally like to know a leetle bit more about these ‘constant’ companions–y’know it?
    but yes! tell us more,tell us more,more about us,more about you,more about anything else you can think of too!

  21. It’s pure awesomeness behind that darkness. Felt like entering a Roger Rabbit movie you know, acme and real world colliding, caveman into libray. First thing there sat down on a table, seemed like chilling lounge or something, some weird flashes and people staring all around. It’s really difficult to say are you in many places at once or do you enter them one after the other. No solidity at all.

  22. Dear Sun… the CC’s definitely are trying to keep all parts of their faces…if they have faces. I’d say they are floating around in rafts all pissed off about now. 🙂 …anyone here feel like making some special brownies cause I venture to say they would like those right about now. teee heee

  23. It sounds a bit like same old same old…
    Strapping up again for the next leg…
    Feeling very weary by now..
    Maybe that’s what the CC’s are doing, wearing us down to the point of no resistance…

    1. Dear JJ, I think we are meant to become weary. And remember, they will be “shaking our tree” to help us to let go start to fly, not to make us crash to the ground.
      LOVE, Aisha

    2. Yes, when the little bird gets nudged out of the nest, its gonna feel funny till it finds its own legs – and wings. Feel sort of at odds myself this morning JJ.
      Very tired – not much energy to do anything – couching it (hanging out in the raft floating around on the Pond). Love, ~A~

        1. LOL! Oh, Breeze – one of us will throw you a life preserver, but it’ll be up to you to catch it. 🙂 And stay away from the rapids. I did that too many times. Not a fun ride, but it did get me to the other shore! Stepping stones are much easier, I guess. 🙂 Big hug, “C”

  24. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! Another amazing synchronicity for me in this message. I had just figured out for myself that the constant disruptions and random oddness were likely happening to throw us off our habit patterns and feelings of safe normal life so we had to reach beyond for more of ourselves to achieve balance and the peace that feels so valuable even more in its elusiveness!

    1. Dear ohnwentsya, thank you for sharing this! This is all about “unlearning” all the old patterns and instinctive reactions, as the CCs said earlier.
      LOVE, Aisha

  25. Much love and gratitude to you, Aisha! Sounds like a sense of humor will be much needed in the times ahead. I found the need to laugh at myself A LOT yesterday! 🙂

    1. Dear Caroline, I agree! A sense of humor is perhaps the most valuable tool these days. I have certainly stumbled into quite a few “entertaining situations” lately, and 99% of them involve myself 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  26. I really welcome CCs words explaining the very weird feelings I have:

    “And so, you will find yourself as if floating blissfully in a tranquil sea of good vibrations if you will, for suddenly to feel as if your raft has been toppled over, and you flail about in choppy waters, unable to find what is up or down”

    Thank you Aisha and CCs for soothing words!

    Love & light,


    1. Dear B, this certainly feels a little bit like riding a roller coaster in the dark 😉 At least it seems we have both been able to get a taste of “floating blissfully in a tranquil sea” these last few days, and I have to say that it really makes the periods of confusion and turmoil much more “palatable”.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

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