The manuscript of survival – part 396

As you have perhaps already envisaged, this period will be one of intense goings-on on all levels. Some of it has already started to surface, but as the frequencies of these incoming energies continue to heighten, so too will all of the ensuing effects from them. You see, the buttons are already being pushed, and when we say buttons, we refer of course to whatever it is that you are carrying with you. And this time, we are referring to those buttons that activate so much of your innate qualities, those that have been dormant for such a long time, but who will start to be awakened one by one as these energies come in and start to nudge them into being.

Nudge is perhaps not the best word to use here, as the momentum of these energies is more than a little intense. In any way, they will serve to activate so much of you, and as things get into a roll, you will find yourself rolling along with it at en ever increasing speed. And as such, keeping your balance will perhaps become more than a little challenging for you all, even if you have become more than adept at this from earlier rounds.

For even if you have gotten used to rolling with these punches, this time, you will probably find yourself taken by surprise more than once, for this time, these sequences will not be following the same predictable patterns as earlier bouts have done. You see, these punches will come and go, and they will come from every direction you can think of, and then some. We are aware that the word punch carry some rather negative connotations, but we use it in order to describe the intention behind them, and the intention is not to try to beat you to the ground, rather, it is to ensure that you become fully functional at all levels. And in order for you to do so, the energetic forces will not hold anything back, because it is indeed imperative that you are fully triggered by these sequences coming in now. And so, you will feel the forces behind all of these blasts, but you will also feel the positive response they will generate in your own system, as it literally kicks in at full effect.

For this is indeed a beautiful and gracefully choreographed sequence that is being enacted now, where the response and the reaction going back and forth between you and these incoming energies can almost be likened to a duet on the dance floor. It is like a well tuned couple assisting each other through a masterful piece of ballet, graceful yet full of strength and assurance, and where each partner is carefully listening to the response from the other before the next move is taken. So too it is in this, for you are not merely the recipient here, you are also very much an active partner, and so, the communication is going both ways here. For as you start to soften and open up, these incoming pulses will start to interact with your whole internal system, and the two of you will start to have an in depth conversation going on, and it will be one that will be going on for quite a while.

For remember, this is not something that is carried out in a flash, this is something that will be carefully orchestrated in order to obtain the optimum effect for each and every one of you, and as your physical body is one of the partners in this dance, its needs and its limitations needs to be taken seriously. And so, even if you will feel stretched almost beyond your own limits, know that you will not be taken beyond any breaking point, but you will indeed be challenged to go just that one step further than you perhaps thought yourself capable of. For you have been well ingrained with all sorts of ideas about your limitations, and as such, you will think yourself capable of far, far less than what you actually are, so in this, you will be prodded and stretched and pushed ever so gently at times, and more seriously at others. Not to prolong this period of unfolding, but to make sure you do not stop too soon.

Remember it is you and only you who can decide just how far you are willing to take yourself, and so, you can stop this at any time if you so wish. But that does not mean we will stop trying to get you to stretch yourself a little bit more. For you have it in you to go far beyond any horizon you might care to paint up in vivid colours yourself, and so, it is our task to entice you to go as far as possible in order to realize your full potential and not just a small sampling of it. And as such, we think many will look upon us as that rather annoying teacher or perhaps that at times rather stern trainer that keeps pushing you when all you want to do, is to simply give up and say enough already. Remember, this is the role we have been given, for we are the ones that have been designated as your support team, the ones that will be by your side, encouraging you and giving you that extra push in order for you to be able to go all the way in and access whatever it is you have yet to tap into. We know that this will at times make us less than popular in your eyes, for we are the ones that will pop up at all times and remind you of your reason for being.

For it is not about lolling about in a dazed bliss, as some of your compatriots on this planet still seem to be doing. No, you are the ones that have chosen to awaken yourself, and when you do, you know it is impossible to just roll over and go back to sleep again. And when we say sleep, we mean as in forgetting about who you really are. For as you have already decided to open up to the truth that you are far, far more than a somewhat dazed and confused human being, eking out a rather meagre existence on this battle worn planet, you cannot just close that door and go back to simply existing again. No, you have decided to come alive now, and as you have so decided, the sleep must be banished from every single cell of your being. And when we say this, we mean that you cannot become half awake, you have to become fully awakened, so that you start to function at your maximum capacity at all levels. And this is what this stage of the process is all about, awakening all of these last bits and pieces that have been slumbering peacefully away up until now. And as you know more than well, this will also entail some at times rather annoying signals being sent out from these rather reluctant somnambulists.

For what has been put to sleep such a long time ago will not always jump out of bed, all ready and set to go. No, it will be a period of some stretching and yawning, and perhaps some grumbling and complaint before it all gets ready and set to go. So in many ways, this can be likened to going into a room of sleeping youngsters and turning on the light, telling them it is time to get out and start the day in earnest. You know how the response is apt to be, for remember, even if these sleeping parts of you are vibrant and full of energy, taking them from zero activity to 100% is not done overnight. So there will indeed be a period of much confusion, of stumbling around and shaking of the head in an attempt to clear your mind and clear your vision.

For this is indeed a major operation, where all sorts of interlocking parts will need to quickly remember just how to interact with each other again. So except some rather confusing periods, where you will find your days full of starts and stops, reruns and roundabouts, as all that you truly are will start to get it together by and by. It may be more than unsettling at times, for you will perhaps feel as if you are literally starting to lose it, but try to remember that this is simply a result from this waking up process. For it is not one that can be easily accomplished in one go, like putting together a simple meal with just a few ingredients. No, this can more be likened to a complex sitting, involving a whole set of subsets, all needed to be activated at the right time and in the right sequence, and as such, there will be times when you feel as if you “fall out”, when everything seems to be disconnected at the same time. But try not to worry, it is merely a sign of everything being reconnected again, and as such, you will just have to get used to this sensation of bewilderment for a while.

Again, this is also very much an individual process, and so, your sequences may not be fired up at the same time as others, so if you want to compare your process with the one that others are going through, try to do so in the right way. That is, do not think that everything has to happen to you all at the same time, rather, look upon this as a period where you will all need a form of confirmation by the fact that everything will seem to be falling apart at times. And when you feel like this, it is indeed more than advisable to ask for assistance and assurance. For what looks like chaos from the inside, will look very different from a higher perspective, and as such, remember to ask for assurance from the sources that will give you a true answer based upon wisdom, not a false one based upon fear. So again, the simple solution is this: always go within whenever you need assurance, and always remember to give your support to those outside of you that needs it too. In other words, find your own balance by going within, and when you feel connected, you will also be able to help others to find their equilibrium. For if you in some ways go into fear, you will only make it even harder for yourself if you try to find an outside source to confirm your fears, instead of listening to that calm and reassuring voice you all have within. It will guide you through the choppiest of waters, and it will help you to see that even far, far out to sea, you are as safe as anchored up in the most sheltered of harbours.

For in this, you need to trust yourself enough to let these waters carry you as far out as possible, the better to make you able to truly tap fully into those never ending resources you already carry within. So the more you insist on hugging the shoreline, the worse these storms will seem. For their task is indeed to make you set yourself free and let yourself drift out into the unknown. For it is only in that wild blue yonder you will find the full and complete version of you. The one you will see if you insist on staying closer to home, will simply be a faint echo of what you could aspire to be if you allow yourself to become fully awakened by these powerful yet friendly blasts of energetic winds coming your way.

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    1. I so Love the clinking sound the stars make! oh my!
      What is in these creative minds that comes out in these films — I have always said it comes from ‘what really is’ – not just imagination – but so many truths we had forgotten.
      Souls On Deck ! Anchored by the light of the moon and stars and sun and… 🙂
      thanks Aisha!
      Love on this hugely light filled day with many a snow flake falling

      1. Big snow flake hug back to you both 😀 I see all of us here at the Pond as those small stars pouring out of the big star. WE are the ones that make it shine so bright 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. oh the innocent & perfect beauty within our imaginations !….Love this Sister ! & this is very much like what snow flakes are to me !!!…..Thank You so much……Love, Bev~

    3. What a wonderful video Aisha with so many aspects that we all can relate to, how to do, trust etc. The manuscript writer must have been an early lightworker I think 😉 Thank you – I loved it and that knockin on the star 😉

      Love & light,


      1. oh yeah! my favorite version of this song! thanks B!
        Just got done shoveling…fyyyeewww! good workout. snow nice and fluffy – a playful snow. Thank goodness because it was up to our car door handles! got about a foot so far since early this morning and still coming down.
        hey…as i type this i was to report that i ordered a nice strong breeze to come and whisk the snow off my dear bamboo — guess what just came thru?! n i c e 🙂

        1. I wish the snow would be fluffy here too, but it is wet and dull. Haven´t seen the sun yet in February, just moisture and fog. Time for some stronger winds now, the storm that CCs were talking about …. 😉



          1. do you know about two hrs ago it was thundering and lightening here! that was so cool. just two times…bright and loud… never seen that this time of year. XOA

  1. Following is information regarding the prayer that Susan/lactusua above speaks of (Thank You to Aisha for the use of this space):

    [FYI, the below 3 links offer information regarding the worldwide Invocation to take place on February 14th, beginning in Australia where Blossom lives. Due to the time difference (GMT), the Invocation will actually take place at a designated time a day earlier for some locations. LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS and WORLDWIDE TIME/DAY SPECIFICS are also offered in Link #2 above. Link #3 is Blossom’s February 1 channeling that led to the formation of the Invocation—Lin]




    Excerpt from #1 link above:
    “…Blossom:  Yet then … how do you KNOW that the DIVINE PLAN shall take place? How do you KNOW for sure?

    “GFoL: Because there are ‘certainties’ that are ‘marked in’ along the way. There are definite happenings that are ‘built in’ the plan … THAT MUST TAKE PLACE in order for ‘humanity’ to have movement … and movement in the right direction.

    “HOWEVER … these ‘happenings’ as you well KNOW Blossom … depend very much … not on a specific date … yet on a vibrational marker. These pre-ordained happenings … can only derive from a certain frequency that they are ‘tuned into’. When that ‘attunement’ is in Divine order … then the happening can happen…”

    1. Thanks so much for this Lin !…..go figure…I posted this on Feb. 3rd on the Sunday gathering message, but no one appeared to notice or eyes to See….Susan seems to have much more clout than I do……anyways what’s most important, is that as many people as possible be aware of this invocation message & share their intentions with their heart & to the heart of it !…..& I agree ‘B’… Love the boiling water metaphor too !……Love, Bev~ (the wheels of my soul seem to be spinning out these past weeks, with no apparent forward motion, so it will be for the best for me to go into a quiet state for a while)……warm embrace to you All !….Bev~

      1. Bev,
        We’ve all been there – “spinning out with no apparent forward motion”. It’s part of the beauty of sharing our journeys together in this place of nonjudgment (yes folks, let’s keep it that way). That’s all you have to say – “I need to be quiet for a while”. Believe me – we all “get it”. And rest assured that hundreds of others here are then with you at your side assisting and supporting you in our own unique ways. Love to you and a big hug, too! Caroline

    2. Lin! I’m in a brain fog here at work. What time/day would that be in US EST? Yes, you can laugh at me! Thank you! 🙂

      1. 3:00pm PST so that makes it 12 noon EST. And I don’t laugh at anyone negotiating the Energies process. With Much Love to you
        and holding you in Golden White Light still, Lin

        correct time for EST is: 6:00 P.M. [1800 hours] today, February 13th.
        (I traveled the wrong way… you can laugh at me 🙂

        (fyi only, PST will be at 1500 hours today)

        Much Love, Lin

    3. Dear Lin, I just keep getting that ‘we are the sign’. We Are Love.
      Wanting something outside my own self so I can carry on does not seem right anymore.
      The golden seeds are within us and they are spreading with our Intention, sprouting with our Intention, Blooming with our Intention – Spring is near

      1. You are sooo right, Dear Breezie. I hope you don’t mind my calling you Breezie, as I feel you are my Sister whom I Love very much, and I Love the name Breezie. If you want me to call you by another of your names or Breeze, then I’ll be most happy to do that, too.

        We’re all practicing the New, that is whenever each one of us KNOWS exactly what that is as the New Energies stream in and we each find our place. Every day I learn something here where I see I can make an adjustment to get back on course and/or accept/allow even more of the Light.

        Your Love is Bright, Dear Breezie. I selfishly say, allow ALL of YOU/YOUR SPIRIT to shine, to BE Freely so that I/we learn even more from your Light.

        Always, my Love to You&Kelly. It’s JOYful to BE Alive, isn’t it! We’re doing it, Breezie; we’re doing what we came to do for Mother by BEing. xox, Lin

      2. Dear Areeza, beautifully put! Yes, WE are the sign, we are the ones making it all happen, and we can find all the answers we seek if we connect with our own true powers.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Dear Ponders,

    My dear friends…. I have been asked by a number of you to give an update on what’s happening on my end.

    Two months ago, I started putting together a blog/site which will be all information (galactic 101) and updates. I hired a tech and unfortunately had to fire him this week because he was not up to par and I can no longer wait for him to move. I am interviewing techs and hope to hire a new one by the end of the week. My teams have been “up” for the past 6 weeks and I can only get updates. I will release the edited background material/updates and the rest will come later.

    I am in constant contact with the security teams. There is much going on behind the scenes. Because I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, if anyone wants information or has any questions until my site is operational, please do not hesitate to contact me privately. Also – if anyone wants to be on my mailing list, also contact me: My e-mail is:

    One last request – Blossom Goodchild – a Light worker colleague and channel for the GFOL has put in a request for a prayer for the higher good of us all. This will be tomorrow – the 14th of February. If anyone is interested, please see her web site.

    Son of Blue – thanks for the compliment!

    Best wishes and love to you all,


    1. Dearest Susan… Thanx sooo much for your update. I emailed you to add my name to your mailing list. Very much looking forward to your completed website. Your Presence and valuable information is very much missed here… along with your smiling gravatar! 🙂
      Be well, our Dear Friend.
      With my Love, Lin

    2. Dear Susan, thank you for your update! I sincerely hope that all of your efforts will come into fruition very soon, for what you bring in is helping so many on their journey. And thank you Lin, for sharing the links to Blossom’s prayer request.
      With much love from me, Aisha 🙂

    3. Susan this is a good day for such a prayer that day is the day I got married 41 years ago to a girl from Long Island. Texas was much different for her when we moved here. She never knew what I meant when I would tell her she had beautiful eyes like a favorite cow I use to have. now she knows the beauty of their eyes. I also told her she has brown eyes because she is full of bullshit up to her eyebrows. She made me a promise when we got married. She said the only thing I can promise is you will never be bored. She has done a good job of this for all these years. We also told each other divorce will never be a option and we would always work through any problems no matter what they were. We have had our good and bad times but she will always be the best thing that ever happened to me.

      Love and blessings to all

    1. No wonder u now have a hot pink gravatar!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      as stated at the very end of that link: “It is time for the Ladies of Fire to acknowledge and claim your heritage. You are descendants of Star Women of Fire.” C o o l n e s s

    2. this is positively enlightening !!! Thanks so much Otmn…you truly are a valued wise soul !….I’m going to read more !….interesting about the 3700 “(37)” female genes to the 15 male genes….that really lights up a marker for me !…..& so much of what he says carries much truth for me !….Love, Bev~

  3. ahhhh…. finally. I read the new missive thru twice.
    This is very good. Aisha/CC’s , I Love so many parts and this one: ” the sleep must be banished from every single cell of your being.” I especially liked it.
    I saw today how things are being ‘mirrored’ immediately back to me. We cant not pay attention these days! So,,, like I was worrying about worrying and look what happened! I was feeling I was not OK… right away, I received messages saying same back to me! I reconfirmed my strength and I have been getting support for that! This will work beautifully when we acknowledge the responses and decide what we want next and so on until we are all honed in to our true Beings of the Light that we truly are!
    Thank you so much!
    And I am also very, very blessed with a kindred friend – the one I speak of that I work with. I spoke with her today and we both clasped arms and vowed to be there for each other….when either of us feels off and maybe someone or something is about to push us over the edge….we will contact the other. What a blessing I have! With her and here! I melt into these blessings as I turn out the light this evening and head …for the inner light~!
    LOve and hugs for everyone! XOA

    1. Dear Areeza, thank you for sharing these important insights! You are so right “we cant not pay attention these days” 😉 I got an interesting confirmation of this myself last night when I “accidentally” started to think about something insignificant, but annoying, and I got an instant reaction from my physical body. It went from totally relaxed and almost blissed out into an energetic chaos, and I was literally unable to lie still. But the moment I realized what I had done and managed to tune into that inner light, it all calmed down again. Things are moving so fast now, and what you have shared about both the “negative” and the “positive” feedback we get from these energies are important reminders for us all! You are really finding a lot of “inner treasures” now, dear sister, and I am so glad to see that you have also found an “outside treasure” in your friend 🙂
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. I am glad you too have friends who can help when it is tough. To have that network of friends “on the same line” is invaluable.



    1. You really are doing a hard job Sun! I am just playing around don´t knowing what to do. I am so grateful that I can sleep well in the night and wish you and everyone else around a very good night´s sleep – whenever it is time for you.

      Love & light,


    2. Sun and B, Sally and All
      There IS something different. I was contemplating it today after it struck me again all of a sudden like… it ‘slides on in’…to my consciousness or glides me up to a higher consciousness. Something like that. For instance, I was doing my morning route and staring – into space. I ‘came to’ in a different space – still driving but as a different Being that had a more powerful presence – thats not even the correct word. More aware in a deeper, fuller, completely satisfying way and things around me were the same, but not. It feels very nice. Its stable and sublime. I know it stretches out and touches everything around me in those moments. When I had to pull in to get gas, I had to go across the road and in waiting for a few cars to pass had another car ‘beat me to it’ from the other side of the road. I could see that the attendant was aware of this even though he was busy. He actually waited for me to get to the pump and filled me first and was really pleasant. Another man across from me was staring at me and when I glanced over, he seemed to all of a sudden come out of it. It was funny. We smiled. I felt this awareness, service and gratitude and just Joy all around.
      ok… I have yet to read the main missive!! was so busy at work today and just now got some time to myself here at home.
      Change is in the air, water…and the birds sure are acting happy! Never saw them flocking so playfully – at near sun down! The moon was speaking to me tonight on my ride home from seeing Mom – it wanted me to sing to it like I used to as a kid. so… I did…of course!

      1. “More aware in a deeper, fuller, completely satisfying way and things around me were the same, but not. It feels very nice. Its stable and sublime.”
        I can certainly endorse that. I feel such gratitude and joy of everything I actually managed by myself under the hard existing circumstances, over all that led me here where I am today, of all that is. It is in itself not a new feeling but it feels even more profound now.

        At the same time I probably become more crazy too 😉 Today I met a doctor (yes – I’m inside a repair phase now) to anchor that I want to further reduce my medication of lithium which I’ve had since my deep depressions in the 80s (though I’ve never been manic). Did a radical release of medication in 2004 (with a physician involved) but ended up in the worst depression I’ve ever had. Since then I have never felt that it was time to make a new release until a few years ago, but now at a much slower pace.

        Wondering why I’m telling you this…maybe it is something I have to release now.

        Anyway – now I come to the point of what I actually was going to say…are you still there? 😉

        The doctor asked me how I’m doing and I said I have never felt mentally better ever. She confirmed that I seemed to be doing very well and wondered if there was anything in particular that happened. I replied that since you ask, I can briefly explain (I have always liked to be a little provocative in this regard 😉 Have you heard of lightworkers, I asked?

        She took it well – have probably met many more crazy boilers in their profession;) Anyway, so she thought it was a good idea to further reduce the medication, and then I guess I feel grateful;)))

        Love & light,

        B to B

        1. My Dear B, you are telling it to me because my heart meets yours and blesses it! For all you have gone thru and for who you are.
          I have been on heart medication for many years. tried to get off of it 4 times. I know the time is coming near for us not to need any of that. Thyroid too. I have a friend (since childhood) who has been on lithium most her adult life. She can be manic though. She was always so brilliant – top grades at Rutgers University for Chemical Engineering even. She is also very sensitive and spiritual. While in college she ended up at a mental facility and after, tried to pick up little jobs. She currently does not have a job (job, job that is) — yet! she remains a bright star with all she shares in her commitment to the light! There is another dear friend I have who ‘was’ on lithium – and prozac – he was in mental facility with none other than the famous Connie Francis! anyways… he is Gay and I always told him to come out and be who he is – true to himself. He did finally and no longer takes meds. Another very sensitive/spiritual being – and super creative.
          I am so glad you ‘came out’ so to speak and stepped right up and out to say you are a lightworker! and to a doctor! terrific
          might as well get them used to it ~ !! 🙂
          Love you much and so glad u are doing better — So glad u shared!
          My Wand and I are in fine, fine form today so accept a tapping from me~! Areeza

          1. Thanks Areeza for your caring and wand tapping 🙂

            Yes – thyroid is damaged too as a consequence of lithium.
            I have been professionally working all the time except a few weeks in the 80s, and taking care of three children as well. You know – I have always been a fighter in more than one way 😉

            Love & light,

            B to B

        2. Dear sisters of the light! Thank you both for all that you bring to this Pond and to this planet 😀 Thank you for your honesty, thank you for your wisdom, thank you for showing us your scars and for sharing your healing!
          I LOVE YOU! Aisha

          1. Dear Lightsister!

            Thank you for always seeing and confirming me with your love when I need it the most!

            My love for you is eternal!

            Love & light,

            B to B

        3. B to B, have you ever heard of ‘the road back’? You can google it, and I will find the link when I am at a real computer. (I also can’t see others replays to you cuz I’m not on a big computer and they r too small) but it was in its beginning when I got off antidepressants 8 years ago. I couldn’t have done it without them. (More to say, but too small of area to write in 🙂

          1. Thank you my dear loving friend for your caring though under “small” conditions ;))) You really make me LOL 🙂

            I found the link and it really looks interesting. I´ll see what I can get from it. You know – I am a woman who doesn´t like instructions, rules, and “so-this-will-you-do,” but in this case I might benefit from proven experience. Thank you for your commitment!

            Love & light,


        4. Dear Birgitta,
          I don’t have much time right now to elaborate on my experience, but please be assured that you were definitely guided to speak your truth about where you are at today in the “weaning off” process of the lithium. I felt very strongly last evening that it was time to speak out about my own journey into leaving the medications behind. For the first time since 1991, I feel success is in sight! I’m almost there and am determined more than ever to succeed. And I “know” that there are many others out here reading our words that are experiencing the same. And, as Veronica stated, the medications served a vital purpose in assisting us to get to where we are today. Only we as individuals “know” when it’s time to leave them behind. Thank you for your COURAGE to express your experience! Love you! Caroline

          1. Dear Caroline!

            I love your open, warm and sincere energies and I also love that you, like me, have our other friends here around The Pond in mind when we tell our own stories. Along the way it has been my driving force to find tools to help other people who are / were in the same situation as me. If I can in any way contribute to any given strength or solace in taking part of my story, I would be happy, but it would be too lengthy here.

            Speaking of my “weaning off” it’s actually not a ” big deal ” for me. I’m actually quite surprised at all the responses but I suppose it is not so easy to form an opinion solely on the written word. My medication has been commonplace since the mid 80’s and I have worked well with it. Yet, my desire has always been to be without it, but after the deep depression I ended up in after a few months of release ten years ago, and all the medications with the XYZ letters I thus had to take in, meant I had respect for the medicine. After a few months I started to take lithium again and could subside all zoombie medicines. I have no bad experience with lithium, other than that the thyroid gland was also affected. I am convinced that it has a good effect on many varieties of diseases and I can not condemn it in any way. Medicine has been needed to support me along the way.

            So – why do I want to put it out completely? Well simply for the reason that I want to feel my feelings and sensations fully, without filter. You can say that I want to know who I am behind the veil 😉

            Love & light,

            B to B

        5. From Oracle report today 😉

          “Yesterday’s energy for clarity continues today with face to face encounters with ourselves and the reality or truth of situations. All of this serves to rectify and repair situations from the past that we are holding onto. Though we are deeply immersed in mental re-analysis of things, our heart is speaking to us, too. It is spurring us toward what is in our highest and best interests.”


          I must admit that I myself was not aware of how much energy that was stored in my story today. It was not at all what I had intended to tell you about. As Caroline said – I was guided to tell you about my scaled-down medication and it feels very liberating 🙂 Thank you all!

          Love & light,

          B to B

          1. noticed this with myself too B. I was almost getting scared to share here with some of the judgments (and not being in a great space to take them well & wondering why it just seemed like they came at me -others have mentioned fears, suffering, etc.)… But its all good in the end result. Glad we all share as we do! Love you all, ~A~

            1. If my reptilian brain kicks off on all cylinders so it’s great to be able to do a second assessment of what is said and how it is said. Ask myself why I go running so hard and deal with it. It feels liberating to nowadays be able to realize that it’s usually not about me but about the person making the statement. It’s kind of like being able to identify with all people in any way. There is something in all the others who are also in me.

              This does not mean that I’m insensitive to points that are good for me to consider. I may be a perfect human being but my behaviors are not always perfect 😉

              It is so wonderful to dare to discuss different viewpoints in this pond. It would not be if there were a lot of pronounced judgements here.

              Have a nice Valentines Day Areeza!


  4. dearly to sun-of-blue.
    Something different happened to me too….. and it was during the Gathering…. Thank you for sharing this.
    It’s not going to go away…..
    don’t think I want it to… I’m still ‘Pondering’ that moment.
    I’m very curious about what happened. Somber and giddy at the same time.
    I truly thank you for sharing how you do things.

    Feeling grateful today,

  5. Bring on the shoutin and hootin and hollerin Sun… just glad to see you!
    Wish you well – as well 😉
    and… I thank u as u always posted ‘i am doing nothing wrong’ and I ‘get that now’ in a big way and you are a leader I would say because u have a heads up on that one !
    Love, A xx oo

    1. Dear sun_of_blue, dear Sally, thank you both for sharing your insights! For me, there is also a very powerful feeling of “before” and “after”, and no, this is not going to go away ;-). I sense that we have crossed over a threshold, and this is one that we will never cross back over again. I think we all have truly entered “virgin territory” as the CCs like to call it, and what we are experiencing now, really feels new in ways that are difficult to explain, but Sally when you say “somber and giddy at the same time” I think you are very close. And yes, sun, these energies will truly turn us into real powerhouses once we are able to fully embody them, and the effect these energies will have on our planet – using us as their focal point – is beyond magical 🙂
      With much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you for this confirmation, Aisha. I couldn’t find the right words to explain what I’ve been feeling for a week. 🙂

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments on my electrical issue/attraction :). Anna Helen, Kalea, Breeze and Otmn. Looks like I will just keep on with my program and intend that it keeps shifting through. I have a special effect on phones, but all other electronics work normally. I would love to blame the house, but I’ve been with her over 10 years and this started about 2 years ago and only affects me. Breeze – oh my on your dad!! I definitely always know where all the outlets are in a room! And Otmn, I’m so happy the playing in/working with dirt works well for you! In the summer I run and walk barefoot and that grounding lasts a full 7 days, the gardening and such lasts maybe 24 hours :), but at that time of year daily is easy and fun! Any tips for when its a frozen tundra outside? We still aim to go outside for minutes at a time and sometimes re pot plants indoors, but otherwise have not come up with real ways of connecting with actual earth when it is frozen outside. I use grounding yoga, acupuncture, foods and intention to name a few during the heavy winter.
    Much love

    1. Lol, oh goodie, now I have multiple names too! How does this happen here at the pond lol. I’ve been talking to a Mary all morning and that must have stimulated that. It is also my ‘first’ name, lol.
      -V ( and -M)

    2. Mary???
      I don´t know about your problems but when my anxiety was at its worst, it helped to care for my flowers, replant, just keep in them and tweaking them. I think that´s a kind of grounding too.

      Love & light,


      1. Hey B,
        That is a lovely idea.
        Could be fun with children too.

        I also had a brilliant conversation with the acupuncturist today. He has had to move this energy around for me multiple times. Anyway long story shortened- if I plant a grounding wire in the ground a few feet, I could just go visit it daily – a tree would probably work too – but for my situation planting a ‘bird feeder’ or the like to use during the winter to discharge on, as it seems I collect energy/electricity easily and am in need of an easy/fast way of releasing it when other more ‘normal’ solutions aren’t available for me. As I type this it sounds ridiculous, but I think I’m going to try it, as well as let my higher self and 3d self do some more research on this.

        1. Good advices all of them Veronica, and in this world nothing is rediculous. “Necessity is the mother of invention”
          Maybe you and others with similar issues could reduce the need for nuclear power in the world ;))) Sorry – I am a little crazy today…

          Love & joy,


        2. Dear V,
          I think your acupuncturist may be on to something here! Placing a grounding rod in the yard feels “right”. And I have to laugh at Otmn’s advice about bringing in some dirt! I know someone who goes to the local park before winter each year and fills up a 5 gallon bucket with soil. When he wants to feel connected, he buries his feet in the dirt with the intention of connecting to the Mother. He loves it!
          Love to you! Caroline

    3. If you can find some soil, bring it in, warm it up, intend to connect with Gaia
      it’s better than nothing.
      My little dog is a Rat Terrier. He’s full grown and weighs 23 lbs.
      The little shit jumps up on me with his dirty feet. I can’t get away from grounding. I wish you all could live with me. All I have to do to experience nature is go outside or just look out the window. I used to live in town, but not anymore. I’ve got a lot more dirt here on the farm than I have money.
      The house is solar heated and there is no mortgage (we have been here for 87 years) I love the part when I see the 40 ft tall trees that I planted.
      I’ll never leave here

      1. Otmn I always sigh when I hear someone who lives on the family farm for so many years. It sounds so rooted and solid. How I ended up moving every 2 or 3 years for a long time now is beyond me. I did get 2 years on a small cattle ranch and 2 years on my own farm and almost 2 years involved in a llama farm. Maybe some day I will shoot down some roots like my beloved trees do… meanwhile I live like the cat tails in the ponds. Anchored somewhat to the soil/mud below but with roots so long the wind blows them around to new locations daily.

      2. I know what you are talking about Otmn! Sounds wonderful 🙂 As I have my little garden outside my porch I have experienced the difference in energies when being out digging in the earth and with “my” trees around. That´s a real bless!

        Love & light,


      3. Love that you shared this Otmn…the 87 years of energy you’ve bonded with this land, the solar energy source, & those glorious 40ft trees….I do know how you feel !….no money can compare to these treasures !….& always Love how you talk about playing in the dirt (soil actually)….I so Love playing in the soil too !….& it does has huge benefits for our mind, body & soul….more than most know !….
        Love to You….Bev~

    4. ummm…connecting to earth in winter (with snow?) Go Make Your Naked Snow Angel !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 you’ve got to do it at least once in life… twice if you really, really like it!

      1. Ok that had me laughing out loud Breeze
        Otmn, the farm sounds just amazing. I am lucky to have family who still have and live on good farm land that we often visit. I leave feeling so happy and peaceful. Thinking about it is working right now! I also dreamed up a dirt floor room addition to our house today, with a big fireplace and lots of plants. It would make an amazing winter AND summer time space, hmmm

    5. I’m feeling really silly today — I see you, V, wearing a cap with a lightening rod on top! I used to rent a house that had 4 or 5 really cool antique lightening rods on the roof – they all had pretty colored glass globes.

  7. The Whole of Humanity has been ignited in these New Earth Energies which we began receiving December 21st, 2012 and increased all throughout 2013 and now is spiking intensely this year of 2014. All Must Now if they have not already get onto the path Home Into the Light. There are no more choices left now except Home into the Light. Mother Earth=Heart is Now Existing In 5d Frequencies and so will All on her. The New Earth Truly Has Been Born.

    As a result A Natural Part of Evolution is Unfolding On this Planet and we cannot go back. Creation is in Motion in a Big way. Humanity is Now On The Path from fear to LOVE as the old paradigm of fear is crumbling below them. How they experience this event unfolding depends on them. However, this is Inevitable On this Planet . The lower vibrations are dissolving below the Powerful Grid of Light which has been activated On this Planet and is increasing in Light now every Moment. Those who are Already In Full Consciousness are On this Grid holding the Space until Everyone Is Connected to it On this Planet.

    Once you Love yourself, the Door Opens and You are OUT OF THE BOX and connected to this Grid. An ego/mind cannot understand what Real Love is, so it cannot step out of the box, Only The Real Being Can. The Energy of Love is the Strongest, and comes from within…. Love thyself, translates into Love Everywhere Present. Then you have walked into “the Kingdom of Heaven”. You do not have to Die a Thousand more times to Choose the experience of Eternity!!! Its Here and its NOW!
    Now In these New earth Energies The Path each must begin walking is the one OUT OF THE DARKNESS from fear/ or old program~ and into ONLY LOVE. The New Grid Surrounding this Planet contains the Law of One, Divine Intelligence, which means the Law of ONLY Love. Only Love within Unity and Equality can be the TRUE Creation and the only REAL LAW THAT TRULY EXISTS. In this Grid, is where the New Earth is Manifesting.


  8. Dear Aisha, I smile as I write, “You must have taken a deep breath before posting this one.”
    I had many quick reactive thoughts as I read this. First was the “OH NO” much like Veronica might have felt. My head has felt like it’s going to dissolve into a million pieces for days on and off. I am down to 18 days til my trip and thinking the long flight will be testing enough without other stresses! OHHH I can pass the energy directly into the AIR instead of earth for 24 hours 🙂

    The word punch reminded me of what I used to do making my own bread. You ‘punch’ it down so that it can rise even lighter. Some breads you punch down at least twice. I know the end result is good and I also know I punched bread down lovingly. I hold on to that memory.

    Of course the example of the dance brings me joy. I two step and do some ballroom and Latin. In the two step some times I get a wild partner who is a little rough and learned to some how brace myself yet follow smoothly. When dancing a “couple’s dance” I have often felt that joyful union of not really knowing who is leading who. I KNOW I am following but it becomes so smooth as I connect in a perfect flow with my partner. I’ve always called that the “magic moment” in a dance. I’ve felt those moments grow over time to whole sequences and even a whole dance. The secret? To let go of resistance to the lead yet maintain my own poise and “frame”. Add my own joy in being in the dance and be creative if I miss a step.

    I am grateful for my one beach experience in the waves in Costa Rica. I did note that the waves bashed me around if I stayed too close to shore 🙂

    I have a natural love for storms. Being sheltered and watching them mind you is easier than being out in their midst. But usually if one wears a wise set of clothing being in them can also be a wonderful experience. I read once that the Aboriginals in Australia welcome the sand storms because they exfoliate their skin! Here’s to us all helping one another through what is coming. May our wings find it easy to carry us forth when it’s all finished!!! Love to all, Nancee

    1. Love this response, Dear Nanc… Love YOU!
      I ALWAYS think of you when the word “dance” comes up. You must be sooo elegant on the dance floor and very enJOYable to observe. Some day I’ll be able to watch you. I sooo Love your description of how you glide in Freedom around the floor. Only in my dreams. Whenever I want to throw my husband into hysterics, I do my version of the “robot” dance. silliness, but FUN 🙂

      YES!!! to the incoming Energies. I am unable to gauge how I’ll do, but I’ll give it my all and to the CCs and all who are helping us/me.

      Loving you with laughter and JOY, Lin

    2. Dear Nancee, I have to admit it was more of a sigh of relief when this message was finally posted 😉 These messages from the CCs seem to expand more and more, and I have hard time keeping up with their speed when I channel them, so it takes forever to correct all of my mistakes. But I think you will do very well in the time ahead, dear sister! After all, not only do you, like I do, love storms, you also seem to have become very good at what you describe so perfectly as to “let go of resistance to the lead yet maintain my own poise and “frame” 😀
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. wonderful ! your stories Nancee!
      I absolutely Love a good storm! Once, in the 80s, we had a tornado come thru my home town. I wanted so much to be out in it! This friend came by in his jeep and said,,, come on! Lets go! He knew I would be the one ‘up for it’. we burned some joints and ba ha’d all around. Trees were uprooted near us! We were fearless and part of the storm energy! Love that you brought up this memory for me 🙂
      Love, ~A~

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you…thank you. Bewilderment…that was the word – now this channel, connecting with the truth in the words and the energy has helped nudge me over more towards the word – HOPE. Thank you to all the beautiful Christed energies involved in this movement of my heart.

  10. Lol, I love everyone’s enthusiasm! I personally am saying #*!#..!!!! Not very kind words about it. A weary weary traveler I have been. Today I have been reset, but this message sounds dreadful lol. I move through with love and ease.
    Blessing everyone

    1. We’ll all do it together, V! I feel like you do, but I also feel that we are going to make it. Haha, just wait, I’ll be the first one complaining about how terrible it all feels once this thing gets ion the road. 🙂 🙂

    2. Blessings to you, Veronica, and blessings to you, JJ! We WILL do this together, and as the CCs say, the more we are able to simply allow these energies to assist us, the less intense they will feel. Have a safe but exhilarating ride 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  11. Hello all, I personally love to dance and will do so till the cows come home. I experience the energies with a great deal of fatigue, and so sleep comes easy for me. It makes it easier to tell when the next wave is moving through, my eyes begin to close. Feeling this, I allow the energy to flow through me and into the center of GAIA.
    Caroline, when you experience insomnia, try moving the energies through you and into the earth. Allowing them to flow may help you.

    1. Dear David, thank you for sharing this! I am usually kept awake by the energies, and if they get too intense, I have tried yoga, dancing (hello, Nancee!), jumping around and even singing to get them moving through me, and all of the above helps. Good thing the neighbours can’t see me 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. LOVE THIS, Aisha! Donkey-laughing. (secretly—or not secretly now—I’ve done this, too, minus the yoga) 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Loving you, Lin

  12. Just a personal prayer of releasing all the past. I ask of my soul to bring forth all the lives of its past the good and the bad the love and the hate the happy and sad. Come forth and release all of these lives back to its source. Keep them not in this present day of this body you dwell in. So we may advance in a new body of love for all that is. Let not the past dwell in the present. Let the present be of a new life for all to see. Let the love of this new life send out all its love for all to see. Give all you have learned to any and all of the life you now live. Dwell no more on the past and let the new shine to all that is. Bring forth peace and joy to all life forms. Let it shine through out our galaxy and beyound into the vastness of space. Let us all be one and never divided again. Let this new knowledge be a new source for all to share. Let all advance in life and be the life we were meant to be. Show all the meaning of I Am what I Am the true life of all that is that is pure love for all that is. Let our lifes be of a love of advancement of knowledge for the love of all for the all. Let us leave none behind and help one another for all times. Dust to dust ashes to ashes lives to life as it was meant to be.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Wisdom, yet again. Thank You, Dear Ray, for writing this post as you did. It became my personal prayer, too. It goes into my “Ray” folder.
      With Much Love&Hugs, Lin

    2. Beautiful, wise words once again from you, shining brother Ray! Thank you for all that you bring to this Pond, and to this world.
      With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. So beautiful Ray.
      I’m very thankful….
      … breathing easier.
      Your words are a breath of Fresh Air.

  13. CC and Aisha thanks a lot for this message. It is a great gift that we can read these messages at the crucial moments and processes we are going through. After weeks of feeling to be at a Zero point at all domains of live it felt for me on Sunday and Monday I had a breakthrough. There were glimpses to have possibilities of inner free choice concerning the way I want to feel myself. Glimpses I will never forget. It feels a little bit like a new foundation. Yesterday and today the new energies are throwing those glimpses to the background. It feels for me that we are in the grip of a flow that grasp me by the throat. Very old inner themes that I never could solve in my life – in spite of the many efforts I did – are presenting themselves. Not an easy thing but very important that there are nowadays forces who will push us to blow all the old stuff through the sewer. And for our bodies it is hard working. I say to myself: have patience and keep rest.

    With love and light,

    1. Dear Pieter-Geert, thank you for adding your light here, and thank you for sharing about your breakthrough! As you say, these powerful energies came make these insights move out of focus, so it is so important that we take time to really acknowledge them when they happen. I am certain you will see more and more glimpses of your new foundation in the time ahead.
      Much love from me, AIsha

    2. Dear pieter-Geert, I placed my focus on such things today. As you say, the old themes presenting themselves. For me, lately ever since i have ‘allowed’ myself to feel things and be ‘ok’ with it, I have created more and more freedom for myself. Just think of when we will be telepathic and picking up what others are thinking, etc. It could get ugly. lol… but, I have always used my own guidance of the ‘energy’ of things. You know when the energy is useful and when it is not in other words. We can bless it all for coming our way and take in what we want. When we begin to not just sense but ‘know’ that Love is in All things, it gets easier. simpler. freer-er, more peaceful… more faith/trust/joy sets it.
      For me, not being so hard on myself and allowing and intending more Love to whatever is happening in or around me helps greatly. and its ok to not always be Ok (All Right).
      Love 2 U, Rest and Be Well ~Areeza

  14. Hello everybody!
    It is a very powerful and inspiring message. It is already happening, those very intense and challenging transformations CCs started talking about 2-3 months ago. When meditating, I feel strong surges of energy through my entire body, my chakras, energetic channels and structures being purged and activated ever so rapidly. I am more than overwhelmed and thrilled, pure and simple, wondering each time what else have “they” in store for me. We live in such beautiful, exquisite and challenging times!!! So great a blessing!!! Thank you all,CCs and Aisha!

    1. Dear Marcel, thank you for sharing this! You are doing exactly what the CCs advice us to do: “find your own balance by going within, and when you feel connected, you will also be able to help others to find their equilibrium.” So by sharing your experience, you are assisting us all 🙂
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  15. This is such a wonderful & welcomed message from the CC’s….& I so Appreciate it ! I Love the reference to the ‘Dance’ which goes back to my many talks with the Dragons…& when the CC’s say “where each partner is carefully listening to the response from the other before the next move is taken. So too it is in this, for you are not merely the recipient”….absolutely true ! “Carefully Orchestrated” oh yes…in a sequence of time & settings that fits each individual best ! As they say, when one chooses to Awaken, you can’t go back to sleep, as you immediately activate the link to your HS & are given a support team….that will push & prod you along your journey until you become fully & completely Awakened ! it’s just how it works….breaks are allowed of course !!….but the creation destination becomes firmly set & the journey put into motion, but the speed taken along it certainly varies for each !
    I think of humanity placed into 4 groups….those who choose to Awaken & grasp the knowledge quickly, those who choose to Awaken & grasp knowledge slowly, those who choose to Awaken but still have their pockets full with either fear & doubt, or still deeply pocketed into the realm of materialistic wealth & comforts…& lastly “Asleep” within the matrix with no idea of who they are, & mostly don’t care either….& their journey hasn’t even started !
    of course…”pushing buttons” has been highlighted for me from a previous missive…. “assurance from the sources” is a great one I always follow & HS always speaks in this frame, & so interesting that they mentioned ‘assurance’ 5 times….perfect ! Our innate body is truly a marvel of creation & this process to Awaken the trillions of cells back into full enlightenment is an enormous process that we simply cannot Comprehend, so all the preparations of process & time, of listening & following our Hearts….any & all instructions from our HS’s, most certainly has to be
    Honored & orchestrated through the “Divine Plan of Creation”.
    All in All such a wonderful message !!!…..
    Thank You Aisha “our illuminating Sister”….Love to All !, Bev~

  16. Thanks CCs for your immense patience with us sleepy creatures and thank Aisha for your immense patience to channel these messages to us.

    It feels really exciting to read this and I’m really looking forward to tours on the dance floor;)

    Much love & light,


        1. Dear sister B, I am glad to see that you are feeling better today 🙂 I’ve been out in the forest myself, it is as always the “magical remedy” that helps to balance me no matter how intense the energies are. And Bev, I have such a need to be close to water now, and as we are having mild weather that makes the snow melt away that is easy to find these days 😉
          Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. Dear Aisha and B… I’m sooo pleased that you both have access to the forest to bring you beauty and comfort. Aisha, besides offering up this blog and all your lovely daily work/channelings to the Light and in turn to us, and you, dear B2B, for your always ever-ready TRUTH and Wisdom in unvarnished expression and wonderful humor, your individual generous energies of Love and kindness are always palpably felt.

            In Gratitude and with squeezing Hugs of Love&Light&JOY,
            I DO Love You, Lin

            1. I am who I am – and so are you Lin – and I am so grateful for that!

              Thank you, love you,

              B a little embarrassed – but pleased – actually 😉

            2. Dear Lin, I promise to bring you with me the next time I take a walk in the forest 🙂 Actually, as I was walking out there today, I was thinking about how magical it is that I have been connected to everybody here at the Pond, so I think you were not far away as I stopped to look at the melting snow on the firtrees 😉
              Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

                1. It’s a deal! You and anyone else that would like to join in can accompany me on my next trip, perhaps even tomorrow 😉 If you want to see what “my” forest looks like, you can see a photo from one of my favorite spots overlooking Oslo here.
                  LOVE, Aisha

          2. Thank you Aisha!

            Forest is like magical remedy for me too 🙂 Recently, I experienced that I am affected by forest energies in a more obvious way. Remember a few weeks ago when I literally was drawn to a place that I often visited. The heart was opened and the love and gratitude for all that is poured out so much that I myself was surprised. The forest / water / nature has always been my healing source 🙂

            Have a nice evening Aisha!

            Love & light,


            1. I speak to the forest every morning when I pass on by during my courier route….and the flowing waters… I have a beautiful ride! All the animals… today the steers all huddled light up against a huge hay bail ball to keep warm! I send them hugs each day with Loving warmth. The birds all ;picking at the salt alongside the roads… I even see sheep whom I adore! I always imagine they are saying ‘oh, there goes that lady who LOVES US!’. LOL. I always imagine climbing from the truck and hugging them all! Good energy day 🙂 Enjoy everyone!

                1. B – I created this part of my job for me. They always want expense reduction ides and since we were down to one courier route, I said I could do it so they would not have to hire out anymore (saves them 20k per yr). First, I felt it out with the current hired courier…she said she and her husband were going to start a kids swimming camp. Perfect and I got out of my office cubie 🙂 back in nature

            2. Wishing you a wonderful evening too, dear B! I have had some powerful heart-opening experiences myself out in Mother Nature, so I can understand how it must have been for you. Sometimes, it is like I connect with every single particle of the forest, and it is so overwhelming I can hardly move 🙂
              Love and light from me, Aisha

          3. “””Cool”””…..I could talk about nature, about water, All day…but of course being in nature, being with water, is even better ! Thanks Aisha, Lin & ‘B’ for this wonderful chat !…..Love, Bev~

  17. Ha! My physical body is not very happy right now. Another bout of intense insomnia. I’m hoping that our wonderful fellow Ponders may address this issue? Helpful hints, remedies, healing techniques, ect. It is difficult to stay in our heart space with extreme lack of sleep! 🙂 Love you!

    1. Dear Caroline, Blessings to you…
      You MIGHT try, coupled with Bev’s/others’ concrete suggestions, a breathing technique. As each emotion, each state of BEing has its own type of breathing pattern, during sleep, our breathing gently slows down and becomes completely unlabored while the eyeballs slowly/peacefully move halfway up into the headspace. Babies sleeping are lovely to watch.

      Some actors, instead of using sense memory which is harsh on the body, will use different breaths to enter into a chosen emotion/state, which also makes it easier to exit.

      I am holding you in Golden White Light with my Love, Lin

      1. Thanks to you both, Bev & Lin! 🙂 I’ve been practicing those wonderful tips for years that Bev mentioned. Will definitely practice with your breathing technique tonight. My nervous system really got walloped with the latest energy surge and is extremely overstimulated. Cranial sacral therapy helps a lot. Love & hugs! 🙂 Caroline

        1. glad to help always, ‘Caroline’….& ‘Lin’ also has wonderful advise, ‘the breathing technique’ is a great one too !…& sometimes as I go to bed, I simply ask my HS to go a little easier on the downloads, & fill my mind with calm & peaceful thoughts…I need sleep !…lol…but ‘B’ also mentioned in her own way, her walks in the forest & that is probably the best one of all that we all should be doing !….Nature really is good for us…Really ! I’ve attached an article you may find interesting based on the book ‘Your Brain on Nature’…..may a perfect blissful sleep be yours this evening !…Love, Bev~

          1. oh my Dear God, please allow me to accept/learn teleportation (willingly setting free anything that is in the way) quickly so that I, too, have ready access to such beauty. I visit Mother’s forests in my mind, but have a ways to go before I can smell the lovely scent of fresh pine, clean, crisp mountain air and the listening of deafening quiet away from [wonderful] humanity in the womb of Mother. I miss those concrete, solitary sojourns.

            Continued sweet Blessings to you, Dear Bev, Aisha, B2B, +.
            Loving you and Mother, without complaint/glad to BE ALIVE, xox Lin

            1. I had no idea dear Lin….maybe if you surround your house with wonderful plants it may be a small substitute ! This book I refer to is great…& confirms scientifically what we surely should know anyways !
              It states, scientifically, natural forming chemicals from trees called phytoncides along with invisable negative ions found amidst water & the forest stimulate the brain resulting in enhanced cognitive focus & positive mental outlook !….Love it that science is finally becoming an ally of nature !….duh !!!! Love, Bev~

              1. Dearest Bev… Unlike some, we are Blessed with a city backyard (and front) of grass and plants and a lemon tree and neighbors’ large fruit trees towering over the walls, and there are some parks nearby, it’s just that I feel greedy for more as I’ve been so fortunate to have grown up in and experienced the “real,” uncontrolled country encounter, the mountain Energy experience. (Just being whine-y here… waaaaa waaaaa) 🙂 With my Love, Lin

                1. You are most welcome Lin, and anyone who wants, to take a walk around the lake and the surroundings. If you come when the snow is melting away I can show you how to collect some birch sap to strenghten the body after the winter.

                  Love & joy,


                  1. I am always with you, my Dearest B2B.
                    Am DELIGHTED to know you’re up and around again.
                    I Love You so much, Lin

    2. Dear Caroline!

      I have no specific advice to give you can only say that I know how terribly hard it is to not get sleep properly. I send you my light and my care.

      Much love,

      B to B

    3. Dear Caroline, I too have been having issues with sleeping mostly because of Kelly stirring. I used to Love it that I could sleep. I have always needed at least 8 hrs my whole life.
      Anyways… I take Valerian caps. natural. I always mention the Similasan Anxiety Relief here for it is soo sooo wonderful – better than valium! 🙂
      You can take it as often as u need too…like if u wake up in the middle of the night.
      Others mentioned magnesium and I rely on this as well. both in tab and oil form. the Black Seed Oil users are reporting is good for sleep. now that I mention it to you, i am going to try that for myself as I already have it in the house.
      I tap you will my faithful wand my dear sister of the light!
      Love you, Areeza

      1. Thank you for the tips and the tap, Sister Breeze! Bless you! Busy at work – will post later. 🙂 “C”

    1. Thank you, Caroline! I hope you will have a wonderful day too, no matter what our physical bodies may have to say about it 😉
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Ha! My physical body is not very happy right now. Another bout of intense insomnia. I’m hoping that our wonderful fellow Ponders may address this issue? Helpful hints, remedies, healing techniques, ect. It is difficult to stay in our heart space with extreme lack of sleep! 🙂 Love you!

        1. Hi Caroline…for me calcium / magnesium works well to relax & calm the body (nerves)…we often tend to get ourselves into a hyper state with too much caffeine (coffee, chocolate…the things we Love !) & a nice soothing herbal tea in the evening, a hot sea salt bath or if you happen to have someone massage your neck, shoulders, even your feet…is very relaxing !…..just a few suggestions, hope they may help !….Love to You !…Bev~

          1. Hi, am also doing magnesium and other minerals before going to sleep. In swedish its called “resorb” and “magnesium brus” I sleep the whole night tanks to it:) not for pregnants or people eating pills for high bloodpressure. Hugs Anna

            1. Thank you, Anna! I’m almost in tears observing how the Pond members come together for support. Such a beautiful happening…..may it always continue. Much love to you! Caroline

              1. HeY CatS )))
                … BE sURe to uSe tHe che-LA-ted ForM of MagnEsiuM. IF you are uSING a regular magnesium, ALL the co-factors nEEd to BE preSENT in orDer for the bODy to abSOrb ‘it’ (= to REceiVE the F-u’LL BEnEfIT) … hOwEvEr, with the che-LA-ted form, WE cAn TakE ‘it’ with a glAss of waTer beFOre bEd …
                and SLEEP GrEaT !! – ))

                KeeP in MinD … the MagnEsiuM w-i’LL ON-LY cALm the BodY … NOT the MinD = “FEEL” the SenS-a-TioN “IN” the bODy = 2-BE “IN” tHe MOmeNT … aNd TheN, irREgARdLEss of of S-LeeP or NOT, you wiLL rISe FULL-Y reSTed !! – ))

                BE HappY !! – ))
                … H-AP.pine.SS ‘is’ ON-LY + ALL-WAY(s) a-VAIL-able NOW )))

                ONe LOVE

        2. Dear Caroline! I have an extremley erratic sleeping pattern now, and I never have a night where I do not wake up at least a couple of times. Sometimes, I can be awake for three or fours hours before I fall asleep again. Even so, I never feel that I do not get enough sleep, so it seems my body simply does not need it in the same way it used to. If the energies are too intense, my body gets so restless, and I feel almost like I am trapped inside of it. When that happens, I get out of bed and do a little yoga, jumping, dancing, anything that helps to move these energies through me. I’ve even tried singing 😉
          Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. Yes! I absolutely have to get up and do the same each night. It’s all about moving that huge amount of energy and not allowing it to get stuck during the night hours. I, too, am adjusting to the erratic sleep pattern. Thanks, Sister! Love you!

            1. Thanks Caroline! — I Love this chick! Donna Eden – great treasure she is – my favorite so far is Connecting Heaven and Earth – I was having pain in shoulders after shoveling – all gone in two minutes 🙂

              1. She’s one of the most brilliant energy healers on the planet. Visually sees all of the millions of energetic pathways and highways that make up our individual energy signatures. I highly recommend her two books, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women. My favorite is the Celtic Weave. I can see Nancee joyfully moving through those figure eights with utmost grace! I’m not so graceful – Yet! 🙂

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