A short update on the energies

By now, much has started to churn around because of these incoming energies, and we are of course referring to attributes that cover a wide spectrum, from both the physical planes to the more esoteric ones. Indeed, there is perhaps not a single source of information that has not reported a lot of disturbances, and we do mean this in the very best way. You see, all of these so-called disturbances are tangible proofs of the great shift you are entering, and as such, nothing will be left untouched as this phase of the operation starts to unfold in earnest.

Yes, this is it indeed, you are about to be taken on the greatest ride of your existence, and when we say ride, we mean that in the sense of being shifted from the old and rudimentary existence of being a human and into that brand new, wide open version of YOU. In other words, you are moving forwards, outwards, upwards and inwards at the same time, so no wonder that so many of you can report some rather – at least to you – unsettling experiences of sudden shifts in everything from your mindset to your physical surroundings.

For now, everything is in flux, and it is in a flux in a way it has not been before. The best image we can give you of this, is when the ice breaks up in a river in the spring, and all the dammed up and frozen water and ice starts to move and break apart at the same time, like a huge confluence of separate entities starting to shift in the same direction at the same time. And just as this sudden release of the icy river may cause what will seem like havoc further downstream, that too will be an effect you are all likely to experience throughout all of this. But remember, this is not a catastrophe, this is merely the releasing of so much old and pent-up energy, it will take some time before everything settles down and flows at a steady and indeed more peaceful rate.

We know this may sound frightening to some, but remember, the forces of the light will merely be battering away the old structures that have been hindering the free flow of humanity. And as such, what may be seen as destruction is simply a liberation from the old, and liberation will always bring with it what on the surface may look like destruction, but what in all reality is a form of resurrection. You see, the old and cemented ways of being a human is very much akin to an old bunker made of reinforced cement, for it has been build to withstand the power of the light. But they have not been build strong enough, as so many of you can attests to already. For those bunkers also came with a safety hatch, one that could be easily opened so the occupants themselves could freely exit into the fresh air.

But still there are many, many of these old and reinforced ideas of limitations cluttering up the landscape, but now, they will start to disintegrate one by one as the light quotient will continue to rise at a rapid pace. So expect to see some rather interesting reactions as these bunkers and these dams will start to burst one by one, and as the hitherto dammed up energies will become unleashed, freed to pick their own way downstream. So yes, there will be storms coming in from perhaps the least expected of directions, but remember, the energy they bring in, will cleanse the air in more ways than one. We know that these seemingly unstoppable forces of nature will serve to make many of you feel more than a little intimidated at times, but again, remember that this whole process has been carefully planned ahead, and it is not done to make things worse, they are set into motion to set you all free from all of the old yokes.

So again we wanted to remind you that no matter how hard the winds will blow, or how much water and ice comes rushing down the river, know that they are all signs of the spring coming in with full force, the spring that will set those first seeds into flowering as soon as those last remnants of that seemingly eternal energetic winter have been washed away.

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  1. Dear friends! I think I may have deleted at least one of your comments when I emptied the whole content of the spam-box by mistake earlier today instead of deleting them one by one like I usually do. So if you posted something within the last few hours that have failed to appear here, I hope you can repost it. Sorry!
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Dear sun_of_blue! Yesterday was really an intense one, but things have lightened up for me today, so I hope you and everyone else feeling the crunch yesterday can breathe easier today.
    LOVE, Aisha

    1. I can concur!
      And I’m doing a lot of cleaning in the house and getting my camera cleaned and repaired. 🙂 🙂
      Thanks as always,
      Love, JJ

  3. big hugs everyone….I have to laugh, laugh laugh because we have been under ice and snow for weeks and weeks with more coming–I truly believe that this snow cover is here to keep our mother sophia-gaia cool as all the incoming solar rays could cook the big cities–geni townsend mentioned that through michael I think.

    As I watched the news tonight for a brief moment to listen to the weather they said Ice Jams for the first time I had ever heard it on the news and it resonated with me strongly and I was thinking about it and now I come in here and read the message–I know its metaphorical (well maybe not lol)…but the season of the ice melt is tremendous in two ways–if the flow is strong and powerful it means wonderful water levels for the spring and summer and rich deposits of silt in to fertilze the farmland. If the flow is slow and calm, these two very important things do not occur…

    So, lets get this flow started! and all know we have the wonderful ability to flow with it, to go with this flow and allow the love to take us through! Big hugs! Alex

    1. …means a wonderful blooming Spring :0
      “I have closely followed the progress of the ‘Cities of Light’, and I have never known such an exciting prospect as their appearance which is soon expected. They will be amongst some of the spectacular early developments of the New Age. The prototype that is destined for Sedona has been regularly visited by Genii, and will be sensational for its wide and varied range of advanced technology, particularly where healing is concerned.” — Mike Quinsey (SaLuSa channeler)

      Re the weather and City of Light:
      >Genii: “I have a question. We in our United States are experiencing an extreme heavy winter with massive snow and freezing storms especially back east. Does this have anything to do with the coming City appearance?”

      >Answer: Ooo-lon: “Course weather changes are effects of the City materializing, bringing with it the light power of God, you are seeing it in action as it cleanses your planet. Stagnate thinking, darkness of mind long since are being cleansed and the snow carries light frequencies that you are unaware of. Winter is normal for this time of year and now the cleansing and penetrating elements are doing a frequency job.”

      Right On Alex!! link: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/02/city-of-light-updates-via-genii-townsend-february-3-and-4-2014/

  4. http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/more-intense-energy-again-wow

    “Greetings Love Beings, as anticipated the energies continue increasing preparing us for March where lots of shifts and changes will occur. Our Current Solar wind is still increasing and is now above 500! This may cause sleepiness, minor headaches, as our bodies assimilate this energy. This is coming From our Recent M class flares. This is spinning the chakra’s to release more baggage from the old paradigm energies.”

    Quoted from Today’s Earth Ally Message “If you are not completely in Love with Everything, this is an indicator that you are still in illusion. If you are Completely in Love with Everything, this means you are In Total Presentness, You are Awake and in True Reality. There is no in between, you are In Love with Everything or nothing.” Ding….“All the memories and emotions you have stuffed into your body Holograms are energies that cannot go into High Velocity Energy=Higher Thoughts. This is Where Every Human Being is Going Currently, into the Higher Energy Vibrations, So that You Can Meet Your Family!! These are now being released within all of Your Chakras. This will also adjust Mother Earth’s Chakras as Well, and She Will Feel Better, Ready or Not.”

    Aisha~they quoted your update after this in the email I received~ 🙂

      1. Have a great night Lin. I am in tears after answering more judgement above on me. I read it out loud to my Kelly because he asked what I was typing. We are in our truths and that is all that matters. There is not pretense of our situation. We are Ok and our Love carries us in All We Feel. Ok… going to lay beside him now and get to a place of more Peace and Release. Love 2 U, your light sister , Areeza

          1. My Dear Breezie… I went to sleep last night shortly after reading your brief note to me regarding Kiera’s post to you and your response to her. I then wrote a rather longish (so what’s new) post to you and erased it—it didn’t feel right. So I asked my Higher Self what, if anything, I could say to you. This morn I awoke with the thought, “Simply say, I Love You,” which I did and which is the Truth.

            Yet, something has been gently nudging at my mind since then that perhaps there’s more to be said.

            When someone comes from nuclear families such as ours (yours and mine) where years of daily verbal/emotional/silent energetic pummeling was the oh-hum normal interaction, then anything that even slightly smacks of criticism or judgment is met with our tightly closed ears and upraised fists in a hyper-protective survival stance.

            Personally, I’ve learned to neutralize my reactions away from my family—in the outer world—so that I can really hear the messages. I do this by imagining that a Beloved, Trusted Friend and/or God Itself is saying the words to me, especially here at the blog where all interactions are written. I’ve gained sooo much. Doing so neutralizes any negative “tone,” imagined or not, and I am much more able to learn, thru discernment, if there is a vital message MEANT for me that will aid my Spiritual journey. If not, no harm done. I simply move on my jolly way. I can choose to interact defensively, but it usually would be a waste of my time and energy and theirs also—and also sets all involved back a couple of steps on the GAMEBOARD.

            From my point of view, I see/FEEL that both Kiera and Waverider1 Love you. Even if I’m incorrect in this assessment (I don’t feel I am because this blog is Lit up with Light), then still there is no harm done. We’re ALL ONE—there’s absolutely no separation. The words we’re attracting MUST mean something! That’s for us as individuals to figure out. If there’s a pattern, and we don’t like it, then we can change it by changing our thoughts which will change our Energy which will change our actions and our interactions.

            With all that I AM, I Love YOU, Breezie. 🙂

            1. Oh my dear and lovely friend – how I love you!!!

              I have thought too, more than once, how/what I will answer to Areezas reaction, and now you answer in a just perfect way.

              You know – after I posted the video about the twin babies the other day, I thought that it might be provoking to you and many others that haven´t had children, but then I thought this, among so many other things, is life and we all have to relate to it in all aspects.


              I so love you Lin and Areeza – in every respect!

              Love & light,

              B to B

              1. Interesting you said this B… for I went to click on it…but was not in a great state of mind so I did not… because of my own issue of not having little ones. But I did want to get past it. Thank you! for you are so thoughtful and I will always remember this about you! Bless your day ! Be Well! Love A

                  1. I do Love you, Breezie—I hope that you KNOW how much everyone Loves you. With a big, BIG Hug of JOY and balloons to cheer, Lin

                    I’m still visualizing and praying for both you&Kelly.

            2. Dearest Lin, I have thought of all this of course myself.
              You see… It was a bad night.. Kelly in much pain, I decided to dip in the pond before bed and that was what I read. It hurt. It did cause harm whether meant to or not.
              If i was not in such a tearful state to begin with,,, i would have simply said back to Kiera “thank you for ‘your’ concern.
              Some here dont really know me if they dont read the posts regularly. I read them each day myself. If they knew me they would have spent that time Kiera took to say what she did in just wishing my Kelly and I well in this difficult time. To me, the msg was harsh and you know I dont like harshness – we have too much of it already in this world. It was judgemental in its nature and you know how I feel about that vs allowance. I have since read it one more time and get same energy from it. I can worry, be concerned all I want and It takes nothing away from the true Me – I Am Presence. I have much justified reason for concern and if some dont think thats and ok thing for ‘me to experience’- that is for them to think about. And why they choose to judge even.
              I do not like tough Love and probably never will. And its Ok
              If Judgement and Concern were both to be thought as evil…than I have the lesser of the two.
              Love 2 U my light sister, and to Kiera and Wave for there soul presences as well, Areeza

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Areeza! We’ve had another M-class flare today, so I guess we have a few more of these “stormwaves” up ahead 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Yesterday evening I felt OK after MRI, slept a short while, and ate some slices of fresh pumpkin and after a while I had a nausea and stomach pain that I can´t remember I had for a long time. I was totally knocked out all evening and today I am shaky as well.

        Maybe I may not tolerate pumpkin (I have hardly never eaten it fresh before) , maybe the contrast fluid after MRI caused the problems, or maybe a combination of energies, M-class flares and who knows what.

        As always I don´t know – just accept and BE.

        Love & light,

        B to B

    1. oh my Good-ness, Terri, I do sooo hope the arrival is nigh. I’ve been to Sedona, and it was already Magical then! I got goosebumps all over when reading your link. You’ll have to describe everything to us out-of-towners when your city Lights up as predicted. So excited here!

      Too, then the news media will HAVE to report something positive and of Love&Hope&JOY. Just the airwaves carrying such news will spread the JOY Energy worldwide rapidly.

      Thank you, Dear Terri. Btw, I, also, have wondered of Susan’s well-being and whereabouts. I keep her and Amy in my prayers… I miss their presence here.

      Sparkles of JOY to you, Sister. BE well. With my Love, Lin 🙂

      1. Miss them too Lin! Terri , you kept your promise to let us know about the arrival! C o o l n e s s
        Hugs — and I am using the Wand on everyone today 🙂 XOA

    2. Susan is busy getting her website up…..I’ve offered my assistance. Which she has joyfully accepted — Susan is absolutely adorable one-on-one.

      1. THANK YOU! sincerely for this news, Kiera. Exciting. Am very much looking forward to the launch. Much Love to you both, xo Lin

  5. “I am SaLuSa from Sirius and pleased once again to be able to address you. You are now opening up to the Truth and capable of understanding it, and more importantly applying to your everyday experiences. For some these end times are hectic and very trying, but it is the final clearing of karma accumulated over many lives. Be assured that you would not be is such a position unless you were capable of handling it. So accept your experiences with good heart, as they are your final tribulations in this dimension.”
    …..entire msg: http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/February2014/salusa__7_february_2014.htm

  6. Folks, something heavy is going on for real. Two ‘normal’ people here at work having onset of heavy allergy attacks ‘all of a sudden’ – ones face is swelled up. One said they felt a change in pressure or something and they are at odds to what is happening. I was almost immersed but riding it out now. To mind come a tsunami like energy – water pressure – very fast moving.
    Stay centered and breath everybody. Take flower essence, homeopathic aids, etc. Love/Light filled wand tapping everyone – everything, XOA

      1. A… my little rescue dog’s birthday is on the upcoming 14th. He’s been feeling the New energy sensations, too. Oh, Boy! (Like Michael L. below said: “Here we gooooooooooooooo!!!…) xo, Lin

  7. your time stamp is out of place too Sun! interesting – my head, heart and now time is skipping, stomping around. nice.
    Its a heavy energy say Sun — yes,,, started one hr ago for me too and it is pressure cooking my brain. This time, what i feel wants my attention I am not giving in to it — nope I keep saying and it eases. its a collective and not all to be in me. pass by like the wind! pass by….up, over and out.
    take it easy,,, Wand of Love filled Light tapping you! XOA

  8. ~ Gratitude to Old Teachers ~
    by Robert Bly

    When we stride or stroll across the frozen lake,
    We place our feet where they have never been.
    We walk upon the unwalked. But we are uneasy.
    Who is down there but our old teachers?

    Water that once could take no human weight—
    We were students then—holds up our feet,
    And goes on ahead of us for a mile.
    Beneath us the teachers, and around us the stillness.

    1. Reminds me of when I last fall walked gently on the clear, a few days ago frozen ice, and looked down to the bottom. It was a strange feeling to be able to walk on the frozen, transparent water.



  9. This lovely blog keeps finding it’s way onto my personal facebook page, which I love. I adore your blog! One thing, though. Perhaps a larger font size would make it easier to read? From the mobile phone, this background appears white with black text which is fine, but on the computer, it is the dark color you have chosen and the font is harder to read. Just a suggestion. I’m looking forward to more posts. Keep shining!

    1. Dear Rippleforward, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! You can easily adjust the fontsize on the page by doing this:
To zoom in, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the + key.
To zoom out, press and hold down the CTRL (CONTROL) key while pressing the – key.
 Hope this can be of help 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  10. http://www.oraclereport.com/monday-february-10-2014/


    “So today there is a lot swirling around emotionally and we will let it flow in and out while we stand firmly in place. This isn’t about controlling; it’s about receiving and releasing. We have our feet on the ground, but we are not locked in place emotionally or mentally. We are fluid. Experience things as they come up, but don’t hold onto them. This energy will move up and down, in and out, back and forth very quickly. Don’t get “stuck” or “settle” on anything too tightly because it will most likely morph again before the day is complete.”

    It is good to have this kind of reports to understand what happens 🙂

    Love & light,


    1. Look at the time flor the poem I posted B ! It should have gone at the end after Bevs 20:29 post – I said to myself, it must have been meant to go here… and then I read your post. ummm.. synchronisities 🙂
      Have a great day B! (back of my head having strong ‘pangs’)

    2. yes…a lot of energy re-structuring happening & will continue & as they said ‘up, down, in, out, back & forth’….stay centered within your truth heart energy, but be fluid with this energy that surrounds you ! Love to You….Bev~

  11. “According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. (quoted by Carol Lynn Pearson in Consider the Butterfly)”
    ― Deepak Chopra, Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles

    I can endorse this! Am I enlightened then? In that case, I have been there for many years.


    B confused

    1. ….”Am I enlightened then?”
      By the time a Being is asking this of themselves — I would say, “Yes.”

      You don’t reach a particular static state of Enlightenment, where you sit back with a degree of human arrogance & ignorance and state that you are now fully Enlightened.
      The Enlightened are always questioning, always seeking more and they are completely aware how little they do know, in the grand scheme. They know very well that they are like a child. They radiate an openness that feels like innocence.

      It is a paradoxical *innocence*….in which it is not the lack of experience creating this state, but the exact opposite — there has been SO MUCH experience that the enlightened person has now developed the ability to deliberately detach themselves from the lower frequency effects of the experience, and return to their natural state of Pure Joy.

      An Enlightened Being no longer dwells in FEAR.
      If any fear is experienced at that point, it is absorbed and immediately released — the return to the balanced state of Joy can be incredibly fast.
      “Worrying” is dwelling in Fear. Worrying (being fearful) is the sign that you are not aligned with your Higher Self.
      It is the sign that you have chosen to believe that the Universe will not fully support you in whatever you choose to do.

      The state of Worry will only bring to you more things to worry about. Because the Universe DOES fully support you in anything you choose to do — including worrying — it will very lovingly & unconditionally reinforce and continue to keep you in that particular lower frequency state that you have chosen to have a lengthy experience of.

      To eliminate Worry/Fear, an initial step is to choose instead to *Trust* the Universe.
      Trust that it WILL fully support you, no matter what you do….and that it will support you even faster (continually gaining momentum) if what you choose to do, is to be light-hearted and to constantly Follow Your Joy — in every single NOW moment of creation.

      This is what Wave was saying, in a previous post. About stepping off the cliff of the human prison and making the choice to release your Fear, and then Trust the fundamental Law of Attraction built into the Universe to bring you miracles as you live in Joy, not in Worry.

      1. God knows my heart – I am not Judged in his/her eyes – I am accepted as I Am and always have been – THAT I do not worry about. 😉
        Live with someone in constant pain or be in that situation yourself and understand how worry/concern is present because you are human. It is not all light-hearted Joy if you are in a prison of chronic pain. Step off a cliff…LOL… yeah for real, u would think of it. Unless u r in this experience, you would not understand it. My focus Is for Love/Peace/Joy. The worry time is much less and When I am all spirit with no human flesh and bones, no thing to worry about. I worried the moment I awoke to having a human body – because I was akin to a light body. I have had this challenge in this life. God has always understood this and Loves me and accepts me and I trust that completely.
        The healing centers will help if they are to arrive soon enough. Would U not worry if your Lover was thinking he could not live with the pain anymore? I offer my Lover all I can but I can not save him so, yes, worry comes and goes. Great sadness would come if he were not to stay here with me….so worry comes and goes. I trust all is in divine order …and I am still human. Without my body, I will be fine too if the sadness gets to be too much. I used to worry about timing. I do not any longer. I can be here or not. Its Ok. I am still Areeze here or there. I have come to a place of non attachment more so than not. Only Love is permanent.
        You perceive worry must be fear. Is all concern fear? dont have to answer me. Does any of it make u less than you are ?
        When one judges what state are they in? I am doing nothing wrong as CC’s and our Sun says 🙂
        My feelings are allowed and they dont have to follow others set rules about them.
        This is the last time I wish to defend my life – sucks energy.
        sorry you and maybe any others think I live in worry – not my truth.
        Love, XOA

        1. big hugs breeze…I will remind you of the third of my three rules….all unfolds divinely as it should….which means you are at the perfect place for you on your path at this moment. I will tell you though that I had Lyme disease and post lyme fibromyalgia for 20 years and i have pain every day–this I say in the vault because I do not at all energize it anymore, but you absolutely can be happy daily and in pain, I am living proof of it….more hugs, vault closed and the contents are blasted with the violet flame…Alex

          1. Thanks Alex. I suffered with Lymes for 6-7 yrs. I know Drs say u never get it out of your system, etc. I have. Mine was more heart/nerve affected. With Kelly it is a level 6-9 pain all the time with most of it being at level 7. he says it is like someone taking a baseball bat to him all the time. He can not get into a comfortable position. sleeps in sputs, which wakes me up and I am tired now when I used to at least get good rest. It is indeed very sad what happened and my heart hurts for him. My poor tendons in my arm are hurting now from all the messaging I give him each night. I try switching arms but the right one is easier for me to get to the ‘spots’. Love, ~A~

            1. Have you done any research into DMSO? the cream version works better than morphine with absolutely no side effects other than smell, when I can’t sleep, I use it on my siatic area and it is a god send….you can get it at any very good health food store…

              1. hey…did u see the post with links I left for Bev below an hr or so ago? DMSO 😉 Breaks thru the blood-brain barrier.
                I have some – not the cream version though. Yes, the smell! lol. I am using on Kelly again. not too often with that stuff my healer said. thanks! Love ~A~

        2. Breeze my heart goes out to you and the pain you feel for your loved ones that are close to you. I also feel the pain my loved ones feel. They are part of me their pain becomes my pain. Yet even when feeling this I know all is well and give all the love I have to them to try to lessen their pain. I have seen death more times that I like come to loved ones. My mother was very sick intensive care. I spent a few days with her while she was in this pain. I hadn’t slept in a few days while I was with her. I was standing by her bed holding her hand. I was so sleepy I fell asleep while I was standing beside her. She woke me up and said Ray you have to let me go you are the only thing keeping me her in this body. Then she began laughing and said I didn’t know someone could sleep while standing and not fall down. I just smiled and gave her hug and told her she had a some time before she would pass. The next day she went home to die. She lived close to two years more. She wrote me a letter the day before she died thanking me to help her live a little longer. I am sure many other haves gone through things like this with loved ones. I can’t tell anyone how to deal with something like this. It is different with everyone. I just know all is well in life and death of our earthly body. Only time helps heal the hurt someone has over loved ones in pain. You never forget this you can only learn to live with it and keep living your life. I just try to see and find the joy in everything I see as I know you do to. Just keep up the good work and enjoy every minute of life while you have it to enjoy.

          May all your pain become the joy of sharing your love with others
          Love and blessings to all

          1. You bring me tears Ray and I thank you for I feel you feel my heart as I do yours.
            You know, I have always been able to ‘be there’ with folks in their pain. I was thinking of a dear friend of my ex’s and mine. He contracted a very weird type virus and his temperature rose to a point he was in a coma. He came out from time to time. Whatever it was, he was in a special place in the hospital – the place u have to put on gloves to go into. Well, I was with a couple of his friends when we went in and they all stayed way back from his bed. I immediately went right to him and touched his forehead and spoke softly to him.
            My dad took a few months in bed before passing. It was difficult to see him wasting away and some family could not take that and did not go to his bedside either. I was there with all the Love I could muster. One time he seemed to be looking at me and I started to cry a little and I said “Dad, I wish I knew how to help you better – I know its hard and I so want to help you”. He started to mouth something – so I leaned near and he said “Its So Hard”. After this, most of what I did was tell him of how wonderful it will be for him to see his mom and dad and do the jitter bug with his sister again. We are blessed Ray to have this compassion in our hearts.
            Love you for it my friend, your light sister, Areeza

      2. Dear Kiera!

        Thanks my great friend for your reply which went straight to the bottom of my heart! You confirmed the knowing I had deep down inside but I could not put into words, or perhaps even understand. I’m not as aware of what is actually happening to me and how things affect me, I just AM (B to B;)

        I did read your message yesterday morning before I went to the hospital to get an MRI. Your reply filled me with a wonderful joy and gratitude, and while the investigation was going on, and with ABBA in the headphones, I sent out my light and my love to all at the hospital (and worldwide). So – if you hear about a hospital in the far north which has been completely luminous – you will know why;)))

        Kiera – you will always have a place in my heart. Thank you!

        Love & light,

        B to B

  12. That Hilarion-stuff was spot on. Like this one time in the realms I heard this weird crazy laughing. Like mocking around and I thought to myself “I will be silent” and it stopped. I guess it was coming from me. Later on instead I spoke from my heart and badabum, next morning this heartspoken wish happened. Dark dreams seem to lighten up little by little, as I’m confronted with things I intentionally or unintentionally manifest from lower vibrations. And I thought to myself to be a good guy, until this waking thing started after which I’ve gone the opposite direction. Don’t know if it was a good idea, but everything seemed to fall apart anyway so just gave it a go. To my great relief I can actually quiet my mind now. Even the “higher me” shows me kindness nowadays. Still feel fooled, but that’s what I guess this earth-experience is all about. Choking that sick puppy… ummm loving it. Damn did it again hehe.

  13. Thank You Dearest Sister for ‘All’ you do & have done !…& I’m so pleased & quite excited to share some extraordinary news with you & our family here !…but you must know, without you & your devotion in building this site, none would have been possible ! I do so LOve when these amazing bits of energized information all begin cascading & come together into a heightened ‘A HA’ moment of complete clarity !…it has been building for me for a while now, with these attachments of energy upon words that I have been speaking about these past missives, imprinting on my thoughts….words the CC’s have spoken, words from my HS, & even a resurfacing of words spoken to me from a powerful spirit from long ago….words from our family ponders, like Forest ‘Joy’ most predominately who asked me to do some investigative work regarding ‘Lecithin’ !….well it finally has all unfolded complete & I’m so happy to share with you All !!! you See the Lecithin is only a casing that holds the link to 2 very important components & they are ‘myo-inositol’ (our & animal) & phytic-acid….(plant) connection to the Light/Energy housing part of us to the Carbon structured bodily part of us….like a wall of glue, the web structure of Life, holds everything together that is our now existence…. but the challenge that has begun revealing itself, is ‘Breaking through the wall, without destroying the wall’….I sure hope you all understand this as this is the crucial part of it all ! Some refer to it as the Blood-Brain separating wall & has always been an important part of our physical body functions but now ‘We’ are actually being encouraged by creation to help break through this (from the innate body perspective side of it) without destroying it, & I was quite a while pondering on that dilemma !….but by increasing our intake of the ‘myo-inositol’ we will be helping our bodies transference into Light bodies more readily & ‘myo-inositol’ is abundant in Lecithin !….There actually is a lot more within this actual biological process, but I’ll simply leave a few links at the bottom if you wish to seek more information…but basically it is as I said & the main result is assisting in activating the Light within us & that contains our memories of who we are, ‘Everything’ !!!

    So that’s the 3D carbon base body side of it….but it gets even better !!….this bubbling up & transformational energy being stirred & processed & memory activation is taking placing with All Life…Mother-Earth & into All of Creation….well that was a bit more difficult for me to explain, but ‘Click’….I was blown away with this new message I just received from ‘The Children of the Sun’…& how Amazingly Perfect…they answered this is such clarity & wonderful details that I could not of said it any better !!…I’ve added a highlight below, but if you want to read the whole context…please go to their web site…..truly words cannot express how important this is & how it all is coming together so precisely beautiful…all the way it should, & in all the way we should have more trust & faith in the divine plan of All of Creation !!!…….it is Truth that ‘These are Exciting Times’ !…..Love, Bev~


    1. http://childrenofthesun.org/2014/02/08/aligning-with-the-greater-akashic-force/

      As redevelopment of Earth’s energy architecture continues, the electromagnetic polarity is changing to accommodate a dramatic upshift in planetary frequency. The grids that are upholding vulnerable third dimensional construct are collapsing allowing ethereal substance to have a more pronounced effect.

      This is paving the way for humanity’s transition into a harmonic resonance that is fueled by a new morphogenetic instruction template for multidimensional living and where ‘paranormal’ becomes the status quo.

      It also contributes to a grand unlocking occurring within the fields that hold the planetary records, including many sacred places that have been purposely sealed until such a time that their held codes and related knowledge could safely benefit the human race.

      These large repositories and global Halls of Records are now unveiling, both physically and through the portals of our expanding group consciousness.

      All of this unlocking and subsequent recalibration of energy fields is setting into momentum a massive repolarization of the planetary Recorder Cell, where the akashic substance holds all of the etheric records from human thought-feeling impressions.

      These imprints are seen as etheric bands within and around the planet and even our personal body matrix that ripple out as a holographic overlay of information. The electromagnetic and gravitational fields are the media upon which these energy bands are able to record information.

      For eons, Earth has been, in a sense, quarantined from the rest of the galactic system due to its density and collective laggard mentality. As part of our reintegration as an evolved celestial body, a split is occurring in its main recording and storage interface. This involves a grandiose sifting of the bands of ethereal substance that ensoul the planet in order to filter out and remove the live discord coming from built up toxic imprinting. This is being assisted through star nation technology.

      1. Oh my dear sister, you are something! Thank you for all this. At the moment my mind is not so clear what with being hit by all the downloads yesterday and a very very busy work day today. I am very tired. I will check some on this in a few. What fun!

        1. Dear sisters, I love to see you finding new and interesting pieces to this giant puzzle 🙂 Thank you for allowing the light to shine through you in this way!
          Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

          1. Thank my Dearest Sister of the Light !….always grateful to You & You are so hugely a part of All this too !….We ‘Shine’…We ‘Dance’ together !!!….Love, Bev~

    2. there’s also a great explanation on ‘Accessing our Records’ & the ‘Recorder Cell’…….”you will often suddenly just know things or spontaneously express great wisdom, and then later, wonder where it all came from.”

      1. Thank YOu so much, Bev. I took a peak at the link; a bit long, so I’ll tune in later to read it all. Am looking forward to it. 🙂
        With my Love, Lin

    3. Dearest Bev… finally found a pure form of inositol and non-soy lecithin online. Had tried the former previously, but must have been a non-pure
      supplement as I was allergic to it.

      Isn’t Life exciting now?! Everything is bouncing with New Energy, the NEW WAY. I feel like a balloon ready for take-off into NEW and more adventure. BEing ALIVE and breathing thru and during this glorious process is beyond Delightful. wheeeeee

      A huge Thank You to both you and Bev for all your research, brilliant, questioning minds, your individual and combined Light and your willingness to share.

      Hugs and Hugs of Love&Light&Hope&JOY, Lin

      geeez we’re all sooo darn LUCKY/BLESSED!!

        1. Hi my beautiful Sister of the Light !….& Joy is absolutely correct, via Lecithin is how we should proceed with this, which is safe & bioavailable…& by no means am I suggesting anyone should start ingesting tons of this at once !….it is a very complicated & delicate process that must be taken slowly & safely as this transition has never been done before….think of it unfolding like a flower, gently & unrushed ! normally through the process of death, our Light bodies would naturally be released through these walls as at this time, these walls would be no longer needed, but this time it is different….we are taking our bodies with us !….certainly we are All in for some Amazing Surprises !……I’m going to add a little follow up under Philip’s so hope this also can help clarify a few more things !….Love, Bev~

    4. Fantastic stuff Bev… this all makes perfect sense to me. It also reminds me of a message I was given a couple of years back just before the summer solstice which was that I was called to intend SOL to interact with the earth’s grids: I seem to recall it was the diamond light grids/Christ Consciousness grids and particularly at the poles. I had it confirmed independently by a friend in America and so published the message on the the SOL site and did quite a lot on this at the time. Amazing to read this now… all part of the same process – thank you. Philip 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Philip…sure is dynamically Amazing to me & your Sol experiences, also Amazing….I must pop by your site & check All this out !!! (& anything to help heal Mother-Earth is A+ by me !!!)

        You know I really thought others would be as excited about this as I am, but I guess it’s a lot to grasp at the present….but if we remember back several missives ago, Aisha posted a video on the amazing processes on the innate body…so fascinating & so true about our built in bio-design that protects us, our Light bodies within, to have this existence upon 3D Earth, & this also holds great relevance to creation now asking us to increase our intake of ‘inositol’ ! The miles & miles of membrane flexible glue like tissue that has been protecting us all along, safe guarding our cells, now needs to be penetrated & even our own Light bodies are having difficulty in doing this, as it had been designed to such perfection ! My HS tells me they refer to it as biological machinery & that we ourselves, thru the requests made through our minds, will instruct the innate body to allow this, & ‘inositol’ supplements will be most beneficial ! …& also HS suggests taking this via ‘Lecithin’ is safe & also with a pro-biotic as well to help stimulate better absorption ! When our Light bodies can break through these walls, while still having them remain intact, there will be a unification (kinda like a chemical reaction) with the hydrogen infused Light that we have been anchoring & this will activate the H3C key tags attached to our DNA (that I spoke about before), unlocking our DNA to further activate the transformation into full Light body Awareness, our completed Energy link to All of Creation ! In fact ‘inositol’ is quite an amazing substance with many functions, & I am told one will include it being combined in such a way that it will be part of a brand new safe source of energy in the future ! When I look in Wikipedia & see All those wonderful diagrams showing all the various chemical properties I’m always impressed to see the signature hexagon 6-point ‘Snow Crystal’ &/ ‘Honey Bee’ marker…Love it !….’Water’ (H30), as well as ‘Bees’ are also a ‘Very’ Important part of all this too that most are completely unaware of !

        Lots of Love to You !!…..Bev~

    5. Bev this is interesting to me. Last night I went into a deep meditation to try to communicate with the particles of my body to see why some invade other cells of the body. I wanted to know why all cells could not come up with a reason not to work with each other and transform into what they needed to become to all work together to help the body instead of working against each other for control of the body. This has to take place before the body can transform into a new 5d body. Every cell and particle in the body has to work together to achieve this. Their can be no war within the body. Its the same with all beings on earth has to be at peace to transform into a world of love for all that is. Mother earth is doing this as we speak. She is trying to transform all life on earth for this to take place. This includes all particles and human cells. Mother earth is our environment that dictates what we can do with our bodies and all life forms that live here on earth. Change the environment and everything in it changes to adapt to the new environment. this involves so many different things that seems to be beyond our comprehension. It all boils down to the communication between particles with no war between them and all working together for the same cause. There is no such thing as perfect in anything. This imperfection is what started a change in all creation. It is called thought process that wants change or something different that may not be perfect but very close. The old saying if it isn’t broke don’t change it. It was changed. That’s where we come into the picture of creation.

      Just another imperfect thought from a old man
      Love and blessings to all

      1. Thank You Ray for this…your words, your thoughts always shine with wonderful truth, wisdom, but yet still lots of curiosity…the way it should be ! I think…’beyond our comprehension’ is the key here, so much that is changing, evolving & transitioning & much of it we are completely unaware of…but we need to have faith & trust in the divine plan, even sometimes when we are asked to do something we may not understand, or even agree with, or shout out some important information that we ourselves don’t entirely grasp it all, let alone expect others to ! We must believe in the Energy flow & direction Creation presents us, each unique & vital to the panorama of Life ! Imperfection is a very interesting word…for me it’s kinda like a box within a box….we are perfect in our imperfections…if you know what I mean….in creation there always must be room to learn, to grow & change, otherwise Energy would become stagnant, All Life, living Energy is in perpetual motion, including Mother-Earth & All of Creation !

        I do Appreciate your fine comment !!!….Love, Bev~

        1. Ditto to Lin’s comment Bev. I am away visiting my son and his family (two grandsons) so I’m following the messages the best I can. I am excited about what you said and hope to look into it more. Thank you for sharing… it’s planted in our memories and will get used as we each are ready for it!! I am grateful for all that is being shared. (From you too Ray… I always look forward to what you share also.)
          Love, Nancee

      2. Ray, a great knowing came through to me a little while ago when I was being bothered by a biting fly that kept coming in to take a nip at me. I thought over and over, i want to kill that fly, its bugging me and then I thought it deserves to live and have its own existence, however short and then I thought, well how can we co-exist–and then it came through that just as we set protection for the etheric body and aura, we will be able to set strong and inpenetrable protection like a force field around the physical body…without the invasion of cells from outside (virus, bacteria, biting flies) there is no need for defense inside the body….but I would question what you mean by war within the body because the body does in fact work amazingly well together in co-creation unless there is disonnant energy and then we develop issues…there are levels of protection that are necessary, but no cells invade others on a regular basis unless the energy is wrong. So, I see this force field as an extension of our immune system and also a simple protection for the sovereignty of the body–only what I choose is allowed in….simply perfect! 🙂 Alex

      1. the last few days it’s been very cold & we have had gently over night falling snow, but in the morning the sun shines & trillions of these dazzlin’ diamonds cover the ground & coat the trees….& when I go outside, especially this morning, I hear them All singing….’We are H30’….sure is wonderful & makes my Heart Sing !

    6. I meant to pass this on to you yesterday Bev. I have this at home – just remembered. My healer friend turned me on to it.

      >DMSO breaks thru the blood-brain barrier
      “Use of DMSO in medicine dates back to around 1963, when a University of Oregon Medical School team, headed by Dr. Stanley Jacob, discovered it could penetrate the skin and other membranes without damaging them and could carry other compounds with it very efficiently.”…http://www.thehealingjournal.com/DMSO

      1. Thanks ‘A’ for this & the links ! they are very interesting, sounds similar to the ‘Phytic Acid’ (plant) part of this, but my HS assures me the process I am speaking of is referring more to the fact that the inositol will be altering the wall membrane itself & changing it’s atomic molecular structure….there must be a correct synergy created at the cellular level in order to proceed….& there will be NO alterations to any DNA, until this is achieved !…. sorry if I happened to not clarify that, but this DMSO may be helpful with my arthritis, so I’m going to check this out for sure & I do Love the fact that it is all natural !
        Love, Bev~

          1. thank you and thank you! I have to really take in your post about all this yet… have not had the brain to do it ;0

  14. Road trip epiphany ~
    So, I am driving along and intending to hear from my HS.
    What was given was this:
    ‘ALL the Tones and Notes are needed to have the complete Melodious Sound/Resonance of any given Uni (One) – Verse (Song).’
    ‘ALL the Melodies/Sounds of the universes (plural) complete God’s resonating omni-presence.
    Meaning mass ascension and why God/We/All want it.

    “By the word of the LORD were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6).”

  15. http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2014.htm
    HILARION: February 9–16, 2014

    “… It behooves each individual to become the master of their thinking processes and to know when to observe what is being formulated and just let it go because that is not what you really want to experience in your life – for as you develop a greater vibrational frequency, the more the manifestation of your thought speeds into your daily reality.

    “Practice sending a ray of love from your heart chakra to everyone you meet or are about to meet. This universal practice will begin to prepare your relationships with others to operate at a higher level of sincere and peaceful interaction. The sending of the love ray before each encounter will create a field of open hearted communication based on honesty and trust. This one simple act, when practiced and refined, will open doors that were closed for many ages and the art of meaningful communication between all individuals will come to the forefront. This ability is much required to be developed amongst the human race and as it grows and expands, humanity will have the tools necessary for interaction with all beings, including those off planet when that time approaches…”

    1. Thanks Lin!

      I have practiced this for many years in all meetings and happenings together with people and it works very well. It is a pleasure to note afterwards so amazing everything turned out 🙂 It also works well to send away the desire to be able to spread my light, maybe meet a nice person when I go down town, or whatever you want. Love is the key – as usual 😉

      Love & light,


      1. Dear Lin and B – I have practiced this too and the best part now is that we will be witnessing even more profound results from it!
        >I bet none of us here ever questioned what we were intending in our Love Sharing was having an affect in some way more thoughts that came to me this morning:
        From HS: “with your new Love guided thoughts, you are re-writing history”. “You can not connect as well anymore with ‘past’ events as they are being changed with every new breath you take”.
        Blessings! XOA

    2. Thanks so much for sharing this Lin & I too Agree ! & what’s also interesting is that an imprint seems to attach to these people whom are not part of your day to day, & they often remember you, in a good way if you happen to meet them again !….Love, Bev~

  16. This message gives me a feeling that I do not have words for yet.
    It is not an awful feeling by any means. There was a warmth that poured down from above – all over me. Images are coming from it but no way to describe what I ‘see’. Will be interesting is all we can say for sure !

    Thank you Aisha/CC’s – and thank you for the prev missives you took your valuable time to post for me!! And much appreciation to Alex and B for your comments ! Love you all so much.
    I have to go back and re-read it. Alot of things are just words to me lately…and I mean no disrespect at all in saying that. Its just with the additional bad news from the Dr (Kelly still has swelling and the doc wanted him to come back if it did not go down), well, anyways… I have to be Ok with not being Ok is the best I can do right now.
    Love and hugs from me to All

    1. Dear sister, much love coming your way from me! And I “see” what you say about words – I have been thinking about them too lately. It is like all the words are starting to get in the way, they seem so slow and ponderous and inadequate now that everything is speeding up.

    2. Big hugs Breeze….As Matt Kahn says, put your hand on your heart and send I Love you’s deeply to the being who is right now being OK with not being OK…and see how that feels….when we feel like there is nothing we can do, we can always simply LOVE.

  17. Amazing Aisha the same visual described in this message about the ice melting and breaking after the winter was in my awareness just the other day for apparently no obvious reason at the time…. now I see why!!!

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. I will get back to you I’ve been very busy sharing SOL with the world!!!


    Philip 🙂

    1. Another wonderful example of synchronicity – just like we had with the image of the murmurations 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, Philip!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Phillip,
      Your post in the last missive was so interesting. However, since I was a out of it yesterday with the energy downloads any reply from me might have been jibberish. When Ray wrote of Earth recycling that is what I thought your visitors might have wanted to show you. I have been picking up lately a lot of recycled once toxic “stuff” coming from the ground just west of where I live. This seems to be recycled from half a world away. Since you were so much apart of many infrastructure projects, your perceptions of this huge earth recycling infrastructure may really be something. Perhaps the SOL have a role in this. Thank you for sharing them with so many.

      1. What an interesting thought/insight which I am quite tingly as I read! I have certainly felt a lot of energies being transmuted and recycled in the last 2 years though I hadn’t quite fully made that connection with this experience… mmm. Thanks to you and Ray that is becoming clearer. I will be with this more for it sounds very interesting.

        I hope your feeling more with it. I know the energy downloads have been intense recently!

        One thing that’s worth adding in this context is that I had a lady from Australia who contacted me about SOL and when I asked her she did a blog on the SOL site for me. Amongst the many things she mentioned in the article was insights she had had about transmuting energies with SOL to cleanse the earth so to speak. This I had always felt was the case and these insights take it further. Her article was more general and I called it “Dancing for Joy with Spheres Of Light” – and if you’d like to read it you can find it here:


        1. Dear Philip, thank you for sharing this! Earlier today, I was reminded of a quote from a reading I was given some years ago where they talked about “dancing the freedom dance”, and then this comment appears 🙂 It is truly wonderful to see how your work is having a profound effect both near and far, so thank you for allowing yourself to say YES to do it!
          With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

          1. Some indian tribes did a dance called ghost dance that made them invincible against all with ill intent against them . This was years ago and this dance was ban by the government. I know some that still do this dance to this day.

            Love and blessings to all

            1. Truly Grand Idea!! 🙂 🙂
              I just got my cajon drum yesterday – U and Ray and Philip and Forest 🙂 gave me an idea to use it in a tribal way for healing. I Love tribal stuff! thank you, ~A~

            2. At the end of a shaman course I attended, the instructor wanted to thank the spirits for spending a week in this incredible environment and make our drum journeys and experiences. He contacted them and they became very excited, because it was long ago since they had been noticed. When he asked how we could thank them, they showed him how we could dance the snake dance. It was a winding dance out in the woods, up the hills and down the valleys where we held our hands on each other’s shoulders, with the instructor leading the way. I couldn’t remember when I laughed so much – it was so joyful and an unusual type of dance, and so much love 🙂

              Love & light,


        2. I have a old drinking buddy that is a Comanche chief. They were and still are warriors. We use to sit and talk of visions we have had. To share a vision with another you put your hand behind the nick of the person you want to share a vision with. This person does the same. Then you touch your foreheads together and start the vision. I say a lot of his peoples old wars doing this with him. He say some of my wars in past lives doing this to. To do this with another and them see your vision is a great honor. That is shared with only a few people. Left in the world of the Indian tribes. This bonds you and the person you do this with I a way you can always share your vision with them even though you are many miles away from each other. I can’t tell you how this works I just know it does work. I guess you could call it a type of viewing each others thoughts at the same time. I learned a lot about life doing this and will always hold these spirits close to me. I think our souls may have shared some of the same times in history in the past that lets us see the same things at different times of history. Just another old memory of my life. All our memories that are in our minds memory banks while we live in this body are from this life time. The memories from the past lives are from our soul that has lived thousands of life times. Once these are brought to the present they are remembered by our human minds as a spirit of the past. That you can see in your mine as a person and what he or she did in life. Sometimes you have to release these spirits so you can keep advancing in your present life. This only releases this spirit back to its source and frees it of living over and over again in a life of another in present times. I thought I would talk about this a little because it may help some that are trying to deal with this..

          Love and blessings to all

  18. I look forward to every sign to ice breakup and spring feeling now, though it can mean storm too. It actually feels a little strange with the calm that lasted for a while now.

    I really appreciate this message Aisha and CCs 🙂

    Love & light,


        1. Thank you for sharing this, Monica! You must have had quite the journey, so it is wonderful that you are shining as brightly as you are 🙂 Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Caroline… I LOVED the book, “Interview with an Alien”. Got me thinking. 🙂 Now I’m waiting for the second book to arrive. Thank you so very, very much. With my LOve&JOY and smiles and smiles, Lin

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