Welcome to February’s Gathering around the Pond, Sunday 2

Dear friends!

Tonight, at 21:00 Oslo time, we have another Gathering coming up, and this is what the CCs have to say about it: “Once again your calendars have marked off another month, and so, you stand before another one of those important Gatherings that will help not only you, but All of creation to move one step closer to that end goal. We know that frustrations are high here and there, as some of you seem to be at a standstill at the moment, while for others, those doors we have referred to earlier have well and truly opened by now, and you have gotten more than a little tantalizing glimpse behind them already. In fact, some of you have also been given the task of reporting back to the rest of your fellow travelers, so that they too can get a far more detailed picture of what is going on at the moment.

For now, the wheels within wheels are all busy turning, and as such, there is movement going on on all levels now. And just as in the inner workings of a clock, where the cogs and the wheels are all moving at different speed in order to synchronize the movements to perfection, so too are you all moving at what may seem to be different speeds in order to synchronize you all into this grand movement. For make no mistake, even if you might feel out of the action at the moment, you are anything but, and this Sunday, we think you will all find how your speed perfectly matches everyone around you. Not as in having an identical experience as everyone else during this mass-connection, rather as in seeing the need for these individual movements in order for the whole group of you to move forward in the designated direction and at the optimum speed.

For this is in all aspects a collective event, but again, one that is coming about on an individual level, and as you all carry your own unique imprint, you will all be guided through this process as individuals. And, as some of you have already noticed, this process is already well on its way. For remember, even if you have a designated time for this event, it does not take place at only that designated time. No, this Gathering as you call it, actually stretches out, not only in time, but also in different frequential layers, and as such, this is truly a multi-dimensional event in every sense of the word. And so, we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking part in it. For without you, there would be no Gathering, and without you, the wheels of this formidable construction would not be able to move forwards at the impressive speed and with the accuracy it is. For you are all playing an important part in this, and even if you yourself feel like just an insignificant member of the human race, you are so much more than that. You are a vital part of this machinery, and a vital part in every sense of the word, for you are a living, breathing being, ensconced within this human body, this grand vehicle that is what makes this whole operation possible in the first place.

So again we want to welcome you all to this formal gathering of the spirits, where the light once again will pour into you all, making all sorts of magical events possible. Remember, this is your turn to truly shine, and when you sit down to connect, know that we are all eagerly waiting to see how you all light up, outshining even your own Sun. For you are true carriers of the light, and now, what you will accomplish together will once again break all the records in ways that defies description. So we wish you all a warm welcome to this event, it will be a grand one indeed, but it is simply a small get together compared to what you all have in store further down the line. But remember, without all of these preliminary steps completed, there would be no grand unveiling further ahead, so again, we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for doing what you do, and for being what you are. For you are magnificent, dear ones, and we love you more than words can say, and hopefully, you will all feel the truth of this as soon as you connect your light to this grand and world-enveloping occasion this Sunday.”


Like many of you, I have already been experiencing the energies coming in for this Gathering these last few days, and as I sat down to try to find an image that could describe them, I was guided to this. It is from a trip I made a few years ago to Spitsbergen, way up in the Arctic Ocean, a place of snow and ice and untamed nature. The energy there was so pure and “big”, it was like I was standing on an immense crystal of clear quartz. It felt other-worldy and overpowering, but at the same time, it felt like home in a way I have never experienced before. So I invite you to bring your light to this Gathering around our Pond, this “home” that reaches all across this planet, and beyond. I know it will be a wonderful experience, and I am very much looking forward to sharing it with you!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

266 thoughts on “Welcome to February’s Gathering around the Pond, Sunday 2

  1. Merhaba aisha
    Ne zaman cok heveslensem kalbimi acsam hayal kırıklıgı yaşıyorum
    Dün gece çok gelmek istedim ama bağlanamadım koptum
    Bazen bōyle önemli günlerde bilinçli olarak düştüğümü hissediyorum
    Bomboş sadece size tutunarak günlerimi geçiriyorum
    İşimi gayet iyi yapıyorum ki hayatımda hiç birşey değişmedi
    Tek fark artık bir olmamız
    Bunun için sana çok çok çok teşekkür ederim
    Seni seviyoruz

    1. Sevgili Funda!
      Bu Pond hoş geldiniz, ve burada ışık getirdiğin için teşekkür ederim! Ve ona bağlanmak başardı gibi belki hissetmedim bile için, bu Buluşması bir parçası olmak için teşekkür ederim, sizin enerji çok bu önemli etkinlikte yer aldı. Sen bu dünyayı değiştirmek için yardımcı oluyor, ve ben de siz de kendi hayatında bu değişiklikleri görmek ve hissetmeye başlayacaktır düşünüyorum.
      Benden çok sevgi ile, Aisha
      (Google translate kullanarak ediyorum, bu yüzden sözcükleri küçük bir “yanlış” olabilir bile beni anlayacağınızı umuyorum.)

      Dear Funda!
      Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! And thank you for being a part of this Gathering, for even if you perhaps did not feel like you managed to connect to it, your energy was very much involved in this important event. You are helping to change this world, and I also think you will start to see and feel these changes in your own life too.
      With much love from me, Aisha

  2. In reading about some feeling disconcerted in certain ways, I was prompted to say that what I feel ‘in the changed energy’ is ‘relieved’. Relieved of duty that was of a more burdensome mode for me. It always felt cumbersome to me as my denser body had such challenges living up to what I signed up for. Now, I feel Lighter and I have what I call my ‘light serving balls’ around me – just awaiting instruction and it makes me think I was like one of them before (as a server) and now I am the instructor. ‘That’ makes me think of Anna’s ‘Conductor’ energy rising. In my view, we are moving from servers to Conductors. Not that I do not wish to serve any longer – nor do I feel anything is beneath me. Its just a move/shift up to a higher rank (for lack of better words) for some of us who are first wavers here. We are in the co-creator mode again – here On Earth this time. Awakening to it and being able to do more with less as Philip says… less density/more light, less duality/more unity. Its really a better fit for us but we have to adjust to it after all we have been/done before. For me, I feel the light I can send out from me – XOA – its intention – its essence – is still my service and its expanded 100 fold~! (via the light serving balls of energy – my Wand; tools I now have to move this light/intention). Hope this makes some sense and offers help. So many things are shifting – tides turning – Heavenly bodies rotating/aligning/ascending – we are all part of this.

    Physically, I feel very wavy and a bit nauseous from it the past few hrs.
    Also, had a little accident with the courier vehicle (snow/ice) this morning. uggh. I am ok… hit someones mail box hard. Had to get ride from bank president’s son – VP- one who gave me such a hard time last yr (long story – involving tire blow out – he tried to make me feel it was my fault, etc. at time my Dad was dying… it was really, really challenging for me to deal with is the bottom line…lessons for me in it too of course.)….anyways….it was interesting using my Wand on him in the car on the ride back to the office…1 hr. drive… And… we had a pretty good conversation actually. no blame on me this time or anything like that.

    ok….be well and safe and peaceful and In Love all! XOA

  3. Posted by

    I would like to share what I did during this Super Bowl.
    I made notes on all the tag lines and such on all the commercials.
    Since TPTB control commercials also & their messages, see below some interesting items.
    I have pages, even a few people got interested once they saw what I was writing down.

    Bud Light: “The perfect beer for what happens”.
    Ellen DeGeneres: Family Plan. “Get Played”
    Go Daddy: “Build your dream on time.”
    Contour TV: “Just for me”.
    Singer Bono: “I’m more than you know. The time begins.”
    Family BBQ commercial: “Genesis”
    Bank of American is doing something called RED. (B of A worries me always!)
    Maserati: “We have prepared. Now we strike.” (Blood turned cold here.)
    “What drives you?” for a Need for Speed new movie coming out.
    Turbo Tax: “It’s amazing what your capable of”
    Radio Shack: “Come see what’s possible when we do things together.” (Yikes)
    Jaguar: “Oh yes. It’s good to be bad.”
    Oikos Yogurt: “Fuel your Pleasure.”
    Peyton needs to throw a Hail Mary pass………..? (Announcer)
    Troy Aikman mentioned: “The Legion of Boom.”
    T Mobil: “Long term contracts, suck. So we will kill yours for you.”
    Tv show 24 coming back on TV “LIVE ANOTHER DAY!!!!!” (gulp)
    Football player named TURBIN mentioned numerous unnecessary times.
    Go Daddy: “Get Found. It’s go time.”

    What do you folks think about this stuff?
    Just curious on your take ((:

    1. Same-old, same-old: Corporate-owned, media-controlled messages purposely created to bankrupt citizens/viewers monetarily/emotionally/mentally/physically and spiritually and enrich corporations.

      Unplug tv or at least mute tv commercials, reality tv programs, all news stations and most sit-coms. Envelop airwaves in focused LOVE&JOY and smiles. Note: airwaves don’t really need tv/devices to emit messages. It’s ALL Energy. Consciously fill the airwaves with our focused LOVE&JOY and smiles.

      (btw, all USA citizens legally own the airwaves, but no one would know it)

      Thank you for your time/Energy, Terri. Blessings of LOve&Light, Lin

      1. P.S. also envelop the corporations in focused LOVE&JOY and smiles. 😉 (nothing more powerful than Love, right? haha just think, a nation full of Ghandis/non-violent peacemakers)

        1. Lin:

          Just got to emails today and saw you responded.
          Thank you very much, wanted another opinion on this.
          I would have to agree with everything you said.
          Media controlled.

          Much love Linn, Terri

  4. Thank You Dear Aisha for coordinating yet another wonderful Gathering & I Agree this one was indeed a powerful one as the Energies held even greater vibration ! We certainly are making great progress as a collective, but there is so much more coming & things we must do ! A few things I wanted to touch upon, but I’m afraid not a lot of time today to expand upon….Aisha, your vision of Light orbs & the helix of DNA was an important one & connects truly to this transformation we are going thru ! Alex’s vision, always holds lots of magic & I was very pleased she mentioned the Dragons & the Whales…did you know that whales are actually Dragons that have chosen to succumb their powers & live the 3D experience ! Denise’s vision of sunflowers was also important as they are sacred flowers to Mother, along with the Lilies. Breeze & Ray mentioning the inner mechanisms & workings of a clock also great, but think more of it in as Creation Energy & how it works into a biological sense. Sally’s vision of the Life Force in Nature & Water was fabulous as was Anna’s conductor vision ! Many had wonderful visions of the glowing Electric Blue/White Light, hugely important as this will BEcome a tool of Energy vision in which we All will be participating with ! A Thank You to Philip for thinking of me & the links he posted, haven’t had time yet to watch but will, & it was Gerald Pollock that I originally referred to his book when we started speaking about H30 ! All the references to ‘Imbolc’ were wonderfully added to compliment what is happening, Thank You Caroline for your concern about the Sadness that has been with me, & to Paul for your imput on All this !

    You must All understand though, that this Sadness is not of me, but the very presence of the Divine Goddess Lilith speaking to me & what was being shared was certainly of huge proportions in depth & power, that was why I was so overwhelmed….but you also must know that I have a strong connection to her, & the Light I anchor has been for her rising…(See my Gravatar) but when this presence came to me, I didn’t recognize it at 1st as her…as I had connected to her power but never her overwhelming Sadness….& really I should have known, as the Earth is in a very Sad state right now, with Great Suffering from many, & the cries from her BELoved creatures & Mother-Earth herself was not a happy greeting for her ! When Anna Merkaba announced the ‘Return of the Gods’ (missive 392) I wasn’t sure what it All meant, but I know now, the Sacred & Divine Goddess Lilith of Feminine Energy & Truth is making her presence known & All that I AM Bows before her !! I have been in a sharing of thoughts with her these past days, & It’s not that she is going to just up & fix everything, as Free Choice will always remain as part of this existance….so many thoughts & visions shared with her, but the main thing she wants us to know, that we have done our jobs well in anchoring the Light, & now we must put that aside & now Use this Light ! Like a sword of Lightning sparking Blue/White Light we must begin to wield it’s power to hasten the healing of Mother-Earth & All her creatures ! There will be great amounts of sulfur needed to create the right Energy Flux to the 1st & most vital battle against the harmful Radiation that is destroying vast amounts of Life & Mother-Earth herself will be providing this part of the equation (Brianna’s post would be helpful to refer to, the glowing Blue is Exact as I’ve seen it before & yes, internally but also externally, the volcanoes will Awaken… Thanks Briannia!) As Breeze talks about her magic wand, we All will be in possession of healing powers to command, but most important of All…we must enter this with No Fear !…as this is the only weapon that can defeat us ! Hold the vision of the sacred Blue/White Light as real as you are & miracles will begin to happen ! The Earth Magnetics are becoming Alive again, the Life force is strengthening & re-gaining balance & We are her Warriors !………Love to All….Bev~

    1. thank you Bev for this post and a reminder that my wand IS white/crystalline base with the suns energetic glow in the center of the blue orb/globe on top. When I envision tapping someone or something with it, i see sparks fly out of the top and dribble into them like molten lava. Love, ~A~

    2. Bev, thanks for sharing this. I was fairly sure you’d seen the Gerald Pollack stuff but just in case!

      Thank you also for your insights about Lilith. I noticed some of your comments about this when I was away last week but did not get chance to look in depth or respond. I sense I have been picking up or noticing something about this too and I resonate very much with what you say about express the spiritual power with grace to help us move forward.

      You’ve reminded me of spiritual gift I was given some time last year… in came to me in Celtic words but was a blue/white (energetic) sword – or could easily be a wand as well … a vehicle of truth… and more….

      Philip 🙂

  5. One day after The Gathering, I have a strange feeling of emptiness and loneliness, almost like “back to reality”. The praise that CCs (always) provide for one’s effort (which I’m not aware of) reminds me once again of the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Were we at the same Gathering?

    I’m the only who feels that way?



    1. Hi B, the emptiness I’ve noticed in the past and sense of nothing (no thing) now like there isn’t anything of me… is for me, at least, a symbol or sign of being emptied out of everything that I was taught or shown to be me but isn’t ‘in truth’ me. The true me. It’s kind of ‘odd’ in the sense we’ve been used to being full of ‘stuff’ or baggage… I’m wondering if it is something connected with that you are feeling… may be even missing some of the old stuff – possibly even a bit sad about that???

      In terms of effort… I know for our minds it feels like – well you didn’t do anything… though I what I’ve also noticed is that my heart/soul knows and feels that in this case ‘less is more’ – its a major part of why one’s intention is the key player in the spiritual equation. In the physical world we equate effort with results. In the consciousness world its about ‘intention’ and ultimately just ‘awareness.’ Getting used to this feels strange I know because having been trained as a chartered engineer in that very phyiscal world nothing happens without a lot of effort. Yet in my healing work I know and now experience that ‘less is more’ – my intention and now awareness is enough. This is one massive transition for anyone. For ALL of us. I’ve noticed both for myself and witnessing many others that this is perhaps one our biggest challenges. Getting the thinking mind out of the way and trusting…

      So I can relate to what you ask because I’ve explored and experienced and witnessed these things… but I’ve also built and continue to build a new programme that operates differently… that is the part of the journey we’re all on.

      I trust this helps in some way. Take what works, leave the rest…

      Philip 🙂

      1. You are absolutely right Philip, it is this shift that occurs and makes me not really know where I stand or where I’m going right now.

        After particularly intense events this fall, which only succeeded each other, it feels somehow as if I would be able to resume life before this journey began. Strange feeling! I’ve been working so hard and full of confidence that I was heading towards one goal, to help others who need my help. All along it’s been a journey towards development, towards the light and also I was open to whatever is meant for me, but I can feel like I want it to become something more tangible than just that – a journey. But perhaps it is as they say – it’s not the destination but the journey that is important 🙂

        Well – that was it – how do we move forward? So it feels to me now. Maybe it is feeling of being rather “as usual” now that makes me feel like it is time to move on 😉 Well – that feeling can change rapidly, I know…

        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to put my feelings into words – I highly appreciate it!

        Much love & light to you Philip,


        1. Beautiful B… for isn’t that key to what we all seek ‘to be seen, heard and express ourselves as we truly are.’ It is a joy to share with you.

          I’m going to post separately a video I produced for SOL about Intention which may also be helpful in the journey.

          Philip 🙂

            1. Hi B, I’ve posted it further below in this thread. You may have got to the post by now but if not let me know… and I can point you to it again. Philip 🙂

      2. Please excuse, B. Had to pop in here and say a huge Thank You to you, Philip. Of course, what you posted is exactly what others have said previously, but for some reason, I just “got it”. I think it had to do with my understanding/acceptance of the New 5D “Intention” “effortless” efforts vs the Old outdated 3D physical/mental “hard” work efforts. The “doing” of it just couldn’t be that effortless, I think, was my hidden belief. Philip, maybe your Energy work vibes were the unseen factor in your message that allowed me to “see”?? 🙂

        I thought I was Trusting, but I didn’t get out of the way.

        A big Thank You to you, too, dear B, for your post which prompted Philip’s response.

        In great Gratitude with Love to you both, Lin

        (I’m excited about practicing this New open door.. with JOY)

        1. Well, I am glad you got it whatever way…!!! An interesting thing is that our way of being is transmitted to others in our interactions, also that imprint and our intentions is imbued in the words we write, drawings we draw, paintings we paint, our body and more….

          Much joy to you Lin Philip 🙂

    2. Hi ‘B’….I’m just catching up on the Gathering messages & just came to your post…..Philip offers a great explanation & might I just add a little more & a slightly different perspective. When we 1st choose to become Lightworkers our experiences just keep growing, when we accomplish one thing we want more, but each time a little bigger & more complex….a learning thing that just doesn’t go away & sometimes when we are in the in-between state, before this next burst of creative inspirational Light comes, we can feel a bit off or as you say empty….but don’t worry…something will come, it always does ! The thing I find interesting is that when I have received a vision or a creative project that I am supposed to fulfill, there is an insistent spirit energy pushing & pulling me until I do it, but once I do, there is a great sense of release & a sense that this is now accomplished, on to the next ! We are ‘Creator’ BEings….& kinda of silly, but Lightworkers are also like servers in a cafeteria line up, all these empty plates needing you to fill them with food, & each plate, each person with different needs…if that makes any sense…..Light is meant to be continually learning, sharing, helping & filling all these empty plates for ourselves & others….so don’t be too concerned about this empty one that is before you at the moment…it will be filled with something even more tastier than the one before, but that’s up to You !…..I can understand why some Lightworkers get bored, or impatient while choosing to eat the same food over & over….being creative can be challenging to oneself but you set the challenge in partnership with your HS….want more, ask for more, BE more….No Limitations !…Love, Bev~

      1. I’ve been so full and busy with everything that happened, everything I have experienced and I notice that I influence people around me in a positive way and am very grateful for that. I have enjoyed living my life in faith that I really don´t have to care about things that really isn´t important. What is meant will happen 😉

        As I stand in the gap before the next phase, it feels so strange. I miss the palpable sensation of development that has been going for so long and so intensely. It has dominated my life for a long time now.

        Thank you for your commitment bev ~ I appreciate your answer 🙂

        Love & light,


        1. Dear B,
          Years ago a few years after beginning my practice, I had a little lull in appointment bookings. Nothing large but I was not booked out a few weeks in advance and may even have had an appointment slot open three or so days a week. This followed a time where I was continually overbooked and was putting many many hours. At a conference of other professionals I mentioned this and my concern that my levels had fallen somewhat. A fellow practitioner who had been in practice several years just smiled and said “I have found that when these lulls occur it is time for the doctor to rest. Do not worry, Those busy days will return and you will be so glad you had this rest.”

          The Creator is giving you time to rest, B. You so deserve it!
          Love, Forest Joy

          1. God bless you Forest Joy for your words that go straight into my heart and allowed me to see clearly! It’s been a long focused ride the last 11 years with an intense final (?) sprint and now I get – much needed – a break to gather forces for the next phase, being in joy for my abilities and new insights 🙂

            You honor me with your words Forest Joy!


            Much love, light and respect to you!


    3. Hi B, Lin, Terri, Bev, Forest Joy… and anyone else who feel called… this video (9 mins 42 sec) is from a SOL Workshop where I explore the simplicity and power of INTENTION… and AWARENESS and then move into the creative power that emerges from it… I’ve shared it here before so you may have seen it.

      A couple of things to share before you view: One insight I was given is that SOL is the Golden Egg (of Creation)… i.e. it has unlimited creative power.

      Also a piece of cultural explanation (I refer to the Tardis from Dr Who – a British TV programme – The Tardis is a vehicle that allows you to travel in time and space) like SOL!!!

      So when you are in the ’empty space’… this is actually good news for you are ready to embrace and fill up with a new level of light/consciousness that’s central to creating your future…

      I’ll be producing further videos to take the creative components further in the near future.

      Trust this helps in some way…

      Philip 🙂

      1. Thank you Philip for your warm generosity!

        I listened to the video but for me it is very difficult to discern what is being said and the direct subtitle is never good for any video.

        Anyway, I went to the website and told about a concrete experience of SOL which I had for about half a year ago.

        Love, light and SOL 🙂


        1. No worries… I think the sound on this one wasn’t as good as it was an early one. Think I’ll be redoing this one at some point anyway.

          Thanks for leaving the comment on the site – an interesting experience!

          Philip 🙂

  6. Breeze!
    Every time I look at the beautiful picture of you and Kelly, I just smile with joy. So awesome! Things are going to really, really speed up for you quickly now. Enjoy the ride, Sister! You are going to be one very busy girl!
    Love to you always!

    1. Ooops, But LORD ASHTAR said,
      “Welcome Members of the Ground Crew. Thank you for your ongoing support of Earth Ascension. Remember, for Ships Crew we want nothing more than to land and live on Earth among you. That is just what is happening now.

      If I told you what I really need, would you say ‘Yes’? I will say, I need you to come Higher! I will lead you, will you come? Open up your heart and say ‘Yes’. Remember your Galactic origins. No one has to tell you: You ARE a Starseed! You ARE the Ground Crew! YOU DID COME HERE FOR AN IMPORTANT MISSION. There is MORE that I require of you, Ground Crew: I am calling you Higher! Come on up a little Higher, Higher! There is so much more!”

  7. I could not come yesterday. I was busy with my wife all day. I was wishing everyone love and well being. That’s all the time I had . I have seen some of the things Sally was talking about though in some of the past times I have gone. I saw this in the ocean over some hot vents of fresh water coming from the floor of the ocean up to the surface. It is on the equator about 20 degrees west. On a floating platform. I saw some of the different portals to different places. Some of the devices were very amazing in what you could with them. Someone did all the work to make these. All you had to do was activate them to make them work.. This place to me is were body , soul and spirit merge as one. It never stops amazing me what one can see when this happens. It opens up a whole new world to explore.

    Love and blessings to all

  8. Dear friends! Thank you for everything you have shared about the Gathering, and about how you experienced this! I feel a bit “washed out” today as these energies are still very much affecting me, but reading through your comments has helped to clarify my experience of this Gathering. When I “saw” the beginning of the party at the Pond, I had a strong feeling of being a part of a small group of women who were in charge of “getting the party going”, we were even dancing to “We are family, I’ve got all my sisters with me”, and when I see how several of my sisters here describe their visions, it is a wonderful confirmation of this 🙂 I am also fascinated by the recurring theme of two DNA strands/snakes/people/sounds spiraling together to become one.

    The CCs also gave me a short message about this Gathering, and this is what they shared: “You see, last night’s get together was indeed a resounding success in so many ways, and even if that may not be apparent to everyone that took part, the efforts and indeed the wholehearted participation from all was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. Again, you are all instrumental in this, and even if only a few of you carry vivid memories back with you, these memories are indeed to be considered as true way showers for the collective. In other words, even what you did not “see”, you were very much a part of, and even if the images that was imprinted seem to differ, it is simply because each and every person taking part in this observes this from their own unique viewpoint, and as such, what at ground level was indeed a collective event, will always be presented as an individual one. And rightly as, as not only did your human-ness participate alongside that spiritual part of you, you were also given your own special version of this grand get together, tailored specifically to your needs and indeed to your tasks here on this planet. For even if you all work together, you also fill different slots in this grand machinery, and as such, your viewpoint will also be from that vantage point. Again, you were all shining more than brightly last night, and even if you did feel more like a wilted flower, your light was no fainter than the rest, and together, you were a brilliant sight indeed. So thank you again for everything that you are, and for everything that you do, You are rebuilding this planet, step by impressive step, and yesterday, you all brought yourselves and indeed your whole world a giant leap ahead.”

    With much LOVE and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Lovely Aisha, gratitude for this update… the one major thing I saw at the beginning was a huge inverted vortex of white light coming right down onto the Pond… I felt it was connected with what you described in some way.

      Lots of experiences over night too with a very strong sense of “being in this world but not of it like never before”… not that I plan to go anywhere … more to be part of the transformation. Pretty tiring with wave after wave of energy but I’m fine…

      Had to laugh because I had a similar kind of thing to what sun_of_blue described with the one leg… with me it was ‘armless’ which reminded me of a funny joke as a child … a bit too english culture related to share without losing something in the translation but it was funny anyway…

      Much love and Spheres Of Light to all. Philip 🙂

    2. Thank you Aisha, I sure needed that. I felt totally left out of the Gathering this time (as the the one before that). I guess I stayed at ground level this time, but I feel I was left out of the fun. I want to play and be a part of it all!
      🙂 🙂
      Love as always,

      1. Me 3 JJ… fell instantly asleep. I did keep waking up feeling such an intensity then back to sleep again. Maybe somehow we “sleepers” are silently and deeply holding the light for the others to see their visions. I’m holding onto that idea until I start seeing something 🙂 Just remember to play during the days ahead!! 🙂 ~Nancee

  9. I don’t always remember being at the Gatherings, but this time I did.
    I was walking through a beautiful meadow full of tiny florescent flowers. The grasses were gently swaying the insects were minding their business and the many limbed hardwood trees housed life of all types.
    The sky was crispy blue full of refreshing air that healed you as you inhaled it. It was alive, an entity all its own. It made it’s own decisions….it could come and go and even vanish if it wanted… the more I realized it’s sovereignty the more I could ‘see’ it, the more I could ‘see’ it the more I understood it’s interaction with Earth and it’s inhabitants.
    I believe we can breath where we think we can’t, like deep underwater or high up in space. I believe all we have to do is ask Air to be with us and it will.
    After this I found myself being drawn towards a high beam light streaming toward the heavens. As I neared the top of a grassy knoll I saw a large pillar of Light busting right up out of this large body of water. I knew it as the Pond, but it wasn’t the Pond I had seen before… it was an Ocean. A large calm expanse of Water. It was fresh water, it was where Light lived. As I got closer I could see all that Light was… it’s Everything! It’s Us, it’s what’s to come, it’s what has been, it’s all that is…
    (I will definitely ponder this a lot more. There’s way more to Light than my brain can comprehend at this time. I thought I knew the many facets of Light , nope, not yet.)
    The Light was like a machine. The closer I got the more ‘objects’ I saw….. I can’t describe it all… there were flat metal hovering platforms, vertical screens that allowed the viewer to see into any dimension or galaxy or universe, or you could look through yourself or any other human body or animal or insect or plant or anything. There was abundance in the Air in the Light in the Water. Copious amounts of any thing.
    There’s much more involved, but words won’t do it justice.
    I’m in awe. Thank you all for this wonderful experience.
    I know without a doubt that all our behind the scenes work has paid off.
    I. AM. AMAZED.
    We blew this Earth right off the fucking charts.
    I love you all.

    1. ‘The Light was like a machine’ – interesting because I still wonder about the mechanical part of my own vision – it sticks with me and I know it was very important – I saw flat platforms moving and spinning. I fight that stuff I think because I am not mechanically inclined/engineer minded, so to speak.
      Ahhhh… and Sally, I felt in reading this that you Are the Air and I the Breeze and this is why we ‘got acquainted’ in my dream. Dont let me push you around too much!! LOL. Very exciting experiences!
      Love, ~A~

      1. Haven’t had a chance to read your vision yet, but am really excited about you also seeing mechanical parts. It’s a great confirmation for me.
        I was very surprised to see Light present itself like it did…. like from the inside.. Can’t wait to get a better grip on what it was trying to show me. I hardly ever get visions at the Gatherings so this was a great gift.
        AND…. oh my my….you are spot on re: Air……
        I WAS Air for a good part of my vision. And look forward to Being Air in the future!
        I chuckled pretty loud when you said ‘don’t let me push you around too much’…. ha! Very clever.
        Thank you for dual confirmations…
        …and don’t stop pushin’ me around or I’ll stagnate! 🙂
        Air…….. no doesn’t sound right… oh well, something will come to mind. 🙂

  10. Hey Aisha and Pond family. Thank u for sharing your wonderful love frequencies with me. I had visited once before early last year and the difference in energy is palpable. However I’m aware this could be related to two variables = 1. my vibrational development / i am becoming more aware of other energies 2. your pond getting more powerful in energy. IMHO, i happen to feel its both the above!!! 🙂 I had been struggling a little with waves of disorientating emotions in the last 2 days – and connecting with u all in a concious present way = really felt a warm blanket of love energy which is so intense and so healing! ….I feel so much better then i did – it was flowing from u all so openly and to tune in to it was so effortless! Yay – i can really feel us connecting !!! yiiippeeeee!!! love and upliftment to u all ❤ ((((hugs)))))

  11. Hi there, pond friends.
    My first image after sitting down was the video of the stupid guys jumping
    into the frozen pool. Thanks for that. . Like every time we meet I simply see nothing at all. I just fight with me to stay awake and keep my head up.
    I feel like an engine giving my power to the wheels inside of wheels machine of transformation. This time I prolonged the meeting to one and a half hours.
    In between I asked for a music video. This was the first name that came up.
    You might use it for a slow tv evening. In the seventies we also had the time to listen to the cologbe concert in full length. If you do not have the time you might ask Tank or Dozer to load it down into your brain directly. (attention joke)
    Have a nice and smooth day today.

    1. Hi Michilyn! Someones got to be the driver! 😉
      If u read my gathering experience, there was a mechanism we were all on after we lifted off the ‘ice pond’ – Maybe you were the Goddess/Power of the machine – You Are a smooooth operator 😉
      Love, Areeza

  12. Dear Friends!

    My experience of The Gathering was that we were all Indians around and on the frozen pond with bonfires around. Felt that Aisha, Sun_of_blue and Anna Helen was in the middle but has not paid any attention to what has otherwise existed with.

    I saw a clear star in the evening sky. The star then went on to become a full moon but wanted to show that they were clear signposts. Then I saw how I fell through the ice, through the water and down to the bottom of the pond that was full of plants, and also fires were burning.

    Then I fell asleep.

    Thank you all for the wonderful experiences you have given me!

    Love & light,


  13. Wow Sun – now we can talk about cooperation in the Gatheriings 😉
    Alex said “…and then we heard the song…this amazing song permeating all the world but none of our mouths were open”


    Thanks you Sun_of_blue!



  14. I’m getting to old for this, but a couple of decades ago
    i coulda/shoulda/woulda taken your breath away

    btw it’s not wise to (deleted) me.

    1. omg
      when you let spirit be yuor guide
      the strangest things happen.
      i am so glad to see so many more voices joining
      hell yeah, ok

      you carry it a while
      it’s about time
      you thought i could do it alone for how long?
      hush, child
      don’t you cry
      it is all meant to be

  15. The light in my meditation was moving with sound. It was one with it. It made flowers and was like water moving in multiple colors. Now that you say it glass is flowing when it is hot. Interesting sun of blue! 🙂

  16. Today’s meditation:
    Upon closing my eyes I saw vibrations of red, orange and yellow light forming into a kaleidoscope flower. With each ringing of a chime the patterned flower changed. At times the light looked bright yellow with hues of pink and an undertone of green as though I was looking down into water. There was a flower stem with leaves growing in the golden yellow light. It grew as if made out of the light. It seemed to rejoice in all that is. I saw the pond and when I approached there were people running by. Happy, joyful, once again child like feeling of fun. This is a time to be happy. The light has become. With tingling in my toes and on up throughout my body the energies are light and playful. This is a place that is always sunny. We traversed the lake in small boats that seemed to propel themselves in peaceful motion. A small bird landed in my hand and spoke to me in joyous song. It was a litlle blue parrotlet. People were swimming in the pond and having a good time. I did play on the rainbows as though they were a slide and jungle gym! It was set up on an island in the middle of the pond. My intention was for healing to continue for all of us and all things. This healing is through joy. For a moment at the end I saw the petals of a sunflower from within me. It brought me back to center.

    Wonderful participating in this meditation with everyone! Joy and healing to all!


    1. Lots of joy and healing back to you Denise! What a wonderful experience you had 🙂 This is the way we all want it to be – and it will 🙂

      Love & light,


    2. Lovely Denise!
      I read it three times because it brought me such peaceful, playful Joy!
      It is still buzzing softly around my thire eye.
      Thank you so much! XOA

    3. Thank you Denise, I’m finally getting to the Pond to read up on the experiences from Sunday. Tears sprung to my eyes when I read your line about healing is through joy. I just wrote a friend that I feel like I’ve been spreading joy lately when I go dancing with the ‘seniors’ at the Legion. The young at heart seniors as I call them. Many are still dancing and well into their 80’s. There was a time in my 30’s when I really did not believe there was such a thing as joy… so that is where my tears come in. I am so grateful and see how far I have come to allowing myself to be free to feel joy inside of me. Some times it is still vrey quiet but I know it is waiting for me to throw off the ‘heavies’ of my emotions and come back to play. Love, Nancee

  17. I found the following personally interesting, as sometimes I hold myself back. Is there a “Big Event” or a 100th-monkey scenario in work? I don’t know, others may. At the very least, this article made me feel something and, embarrassing or not, revealed more of me to me:


    “Is the Shift Going Well?
    — by Meredith Murphy

    Dear friends: the shift is DONE! it’s DONE. The Earth shifted to a new fundamental frequency last year, in December of 2012. The SHIFT that is going to happen all at once — the Earth shift, happened. So what’s left? The people shift. And that isn’t going to happen all at once. It happening individually. It’s based on our own pace and our own choices. You can shift. Or not. You can move fast. Or not. The expansive energies of all 12 dimensions are present on earth and as you embody more and more of YOU, you resonantly can access more and more of what’s now here to play with. … “

    1. Who cares? I have had “events” a whole year now – not to mention reading stories from this Gathering :))) I am overwhelmed!

      Love & light,


      1. D I T T O
        I always felt earth shifted 2012 and it makes perfect sense for that to happen first – foundation. Then the Sun/s. Now all beings existing with the Earth/Sun atmosphere can take the opportunity. Love/Light B and Lin, XOA

  18. Hi All,

    I’ve been in a bit of a void recently, off somewhere that I am not consciously aware of, but evidently doing stuff nonetheless. I am not conscious of having participated in the gathering, but I did want to share a an insight that came to me this morning, based on something I watched yesterday.

    I was watching a channel from Steve Rother and “the group” from Feb 25, and they explained what the sudden sadness and depression are all about and it made a lot of sense to me. This morning when I coupled it with the emotional guidance scale that I first heard about from Abraham-Hicks, but I understand has been around a while longer, it allowed me to see what is coming, which I think should help greatly in dealing with it.

    Anyway, to give the brief run-down, and without going into it too far, the group described the thinning of the wall between dimensions and that just like with physical walls in your house, it is easier for low frequency vibrations to pass through them than higher frequency ones. Imagine the people next door have the stereo turned up, and the music has a thumping base beat. You hear the base (low fequency) but you may have difficulty making out the lyrics (higher frequency). On the other hand, if you have paper thin walls, you can hear everything.

    So, for those of you feeling waves of depression, sadness, fear and not knowing where they are coming from, here is the good news.

    What you are feeling is the emotional energy from the other side of the wall between dimensions, which as we keep hearing, is getting thinner and thinner.

    What you are currently feeling are the low frequency emotions, and that’s great because it means you are able to feel them. Woohoo! Celebrate that, because it means that as the wall continues to thin, it only gets better!

    But please note, the emotional scale is just that, a scale, it doesn’ just flip from depression to joy (that’s something else entirely). There’s more fun to pass through before joy, and it looks a little like this:


    So, if you (in the near future) feel sudden anger that you cannot attribute to any rational cause, again celebrate, you are sensing energy further up the scale.

    After that you may have unexpected bouts worry, doubt or disappointment or feel overwhelmed. Whoot, whoot, you’ve got an even higher frequency! Go you!

    Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like much fun, but it IS cause for celebration.

    If my understanding is accurate, it should get faster and faster, as the higher the frequency you receive, the more information (light/love) is contained within it and the more transmutation can take place.

    One last note, I have heard again and again through this process the same advice, simple and succinct.

    1. It’s not your stuff, so don’t take it personally
    2. WHATEVER happens, stay out of fear (that’s right down the bottom).
    3. Remember to breathe

    In humble and joyful service (somewhere, not sure where),


    1. Thanks Paul for mentioning Steve Rother. I looked at his channellings and they really appeal to me.
      I’m in the void with you, still don’t know what to do with these depressions. I always take it personally and I always fear it. I just can’t help it. I know I need to change this, I know. My Inner Child has always been told that what he does is wrong, so I’m repeating it to myself over and over again. I can’t stop it. I want to stop it.
      So, what’s on the other side of the thinning wall, Paul? Is it he good stuff or the bad stuf?
      Love, JJ

      1. Hi JJ,

        Hard to believe, I know, but it’s all good.

        What is on the other side of the wall, is you. The whole of you, the rest of you, all those other parts you have hidden from yourself over an eternity, in order to have this experience you are currently having.

        You are loved JJ, so, so much. Hold on brother, and even if the first two bits of advice are too much right now, remember to breathe.

        It is a trick we can play on our minds to choose to see uncomfortable emotions as a good thing, not so we go seeking them, but it allows us to become aware that they are not us. By doing so, we can let them wash over us without drowning in them.

        Do I feel them still? Absolutely, I feel sudden sadness, I feel like crying, or running away, and as soon as I notice it, and I remember to take a deep conscious breath, I can let it go.

        Sometimes there is an identifiable situation that I am tempted to attach the emotion to, but then I remember the WTF times when there wasn’t but the emotion felt the same and I understand that the situation and emotion I choose to attach to it are not the same thing.

        I am very certain however, that I choose. No-one and nothing is responsible for the way I feel, but me, and how I choose to feel.

        Babbling too much now 🙂



        1. Breathing I can do. It even seems I can take easier breaths then usual.
          I know I gotta stay outta my head. Pretty hard to do still.
          Thank you brother!
          Love yah,

    2. Thank U Paul!
      and I have started seeing that as I raise up on the rungs of this ascension ladder, that I am bringing All with me – all the crappy emotions too – higher up into the Light!! It gets lighter and lighter – the illusory load as it recognizes its true source: The Light.
      Keep going JJ…we Are being it/doing it! 🙂
      Amen,,, Love, ~A~

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