The manuscript of survival – part 393

By now, you will all have been well acquainted with these endless fluctuations of energy coming into your being, and we venture to guess that you have all in some way been able to access hitherto unexplored territory within. This may not feel as any major feat to some of you, as you have so far probably not been able to get but a small sip from that huge ocean of endless information that lies within, but still, we do think it has whetted your appetite for more. For more is to come dear ones, and it will come in fits and starts, in huge chunks and in tiny morsels, and probably when you least expect it to. For in this, as in everything else, trying to force your way forwards will not work very well, as it is by simply allowing yourself to let go of the need to control this process that you will be able to fully enter this ocean of the future. And so, whatever it takes, make sure you do not make the mistake of setting up a plan on how to do this.

For remember, mankind has a habit of making up little lists, you even call them your “to do lists”, and you have trained yourselves well to think that as long as you follow this carefully constructed paper trail, you will find yourself moving forwards at an appropriate speed, and you will reach your designated goal just as you have planned it. Well, this is not one of those old and literally single dimensional journeys, and this is certainly not a course to be taken or a piece of furniture to be assembled according to that enclosed manual. What you are doing, is something very, very different indeed, and that is why we are saying to you over and over again to let go of any preconceived notions as to how to go about this in the first place.

For the more you try to find the “right” way to do this, the more you will literally be getting in your own way, and the more you follow what you have learned is an eminent tool – namely planning ahead and acting out a carefully put together sequence in order to advance towards your goal – the more you will be apt to lose yourself in your own good intentions. So again we say, throw caution to the winds, stop trying so hard to DO and try to just BE YOU. This will sound like a rather childish and over-simplified way to go about this, but again, we have told you before to become as if a child again. Remember, we are trying to guide you through that process of liberating yourself from the old bonds of being a human being within the strict confines that have been erected around you, and the only way to do that, is to stop acting like one. You see, you have all your lives been carefully trained to do the right thing at the exact right time, and if you have ever been encouraged to think outside the box, there have been some very strict rules underlying that seemingly liberated way of going about things. For to be a human, is to follow a very set way of being, and especially a very set way of DOING things, and so, as this pattern has been worn so thoroughly into you all, it has literally produced a very deep groove within you that is hard to escape from. For even if you THINK you are free, you will in many ways still act according to that old and imbued way of thinking and acting, and as such, it takes quite a lot of effort to shake oneself loose from that old groove. But the biggest challenge is this: the effort we refer to, is in fact the opposite of effort. For you need to become effortless in a way that will make all of those old rules and instructions become null and void once and for all.

Again, we will seem to be talking in extremely convoluted terms, but what we are trying to tell you all, is that this is in fact so much more simple than what many of you are trying to wrap your heads around at the moment. Do not forget, we have an intimate knowledge of mankind, and even if we can be criticized for only seeing you “from afar”, we can only see too well the old patterns repeating themselves, seemingly endlessly. Except for in a few instances, when we see the joy and exuberance in someone suddenly realizing the gist of this message: becoming free is simply a question of acting as if you are. In other words, you need not change anything in your daily life, you need only see it for the true illusion it really is, and when this really sinks in, all of the old patterns will melt away like a sundae in the midday sun.

This may sound like we are oversimplifying, but bear with us as we try to give this to you in a very clear and succinct manner. For what YOU see, are the obstacles, and again and again you try to crash your way through them, like a stubborn creature butting its head again and again into the same wall. But if you lift your eyes, you will see that there is no wall, it is simply a figment of your imagination, and if you simply step back, you can easily step aside and continue onwards, unhindered by what you for so long have seen as an impenetrable barrier between you and the rest of Creation. You see, your mind is still very busy setting up all of these imaginary roadblocks, and so, your frustration continue to increase as you find yourself endlessly searching for that exit-sign somewhere. But none seems to be in sight, and so you try harder and harder to knock down that wall again. Again, to no avail. But if you do manage to step back a little bit, and simply open up to that child inside who will see blue skies where that “adult” in you will see a gray prison wall, you will find yourself flying free under this blue sky, unfettered by that old and still in many ways imprisoned way of thinking that comes so naturally to so many of you.

For you are no longer imprisoned, you simply THINK that you are, and so, the autopilot will kick in once again and you will keep running around and around in that same old rut of frustration and exhaustion. But there is a simple way out, and that is to let go of all of the old notions of working your way out of this prison. For it is indeed this very idea of “working” that is keeping you in there in the first place. So again we say, let go, and jump off that cliff and into the freedom you so long for. It is there for the taking, ready to fall into your lap the very moment you decide to stop trying so hard to reach for it.

158 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 393

  1. Anyone ever experience a scent/fragrance come to them all of a sudden?
    I had this last night before entering the worm hole. It came three times. Def a flowery scent but not one I recall ever smelling on Earth. Wanted to liken it to orange blossom but that is not really it. It was heavenly and put me in a state of ecstasy. XOA

    1. Yes, yes, yes !
      Several times it was flowery (more in the jasmine scent) and a few times a smell that reminded me of incense, sandalwood like.
      Love it ! It’s a beautiful validation that we are never alone 🙂

  2. thank you for sharing! 🙂

    i love the non-duality perspective used in the above message to describe the same essence again 🙂
    it reminds me of various guides of non-duality, some also found online, such as Mooji, Francis Lucille and Bentinho Massaro:

    Free Awareness – Let your life be a testimony of Freedom – YouTube

    Free Awareness – Causeless Joy is our Natural State – YouTube

    Free Awareness – Relax for 2-to-5 Seconds! – YouTube

    i wish to share these videos with you because they have inspired me greatly and have been of an invaluable help in my every day life.

    1. Thank you for sharing these, Teasy. Loved the Causeless Joy one! I saw that he has many more messages. I’ll check them out. Appreciate it!!!

      🙂 AH

  3. STRONG M-FLARE AND CME: Yesterday, Jan. 30th, big sunspot AR1967 unleashed a strong M6-class solar flare. The explosion sent a CME racing away from the blast site faster than 1400 km/s (3 million mph): movie. The cloud appears to have an Earth-directed component, and could deliver a glancing blow to our planet’s magnetic field on Feb 1st.

    LUNAR TRANSIT OF THE SUN: On Jan. 30th, the Moon passed almost directly in front of the sun. No darkness fell on Earth, however, because the “lunar transit” was only visible from space.

        1. You brought a framed photo of yourself as a child to the apartment. I put it out on top of the dresser. You put it away somewhere. I never said anything about it. I didn’t wonder why you did it; I knew why.

  4. Forest Joy – thank you for your post on the last missive for me and Kelly!
    Something told me to go back and take a peek to see if i missed anything.
    Yes… Kellys pelvis is ‘displaced’. He was told there is no way to put it back in place – his hip that sits in the pelvis pops out from time to time due to this displacement. Kelly said he wont consider accupuncutre. He had hundreds of needles put in him to do allergy tests when he once ‘died’ from asthma. uggh. I explain accupuncture but it seems closed off for him at this time. I will look at those points you recommended to stimulate – thank u so much! My massages are intuitive as I can ‘see’ in the body at times. Love 2 U, Areeza

    1. Enclosing you both in Golden White Energy, Breezie/Areeza. As Kelly travels his own path at his own pace, I honor your Grace in respecting his wishes as you go about helping him in other ways. It might be difficult at times to watch a dear loved one go thru (unnecessary?) suffering when it might be alleviated by known wholesome remedies… ?

      Maybe the professional remedies won’t be necessary after all; maybe the incredible Power of your Love and caretaking (with direction from Forest Joy) will be enough to work a miracle thereby lifting you both Upwards in unexpected ways. I don’t have any answers. I will BE focusing laser-beam Light&JOY around you both.

      With Hugs of Light&pure JOY, Lin

      1. Bless you Lin. I know.. I have said to Kelly perhaps he will be the first person I help heal in a visable way for all to see…an example to what can be done in the new! Ultimately it is up to him.
        Appreciate very much all the help and focus – Its difficult for me when anything suffers or course…my sweet guy i see every day…man, a real rough one. I have seen a vision of molten lava where the discs spinal cord are damaged – so your laser beam fits this ! And, I am thinking of changing my gravatar to a pic of me and Kelly as visuals of the person does help to connect the energy.

        1. Thank you for the add’l info and the new gravatar, Breeze… when you get time. I seem to work well with photos. Also, it helps me greatly in aiding someone if I know their very favorite activity that they enjoy doing when healthy (hiking/bicycling/skiing/chopping wood :)/whatever. Then I “see” them in the now already healed in that activity in JOY.

          Much Love, Lin

          1. Kelly’s favorite things to do are playing his fender strat guitar – rock n roll – heavy metal (Uggh lol). and he always loved fishing, working with wood too (building log furniture -large and small) – race car driving was his most fun in the old days before i knew him. He loves working with stone too – building walls, wishing wells, patios.
            I will mentally send u a pic that i have of him here at work…Picture a guy (will be 48 March 2nd) with shoulder length, curly light brown hair, bearded (yes, a hippy dude) – guitar in hand – guitar pick in mouth! making a squinty eyed, one raised eye brow funny face (as he usually does for pictures). Will get new gravatar up soon!
            many thanks Lin! with Love, A

            1. wow. active guy. creative, too, with a sense of humor! gotta get him up and runnin’ at full Energy soonest! 🙂

              ok. ***I see you w/earplugs and him actively, JOYfully vibrating the house windows with his fender strat and for respite building an inventive beautiful wishing well for you/your garden.*** [this is going to be FUN :)… he’s going to be busy!]

              (btw, love beards; my husband used to have full beard, and he’s an ex-musician/drummer w/great humor, too)

              Continue to be in JOY&Light, with Hugs&Smiles, Lin

              1. all very cool! and I have always wanted that wishing well built right on top of our real well here on the property! nice work in picking that up~!
                I dont wear earplugs…lol…he does! He has his own guitar room as I call it – the spare room downstairs. Im sure he rocks out louder when i am at work. Hugs Lin, Love ~A~

  5. Hi everyone, back from my wanderings around the UK…. sending you all much joy… had a very interesting experience this morning which I may get to share later. Actually, not unconnected with your post above Ray.

    Hope to catch up with posts later. Philip 🙂

    1. BPureJoy! Love your post, ‘The Volcanoes are Awakening’ . Thank you!
      It reminded me of the Pure Joy I experienced in the middle 90’s.
      A friend and I were basking in the Presence of All That Is and It dawned on us, (literally! we were outside in the yard when the dawn arrived… we were actually Dawned on!) Anyway, we saw clearly that we were pillars… we saw we were spewing brilliant light from the tops of our heads.
      As the revelation continued we saw us as volcanoes, for as the Light spewed upward, the overflowing ran outward and downward covering the Terra…. making brand new ground.
      Soon we saw Light shooting from the soles of our feet. We felt Inner Earth and Inner Us connecting.
      We felt as if all the Light that was flowing (bubbling!) up and out and over and under was the beginning of the bringing in of a New Earth.
      Thank you for allowing me to remember this.
      Hmmmm, I do believe I will head on over to the Gathering…..
      From my inner volcano to yours!! 🙂


  6. Have any of you ever traveled around the galaxy while in meditation. This is fun but once you get so far away from planet earth you can’t see it anymore can be a pain getting back. I have read that a cord stays hooked between your body and spirit when doing this. I have never seen this cord. I have always been able to find my way through the woods. I always know north south east and west even in the night hours. I know most of the stars that I see at night and where they are in terms of north south east or west. I can think of my home and see it in my mind but finding my way to it is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I learned as a child a way to hold my fingers and turn in a circle slowly as I focus on someone or something. Two of my fingers start to vibrate together when they are pointed at what I’m focused on. This is much different in spirit form. I have to just close my eyes and turn slowly as I focus. I can tell when I’m pointed in the right direction of home. I’m still learning a lot about his type of travel. If you do this type of travel just take it slowly at first and don’t be scared if you think you are lost. You can always just come out of meditation to return home. I don’t like to end my meditation. I like to travel back home on my own and learn the best way of doing this. The stars look totally different when you get away from our solar system. This is something I need to work on. I need to learn them from the north south east and west. This way by finding any two stars in relation to n,s,e or west I will know my direction. I am the type that loves to explore everything. This galaxy is my play ground so I want to know everything about it. Up close and personal. My spirit is hungry for adventure.. He reminds me of a child sitting in a house on a bright sunny spring day. He wants to go outside and play in the dirt and run with the wind.

    Love and blessing to all

    1. They call the cord the ‘astral cord’ –
      I have never seen it either – only sensed it.
      Sometime during the night, I entered a worm hole – best way I can describe it. I saw a glimpse on the other side I was headed to but was all of a sudden pulled back to my body laying in bed. It was pleasant. I have traveled via this way many times I am sure but not so ‘consciously’ yet – in this life anyways. Have the fun ~! Happy trails to you~!

  7. SaLuSa 31 January 2014

    Because of what is happening around you harmony and peace seem far away, yet gradually the turmoil will become less and in just a relatively short time peace will settle upon the Earth. It is because of the coming of the New Age, and it is lifting the vibrations more quickly. These changes were always going to accompany this period, with the ultimate separation of those who are ready to ascend from those who are not. This is inevitable as the vibrations increase to the point where only those souls who have reached the same level can remain within it. It is the culmination of many thousands of years experiences through many lifetimes in different Ages. The end of a cycle is an important time, when all souls decide how well their life plan has furthered their evolution, and if they need to repeat any particular experience.

    Most of you are well advanced and will be ready to move to the next stage of your evolution, with the help and advice of more evolved souls. Many will stay with the Human Evolution, but some will elect to join other species that may take them to another planet. You would of course incarnate into a suitable form for that experience. Those continuing their experiences on Earth in the 4th. dimension will find that life takes on a completely new look, and that it is in a harmonious and happy time. Gone will be the dark Ones to follow their own pre-destined future, and be given another opportunity to return to the Light.

    You have little idea of the happiness and fulfillment that awaits you, and it will far exceed your expectations. It will be your reward for having come through the darkest period of your life, and having successfully found the Light once again. A few of you will find that some of your friends or relations have failed to make it into the higher dimension. Have no fear for their future as they will be exactly where they can proceed and make progress towards the Light. In your position you will be able to learn of their progress, and visit them when they are out of the body through their sleep period. Whilst you will be able to retain the memories of such meetings, they will return to their dimension with no waking memory of them.

    At present you are awakening to your true potential as your level of consciousness expands, until in the near future you acquire full consciousness. Be assured that many helpers are already prepared in readiness to help you take your place in the higher dimensions. Life is a continual opportunity to evolve and at every stage you have many helpers. It is always the responsibility of those that have evolved to assist those who follow after them. As like souls come together so their consciousness becomes as One, but be assured you keep your individuality at the same time.

    We know so many of you are weary from your experiences, and it is not surprising considering the dense vibrations that you exist within. It is why you receive so few visits from Beings in the higher dimensions, who find it a most unpleasant heavy vibration to be in. Equally you will be so uplifted when you enter the higher dimensions, and enjoy all of the advantages associated with them. Make no mistake, that when you elected to help those souls trapped in the lower vibrations, you knew what a difficult task it would be. However, you were assured that that no matter how far you dropped, we would always be their to help you return to your rightful place.

    Dear Ones, your sojourn in the lower dimension is all but over, and you will emerge far greater than when you first entered it. Your experience will help souls who can benefit from your experience, and you are to be commended for your great sacrifice to benefit other souls on the path of Light.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and full of admiration and gratitude for your unselfish acts to assist your fellow travellers. You are All One and linked in ways that are everlasting, and you will continue to assist each other on your great journey through the Cosmos. Your sacrifice has its own rewards as you see souls move into the Light and awaken to their true selves.

    Thank you SaLuSa

    Mike Quinsey

    1. Tears. Thank you for sharing this, Breeze.

      It is time for me to share something. I offer it in encouragement, support and deepest love for all of us. Last Friday, I consciously entered a Source light portal and am actively, knowingly BEing at my gatekeeper station in faith and grace. I am there and yet here. 🙂 Quite an interesting situation. I am able to sense the presences of those passing by me as well as those hovering at the opening. The “traffic” has increased greatly in this last week. We are truly on the verge, my family of brave and true light warriors. I honor and salute us, each and every one.

      Just be in peace, just rest, and hold on.


      🙂 AH

      1. Oh God, AH! I’ve been at my station for a year. You now have me in tears just knowing that someone else out here understands the role we are playing right now. BE the calm in the storm for the others. Now do you understand “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first”? Don’t answer that! I love you! It’s an honor to be with you – you are very close to me now. Bless you, Sister. I love you!

        1. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Love you, too! No wonder you cared for the infant me after the last Gathering. Makes even more sense now.

          🙂 AH

          (and even though you asked me not to answer, yep, I understand!)

          😀 😉 🙂

        1. Lin! Jump on the polar bear, hang on tight and head to the rings of Saturn! Godspeed to you and everyone here. Love and respect always,

      2. I appreciate your voice again Anna Helen and I can also relate to the SaLuSa message that Areeza showed us.

        There has been a lot of “traffic” with me last week and I have experiences with unknown people around me that is like a domino effect of joy and love when I open up to them and my heart is filled with incredible gratitude for all that is. At the same time I can feel the sadness that bev describes – it’s a mix of everything 🙂

        I am with you in my heart,

        Love you,


        1. I am with you, too, of course, my Moon Sister. So glad your surgery went well!

          I really appreciate what you shared with sun about how you go about things. I can’t tell you how many times you haved saved me when I have heard you saying “just BE.”

          🙂 AH



    2. Thank you Breeze!! Brings back hope. God, For more than a year now I feel like I’m clutching at straws! Words like soon, peace, light, to emerge etc etc.
      Feeling very very tired of it all. Feelings of bliss are there too, it is just all up and down, in and out… God, what a rollercoaster.

      Love you Breeze!

      1. While I as reading your post JJ – I kept seeing a cheese grater. How we started out us a nice, tasty block of cheese…went thru the grater and are now emerging in particles/pieces on the other side. LOL. funny how i get these visions sometimes.
        Hey… it may be cheesy…but its still tasty! 😉

    1. Me too….was asked to do so several days ago…I felt a new vibration in the air…& today it has become quite overwhelming, but I’m sorry to say that it is one filled with great sadness. I’m juggling the everyday life stuff but also trying my best in my heart & mind to soothe & bring comfort to the dragons…I’m being told at this time it is best to remain calm & firmly grounded within my Love for Mother-Earth & All her creatures….there is Great Sadness……..Love, Bev~

      1. Dear sister Bev, I felt the great sadness this morning – it turned to anger and i did not like that. There was on the news a story of many reptiles – 100’s that died on a plane being transported – in cruel conditions. Straddling the old and new is quite a challenge.
        I was asleep at 6:30pm last night. space drugs as Susan calls it. I was told there needed to be a shut down of sorts on my body. I was ok with it. Sometimes I feel like a lab rat though. Testing, re-testing, trial runs and all that. I am committed but yes, sad about lots of things still. Love you and everyone, XOA

      2. Don’t worry, Dearest Bev (and Dearest Breeze)…
        We’re already aiding Mother-Earth with cleanup via our new vibes, and soon we’ll be able to do so even more quickly… bringing comfort and much JOY to the dragons and all who/everything that reside(s) here. (not forgetting the trees/the green/the stones/air/waters/etc.)

        Thank you for BEing so caring and sensitive towards our Mother-Earth and for working so diligently to remain grounded—as you are so very Powerful and your influence great. Thank you for your breathtaking photos that aid the work thru radiating Love and by focusing attention on the beauty of our Home.

        We’re sooo close now, and with the help of Dear Sisters, Caroline and AnnaHelen+, we’ll return Mother-Earth to Her pristine condition.

        Loving you both with Hugs&Hugs of Pure JOY, Lin

        1. I Love you both….”Truly ~ Deeply” ….& I so appreciate these kind words from you both ! & Lin….your words wonderfully touched my earth-soul & even my HS was gleaming !….Thank You !!!….
          may you both have a gloriously heaven filled weekend & may Sunday’s gathering bring you many blissful uplifting surprises !
          Love, Bev~

    2. Our Dear Aisha… Surrounding you in pure JOY as you go about the business of Guidance. You are treasured, appreciated and so very much Loved by me and all. 🙂
      With Hugs of JOY&Light, Lin

  8. Reblogged this on ~Collecting~Lighthearted~Signs~ and commented:
    excerpt…”But if you lift your eyes, you will see that there is no wall, it is simply a figment of your imagination, and if you simply step back, you can easily step aside and continue onwards, unhindered by what you for so long have seen as an impenetrable barrier between you and the rest of Creation. You see, your mind is still very busy setting up all of these imaginary roadblocks, and so, your frustration continue to increase as you find yourself endlessly searching for that exit-sign somewhere. But none seems to be in sight, and so you try harder and harder to knock down that wall again. Again, to no avail. But if you do manage to step back a little bit, and simply open up to that child inside who will see blue skies where that “adult” in you will see a gray prison wall, you will find yourself flying free under this blue sky, unfettered by that old and still in many ways imprisoned way of thinking that comes so naturally to so many of you.”
    Thank you, Aisha.¸¸.✫*¨`*✶♪ 🙂

  9. Wow, nice. Saw E.L.O. in Berlin live, down in the last millenium.
    They were all dressed in white. So much dope in the air, man.
    Hey what a smart discussion this time around. Don´t work it out.
    Just be you.
    here is more freaky stuff from the nineties:

    Transmutational Procedure


    Step I: In Rome, Do as the Romans

    Upon arrival on the Earth plane, your instructions were to completely fall asleep—just like the local population. You were to totally forget your true identity and everything you knew..

    Step II: In Rome, Do as the Arcturians

    Coming Out of the Closet

    You may dimly recall the saying, “In Rome, do as the Arcturians.” If not, don’t strain your memory. Even if you do remember, the humor of it may not be immediately evident. That catchy little intergalactic saying was coined to capture the essence of Step II of the transmutational procedure. That procedure entails waking up to your true identity and forgetting everything you learned up until this point so that you can remember what you actually knew before you got here. In other words, you are to junk the entire identity you just spent a lifetime laboriously creating. Now do you see why we say the humor may escape you?

    just be you, har har har.

    see you on sunday, glow in the dark…

    1. oh my gracious, God. synchronicity. I’m writing a children’s book where one of the characters is a white hawk in honor of two friends who have since passed. I “fit it in” when I can. I will now focus on fitting everything else around it. Thank you sincerely, Michilyn (and Alex).

      1. p.s. btw, a several months back heard about ET 101 and ordered it. Loved it! It’s a treat for anyone interested.
        Thank you again, M.

    2. I like this song a lot too michilyn!!
      Thank you as well for your thoughtful response, and I’m looking forward to checking out this link more soon. 🙂

      but will I remember?..

      ~ ♡ ∞ Adam Mi

    3. Ahahaha! ….. made me laugh…. just you being you.
      Saw ELO in the ‘70’s… don’t remember what they wore, but that was after we got dopey…. and right before I forgot where the car was.
      ha.. Sometimes your humor escapes me and sometimes it doesn’t…. either way you make me laugh… or maybe I just forgot to remember I wasn’t asleep. 🙂
      Sunday! Be there or be square!

  10. “But if you do manage to step back a little bit, and simply open up to that child inside who will see blue skies where that “adult” in you will see a gray prison wall, you will find yourself flying free under this blue sky, unfettered by that old and still in many ways imprisoned way of thinking that comes so naturally to so many of you.”

    Thank you Aisha,
    I Am very grateful for your site and all who gather here!
    There was a time not far past, when all of this was easy and carefree for me, and everything seemed to progress smoothly and naturally. I just want those days back again, but for everyone!! Are we ready yet? I’d want to be!!!

    Blessings of Love and Gratitude for All,
    Adam Michael

    1. Adam,,, just wanted to say I’m hanging in there too – right along with ya!
      Hand in Hand ~ Heart to Heart, Love Areeza

  11. Dearest Alex, I so much LOVE YOU. geez, I sooo relate to your paragraph 3 (one of Lin’s main traits that created tension between my linear nuclear family and me). IMAGINE, I’m/we are going to BE living in a world that IS just that!! I’m totally singing’ and dancin’ over the moon amongst the stars and beyond now–really, in 3D, right here in front of this silly computer (and the moon/stars are right here, too, even though I can’t touch them…yet. I have always been the “different” one, the “weird” one, the “child-like” one and then just quit (and hard for me to quit something). I wanted to “fit in”, but something held me back/stopped me like a cold-steel 10-foot thick wall.

    boy. haha LOVE the silliness of it all!!! (and I LOVE silly me, too)

    Bunches of Hugs of Love&Light&PURE JOY to you, dear YOU. xo Lin

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. LOL Linny, love you too! I think we are all really in sync…today I was at the sink and I gazed at my hand and I thought…I am so GLAD that I am different! What level of slavery did I avoid to be able to embrace being different! LOL I mean, it got beat into me as a child…but I would not yield…I love being unique and more and more are embracing that inner weird! LOL I love to let my FREAK FLAG FLY! 🙂 hugs! Alex

  12. I always have to giggle when what is brought forth in the wonderful CC reports is something I have discussed and thought on the day before.

    Did some spiritual counseling yesterday with a dear friend who runs their own business and was having trouble completing projects and we discussed the depths of their to do list and how when we move from the heart and focus only on the love of something, the process flows easily with inspiration but when we rotely follow a to-do list the results just arent what we expected…its flat…

    I have long lived my life in a state of creative chaos, only doing that which I am inspired to do when I am inspired–the idea of “getting back on track” or writing down goals etc “failed” for me long ago and so after going through the self-judgement of “not being good enough at this” I realized as with all else in my life I must simply be me….and so, if that means working at 2am or sleeping until 12 noon or gardening at midnight, then so be it…

    I realize now that this was simply training for living in a world where time did not exist and we would simply do things on our own natural and innate inspired time….I know that many are having issues with scheduling and timing and it is all part of the practice.

    Living in the 3D world we must remember as the CC said is an illusion and hard to believe, but NONE of it matters…None–simply saying that doesn’t always make it feel so, but you can put time into the things you still feel “required to do” and then take more time to do things that you feel “inspired to do” and take your power and energy back in that way.

    I am finding I am actually having more and more projects that are bringing me in abundance and I simply focus on the love in them and expanding the service OF them and I am able to accomplish them in very little time and have time to do all the things that inspire me…and even these things–when refocused in a different intuitive and mental light become things that inspire me!

    One can reclaim their energy and redefine how they do things simply by shifting their perception…its pretty neat! Go a different way to work, take a slightly different train, watch a different channel on TV, listen to different music–mix things up–explore as an innocent child….even as the 3D illusion fades there are millions of things that exist inside it that you have never experienced! Every day I drive out and look to see if there are things I haven’t noticed on my route before and you know what? Every time I find something NEW! Amazing isn’t it? Big hugs all! Its 3:49pm and I havent even eaten breakfast LOL I am living in no-time and its awesome where all happens as it should in perfect and divine unfolding! 🙂 Alex

  13. From the Oracle ~A new shift emerging. With this new Moon, you are entering a new dimension. Prepare to feel certain changes within you as these energies are powerful ones. You will experience huge shifts within as your Divine Blueprint unfolds a brand new timeline. Your Life’s mission will be revealed to you. Questions you have, will be answered by your own Self, quiet the mind and let your spirit guide the way. A beautiful Era opens, Love is here to stay. The Elohim

  14. Step back into freedom – step forward into freedom… Sun…whatever way, your intent IS Freedom! so its working for ya 😉
    The gathering – part, most of all of it – already happened for me yesterday. I decided not to share it yet because others are to have their own authentic/unaltered experiences.
    Or it was a ‘blueprint’ I experienced. I am sure more will come to me Sunday.
    I got insight into the child thing with this missive. Like the biblical saying about only as a small child will u enter the kingdom of heaven.. something like that… its with the innocence ‘of a child’…free of all the gunk that is too heavy to fit thru the pearly gates 🙂
    Love to u this day, Areeza

  15. I call my soul spirit Sunny. I don’t know if any of you actively try to talk to the sunny in you. My sunny was like a child inside of me. Sunny needs to be set free to grow and learn to fly. Sunny was like the baby bird testing out his wings while in the nest. My mother had to push sunny out of the nest to be free to go and come as he wishes. After his first flight he becomes more and more aware of everything that is seen that is new and much different from his old nest. Before he took flight the only thing that was known was his sweet mother that would bring food to eat to grow feathers for flight. Now that he can fly everything he comes in contact with is new exciting and so amazing to him. This makes him think of all the knowledge his mother has and had no way to share this with him. He had to do it on his own to see and learn who and what he truly is. Where and what will he do with all this new knowledge he is learning. Only time will tell as he advances in his new found knowledge about what and who he is. How shall he share all this with others. Can he push others out of their nest that are just like him and just don’t know it yet. What is so sweet and loving to him is also a sadness to him because he can’t share it to those still in the nest. They have to jump out of the nest to understand what he is so in love with.

    Just a thought from a old man
    Love and blessings to all

    1. Eloquent, beautiful words from a very wise man. It’s an honor to share this space with you. You speak the truth so kindly and gently. With love and respect always, Caroline

    2. Dear Ray, your words are truly magical, just like your Sunny spirit. Thank you for the wisdom you always share so generously here!
      With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    3. Thank you Ray, I especially felt the last part you wrote about “also sadness to him because he can’t share it to those still in the nest.” Although I lacked the eloquence of how you shared the above I find I can easily respond within it. For without these words to describe it, I have often wondered what the fine line was in bringing the ‘worms’ to the nest vs knowing when to stop doing so. Also the big question, “Are we “free” to give the nudge that helps tumble someone from their nest?” Or do we watch and offer the ‘food’ from a branch further removed, maybe a bit lower than we normally perch on, as first flights are much easier when going downwards a bit until the “lift” is FELT.
      I am stumbling a little within the analogy. Thank you for stirring it within me this day. Magic holds the power of transition and the story of Sonny, as Aisha said, your words are truly magical. Love, Nancee

    4. You are not just old – you are ancient wisdom! and i say that with utmost respect. I am addressing the Sunny Ray – the Sun – Your essence – which forever shines its light for All.
      The Sun Is A Being/Entity.

      Lately I have been seeing people as their essences. Like I knew all along about the breeze I was but did not take it in like I do now – in all it really represents. How many others out there are likened to the breeze and are One with me in that essence.
      How many others are likened to the Sun and are One in ‘That’ essence.

      We are the elementals come together at this magical pond to awaken from a long slumber. To once again consciously strut our stuff – so awake, so alive, so lovely! – How Beautiful!!

    5. Oh Ray that was beautiful! and YES, my divine child is Ali and I have long embraced her and let her be FREE to ramble on! So awesome! Alex

  16. Thank you, but it’s pretty hard when you hit the reality of 3D world every time, every day. We have jobs here, and mortgages and all kinds of 3D stuff to deal with. How are we supposed to let that all dissapear? It is very much in our face and we have to deal with it every day. Of course patterns are repeating every time, that’s because we have to live in these patterns every day. Agh, I’m just frustrated.
    Maybe it’s as the CC’s say, just let go of control and just BE.
    It’s just hard to get out of the old groove. Also my nature is very conservative, that doesn’t help. I like adventure, I love adventure, but I’m so rooted in old behavioural patterns. I get glimpses of being new though. I can think myself as just having stepped into this body. Like being brand new. Haha, like those guys from “Third Rock from the Sun”. Like being an alien getting a brand new human body.
    Even this morning I opened my heart to myself, to love, but it was so overwhelming that I had to shut it off again. I’m just not used to feeling so much love for myself, never had so much love. It was unfamiliar and therefor scary. Feeling “bad” does feel familiar, so I go back to that. But I will continue to open my heart though, cause I would like to feel love, I do!

    1. Thinking same today JJ — still on a nice Up but not quite as Up as I awoke with these thoughts. And how difficult it can be to keep raising higher and still have to deal with the lower! So much Love embracing you from ME

      1. …and i do feel like i am being dissolved this morning. do u know how hard it was to get out what I posted above…omg. im melting…meltinnggg! lol

      2. Thank you, you beautiful Lightsister!
        You are so very much high up there!
        Haha, I notice that I still have some reservations to expressing my love to male Ponders. Must still be from the negative stuff I received from my dad. I find it so much easier (and save) to communicate with females, always have. Anyway, that will change too I trust. It doesn’t help when the only male, my best friend, that I trusted with my life, has abandoned me. Anyway, I don’t hold a grudge aginst him. He’s doing it out of love for me. He has made up his mind that the choices I’m making are not good for me. Well, that is only for me to decide, not him, and I will not waver from my hearts decisions, whatever the cost may be… Haha, there is no cost, just rewards, big rewards! 🙂 🙂

        LOVE, JJ

        1. Dear JJ! I think you have answered your own questions in the very best way : “Even this morning I opened my heart to myself, to love, but it was so overwhelming that I had to shut it off again. I’m just not used to feeling so much love for myself, never had so much love. It was unfamiliar and therefor scary. Feeling “bad” does feel familiar, so I go back to that.” We ARE creatures of habit, and as we feel more comfortable with all things familiar, we will try to stick to it, no matter how painful it is. And that is why the CCs keep on reminding us that “becoming free is simply a question of acting as if you are. In other words, you need not change anything in your daily life, you need only see it for the true illusion it really is, and when this really sinks in, all of the old patterns will melt away like a sundae in the midday sun.” So as you say, there is no cost, just big, big rewards if we dare to truly embrace our own freedom. But we are the only ones who can set ourself free, and it can seem to be more than we think are capable of, but I guarantee you that we are ALL primed and ready to jump into this freedom at any time we truly want to 😉
          LOVE, Aisha

    2. Yes, we have all loved overselves under the conditions of what we believe 3D culture/society’s definition of perfection is. And when we feel we have fallen short of this “goal” in some way, we beat ourselves up. We have also been taught that to love oneself is akin to pride and vanity. So all this becomes our ingrained, safe state of being and viewing ourselves. When we experience unconditional love, we have problems trusting that it is even possible. And so we resort to the old, known and familiar to feel “normal” again.

      I remind you, “They are all perfect.”

      🙂 AH

      1. Yes, they are all perfect 🙂
        I love you, you sweet thing!
        I guess we are sort of swinging back and forth between the old ways and the new. We will get there, I know we will. They tell us we will, and I feel the old fundations loosening. The new is so appealing that I will keep coming back to it for more, until only that will feel normal.
        You are right, loving yourself was always considered as vain and selfish. Doing good for others was the norm. It doesn’t work that way though, if you don’t love yourself first. Find the love in you! 🙂

      2. Dear AH, thank you for sharing this! I think our only “imperfection” is our incessant need to try to convince ourselves of our perceived imperfection 😉
        Much love from me, Aisha

      3. Dear AH,,, yes, we beat outselves up for getting too low,,, then for getting too high as it made us (from conditioning) feel above others.
        Coming out of duality is interesting. I never liked being in it,, but i got more sucked in than i thought!
        I was thinking on my run today how we were kept like fighters in the boxing ring – focused on the battles. Ever notice how much your communication with friends/family was about ‘the fight’? Survival issues – even the struggle with weather, with this , with that. Our attention was on that so much of the time! The powers that were – how they wanted to keep us there! And NOT focused on what we are turning toward now 😉 >All the positive energy and how we affect it and it affecst us.
        We are doing great! We Are great and there is 100% absolutely nothing wrong with saying or feeling it! If ya dont 100% believe that, they ‘fake it till ya make it’ as my ex used to say.
        Now I get a dream I have a long time ago even better: the three ‘me’s’ in the boxing ring. HS, LS and Witness self – we are all in the ring of fire now babies!! XOA

  17. Sweet Caroline! so glad to see you here this morning~!
    And good morning/night to everyone!

    I have not been able to get it out of my head C, about our Do Re Mi song…
    I knew it had more of a meaning — trying to ‘get our attention’.
    so I went to bed thinking…hmmm 12 notes….12 strands of DNA.
    Researched this morning and immediately lead to this link some of the content is included below but please, when u all get a chance, read the whole thing.

    Now, keep in mind that there are 2 active strands we have had and the 10 so called ‘junk’ ones and think of how there is Do and Re: ‘A drop of Golden Sun!’ – next is Mi: ‘A name I call myself’ (our next step to who we really are with helpful activation from our Sun – Our Ray!) – Fa: ‘A long, long way to run!’ – even So: ‘A needle pulling thread’ makes me see the threads of DNA being pulled into action! …and so on back to Do (the cycles back to Source!) for any that do not know the song: here is a link:

    Some from the DNA link: “There are 9 levels in the DNA Recoding process and each required emotional clearing at the level that activates the thymus to change the coding sequence of our DNA. Recoding in this instance means switching on the 44 DNA codes that were previously switched off. You could liken it to remodeling your body at the cellular level while still living in it.

    The DNA Recoding process works at the etheric—some call it the light body—level. At this level your 10 strands of junk DNA along with your 2 connected strands are realigned above your crown. Because DNA is holographic, it can be simultaneously realigned, reconnected and activated. This means that your 10 junk DNA strands are simultaneously realigned at the top of your head (crown), reconnected into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and reactivated so that life force energy flows through them again.

    Once your 12 DNA strands are plugged back into your 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, your Genetics Engineer’s and Recoding Guide’s jobs are nearly complete. They will continue to watch over you and monitor your 12-strand reconnection until you reach the frequency needed to fully activate the reconnection. The Activation of the 12 strands happens in 3 steps:

    1. Activation of the Crown Chakra Crystals. You will feel this as an itching at your Crown Chakra. Not the same as a dandruff itch.

    2. Activation of the MerKaBa antenna. The MerKaBa antenna is used to receive messages from other dimensions.

    3. Activation of the Hypothalamus. This is the Universal Translator and translates all messages into your chosen language. Messages are received as frequency thought-forms. Many are complete with emotions, pictures and language. Some have only one or two of these. The Hypothalamus also provides you with the identity of the sender. You will learn to identify the senders after receiving for a while. Once the hypothalamus is activated the RRA process is complete and your DNA chart is also completed. Proof is visual (aura photos), emotional (not holding negative emotions in the body), and physical (feeling more in control of your power and hearing messages daily)”

    LOVE TO ALL~ Areeza

      1. there are 7 main chakras – does each resonate/spin with a sound? I used to have a chart and there were sounds you could make to help heal the organs/area associated with each chakra.
        ok…back to job brain….time to hit the road.
        >>whatever it means C and everybody – one thing we know is we are in healing/activation mode!

        1. Breeze,
          Everything reacts to sound. Sound is a vibration. We are a vibration. Emotions are vibrational. Our chakras spin in vibrations and can be easily realigned and balanced with sound. It’s the dance between sound, light, energy, ALL. Our thoughts are vibrations – hence the need to stay centered. I’m travelling in 3 counties for work today. Will catch up later. Love to you,

        2. Very cool stuff easy breezie….I have known for a long time that I vibrate over all to an A note, sometimes a bit flatter, sometimes a bit sharper…but all vibration in the chakras aligns to different frequencies and yes, sounds as well…

          In fact, when I am feeling a bit “off” i simply tone through the do ray miiis…LOL I also have a perpetual wind chime in my house that tones every few minutes and it always brings me back to center…and to really rock the house, I simply put on music and let the frequencies take me and I dance all over the house and my energy shoots through the roof!!!!

          Its all connected! 🙂 hugs! Alex

    1. Dear heart, I was wondering when you would realize that the 12 Crystal Skulls are within our very own Selves. Brava, lightsister!

      🙂 AH

    1. Hi Breeze, sorry I sorta floated away before..

      Thank you kindly and sincerely for the concern you (and others) have shown to me here. I have had some issues that I have been stuck on, but I seem to be doing some overdue clearing right now, also very thankfully!!

      How are you doing??

      Love and Gratitude,

      1. this is lovely Adam! just got a chance to listen now. will use it for my meditation before tomorrow’s pond gathering! thank u so much, Breeze

    1. Thank you, Aisha. Looking forward to dancing with you and everyone here at the gathering on Sunday. Blessings to all!

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