The manuscript of survival – part 391

You have already been through numerous occasions when you find yourself suffering from the illusion of non-progress, and we are well aware that this is a phase that is taxing for you all. When we use the word illusion, it is with intent, because you are never suffering from a lack of progress, far from it, but as your human brain is still rather limited in its capacity to register progress in any other way than the one you have gotten used to so far in your long line of human existence, it is still quite challenging at times to make you understand that what may be construed as a standstill, or even a step backwards, is in fact nothing else than a giant leap forwards.

Let us explain. As we have oft talked about earlier, mankind has been held within very, very strict confines in all sorts of ways, also those that entails the use of your sensory perception. And as you know more than well already, the range of human capability compared to what you have already learned about the scope of existence, is an extremely shallow one indeed. If we should mention just one concept, the concept of sight, you know fully well that the human eye and the human brain seem capable of processing only a small fraction of the bandwidth that light is emitted in. Well, let us just add to that by saying that the scope is indeed even wider than what mankind has discovered, as your apparatus, no matter how intricately constructed by your scientists, is also lacking in ability as to discover the true scope of what is emitted as light waves. You see, you see only what you are programmed to see, and up until now, that has been quite limited, and the same goes for all of your other sensory capabilities. And so, what you see is merely a infinitesimal small fraction of what you get, to re-coin an old phrase. And so, there is no wonder that what you are able to discern from the world around you will tell you that nothing is happening at all. Not to you, nor to the rest of the known world that you are able to detect through your senses. And so, you will easily fall into despair, and your patience will come to an all-time low.

Again, we are not criticizing you in any way, we are simply pointing out a few facts in order to better aid you in this process, and so, we would like to take some time to point to some facts that will go undetected by most of you. For in time, this will be something that you all will be able to tune into on a regular basis, but as we have mentioned earlier, the “drag” that you all experience means that a sequence of events will take some time to fully register within your system.  And so, any changes that will appear, and they might be extremely profound ones at that, will take some time before they seep into your consciousness. For a human mind is nothing if not tenacious, and as such, even when it is put before some clear cut and well defined changes, it will still try to balk at the idea of change in itself, and so, it will continue on in the same vein for quite some time before it actually adheres to the new laws of nature. We use this concept with intent also, as you have all gotten used to a life that is in all aspects ruled by what you deem to be unchangeable laws, like a “law of gravity”, the concept of time, the speed of light, and so many other “rules” and “laws” that you consider to be literally as unchangeable as if written into stone. Therefore, when a shift comes that literally shifts about on these concepts, your human mind will simply discard this as impossible, and will not even take time to try to ponder the facts that it is presented with.

This is simply a natural part of living as a human being, and as such, it is not something that comes as a surprise to any of us. Rather, it has been a well defined factor from the very beginning in this process, and so, the need to keep informing you about the real changes taking place has been written into this plan from the onset. For you fail to see the majority of changes that take place, simply because your brain refuses to acknowledge them. And it does so, because it has been trained to do so. So what you all will have to do, is to make your brain unlearn some of the old tricks it has picked up. This will in many ways be like training a little used part of you body, perhaps a small muscle somewhere that you did not even know existed, and as it has been lying dormant for such a long time, it itself has gotten used to not being used at all. And so, it needs to be coaxed into becoming a vital part of your body again, and as usual, this may come at a price at first. For as you all know more than well, anything not used will simply start to wither away, and when it is being put into use again, it will moan and groan and put up quite a racket at times, just like that dormant muscle will, if you ask it to start to exercise its abilities again after a long and leisurely break.

You may find these words to be a little bit flippant perhaps, but we are not saying this in order to make you feel like under-achievers in any way. We are simply reminding you that you have at your disposal a set of tools that you have yet to uncover and put into use. For they are all here, ready to be taken out from that old and cobwebby box they have been kept in for eons, and as such, you do have what it takes, but it might take some time to understand what it really is you do have. For you have got what it takes to start to tap into ALL of the information that surrounds you, and indeed is within you, and when you do, you will start to see, to hear, to know and to understand in a very new way. For then, you will see far beyond what the human concept of seeing is, and you will start to hear things that no human ear have been able to discern, and you will learn to understand things in a very different way than what you have previously been set up to do. For then, all of those human byways of putting knowledge into your head will be overwritten, and the pathways of accessing knowledge will become much, much faster, and indeed much more accurate. For then, you need not go by the way of seeing things with your eyes, for then, letting your brain process the signals and turn them into something that your mind can perceive. And then, you need not go by the way of your ears, for your brain to pick up subtle signals being emitted from an outside source either. For then, there will be no “outside source”, if you will, for as you rediscover these old tools, you will also rediscover how connected you are to ALL there is, and as such, the subtle signals and communication permeating it all will come within your earshot. And then, you will be able to pick up the minutest changes all around, and you will be able to perceive these changes we are referring to.

For then, you will SEE that the light coming into your atmosphere from your friendly neighbour, the Sun, is no longer the same light that it used to be. For it has changed in the most remarkable way, so that the very composition of it no longer matches the old one. And it has changed in such a way, it in turn is changing everything it touches. And no, this has nothing to do with what you refer to as “global warming” or the depletion of your ozone layer. We are referring to the very light particles themselves, and the way that they interact with each other so that the very composition and indeed the very “temperature” of this light has changed. And when we say temperature, we do not refer to the way that you measure it with your thermometers, we are referring to the wavelength it comes in, that is, the part of the spectrum that it belongs to. For this has gone through a very subtle shift, but this shift will have far reaching consequences for you all.

And no, not detrimental ones, we are referring to changes that will entail the parts of your dormant DNA to be activated. For this trigger effect will largely come via those emission you see – and indeed do not see – being beamed down upon you on a daily basis from your Sun. For the particles that are penetrating not only your atmosphere, but indeed the very core of your planet, are constructed in such a way, they will indeed set every single dormant switch encoded within your DNA to ON. In fact, this process has been going in for quite some time already, but lately, this process has been enhanced in such a way, it will act like a veritable chain effect and speed up this whole process exponentially. In addition, there are other factors at work here that are aiding your greatly in this process of changing from a human of the “old school” and into the human of the new. The limitless version of you, where your abilities to interact and indeed understand everything that is around you will be greatly enhanced. And yes, you have already come quite a long way in this process, but as yet, your old human senses are still very much in control when it comes to what kind of information you will be able to access. And as such, you will fail to perceive the new, because you are still very much being inundated with signals from the old. And so, the new will seem to be non-existent, when what is actually going on, is that all of the old is going out of existence. But, as we have told you before, not without making a whole lot of noise as it exits the door for the very last time.

Therefore, know that you are already very much immersed within the new, where you are literally inundated in all sorts of exciting information, and where you are no longer left out of the loop in any way. But in order for you to be able to literally take it all in, you need to find your way through this old and noisy labyrinth by metaphorically plugging your ears, the better to be able to pick up the sights and sounds from all of the new. For as yet, you are still very much geared towards focusing on the old noise and information you are so trained to pick up, and the natural inclination for your brain will be to disregard anything that does not fall into that category. And so, picking up these first faint threads of that brand new conversation going on between you and the rest of creation, will be a difficult one. And yes, you are already very much taking part in this conversation, as indeed your physical body and those parts of your consiouness not defined by the human portion of you are already very much active members of this huge congregation of new voices.

And so, from time to time, many of you will in fact pick up bits and pieces from these ongoing discussions and interactions, but as they will be of a very different caliber than the ones you are used to taking part in, they will mostly go undetected or you will take them for being fragments of dreams or just a kind of hallucination. But trust us when we say that they are very much real, they are in fact far more real than the so-called reality you see yourself in daily.

For what we are talking about, is that endless stream of information in the form of vibrations, or frequencies of light, that you are already bathing in, and as such, they are a far cry indeed from that lower density, fear-based form of communication that will have you tied up in a knot on a regular basis. For what we are talking about, is a “conversation” of such lightness, indeed, it IS simply light, in all shapes and forms, and in every colour and nuances of such that you can think of, and then some. This may sound just as flimsy as the world of illusion we have referred to earlier, but remember, mass is not a sign of reality, rather, it is a sign of energy manifested through consciousness. And now, you will all be asked to tune into a reality that so far is not yet manifested on your shores, and as such, this reality will seem to be an illusion. But it is not, it is no less real because you cannot see it yet. For it is there, in all of its glory, but as a human, you still need some time before you can see it with ALL that you are. For through your still very human eyes, all you will see so far, is the sorry state of the illusion that was created around you a long, long time ago, and still, that sight will override the truth that is already here, but still hidden from your view.

So again we say, do not despair for what you fail to see, for that does not mean that it does not exist. Rather, rejoice in the fact that what you see around you, is simply the last remnants of the old illusion, already starting to fade away. And remember to plug your ears and indeed eyes if necessary, lest these last remnants of the old illusion will continue to hamper you in your quest for truly seeing the new. For it takes time and dedication to overrule the signals from the old, and so, we simply ask you to cease to disbelieve what you cannot yet see, and start to believe that you are truly capable of seeing it ALL. And then, you will give yourself the opening you need in order to truly start to find those tools that will unlock any and all of those long lost abilities to become the seer of ALL.

152 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 391

    1. Thanks V – helps but at the same time I feel really angry. I wish ‘they’ got it more, what we go thru here and were able to assist us much better than they have. We are the ones immersed in it, not them. I always thought ‘they’ could see it all and understand what they saw and felt from us.
      From The Link: “This energy tells us a general overview of ‘one’s energy’ … not the thoughts of how that energy is FEELING.”
      Well,,,they better get what we are feeling and going thru in this operation and ASAP or I fear they will loose some good workers here. It just makes me feel less certain in reading how much they dont ‘get us’. I mean when we are sick with headaches so often, in bed, so tired, they dont ‘see’ how we are?! We are to do this and that and move forward ….how to move forward with so much density we deal with on a daily basis? I dont know how I can even work at times and work sucks up so much of my time that I could be merging with the new. Why dont “they” “get it”? They watch us all the time. Guess we have to keep on them about it. confused, unsettled and bewildered. XOA

      1. Did you read the new gama books post from Karen Bishop?
        I think it will help you.
        Much love
        Haha, I’m always trying to fix things…. 🙂 forgive me, I’m the Handyman. 🙂

        1. You are in tune JJ – I came back on to read just that~! Blossoms did get me a tad upset so I look forward to a diff. spin.
          You have no worries with me – I know you as one I will always trust.
          Heart to Heart, ~A~

  1. Dear friends! I see I am not the only one who has been experiencing some extreme donwloads these last 24 hours or so, so I just wanted to send out a big hug and LOVE to each and every one of you. It always helps to know that we are swimming in these churning waves of energy together 🙂 I also want to add an extra THANK YOU to everyone still standing, for the way you continue to support your fellow Ponders with your love, your light and your helpful insights.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

  2. Thank you dear CCs, dear Aisha (and dear translator Roswitha) for this further message.

    Today on the way to the weekly shopping, I had the strange feeling to go through ‘copies’.
    I kept thinking “this is not the reality but all copies”.

    The light of the sun has really changed, it often looks so wonderful golden. Now the Sun radiates God light.

    Kind regards
    I AM BIXIE : D

    Danke liebe Ständige Begleiter, liebe Aisha (und liebe Übersetzerin Roswitha) für diese weitere Botschaft.

    Heute auf dem Weg zum Wocheneinkauf hatte ich das seltsame Gefühl durch ‘Kopien’ zu gehen.
    Ich dachte die ganze Zeit “das ist nicht die Realität sondern alles Kopien”.

    Das Licht der Sonne hat sich wirklich verändert, es sieht oft so wundervoll golden aus. Die Sonne strahlt jetzt Gotteslicht aus.

    Herzliche Grüße

  3. Hi everyone. thank you so much for all the help. Soon after I came here for help, I was much more relaxed and able to go to a deep sleep. No more of the horror after that. Just dizzy, tired and a bit achy. Kelly is making me some breakfast.
    I did have something odd happen after I left work Thursday. A dark, shadowy female figure was outside my window at work. I forgot about it until I got in my car and she was in the back seat. she never said a word.
    I thought maybe she was American Indian due to long, black hair – I never saw a face…just dark. so I tried to talk with her thinking she could be a mentor or something like that for me. No response. I let it go and got home. The sickness started a few hrs later. I just wonder about it and mention it because if any of u feel something u are not sure of be sure to ask if it is of the light, etc. Looking back now, I would have done so and if no good, send it away with Light. Does anyone think there is the dark trying to get rid of us? I never bought into that but now I wonder. If so, we must be darn important for attacks like this.
    Also, just before this sickness, I heard a loud ‘thump’ outside. Now, I have been having premonitions about the icy road just outside our house and car hitting out own cars. Well, a truck hit the neighbors wall and spun off down a bank next door… ending up in my other neighbors yard. drunk driver i think someone said. It kindof put me in a tailspin thinking of my premonition and bringing back the tree hitting house and then other kellys car and camper. It was real odd. Did the dark figure use this to stir me up too? I am not sure. I ran out to see if everyone was OK. they were. Police showed soon after.
    ,,,or it could have been something I ate,,,or a real flushing out before more new energies come in (good ones:) )
    Love u all… will come back and read later.

    1. …and sickness started with heavy, blunt pain in my center – between lower rib cage. Keeping what I call my light serving balls around! They will be working harder these days.

    2. Hi Areeza, glad to hear you are feeling somewhat improved! I don’t know about the figure but know this if you stay centred in the light, Spheres Of Light you will be intrinsically safe. Staying centred is key…

      Philip 🙂

    3. “….I never bought into that but now I wonder.”

      Uh huh.
      So basically you ARE buying into it, now…..and when you do that, look at what reflections you are attracting to yourself because you are currently broadcasting Fear Frequencies.

      Furthermore the feeling or frequency of *Doubt* that you are also broadcasting, is a Wake-Up alarm indicator that you are grasping onto a Belief that is out of alignment with your true, Higher Self.

      Feeling sick, is an indicator of Energetic Resistance. Yet again, it is the screaming alarm trying to tell you that you are not aligned with your true self…..that you are resisting changing your beliefs — still preferring to swim around in the low frequency pool of Fear & Doubt — and you are creating Energy Blockages because of your insistence on staying in that pool.

      Your reality will only continue to reinforce and reflect back at you whatever you BELIEVE (aka, “buy into”).

      My advice? Should you choose to take it…..Fastest way to get yourself back in alignment with your Higher Self and nuke your ‘Fears’ to kingdom come in one beautiful *blast* — STOP BELIEVING / ACTING LIKE YOU ARE A VICTIM, that needs to be protected from so-called dark forces.

      If anything, anything at all reveals itself to you like that shadowy female figure or a nasty-looking black orb dripping scary goo, or the stay puft marshmallow man……just give the motherfucker a *HUG*.
      For Christ’s sake. Literally. Put your Christ Consciousness Energy in action.
      Don’t “ask” if it is “light” or “dark” and continue looping around in your cycle of Fear by doing this over and over…..
      Instead, RELEASE THE FEAR, broadcast only LOVE and unlimited POWER and simply hug anything & everything to you with your own light, envelope whatever it is within your blasting Light, and actually FEEL how powerful you are.
      Take it into yourself. Take it ALL into yourself. Absorb everything. Make it part of your Light. Make it YOU.

      Once you experience your own Power in action, you will then shift to much higher frequencies. And anything “dark” will be invisible to you.

      1. Dearest A…
        YOU are a Powerhouse.
        Read deeply with your Heart ears and eyes Kiera’s Heart message… and apply.
        (Sun of Blue won’t lie to you)

        You are Loved more than you know, than you are aware.
        I Love You, too. Lin

        —I’m seriously glad your body is improving.

        1. msg too harsh for me and I am still unwell and vulnerable. not what is good for me right now. I will read it again later maybe. thanks, A

      2. Dear Kiera… Thank you, Dear One. I read your message for myself as well. Straight from your I AM Heart and very Powerful. My Heart eyes and ears are opening wider and wider.
        With Loving Gratitude… and big Hugs of Light&JOY, Lin

      3. Bravo, Kiera! Giving you a standing ovation for this one.

        And I want to emphasize your final point to everyone – anything (entity, self-created entity, average thief looking to snatch your purse, etc.) of a lower vibration cannot “see” or “find” or “influence” you once you have elevated your own frequency consistently and stand in your own power. I’ve experienced that “invisibility” effect first hand.

        Respectfully, Caroline

        1. Thank you for your added Powerful clarifying response, Caroline.
          VERY helpful to me.
          With Love and smiles of JOY, Lin

      4. But this does not fit me at all. ??
        I was in an absolutely wonderful, Loving space,,, if u have been reading my posts here in the past week or two.
        That is why i was astonished that I could have allowed a dark energy. Like I said, I did not intentionally send it away. If anything that was my mistake. If I never bought into this stuff, why would u state so strongly what i need to do to release so much dark?
        and i was not ‘looping about it’ – just wondering if it had anything to do with it… just like i said other things that came to me. Geeez.
        It is not of my nature to harbor ill thoughts.
        Feel like a victim? I was completely broad sided with getting this sick?
        my motto as i have stated many time is to Love everything into Love.
        I am kind of shocked others thought this so wonderful what you said too.
        I was on a very nice high Love and allowing it to flow inward and outward…and then slammed down hard and anyone would look as to why. ?? All i feel from this is how dare you judge me so. I am no child to the Power of Who I Am and dark has always been inviseable to me until I saw this figure. So I was confused and thats about it re dark figure.
        Going away for awhile from here as I was just starting to feel better.

        1. chances are you were blessed
          no fear
          no impatience
          what you need you have
          remember who you are
          why think it was something bad?
          just another experience among gazillions of others.
          if you got upset, then you have something to ponder.

          bad spirits stay away from me
          i take their energy for my own and then rechannel it to help me grow.
          let spirit be your guide

  4. I am taking on as many changes (upgrades) as fast as my body can stand. Each time i walk further into the light, it is followed by physical body symptoms (currently have a nice sore throat and hacking cough) and/or and an attack from the dark. The dark is getting cunning at getting me to give attention to it. Whilst the more direct and obvious attacks can easily be shut off. some of the more subtle ones are still getting in. Once in, the dark can skew my view of everything. As a co-creator this causes problems, and I have to shut down, “go in”, and work back to find where the dark got in. Then I can ground myself and call AAM to rid me of them. Living as I do in “modern” suburbia I am making myself a target for such attacks. This is part of my purpose at times. To draw them near, to be identified and either removed or brought into the loving family light.
    Take a step forward, free yourself from the degenerative binds on your body. Last chance is 1st February 2014

    Another poem on my blog today. I would like to state that being a light worker for me, is a full time job without pay. If you have an excess of money please consider donating a little on my blog. Giving money (or anything for that matter) with genuine light hearted intent purifies it, and it will go on to do great work itself, loving and healing, with each hand it passes through. There are a few items I come across day to day that I would like to purchase to futher empower myself (still serving all mind you), but I simply cannot afford to buy. I have given away much of my money in recent times, only one example is £1000 I gave to my mother before christmas out of my own earnings. Giving will also imbue you with my personal thanks. Whilst I radiate love light and peace at all times unconditionally, you can have a double dose anytime you like.


  5. Guess what my girlfriend bought me today?
    Right, earplugs ( against ambient noise)
    All this maya leaving the door forever.
    I just simply do not hear it.
    Even the grey sky has the most beautiful grey,
    that has been unseen so far.
    The problem remains. It has been one since the dawn of slime.
    How to perceive things that are nvisible,
    with new faculties that are not yet detected.
    Nice hermelin, emperor.
    We are making progress without noticing.
    Let´s reveal our hope and patience to the brightest and the more.
    (Lin´s the secret sun here)

  6. Hello everyone,
    I’ve been reading these posts for a while now and was not sure how to take them. However, I’ve experiencing something very different in my body lately that i was wondering if anyone else has experienced. It happens at night time when I’m lying down and trying to concentrate on my breathing to quite the mind. It starts from my legs, a sensation of movement and then it suddenly gets strong and makes me shake and curl real heard as if i was doing situps. It stops and starts a few times and each time with a much higher intensity and all of a sudden it goes away and i feel so relaxed and refreshed. Sometimes it lasts for more than 30 min which gets me backache the next day.

    Thx, Mohammad

    1. eye experienced that shaking and so too.. it has to do with energy blockages in our body, they are removed and thats why u feel so refreshed after them.. makes one realize how blocked our body has been all the time and how much energy gets blocked through conditioning.. 🙂

    2. Dear Mohammad!
      I totally agree with tao54 – the cause of these shaking fits is the energetic blockages you have; I know for sure, because I had them in the past (during meditations). Do not despair; continue meditating and purging yourself. They will gradually slow down and disappear. Good luck!

    3. Dear Mohammad, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I have experienced something similar in my body during these nightly “energy upgrades”, and like you, I sometimes feel very stiff and sore in the back and in the muscles the day after. For me, trying to relax as much as possible and open myself up to receive these energies helps to lessen the “symptoms” during these sessions, and gentle yoga stretches in the morning helps to ease any stiff muscles.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. For the past week I haven’t had a clue what the CCs we’re talking about. It’s not that I didn’t understand the words and the message they were conveying when combined in a sentence, but the meaning eluded me somehow as I was lost in a house of smoke and mirrors. BUT today! I emerge from my befuddled state and can hear the message, hooray!

    Which is believe in yourself; believe that there is much you can’t see and ‘more in heaven and earth than we have dreamed of huatio’. And that it is able to be sensed by us even of we don’t believe it.

    It’s like that scene in ‘What the Bleep do We Know’ where the native peoples of what is now termed Mexico could not see the ships from the new world because they had never seen them before.

  8. Hello everybody.
    A very powerful message. I really enjoyed this part ”…you have at your disposal a set of tools that you have yet to uncover and put into use. For they are all here, ready to be taken out from that old and cobwebby box they have been kept in for eons, and as such, you do have what it takes, but it might take some time to understand what it really is you do have”. For we are supposed not just to take them out, folks, from that cobwebbed box, but also to wipe all of the “grime” off them. Our multi-dimensional “ears” and “eyes” must shine anew with tidiness and health; otherwise, we will not be able to fully see and hear. Many of us abused them in the past – especially when incarnated in Atlantis – and the negative consequences and energies of those lives must be healed, so that we could enjoy hearing, seeing and connecting to All That Is to full extent.
    The really good news is that our DNA is being activated with an ever-increasing speed. This is a fantastic and wonderful piece of news.
    Thank you, CCs and Aisha!

    1. I shut off from the sounds and sights from the suffering I witnessed on Atlantis. Now it seems I have to put my senses back in use. The sounds and sights were so terrible that it’s no wonder I am so reluctant to put them back to use. Is it save? I need to know it’s save before I put them to use again… Is it save? Is it?

      1. Dear JayJay!
        There is no need to be afraid of anything – believe me, we will start seeing and hearing when we are ready only, not before. It is my understanding that our responsibility is to get rid of the old energies of fear and to heal the distortions we may have created in our past lives/experiences of abusing divine energies&our multidimensional capabilities. Yes, I agree with you – many of us witnessed the destruction and subsequent submerging of Atlantis, and the fear that ensued may be still present within. Also, do not forget that many Lightworkers were incarnated on the dark side as black sorcerers, etc.; all of the distortions MUST BE HEALED. I would recommend you and everybody else to address your Higher Self with the request to oversee the process of reactivating your multidimensional capabilities. That would be very appropriate. Good luck!

  9. Happy Friday beautiful friends of light!

    Has anyone ever seen those books called magic eye or something? The page looks like a picture filled with designs and as you gaze at it and through it, not taking in the details of the design, all of a sudden a 3D image that is imbedded in the picture comes to light and to life.

    This is similar to what happened when I realized i could see energy and auras. If i focused too hard to see them, they ran away, but if I softened my visision, almost blurred it and looked through the outline of a person into the depths of the background, the light was coaxed forth..everyone can do this.

    Softening our vision, looking through things, not trying too hard and being kind to ourselves can assist greatly in revealing what is already there…

    huge hugs to you all! 🙂 Alex

    1. Thanks Sunny, I can see auras and have been able to see them for a long long time, but your description of not chasing it, not trying is really true. The more we PUSH what we get is struggle…the more we flow what we get is flow….big hugs brother! alex

  10. wish this was illusion i am suffering.
    I am so sick. Coming out both ends since late last night. wont stop
    sweats/chills…shaking. I am prayer to god to just take me if i ever get to sleep. this is how sick i feel.
    PHILIP – if u are around… i will be in bed for who knows how long. its 2:00 my time in USA. thanks ALL….. A

    1. Dear A… Sending warm HUGS of Love&Light. I hope you’re asking the CCs for extra help during this time; during times I thought I literally couldn’t take anymore pain, they stepped in and alleviated the intensity to a point that allowed me to process/rest/sleep.

      I see you enveloped within a cocoon of warm, Loving Light.

      With Love, Lin

    2. Dear Breeze!
      I am really sorry you have to go through all this pain and suffering. I am pretty sure it is because of the last night energetic influx – I woke up this morning with a headache. My advice is to address the Family of Light, asking them to balance your energetics. Or you could address the Fire of Druids, a highly beneficial and helpful divine energy. Good luck. Love you. Best wishes!

    3. Breeze!

      Sent a healing, cooling green energy to you for GENTLE healing to calm your body. Try to go deep inside of yourself and focus your thoughts on calmness and peace. Hoping your body will react to this and calm down. Also, try to get some salt in you. Even if you can get an 1/8 of a teaspoon down your throat, it will help with dehydration. Try to drink water – doesn’t matter if it comes right up and out. Some of it will stay in you with the salt. If you need strength, reach out and hold my hand. And grab onto the donkey’s tail, too.

      I’m feeling many are going through a similar ordeal right now. Something just lifted, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and the others.

      Love to you, Caroline

    4. Breeze I hope you are feeling better by now. Do you think it is the energies or something else. A coworkers wife was sick the same way last week. I think someone mentioned Dramamine. It really does work. Sending love and light to you to hold you up. Many hugs sent your way.


      1. Thank you for bringing up Dramamine again. I just took some myself. And yes – it does help a lot. Bless!

    5. Breeze! I had it too! (thought it was from something I ate) Hit hard for a couple hours, now just shaky. Drink detox liquids. Lemon, ginger. I cried and cried and asked for the “old” to release with all of it. My physical and emotional body is changing so much faster right now. Speeding up.
      Sending healing light right now to you. There’s always a message. Use everything that happens. Release the old! Good-bye old!

        1. thanks Donna! I read that link also. So sorry to hear u felt that bad as well. It was hell and I cried out the same. Mine went on for many hours. I am confused as to why it happened but part of me thought it was a flush out needed for entry of more new energies to come soon. I pray this does not need to happen again for I dont think I could take it. Love, Areeza

  11. listening to generated noise on headphones is an excellent tool to escape the illusory sonic field. i find meditation with this unorganized sonic environment highly flexible toward where you desire to place your focus.

    a free sound tool that can generate noise (white, brown, or pink flavor presets) is audacity:

    best wishes!

  12. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! This is very helpful for so many of us who still appear to be surrounded by situations that are overwhelming, dark and difficult in which the service to self crowd appear to have so much power to continue to cause such difficulty and suffering. It is indeed heartening to read that these things are mire in the way of what psychologists call an “extinction burst” when a negative behavior appears excessively one last time as the client finally overcomes it (as in addictions, codependency, overeating etc).
    Knowing in our hearts that it is a nightmare that is ending will help to endure and not allow “team dark” to distract us from what is important-ie the spiritual growth that will allow us to transcend and leave behind the negative patterns and situations.

  13. Thanking you, Aisha&CCs, again.

    This part jumped out at me, so I’ll be giving the energy behind it a good long look: “… but remember, mass is not a sign of reality, rather, it is a sign of energy manifested through consciousness.” Will have a look-see today+ at Lin’s “mass”… knowing all the while that nothing is wrong, everything/everyone is right on target. Just want to open my insights a little, preferably A LOT, wider. 🙂

    With warm Hugs of Love&Light&absolute pure JOY, Lin

  14. Nice message thank you Aisha. I had to smile when they talked about using a muscle you had done or didn’t know you had. I use exactly the same analogy in my SOL Workshops.

    I’ve been getting quite a lot of messages including builiding and reinforcing Columns of Light, a line from a song “the power you’re supplying is electrifying” (remember that one from the film Grease 🙂 and soaking in the light and more…

    Blessings to all. Philip 🙂

    1. Hi Philip, I dreamed of columns of light last night although I don’t remember much more then that. When I was waking I saw in my minds eye two spheres, one inside the other. They were spinning in opposite directions. Not sure of the meaning to any of this, but interesting you are working on columns of light. 🙂

      1. Hi Denise, thanks for sharing this. Very interesting you saw this too. When I mentioned it elsewhere a friend gave me some links to some spectacular images recently taken principally in the US I think it was of columns of light! Nice synchronicity.

        Interesting regarding the two Spheres. May be akin to a Torus forming? It also reminded of something similar Merkabah meditation I was taught some years ago. In that case you had two star tetrahedron rotating in opposite directions – the points of the stars touched a Sphere and this process helped create the Merkabah field. I don’t know if this is related to what you saw but that’s what came to me at least.

        By the way I have been having a bit of a look at what I might be able to do for something online for SOL. Hope to share more of that in a few weeks may be. Philip 🙂

        1. Pictures of columns of light in the US…would love the links if you can share. I need to do meditation on this and the sphere. I don’t believe I have done a merkaba meditation. Perhaps my HS has as it seems to do and know a lot more then I know. I will check into this so thank you. I dreamed of lightening last night. A lot of electricity going on so rather exciting!
          Looking forward to your online sol work with great joy!
          Thank you Philip!

          Much love,

          1. Oh the other thing that might have been useful for me to say that if this vision was connected with your Merkabah activating… the actual shape of the Merkabah when activated looks like galaxy viewed edge on or a bit flying saucer shaped if you will. Philip 🙂

  15. haha Glad to be of service, my dear Sun, … if even in reverse!!

    (I’ll have to take a good look at my “beaconing” skill as it may be operating counter clock-wise… but then again, thinking about it, it might be operating correctly, but only for the I AM/(Lin) eyes and ears as I’ve most always found her path to be unique from most others—not better or less than others, just different)

    Chuckling and smiling here, Sun. Thank you for mentioning this, I’ll work on shutting closed my eyes, ears AND MY SMILING MOUTH (the latter—regarding advice)

    So much Loving you to the tippy-top of your mountain,
    With Gratitude and Hugs of Love&Light&JOY, Lin 🙂

    1. Oh no! We’ll have none of that! You have an authentic and brilliant innocence in your words and energy when you provide advice. So – no- you are not allowed to “shut” your smiling mouth when it comes to giving advice. (I’m chuckling now, too). Doctor’s orders!

      1. wow. I felt and received your “Hug of words”, Dear Caroline.
        I was literally speechless for a moment. Truly, very kind and Lovely words (for me to experience). Thank You +.

        With stronger Intention, I’ll ask for more Clarity AND the ability to receive it… and see what happens. (I’ll be curious) 🙂

        Wishing you a BRIGHT! Today+… the same Brightness you’ve gifted to me. Lin

    2. Dearest Sun…
      For the second time today (and once yesterday from Otmn), I have totally unexpectedly received kind, Heartfelt comments. My Heart is indeed full.

      Thank You Sincerely for 1) noticing and 2) taking the time to tell me. It means so much to me as I’ve been working diligently to Listen and then apply myself.

      (I know you don’t see yourself as a teacher or a student, but from what I know of you/your words, you are completely incapable of anything, but Truth/personal Integrity… which is another way of saying, your comment above means a great deal) xo Lin

  16. Asia, Thank you for this beautiful blog and all that comes thru your being…
    Thank you for your commitment for being a vessel for this info to come thru… May you have a wondrous and beautiful and rewarding day…
    Thanks Barry

    1. Dear Barry, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for these loving words, and thank you for shining your light here 🙂 I wish you a wonderful day too!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    1. I LOVE! this, Michael L. Thank you for a great beginning to my morning.
      Thank you for taking the time to share.
      With Love&Light, xo Lin

  17. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they referring to the Pineal Gland in the beginning of this channel? About the part of the brain that is rusty? I have knowledge about this b/c blessfully I was lead to study Kundalini Yoga and receive teacher training for it too. I know for me this is one of my tools. Thank you soooo much for these channels Aisha – they give me sanity on many days and are always soooo spot on for where I am. Prior to reading this I swear I felt like I had stepped back and truly had all but released my “spiritual counseling business” which is already on the back burner, but is still in my heart no matter how small. I now have much more hope though seem to be me at a much more grounded space – feels so different than anything I have ever felt before. Thank you! 🙂


    all thee albums are fo free, except for the newest one which is called language of light.. once u are to understand this music (muse i see 😉 ), it will open up dimension which truly and simply can not be imagined by human mind.. have fun exploring 🙂 love!

  19. Aisha Thank you so much for all that you do!!
    These messages just keep getting more interesting and exciting!

  20. A very long, clear and much appreciated explanation…
    Thank you Angelic Friends and thank you Aisha

    1. Thank you for the link, Like (say that really fast 5 times). I have to go run some errands, but I’m looking forward to reading it when I return.
      With Love&Light Hugs, Lin

  21. Thank you. I just had a conversation with my daughter yesterday about pretty much exactly this. Such wonderful validation. Very much appreciated. With love, and gratitude, Angela.

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