The manuscript of survival – part 389

We would like to delve a little bit into a subject we have discussed earlier, as this is something that perhaps has been overshadowed a little bit by recent internal upheavals if you will, and what we are talking about, is the subject of creation and the role that you all play in it. If you cast your mind back to the messages we delivered on this topic a while back, you will remember that we went to rather great lengths to reveal the nuts and bolts of it, if you will. In other words, we discussed the basic principles, which are indeed extremely simple, but which raises some rather complex questions within you all. And this is indeed what we would like to return to, for what is standing between you and this basic and all-pervading process of creation, is your endless quest for answers. And so, you tend to make extremely complicated what is in fact extremely simple, and as usual, what stands between you and your own greatness, is that small but still rather formidable obstacle of the human mind, or rather, the human way to perceive things.

You see, you have a propensity to complicate whatever it is you connect with, because you do have a hard time erasing your memory base in such a way, it leaves you unfettered to make any new and ground breaking insights. And what do we mean by that? Why, simply the fact that you have an inherent mechanism that colours whatever it is you encounter with the same base layer of energetic frequency that you used to vibrate at, and as such, even if all of the fundamentals change, you will still look at it with the same eyes. And so, thinking out of the box, as you like to call it, takes an almost super human effort at times. And now, as you will be required to not just think out of the box, but leave this same box altogether, you will find yourself struggling in so many ways. For what you need to do, is actually to erase what has been, and find a way to trust that when you do this, you as an entity will not be removed in the same instance. Rather, it is only by erasing the remnants of all that you have been you can become new again. And new is what you need to become, in order to truly access that deep well of knowledge that will help you to become the creator you are meant to be. You see, the old basic building blocks that make you a human was actually altered in such a way, it will hinder you in said quest of attaining that freedom you so long for, and as such, you will need to leave everything behind that you have taken to be “you” in a human form.

We hasten to add that this does not mean extinction of the you that has always been hidden within that human form, and it is not a process that will entail physical death in any way. Rather, this is a process that seeks to truly liberate you from ALL of the old and inhibiting patterns that still rule the minds of so many. For as you have already discovered yourself, breaking fee of this mold is not something that is easily accomplished, and that is not a surprise to anyone, not to anyone on our side of the veil either. For we know fully well what that old programming has done to your spirits, and as such, we also know that you need assistance if you are to become those free spirits yet again. For you must un-create yourself in order to re-create not only you, but also everything else that you are to be the creators of, and as such, you can in many ways be likened to that old concept of Shiva, the destructor and the creator, in one and the same physical manifestation. So too will you dis-create the old in order to emerge renewed from the old rubble, just like the phoenix we have talked about earlier.

We know that this will sound overly dramatic to some, and it IS dramatic, for it entails dismantling all of the old scaffolding that has been erected around your core in order to make you into that old version of a human. For all of this old scaffolding has hidden the real you, and so, it needs to be removed completely for you to stand there out in the open, unfettered by anything standing in your way. But the process for removing all of these old obstacles need not be dramatic at all, for what it truly entails, is for you to see the full extent of them, so you can understand what it is that needs to be removed. This may sound complicated, but it need not be so, for all it takes from you, is a complete lack of self illusion.

You see, being human is in many ways adhering to a very set pattern, and now you need to lay all of that aside for you to step into your true role as creator. So learning to truly create means learning to un-create at first, and the processes are indeed two sides of the same coin. Remember, EVERYTHING is energy, and what is manifest, no matter if it is a stone or a flower, a chair or a human being, is simply the result of consciousness interacting with energy. You are already doing this 24/7, but you are simply not yet aware of this. For what you see on all sides, is there because YOU created it. Because you are a creator, but so far, you have yet to be a conscious creator, and as such, that is what needs to be fully awakened within you. And in order to do so, you need to sit up and take notice. For it takes a lot of effort for a human to understand that what we need you to understand, is that this process in itself is effortless. This again will sound like another one of our riddles, but what we are trying to make you understand is this: you can step into this process of becoming a conscious creator literally in the blink of an eye, for all you have to do, is to stop doing what you have been doing, seemingly forever. And that is to use all of your effort to try to keep up the illusion you are currently being suspended within.

For that is just an illusion, co-created by you and your fellow men, and you have agreed to uphold that illusion at any cost. And so, you are siphoning off almost all of your energy daily in order to keep up this old and outworn illusion. So no wonder you all feel exhausted. But the moment you withdraw your energy from recreating this same illusion over and over again, you will also reclaim ALL of your own energy, and you will erase all of those old patterns of illusion, and begin anew. And so, you will simply become a creator from free will, not one that is a part of a superimposed plan, wherein each and very member of the human race have played their unwitting part. Remember, there are no longer anyone sitting in a dark corner somewhere, pulling your strings, forcing you to be a part of this old illusion. Their powers no longer have anything to say over you, and so, you are indeed free to withdraw yourself from this old staged battle and start to unroll your version of the world. The version that is steeped in light, not in darkness, and where love reigns supreme, not the fear that have kept you all tagging behind those leading you off in the wrong direction.

And so we say, you must remember who you truly are, for you are creator gods in every sense of the word, but you must also remember that you are still very much feeding the flames of that old fire that has burned away so much of the inherent powers of humanity. You need to withdraw yourself from this, the old play acting, and step into your own powers in a way that will enable to you literally begin anew with a blank slate. And you are the only one who can do that, for there is no power in All of creation that can force you to relinquish the hold on the old, nor are there any power anywhere in creation that can force you to stick to it. The only one that can decide whether you choose to engage your true powers as a creator, is you and only you.

So again we say, the choice is yours, and we are well aware that the mere thought of this responsibility will make your mind balk. For it will seem to be a burden of immense proportion, but it is not. It is simply a freedom of immense proportion, but we are also aware that to many, the weight of total freedom is too much to bear. This is not said as any form of criticism, rather, it is to remind you that we are fully aware of the task that you have taken upon you, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We do not think any of you not sufficiently strong enough to fulfill the task of reclaiming their own freedom, but we will not think badly of you if you choose to forgo the chance this time around. For the choice is yours, and yours only, and we will honor your choice, no matter what you choose.

But we would also like to add, that we see so many of you already hovering at the brink of jumping into that total freedom of becoming your own true creator once again. For you have been there before, many, many times, but you have not yet been able to savour the feeling of being a true creator god whilst within a human body. And that dear ones, is an opportunity many, many would wish for. But you are the ones who have been chosen to be given the chance to experience it, and we do hope that you will jump at the chance to do so. And remember, you cannot go wrong here, for even if dismantling the old illusion you carry within may sound like the death knell to all that you are, it is actually the signal to become reborn with all of true you still present, and while still ensconced within that same physical body. For this is not about self-destruction, this is simply about removing the obstacles that have been put upon you, and that you have unwittingly played a big part in upholding. For if you do not choose consciously to let them go, you will still let them carry you with them, so you become ruled by them instead of you becoming free to rule yourself.

So again we say, do not let go of the real you, and give yourself time to step back and take a good look at everything you see all around you. It may seem to be solid, unwavering and impossible to escape, but it is no more permanent than a wisp of smoke. And by a wave of your hand, it will dissipate forever, and you will see through the old illusion, and you will enter that wide open space where your world, the world of your dreams, is waiting for you to make it emerge in all of its glory.

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  1. >>We Are the Partical Accelerators<< — this keeps coming to me today and my HS says spit it out already! It was said her before I know.
    thank you all – with Love, ~A~

    1. excuse me… that is We are the ‘Particle Accelerators’
      – XOA and friends really on me today! ..and yes, they are excited in a very good way 🙂


    “Greetings Love Beings, THIS IS REALLY LOVE”S YEAR! Hearts Are Connecting NOW For A Full Planetary Awakening!”

    ~Divine Plan Daily Message~

    “We have run the last of the testing with great success – task at hand: preparation for Event commencement – A New Paradigm emerging: reports on progress being made leading up to the event – Full disclosure will be relayed at different stages of operations. We are in takedown phase of the Old – Vortex acceleration is ON- Vortex meet paradigm ignition taping on a switch, rapid pulses will emit – Humanity Awakens
    Minor event will take place with rapid velocity , practice run for main event. that will happen soon after. moving at quickened pace. Will keep you posted.

    Love the Earth Allies”

    >>did u all have the feeling like me that there will be a trial run first? before actual event? guinea pig mode ..used to it lol. And,,, this time, i think it will feel good 🙂 Areeza <<

  3. Thank you for including that link. Indeed, Aisha, you truly spelled out this new “seeing” back on October 24th, and now we see the manifestations thereof are appearing with more and more regularity. This is very good news. Thank you for your dedication to receiving these things, recording them, and passing them on to all.

    1. I have resisted all day… I cant anymore
      “Zorro is here!… we are saved!” ok… sorry for my indulgence.
      Love 2 U Zorro and a sincere welcome from me – XOA

  4. Dear Aisha, thank you for this wonderful message.
    I AM BIXIE 😀

    Liebe Aisha, danke für diese wundervolle Botschaft.

    1. Greetings all,

      Just to say, anyone asking or looking for a “manual”.. Had one of those aha moments…

      We are the ones writing/creating the new manual….

      Off to the playground, see you all there..

      Peace n blessings


      1. nice Wale. people think God was the screen writer, director, and we – the actors. waking up to the co-creators we truly are. Taking responsibility for the flop we made and now we, along with God and all of creation, will make a new picture show on a grander scale than has ever been seen! XoA
        ps: when i was a kid, i used to think of the Sun as the light from a large projector… and life i was in was the movie. funny.

        1. Thanks B, Aisha, Breeze and all ponders…
          I love reading your comments.. It inspires!

          You all are amazing!!!!

          Peace and Blessings


  5. Changing from one form to another or learning to communicate with particles is merging consciously with other particles. It is a sharing of thoughts between two or more particles. Even billion of particles with sharing focused conscious thoughts with true intent for the good of all to change.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Have you ever heard of someone turning to stone. This happens when the conscious thought isn’t given to the one turned to stone so they could come back or pass through the stone. Intent is very important when playing with this.

    2. …this is how we are not doing it alone 😉 The particles around us resonating at a higher vibration and we can just suck’m in! (like i do with the snow flakes) Ingesting what we draw to us with our expanded consciousness and Loving it! and… emitting it back out for others to take in.
      thanks as always Ray! Love XOA

    3. My thought today was that if I could “recharge” my comments / images by light energy on Facebook so the light can be shared and spread very easily;)

      When the need is greatest creativity grows best ;)))

      Much love,


  6. something I wrote down many years ago:
    “I am held in existence by God’s Love for me” ~ just wanted to share it 🙂

  7. Dear All,

    First of all, I thank you Aisha and all my fellow Ponders for your kind comments to my thoughts stated at the top of this post. You helped me a lot to see the light in the dark.

    Additionally, John’s post of today, a must read from my point of view ( has finally pushed the trigger inside of me. No manuals needed, no complicated actions requested but, instead, only a change of focus is really necessary. To quote from John’s message:

    “There is absolutely nothing you need do or can do to be worthy, let alone more worthy in the sight of God. He created you perfect and obviously you could not possibly improve on that, therefore stop reasoning, puzzling, wondering, doubting, and generally trying to make yourselves acceptable to God, because He created you like unto Himself, infinitely and eternally acceptable. All that He creates is like unto Himself because all is within Him. Just open your hearts to receive the abundance of Love in which you are at all times enveloped and release the doubts, worries, and anxieties that you allow to plague you, and then, once more, know that you are eternally divinely loved and cared for.

    It is time to awaken from the dream, the nightmare, the illusion that has brought you so much unnecessary pain and suffering. You chose to undergo the experience of separation by building an imaginary state that excluded God. It could only be imaginary, unreal, because without God, truly separated from Him, there is nothing – no consciousness, no awareness, no life, no Love – and that is beyond all the bounds of possibility. You are all permanently safe and secured in the loving arms of your Father, and that is what unchangeable means.”

    Once again, thank you all.

    With so very much Light&Love,

    your lightbrother and fellow Ponder


      1. Thank you, B. One specific section of John’s post hit me like a lightning:

        “Let go, surrender to the Truth of God’s endless and unremitting Love for you as you go within daily to your safe haven, your inner sanctum, where the “Peace that passeth all understanding” awaits you as you prepare to awaken into the bright Light of Reality.”

        My heart opened up widely after reading this. This is the sign showing me that I finally got it 🙂



        1. So lovely Philipp! Thank you once again for sharing.

          You never know when, by what or where you get an insight or an opening you need for this to happen. I got a kind of opening from one of CCs messages lately but it is so individual for all of us and you can never teach about how to do. Knowing that you are exactly as you should be in your being is a key I think. Reading about others´experiences is very inspiring too 🙂

          Much love & light,


        2. Dear Philipp, for the first time in I dont know when, I awoke (and have held) this “Peace that passeth all understanding”.
          It is heaven
          LOL… and on a very personal note: my boobs are bigger! and I am not kidding> I looked in the mirror -after I felt an unfamiliar bounce- and it was like a models body! I always wanted a better body but did not obsess about it. its like a ‘gift’. unexpected. but cool 🙂 It has been getting better since surgery… but this is an added bonus.
          LOL … hope u all dont mind me sharing… but it shows that …well, who knows what can happen!? and again, it was not a major focus…maybe an in the background wish 😉 Love, ~A~ ( but more of a ~B~ now – LOL!!)

          1. I don’t think that anybody is upset when you are in love with your body 🙂 Congratulations, dear lightsister! 🙂



          2. Dear A going on B! Keep struttin’ your stuff – body and soul – my wonderful sister! And thank you for doing it here, you bring much light, much love and big smiles to this Pond 🙂
            Lots of love from me, Aisha

            1. hehe… I’d say it was more Kelly’s wish/intent….so if nothing else it can show ‘him’ what is possible….he might open up more and this is a playful way to help that along! … and I aint complainin 😉
              Recalling the movie “Bruce Almighty”…the part where he ‘Wills’ his wife’s (Jennifer Anistons) boobs to be bigger.

      2. ….and thus stop trying to make yourself acceptable to yourself! amen! and i said down below “held in existence by Gods Love for me”…. reiterated here! We are connecting the dots nicely.

    1. Dear Philipp, thank you so much for voicing your thoughts in the first place! It gave us all such a wonderful opportunity to go deeper into this – and deeper within ourselves, and it has helped to bring SO much to light for us all 🙂 And thank you for sharing the link and the beautiful quote from John Smallman! Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. One for all, all for one 🙂

        The exchange with you and all Ponders helped me so much to discover (or: re-discover) my inner realm. There are so many boxes inside of my heart that holds blessings for me but are locked until the right Divine Moment when I find the Golden Key for opening that certain box. You, dearest Aisha and all of you dearest fellow Ponders, helped me not only to find a very important Golden Key, but to open this box that sprinkles me now with the blessings of joy, happiness and lightness like a snow flake.



  8. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! This is perfectly timed for so many of us as we struggle with our mental attempts to make sense of why things don’t work as tgey “should” lately. Im sure the people I personally know are not at all unique in questioning why “the bad guys just keep getting their way”?.
    After reading this it is so clear why-because we haven’t yet let go of the structures they put in place culturally, mentally and emotionally to have us give them their way every time by allowing the harm they do to draw us into emotional storms that simply fuel the negative goals they promote.
    As we let go and let god our higher selves can guide us more easily into better channels of feeling, understanding and action.
    I finally understand the puzzle I found so impenetrable! I kept looking for what I could DO to resolve or fix the negative situations when everything I did do just seemed to feed the horror.
    now I get it-the key is to stop trying/doing/planning/struggling and just ALLOW the energy to flow.
    I don’t have to beat myself up for *feeling* distress, sorrow, anger or fear when something awful is happening. I am alive so I feel. I just let my feelings flow, I allow the frustration of being unable to stop the horror/violence/murder etc I allow my hurt, I allow the whole thing to just keep flowing. I pray for better outcomes knowing it is not under my control but thst with God/Goddess ALL things truly are possible.
    I don’t struggle to stop having emotions or struggle with any of it. I accept that I am part of the flow and allow my higher self to guide me thru my listening awareness to the path of higher perspective and better energy.
    I know it seems almost impossible to actually do in the moment of dreadful stress/fear/pain etc but I can finally understand how it could work to actually remove the blockages and allow situations that seem intractable or impossible to subtly shift suddenly into something completely different as Monty python used to say;-)
    Perhaps it really does look darkest before the dawn. How many of us will it take letting go and letting God/Goddess/higher self flow its magic thru us to heal the current chaos and violence in our world? It may not be as many as we think since the power of Love is exponentially greater than the powers of hate/greed/violence and fear!

    1. Wow! You make my heart sing :)))

      Yes – to ALLOW the energy to flow, realize what you can “do” WITHOUT EFFORT and leave the rest to God.

      So it is. Easy said and easy done – when it is time for you, when you had overcame what was needed to overcome:)

      So truly nice to read your message 🙂

      Much love and joy!


    2. Wonderful, ohnwentsya! Thank you so much for these words 🙂 I agree, LOVE is exponentially more powerful than anything else, and WE are so much more powerful than what we think we are. So when we allow ourselves to truly let go of the old ways of acting/reacting, the positive energy that will be released will be like a tsunami of light and love 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Ahhh…. my shamanic journey experience many years ago now…
      I came out of it saying “God Allows” 🙂
      When I became All That Is,,, it all made so much sense how the troubling world did not ‘bother God’ like I at the time thought it ‘should’.
      And I knew that God,,, all the while holds All in Its Love embrace.
      Thank you, Love ~A~

    4. …and it wont take as many of us or as long – for the new particles seeding the Earth are to assist ONLY The Good. They are ‘attracted’ Only To The Good and the Good to them! Like attracts Like. The so called bad does not have much to feed upon anymore either.
      Man, this is making so much sense!! thanks to all XOA

  9. To the Pond’s family here,
    as I said before, everything is already told by extraordinary people so I dare to quote some of them:

    * When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. – Lao Tzu
    (philosopher of ancient China, who lived up to some in 4th or 5th,
    maybe 6th century BCE).
    *Stop thinking and end your problem. – Lao Tzu
    * At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who
    you are and you know what you want. – Lao Tzu

    *Be the challenge you want to see in this world. – Gandhy

    *Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow
    already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is
    secondary.- Steve Jobs.

    These words say it all.
    Wish you easy day.

    1. Thank you Maria!

      And every one of them is a challenge 😉

      There are so many supportive links here as well but I can mostly not read them – how informative they may be. I assume my prospects, my experience and act from my heart. That’s what comes to me.

      That said, I do like the wise words – they’re additionally not as extensive;)))

      Love & light,


  10. The basics of this are extremely subtle and elegant and simple. Quanta is the basic creation particle of all things. What IS and what is NOT, what is full and what is empty is all Quanta. Quanta is creative consciousness..the potential of it is born through the Father and the creation with it, the manifestation is through the Mother. Quanta IS love and it wants to serve any directed thought.

    For so long quanta has been directed by those thoughts set firmly in the collective consciousness…imagine that like a cloud above and the rain that comes down is created from that directed thought. A lot of those directed thoughts were pushed by the darkness because those who functioned in the darkness had long been trained not only in quanta management, but also in the belief that these skills were not only possible but practical on all levels. They could create not only with their own thoughts but they could seed creation by placing thoughts into the collective consciousness.

    So…how to change this? Remember that rain cloud? The rain comes down and it waters those creations continuously with reinforcing thoughts, reinforcing creations….STOP watering the creations!

    EVERY single thought you place into the cloud is going to create something–either on its own, or in the group. Here is the important thing–the universe, quanta, creation only feels the noun in your intention….period. That is the hugest things around besides love.

    So—this sentence says what to you?

    I intend to stop the chemtrails….

    does it mean you do not want chemtrails? yes, that is what it means to your brain that understands the verb or the negative or positive in the sentence, but the quanta only hears Chemtrails…and the more emotional your intention, the stronger it is going to bring the NOUN to you…thus, you will see more chemtrails…

    Simply changing the sentence and the intention to a different noun that will indeed remove the other noun that you no longer wish to WATER effects change…

    I intend to see a brilliant clear blue sky filled with lovely pure clouds and pristine air for all to breathe! I take in this air with love, I view this clear sky with love, I am grateful for this clear sky…

    Then simply with the arrows born from your heart center–shoot that intention out into the clouds!!!

    If you are wanting more on the role of creation and manifestation, please go back and read Aisha/CC messages on the manual of creation because it is so simple.

    If you want a simple process to try for a day, simply write down a few things the night before you wish to focus on in the day–they must not be about removing anything…(i know what the CC’s said, they said drop the old–the only way to do that is to flood in the NEW and the old will starve to death)…what do you really want? Start with a few and be as general as you can, as broad as you can…

    then, put these few words on cards…and look at one of them and say out loud….I am creating________________in my life. I am grateful for__________ and I know that _______________or BETTER will flow into my life perfectly as it should in divine timing. I know I am completely supported by the Universe and as a divine child of the universe I deserve with love all things that will bring my heart JOY….thank you–it is SO.

    then play with thinking on that thing….and a little while later–flip the card and try another thing….then another and another…

    if you find yourself starting to negatively loop about anything (and I truly believe we should already all be on a TV/Newspaper media fast and have distanced ourselves from anything, and I mean anything, even light worker blogs that continue to focus on change through Fighting for anything-the saving paradigms are no longer supported, only the building paradigms)….if you are having a negative thought…simply say DELETE and then rephrase…so example….Ack, that box of crackers must contain GMOS….DELETE! I am creating amazing, healthful, organic food in my life! I am grateful for organic food and I know that organic healthy food or something better will flow into my life and the lives of all on the planet in divine timing (you can speak only for yourself, or for the collective, your choice)….then imagine the violet flame BURNING up those negative thoughts and releasing them as pure positive energy and shoot that arrow right into the cloud of creation!

    Now, this was a ramble, but its SIMPLE folks–

    1. Completely focus on the positive NOUNS and verbs you wish to see.

    2. Completely gaze only on the things you wish to see and create.

    3. Delete from your now moment and blaze with the violet flame any negative thought patterns that come up.

    4. Focus IN your now moment-the past has no energy, the future makes you give away your energy–the now moment is the moment of creation…

    5. Do as many things in a day or think of as many things in a day that bring you joy–we all have lives at this moment that contain a mix…sure, I didn’t want to do dishes tonight but I simply flowed positive day dreams while doing them…make the things you are doing, with thankfulness that your body can do them almost unconsciously as time to day dream–or you could marvel at what your body can do–also another fun thing.

    Like anything new–like a baby learning to walk–practice is what brings the skill….Try it and SEE….HUGS all! Alex

    1. Thanks Alex! Very uplifting and useful.

      I also have noticed that I don´t have to define PRECISELY what I will achieve, just have the intention about what it is I want.

      The last one or two years, I have always had an abundance of food, tasty and healthy food too. When I thought about it I realized that it was a result of the heart’s thanks for the food;)

      Love & light,


    2. If you can work with particles you can just stop the computers that control the dumping of chem trails. No need to brother the clouds.

      Love and blessings to all

    3. You adorable JOY-filled girl, YOU. Ever, ever and always ever thanking you. 🙂

      With Hugs of particles of Light&Love, Lin

    4. Thank You “Always’ for your wonderful words of wisdom !…& I so value your Brilliance, your voice here & how you are able to clarify so many things we All need to focus upon ! I certainly do Agree with what you say, but I think we also must BE intelligent enough & aware of the state which the world is in today, solely brought forth by the greed & neglect of mankind. We must not put blinders on in thinking it will simply disappear over night & within the merging of the old with the new, we must accept & recognize that the old destructive landscape & waterscape created by humanity is there, & is very real, & is in destitute need of healing ! In order to appropriately & effectively ‘Heal’ it must be seen & acknowledged first then creation energy can allow for it’s surgical healing, & then it’s complete removable ! I believe the focus works in this way…..See it, Accept Responsibility for it, Heal it then Release it to BE filled with All that is Right & Harmonious within the living template & perfect balance that exists within creation !….either way we want to perceive any of this…the old is not going to instantly vanish, it must merge with the new, & it is we, & how we choose to create & to direct this creation energy is going to BE the determining factor !….indeed the wheels are in motion…the new is coming, that’s assured, but how long it will take, how intense the transition will be, how much the Earth will heave or sink, cool or melt, burn or flood will require enormous focus & intent from All Lightworkers ! Many are still not aware that All of these adjustments & transitions are based on ‘Water’…not only the Life Blood of Mother-Earth & the Cradle of Life, but also is solely responsible for the balance of weight, the thermostat of temperature, the creator of storms or sunny clear days ! Every movement of nature that happens upon Mother-Earth is ‘Born’ from ‘Water’ ! I Believe the quicker we can Heal the ‘Water’ the quicker everything else will fall into place, & the New Earth then will BE able to firmly anchor…permanently !
      Again….I LOve, Honor & Respect All that you Are…& I think you know that !
      have a most glorious day !…….Bev~

      1. Bev, I love you and I love your dedication to water, I truly do, and I would say this, that there are those of us who are guardians of a specific elemental and have a much deeper affinity for that area of this plane than others. I too am attached to water and I am also attached to wood, but i have been learning a few things lately that preclude a lot of my old thoughts on the matter.

        When an animal in the wild, who is always well, gets sick, it simply goes to ground. It rests and fasts and it returns to health by not putting stress on its energies. I am learning that the elementals are much stronger than we believe and that they will and are returning to their pristine state with the help of the blessed mother sophia’s energy and the celestial energies incoming. Just as we are changing so are they. One can honor that they suffered, just as we honor how we all suffered, but one must have faith in their ability to heal.

        I am reminded of the thought of gazing at a beloved who has a scar upon their face. Focusing consistently love on them so they know they are loved would one say, I love you so much, I know you are wounded, I see your scar, I see your pain, I know you are a victim, but i love you anyway and I will help heal you because you need my help because you are wounded and I can see that wound and everyone can see that wound….what does that feel like?

        Or one could open their heart to one with a scar (and yes, I have been on both sides of this equation, with scars and loving them in other people, I have experience and I am sure you all do too)…and say, I see the beauty in you. I see the strength in you. I know you are perfect the way you are. I know you can over come anything. I know you can be vulnerable and you have walked a divine path where you overcame obstacles to become stronger. I love you just the way you are, knowing that you are exactly where you should be in divine timing….I love all of you. what does that feel like?

        The creation of anything in this plane involves focus. it cannot be other wise, it simply is a rule of creation. This is a difficult part of the process if you will, just as difficult as allowing that all souls have free will choice. If one focuses on the suffering, the destruction, the desolation, even in an effort to heal or cure….more of that which they are focusing on will occur….This is the point of mastery. This is the point where we say, all that happened previously must be laid to rest and we must take up a new mantle, one where we know that all is well and that the only point of power and focus we have is in the now.

        Many are speaking on this very thing and how we are continuing to hold ourselves in space because of our old habits…these are the most ingrained and the ones that when set free the most powerful to evoke change in us and in the world…and I would posit that one is not putting blinders on, one is simply completely removing focus from something they wish to dissolve. it is the highest form of honor in my book, to do the work according to the law so that only positive energy flows into something…

        Sandra walters mentions this plenty of times in her videos and writings though I don’t have any specific references but she calls it a key to spiritual maturity (not sure I like that word! LOL)

        Lisa Gawlas has a great post up about this and Bill Ballard has about a 22 minute ramble that is fun but descriptive.

        As always, we have free will choice to do whatever is on our soul path and I wish all strength, love and support on their path. I can only share what is truth for me as I live in my universe and I tend for and care for it in my way…and yes, there are 7 billion universes walking around on earth today–just as bill ballard! 🙂

        anyway, thoughts to ponder for all us ponders…much love! Alex

        1. Thank You deeply for this Lovely response…& I truly ‘Honor’ You ! At this time we must All feel the Truth that resonates best within ourselves…& for me…I must remain confident in what my HS tells me & hope that we All continue to trust in our HS’s & our Hearts intentions, fore indeed if we cannot trust in our HS, who could we possibly trust more, & this would only unravel into a void of self doubt & uncertainty & this state is exactly how we lose connection to spirit, lost & separated, searching yet again. May I simply wish you All continued belief in yourselves, unconditional Love for who you are, & unwavering devotion to why you are here to shine your Light & Expand the powers of Creation !…..Love to You Alex & to All !…Bev~

        2. Sincere Thanx to both of you, Alex and Bev, for this wonderful eye-opening dialog. I sit here in front of my mac reading in great appreciation for your combined Light Energies and the articulated messages and individual points of view you kindly take the time to share with us.

          The Light SHINES brightly within you both.

          In Gratitude with Light&JOY, Lin

    5. I am going to gobble up as many of the newly seeded particles as I can 🙂
      This is my answer to assist as fast as possible. I am going to focus on what I want – not what I dont want as we discussed before. It took awhile to build up the ugly energy and Earth became quarantined. Little bits always came in to help us but now it has all changed with the quarantine being lifted. And…. much help/light coming in. Light attracts Light. The dark flees unless it wants to join. Still and always a choice.
      The Love and the Light: Drink it in folks! Accelerate it!!!
      Love, ~A~

    6. Re not wanting to do dishes. interesting story: my old landlady – we knew her for so many yrs we called her Aunt Janie. Well,, she lived to the ripe old age of 106. (I think she loves it that she is being mentioned here). She said she did not worry about things… she gave example saying if she did not want to do dishes one day, they would be there the next day and she would prob feel like doing them then. simple but I use her wisdom daily.
      no fretting, no worrying….(she filled pot holes up into her 90’s).
      Otmn! she played in the dirt!!! a lot ! 🙂

  11. Dear Aisha,

    Yes, funny, because another poster mentionned it also. It is a recent item, yet it looks like the info gets in with proper timing.

  12. I wonder how many times the black hole in the center of our galaxy has recycled the particles of this galaxy. Just a thought.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Ahhh…. Ray….I have wondered same
      …and now I see Willy Wonka going thru that contraption
      Blessings back, Love ~A~

      here is the scene from the ‘Wonka Wash’:

  13. I am also getting that it is like the movie “Field Of Dreams”; “if you build it they will come.”
    I am envisioning my own ‘preparation’ for the celebration of an experience I have always wanted.
    An Example: you are a bride preparing for your wedding. You ‘know the event is going to happen’. You have your dress, your hair and nails done, jewelry/accessories, you know there will be guests to share in your event. You have sense of it before it takes place.
    In our case, we are not exactly sure what is to take place….like Kevin Costner’s character in the movie….he prepared for it though and all was set and it unfolded and he stepped right on into it.
    Or….I also just now got the vision of Dick VanDyke’s Character in Mary Poppins. They jumped into those paintings on the sidewalk. In old duality world, those paintings we jumped into were old/outmoded creations… we did not jump into our own (brave new world) creations here… i mean we chose to be here to ‘transcend’ that old. The new had yet to be ‘noticed’… I am hearing that word strongly as I first typed in ‘drawn up’ and that did not feel right.
    My own HS is having a challenge in trying to help me understand. And I can have difficulty in coming to terms with my own questions and answers about ‘was heaven/paradise always here?’…. and the illusion masking it? Or is it to be created – recreated?
    I watched the movie “Ghost” this morning… once the character dies and is no longer hindered by the body, he presses right on thru energy/things and works his way to manifesting what he desires. We have the task of still being in our bodies to manifest our intentional creations.

    1. My dear sister, I take your word “task” and offer the words “opportunity” and “gift.” Love what you always share, XOA. You are a shining beacon.

      Love and hugs to you,

      🙂 AH

      1. Dearest AH, I would say it is all three ~ being that we are Pioneers 🙂
        Love you guys!
        … I Love that you say shinning Beacon because that word has stuck out to me so much today in my vision of our “Souls On Deck!” –
        on the bow of our ship – holding our beacons of light up high! –
        Making “the way clear”.
        I’m getting ready to take my extended consciousness off the back road and place it on The Free-Way

        1. I really have no idea why I am posting this, but somehow I came across it immediately after reading your reply. Must be for someone!!! (Probably me! But I’m sharing it..)

          Love ya!!!

          🙂 AH

          1. …it is the saying “You must scale the mountain if you want to admire the view mean”…. thank you our JJ 🙂

            ….and see how he was comfy in that crevice? we got there after the long climb and we were like… come on, more?! and steeper?! and harder?!….and we hung by a thread….and then,,, we made it to the top and then…..

          2. Dear AH, I just watched your Rock climbing video post. I got an incredible fear attack (normal) at the scene of him leaning back in the crevice… sharp electrical pain shooting up my inner thighs and my lower core. I was sobbing as I continued to watch and he leapt and slid down the face of the mountain. I stopped and did some EFT (something I used to do more often). Long story shorter I watched 5 x all together. The physical symptoms are still buzzing but I was tapping on “Even though I have a fear of falling” and got lead to “fear of failing!” I will come back and keep tapping and deep breathing until I can watch this with freedom. I was visualizing wings for the one where he lets go… watching them slowly pump up as he’s in the crevice. THANK YOU… this fear has haunted me with physical symptoms as long as I can remember. Love, Nancee

            1. Nancee, you are sooooooo welcome. “Someone” certainly seems to be reaching you through me. I am very honored to be the messenger. That Jewel of June song brought me to tears, too. AND it was the EXACT same line that caught my attention. I remember that while you were in CR, I posted a song by the artist, Jewel. The one for which you had to seek out the lyrics. I have also used tapping many times. I found it quite useful, though like you, I have not done it in a while.

              You know tou are always in my heart.

              Love you,


    1. Dear Breeze
      I cannot really talk about that feat of mine – it’s kind of personal. But I want you to know this: this life of mine has been profoundly marked ever since I was a teenager by such emotions as fear (a deeply-rooted,powerful one), shame, inferiority complex, lack of self-worth,etc. It greatly impaired and hindered my social and love relationships, and I lived – I thought so back then – a miserable life. These are the main reasons why I became a Lightworker; I wanted desperately to become a happy, harmonious and loving person. Now I know the reasons for my suffering – it was meant to be so, a way to pay off my karmic debts, which were quite impressive (I saw scenes of my past lives’ terrible deeds during meditations). But I don’t have regrets now, if anything, I’m happy with all that happened. I don’t have a clue about your personality or your life, dear Breeze, but I want to impart to you this piece of wisdom dearly paid for: LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, NEVER SURRENDER, AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART. I know very well that these words we read so many a time in so many a book/channelings, but this time I’m speaking about my life lessons and wisdom. Good luck!

      1. Dear Marcel…thank u for answering. I am happy you broke on through!! For me, I have little trouble Loving myself unconditionally. In spurts I faltered and expected more of myself but I always knew who I Am. It was always conscious at the forefront. I always felt I came ‘back from the future’… my Pleiadian homeland – for this mission. I had some past clearing to do as most of us. I ‘picked up’ a few other things along the way – like my ex – added stuff on to the contract so to speak because there was time and opportunity. He helped me out in a past life – I am not certain it was Karma – I dont feel that – I do feel I wanted to return this help to him (and he offered so much to me again with our reuniting – a true blessing). My ex had the heart and was so close to breaking through his own Karma. It did not happen the easy way with him and that was his choice. I thought myself a failure but only for a short time. I could be so hard on myself because I always sensed the greatness and anything less left me bewildered. Idealist that I Am 🙂 We can not save anyone or fully enlighten them to what their lessons are – heck, its hard enough to do this for ourselves thru all the stuff we have had to trudge through! Just keeping conscious was hard enough. Its not show and tell…. its show and BE.

      2. Marcel!

        Thank you for sharing your words which I can totally agree with, although I have not had the same journey as you had. I feel the integrity and strength you have achieved today, and my heart is in joy for you 🙂

        Thanks Marcel!

        Much love and light on your way,


    2. Awesome! I heard the original version of this on the way to pick up Ripley Friday. It lifted me like you wouldn’t believe! I cranked it up and wasn’t really paying attention to anything else. Ripley opened the car door and I heard some kid say, “Wow. Your mom really likes to rock, doesn’t she?!” It just embarrassed the heck out of her! Snort.

      Never heard this version. Thanks for posting it. Brought a nice smile to my face.

      🙂 AH

  14. Oh God, thank you Aisha, CC’s!

    This is so helpful, and so very timely!
    …for all it takes from you, is a complete lack of self illusion! 🙂
    We are destructors and creators. 🙂
    …the feeling of being a true creator god whilst within a human body! 🙂

    Sooo Good! So clear! 🙂

    In loving creation,

    1. Before I read todays missive, I felt the need to post this song which put me flat out crying.

      Thank you AH, for guiding me in finding my Inner Child.
      … I didn’t even know he existed anymore…. oh tears…

      I Love you,

      1. Thanks for this JJ !…LOve Alanis & her music !…did you know that she is a very spiritual person as well….she has some very keen & interesting views on life ! I’ve always felt a connection to her….Love to You !….Bev~

  15. “…resolute actions,following synchronicities, with an open heart (and NO FEAR). Best wishes and oceans of LOVE.” From Marcel above post. I Like it – thank you Marcel and everyone for all these posts.

    I have always loved a quote from a bible passage : Perfect Love has No fear.

    I see how we have been trying to run things thru our brains instead of Acting From Our Hearts (our fearless hearts).

    Relaxing and asking HS:
    Its our hearts that got us this far. The brains say ‘but where Is Here?’
    My soul says ‘but where was There? …. The who that was There is now Here and its a whole new world. Step out and take a look with those clear, new eyes.’

  16. it is our human side that perceives like it did seemingly forever.
    Shiva destroys the web of illusion, of Maya. He creates all anew.
    All the others that loved to take our place in this operation may look
    in awe about our denying of this opportunity. Why don´t we know what is appropriate?

    it is simply not complicated. It is all junk. Blow it away.

  17. Aisha, Aisha !
    Funny, I was just about to send you the link about that DNA article.:-)
    To quantumness, I prefer the term resonance, it speaks to me better…

  18. I AM being, allowing, surrendering in absolute trust that the new world is manifesting through me and through each of you. Our higher selves have us in hand, the universe has our back…..we cannot get this wrong! We are stepping in as we flow with the moments, savoring all that each offers. All the kingdoms are supporting our journey…..just back from an ancient redwood forest and their love brought sobs of gratitude.
    Thank you, Aisha. All is well and on track. We are bringing home to us.

  19. Dear Ponders, I left a message earlier in a rush as I had to leave for work. I’m so glad that you, Bev responded about the ‘baby steps.’ I am a big believer in baby steps so I wanted to clarify what excited me about today’s message. Something came up on the weekend that pointed towards some deeper healing that might not be complete in me, yet I honestly feel I’ve faced that area over and over and just don’t want to return to the whole “process” again. I woke up troubled about what to do and found #389. So when I mentioned “step by step” is the old way, I was thinking about all the steps I took in the past to deal with ‘hidden’ issues. IE Point 1, 2, 3… Today I was stirred that working with the new energies, focusing on who I am aside from the human traps and the subconscious memories can clear what I have been unable to reach. It gave me hope. I love how you enhanced the message from the CCs, Bev (and then Aisha). Of course everyone also is adding to that. So one step at a time I will learn to trust in the new energies and invite them to move deeper within me… even to that subconscious that seems to continually work against me. My weekend was perfect for without the comparison of the two ways I may not have caught the excitement of this new message… or FELT it which is the stage I’m at today. This may now sound even more muddled than my first message :). Love, Nancee

  20. Dear Aisha and the ever clever CCs! Much gratitude for today’s missive and those choice points that are popping up again.

    One of my main guides is a real comedian at times. That’s because I tend to be way too serious. So, today after I’m finished reading, he comes disguised as Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street and yells: “STOP!!! Do not think, analyze or attempt to put puzzle pieces together. You know that you know and trust that. Just feel it. Glide with your wings like Big Bird. Oh, sorry, he doesn’t fly. Pretend you are a sparrow.” Good grief. Think there is a message in there, somewhere, for all of us.

    I agree, Aisha, it’s a big incoming energy day for me, too. Going back to bed with energy headache and all of the other fun stuff. Lord, I hope the Cookie Monster isn’t waiting for me under the covers.
    Blessings and love to you all!

    1. so cute !….& your HS is right…we must refrain from all the analysis ! we will all gain the right understanding & it’s unfolding exactly at the pace necessary fro each one…surely isn’t something that should be rushed !…..Love, Bev~

      1. Thank you so much, dear Sister B! I’ve been hit hard with all types of physical reactions this past week. You make me smile every day with your words and warm, loving energy. Love you! 🙂

    2. Dear Caroline, I like your guide’s sense of humor 🙂 And yes, he is so right! “Don’t let your mind get in the way”, as the CCs like to remind me 😉 I hope the energies have calmed down a bit for you now!
      Lots of love from me, Aisha

    3. Yes I received the same message :). Don’t analyze or over think it! Thank you for putting down the words. Love your clever guides.

  21. & (AS Above) I’ll add another ‘pea into the pod’….a great message from ‘Kryon’ which also slips into this quite nicely & really speaks to me of this ‘Alignment’ I’m feeling & sense many of us are going through ! Love, Bev
    “You’ll feel it getting better in many ways, dear ones. The connection, the alignment – nothing is better than a full alignment of DNA with the template of creation.”

      1. Wow !….it REALLY FEELS like that kind of a day…! & I just finished the last line from Kryon….SO AMAZING !!….He just blew me away !My Heart is Glowing & my Eyes are Dripping !! LOve Ya Sis !….Bev~

        “Dear one, you’re an old soul. You’re the forerunner and the hope of the galaxy. I came in all those years ago to give you this channel tonight. Did you realize that? There was only hope back then that you would cross the bridge – that shift of the precession of the equinoxes – only hope. But then you firmly crossed it and now the work begins. Past 2013, the work will be that which starts to synchronize with you and who you are.

        “Kryon, why do we have to go through this?” That’s why you’re called Lightworker, dear ones. Some of this is work – hard work.

        We’re about to leave, and the next time I channel, it will be 2014. The year 2014 represents a “seven year”, a year of divinity. Let the seeds that you’ve planted through your health issues, your consciousness issues, your poor judgment and your fear be buried in the ground! Then water them with compassion and what will grow will be the beauty of what you always wanted. Let the ground yield the fruit of your hard work, eventually creating the turning point for peace on Earth.
        Let compassion reign in YOU, dear ones, and stand tall that you made it. You made it. !

        (& I do Believe when he refers to ‘Water’ he implies so much more & I’m sure he will be speaking a lot more about Water in 2014 !)

        1. we must be aware that (as I & Alex said) it is ‘Only’ through US that the Light can be anchored to bring the New Earth ! we were sent here in hope that this would BE… was an opportunity to prove to creation that we could do this ! but the conditions were placed that we would travel through a labyrinth of unknowing, of uncertainties, without a map & any previous memory, only on our own, with some helpful nudges from Spirit, in hope that we would ‘chose’ to wake up, to find the bridge & now we have crossed it ! All pretty Amazing & this in itself is really Brilliant & reason to celebrate ! as the majority of mankind is still sleeping & our numbers are still small….but as I was also told the moment I woke up, it never has been or will be about quantity…it is about quality, fore only ‘One’ can make an enormous difference…’One’ can attract others…’One’ can shine the Light for thousands & even millions of souls ! it is All up to You !

        2. Hello, fellow Lightworkers!
          This message is a very powerful one, and I see nothing complicated about it. Sorry, Phillip, and everybody else, the message is quite simple to understand – all we need to do , as AA Gabriel repeats over and over again, is just BE. I know for sure that every experience of my life is conceived in such a way by my Higher Self (whom I asked years ago to lead me through the meanders of life), so that I could achieve my highest goals – happiness, absolute health, abundance and Ascension – as soon as possible. Believe me, folks, I’m not playing the wise guy here, far from it; all I’m saying is we’ll be shown the way. We just need to lay aside our egos and our fears (and this job,surely, is no mean feat)
          The pace of my purging process is ever-increasing since the end of October; all I have to do is meditating and BEING. The flow is taking me towards the shores I need to be on, so to speak. For example, last Thursday I did something I never thought I would be ever able to. Why? Because until recently I have been carrying a heavy burden of old fears that rendered highly unlikely this feat I’m writing of. And, of course, they (my guardian angels, Higher Self, etc) set a synchronicity on my way, which I recognized almost instantly. AND I DID IT, no matter the consequences ! It is going to be the same with everything else – resolute actions,following synchronicities, with an open heart (and NO FEAR). Best wishes and oceans of LOVE.

          1. Marcel – would u be ok with sharing that feat you speak of? It might help us more. what it was and what u did to accomplish it?
            thanks either way ! Love, ~A~

          2. Thank you, Marcel. Your words resonated within me:

            “…just BE. I know for sure that every experience of my life is conceived in such a way by my Higher Self (whom I asked years ago to lead me through the meanders of life), so that I could achieve my highest goals – happiness, absolute health, abundance and Ascension – as soon as possible.

            “…they (my guardian angels, Higher Self, etc) set a synchronicity on my way, which I recognized almost instantly. AND I DID IT, no matter the consequences ! It is going to be the same with everything else – resolute actions, following synchronicities, with an open heart (and
            NO FEAR).”

            Clarity + Pure Intention & Trust/Release/BE + Commitment.

            With Light&JOY, Lin

            1. “Clarity + Pure Intention & Trust/Release/BE + Commitment”

              Thanks Linda! That will be my clear mantra when I am tangling things :)))

              Thanks my dear friend!

              Much love,


  22. Once again, I feel completely blank on what to do, or rather not do. I was so tired when I read the message, so I had to lie down and rest (heavy message;) A lot of pictures passed and I figured I just open and receive what is meant for me. Then I fell asleep.

    Thank you Aisha and CCs.


    B to B

    1. Hi B,
      I feel the same way. If there’s something I’m supposed to be doing that I’m not, I’d like to know exactly what it is. Otherwise, I have plenty of other stuff to do! I guess it will evolve naturally or not at all.

      1. Hi again !

        I assume that CCS will guide us in port, even though we whimpers – for it is well also predestined? ;)))

        I’m glad things are going well for you 🙂



  23. Thank you Aisha and the CCs. The timing of this is so perfect for the cry of my heart. I agree that more direction would be helpful but step by step is also of the “Old” is it not? I feel a stirring in my heart which encourages me to trust that I KNOW how to respond to this. My step as I head to work is much lighter just knowing this. Love, Nancee

    1. Hi Nancee !….I agree that step by step is part of the old, but yet we still must balance this old with the new & any step forward is a positive one no matter a small or big step…I think it always best that we continue to remain in our comfort zones, & for those willing to leap & still remain comfortable & confident…great, but there are those that will, for now remain most comfortable with the tiny steps forward…it’s all good & that progress is being made…& for those ready to change the rules…take away ‘step’ altogether…may your choosing whatever it may be, bring you closer to the Light that you are…to shine brilliantly upon this world !…..Love, Bev~

    2. Hi Nancee,
      I just now saw your response to me from about a week ago – I don’t always “log in” so sometimes don’t see them. Thank you for asking about me! So far so good here, lots of changes and adjustments and things to do. I am swamped but doing OK. I hope you are well! I think last I read you were getting ready to leave CR?


      1. Hi Les, so glad to hear from you. I did leave CR Dec 19th and am preparing to go to Australia near the end of Feb. Getting the ticket organized has been an interesting experience for some reason. May your days ahead flow with creative transitions. Love, Nancee

  24. Just make a wild wish you want, then usually after a good nap or dream in the midle of the night you wake up. Stay up for some time. Your brains feel light at this point. Go back to bed and you start to slumber back to unconsciousness. It just kicks in when you don’t even notice it. Wild rides. When it do kick in, just let loose, it’s like watching a fun movie, chill. Your starting to play you. I get buzzez in the head and pineal gland feels tingling. In wake up world loads of stuff just goes by me unnoticed. Those masons and elitists are much better at it than me. Lol!

  25. Thank you, Aisha&CCs. And a huge Thank You to you, Aisha, for going thru the extra work of attaching appropriate previous messages. The Light and Service you provide to make our work easier is endless—always given with Love.

    Gratitude with Smiles, and Light&JOY, Lin

  26. Thanks so much for this outstanding message from the CC’s…so much that truly resonates with me & this way of thinking has been transpiring within me throughout these pasts weeks…like the being in a vice, letting go of the old hardened-fast structure, allowing the new, being on the brink of transformation, the final jump breaking free from this self imposed shell that I alone have chosen & I have chosen the dismantling of it…happening bit by bit over time ! & oh the word ‘Choice’ is & always has been that vibrating echo in my thoughts from the very very beginning…in fact I spoke to ‘SFD’ about this a few days ago in ‘part 387’ !
    I said :
    “oh dear friend it is always about choice, always has been ! it is the greatest gift given to humanity to choose how much they want their soul creator energy to grow…every living thing is made of energy that expands & contracts, & your soul has been given the gift of universal truth that only you choose to expand upon…or not…it’s all up to you & how fast or slow you want to learn !……”

    & then setting our own markers…changing the game…we are still in so many loops, self created for 3D, trying to re-work & learn & solve as we set the rules to be….& now the big hurdle is in grasping these self created games/rules in their entirety can be, changed, manipulated or removed as we see fit & as of our choosing, but most importantly the ‘New’ must follow harmoniously within the laws of creation ! & we must learn the truth that ‘All’ that happens in our life, it is we that chooses it’s final effect & impact upon us, our emotions, & on our minds !
    I said to Sun-of-Blue in part 387 :
    “interesting how the word ‘control’ is often mentioned in preventing many of us from spiritually moving ahead…I think maybe we should just remove ‘control’ altogether & replace it with ‘in charge’… or ‘confidence’…much more positive sounding & assertive in re-arranging any of the things that hold us back. Make the change, Be the change you want & works best for you…you set your own marker ! (Food for thought… You don’t have to settle for the oars that came with the boat, if they don’t fit & are slowing you down, reach out & grab new ones !)…..”

    & with All this transformation process I’m often drawn back to this image & words I posted last year on my site regarding the merging of the ‘2’…the Pegasus & the Butterfly, the myth with the real, what we know, to meld with our belief & imagination !
    Pegasus & the ButterFly ~

    sooooo I was reading this new post from Anna Merkaba this morning, & it “ALL” slipped into place ‘Snap’ like peas in a pod ! The CC’s, my HS & the Andromeda council are wonderfully harmonizing a song of creation, like a perfectly sounding spiritual choir for All to listen !……LOve to You ALL & may You ALL have a most ‘Enlightening Day’ !!…..Bev~

    1. Thank You so, so very much, Bev, for these links. Pegasus has special meaning for me.

      With Hugs of Light&JOY, Lin

    2. Dear Bev! Thank you so much for this, and thank you for the pegasus-link, something fell into place for me as well in this: “The entry gateway into the sub-genetic code of the human memory codexes is located on this very said point that you are able to activate as ONE.” I found a channeling from Kryon yesterday about quantum DNA (The Last 2013 Channelling – Moving into 2014), and I knew it was linked to something else that would surface soon. Here’s an excerpt: “Trillions, if not hundreds of trillions of DNA molecules are all identical in the Human body. Somehow they “talk to each other” instantly. If one DNA molecule senses something, they all do. Science doesn’t know that yet. They may have thought of it, but they don’t know it. There is a mystery here of how DNA does what it does. Somehow it must communicate, yet there is no process of communication known to your science that could explain it. But they all “see” the intent of your program together as one and implement it as one.

      We have told you this before, and we have written books about it. Your DNA has quantum attributes. It’s not a quantum molecule, but it gives quantum instructions. Ah, but there’s more. All the DNA I perceive in your body right now is singular, with only one allied consciousness. This is because the DNA in the Human body is in an entangled state with itself. It is quantumly locked in a way that it works as one benevolent union. This is a quantum physics attribute that is not yet fully understood and not yet applied to biology. It represents the smart body, the innate body, and if you want proof of that, it’s everywhere!

      The field around DNA is quantum and it responds in various ways to other quantumness given to it. The response is not linear, not chemistry and not through intellectual thought. This quantum world around you is a world that you’ve not measured yet and one you can’t see yet. There are no instruments to prove it yet, but there will be and when that time arrives, you will see it clearly. Then you’ll know I’m right.

      If DNA is surrounded by some kind of quantum state, it means that it has quantum attributes with other things in a quantum state. What else do you suspect is quantum? The tones that you’re singing are quantum [speaking of the pineal tones Todd has developed]. The seed biology from the Pleiadians is quantum. I’ll just go ahead and state it, and Yawee will figure it out. At a quantum level, this multidimensional field that connects all the DNA has one intelligence, and it is connected to the original template. That means that it “knows” like homeopathy “knows” exactly what you’re trying to do, and it is benevolent to the max!”
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Yup !….synchronicities !……Loving it !
        I was told when I was prompted by HS to change my gravatar that it was All about ‘Alignment’ …a stable joining & connection…a link up to the realm of spirit…(the template of creation) & all the things I was told & shown as purely part of visions, belief & imagination would finally materialize & BE made Real so I no longer would have any more doubt or questions….I really Believe that this is going to BE a very interesting year !….Love, Bev~

    3. I Love your powerful inspiration Bev!
      I was thinking though… we dont need new paddles or oars… we have wings!
      ….although, we are all liking the water for some reason.
      I am watching the end of the movie Steel Magnolias – never fail to cry at this part…Sally Field’s acting is so powerful…and I am reading your post….and all this emotion! The sorrow, the renewed strength…and a glorious never ending story….Its a good thing to Feel So Much.

      1. Thanks so much ‘XOA’….you know that All this is simply about re-activating our ‘Imagination’ is who we are & it became rusty & hidden from ourselves thorough this journey we have embarked upon !….so keep going with these thoughts !…where do you see yourself with replacing the oars for ‘Wings’…& in ‘Water’….in fact, when you think about it…many creatures of the sea, fish, dolphins, whales have ‘Wings’…flying effortlessly thorough the ‘Water’ ! Expand upon your energy….your Imagination & it will take you closer to who you really are & are supposed to BE !
        Love to You !….Bev~
        ~Imagination 2013~

        1. Dear bev~!

          I tried but couldn´t find your message lately where you said something about “it is not about quantity (how many light workers we are) but quality that is important” (sorry my bad citation) about how fast we will ascend. If you remember – would you elaborate on what you meant by quality?

          Love & light,


          1. Here ya go….
            (& actually the ‘quality’ message from my HS should really be nothing new to any of us….’Jesus’…..’Buddha’….we choose how far we would like to go)

            we must be aware that (as I & Alex said) it is ‘Only’ through US that the Light can be anchored to bring the New Earth ! we were sent here in hope that this would BE… was an opportunity to prove to creation that we could do this ! but the conditions were placed that we would travel through a labyrinth of unknowing, of uncertainties, without a map & any previous memory, only on our own, with some helpful nudges from Spirit, in hope that we would ‘chose’ to wake up, to find the bridge & now we have crossed it ! All pretty Amazing & this in itself is really Brilliant & reason to celebrate ! as the majority of mankind is still sleeping & our numbers are still small….but as I was also told the moment I woke up, it never has been or will be about quantity…it is about quality, fore only ‘One’ can make an enormous difference…’One’ can attract others…’One’ can shine the Light for thousands & even millions of souls ! it is All up to You !

        2. great point! 🙂 why was I thinking only air with wings….maybe because I had a bad experience with water in a past life – thought I worked thru it. Being the Breeze, I think i naturally think air ;0
          no more limits !

    4. This film has been on my mind so much recently. And so of course, here it comes on television. Anyway, Bev, I am attaching this clip to your comment specifically because I just saw the beginning of it again and noticed something. You know that everything starts for the George O’Malley character on the night of his birthday. Guess which birthday it is. 37. Thought you might find that interesting.

      I dunno. Just sayin.

      🙂 AH

      1. Thanks so much for thinking of me & posting this Anna….how I think about you & always send you Great Love & Strength along this difficult part of your journey !!…but we must All understand that there always is reason behind all these confrontations, it’s just that we cannot see the bigger picture in the now moments !…I don’t remember if I’ve seen this film, but I will check it out…& the ’37’ marker is a powerful one in creation & I am linked to it, & it continues to appear often in visions as well in my waking life…I’m still not 100% synced to it’s full meaning, but it is expanding, & growing & I’m getting very close I feel ! Another ponder linked me to a film ‘the mothman prophecies’ awhile back & I posted a clip on ‘wake up 37’. This really sparked something for me, & it continues as an echo in my mind….sure it All is soon about to reach an ‘AHA’ moment of perfect clarity ! & this ’37’ continues to Amaze me how so many hidden aspects within creation is linked to ’37’ !….Big Warm & Comforting Hug to You Dear Sister !….Love, Bev~

      2. Oh my dearest Anna….just watched it….perfect bliss !…I am so deeply grateful you pointed this experience in my direction ! & I really can’t describe this…it’s more on how one feels this….like George said ‘Everything is energy & is on a journey to somewhere…& along the way we dance together’….’I don’t command the pencil to move, I ask it to dance with me’ ! & when he shared the apple with the children…life energy within nature that becomes part of us that we take with us…’all part of this dance that we came here to know, to feel, experiencing life through the human spirit’ !…& I feel this so clearly right now…the ’37’ is the life energy stream that flows through all of creation, it exists upon Mother-Earth in all of nature & her beloved creatures…it is the dance of creation & it clearly is asking us to open our hearts & dance together !….George embodies so much warmth, truth in knowing creation, kindness & compassion…but others could not accept him in this, fear of these powers that certainly are expected from all those with closed hearts….sad, such as it is with Enlightened souls throughout history that try to share & teach the Light to others (Jesus). It certainly appears that this has been the re-occurring line of hurdles through life time, after life time…slowing the awakening process ! Everything we seek & need to fulfill us is right before us, always has been…still waiting for us to dance ! Thank you again, truly this film has filled my heart with the greatest joy ! I didn’t think I could Love nature, Mother-Earth & All of creation more than I do…I was wrong…I have found room to Love them even more ! & a warm & Loving embrace to ‘You’ !!!!!….I pray your journey will soon become much easier & happier for You !….Love, Bev~

  27. I agree with you Philipp. While the past couple of messages have been interesting they do open up a new path. I’m not trying to complicate things with my human brain (I understand what they’re saying ) but the steps seem unclear.

    Probably future messages will outline what we’re to do from this point.

  28. Dear Aisha/CC’s

    An important message, indeed. But it opens up so many question because it gives no “manual” how to achieve what the CC’s refering to. How shall I overcome the Old and creat the New, when I don’t know how to do it? “You need to withdraw yourself from this, the old play acting, and step into your own powers in a way that will enable to you literally begin anew with a blank slate.” And, dear CC’s, how shall I achive that? “You can step into this process of becoming a conscious creator literally in the blink of an eye, for all you have to do, is to stop doing what you have been doing, seemingly forever.” Again, WHAT shall I stop and, instead, WHAT shall I do? It’s Monday, maybe this is the reason I see more questions then answers right now 😉

    Thank you.



    1. Respect Philip for what u wrote… I got the same qestions and i apply to cc to start talking in more tangible or clear way cy i for sore am getting frustrated and am loosinmyself in those missives lately … I didnt come this far so i embrace the old aggain just becaouse i dont know what should i let go…. Please be more clear…

      1. Double respect to the 2 of you, Philipp and Marko…..all these vague missives simply leave one clueless as to how to proceed.
        What is required but missing here, are various tips and techniques on the fundamental operatings of 3D energy.

        There was a wee bit of this fundamental info peeking through a few months ago, describing how Conscious energy interacts with the other energy it is focusing on.
        To sum that one up, basically whatever you direct your attention/focus on, automatically sets up a 2-way energy EXCHANGE between you and the other energy system you are either consciously or unconsciously focused on.
        And to be “focused” on another energy body… merely have to *think* of it.
        That is why controlling your Thoughts is of primary importance in mastering this reality. It is at the top of the list of achieving Ascended Mastery.

        But as for those seeking for years to be conscious creators and very deliberate manipulators of this dense Energy-frozen reality…..I would have to say the 2 best sources on this planet to access would be the SETH material….and BASHAR / Darryl Anka.

        To gain a holistic understanding of the energetic underpinnings of our reality, go through Jane Robert’s SETH books:

        To try out actual techniques (Jumping parallel realities, fast Manifestation, Switching frequencies, Psychic contact, OBEs, Dream contact with the Dead, Teleportation, changing your Belief System to change your Reality, how your Imagination generates reality, accessing Free Energy………)
        ……….for this and then some, go and watch every BASHAR/Darryl Anka video you can find, on YouTube.

        1. The best source on planet to teach all the above is the Source within… :-))))

          A few years back, I watched a movie called What the Bleep do we know???

          Maybe that will help with basics of quantum science for some?

          Peace n blessings


        2. I have many of the Seth books! Loved reading them! For awhile they were all I found that related to me. And there was one that a student wrote about the experiences… that was really good too.
          Isnt there one “The Nature of Personal Reality”..? sounds familiar.

    2. I hear you, Philipp. There are many things that this message brings up for me. The strongest and most amusing one, which I have just issued as a personal command to my own perception of reality is, “And the director yells CUT! It’s a wrap everybody!”

      🙂 AH

    3. transition at 1st is always difficult…I think the best approach for many of us is trying not to dissect it all at once…making it more complicated than it is…this level we find ourselves at, is rather similar to many of the steps that enabled us to arrive to where we are today…step at a time….& because we all are different & unique with various roles to perform, there simply cannot be a manual for any of this !….if this may help….I always like to start with a few uncomplicated thoughts, regarding the kind of energy I was, how that energy has changed now & where I wish to see my energy strengthening & changing the kind of future I want to bring into this world !….& it has absolutely nothing to do with anything materialism trinkets & trash….this is pure creation energy…healing the old, re-balancing with the new & expanding strength forward into the future !…..Love, Bev~

    4. I’m struggling right there with you, Phillip. I have “started over” (many times) and while I’m not perfect, I am pleased with my growth in relation to my creating and transmuting skills. I’m experiencing more and more new and instant manifestations and am encouraged and excited to continue forward with my greatest intentions and the complete power of Christ in me.

      I want to continue (and I know I will) growing and developing, and I greatly appreciate your direction, tips, and words of encouragement. Yet, I too am not sure what I need to stop doing, and I don’t know what choices I’m facing right now that are awaiting my decision.

      I’m also not sure what memories I need to eradicate. It’s been quite a while since God took ownership of my emotional memory bank, and overall, I am pleased with the insights stemming from and my generalized application of my objective memory bank. In fact, I’m overwhelmed at times because of the speed, depth, grandiosity and frequency of the insights God’s hurling through heaven’s open door. This is where I am seeing my greatest need for growth, and God and I are working on it daily.

      Do you mind building on the subject a bit? I’d love to hear some practical thoughts, ideas, or examples!I thank you both Aishi and Phillipp! What wonderful support!

    5. Dear Philipp, Mmarko, JoyBender, I was feeling the same frustration as you after getting this message today. And so, my mind started to do exactly what the CCs said it would do, it was trying to find out “HOW can I DO this ?” But then I heard something the CCs have told me before “stop trying so hard”, so after posting today’s message, I just went about my day trying not to think too much. I have felt the energies building all day, and I decided to do a meditation this afternoon, but before I did that, I read through all the comments posted so far. And Bev, thank you so much, for what you have written as a response to this comment and further belov touched something in me. As I started my meditation, I felt how the energies came crashing into me, and I remembered what you wrote Bev: “start with a few uncomplicated thoughts, regarding the kind of energy I was, how that energy has changed now & where I wish to see my energy strengthening & changing the kind of future I want to bring into this world” and I just relaxed into these big waves of energy. And what I saw then, was a dried-out desert where a slow flow of water was coming in as if from nowhere, like when an empty riverbed is filled up after a rainstorm further up in the mountains. It felt like such a relief, and I realized that even if I have no idea how this process will unfold, it will continue to gain momentum, just like that trickle of water growing into a big stream in my vision. For we have not been sent here on an impossible mission, or a “wild-goose chase” as the CCs called it. We have been sent here to do something no one has done before, but it IS possible, and we are the ones already doing it. So even if my mind will probably continue to search for a non-existent “users manual”, I also know that all I need to do, is to trust myself, the one I am beneath this human mind trying to find the “right way to do this”. For we DO know how to do this, we knew it before we came down here, and just like when a baby bird takes its first fight, we will instinctively know what what we must do – or perhaps not do – in order to become as free as a bird.
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Thanks for this Aisha !…& I am more than pleased that I was able to BE of help to you in your meditation !….& I Love your vision & that ‘Water’ was a part of it !….’Water’ most certainly will BE a major point of discussion this year…some things I’ve mentioned already. Have a great & relaxing evening…..Love, Bev~

      2. 🙂 🙂
        Yes, we, at least I have already been doing this in the past.
        When you set your hearts intention to something, doesn’t it always work out? It does/did for me. Only this time we can do it consiously, that’s the only difference! And it only works if it comes from the pure heart intention. So let’s take our Inner Child by the hand and start this joyful, playful creating game! It’s just wonderful!

        Love, JJ

    6. Ha ha ha – yes Philipp – I agree with you.
      Do you think we can ask Waverider to tell us how he did it? I feel totally blind at the moment.

      Much love to you,


    7. Thank you for Philipp’s question.

      By Rudolf Steiner we experience astral projection every night.
      This is normal experience.

      I introduce you ONE TOOL which is 4D technology.
      You can set your order / question to this TOOL.
      Next, you sleep.
      All is normal act.
      Then you can receive answer in the dream.

      The CC and SaLuSa has prompted me to expose “Circle of Witchcraft” that should anyone did not know.
      “And so, you need not fear extinction,”
      “We hasten to add that this does not mean extinction of the you that has always been hidden within that human form, ”

      I have released “Circle of Witchcraft” at 12/08/2013 which I invented.

      All free. You can use it !
      Almost indivisual questions will be answered in the dream.

      You can meet your deceased person in the dream.
      Because I have met, too(in the dream).
      You can change social using THIS TOOL.
      You can stop the bullying / war using THIS TOOL.
      You can meet your Angel.
      You can know the meaning of your strange experience in tha past.
      You can investigate the true purpose of your friends words.
      I think there are possibilities of healings because of light intelligence.

      To tell the truth, its scope is vast.

      === You can extend your wings = imagination! ===

      “they can input their choice of how they wish their world and the workings of it to be conducted.”

      “Visit your star families during your dreams. Play with the fairies. Work with the elementals. Hone your skills. Claim your gifts and graces. Awake to the possibilities that lie before you. There is much to discover.”

      “And this time this appearance does not deceive you!”
      According to HILARION, using of this kind of TOOL is normal for space brothers = ground crew.
      “Such has always been the case with our ground crew”

  29. Want to see how instant manifestation works? How cool is telepathy? How traveling with thought looks like? and how finding your twin soul or fame or ?? looks like? how is behind the vail or forgetfullnes? 🙂 …
    I have seen this movie many times in my life and it is one of my favorite ones and today I saw it with different eyes. The last time I have seen it, was 2 years ago, aproximetly the time I started reading aisha`s blog. Seeing it today I realised they were so many “hidden” truths or sentences or messages that i wasnt avare of before..
    here is the full movie if anyone wants to watch it when they got time..

    1. I love this movie, too, Marko. “We never danced….” 😉

      Thank you for posting it here. I will surely watch it again.


      🙂 AH

    2. One of my all-time favorites since it first came out – it made a big impact on me. Thanks Marko for posting this.


  30. I just wrote down that I had to jump after bumping to the wall.And there was the answer : look what via Aisha was today !
    Aisha what means CC ?
    In love,

    1. Hi, Like… Aisha will be able to answer more completely than I, but in the meantime, “CC” means Constant Companions, the Energies and/or Guides who channel the Manuscript messages through Aisha. Hope that helps a little.
      With Love&JOY, Lin

      P.S. I enjoyed what you wrote about having to jump after bumping into the wall. AND WELCOME, Like, to a wonderful oasis to receive and share knowledge, Love and support.

    2. Dear Like, welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! As Lin said, CC is short for The constant companions, the group or “collective” that I receive these messages from. You can read more about them here.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha, thank you for your answer.Reading the messages for a long time,but not used to write in english I was pushed yesterday to do so.I try to do,what Eckhart Tolle write in the book “Practicing The Power of Now”.For me is this the answer for the message from yesterday.A very difficult something !
        In love,Like.

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