The manuscript of survival – part 388

By now, the incoming waves of energetic transformation have been lapping at your heels, but now, you will find yourself swimming in a veritable ocean of it.This may sound ominous to some, but trust us when we say that you will all feel buoyed by these energies, not drowned in them. And why is that? Simply the fact that you have managed to un-manacle yourself from the old inhibitors that you have been dragging behind you, seemingly forever. We know these words will sound repetitious to some, but bear with us, for we do see the need for countless repetitions of the same message. Do not take this as any form of criticism, rather, it is simply a statement to signify that we are all aware that this process of total liberation from the old is not one that is accomplished seemingly overnight. In many aspects, it will be so, literally, as you will all experience true quantum leaps on your advancement towards the real you, but if you look on the whole, you see step after careful step being played out. And yes, this is indeed all part of the plan, and yes, we have also taken into consideration the endurance and the tenaciousness of human perseverance and indeed patience. For even if it may seem to be wearing thin in some of you, we also know that it is in fact more than durable, and if it was not, this operation would not be opened up in the first place.

Remember, you have been in on this from the very beginning, form the first plans were drawn up, and as such, you are well aware of the consequences of going into battle as it were with this old and stubborn pattern of being human. For that is what you have taken upon you, to break that old mold into pieces, for it never to rise again. And you are doing a formidable job of it, make no mistake, and all of the accolades you have earned so far is truly nothing more than you deserve. For you are indeed shining examples of fearless workers on behalf of All of creation, pushing your whole weight against that old and seemingly unmoving stone grinding down humanity to mere shadows of their former glory. And now, this stone has been well and truly lifted out of the way, and the road towards your old and former glory lies there open, ready for you all to take those first confident steps upon it. But as yet, that confidence seems to be lacking in so many, for you have yet to truly take in that fresh air that is around you on all sides.

Let us explain. As we have discussed earlier, mankind’s propensity to linger in what was, is a strong one indeed. So too in this, and it is as if you naturally seek to cling to the old and familiar remnants of something, no matter how detrimental and ill fitting it may be for you, rather than to pry loose your grip and let yourself fully embrace the brand new. Again, this is not said in order to chastise you in any way, rather, it is to remind you that the coast is clear, and you are free to go wherever you choose to go. Remember, this is your choice, and your choice only, as there is no power in existence that can force you to do anything at all. For it is up to each and every one of you whether or not to start venturing down that highway to freedom, or perhaps we should call it the highway OF freedom, or if you prefer to stick around in that old and familiar but perhaps not so comfortable place of the known. So again we say, do not berate yourself for holding back, but do not let yourself stop pushing yourself just that little bit further. For you have all come such a long, long way since you opened yourself up to be a part of this quest for true freedom, so why stop here? It is a little bit like those long distance runners, giving it all that they can for the best part of the race, only to pack it in when the finishing line is in sight. Again, this is not a race, we do not pick out any “winners” or “losers” here, we are simply trying to get you to see that you are SO close to attaining that true freedom you have been struggling to find for such long time.

Yes, you are tired, yes, it may seem that this stretch of the road goes on forever, yes, it may seem that as soon as you reach one mountain top, you see the road ahead winding down and then up again to another one. But trust us when we say we are not sending you out on a wild-goose chase here, luring you into going one step further under false pretences. We are merely here to do all that we can in order to keep you going and not give up, especially not now, when you are so close to finding that goal you have been striving for forever. You see, you asked us to do this beforehand, and we did agree to do this. For we all knew that this task was not one that could be completed without any assistance at all, and that was not the goal either. No, this is in all aspects a collective effort, and we do mean that regarding both sides of the veil. For just as you are seeking comfort and support in each other, so too are we banding together in order to give you all the tools and indeed all the cheering on that you must have in order to make you complete what you came here to do. For you are not doing this just for YOU, you are doing this for All of creation, and even if this is something that you are well aware of already, we will continue to remind you of it. Not to put any extra pressure on you, but to remind you that you have all the love in the world and beyond behind you in this, and you have all the light you need at your disposal in order to keep you going when you find yourself flagging.

For we all knew it would be a long haul, and we all knew it would be a process that would involve a lot of different stages, and a lot of hard work on your behalf, and so, nothing was left to chance in this, the greatest turn-around process ever taken on. And so, you were the chosen ones, the brave ones, the indefatigable ones, hand picked to be the soldiers on the ground as it were. The mighty beings who chose to step into that small and restricting mantle of human-ness in order to enlarge that to its true size, by breaking down any barriers that was standing between you and your true greatness. And this is what you have done, and it has been a great success indeed, so now, what remains, is for you to truly carry this new and enlarged version of humanity forwards and into the light. For it is already there, the new and indeed great version of you, but still, it is waiting for you to claim it, like a forgotten coat hanging at the back of the cupboard, unclaimed and unseen.

And that is why we are here, to remind you that you have already succeeded in attaining your goal of freedom, but you have yet to claim your prize, and as such, we will keep at it until you do. For you deserve nothing less than to take that victory lap, resplendent in your brand new cloaks of light, surrounded by all of us, applauding you and embracing you for the wondrous beings that you truly are. But in order for us to do just that, you need to acknowledge it for yourself, and as such, you still have some more work to do in that respect. But again, we are more than confident that you will succeed in this, as you have already done in everything else. For you are truly the shining ones, the ones that have managed to break free from that old and mummified cocoon that has held mankind captive for such a long time. But like bewildered newly emerged butterflies, you sit there, with your shimmering wings hanging limp by your side, as if you have not yet noticed them nor intuited the freedom they have granted you. For you have yet to soar, dear ones, even if that is why you came here. Yes, you came to do an intensely challenging labour of love, but that was not the real reason, the real reason, was for you to savour the end results in any way you can. And that, dear ones, is a treat you have not yet given yourself.

So again we say, it is time to take to your wings, time to soar, time to laugh, time to love and time to rejoice. We know you may feel more inclined to stick around and lick those battle wounds a little bit more before you try stretching out in any direction just yet, but trust us when we say that what you feel of exhaustion and weariness from this long and hard travail will simply vanish the moment you decide to lift off. And we do mean that in every sense of the word. For your physical body may feel more than a little bruised and battered at the moment, but it wants nothing more than to soar alongside your shimmering, glittering spirit, and the two of you make up a resplendent couple indeed. So try at least to flap those wings a little bit, and we can guarantee you you will find your spirit lifting, and it will be gladdened to see your body lifting alongside of it.

243 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 388

  1. I am definitely feeling a bit bewildered.. I feel like I have done something awful.
    Really, I’m not sure what I have done, and not sure what has changed by it.
    I see avatars changed and different names and am not sure what to make of it all.

    I feel like I have hurt people, and I don’t like it at all.
    I *feel* like I possibly even killed people.
    I swear I didn’t intend to hurt anyone!!
    I just want to offer a sincere apology.
    I am sorry for how I acted..!!!
    I hope I am still welcome here.
    Love Always,

    1. Please… keep sharing….I can not get a sense of what u r feeling or why.
      Love is always here Michael , Love , Areeza…..I am changing but I am still me 🙂 always available to offer what I can.

    2. Of course you are welcome here Michael!!!

      I don´t know why you have the feelings you mention and I have NOT felt you have doing something worth to apology for.

      About changing avatars and names you are completely right. Avatars are changing, and I really have no idea why and about names changing I know I myself use among three different names: B, B to B and Birgitta, which is my real name, so I think you have a good reason to be confused ;)))))

      Much love and light to you Michael!

      B to B

  2. I wish I could come back here and tell you its all much better now. I really am Ok. I mean thats the bid difference is that I dont feel like the energies (lower, less positive, even sad, lonely ones) take hold of me so much anymore. Its just hard to watch it around me and Its just so damn slow this process to me now. I want to see everyone happy and living the lives they deserve. Its that is perturbing me. And not knowing what is next – only guessing all the time all the while holding the vision and intention to see it through.
    oooo….I see a new missive… will go grab me some insight! 🙂
    Love, ~A~ >>thanks for the poem D and B & Sally and everyone for always being here with me thru it all<<

    1. Areeza!

      I thought – when I read one of your previous messages – how would you feel if you dropped RESPONSIBILITY for others’ well-being? Think / feel how it would be.

      I mean NOT mean you should stop worry about your loved ones, for it can not be done, but just imagine that you have no responsibility to anyone but yourself. Let each one (to the best of ability, of course) take their own steps on the road of life. You will obviously get assist anyway ….. but maybe you can drop some responsibility for others.

      OK – it was just a thought from me. Sleeping time!

      (It’s probably best to pull the covers over your head now if you start throwing things after me;)

      Love you,


      1. No B —- its all good and true. I have told Kelly and did again this evening. In a gentle way, I said to him how “I feel” in all this. How I am the one expected to do this or that and if I dont help the way he expects, he feels bad and how I am trying not to let that affect me. I talk to him about the Pond and I ask him if I can read some of it. He says ‘ok’. I say he is here for a reason with this situation too.
        I have been realizing how much more I stick up for me these days. I was feeling angry at the responsibility feeling and realized I just plain dont want it anymore. Like I dont just exist for others here… I even said that to him. I dont resent him, just in general how the awareness I possess and act on does not have a balance. thanks… bed time for me…..Love, XOA

  3. Morning Breeze, tears falling here. I understand what you are going through. Things keep falling away in my world too. My husband has been sick since September. Dearly loved cat sick with pancreatitis and back on insulin. Trying to keep business going in this economy. My mother was robbed by a friend of my sister. I could go on…ha! Seems unreal. I keep going forward knowing things have to get better….then there are the days, hours where I wonder and think I can’t take it anymore. I seem to be the one here too that try’s to keep everyone happy. Don’t know why. 😉 things WILL get better! Here is a poem my grandfather use to recite. Author was unknown.

    If you think you are beaten, you are
    If you think you dare not, you don’t
    If you’d like to win, but think you can’t, it’s almost a cinch you won’t.
    If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost
    Success begins with a state of mind
    For out in the world we find
    Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster hand
    They go to the one who trusts
    and always thinks “I can”

    1. What a nice poem your grandfather recited – and I think you do as well:)
      I remember people in his generation often leaned against such poem or bible quotes to get power and hope to cope with their lives. They had a lot of hard work, much tougher conditions than I’ve had, yet I remember only the positive sides.

      I think it’s good that you Denise – and also Areeza – relive the pressure of the experiences are right there and why should we deny them? I think many of us can identify with what you tell and what I can do is send my light and my love for you and your families.

      Much love & light to you,


      1. Thank you for your love B. I often find myself remembering things my grandparents and father use to say. It brings smiles to my heart. 🙂 In many ways they were a wise generation and lived through much. I know they are with me now and offering their guidance. Love back to you B!

  4. This could get so hard. I mean, I see my Kelly turning into someone else. Sad that he no longer has his old life. We saw his friend he used to work with. It was a nice visit but he got more depressed after. He is taking pain pills and that is changing him. He gets tired from them so he drinks tons of coffee all day. He tried not taking pills for a few days but could not take the pain. He will go to pain management and physical therapy,…I think he will need mental therapy. He has done the first two before with injuries – none that were for life though. Re ‘other modes’ of healing… I try to talk to him about that. He is not very open to believing that. I know I am a positive being now and I still feel strong – at the same time I am getting really pissed off that every thing I have loved in my life has gone away – that things do ‘seem’ to be getting harder and not easier. I watched my ex change into someone else…my sisters are distant and cold. Kellys Mom getting weaker…my Moms deterioration… I mean I dont get it. Couldn’t I at least have my Kelly ?
    Sorry…Had to get this out so you all can pray for whatever is needed for me, for all of us feeling these things… how do we throw ourselves the bone we need? lol. seriously. No one ‘out there’ seems to be tossing it. I try and see myself without anyone and that just does not work well. Yelling at the Federation and guides about it – like do they really want to see us worn down to nothing? no they say so freaking do something about it! We cant save all these people who are so far from what we see and feel. And I need something more tangible to work with to help me and them – like yesterday. ok… bitching over….
    Love you all, Areeza

    1. …..shit! not over. now I am sitting on the couch crying. I asked Kelly if he wanted to take his mom to lunch and then we can go food shopping. Thats it… thats all that made me cry as Kelly is walking back downstairs (fresh coffee in hand) saying “I dont know, will call her later”. I just ….arrrrghhh…. I am the one who always trys and keeps thing together… keep the spirits up…something to look forward to….anything It all seems so sad right now is all. Ok… back to searching for a drum. I need to beat on something. XoA

      1. I have no words of wisdom here…
        I just wanna say I relate…
        And thanks for sharing..
        Just knowing I am not alone somehow helps.
        You’re a bright star, thanks for shining.

  5. “Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it” From “Interview with the Lunatic Farmer Joel Salatin” I SAY you can only think of solutions not problems.

  6. Stretched and beat my wings just now. They are invisible to this 3d body, but all I had to do was close my eyes and feel them stretch out from my back. I could barely see them in my minds eye but I could feel their warmth. they are like a hot blanket I can wrap around my self. I feel them energetically not with my body

    1. Nice Soul FEATHER diamond! Mine have often felt like a big strong protective hug, for me and for whomever I choose to share them with 🙂


    ….”So our point is this Dear Ones: Anything that is not Love or Light or compassion is not real…it is only illusion and you know this in your hearts. Stay grounded in your truth, hold your beacons high, live your lives from your heart center and waver not from your chosen paths. You have done the work to get here and your reward is of your own making. You are the one you have been waiting for and now you may stand as an example of what is possible when a life is lived from the heart.”

    1. “Your choices will be the beacon, your Love and compassion and understanding will be the Light that switches on. You will truly be able to say “I understand, for I have been there too”!”

      This is why we go thru shit. lol. because if we did not, how would we be able to help/relate to others. If we lived charmed lives, others would say ‘yeah, yeah, easy for you to say’. We offer examples of what we lived and we offer our true Beingness: the example of Love we Are and Now Live.
      Much Love for this next phase, Areeza

      1. Absolutely Areeza,
        Totes agree, always saying this to a friend of mind who laments what we must go through.


    “Greetings Love Beings, We have a Highly Energetic Day Today for alot of Positive movement for the Light! These current energies can bring misery to the egos, and More Joy for the Awakened. We are Currently raising the Frequency on the Planet Daily! Lights Are Coming On, On Planet Earth=Heart and this Is Unstoppable! We are also In another acceleration Period through The End of January! Humanity has not seen anything yet like what is to arrive this Year.”

    >>ears rang loudly as I posted this<<

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