The manuscript of survival – part 388

By now, the incoming waves of energetic transformation have been lapping at your heels, but now, you will find yourself swimming in a veritable ocean of it.This may sound ominous to some, but trust us when we say that you will all feel buoyed by these energies, not drowned in them. And why is that? Simply the fact that you have managed to un-manacle yourself from the old inhibitors that you have been dragging behind you, seemingly forever. We know these words will sound repetitious to some, but bear with us, for we do see the need for countless repetitions of the same message. Do not take this as any form of criticism, rather, it is simply a statement to signify that we are all aware that this process of total liberation from the old is not one that is accomplished seemingly overnight. In many aspects, it will be so, literally, as you will all experience true quantum leaps on your advancement towards the real you, but if you look on the whole, you see step after careful step being played out. And yes, this is indeed all part of the plan, and yes, we have also taken into consideration the endurance and the tenaciousness of human perseverance and indeed patience. For even if it may seem to be wearing thin in some of you, we also know that it is in fact more than durable, and if it was not, this operation would not be opened up in the first place.

Remember, you have been in on this from the very beginning, form the first plans were drawn up, and as such, you are well aware of the consequences of going into battle as it were with this old and stubborn pattern of being human. For that is what you have taken upon you, to break that old mold into pieces, for it never to rise again. And you are doing a formidable job of it, make no mistake, and all of the accolades you have earned so far is truly nothing more than you deserve. For you are indeed shining examples of fearless workers on behalf of All of creation, pushing your whole weight against that old and seemingly unmoving stone grinding down humanity to mere shadows of their former glory. And now, this stone has been well and truly lifted out of the way, and the road towards your old and former glory lies there open, ready for you all to take those first confident steps upon it. But as yet, that confidence seems to be lacking in so many, for you have yet to truly take in that fresh air that is around you on all sides.

Let us explain. As we have discussed earlier, mankind’s propensity to linger in what was, is a strong one indeed. So too in this, and it is as if you naturally seek to cling to the old and familiar remnants of something, no matter how detrimental and ill fitting it may be for you, rather than to pry loose your grip and let yourself fully embrace the brand new. Again, this is not said in order to chastise you in any way, rather, it is to remind you that the coast is clear, and you are free to go wherever you choose to go. Remember, this is your choice, and your choice only, as there is no power in existence that can force you to do anything at all. For it is up to each and every one of you whether or not to start venturing down that highway to freedom, or perhaps we should call it the highway OF freedom, or if you prefer to stick around in that old and familiar but perhaps not so comfortable place of the known. So again we say, do not berate yourself for holding back, but do not let yourself stop pushing yourself just that little bit further. For you have all come such a long, long way since you opened yourself up to be a part of this quest for true freedom, so why stop here? It is a little bit like those long distance runners, giving it all that they can for the best part of the race, only to pack it in when the finishing line is in sight. Again, this is not a race, we do not pick out any “winners” or “losers” here, we are simply trying to get you to see that you are SO close to attaining that true freedom you have been struggling to find for such long time.

Yes, you are tired, yes, it may seem that this stretch of the road goes on forever, yes, it may seem that as soon as you reach one mountain top, you see the road ahead winding down and then up again to another one. But trust us when we say we are not sending you out on a wild-goose chase here, luring you into going one step further under false pretences. We are merely here to do all that we can in order to keep you going and not give up, especially not now, when you are so close to finding that goal you have been striving for forever. You see, you asked us to do this beforehand, and we did agree to do this. For we all knew that this task was not one that could be completed without any assistance at all, and that was not the goal either. No, this is in all aspects a collective effort, and we do mean that regarding both sides of the veil. For just as you are seeking comfort and support in each other, so too are we banding together in order to give you all the tools and indeed all the cheering on that you must have in order to make you complete what you came here to do. For you are not doing this just for YOU, you are doing this for All of creation, and even if this is something that you are well aware of already, we will continue to remind you of it. Not to put any extra pressure on you, but to remind you that you have all the love in the world and beyond behind you in this, and you have all the light you need at your disposal in order to keep you going when you find yourself flagging.

For we all knew it would be a long haul, and we all knew it would be a process that would involve a lot of different stages, and a lot of hard work on your behalf, and so, nothing was left to chance in this, the greatest turn-around process ever taken on. And so, you were the chosen ones, the brave ones, the indefatigable ones, hand picked to be the soldiers on the ground as it were. The mighty beings who chose to step into that small and restricting mantle of human-ness in order to enlarge that to its true size, by breaking down any barriers that was standing between you and your true greatness. And this is what you have done, and it has been a great success indeed, so now, what remains, is for you to truly carry this new and enlarged version of humanity forwards and into the light. For it is already there, the new and indeed great version of you, but still, it is waiting for you to claim it, like a forgotten coat hanging at the back of the cupboard, unclaimed and unseen.

And that is why we are here, to remind you that you have already succeeded in attaining your goal of freedom, but you have yet to claim your prize, and as such, we will keep at it until you do. For you deserve nothing less than to take that victory lap, resplendent in your brand new cloaks of light, surrounded by all of us, applauding you and embracing you for the wondrous beings that you truly are. But in order for us to do just that, you need to acknowledge it for yourself, and as such, you still have some more work to do in that respect. But again, we are more than confident that you will succeed in this, as you have already done in everything else. For you are truly the shining ones, the ones that have managed to break free from that old and mummified cocoon that has held mankind captive for such a long time. But like bewildered newly emerged butterflies, you sit there, with your shimmering wings hanging limp by your side, as if you have not yet noticed them nor intuited the freedom they have granted you. For you have yet to soar, dear ones, even if that is why you came here. Yes, you came to do an intensely challenging labour of love, but that was not the real reason, the real reason, was for you to savour the end results in any way you can. And that, dear ones, is a treat you have not yet given yourself.

So again we say, it is time to take to your wings, time to soar, time to laugh, time to love and time to rejoice. We know you may feel more inclined to stick around and lick those battle wounds a little bit more before you try stretching out in any direction just yet, but trust us when we say that what you feel of exhaustion and weariness from this long and hard travail will simply vanish the moment you decide to lift off. And we do mean that in every sense of the word. For your physical body may feel more than a little bruised and battered at the moment, but it wants nothing more than to soar alongside your shimmering, glittering spirit, and the two of you make up a resplendent couple indeed. So try at least to flap those wings a little bit, and we can guarantee you you will find your spirit lifting, and it will be gladdened to see your body lifting alongside of it.

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  1. Dear Aisha,

    Thank you Aisha and CC for your latest message. I feel a high resonance with the repeating bottom-line of this message. For it felt and feels that I am constantly on a crossroad. On one hand old inner themes are constantly knocking on the door, and on the other hand a serene feeling is sometimes at the horizon. I must admit that it not easy to release the old memories, issues, fears etc. It feels like a really impasse/deadlock because every domain of live is pushed to zero (family and relationships, financial, work, etc.). It is hard to accept those zero-positions… and sometimes I ask myself…is this what I deserve (after all these years of hard working in inner and outer sense?). We must have patience was an issue in the message…and confidence I think…

    With love and light.

    1. Come, come out and play
      We miss your face
      And the funny things you say
      Be, just be yourself And nothing else
      Will push you away

      And i feel so much love
      When it’s all mixed up
      It wraps itself around me

      Star, we knew you well
      Yeah all too well
      And there’s nothing left to hide

      And you get what you want
      When you know what you need
      And you tag me
      I’m it Olly-ox and you’re free

      Let me play on your side
      Let me be on your team
      Let me state my case
      Don’t go away

      Find, what you already are
      Where it’s not too close
      But never too far

      Pieter, once again I break my silence to share the love I am receiving. I, too, am at “zero point” in all these areas. What I am finding is that the entire purpose behind this is to further open myself to everything I DO deserve, which is the absolute unconditional love of Source/Self.

      For the past few days, I have begun feeling this wave of LOVE, and it is a glorious thing, indeed. Furthermore, I am fully aware that the intensity of this feeling is only just beginning. And the word UNION keeps sounding through me.

      I happened to catch the end of the movie Dragonfly (a favorite film as well as a totem animal for me) and this song played at the end. I noticed it was distributed by 3:33 Music Group (333 is my number). I again knew this song came across my radar for a reason. Maybe it holds meaning for others, as well.

      Blah! 🙂 My brain is not working these days, and I can’t seem to find the right words, but I do hope you can feel my support and encouragement.

      I am sending you so much love,

      🙂 AH

      1. Dear Anna,

        Beautiful song and touching lyrics. Thank you for your clear and -to-the-point reaction and encouraging words and vibrations. Let’s tune in for the wave of Love you talked about. So that we can leave all the old issues behind the curtains.

        With Love and Light,


      2. At first I read the lyrics and thought it was a poem…a wonderful poem. Loved the music! Pictured myself dancing to this and free full of love and oneness with everyone! Tears, joy, love, youthfulness, excitement! With all that has gone on in my life and still on going I understand the zero points. I am ready to take off….fly! I can feel the wind through my hair now! Thank you AH! Thank you Pieter!

  2. I may have acted out of fear to some of those who post here for that I am sorry. fear and I need some distance between us, when I experience fear it is because I am about to cross a boundary when I am not ready to do so. it is a sign I need to meditate -♡-

    1. This Is good SFD. Honesty about fear helps melt it away 🙂
      Honesty melts my own heart and XoA thanks you for this with Love and respect. ~ Perfect Love has no fear ~

    2. Dear Soul Feather Diamond… I, too, Thank You for your honesty regarding fear. You post such truly beautiful links to music, trees, etc., that are very much appreciated and lovingly received. They reveal the Truth of your Energy: gentle Love. All paths lead to Oneness; I support you in yours, your footsteps. Continue to be kind towards yourself.

      Sincerely, with Love&Kindness&Respect, Lin

    3. Beautiful honesty SFD. And actually a great reminder to all of us to be in Truth as much as we can !
      Thank you for this lesson 🙂
      Much Love and bubbles of Joy 🙂

  3. I dreamed of an older sister in the sea, I went up to her in the water. And I also had these wonderful feelings – I call them Ur-Creator-ecstasy.

    Yesterday I realized that the original creator (God), is not only ‚I’ but he is also my body. Ur Creator is I and Ur-creator is my body.
    My body does not consist of Ur-Creator-energy but the original creator IS my body. As I looked in the mirror in the bathroom then saw my face from all luminous.
    Above the old matter the original creator IS the material – hence the golden glow.

    Ich träumte von einer älteren Schwester im Meer, zu der Ich ins Wasser stieg. Und Ich hatte auch diese wundervollen Gefühle – Ich nenne sie Ur–Schöpfer–Ekstase.

    Gestern wurde mir bewusst dass der Ur–Schöpfer (Gott) nicht nur ‚ICH’ ist sondern dass er auch mein Körper ist. Ur–Schöpfer ist ICH und Ur–Schöpfer ist mein Körper.
    Mein Körper besteht nicht nur aus Ur–Schöpfer–Energie sondern der Ur–Sc but the original creator IS my body höpfer IST mein Körper. Als Ich danach im Bad in den Spiegel schaute sah mein Gesicht ganz leuchtend aus.
    Oberhalb der alten Materie IST der Ur–Schöpfer auch die Materie – daher das goldene Leuchten.

    I AM BIXIE 😀

  4. Robin, all of us here have felt like the dark is winning and like giving up. The conditions in the world appear that way so much. But the news media is paid to report the drama and often times they neglect to focus on what is happening that is life-changing and good. Like the new Pope standing up for worthy causes, minorities, and challenging old catholic dogma.

    There is so much going on behind the scenes that is changing our planet and our world but we can’t see it. We just have to believe. Keep coming back here for support and encouragement.

    Anna Helen, when Mother says it is time for you to speak again, we will welcome you. I keep you in my thoughts and send you strength and
    Warrior energy. I think sending light to the legal systems, courts, and shelters will help you get through it all a little easier. Good things are waiting for you on the other side of this. Sometimes things have to fall apart so new whole glorious things have space to move in.

    Blessings to everyone here to help us jump, open our wings, and lift off into the New World we are all building.

    1. Truly terrific points Sunny! Realizing how much our energies are shifting things – for the better of All. Soon the positive Will Be reported for more world-wide attention and refocus – and the Event, in my opinion, will help bring this about.
      Love, ~A~

  5. Big hugs everyone….beautiful message, kind of taking a break from spiritual study and enjoying every minute of being alive-=honoring the Where we are and the where we have been and celebrating the where we are going, knowing the path is always going to move forward…as bruce lee said, once you reach the plateau, you cannot stay, you must always move forward…love you all! :0 Alex

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    Thank you Aisha and CC’s! I really needed this message today! I’ve been working for a long time to overcome and transcend a negative situation. Lately began wondering with all the news of positive change arriving why I seem to be facing the same thing over and over? I realize after reading this that we are not just healing our own experiences. We are attempting to rewrite the collective unconscious! I have been experiencing a situation that seems at odds with my own understanding of reality and is thus both painful and confusing. I see now my goaln is not to escape or endure but to reframe and rewrite the reality. To literally manifest my higher self’s reality over this negative pattern that is all too common in the current experience of humanity. Thus helping to healing and eliminate this shadow aspect from the collective unconscious of our species. Wow. No . Uts been so awful and difficult! The Cc’s are reminding us all with this that we already do have access tonour higher self and the wings and strength we all so painfully miss. The pain fear frustration and difficulty we are experiencing now are smoke screens of distraction “team dark” is using to try to prevent our inevitable evolution beyond their power to harm or influence! Thank you with all my heart Aisha! I am sorry to say I was feeling the possibility of giving up:-/ but now I realize that is exactly what the negative polarity is aiming for-if we succeed it takes power and control of the majority of humanity decisively away from them. It is no wonder they put so much into dragging this out and making things harder for us. But we support one another and the angels and other unseen loving beings send us help like the CC’s. So its like trying to prevent a child from growing up-it simply can’t be done no matter how much you aggravate the child in the attempt( short of murder of course but team dark does not have that level of power any more!)

    1. We are also to ‘transcend’ that giving up feeling everyone !!!
      very important for folks to know this – getting soooo fed up and then turn it around and the whole energy of same turns around!!! Love To All

      1. Thank you for pointing out that aspect. I have noticed that happen with other things recently but had not yet with this one. I think perhaps that recognizing the energetic nature of our reality may be one “point” of having these seemingly intractable/impossible situations arise in our lives. When absolutely nothing you can do at the 3d physical level has any effect on the awful thing you are dealing with then it becomes necessary to go to another level-ie transcend it, rise in frequency beyond it- or at the very least pray, “give it to god” and let go completely once trying to actively solve it becomes an exercise in insanity!

        1. Dear ohnwentsya, thank you for sharing this! “To reframe and rewrite the reality” is a key point to me, for we must learn to take it to literally a new level instead of trying to “fix” things by DOING it in the 3D way. That will only continue to feed the energetic loop that is keeping us down. I get this image of a “gordian knot”, and the more we wrestle with it, the more entangled we get in it. But if we let go of our “human viewpoint” and look at it from a higher perspective, it changes the knot from “reality” to energy, and it will cease to be a hindrance and turn into something that we can use in a positive way.
          Much love from me, Aisha

          1. Dear Aisha… your response is so beautifully expressed. It is Truth.
            Thank you!
            With Love&JOY always, Lin

                1. Sorry Lin……..but I prefer SNOWBALLS :)))) Shoot girl Otmn and everyone who wants to join :)))) Look up … ice cubes in the snowball…. 😉

                  Love you,


                  1. We only have dirt balls here. Serious record drought; Mother Earth is healing herself big time around these parts…

          2. wonderful – this talk. that was key for me too (reframe and rewrite).
            If team dark is trying to tighten the knot and we are still involved by trying to loosen it – well we are still ‘involved in the old’. This may be what my ‘bad’ dreams are about – team dark trying to dissuade me – hey now think of how pathetic that attempt really is?! If thats all they got left, its a good thing! 🙂
            Great discussion – very helpful.

    1. I am reminded of another lesson from nature Sun with your shell cracking experience. If someone helps remove the shell from the inside a baby chick (and all birds?) will die soon after ‘birthing.’ I learned this the hard way twice. The one being born must pip/chip away from the inside, gaining what it needs to face life in ‘this’ world. Always enjoy following your posts. ~Nancee

        1. Got it Nancee – just go on pip/chip away by your own. I promise I´ll just be watching the process from the outside ;))))

          Much love and joy Nancee 🙂


          1. Hi B… I almost panicked when I read your note incase you withhold all the wonderful encouragement you give. When I hatched the last chick I was involved with it was on my tummy. (I have shared this before.) Believe me I gave it lots of verbal encouragement and even occasionally tapped on the shell where I thought might be beneficial to pip. When it comes to us making the final breakthrough we, individually have to pip our way out from inside our own shells. Crack that shell in so many places that we just walk, tumble out at some point. Those cheering us on can help clean up the debris 🙂 I like to see Sun of… as having cracked his shell that way. Analogies are good… but if I dive too deep into them it gets confusing! Love, Nancee

              1. Hi B, Thanks… I’m always missing the “jokes” in life, especially written. Just reread it in “joking mode” and laughed. Thanks for pointing that out. Of course I still mean the part of valuing your support lol and got to share that 🙂 My weekend has been filled with dancing and I’m off to a Robbie Burn’s dance today with my sister. Fairly quiet over all but I’m dancing 🙂 Talk about joking: I think there’s a “Whole lot of pipping going on” on the dance floor for me 🙂 Love, Nancee

                1. Yes I understand so well – I don´t always understand the nuances in English either, especially poems.

                  I almost had decided to go dancing yesterday too, but in these times of flu and stomach flu I decided not to go as I will go for surgery next week. Today I have taken pictures of snow in all dimensions. We have -20C (-4F) here now and the snow crystals is sparkling everywhere. I even saw the crystals in the form of small “footballs” on my glasses during my walk with a friend today. I never saw that before. I guess it was the the harsh cold that caused it.



        2. Dear sun_of_blue, I like the way you crack 😉 You meeting a donkey is not a coincidence I think, for this is what I found about the symbolic meaning of donkeys on
          “Donkey is symbolic of versatility, intelligence, eager worker, determination, stubbornness, spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force, willingness to take onboard the responsibilities and burdens of others (beast of burden).

          The donkey is an indefatigable worker and personifies the qualities of determination and service to others. They have a deep dedication to the universe/All That Is. Donkeys are willing to take on the responsibilities and burdens of others. If this is your power animal, although helping others is wonderful, taking on more than one can carry with ease can pave the way for physical and emotional problems. Mastering the art of saying no, and being accountable for yourself and your own well being is a life lesson.

          Not keen on change, donkeys can come across as stubborn. If anything seems dangerous to them – they absolutely won’t do it. However, this isn’t because they are stubborn, but because they trust, respect and listen to their own intuitive senses. They know their boundaries, what they can and cant do. This shows us how to trust, respect and listen to our own personal intuition also.

          The donkey evolved in the desert, the irregular, testing land in where they resided learned them how to go about with caution. The frightened donkey would stop dead in its tracks without moving a muscle or run a short distance, before looking at what frightened them. They developed devious and cunning survival skills by getting themselves out of many sticky situations. If donkey plods into your life, hold on and consider what is challenging you and look for a way to progress safely. This is an outstanding power animal to have and a skilful master teacher.”

          Much love from me, Aisha

          1. Sun!

            Wow! That was a powerful symbolic meaning to you about the donkey you saw. Though I don´t know you, my subconscious tells me that many qualities are consistent with you.

            Love & light

            B in joy

          2. Dear sun, it IS you, my wise, dedicated and sometimes stubborn brother 😉 Not only that, alongside what Nancee shared further down about the vulture, it is another important reminder from the CCs to “look beyond the face value”. For we humans are SO quick to put a label on anyone or anything we meet, and we have a hard time seeing what really lies behind that label we have created. So when we meet a “vulture” or a “donkey”, we do not see their real value because we are stuck in our old misconceptions of them. So thank you for giving us another valuable lesson, dear sun_of_many_names!
            Much love from me, Aisha

        3. Dear Sun… I don’t have anything of consequence to add to those responses by B, Nancee and Aisha, I simply wanted to say you most always absolutely Delight my Heart. I Thank You for that. I feel you are JOY personified. I donkey-laughed out loud with you in your response… you usually cause me to do that.

          I send you Love as you continue upwards on your path, Lin

          1. Sun… when I said Donkey-laugh, I didn’t mean it disparagingly, I meant that’s exactly the sound that involuntarily propels out of my mouth… in total delight.

        4. Sun of Blue….it was the donkey that carried Mary and the Christ child. I believe you are leading us on this journey and bringing in the Christ. Bless you Sun ! You are drawing down the energy like an antennae/receiver! Dear Sun I can’t wait to meet you! You shine!
          In love and light and service to you Sun of Blue,

  7. I had an insight yesterday regarding “the event”. The first thing that came into my awareness was a collection of unfamiliar voices speaking quietly, yet with excitement, saying over and over, “The Event! The Event! The Event!” And then at some point during the next hour or so, I had a split-second flash that would best be described as orgasmic. Kind of intense and pleasurable. These two things rolled around my brain for a little while longer, and then I put the pieces together – the event is akin to an orgasm. A female orgasm.

    The process begins with things being done (a long way in the past) that start the ball rolling, and for a long time, nothing appears to happen, but the energy is building. And then the climax approaches, but still slowly, and the first hint that we’re reaching that stage is a tiny first taste of the final energy, but only for the tiniest, briefest of moments, and that’s what I believe I experienced today – that first tiny hint. So quick and so subtle, that you could miss it. But then the energy recedes a little, and yet all the things everyone is doing keep the energy building. And then there is another, slightly longer taste. Then it recedes. Then it builds and there’s a taste. Then it recedes. Then there’s another, slightly bigger taste. And so it goes. Back and forth in a gentle but ever-building cycle. And the closer we get the more sure we are that this will be it, and then it’s not, and we’re all tensed, ready and waiting… and nothing. Damn it. But if we get frustrated and try to force it, it just blocks the flow. So we have to relax, be willing to let it go, and wait for the energy to build up again, and learn to enjoy the tastes. And ironically, that’s what will make it happen faster, and with more intensity – letting go and relaxing into the process. Hard, I know.

    And, as with female orgasm, it’s almost impossible to know which peak will be the one that tips us over the edge, but so long as we keep doing what we’re doing, then it will happen with certainty, eventually. All the right pieces come together, the intensity is sufficient, the timing is right and then BAM! And that’s why I think no-one can tell us when the event will be, because no-one honestly knows. But they do know it will happen. I also think that’s why it has been described as being ecstatic, intense, a better feeling than we could ever imagine. If you’ve ever had an orgasm, that feeling really is beyond anything we’ve known, just for that split second where we are pure energy. And the more practised we are, the longer we can stay in that energy. And if that’s what this event is going to be, what fun we’re going to have!

    1. I have to say I dont know what to say.,…but, XoA cant disagree 😮
      thanks Nikki!
      …. maybe this explains my serving what I called ‘my orgasmic salmon dinner’ to a bunch of ‘strangers’ last night in a dream…. (I really do have a dish I call that! but my ex liked it and current guy… no salmon). In the dream, I got embarrassed after saying that. Who knows ??
      …..also had a dream of my bedroom ceiling opening up and what looked like Moses or Abraham or God (long white beard, white robe tied at waist, staff) and some other dude with him were looking down upon me….. then a thick, white rope dropped down from the ceiling. This is all I remember.

    2. Dear Nikki, thank you for sharing this! I agree with you, the precise time for “the event” cannot be determined beforehand, for it will happen when WE are ready for it, as the CCs say. So yes, the better we are at “letting go and relaxing into the process” the sooner it will happen. And yes, that is the hard part 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. I had an opportunity to stand before a racks of cocoons while I was at a ‘tourist’ place in Costa Rica. I spent quite a bit of time just standing and observing and feeling a butterfly that had just emerged and was sitting with very limp wings. It fascinated me. I wanted to see ‘it’ instantly pump them up and fly but it didn’t. It was still there where I had to leave the exhibit but the hundreds that were flying around me brought the promise that soon this newly emerged one would join them. As I type this my sister’s cockatiel, Misty is sitting by my head on my pillow watching me. Misty has one wing clipped so that he can flutter around the room but not get outdoors. I don’t pass judgement for this being done to him but I do wonder, “How many of us have allowed, or clipped our wings?” Some will sit calmly while their wings are pumped up from within and perhaps others who emerged early will ask that their clipped wing be restored.
    I like to trust that the dreams that brought my emotions low this morning are passing in the breeze. Soon I will take my first solo flight with healthy wings, to soar on high. I have spent many hours of my life watching birds soar overhead. One of my favourites to watch is the turkey vultures. If any bird has a morbid negative rep that could hold them earthbound it’s the vulture, yet they mount up and spread those magnificent wings of theirs and soar watching for ways to help clean up Mother Earth and make it a better place for us to live.
    I sigh, a big release and smile. I thank Misty. He sits here in silence but I’m feeling he speaks to my heart. Much love to all. ~Nancee

    1. Good analogy with the wing clipped bird.

      It reminds me of what was said on TV yesterday that many successful and prominent people have dyslexia. They have succeeded because they had to fight so hard.

      Much love,


    2. Dear Nancee, thank you so much for these wonderful words, they paint so vivid images in my mind :-). Yes, I think many have allowed their wings to be clipped, and I also think that no matter how damaged the wings seem to be, they can be restored back full working order again. And thank you for what you say about the vulture, it is such a beautiful reminder of not taking anything just by “face value” as the CCs say.
      LOVE, Aisha

  9. I’m finding myself in my dreams repeating my past feelings. Ie. last time I saw someone whom I greatly loved and I hovered over to this being. I said seeing other laying down low that I love you. Next thing lying down my bed someone was hovering behind me and I felt this pulsing energy coming to me. It’s the veil that kept me seeing the truth earlier. I’m doing it to myself. What does loving everyone and everything do?

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    Just as I replied to Steven N., on the ‘prolonged’ wait … here is another message … a ‘pick-you-up’ and nudging along the way … Namaste.

  11. So much coming up around all of this. Just about to post a channeling with Israel and The Rabbi shortly. I was wondering out loud to them, “How come I have to practice so much at this when everything else in my life came so easy for me?” It seems I am led into situations every day that allow me to “jump” off a cliff into the unknown. And it’s always about the fall and embracing the obstacles that I put in my way, and never about the outcome of the situation. And yes, there are many moments–after these jumps–where I say to myself, “I’ll just keep working at the car wash. Never mind this ascension stuff.” HAHA!!! Thanks for calling me out with this one Aisha. 🙂

    1. Dear Donna, thank you for sharing this! Someone once said “you can never un-know” something, and that is so true. At times, this seems like an endless cycle of “teachable moments”, of new cliffs to jump from, but still, I know deep within that this IS why I came, to go all the way. For we cannot forget what we have learned so far, and even if it is extremely challenging at times, it is not something I would want to walk away from and go back to living the life I used to live. For now, I know there is another way to live, and I have chosen this way with All that I am. And WE are the ones who get to fly 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. I AM loving learning to fly. I used to work at an airport where there was a glider (sailplanes) operation. And they only use lift to keep them in the air. Flying with no visible means of support up there. Except these very long wings! I will spread my wings even more today to catch the LIFT!!! Love back! (I think I sense a blog about lift coming on ) 🙂

            1. Dear Donna,,, I hope u saw my post (shout out to you) – in the prev missive. You helped me so much with your talk about the breeze. You lifted me to new heights! Evermore in gratitude and Love, ~A~

                1. Just read your post: “What matters is you went forward. You took another step. It doesn’t matter if someone acknowledged that step or not. You took the step.”
                  >How true and because you took that next step you created that ‘new platform’ for others to step up if they choose. In them doing so, it is acknowledged for all time. 🙂

  12. I’m sure.

    “and you are free to go wherever you choose to go.” (using THE TOOL)
    “so why stop here?” (not using THE TOOL)
    “so too are we banding together in order to give you all the tools”
    “you need to acknowledge it(=THE TOOL) for yourself”
    “For you have yet to soar” (using THE TOOL with your extended imagination)

    === You can extend your wings=imagination! ===

    To say easily,

    You can meet your dead parents / friends using THIS TOOL.
    You can change social using THIS TOOL.
    You can stop the bullying / war using THIS TOOL.
    You can meet your Angel.
    You can know the meaning of your strange experience in tha past.
    You can investigate the true purpose of your friends words.

    Prelusion of THE TOOL.

  13. Dear Aisha. I used to take such comfort from your posts and have a feeling of hope that things are getting better. Lately I have energetic rushes in my body and ringing in my ears that is nearly driving me insane (perhaps it has), and all these posts from you and others and the messages we are getting keep saying the same thing over and over and the reality is, our world is darker than ever. I can’t even read all this stuff anymore because it all feels like a Very Big Lie, and I know I am not alone in feeling that way. The Dark is clearly in the lead, and winning. If I did not have a mini-poodle I adore I would not choose to be here anymore, and if I had someone (and I am looking) who would take him and be able to provide a better environment than I am able because of the fact that the world is becoming darker and life is more expensive and I cannot afford it, I would not choose to go on anymore. I am done. I am over it, and I am starting to find these messages offensive.

    1. Dear Robin, you may feel some here are in a space you can not grasp. There is not much ‘proof outside’. Inside – and how can I say it – around my human Be-ing form, there is what truly IS –that sense of who this really is that I came in knowing about all along. I sometimes cant believe this is actually happening – I wanted it for so long and there seemed to be nothing to truly support it. At the same time, it does not surprise me because it IS all that makes sense to me – really. It was never to come To Us but From Us. I feel your pain and I wish I could give to you all you want but I can not. I offer you so much Love to surround and ease your hurting. I have said so many times how I would be gone, gone, gone if it were not for my cats! Something nudged me onward. I pray this nudging takes hold in you and sets you free from this anguish part of life. These are not just words… I know the place you have been experiencing. Come to a quiet place and allow the Love Robin IS to BE and embrace it completely. We are All Robin’s Love and Robin’s Love Is All with All that Is. Accept my embrace from my heart to your own, Love ~A~

      1. ….oh… want to add that the rushes and ear ringing and any bodily sensations that get your ‘attention’ is just that – High self nudging. It can not be ignored any longer. This is what got me to really focus on what I wanted and go for it. not Do or die – ‘Be’ or die was what came to me. Love, Areeza

    2. Dear Robin, thank you for your honesty, and thank you for bringing your pain here. By doing that, you are giving everyone here a chance to send you our love, and hopefully help you to see and feel the light you find so lacking in your life now. I know these energetic rushes and the ringing in your ears can seem to be almost unbearable, but like Areeza says, they are also a sign of you being connected to something outside of your body that is trying to help you. So thank you for reaching out here, I hope you will find the support you need to keep you going.
      With all my love, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha, I have ears ringing like jet engines, energy bouncing in my root and crown chakra. You say this is a sign of being connected to something outside my body that is trying to help me. So, if I am getting death threats from these voices, and woken up and noise that is truly unbearable, to the point of near suicide at times, can you explain to me please, how do I cope.

        1. Dear Sadee! When I mention the sensations in the body, I am referring to the physical effects the light has when it enters us. This can vary, from a very blissful sensation to a much more intense one, the same with the noises in the ears. When the process is more intense than usual, I have found it helps to focus on opening up for these loving energies, for the more I resist them, the more intense it can be. When you mention hearing voices giving you death threats, that is something very different indeed. The light does not act in this way, so I can only advice you to call in the light for protection, and to surround yourself with love. I have never experienced something similar myself, but I have found some advice that Ray has posted earlier, perhaps this can be of help to you: “The noise is always there. You just ask the voices what they want and ask what their intention is. If the intention is not what you want you tell them to go away. The ones that keep brothering you tell them there voice has no place in you. Then you ask that no Ill intension in allowed to stay with you and just tell it to go away. You can talk to these voices and see what they have to say you will know by what they say what there intention is. Just have no fear of them and speak to them as if you speak to a friend with understanding. They can’t stay if you give them love and ask them to leave. Tell them thanks for sharing what they have but you don’t need it if what they have is not what you want. If what they offer is what you want. ask them how you may talk to them again. They will let you know. ”
          I send you my light and my love, and I hope you will feel the support from me and from everyone else here at the Pond. There is so much love here, surrounding you on all sides, ready to come to your aid.
          With all my love, Aisha

          1. I remember that message from Ray, one of many valuable ones.

            I must say Aisha that you impress me of always finding the best citations for every need any time :)))

            Appreciating hugs to you!


          2. Dear Robin and Sadee, sending much love your way.
            Thank you Aisha and Breeze your kind and loving words.

      2. Dear Aisha,
        I had a healing session with Andy Bojarski today – I didn’t know him before this, but I knew he is associated with Méline Lafont, whom I love, and I had also read some of his posts and I really like them — I want to share that I feel SO MUCH BETTER – I believe that we are meant to shift to LOVE and HEART-CENTER and yet, my mood has been low a lot.

        I feel I got an energy boost today and that A LOT of negative energy was transmuted — and I gained a feeling of self-respect and meaning from the conversation with Andy and the session.

        So I want to share that.

        I know how hard it is to feel really low.

        The session was free with donations accepted.

        much love to you ALL! I’m feeling way better!


    3. Robin, though I have been given a personal directive from the Divine Mother to “stay in the Silence and receive,” I am deeply moved to share this song with you. I came upon it by complete accident yesterday evening and knew it was for a reason. It is called “Jewel of June” (my birth month) and is by Milk Carton Kids (those lost ones…) from their album Ashes and Clay (we, the vessels…). I know that for me, the receiving is the most difficult part. The trust that it requires to do so. I hope this is of some help to to you, my friend.

      I am sending you so much love,

      🙂 AH

      1. Dear AH,
        Interesting. We were both guided very specifically yesterday to assist Robin in our own unique ways. And I’m not surprised that your birth month is June. So is mine. I also happen to be a Gemini in 4 houses, which makes life rather colorful! My poor hubby – he has to deal with all eight of me and never knows which one is coming out to play! Bless you, my friend. And honoring your silence. I understand.
        Love and Respect Always,

      2. Thank you AH for posting this song. I know it was meant for Robin and I do join in sending love to Robin.
        However I awoke from a dream this morning that was clearing some emotional issues with me (about my age) and I was feeling low. The title of this song brought me tears. “The Jewel of June.” I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been stirred to let the grief of my mom’s passing in May be freed to flow out of me. Mom’s name is June and her nickname was “Jewel.” Some how I wonder if she is learning to communicate with me and this song has double meaning. I will replay it for the tears flowed and I missed many words… other than… it only takes a moment.
        Thank you that in your silence of receiving you felt free to share. Love, Nancee

        1. Dear Nancee – how special this is for you!!
          I spoke with my mom, Caryl, today. She is not doing very well. She is coming home – well not her own home here but nearby to an assisted living place. They only have 4 residents including her so it seems she will receive the attention that seems a constant need now. It can be challenging to stay in my high mode when there is the pain and suffering and sadness around me. Much easier than it used to be however. Love 2 U

        2. Many, many messages are meant for more than one person. That’s part of the beauty of unity consciousness. Love to you! 🙂

    4. Dear Robin,
      I’m standing with you at your side and honor your courage and feelings at this moment in time. You and your adored poodle friend are not alone, although it feels that way at this moment in time. I simply ask you to contemplate giving yourself permission to anchor into the love you feel for your friend to allow movement and passage through the chaos together.
      With utmost respect,

    5. Dear Robin, I join my Love with all those here embracing you. You are not a throw-away, you are not forgotten. You are unique and necessary to the Whole. As you reach out in Love to your little poodle, reach out to us. Ask for help from the CCs and/or your Guides… they’ve never failed me.

      An old, but True platitude: “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

    6. As Aisha says – it’s good to tell how it feels, it’s a good opening for you. I have also been in your situation and know how lonely and isolated you feel – even if there are people around you. We help each other here. It goes up and down for everyone all the time but by daring to make contact as you do, so you refuse to give up, and I’m glad for that 🙂

      Much love & light to you Robin!


      PS. About the ringing in your ears. For me it is worse when I am stressed or tired. Try not to give it attention. It is OK. I had it for more than a decade DS

    7. Sending Love to you Robin.

      Robins are one of my favourite birds, there is always one singing up in a tree nearby, or visiting our garden. The song of the Robin is very delicate and the melody “feels” like a small waterfall cascading gently down. Its orange chest is very colorful and it likes to show it, a very brave bird.

      You say the dark is winning, but that’s what it always feels like toward the end. It seems that no way the Light is going to win, because the dark is persistant.
      There will be a break however and the Light will come streaming in, and when the dark will be gone, we cannot even believe that is was once there at all.

      Love, JJ

      1. The last vestiges of the dark are making there way out. I agree JJ, it is because we are nearing the end of that which does not fit us here anymore in the ‘new cosmic day’.
        My continued nightmares do not disturb me as they used to. Just the last clean up to get my new house/vessel in order. I could judge them and say why do I feel so much more light and then go to sleep and experience dark? It is all for a reason. And others talking about how hard we can be on ourselves about not being productive enough, etc: I have wrestled with that one – never really being much of a do-er. more of a Be-er all along for a good reason as well. Feeling I missed the mark many times or did was capable of so much more. Now we know we Are transcenders and messangers and lightbearers…. and so much more….we are awesome 🙂 We Are Love

        1. A, I have entered the dark.
          Must go through it.
          Nobody can help me, but Me.
          Haha, I even feel that as I write this!
          Thank you for this.

          Love to You, Me and all of Us!

  14. I am struggling today. The message is hopeful in a sense, but riddled. I can’t seem to focus on my shimmering wings and do not know where they will take me to find the prize if obscurity.

    1. For me Guy, I had to ‘willfully’ pull myself out of myself — Into the Spirit of Areeza. Intend and keep believing.
      Not feeling so great here yet Knowing headway has been made and a work in progress!

    2. Dear Guy! Thank you for opening yourself up so we can all send you some extra love and support! Yes, the CCs do like to speak in riddles, and they keep reminding us that we must all find our own way ahead. That is not easy, as we must all “go where no man has gone before” as they say. But they also remind us that we are all moving in the right direction, even when we feel lost and alone. Hopefully, connecting wiht your family here at the Pond will help to ease your struggle today!
      Much love from me, Aisha

    3. Dear Guy!

      Remember – you are especially selected for this mission!!! And you are so much needed for it and therefore you will be supported by the CCs to make it 😉 Just relax and BE my friend – that is the hardest thing to do – at least for me 😉

      Much love,


  15. Reblogged this on The New Life Diet Book Blog and commented:
    These are much needed works of encouragement and support for those who acknowledge themselves as Light Workers and Light Warriors. Don’t give up! We are loved, supported, guided and protected always.

  16. Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement and loving support. They are much needed by all of us Light Workers and Warriors to keep moving forward. Much love to you.

  17. Exactly what I feel that happend! Felt my wings growing last year, then sometimes they dissapeared (when i get back in the old 3D) And just this week I felt them back again and feel so much grounded to mother earth!
    Hang in there folks….. you get there for sure
    Love and support Bianka

  18. Dear Aisha!

    It was not long into the reading of the message until I did not see anything of all the tears that never wanted to stop running. While I weep with laughter when CCs describes how we sit cope with hanging wings and do not even try to lift them;) While I am uncomprehending to what is missing in order to fly. Holy moly or what they say in America;)

    Thank you Aisha for your so patiently channelling these messages to us and also the CCs for appreciated patience with us sluggish started aviators.

    Love & respect,

    B in joy

    1. Hello everybody! Hello Jay Jay!
      What a beautiful and encouraging message CCs transmitted for us through Aisha; it is, indeed, very inspiring and “catchy”. I just hope that spreading the wings and lifting off will not take long, in fact, it should start off as soon as possible. Thank you all very much!
      Dear Jay Jay, believe me, I understand you very well; your problem is pretty much similar to the one I had had for years, along with the lack of the feeling of self-worth and issues with inferiority complex. But they are no more harassing me, vanishing without a trace. How did I do this? Very easily, by concentrating on giving love to Mother Earth, all its creatures and Universe during my meditations, through my heart. Soon after all of the above-mentioned negative energies started to lose their grip on me, because strong energetic currents started to surge through me, gradually – day by day, month by month – setting me free and lifting up my energetics. Then, and only then, I understood what various Beings of Light meant to say when affirming that there was nothing more important than opening the heart and emanating Love to All That Is. And today there is no greater pleasure for me than emanating Love. Believe me, folks, this is really GRAND!!! And the speed of the healing process is ever increasing. Good luck!

      1. So wonderful to read your words Marcel :)))

        Yes – Love affects everything and when we are ready to see ourselves in full force and beauty – then we lift – I think 😉 For me it becomes very obvious how love works when I forgive a person, who have hurt me bad, by sending love from my heart. Then liberating energy flows throughout my whole body 🙂

        Much love, light and joy!


      2. superb! and it is when loosing “self” – the old self contained ego concerns – that Love spreads its wings !!! 🙂 and soars !!!
        >>>bottled but not contained<<<

      3. Thank you Marcel, I actually have been doing the same thing you have, as in meditating with good results.
        However I have, probably for last time encountered the same issues and the feelings that come with them in the last couple of weeks, as to finally rid of them forever. I release them now, they are not of ME.

        Love, JJ

    2. Dear B – I was reading about Leonard Lee Rue III this morning…. he lives near where I grew up. Famous wildlife photographer for 60 years. This struck me on his Bio page ( but I did not post it here even though I was prompted to… Now, u prompt me to: ‘Whether it is as author, photojournalist or foremost authority on wildlife, it is the same man, fascinated by wildlife and intensely concerned with interpreting its beauty and encouraging each and every person to treat it responsibly, humanely and with an interest in both its future and our own.’
      ‘Dr. Rue’s driving force throughout his life has been the biblical admonition’…….
      Mark 9:23
      “Canst thou believe, anything is possible to him that believeth.”

      1. note: his first wife passed on last week and she led me to research him this morning. Kelly said he used to do work at Lennie Rue’s home so we wanted to see if he was still living close by. I have such fond memories of him coming to our school with his wonderful wildlife presentations…. can still hear his very powerful, enthusiastic charged narration! Love, ~A~

      2. Thanks Areeza! I love looking at those magnificent photos from nature, I saw many pictures from New Jersey as well – where you are from (?)

        I took many pictures from snow yesterday. Amazing how snow is formed around and on trees and it is all so beautiful. I really fill myself with healing when I am strolling around in that winter garden, talking with the trees and the sun 🙂

        Love & light!


        1. I am from Blairstown NJ. some call it “God’s Country” . I now live only about 20 miles from there at my lake community – called Mt. Lake – surrounded by Jenny Jump Forest. >old story of how Indians were chasing this family and Jenny’s father said “jump, Jenny, jump!”. not a great story…. but it is what it is and who knows what really happened.

          Nature supports us with its tangible beauty 🙂

    3. Dear sister B! Once again your words makes my heart smile 🙂 I see us all sitting there on the same ledge with our wings flapping in the wind, sometimes they get into our face and we push them out of the way because we do not SEE them for what they really are. I think the secret to seeing them is not to try too hard. We humans tend to complicate everything, we think we must DO something in order to achieve what we dream of, when perhaps it would be better to do less 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. yeah… we forget to make room for our wings….sitting so close to each other… who’s that tickling my face ?!
        And yes… not human ‘do-ings’… Hue-man Be-ings 🙂

      2. Yes my dear sister! You are so right.

        You know – the first thing I though of the other day was that I have to send more energy to my vision that I nurtured all these years and have given me a lot of energy and joy. A facility where I thought through every detail, every flower to grow there. A place where people come to get especially spiritual cure and relief, where there should not be about having a lot of money to get relief. That vision has carried me through this journey but the last few years I have not thought that much about it.

        Imagine my surprise when my nephew is about to build a similar facility in exactly the same place I dreamed of in my rather desolate but gorgeous home village. My thought is that I created so much energy around this so it will be in some form;)

        So – that was my first thought to DO. But I don´t bother so much. Everything will be as it is meant to be.

        In the meantime I enjoy the sea of joy that I ended up in after reading todays message and after a couple of days of light feeling. I have noticed that in my micro universe I just have to have to put my intention and everything works out in a strange way, without my conscious actions. Remains to see if it also works in macro mode;)

        I can not sufficiently appreciate you for the person you are Aisha.

        Thank you!

        Love and respect,


        1. Yes B! we put out the intention/seed and what does it matter who picks it up and ‘does it/grows it’? we are all one. God/All That Is put out we (its seeded intentions) and let us grow did it not? Made in Gods Image. so… that said, it already had been shown to work in Macro Mode — we micro chips of God can do same. 🙂 Love, ~A~

        2. Dear B, what a wonderful story this is, and what a powerful reminder it is on how to manifest by sowing a seed with the right intention, and then “get out of the way” and let it grow in the best possible way 🙂
          Much love and gratitude to you, dear sister!

          1. My dearest sister!

            I always have the feeling that you understand me deeply. I am crying when reading your comment because I feel that you understand what this vision has meant for me. It took me many years before I could even tell my best friend, because my vision had almost fused with me, my joy and my hope.

            Still, I felt only joy and gratitude when I first heard about my nephew’s plan a few years ago. It was my job to plant the seed and fertilize, which in turn gave me energy to heal myself, and now it’s up to him to harvest. So amazing everything is arranged 🙂

            Sometimes I wondered why he wanted to tell so much detail about his plans – especially for me … 😉

            In humility and gratefulness,

            B to B

                1. Didn’t get it at first, B. Probably everyone else did. For those who don’t, via Wikipedia: “humanity towards others”.

                  Very nice, B. 🙂 ❤

        3. Really interesting B. I understand as I have seen the same thing happen in my life and others. Our thoughts are powerful beings. 😉
          As to my own self I believe that whatever good I have been able to bring into this world by thinking/dreaming/encouraging or just by being is as powerful as the doing by someone else. I don’t have to be the one doing. I think it must be my role as well as the role of others. I don’t feel so bad about myself when I know that on some level I may have had a part in it. It’s like being a prism. Light flows through us so others can see the different colors. Without the prism the colors couldn’t be seen. Love to you B!

          1. Thank you so very much Denise!

            Yes of course we are prisms that make the colours to be seen. You say it in such a wonderful way!!!

            It takes time to really assimilate that way to look upon yourself as we are raised with the mindset that we have to work = do things to be a worthy human beings.

            There is so much guilt in people who for some reason can not be bothered to be “productive”, which feel like “gnawing” in the community and that certainly still regarded as such. I have myself been processing those feelings;)

            Let us swing our prisms in the sunlight Denise and let the cascade of rainbow colors lift everyone’s minds to greater heights 🙂

            Much love, light and joy,

            B to B

            1. I am with you B! We are the prisms! In love and Joy! Loved this version of the song…..thank you!

          2. Dear Denise, what a wonderful way to put this into words! Thank you so much for this! We are ONE, so connected, and we ALL contribute to this Creation together. Some may be more visible than others, but like you say, that is because someone else acts as a prism so the light of the others can be seen more clearly.
            LOVE, Aisha 🙂

            1. Yes, we all have a part and are one even if we aren’t the star. I for one prefer to be in the background. 🙂 But the background can make the picture. Love you Aisha!

    4. So I’m sitting here looking at the YouTube window reading “I don’t know why I didn’t come” and looking at a pic of a girl with her head in her hands looking whistfully upwards and all I can think is “because your sleeping with the wrong man”

  19. woke up with the numbers 797 7875 going over and over
    anything to anyone? lol…is it someones phone number?

    was night of hellish nightmares and sweats. fun. uggh.

    Just went outside to get a glass of snow for breakfast 🙂 truly.
    very beautiful here !
    USA – NW New Jersey

    1. Well I don’t know if its a phone number but here’s Doreen Virtue’s take on 797: Heaven applauds you to committing to your divine life purpose.

      If it were my message I would spilt the 7875 Into to 787 and 5 but it’s not. 787 would be via Doreen: You’ve set your sights clearly upon your goals and intentions. Keep going on this right path, as it’s bringing beautiful treasures into your life.

      5 would relate to change and transformation in her language.

      If this works fine. If not just leave it. Philip 🙂

      1. This is wonderful – and it Is taken As It Is From You
        XoA knew to come here right away with it. 😉
        Areeza did commit strongly the two days ago and the second part to keep going & the treasures it will bring….Forest Joy wondered what ‘treasures’ Areeza would bring ! very nice confirmations indeed!
        With much Love and thanks, Areeza

  20. Thank you Aisha, and thank you CCs for your inspired encouragement!
    Much love.

    “One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore.” ~Andre Gide

  21. ♡ ☆ “Are we there yet” ☆ ♡
    I highly recommend this website. The I AM Avatar Yoga mp3s are amazing.

    Here is a free “life hack” for you all:

    Do find yourself forgetting things? Ever say to your self “I mustn’t forget..” or “Don’t forget…” and then end up forgetting anyway? The reason is you used the word “not” in your intention. Your mind will not commit a negative to memory in this way. When you say “I mustn’t forget….” your mind ignores the “not” and records it as “I must forget….” as so your divine beautiful self honors your request and makes you forget. If you want to remember say “I must remember….” and you will -♡-

    1. So True~! My ex said this all the time… to state what u ‘do want’ not what you ‘dont want’. He helped parents in his ‘Language of Healing’ courses to use this for their children too. thanks SFD

  22. Gratitude once again to you dear Aisha for this message and all that you do here. For me the Highway Of Freedom is up and running and I see many moving onto it/steering towards it… for I need look no further than my calling with Spheres Of Light…

    I ran a free workshop last Saturday for 28 people, announced another in February on that day and by Thursday night it was fully booked with reserves! So I’ve booked in another date in March and bookings have started for that.

    I had the most wonderful email from a elderly gent today who came to the workshop he said this: “Please may I book a place for the March workshop. I feel like a new person since attending the one in January and am looking forward to the Feb one. The peace and healing in the room was out of this world, and the energies too. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be there I thank you so much.” Others have said similar.

    I share this because it brings me joy, a joy to share that many are embracing the profound energies we have all been gifted with here. Further these people are also forming their own smaller groups to continue to engage … things are shifting. Never have I seen things move this quickly… thank you Spheres Of Light, thank you everyone here for doing your bit to raise the planetry consciousness… much love to ALL.

    Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Philip, thank you for sharing these truly inspiring stories 🙂 You are making such a difference – we all are – and it is wonderful to be able to see and feel the results from all of this work.
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    2. Wonderful Philip! This is really great news that the energy is flowing so fast! So very happy for you all! 🙂 🙂 Let the SOL shine! 🙂

        1. Thank you B to B! What a wonderful song to wake up to this morning! I think I might like to put that on an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. 🙂 One of my cats use to come in every morning and jump up on the bed so happy like Tony the Tiger (Kellogs commercial). Ha! Yippee it’s a new day!

      1. Hi Denise, great question. One of the friends that helped me create the SOL foundation did look into the online option in the early days. It would certainly be very do able in about 4 segments to cover a days workshop.

        If there was call I’d do it. If it helps get the gift of SOL to more parts of the world that has to be a good thing accelerating the shift.

        It is interesting that some of the overseas people that have found there way to me in the UK or via the website have been doing wonderful and beautiful things with SOL. Russia being a wonderful example for instance and others too.

        Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂

                1. Noted Birgitta. I will definitely look at an option and come back to you all if you are up for being guinea pigs as it were online… Philip 🙂

  23. Thank you Aisha and CC’s,
    I want to do this, I want to use my wings and soar, but I haven’t even noticed them yet. I have every intention however to let go of the old me. I’m tired of putting myself down, I’m tired of making myself feel small and insignificant, powerless even. I am so tired of believing that that is what I am.
    I am that I truly am however, and I want to claim that prize, find that cloak and find my wings and use them all in great joy. I love all, but I want to start loving myself.

    I AM, JJ

    1. I am waiting to see you spread your wings. I haven´t even seen mine yet. I suppose it was included in the plan 😉

      Here is another snowball for you my dear friend 😉

      I love you JJ – as always!

      B in joy

        1. I understood from the discussions here that it contains a lot of good things:) When I grew up I was told not to eat snow as it was dirty and you could get worms in your stomach. I did it anyway 😉

          Sometimes the snow was dark, almost black, sometimes almost yellow and people said that was from industries in Russia and Germany up to Northern Sweden.

          Hope you keep on Areeza 😉

          Love & light


    2. Dear JJ, my butterfly brother! You will soar high my friend, even if you feel heavier than a stone today. I will not be suprised at all if you report one of those “quantum leaps” the CCs talk about in the very near future 😉
      Lots of love from me, Aisha

    3. Hi, JJ… did you notice? I believe your gravatar changed, also. You are effecting change within and around you.
      Congratulations, my dear Friend.

      Loving you with HUGS, Lin

          1. Your Energies are rubberband-ing… you’re on your way!! Pretty soon you’re going to be sling-shot into the Realization of oneness. Better get them wings ready for lift off.
            wheeeeeeeeeeee….. ❤

      1. Nikholas, AH, A, B – big, warm, winter-hugs and much love back you all, my wonderful family of light 🙂 This morning, I was floating peacefully in the Pond, in a circle of so many others, and it was such a blissful experience. I really feel the “lightness” today, may it last – and may you all share this state of bliss alongside me!
        LOVE, Aisha

    1. My Dear Friend, AH… A quick wave to tell you I am thinking of you often with so much Love and respect. Your Light is felt here even when you are away temporarily.

      As Alex suggested (I’m paraphrasing here), in taking care of your own business/needs, your incredible Light is given the opportunity to bring your substantial Energy, Clarity and Love to an issue that demands permanent transformation for many.

      Always, with continued Blessings. xo, Lin

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