The manuscript of survival – part 386

As you have perhaps already noticed, the ebb and flow of these brand new energies works in very different ways than before, and rightly so. For you have not only reached a brand new plateau in this ongoing process of reconnecting and remembering the different aspects that compose the true you, you have also managed to wrestle yourself away from the influence of the old and outdated modes and frequencies.

Let us explain. As many of you are already aware of, this process entails an ever changing sequence of frequencies being beamed into your body through different means, and as we have told you before, this must be done in increments, in order to accommodate your physical vehicle. For without the assistance of this much-maligned physical vehicle, you would not even be able to be here in the first place, going through this monumental change. And when we say much maligned, it is because mankind tend to look upon this ingenious construction of flesh as nothing more than variation of more or less unintelligent tissue, tissue that is prone to slip up in all sorts of ways by falling prey to any and all illnesses and outside influences. Well, this oft criticized contraption is in fact far, far more complex and indeed intelligent than a human mind is, and as such, you are actually inhabiting something that up until now has far surpassed your abilities to communicate and to complete complex and intricate operations. For this is not simply a lump of flesh that you are encumbered with, this is in matter of fact a highly evolved biological vehicle that is perfectly adapted to a life on this planet. It may not seem like it is, as it in the current condition seems to be nothing more than a fragile shell, destined to fall apart and cease to function sooner rather than later, but again, that is simply because you have not been able to access the enormous array of intelligence and capacity to evolve that this seemingly frail body actually carries within.

But now, through this long and at times tedious process of upgrading you and most of all, this physical vehicle of yours, through countless injections of energetic information and sustenance, you are now on the threshold of truly discovering just what a treasure it is you have been given. For this lump of flesh, as many like to look upon it as, is nothing like that at all. It is in fact a highly evolved, highly complicated and first of all, a highly intelligent creation that will be with you for the remainder of this sojourn on this planet. And, as we have told you before, it will be your most precious ally, your constant companion, your tireless co-worker, and the one that will enable you to truly work miracles while you still walk upon this Earth. For remember, without this body, you would simply be a thought, a non-manifested being, incapable of carrying out the monumental changes you have come here to carry forth. For you are not the YOU you are supposed to be at this stage of your evolution if you were bereft of that outer layer of you, that physical vehicle that stands between you and everything else at the moment. But it is not standing in your way, it is there so that you can access everything that exists on this planet. For everything else, you are fully capable of accessing yourself, through that vast and all-encompassing parts of you that is YOU in all of your other aspects, except that physical, human part of you where you are currently inhabiting.

But again, you are all not yet fully reunited with the full knowledge of your true scope, so we do understand that this will be uppermost on your mind at times like these, but we do want you to remember that the very fact that you are within this selfsame physical body, is the one defining factor to us at the moment. For if you were not encapsulated within that body, you would not be this all-important go-between for what lies behind the veil and what exists literally on the ground, and as such, we want you to take note of what is going on within you at the moment. When we say “go within”, we often refer to the fact that you are already carrying with you every single piece of knowledge, and every single attribute and ability you will ever need to exist here on this planet, and anywhere else in All of creation. But this time, when we ask you to go within, we ask you to connect truly and deeply with that “fleshy container”, the one that acts as your arms and your legs, your ears and your eyes, your mouth and your very ability to BE one amongst millions of others like you. For this physical manifestation, this wondrous being is yours, in all sense and purposes, for as long as you need it. And it will do everything for you, but you must also re-connect with this, just as you are doing with all of those other aspects of yourself that are residing on so many other levels.

For this physical body is not you, but it is there FOR you, to be utilized at the best of its abilities. So love it, and talk to it, and listen to it and connect with it, for it is indeed waiting for you to reach out to it in a very new way. And just like you, it is brand new, for it has been through the wringer, literally, in order for it to be rid of all of the old and inhibiting programming it has been subjected to earlier, and in order for it to become fully functional once again. But it needs you to complete this process, by acknowledging its very existence, and by acknowledging its importance – to you, and to this process of re-inventing not only yourself, but this whole world into something that far surpasses and outlasts the old and outdated modes of everything. For just as you have outgrown those old and ill-fitting shoes of yesteryear, your body has outgrown that old and outmoded way of being an extremely vulnerable and limited biological specimen, for now, it stands ready to aid and assist you to the fullest of its potential, and it is a grand one indeed. For now, you have both stepped away from the old and into the new, but as yet, you have not been able to tap fully into that new and exciting potential of that energetic sustenance that surrounds you on all sides. For you will only be able to do that if you manage to reunite yourself with that brand new version of that same old body of yours, except now, it is not old and tired, it is up and running afresh, ready to take you on a long and exciting and prolific journey into that brand new today, and all of the wondrous tomorrows that awaits you.

So go within, and look and listen and answer back when you are called to do so. It will do the both of you a world of good, and it will help to cement a friendship and a collaboration the likes have never before been seen, not on these shores, nor anywhere else.

212 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 386

  1. It was a doctor that abused us children. He finally is convicted now. I did all I could.
    But he is connected to high officials in my country. People died.
    I am talking now.
    But I want to live.
    I am so sorry. I do not know where i belong anymore.
    Since i came to the Pond i was healed from DID, a serious form of PTSD. So thank you Aisha and all of you.
    But this time I do not if I am doing right.
    I cannot stop crying.

    1. FlyingFree!

      The time is past when we must protect our perpetrators for fear of being punished. You have suffered enough and I’m so glad you let yourself free by telling us.

      I embrace you with my light and my love and I know we all do it. Flying Free – you could not find a better name, because that is what you are worth doing now – fly free as a bird :)))

      Thank you for opening up. An important step!

      Much love and respect,

      B to B

      1. Thanks B to B
        My cat just threw up and i am crying out loud and finally relaxing now.
        First my name was Willis.
        Now my name is WillisFlyingFree 🙂
        It’ s so good to finally fly free after all these years!!!
        Nobody can ever take that away.
        It what I always was but never before could reach.
        Like a bird, flying completely free!

        1. Dear WillisFlyingFree! Much LOVE to you, my brave friend! You have dared to shine your light in the darkest of corners, and I am so glad to see that you have chosen to set yourself free from the old pain and hurt. Keep flying high, and if you need a hand to hold on to, I am here, and so are all of your sisters and brothers of the light here at the Pond.
          With love and light from me, Aisha

          1. Thank you for holding my hand Aisha.
            We will keep flying high, no matter what.
            The gift of freedom; it’ s the most beautiful gift ever.
            Much love to all of you.
            Veel liefde voor iedereen!

            1. 😀 Yes, we will keep flying high my friend! The gift of freedom is truly the most beautiful gift – and the only way we can receive it, is to give it to ourself, just like you have done.
              LOVE, Aisha

        2. I see you, WillisFlyingFree; you are glorious to behold as you fly Light and FREE—forever now—from the terrible emotional shackles that had bound you. I am so glad you don’t look behind you any longer.
          Continued Blessings as you fly higher and higher. And thank you for sharing. You have found a safe home here of Love & Support.
          With Love, Lin

          1. Thank you Lin, this truly is a loving and safe home.
            I am so gratefull that I can always come back here again.
            It’ s exciting times in the world but I really am starting to enjoy every moment of it lately.
            Much much love to you too Lin! X

    2. Tears from eyes as soon as I start to type this message, and an outpouring of love and healing sent straight to you from my connection to the source. The truth sets you free. Well done for having the courage to speak it -x-

      1. Dear Soul Feather Diamond,
        I am going to the trees now.
        Thank you so much.
        I can feel your love.

  2. Good morning from Tel Aviv to all the Ponders,

    I received a visit last night from some senior Federation Light Beings, as they identified themselves. (Not my regular team.) They responded to my request to strengthen my aura which has taken a beating lately. The headaches that were causing severe pain and nausea are easing. I am a happier camper this morning!

    The L.Bs said:
    1. The clean up is going on throughout the world at various locations. Not all locations at the same time. This is why some of you feel it and others don’t. The mess is human made but they will not tell me what. They will take breaks so it will be easier for us.
    2. They stated what all the other guides – both from the Federation and the Spirituals told me – it is going to get easier in 2014. Doors will open. They will not give dates but said that we WILL feel better. They were very, very emphatic (is that a word?) about this. It WILL. Do expect energetic work from time to time.
    3. You are never, ever alone. Gaia Portal was correct. Humans have reached the spiritual stage where they are able to ask for assistance at any time directly and they are pushing us in this direction. Your guides are loving, PATIENT (how I don’t know) and always available – even in the middle of the night.
    4. They don’t except us to be perfect. In the human form, we still have emotions. When we cry, have melt-downs or question, they understand. Their job is to help us sort it out.
    5. Be aware of any channels that give “assignments” such as say this or that three times, light a candle next to an apple etc…..
    6. They love us deeply and unconditionally.
    7. They are aware of our fatigue and are trying to hasten the ascension process.

    One important clarification –

    When I give information, it is what I am told directly from the Federation. All information is confirmed to make sure it is accurate. In other words, it isn’t my “opinion” that the Arcturians are not Federation Light members and they were were kicked off of Earth. It is fact and was restated multiple times by all of the teams. It was reconfirmed this morning by my security team.

    When I write to the forum about my feelings or opinions, I always say – “it is my opinion” or “I feel…” or “it is my experience.”

    Readers are always free to accept or not the channeled information. It is never my intention to interfere. I give my time strictly out of love and service.

    With great love and always respect,


    1. Thank you Susan! You are always so clear in what you say – and I appreciate that.

      Now I also can understand why I haven´t felt ascension symtoms that others have, but I suppose the cleaning will be here too – soon ;))

      With much love and light!


    2. Dear Susan… then I post a question to the GFOL – Are “All” Arcturians bad beings? It is my understanding that ‘all’ is moving up a rung on this ascension ladder. To me, some of the Arcturians have a right as much as any of us to move up in vibration so some of the material from ones with higher intent may be good? No? Thanks, with Love and Respect ~A~

      1. i have learned very much about live in the 5th dimension from suzanne lies blog, who is channeling the arcturians.. that confuses me a bit right now and ill double check that but i dont think they are part of “team not good” 😉 something tells me that there may be some but even that is pretty unlikely to me.. time will tell as they say but again, this blog has helped me so very much and always confirmed what i was feeling!

  3. To all the daughters of eve:

    You have the power to destroy adam, you have always had this power. To be the child of the creator is to wield the power to destroy the creator. For to create a child is to give supreme power to the child above that of the parent. Eve was created from adam. But this was not with adams consent per se. From the day I was born I have loved each and every one of the daughters of eve that touched my heart. The looks, the slight comments that you may not think I hear. I see them all, I hear them all, and I love them all. I love you all.
    My loves that I have had in this 3d being: with each one that left me (I have never lost a women, they all left me), I loved the next one more. The last dauther of eve I loved; when she broke my heart I cried for years. You don’t have to hurt me for me to love you, be strong dear ones. THE one for me I have loved before the word, have the courage to be true to ME, because I only want to be true to you. the power that I wield is but a whisper (a feather) to the love that we wield as one. Baby please come to me. I want to heal the world, the universe, everything, I want to make eden for us all. We can do it together, don’t be afraid of me. You are my ultimate destrution if you wish, just as I can be yours. My heat, my soul, doesn’t wish for that. Why have nothing when you can have an eternity of absolute love, peace and contentment? Have courage my sweet angel. I know you have been hurt. Just as I know the hurt that men can put uppon a women. Meet me with the innocence you have always kept safe, and I will meet you with all the pain a man can inflict upon a woman. Kept behind a wall you will never cross, and never see (for it is not a thing I have ever done myself). And together we will make innocent and pure love between a man and a women as it should be. I love life unconditionally, and I love it all, as the darkness passes to the eternal void each day, I thank them for their lesson. The old souls were born with darkness and light unto this plain. My love come to me, or guide me to you. THE DAY WE MARRY IS THE DAY ALL SOULS ARE BORN WITH JUST LOVE EVER AFTER. We will still know THE dark and we will honour it, though it wil no longer exist for all time ever after.

    Baby just don’t kill me (again) and we won’t have to go through all this again -x-

    1. Hi, Soul Feather Diamond…. I was asking after your general well-being and hoping you are continuing to do well. That said, I say without judgment I don’t understand your response, and I’m ok with that. There’s no need for an explanation; in fact, I prefer it. That would be like asking a poet to explain his poem/his gift.

      Again, thank you sincerely for your kindness in providing the link to a truly lovely video regarding trees and their purpose—as one part of Mother—of giving Love to humanity and all creatures. We’re all “working”** constantly to bring in more Light (to BE Light) in order to heal and return our wonderful Planet (and US) to what she was/we were meant to be: manifested Light Energy of total unconditional Love so bright and complete that shadows and darkness cannot exist here/within us any longer.

      A personal aside, anger only feeds darkness, so I am focusing constantly on ridding myself of any remaining residue of that emotion. It’s the easiest of the emotions to access and can be the hardest to quell. It’s unsettling and off-putting to others… and I don’t want to do that to you or anyone. That would be unkind and disrespectful.

      ** “working” = focusing energies [I remember you don’t have an appreciation for the word, “work.” 😉 ]

      With Love&Light and in appreciation for the video, Lin

      1. It wasn’t a direct reply to you, so it wouldn’t necessarily make much sense to you.
        I too have a few motes of darkness left to rid myself of. My eagerness to bring in eden for us all often leaves me frustrated with the inability to make grander changes. This is one of the reasons I don’t come here as often. Also I am of the age where I build on my 6th chakra (3rd eye), and living in a constant state of déjà vu for hours at a time can be a little unnerving. And is another reason why I don’t come here as often. If I am feeling particularly portentious and happen to come across a message that isn’t from the light it can effect me deeply. I asked for the ability to help me deal with this in a practical manner and I was denied. There is only one abyss I choose to look into and that is the light. The never ending infinte potential of true unconditional love.
        Anyway I’m off now to speak to the trees, touch them, hug them, love them, and listen to them, as I make my way to the sea shore to clear my mind and write down the light work novel that is trying to get out of my head -x-

        1. Your poem touched me deeply. As if it was meant for someone I love. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. “For now, you have both stepped away from the old and into the new, but as yet, you have not been able to tap fully into that new and exciting potential of that energetic sustenance that surrounds you on all sides.”
    This end part of the missive really fits my experience of last night – me riding around in an invisible, extended consciousness that was me too.
    >>And today at work, I cant believe this did not strike me right away ~! — We had a training session on a new software we are switching to. Well, we are able to have the ‘old software’ embedded in the new until we get used to the new!! Gotta love how the universe works in giving me signs and signals that help me articulate what is happening on my own Micro level. And, they are all so timely.
    I decided to keep that new gravatar gift from today 🙂 Timely again XOA
    …something with the four arrows on it too I like. I call it purple bliss gravatar

    1. And then, once you become familiar with the new software, it’s time to drop the old version and discover all the improvements. Backing up all the time – it certainly is ingenious?

      Love you Areeza!


  5. Dear SFD… Haven’t seen your posts lately, but wanted to thank you again for the link you recommended a while back. I listen to it daily; it still evokes chills and quiet tears of JOY/appreciation.

    “Listen With Your Heart” (to Nature/Trees) video @

    With Gratitude&Love… I hope you’re doing well, Lin

    1. This Tree video really touched me. I have always felt so much toward trees. I even threw myself in front of one to save it from a chainsaw. I get so upset when people needlessly cut them down. Whenever I pass one being killed, I say a prayer and shed a tear or two. Even as a child I would sit and talk with them – knowing they heard me and now I want to hear them more. The neighbors tree that hit my house told me it was going down – on its own terms (did not want to be hacked away at – dismembered) and it did say it would land on the wires and not harm us. I greeted that tree everyday – I considered it the true owner of its property. Thanks Lin

      1. Trees don’t feel or know pain, in any way shape or form. Your reaction to protect them is a mirror of your instinct to protect yourself. Trees with their slow and gracefull lives would survive on the last dreggs of CO2 that the last human being produced way long before the last human being suffocated on the last dreggs of O2 that the trees produced.
        The spirit of trees ran alongside me as I biked through the woods the other day. Whilst I would prefer to stay human and play an active role in healing gaia and seeing humanity survive. I wouldn’t have a problem dying and becoming a tree (or another of my spirit beings) and watching humanity become extinct. -x-

      2. I was so happy to see the teen I have in care responding to a felled tree as you mention Breeze. She even asked the guys for a chunk and brought it home and told me she felt she was lead down that street just so that she could at least thank the tree for its life and rescue a piece. We had quite a discussion. She is 16 and very drawn to such things! What a treat for me to be caring for her. ~Nancee

        1. Hello Nancee!

          How wonderful that the girl got to meet you – and you her 🙂

          Heard that it’s very hot now in Australia. Hope your cold symptoms have released before you go. I’ll probably wait until the spring before my symptoms give way 😉

          By the way – I do not recognize the ascension symptoms as described here on the blog lately. I feel exceptionally easy and free. Maybe it’s the sharp cold (5F in just over a week now), which has inhibited the symptoms;)

          I wish you all the best Nancee!



    2. Thank you for the tree video Lin! So powerful! I cried this week as one of my neighbors cut down a very large healthy old oak tree. I know the other trees will mourn. I wonder how many generations of knowledge that fell with her.

      1. I know, it hurts deeply. She still exists in the ethereal—maybe she’ll return with the “shift”. (?????)
        Soul Feather Diamond kindly gave us that link. I Love it.

        1. I had not thought of trees/plants existing in the ethereal. I don’t know why that did not register in my brain as I have had communication with them in meditation and dreams and was just taught and experienced it with the plant spirit day lily in October. That was a class I took with Pam Montgomery. Thank you Lin for bringing that to my awareness! 🙂
          And thank you Soul Feather Diamond for the video!

          D 🙂

          1. I recall videos or some type of imaging being made of the energy field of leaves after they were removed from the plant or branch…. so interesting.

    1. 😉 somethings holding me there for this past decade.
      ughhh.. I feel horrible right now. my body does not want food to stay put that is for sure… for days now. anyone else having trouble revolving around eating? and my heart seems to be racing more lately too. Neck pain. no stamina. man, I wish we could reap some benefits soon. Sometimes I feel like we are doing this for others and that gets me a bit down. I dont think it started out that way but things got messed up in the plan. Well, the ideal plan that is. Is this plan ‘F’, I lost track. XOA

      1. Hi Breeze, I seem to be following in your footsteps today with symptoms. I could barely get my supper down tonight. Chocolate still slides in but even that I don’t crave the same. My head is pounding from the back of my neck and I took it easy at my work today which is unlike me. My mood is holding well despite it all though 🙂 I too have had the return of heart flutters more lately and I don’t even want to get into the NOISE in my ears!! :)) Love, Nancee PS : I must say the full moon tonight was lovely and I sat gazing out the window as she came into fullness.

      1. i’ve only been in a bar 3 or 4 times in the last decade.
        there was a time when i was a regular and everybody knew my name
        ? i don’t get it, what your getting at.
        thanks anyway

        1. nothing… i dont go to bars either… nor drink at all….it was just for fun and i discovered AJ Croce on my way home from work yesterday… thought the dude was pretty good. Could not locate that particular song on youtube. Love, ~A~

  6. Dear Aisha,

    I got into Denise Le Fay’s site as you recommended. I have no idea what these astral nighttime journeys are about so I can’t comment. I know people who have done these missions but I haven’t and don’t want to. Way over my head!

    What I can say is that there was indeed a (worldwide) problem on the days before and especially on December 31st.

    The information about Arcturians is not correct. The Arcturians are not of the Light, not of the Federation and were booted off Earth.

    The current clean-up is world-wide. This is the reason Ponders in Canada, Europe and Israel feel it. I don’t have too much information on exactly what is happening – just that they have to clean up some human-made mess, it is needed for the benefit of the world, to expect some strong energies and many of the regular teams are being called back for a little while.

    I know that Gaia Portal was information give by the Lyrans. Too bad they are finishing this service.

    With great love,


    1. Thank you as always for All you share dear Susan !…..’human-made mess’, well there is lots & lots of that…but the most critical endangering & destroying Mother-Earth & All her Beloved Creatures right now is Fukushima most certainly !!!!….next would be the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill !…poisoning water is the most dangerous thing that humans have done & continue doing…’Water’ says ‘if you make me sick, I will make you sick’ !!!
      Love to you….Bev~

      1. Dear Bev – Fukushima bothers me to no end! Well, hopefully an end in near future. I heard that is has gone ‘thru the earth to other side’? which is here! Then, I immediately thought of the last large solar activity that went right thru our planets core – one side to other – I hope it helped! Again, we humans would only have about 10 yrs of living if Fukushima horror is not resolved – Oceans poisoned = people poisponed. Love to fill all of space/time on this planet for All To Be Cleaned And Healed! Amen

    2. Dear Susan,,, with all respect, I again have to just say it is your opinion about Arcturians. I am sure there are some of light and some of dark like most anything else under the sun. Also, I have done the night travels most all my life and what Denise Le Fay described matched my own descriptions which i even wrote about from time to time. I recall the large rooms we met up in, etc. Still do from time to time though not as often for me. I always knew when we had these ‘meetings’. I used to get light shinning into the top of my head (eyes closed) like some one shining a flash light and I would answer ‘yes’ if i wanted to join in. It was ‘always’ a choice I had. Never a bad experience – for me. Sometimes just a bit tired in the mornings… .that hangover feeling. XO~A~

      1. …actually some were meetings and some was lightwork duty as i called it. I feel retired from that night stuff for the most part. Now, it is on a more personal level if that is even accurate since we are All One – working on my new expanded consciousness from the port of Areeza 😉

      2. My recollections from my night travels matches yours, Areeza. So many vivid memories from these huge, white, light filled rooms and auditoriums, meeting up with large groups and such a sense of “being home”. These encounters are always extremely powerful and positive, the only “downside” is waking up the next morning in my own bed again, for I always want to go back 😉 And thank you for pointing out that these “collective events” seem to have stopped, all of my latest “trips” have been one-on-one experiences. I can also really relate to your description of that “flashlight” shining into the top of the head, sometimes the light is so powerful, it is like a lightning going off inside my head repeatedly.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

      3. Aisha & Breeze,
        My collective travels also stopped rather suddenly a few months back. Last night was my first one-on-one experience and was different in scope. I met another in an ancient desert cave lit by a small torch. The “other” unrolled an odd scroll of some material I did not recognize and we began to discuss “the next steps”. Wish I could remember more, other than the warm greeting exchanged between us. Soooooooooooooooo exhausting! I can relate to that “hangover” feeling. I feel like I spent the whole night with my friend, Jim Beam!
        Love you, Caroline

      4. Yes, I believe we have been given a well needed “R &R”. It is so appreciated. Just what the “doctor” ordered. No doubt this precious “rest and recuperation” will be invaluable in times to come. ENJOY!
        Perhaps some “F & F”, (Fun and Frolic) is also in order. Go for it! I am teleporting to Melbourne for sun, warmth, and great tennis! Perhaps a little surfing on those beautiful coastal waves would be so soothing. Ahhh,yes. Maybe some of you are already there. Hi!

  7. Hi All ! just wanted to tell you how something quite extraordinary is happening today…usually the energies don’t bother me all the much, but today they are at a all time ‘High’…piercing me to such an extreme I had to say ‘Stop’ & ‘Let me go for a while’…aches, numbing, crushing, dizziness & weakness…& like my heart was going to explode ! I am a member of the children of the sun foundation…& they sent this meaningful image & message this morning that seems quite on target with how I feel…can’t link the e-mail but this is their site….

    so bizarre for me feeling gripped & frozen up tight while exploding at the same time !….I feel these energies are certainly making their powers known today !…..Thank you as always Aisha…but just not up to much of anything that requires any physical or mental energy today…..Love to You…& All !

    1. also interesting Jan 14th message from GaiaPortal I just read ~

      We at ÉirePort group have noted the vastly increased Galactic awareness during the period of the GaiaPortal blog portal.

      At this point, both hu-manity and Hue-manity components of Gaia consciousness Energy structure have achieved sufficient levels that it is an appropriate moment to close this GaiaPortal blog portal.

      We remind all that the “Inner Guidance” is all that is necessary to connect with Gaia, and Higher Cosmics.

      We encourage each and all to follow such.

      Thank you for your service to this Planet.

      We honor each and all.

      ÉirePort Group

      (this is very meaningful as well that something quite significant is happening !)

    2. Quote from Children of the Sun foundation :

      It is the morphogenetic stress web, which has its tenacious tentacles around all of our bodily matter.

      This stress web is what imprisons us to the carbon-based encodement. It ages us and sustains dense feedback loops, keeping us in boxed thinking, unresolved addictions, reactive emotional triggering, mental disparities, nervous habits and more.
      It is this webbing that shrouds our crystalline seals and keeps us locked into a time-coded reality of degenerative programming.

      The stress web must be removed before the solar encoded rays and their ionic radiation can be fully conducted to mutate our atomic core.

      The stress web must be removed to open the crystalline seals and activate more DNA strands in order to progress into our full human genetic potential.

      1. Thank you! Thank you! for years… years, Years!…I haven been wanting the description of my re-occuring childhood dream of being “caught in a giant web ball!”…. It looked like the inside of a giant base ball… I could never find my way out of it. Then,,, yrs later I got the Vitruvian Light Man vision that was to change this grid!
        Big X O for this Bev – I Love you! Areeza

  8. I see Gaia Portal has run its course… and I am sure the person that channels them comes here so a huge thank you from me for that work. I loved those updates though I feel this is a good sign… that things have shifted so far energetically. Philip 🙂

    1. Philip & Bev,
      Thank you for mentioning Gaia Portal’s closing. Yes indeed – it is a very good sign. And thank you, Bev, for posting it in it’s entirety below. A few days ago, I was told that many of us are ready to take over the “helm” so to speak, and that we will have much influence now on what occurs on this dear planet of ours. Sounds like we were “deemed” ready for the next stage in this process. A bit scary and yet exhilarating, too! Much love and respect for both of you!

        1. Bright! Too funny these gravatars. When I first was given mine and said yup, that is mine, of course it was green

    1. Breeze!
      It’s sooooo pretty! Very glad you and Kelly are moving into “acceptance” mode with as much ease as possible. I agree with Philip and the others about his healing with energetic modalities. If he’s open, he will heal in magnificent ways. My osteopath is a brilliant otherworldly energy healer, and has literally restructured and molded my facial bones to completely release my skull from extremely painful TMJ disorder caused from birth trauma and several concussions. Never, ever give up – there is always a solution.
      Much love to you both!

    2. Thanks Aisha !….for this link (but I’m afraid it’s a bit much for me)….I don’t usually get involved or synced with this side of things…..”Thank you to my HS” for releasing me go for the rest of the afternoon !….feeling much calmer..ahhh… have a glorious day Aisha !….Bev~

  9. GM/GE/GD everyone,
    While I am finding the descriptive words for it – I had this experience last night when I was just about to fall asleep. I was inside a force field of consciousness. It was like being inside a car but the car being more like a large clear object surrounding you. I was learning how to ‘steer it’. It was fun and not too difficult. At first I thought I was having a nice ‘traveling dream’. then I realized I was not totally asleep and that I was teaching myself how to drive my ‘extended consciousness’. Mostly it was on roads and alley ways…back streets…lol… was not ready for the freeway! Enjoy folks, Love you, Areeza

  10. Dear Aisha!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering my question! If you have answered it previously, then I must confess I missed it altogether. I apologize for that.
    Now, let me explain to you the other reason why my mind is so set on getting healed, specifically from now on. You see, in the first half of 2012 they posted on a very reliable and serious esoteric Russian language site (, from Latvia) a channelling of Kryon, who informed, amongst other things, that in the coming years the process of the physical bodies getting healed would become wide-spread. That is why I hope that the forthcoming huge transformational wave will bring it about.
    Thank you very much. Oceans of love for you.

  11. I always have to wait until the text is translated to really fully understand it – thank you Dear Roswitha for your translations.

    Yesterday morning I heard „do not leave me” and I think it was my body.
    I replied: „My dear body, I will not leave you! I tell you every day that I take you with me on the BixRon Galaxy, into the light.”
    In the afternoon at my nap, I saw ‚my eyes’ that looked at me.
    I think my body has risen in his eternal life.

    Last night I had a dream about a big cleanup. I cleaned my bathroom and my all-purpose-living room, grabbed the garbage in large bags and at the end I freed my window of the color layer.
    Then I knew: „matter, energy, space, time, light – this is the fifth Dimension.”


    Ich muss immer erst die Übersetzung abwarten um den Text wirklich vollständig zu verstehen – danke liebe Roswitha für Deine Übersetzungen.

    Gestern Morgen hörte Ich „verlass mich nicht“ und Ich glaube es war mein Körper. Ich antwortete: „Mein lieber Körper, Ich verlasse Dich nicht! Ich sage jeden Tag dass Ich Dich mitnehme auf die BixRon–Galaxie, ins Licht.“
    Nachmittags bei meinem Schläfchen sah Ich ‚meine Augen’ die mich anschauten. Ich glaube, mein Körper ist auferstanden in sein Ewiges Leben.

    Heute Nacht hatte Ich einen Traum vom Großreinemachen. Ich putzte mein Bad und meinen Allzweck–Wohnraum, packte den Müll in große Tüten und zum Schluss befreite Ich meine Fenster von der Farbschicht.
    Danach wusste Ich: „Materie, Energie, Raum, Zeit, Licht – das ist die 5. Dimension.“

    I AM BIXIE 😀

  12. Dear Guerric and Ponders,

    I am here! Like many of you, I have been not been feeling all that great.
    I always have the dilemma if I should be quiet or tell the truth about what is going on. Because you asked and due to Terry’s post, I will give you the updates:

    1. The blog I was planning to do turned into more of an internet site. I hired a tech and he is working on the lay-out. The material is almost finished but it has to await final editing from the Team. There have been many communication black-outs so it has been slow going. My agreement with them is that this site has to be 100% “kosher.”
    2. Off and on – mostly 2 weeks ago – the remaining group of negative ETs were making trouble – getting rowdy – (while in custody) so a decision was made last Friday night to hasten the deportation. (They have been doing this in rounds for months.) From last Friday night till Monday night (Israel time) there was a very large operation. This is what you felt last weekend. “Flu” symptoms, sinus congestion, headaches….) It went well and that is over. There are a few left (in prison) which will be booted out a bit later on. So – all in all – that chapter is pretty much behind us. Hallelujah.
    3. From Monday night and ongoing, there is work being done to clean up the human garbage. This can mean any number of things including pollution, chemicals, arms….. They do not give me the details but I have been told that it is absolutely necessary. In order for the Event to proceed smoothly, the Federation is taking no chances. Everything must be clean and in perfect order. The security teams are working very hard and will try to get this over as soon as possible. Expect the usual symptoms of heaviness, nausea, headache…. Remember – it is NOT YOUR internal baggage and has nothing to do with “ascension symptoms.” It is your physical human body responding to feeling, seeing, and hearing the galactic garbage trucks remove the “shit.” (And believe it or not – this is the word even my Team uses! LOL)
    4. For the next few days, it will be difficult to channel so those of you who have teams will probably not be able to get through. This is temporary.
    5. Humans are making great strides in awareness. Things are going well in this department. Some of this can even be seen in the media as with the campaign against marine animal abuse. Sea World has taken a lot of heat.
    6. Many Light workers have had upgrades and are in the process of being teamed up with guides. Again – there may be some temporary delays off and on when work is in progress.
    7. The Federation (HQ) has assured me that they are doing everything possible to speed up the process because they feel our fatigue and frustration. I have been promised that they take all requests seriously.
    8. Once all the garbage work is finished, 2014 will be a much, much easier year for us. My team told me, the spiritual guides told me and so did HQ.

    I am always available on e-mail:

    With great love and in service,


    1. Thanks Susan. Reading your updates is always appreciated. I must say it’s been a strange combo of feelings in this ol’ body of mine. I say that lovingly because I really do admire my body for the number of years I’ve been “using” it. My time in Costa Rica seemed to reunite us so this CC’s message from Aisha really clicked with me… so does the timing of the nausea I felt coincide with your report Susan. My plans for Australia have been bouncing like crazy but mostly due to trying to connect with a friend here. That seems to be coming to a head and the go ahead should fall into place soon. A lovely seat sale would be appreciated at the same time! 🙂 Love, Nancee

    2. what you told about the teams and that they dont get trough at the moment explains why im not guided to mix music at the moment and shows me with greater clarity why i learned it so fast in the last 2 or 3 months 🙂 thank you for your updates, they seem to be pretty accurate to me 🙂 much love!

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