The manuscript of survival – part 385

As the time continues to speed up, you will all at one time feel as if lost behind the veil as it were, as you will all come to a point where the person you have thought yourself to be, seems to vanish as if into thin air, and rightly so. For you are no more tangible than the very air itself, if you think of it, for you are indeed made of the same stuff as the air. Indeed, you are but a collection of particles hovering closely together, forming the body that you up until now have defined as you. But you are not that body, in fact, you are simply inhabiting this body, much like a small crustacean will find an empty shell to shelter within for a certain amount of time, until that shell becomes too restricted, and it will need to move on in order to grow some more. So too it is with you, as you are indeed something vast indeed, so that only a portion of you can inhabit this small corporeal form you call a human body. But now, much have changed, and so, a much larger portion of what can truly be defined as you, the real you that is, can now be housed within this said corporeal form, and as such, this time, there is no need to make a hasty escape from it in order to grow even further.

For during this latest upgrading of your functional system, more room was indeed created, and so, more of you have already made its home there, alongside all of those bits and pieces of you that have been around for a while already. Remember, when you first entered this physical body, it was only a small portion of you that came in, devoid of so much that constitutes the real you, the essence of you if you will. But as you have allowed this process of reintegration to commence, you have by now accumulated a whole wealth of your former elusive parts, and as such, you have become far better adapted to perform all of the magical tricks that you came here to do. We use these rather informal words of magical tricks, but that is not in order to play down your part in this whole operation, far from it. Rather, we use these words in order to remind you all that what we are speaking of, is that truly magical art of creating, the art that requires a light heart and a joyful mind, hence our rather light-minded choice of words.

As we were saying, even if you have all come to a point where you are so much more than what you were only a short time ago, you will also come to a point where you will feel so much less than ever before. Because you will at one time or another find yourself as if dissolving into nothingness, like there is no more substance to you, and where your old and faithful physical body simply will feel as if it is falling apart into its singular components, no more connected than the clouds in the sky, a mere semblance of matter, but still, nothing more substantial than a wispy cloud in the afternoon sky. But at the same time, we can guarantee you all that you will never feel yourself more substantial as when you find yourself scattered into a billion little pieces, seemingly tossed up into the air, for the wind to blow about like nothing more than scraps of paper in a storm. For then, you will truly feel the real power of who you really are. For you are ALL, you are everywhere, and you are no thing at the same time. And as you see this, you will also see far, far beyond the limits you used to stare into every day, when you thought you were nothing more than a human, defined by the confines of that fleshy object, your own body.

For as you find yourself falling apart, disintegrating into seeming nothingness, you will also find yourself stepping into the real you, the limitless you, the one that has no borders, and therefore, the one that has no end. No end to what you can achieve, no end to what you can be, no end to what you already are, and as such, this falling apart will quite simply be the coming together of the realization of your own true self, the self that is not inhibited by any concept of time or space or indeed matter. For then, you will simply know that you ARE, and no matter what you do or what you choose not to do in the upcoming period, it will have no impact on this, the very core of you. For it is indeed eternal, and it is indeed omnipresent, and it will always be thus.

But remember, it is indeed up to each and every one of you if you choose to live out the remainder of the time span of this incarnation with that realization within your consciousness, or if you choose to forgo that and simply continue to live your life as an ordinary citizen, a mere human, dictated by all of the whims and limitations of that flesh and blood you are encapsulated within, or if you choose to embrace all that you are, and set yourself free to roam that vastness of you while still residing within that complex and extremely accommodating physical vehicle in which you currently reside. For now, after this latest and grand installment, you and that physical vehicle have become compatible, and indeed companionable, in a way that none of you have ever been before, and as such, you will be able to live out quite another life together, where you and your body in tandem will burst through any and all of the previous limitations put upon you both. But again, this will be your choice, and your choice only. So again we say, choose wisely, and do not think you have to do this or that to attain that freedom to truly choose what you want in this. For in this, you have already accomplished what you need in order to make that choice freely, and so, we leave it to you to make it as you wish.

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  1. Yes, the Event hit the news. At least in my newspaper.
    In between retro- sentimental slow movement (deceleration) and messianic onset of the radical different (The Event) another way was proclaimed : acceleration.
    Our company seems to follow a combination. Acceleration intermingled with a prophecised future of living a different life in proclaimed internal, invisible landscape. (It is vaster than you think…) It leads to contradictions like not decidable decisions, that have already been made. The great installment has not asked for permission. (click here to finish) So we can still live as ordinary citizens. Sun of blue is leading the deinstallment group here. Who knows what kind of this little event will be. ( Wasn´t ascension (THE PROCESS)) ?
    Mayhaps the event is the melting of the ice caps of the north pole.
    Then we would all had something in common, so to speak.
    There is no future in a past that used to be better.
    But there is no Gegenwart (now) in the future either.
    The next event will be message 386, at least to the diciples of the pond.

    with the hand on the wheel and the foot at the cruise control.

  2. This is from the same source:


    My so much Beloved Children of Heaven and Earth

    Tell each other about everything you experience

    tell me what you feel in mind and body

    Share the events on the emergence of the new Earth

    your children and grandchildren will want to hear the stories

    they will want to hear with interest about the big event

    your descendants will wonder

    and can hardly imagine

    how was life, has been

    Before ascended Earth

    before mankind ascended

    how there were people who worked day and night

    only to want more

    they will be unable to imagine

    that people were actually slaves

    of a very small group of people

    those children who are born

    When the Whole Earth and All

    Harmony is in

    will read the stories in gratitude

    The stories will be told

    from human to human

    About The Ascension

    on changing

    Earth -Man to Cosmic Man

    tell and write

    My beloved children

    share your experiences with each other

    and know and trust

    you perform miracles

    and miracles will be written about

    In Light and Love

    My name is


  3. Thsi was chanelled by


    So much my Beloved Children of Light

    We all together

    anywhere in the Universe

    All look forward to going to happen

    and there is much to be done

    it is grand and all- encompassing

    it touches the Creation to his innermost being

    I feel your desperation

    that you occasionally overtakes

    I know you ‘re tired

    I know you are tired THE

    your bodies have much to endure

    the change of a gross

    a subtle body

    is associated with many symptoms

    for one is heavier than the process for the other

    that has to do with your state of his

    it has to do with your DNA

    but know , my Beloved

    and trust

    All what you change

    can never be reversed

    you never come into a world

    where people are enslaved

    Never , ever more

    What are you creating

    is a world of freedom

    is a world of equality

    is a world


    Light and Love

    Jeshua Ben Joseph

  4. Pfff, just putting my thoughts here. Some people think that I sent my Twin away. I feel the need to say that it was something that just happened to both of us.
    Now however I feel responsible for putting her in a position that was worse then before. Also I cannot stop thinking of her, and I don’t know wether I can ever go back to my wife because of that.
    Anyway, I am at a still point right now. I’m waiting for things to unfold, waiting for the Event, which may or not have already begun. Last night I felt such bliss, it was incredible. Two waves hit me last night, then I fell asleep.

    Love & Light, JJ

    1. Thank you for the two messages from Jeshua and Mary (and for the english translations 🙂 hahaha).

      I believe everyone here is wise enough to know that it was something that happened between both of us. I’ll say again to you, luv, you are not and never were responsible for me, though I understand why you feel/felt that way. The position I am in now is of my own making, as I have said to you and here at the pond. It’s all ok. It was and is all for a purpose. I firmly believe that.

      I feel the stillpoint, too. Last night Ripley and I were outside, and it was really foggy and muffled. She said, “Mom! We are literally standing in a cloud right now! It feels like a cocoon, doesn’t it?” As usual, her words carry more meaning than she knows. Or maybe she does. 😉

      Love and hugs to you and everyone!

      🙂 AH

      1. Interesting, so if you put yourself I the position where you are now, that means that I put myself in the position that I am in now.

        1. Yeah baby!!! Now you are getting it. 🙂 😀 😉

          About my gravatar. This “new” one has been there since sometime in October (I think … maybe early November … doesn’t matter). A wise man once told me that my black gravatar meant I had absorbed all light and that it is now time to let the light shine forth. Maybe you know him. So when this gravatar “accidentally” showed up again, I decided to keep using it. I thank you for that as I do for everything else.

          And I love you so much, too.

          🙂 AH

          1. Yeah I know this wise man too 🙂
            It just struck me that your Gravatar really stands out now, maybe it means that I see you more or that you are really starting to shine!
            It’s a beautiful sight!
            Love yah

    2. Dearest JJ… Thank you for sharing. This is the first time in a long while that I sense regret and guilt have entirely left you, and a “new” JJ has appeared, ready to shine.
      Welcome, YOU!!!! 🙂
      With Love&Hugs, Lin

            1. Yes!
              Much Love continuously to you both. Take good care. There is movement now with you (and Lori) and that delights my Heart, JJ.
              Always with my Love&Light&Hugs, Lin

  5. I dont know of feeling like the article expresses, but I do know that the sudden emotional shifts are huge! one min. I am ok the next min I am fighting back tears, the next min I am feeling such love and then ah… neutral. WTH??? lol also just to talk about spirituality with anyone, my body lights up with energy coming out my hands, feet, top of the head and just an overall buzzz of energy. what is this? my heart is so open anymore Its hard to be normal in this world. hahahah

    1. Dear oriannubis! Welcome, and thank you for bringing your light to this Pond! I think you will feel very much at home here 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  6. I have been feeling like I am ‘blending’ – becoming smoother and smoother and smoother. And just now I heard the words clear as day “Activation Has Begun”. This is 8:28 my time. I feel something beyond words. Big, yet soft and steady. So focused. Not on anything in particular. On void – space – something, nothing, everything. I could flash this xxxxx-ness outwards – I know it! I could flash right on out into the vastness….. and beyond….and snap right back again….like a rubber band….in No time.
    This is really a nice ….whatever it is…..

  7. Update on my Kelly: Hip is twisted in pelvic socket, broken hip – bone fragments in it, broken pelvis, two bulging discs pushing into spinal cord – that last part was something we were shocked to find out and see MRI pictures of.
    He is declared permanently disabled and no surgery will fix these things. We are still taking in this news.
    Its been a rather rough day. I feel sick to my stomach right now and my head has twinges going on still but I will be OK. I told him not to take in so much what doctors language is about things will get worse, etc. I want him to open up for healing to take place. I will work on it. His mood is better at the moment. He had to process it – adjust that he will not go back to work.
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for us. Loving U, ~A~

    1. Oh oh oh. Sounds like a train hit Kelly versus a human.
      A… Continuing with Light&prayers for you both as you help guide him towards accepting healing.
      Is his mom doing any better? So much to deal with.
      With Love, Lin

      1. Thank u very much Lin. His Mom was good today 🙂 Seems day to day as to how her energy level is. When she has something to look forward to, she is better and her daughter is coming from Ohio on Friday for a few days. So sad how work gets in the way of our lives – the daughter and grand kids would stay longer if they could. Kelly is hoping his settlement will be good and he can not only enjoy his life with more relaxation/fun but help his family do the same. God, maybe I can relax in there someplace too! 🙂 The universe must have something planned. I mean our house got hit hard and re-done thru insurance. I prob. never would have put 35k into it. Not like we would have done it with any money he gets either… we might have moved…I dont know but if it could get paid off, its cheap living with low taxes… so what is in store now? His dream is to have a fishing boat. We live only one hr from Jersey Shore. Kelly manages pain better than any one I know (his Dr of 35 yrs says of him the same). I only see good things coming as long as he opens for all this healing I know can happen for all of us. He valued his body and what it could do when he worked… now he will learn to value and use his mind/consciousness and what it can do.

        1. wow. sooo much. one step at a time. after the dust settles, Clarity leads the way.
          With Love, Light & Prayers, Lin

          1. we are just trying to keep ourselves upbeat and happy 🙂 dreaming of who life could be now in a good way. Both of us in a really good place right now. I am still smoooothing out. something is happening…..

    2. Light & Love to you both Breeze.
      The body can heal, the body can function itself.
      The body is beautiful, and Love.

    3. Areeza, I just wished to share that I have witnessed so many miracles in my healing work physical, mental, emotional, spiritual that I know and experience anything is possible… Let me know if you feel I can help. Each persons path is different but also anything is possible. Much love to you both… Philip 🙂

    4. Areeza, I can absolutely say with emphasis that he needs to get a second opinion. In this day and time there is such a quantum range of experience and skill in the medical industry. My dad is a retired orthopedic surgeon who pioneered the original titanium hip replacements and he did surgeries un heard of in his mother has since had surgeries un heard of in my dad’s time…my friend just fell off a horse and broke 2 vertebrae into a million pieces and through a magnetic surgery and some type of viscous concrete they were able to draw all these fragements together and recreate 2 vertebrae for her. Absolutely focus on what is needed at this moment and then go out and find it–and find it you dear friend had bone cancer in her leg and was told she would absolutely lose her leg. She has walked around for the past 5 years on a leg that looks normal on the outside but is almost completely replaced with titanium on the inside…this is because she found the right doctor who didn’t have the limitations in skills and beliefs in themselves that the others did…she can ice skate again…what joy…

      Twisted hips can be reset under anesthesia–bone fragments can be magentically or arthroscopically removed–hip sockets can be replaced…discs can be removed and spines fused….certainly a LOT is going on but there is no such thing as incurable or inoperable in orthopedics…it might take time, but everything is possible with the right doctor and the right mind set…

      Huge hugs! and gentle healing green light from our brother Raphael for Kelly….Alex

  8. I’m impressed that you keep ETs in chess. I have not seen a single one yet.

    Keep on fighting – I hope it will soon be over.

    Shine your light as always Sun!


    1. 🙂 Sun… I am an ET. U can trust me
      basically, we all are from elsewhere – ‘starseed’
      I share consciousness with my star family – they are cool 🙂
      I guess the greys are not so cool – but they are learning

  9. 01/03/2014

    “I am Ashtar Shéran ! It is with pleasure that I have yet to speak to you today.

    Of course this transmissive , this child of Light, is very difficult to accept that it was me that actually communicates with it! Somehow it is to his credit because it does not want to be abused. Be assured that I do not believe ! I really am Ashtar !

    I just tell you this: I know that many Lightworkers, many who have voluntarily accepted the incarnation on Earth to accomplish their mission began to be sad, anxious , because nothing happens , because everything is too long and they lose confidence.

    Me and my brothers in the great ship Star Celeste can understand , but we still ask you a little bit of patience. Put that time to good use patience to refine what you are.

    You know that I speak the truth as you see more of what you call ships , you will see several forms , you will see balls of light , and you will increasingly feel that any approach now large, very great changes are at hand .

    This year should be a key year, the year of revelation , the year when many beings wake up as if sleep was completed and will be reconnected to their reality. This year , many things will change.

    We are demonstrating more and we’ll tell you this: many Lightworkers we will ! Some of them will see a much larger and very bright star in the sky , others see as the channel and saw our friends, large spheres which are vessels of Light. It will wait for them and as if to say : “We are here We are present in your sky We have never been so close to you, then have another little patience ! ”

    Your world ends! Your civilization ends! He is preparing a new cycle in which humans live completely differently , where men will be freed from the yoke of domination where men believe in brotherhood , joy and beauty .

    I speak of a new cycle because you will actually begin a new cycle ! You are more vibrations in the fourth and fifth dimension! Many will feel the beings , will feel much lighter, perceive many things they did not used to collect or will experience things they did not used to feel .

    I put you on guard against : Beware the illusion , the illusion that attention can create your desire ! Just be careful!

    I , Ashtar , I will be more close to you. More I will guide you through sincere and pure channels. More I warn you of crucial moments that you have to live. This is your reward for waiting that seems endless! However, when I warn you , I will not do that through a single channel as a single channel is not necessarily credible ! While I was talking to some future events to our current transmissive , it does not return because it would not have confidence in the reality of what I said to him .

    By cons , if more intuitive people , whether canals or other , receive the same information , you will know that it is credible, that is the reality, and you prepare completely ! You prepare yourselves , you prepare to deal with what you have to live !

    You will be warned! It’s the least we can do because you have worked for years and years with courage, selflessness and love! This is the least we , your galactic brothers and I , Ashtar , can do for you ! We will not say that it is a reward , it is only the just reward !

    So do not worry if some events begin to occur , you will see us , you will feel us more close to you ! The time is not yet quite there , preparations are still in terms of the invisible , many things are taking place because some energy must leave this world, willingly or by force! When I talk about energy , I also talk about non-human or even human bodies !

    Today, early this year, I came to give you confidence and also so that you still have a little patience. Everything happens , but also you have to understand before we can live in wholeness, there will be difficult times. I do not say only for you who hear me , I say to the world in its generality.

    The major changes are often in pain , but they are often necessary to go to whatever you want so long. Life in this world can not continue as it is! Humans have done wrong ! We have warned more than once and they did not listen , because they were recommended by other energy sources (I prefer naming energies).

    Increasingly , humans who have awakened will consider what we tell them . Ashtar Command will make contact with many humans , it will make contact with some politicians , who will be able to understand, accept and implement what we tell them . We act for the good of humanity!

    We could be there twenty years or more , but we could precipitate certain events and therefore we would prevent a certain evolution in humans . It has been given extra time to a maximum of humans open a new awareness and prepare . Now this time is almost up ! Me , beings Command , and all beings that help the planet Earth will ensure that maximum beings still open !

    Meditate on what was said and work on! Again know, Lightworkers, Starseeds, you are not alone , know that there are many of your galactic brothers who , at this time, help the Earth humanity. There are hundreds of thousands of vessels waiting around the Earth that you still can not receive because they are in the fourth dimension , which will manifest more and more to make you aware of their actual existence .

    Everything that is hidden will be informed by our Light All will be revealed ! As you say , you are the period of the Apocalypse ! In the true sense of the word is the time of the Revelation ! Some revelations will result in suffering.

    I salute you , Children of the Earth ! I greet you sometimes just on our ships at night to find us! I greet you on behalf of all my brothers , your galactic brothers , I tell you how much I love you and how much me and my brothers protect you .

    Again I tell you, be a little patient! Everything happens ! You are not far from the other side , but there will be times where a little obscure light can not penetrate and it will still pass !

    I love you! Be brave and patient!

    I am Ashtar ! ”
    You can replicate this text and give copies under the following conditions:
    it is not cut
    there is no change of content
    that you refer to our website
    that you mention Monique Mathieu’s name

  10. Dear friends! When I logged on to the blog this morning, there were more than 140 comments on this post already. Reading through them all, was just as amazing and as powerful as these energies we are swimming in at the moment, and once again I must thank you all for what you bring to this Pond. You SHINE, my wonderful brothers and sisters of the light, and I find it hard to describe what a deep impression you make on me by the way you continue to evolve and emerge at such a fast pace 🙂 So I will just say what a gift it is to be allowed to be a part of this unfolding miracle that is manifesting in this Pond 🙂

    I was also given a message this morning, and I have been guided to share a part of it with you:
    “For you are but a myriad of scattered pieces, scattered far and wide, ready to report home to base as it were, that is, the core that is the real you, but that exists without the aid of any physical manifestation. And as such, you will be brought to a brand new level, whereas the parts of you that you sense as the “you” in human shape will be allowed and indeed encouraged to seek towards all of those other bits and pieces that constitutes you. For remember, you are indeed within this physical body for a very important reason, and the reason is not to discover the true essence of you, and then use that knowledge to leave these earthly realms altogether. Far from it, your task is simply to gather yourself the best you can and then use that knowledge to further that anchorage you have already established whilst within that same physical body, and through that, aid not only you, but your fellow men to go through the same challenge of re-connection. For you are not here to let go of the human parts of you, rather, you are here to incorporate all of those other, less tangible parts into that human container, the better to be able to bring the concept of human and humanity to a very new level indeed.”

    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. We love you right back baby girl! I absolutely feel what our CC’s are saying here–they have given us all a taste of how it “FEELS” to be non-physical while remaining in body–certainly in dream time we experience non-physical energy and movement but our senses do not feel that and our brain interprets it as just “sleep and dreams”…yesterday and last night I spent much time alternating between periods of intense stress in my body and fatique and literally being weighted down as if gravity was 3 times stronger to periods of intense peace and expansion in my body as if I were a tea biscuit floating perfectly still in a cup of earl grey and soaking up all the liquid and expanding–my shape was still my shape but I was energetically and etherically soaked through with love and bigger…I also felt scattered as if I were a brilliant green flashing light moving through the universe and experiencing the beauty of the stars…but it was confusing to my body and I think It was unconsciously drawing me back down and so out I would go again with no fear, only a centered heart and desire to experience more…

      To BE in the body and Ascend really puts a whole spin on things and was it Anna Helena who mentioned City of Angels the other day? Remember the scene where the “fallen angel-=human” is in the hospital gown and then Nicholas Cage takes him to the diner and he eats and speaks about all the JOYS of human existence that Angels do not get to experience? Watching that scene makes me relish human existence–and again I will draw back to my conversation with my 8D or higher daughter–and she said that while she loves to be unfettered she adores the senses, taste is the best in all the universe, touching silk, feeling the sun on her skin…We take these things for granted…and now we will have angelic skill sets and human skill sets all in one package…imagine that–feel on that–know on that–understand truly that is occurring….and wow!!! 🙂 much love! Alex

      1. With a material-body I can live, feel and sensual perceive.
        I’m now very sensitive and feel very intense.
        I enjoy my feeling. During the long darkness feeling had become suffering and pain. Now I can enjoy my feeling again, it’s pure joy.

        And: I feel very comfortable on Aisha’s blog, it is ascension energy, it’s exactly what I feel now.

        I AM BIXIE 😀

        Mit einem Materie–Körper kann Ich leben, fühlen und sinnlich wahrnehmen.
        Ich Bin jetzt sehr feinfühlig und fühle sehr intensiv.
        Ich genieße mein Fühlen. Während der langen Finsternis war Fühlen zu Leid und Schmerz geworden. Jetzt kann Ich mein Fühlen wieder genießen, es ist pure Freude.

        Und: Ich fühle mich sehr wohl auf Aishas Blog, es ist Aufstiegs–Energie, es ist genau das was Ich jetzt fühle.

        ICH BIN BIXIE 😀

      2. Dear Alex, I love the way you describe this fluctuation between the feeling of expansion/contraction, and yes, it does feel like the gravity suddenly increases tenfold at times 🙂 To me, these new energies are all about learning to expand and “scatter”, and even if they are intense, they feel so much lighter than the powerful squeeze of the 2013-energies. The body still reacts and gets confused as you say, but more and more, I get into contact with that rock-solid core that is beneath that tired surface. It is like I am powerful mountain and light as a feather at the same time 🙂

        City of Angels in one of my favorite films, for so many reasons. Just thinking about that film makes me so glad that I can taste a pear and feel the seawater against my skin 🙂 And now, we will get a chance to both “taste our cake AND have it too” to rephrase the old saying, for we will expand to become ONE with All there is while still experience the magic of being a human. WOW indeed!
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. I know ‘B’…sometimes it is very difficult to understand this, the power & beauty of creation !….maybe this enlarged view of a micro section of some ‘very real’ snowflakes by my friend Don, will help you ‘See’ !….LOve to You & simply…this is something that cannot be rushed…just let yourself relax, be patient & feel into it !…..Bev~

          Snowflake Menagerie

          1. Incredible pictures bev~! And I suppose the photographer is well known – just amazing to see his pictures and the feeling he has for nature. When seeing the construction of the different snowflakes you really understand that nothing is impossible in creation. As I said before – I love to take pictures in nature too but nothing compared to this!!! Reminds me that I should have a better camera 😉

            Thank you so much for this link!

            Love & light,


          2. yes, thank you for the photo link. A universe that can do this is surely designed to help us create the lives of our dreams!
            Sarah – midwestern USA

          3. Bev these are awesome and remind me deeply of a few things…first that sacred geometry is always presented to us on the macro and micro levels in nature–Sophia speaks with a giant booming voice as well as a gentle also comes into alignment with my belief that the water coming from the sky to the earth is blessed with homeopathy at this moment to heal things….just looking at those snow flakes brings healing to the heart and joy to the spirit–imagine what the actual geometry is CHARGED with!?

            hugs and thanks so much for sharing! Alex

            1. >>YES — have had same thoughts – intuitively on water/snow and it goes into plants and we ingest it that way too<<
              This is really important and has to do with the seeding of the planet with Christ Consciousness.

      3. I just LOve your wonderful & beautiful imagination dear Alex !…& I’m also a fan of this movie…some very interesting & rather revealing moments in it !…I also Love you mentioning the vibrant glowing ‘Green’….it also has been in many of my visions as well, but mine more pyramid shaped gripping & holding me to an alignment with my HS & prompted me to change my gravatar…Seeing a lot of 3D pyramid shapes these days, bending the light…..Love to You !…Bev~

    2. ” use that knowledge to further that anchorage you have already established whilst within that same physical body, and through that, aid not only you, but your fellow men to go through the same challenge of re-connection. ”
      Knowledge…Anchoring…Re-connecting….key words !…just LOve this Dear Aisha as well as the total message from the CC’s !…& these tiny particles that compose us, compose all of creation…we will begin to ‘Know’ & ‘See’ them & understand their powers ! We will begin to know that the cosmic sphere is God, & we, all of creation exists as particles within it…so in the bigger picture, how could we not be as ‘One’ !….I LOve You for helping pave the road in this part of so many’s journey of Awakening ! In fact You are the path aiding your friends of the Light ! …..Bev~

      1. “….I LOve You for helping pave the road in this part of so many’s journey of Awakening! In fact You are the path aiding your friends of the Light ! ”

        So true bev~! Thanks!



  11. Dear Aisha,

    It has been a long time since I have received a message from Ashtar. But this morning he came knocking on my door. Maybe his message is of interest for you and your readers. As always, dear Ponders, please use your own discernment.



    Ashtar Channeling – January 13, 2014

    Dear Philipp,

    It is not so that I have withdrawn from you. You are in a very intense inauguration phase which necessitates that you concentrate on yourself. We never withdraw in such a time [inauguration phase] but we take a back seat. All those tasks linked to a inauguration phase, and we purposely don’t use the term “tests” since there is too much judgment and fear e.g. of not passing the test associated with it, needs your full and undivided attention.

    Each inauguration phase is a gift to you and it is only you that can accept and unpack this present.

    We know very well how difficult this gift can be. You receive it and you are holding it in your hands, shaking it and wondering what could be inside. You want to unpack it immediately but you struggle with the tie fastening. Therefore, you go through phases of anger and frustration which could last for days, weeks and even months. You feel like you are completely alone, abandoned and lost. You are faced with any forms of fear and you feel very dishearten. But then, suddenly, the moment of unpacking is here. You integrate the gift in your being, raise yourself above all the difficulties, spread your wings and transform into the butterfly that is your New You.

    So, next time, when you go through such a phase and experience all the frustration and anger, please know that this is part of the gift to you. It lasts only until the exact divine moment when you are able to unpack the gift, when you have integrated all the necessary precursors for being able to enjoy your gift to the fullest extent.

    You have noted that the inauguration phases come to your shore blow on blow. What is the underlying reason for it?

    You all have heard the information about “the Event”, “the Tsunami of Love” or whatever term you prefer. I use the term “Love Transformation” since this is all about the transformation of yourself into your true self which is Love, Love and only Love.

    There is quite some preliminary work for you to do before you are able to go through the Love Transformation. But we hasten to add that you have already done most of the preliminary work. You are a rough diamond which needs only some finishing and this is the process you are currently engaged with.

    The good news is that the current inauguration phases are the finishing. And the intensity of this finishing shows you how close you are before the Love Transformation will hit you out of the blue!

    I’d like to emphasize that the Love Transformation is not your Ascension. Ascension, as you all know very well by now, is a process that unfolds step by step. But this Love Transformation is one of the key elements of your Ascension journey. You will remember you true, sweet self. It will bring back all your knowledge and qualities you have accumulated during your journey. You will become your true Self. Can you imagine the possibilities that this gift holds in store for you? Probably not until you unpack it.

    Words cannot express how much we are looking forward to the Love Transformation which will clear you of all the old baggage. You are so very close to it. We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts that you have not stopped your work in bringing forth this event which is the reason why it is finally here on your doorstep.

    I wish you and all who are reading these words so much fun in unpacking of all your gifts. I can barely wait greeting you after the Love Transformation.

    With so much Love,

    Your brother


    1. Philipp, how very wonderful to open the site just now and see this message first thing! (Oh, how I miss full access to the internet … again there are so many comments I will never catch up!) Anyway, this very much resonates with the feeling I have had for quite a while. When I was in Holland, JJ and I had a conversation in which I said, “It feels like we are in a stage you go through when someone has been helping you learn how to ride a bicycle. That moment where you look behind you and realize they are no longer holding on. That mixed feeling of ‘oh shit!’ And ‘wow! I am really doing this!'”

      So glad to hear from you/Ashtar. Thank you for sharing the message!

      🙂 AH

    2. Dear Philipp, thank you for sharing this! There is so much here that resonates with me, and I can only imagine how wonderful it was for you to hear that knocking on the door once again 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Dear Aisha,

        Thank you so much for your kind comment. Thank you so much, too, for your generosity by welcoming Ashtar’s words!

        It was such a wonderful feeling to have him back and talking through me. My heart space is wide open, indeed, and I love it 🙂



      2. Dear Aisha,

        Someone has written in and told me that my channeling is not from Ashtar and a fake. I don’t want to discredit your blog and, therefore, please feel free to delete my channeling if you are of the same opinion like this person who is a friend of mine.

        Thank you.



        1. Dear Philipp! As I said in my earlier comment, there is much in the channeling that you shared that resonates with me. Whether these words are from someone called Asthar or not, I do not know, for I cannot claim to be able to “verify” that in any way. I simply respond to the words that I read and the energy they contain, as I always do, no matter what source they are supposed to come from. If you want me to remove this, I will, but to me, the words you have shared do not “discredit” this blog. This Pond is for us all to share freely from the heart, and it is not given that we all must agree with everything we see here.
          Love and light from me, Aisha

          1. Stay in your light Phillip, all is well, if you feel doubt ask for guidance before your next meditation for they will surely show you my friend. Also be mindful we do still deal with duality on this earth plane once we all ascend the duality will cease, until then continue on your personal self discovery with grace and gratitude for all you are being shown.
            With Gratitude and Love,

            1. Dear Philipp,
              I want to reach out to you are well. I agree so much with Aisha’s response. The words of the message resonate and feel true, and that is the initial test. I appreciate your words. I hope that are from Ashtar, but if we are all one, who cares? Light and integrating everything else in LOVE — isn’t that what we’re doing now? I was moved and I appreciated what you wrote. Thank you for not having it taken down. much love, Sarah – midwestern USA

              1. Dear Sara,

                “Light and integrating everything else in LOVE — isn’t that what we’re doing now?” – That is so true. Much Love and Light and thank you very much for your kind comment.



        2. brother Phillipp … I felt compelled to reach out.

          firstly your words of the message resonated with me as well.
          typically when I read a ‘message’ or any form of guidance and it resonates as a truth personal to me, it will always ‘sound’ though it is eminating from within me. From the inside out. And these words did. So regardless of the source they spoke of/ to/ from what I AM already knowing.

          ‘timely’ as I woke feeling the shadows of struggle coming on and the played out, tired thoughts of the old me wishing to speak. You know the ones … ” oh, why am I foresaken, this is never going change, blah, blah, blah.” … I AM more ‘tired’ of all THAT nonsense then I AM of this ‘process’ ! A good sign, no ?

          but this is what I was moved to share. Sometime back in Sept. I had lunch with a friend who is also my healer. A beautiful man that touched and transformed my life both physically (mercury poisoning) and spiritualy. His guidance has been invaluable to my transformation. He was that next step in my initiation as a teacher and guide. Our relationship is/was very special. Our connection began back in, mmmm ’98 I think, and over time I checked in with him for ‘tune ups’ or when I struggled with a particular challenging phase of my life. But over the last few years our contact has been very sparse.

          so, come to this past Sept. and our lunch. “Subconciously” I knew I was looking to him to provide me answers. Yea, know … “oh, Master look in your crystal ball and tell me what to do, tell me it’ll be alright.” jajajaja … ok, I’m being a bit hard on myself. Well our lunch was so NOT like any meeting before. I felt no connection or truths, as if he was just randomly saying things. NOTHING synced, the ‘magic’ was gone.

          I left that day totally bewilered ! Confused and rather disoriented by some of what he said. I remained ‘upset’ by the experience as I searched for a truth. And later in the day it hit me !

          I had surrendered my personal power to him. Abandoned my trust in my Self. Because he contradicted or rather didn’t affirm what I believed to be True for me. Now in hindsight wether he was conciously or not feeding me ‘dis-information’ I believe a HUGE life lesson was passed.

          never surrender your personal power to anything but your own personal truth/ Higher self.

          you see my foundation had weak joints (and still does, but they are fewer) and my fear was contaiminating my trust in Higher Self. I continue to struggle with this because as an embodied HUman we are programmed for outside ‘validation’ from the very start.

          ok, that was long winded sorry … but I just wanted to say that if it spoke to you and your first INSTINCTUAL EMOTION was Truth, then it IS ! And let no outside force deter you from what YOU know to be true. I really believe we are in a space where this bond with our Higher Self must be encouraged, nourished and supported to be the difinitive ruler and guide of All that we are.

          after all isn’t this the clearest most direct channel to Source that there is ?

          be well Brother.
          Love and Light


          1. Thank you so much for your reply and your help. Isn’t it wonderful how we interact at this Pond? How blessed we are.



            1. How blessed we are indeed, dear Philip! Just BE in your light, trust your heart, and do not be afraid to open that door when you hear the knock again. For you will know if it is LOVE that comes knocking, and love is what I see in the words you have shared above. Who are these words from? To add to what Christopher has already shared, I want to quote the CCs “For many, this concept of ”higher self” and different aspects of that ”self” is something they have pondered much about already, and to them, the insight that you are in so many ways helping and supporting yourselves by way of all of these other aspects will not come as a surprise. We have heard many times the question ”who are you?”. In other words, people have wanted to establish the identity of all of us faceless beings currently communicating with humanity trough channels such as the one we are using now, and the answer to that is simply: we are YOU. We are YOU in every nuance and fragment of your being, and we are YOU in every way you can dream of. Therefore, you are also US, and we are in no way alien to each other. We have just kept the ability to connect with the totality that makes up All of creation, whilst you have been separated from the same for so long. But now, the time has come to reconnect you, the lost ones, to the rest of YOU, and you will once again feel complete.”
              Much love from me, Aisha

              1. Dearest Aisha,

                yes, the CC’s are speaking such a beautiful truth!

                I’ve been reading you all here at the Pond for a while now and I love you all so much. Thank you everyone!

                It takes a while to realize that your true dream, your Heart’s Desire, of a deep love for ALL LIFE, is real, it’s what is meant to be, it’s what we’re becoming as we release the old.

                Thank you for the beautiful and very helpful & practical Manuscript of Survival.

                I love you all so much!

                Sara h- midwestern USA

              2. Haha, AH said to me a few weeks ago that she believed that the CC’s were us, or part(s) of us.
                I don’t remember the exact words she used, but I think that was it.


            2. Phillipp … this is the living manifestation of All that was/ is foretold is it not ? The coming together. Unity, my brother.

              with humility and gratitude that my words served not only myself.

              and I bow to the Divine in you as well.

              1. Dear Aisha/CC’s
                Dear Christopher

                Thanks to you both I have learnt much about trusting myself. My heart is telling me that all is as it should be. The doubts come from fear and fear has to be released. And I have released much fear today 🙂 It seems that I have learnt my lesson and had another inauguration. So, once again thank you for helping me on my journey!



                1. “and another one down, and another one down
                  another one bites the dust !” … jajajaja

                  VICTORY !!!! … as Johnny Drama would say.

                  dude, I can’t even begin to tell you how much soul
                  shattering, tormenting, dark, slimey, UGLY fear I have
                  encountered and released over the past year !!

                  bless, bruv.

          2. Dear Christopher, thank you again for the light that you shine on this Pond! “Never surrender your personal power to anything but your own personal truth/ Higher self. “And let no outside force deter you from what YOU know to be true.” Amen to that, dear brother!
            LOVE, Aisha

            1. Aisha … thank you for the embrace !

              I truly believe that is the underlying ‘lesson’ in ALL we do. To build this “Self ” confidence. But, yes, embodied as HUman beings it is sooooooooo challenging is it not ? So, much negative and contradictory programming sustaining the belief in what the ‘eye’ can see.

              how many times have we all been programmed with the cipher of ” seeing is believing” ? jajajaja … but in a spiritual duel I flipped the code and slayed another illusion.

              BELIEVING IS SEEING !

              so, in our journey from infant soul to … whatever is beyond ‘now’ we all need the love and encouragement from others until we can ‘walk’ on our own. The trick and seduction of ‘crutches’ is a constant struggle. And the biggest illusion to overcome is when we begin to believe the crutches are actually our own legs ?

              and I couldn’t agree more with you in your reply to Phillip !

              “I am he as you are he as you are me
              And we are all together.”

              goo, goo, ga joob … y’all !


              1. Good call, I resonate with all you say, you and Philipp.
                Bless you guys!

                The jajaja is very funny to me. I’m from Holland and “ja” means yes here. I don’t know if that’s what you mean when you say jajaja…


                1. JJ … I believe I am the culprit responsible for the seeding of the “ja”.

                  it is in fact a carry-over from Spanish I have appropriated into my English. It is the equivolent of the “ha” … laughter. But I find it synchronistically wonderful because, after all, isn’t laughter an affirmation of joy ?

                  jajajaja … and jijijijiji


        3. Blessed Philipp….your words resonate with my heart and I truly feel that the connection is pure. Remember that others have a different opportunity for perspective and their truth may not be the same as yours. I also note that on Steve Beckow’s blog Golden Age of Gaia where they shared your message he states strongly that Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon confirms that this message is from Ashtar and his circle. I believe this to be true. Please know that any doubts brought up from other beings are only ways for you to focus on the work at hand, which is to TRULY believe in yourself…part of the “gift” being presented is doing just that….HUGE HUGS DUDE!!! Alex p.s. here is the link if you want to check out what steve mentioned….

    3. Since yesterday I feel love for my body.
      So far I had liked him, sure, I thought it was nice, but since yesterday I really LOVE it. Hard to explain but there is a difference.

      Seit gestern fühle Ich Liebe für meinen Körper.
      Bisher hatte ich ihn gemocht, klar, Ich fand ihn schön, aber seit gestern LIEBE Ich ihn so richtig. Schwer zu erklären aber da ist ein Unterschied.

      I AM BIXIE 😀

      1. Dear Bixie, you are so right, there IS a big difference. As the CCs like to say, “you and your body is a match made in heaven”, and without it, we could never do what we came here to do. It is a gift we have been given, one that is far more magical and powerful than we have seen so far, but now, we will get to know it even more, and LOVE it even more 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Dear Aisha,
          thank you for your confirmation. Now I know that my perception is not ‚crazy’ (sometimes I need that).
          Heart greetings
          I’m BIXIE 😀

          Liebe Aisha,
          danke für Deine Bestätigung. Jetzt weiß Ich dass meine Wahrnehmung nicht ‚verrückt’ ist (manchmal brauche Ich das).
          ICH BIN BIXIE 😀

      2. I felt that too last night, Bixie.
        Thank you for sharing, it brings back the memory of my experience of bliss last night, that and tears.


  12. The broadcasts by Cesar Millan “The Dog Whisperer” are what personally very helped me in the last few months to realize how true power (creativity) can be (and I don’t have even a dog).
    Sounds perhaps strange, but I learned this way what is calmness and assertiveness and now I apply that to me and my life.
    I’m the calmness and I determine what energy I live.

    Was mir persönlich in den letztem Monaten sehr half zu erkennen wie wahre Kraft (Schöpferkraft) sein kann sind die Sendungen von Cesar Millan „Der Hundeflüsterer“ (und Ich habe gar keinen Hund).
    Klingt vielleicht seltsam, aber Ich lernte dadurch was Ruhe und Bestimmtheit ist und wende das nun auf Mich und mein Leben an.
    Ich Bin die Ruhe und Ich bestimme welche Energien Ich lebe.

    I’M BIXIE 😀

  13. The purity of the latest comments from fellow Ponders strikes me.
    I have decided to purify myself as well. My wonderful body, which I used to love as a younger person has taken quite a beating from me in the last 12 years. Especially alcohol has been my greatest enemy/ally. In the last 2 years I have been able to not drink anything for some periods at a time.
    I feel it is time to stop poisoning my body any longer. I feel it will stand in the way of my ascension.
    So, the intention is there. I pray I am strong enough to put the plan to work in these, for me, trying times. 🙂

    Love and grace to you all,

    1. Dear JJ, my shining brother of light! You are more than strong enough, because when we feel like we do not have enough power, it is because we can only feel the surface of our being. I see each person as a deep body of water, and the only part that is being affected by the challenges we meet, is simply the surface. And so, our surface will feel polluted, agitated and even depleted, but if we manage to go below all of that, we find eternal purity, calm and power. I know you will find the same, so just dive right down there my friend! I have a feeling you are already well on your way there by stating your intention here – and at the exact time that you did it 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Okay, I will plunge deep within me to the glorious depths that reside there.

        Oh, already some bodyspasms. 🙂

        JJ, I am that I am

  14. For many years I have again and again the song in my head: “Back home we do not go until the day dawns.” (An old carnival song).
    Today, I finally understand what it means for me: I will not ascend into the night while my body is asleep but during the day, got up, with wide waking body.
    ,Dying ‘ happened in bed (most people die in bed, so according to statistics the bed is , the most dangerous place’ for humans). 😉
    Ascending does not happen in bed, but outside of it, with an waking, living bodiy.

    Seit vielen Jahren habe Ich immer wieder das Lied in meinem Kopf: „Nach Hause geh’n wir nicht bis dass der Tag anbricht“. (Ein altes Karnevalslied).
    Heute verstehe Ich endlich was es für Mich bedeutet: Ich werde nicht in der Nacht aufsteigen während mein Körper schläft sondern tagsüber, aufgestanden, mit hellwachem Körper.
    ‚Sterben’ geschah im Bett (die meisten Menschen sterben im Bett, deshalb ist lt. Statistik das Bett auch ‚der gefährlichste Ort’ für den Menschen). 😉
    Aufstieg geschieht nicht im Bett, sondern außerhalb davon, mit wachem, lebendigem Körper.

    I AM BIXIE 😀

      1. Unfortunately I can’t open this video in Germany because of the GEMA.
        Here are my favorite songs which I repeatedly hear many years:

        Mike Oldfield – The Songs Of Distant Earth

        I AM BIXIE 😀

        1. Thank you for these wonderful songs Bixie. 🙂
          I spent many hours in the ‘70’s listening to Mike Oldfield’s debut album, ‘Tubular Bells’.
          He plays most of the instruments on this song. So talented.

    1. Dear Otmn, you got caught in the big page divide and I went back looking for your first comments before replying. Of course I got caught up in responding to others on route. I did join my tears with yours for a moment before leaving this page as I watched the Video first. Yes, sometimes we cry. I buried Mom last May. I didn’t have to watch her from my own home and I try to imagine how that must be for you. I did spend some nights in the “home” in a spare bed so that i could have a better sense of her life though. That alone makes me weep. You must have such patience. You must also be challenged beyond what most hearts can bear. My greatest weight was when I caught myself wishing she’d go and she didn’t, then panicking that she’d leave and I wasn’t ready after all and so goes the bouncy ball of emotions.

      Keep sharing the 5D experiences with us. I am trying to picture how one integrates them in with the 3D passing of their parent… you’re a strong man Otmn and very much loved here at the Pond… and elsewhere if there really is an elsewhere. I am starting to prattle… I best try and sleep. Love to you and mom, Nancee

    2. Dear Otmn, this is for you:

      “Let me walk this road of life with you
      Step by step, uphill or down
      No matter where it’s leading to

      Reach out and take my hand
      If you should find a hill along the way too steep to climb
      Lean on me, I’ll never let you fall

      Let me dream the dreams that you dream of
      Big or small, together we could make them all come true, my love”

      LOVE, Aisha

  15. It’s time for new glasses. I was examined on Friday. my prescription has changed a little. the thing they told me is I’m starting to get cataracts.
    I am so ready for the “event”
    when it rains it pours
    there have been reports of hundreds of fireballs in the sky over the last few days. We have heavy cloud cover and rain. We were told we could see the Northern Lights when the CME came in the other day. we not going to see that stuff around here.
    oh well

  16. my mother is 86. she is having ascension symptoms, the nausea, fatigue and well you all know what it feels like.
    she is a lifelong christian and not the least bit open to me trying to explain the reality of the process. Jesus is her lord and savior, end of story.
    the only way she believes that she can ascend is by dying. her deeper self wants to ascend, but her outer self has lost the will to live. she’s been moping and wishing she was dead. yesterday she never got out of bed and did not eat anything. i figured it was time to call the ambulance. i decided to wait until this morning, thinking that i would just let her do what she wanted, but she was up this morning, shrug
    i don’t know when she will leave, but i feel it won’t be long now.
    her negative demeanor weighs me down.
    it’s all about having experience. i’ve never had this one before
    i guess that’s good
    it makes it harder to feel like playing.

    1. Hi Otmn, there will be plenty of time to play another ‘day.’ Thanks for your comments about up and down and angles. I haven’t experienced that yet but will pay more attention to my waking up time.

      As for your Mom my heart responds but words fail me. I think of my life last year at this time with Mom at 88, begging her Lord Jesus to help her over and over again. She went over six months with just drinks of “ensure.” (sugar water?) May your mom let go soon if she’s going. It’s painful to watch (amongst other emotions). Love, Nancee

      1. thanks so much
        seems like our mother’s are on parallel paths.
        she is living on “Ensure”, oatmeal and Gatorade.
        if you can live through it, i guess, i can too.

    2. Hi also, O. I can relate to almost all of what you’ve written in both posts… except for Donnie, of course. Just words, but I mean them: I hold you both in my Heart as you finalize this part of your journey.
      With Love&Light, Lin

      1. Donnie was with me in 1981/82 when we lived a year in the forests of the Cascade range. we loved wilderness and hated going down to “swivel-eye-zation”. we were bold, bullet-proof and self-reliant, basically living like they did in the hunter/gatherer days. I don’t consciously remember the details of our visit the other night.

        1. Most of us can only dream of creating such an experience in deep Nature. A lifetime Gift of bonded brotherhood and Mother. How fortunate you are. Donnie seems to be looking after you… maybe he visited to lift your spirits from the heavy, heavy load you are carrying right now.

          (“swivel-eye-zation”. Love that!)

          Take good care, Otmn. Like everyone here, I HUG you both and surround you in Love constantly. Your little boy O inside will so need to play in Freedom afterwards. xox

    3. we was playin in here yesterday Otmn – wish we could have lifted your spirits. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Mine will be 84 and I woke up this morning wondering if she is not having ascension symptoms. Drs say it is ‘more’ than just dementia she is going thru – they dont know what to do about it and say it is all in her head. Looks like she will go to a home soon. My nephew and his wife cant handle her. Shame because they got 50k from my parents and were ‘supposed to’ pay back. Oh well… all works out somehow. I woke up nervous this morning. I dont like that. But we go to the Dr to see what they can do to fix my broken guy. shrugging with you ! Love ~A~

  17. am i in one piece? uh, no, not really. since the last gathering i have felt gathered, that is the gathering is not over. i’ve been having cramps in my hands and arms. my legs were numb when i woke up. i tottered the 20 some steps between my bed and my bathroom holding on to the walls. most of all is the sense of waking in some “other” place. i have come to believe that my other selves from parallel universes are coming into my awareness. i don’t think they are parallel at all. They are connected at sacred geometry angles. I met up with my old friend Donnie and had an interesting visit. that doesn’t seem like much, but he died 24 years ago in a motorcycle crash. another morning as i awoke i felt my entire world being lifted up and forced to cross one of the angles, my whole world was tipped up and over, only then did i find myself back in my bed in this world.
    the boundaries only exist is our own beliefs.
    my own experience tells me that up is not necessarily true. in different ways up can be any number of different directions.
    so what do i believe in? not much, less and less at this process continues.
    sigh, words fail me.

    1. Big hugs O-man….Last night was extremely disjointed as you said, I had dreams of people I have not spoken to for years and weird things happening, cramps in my body, spine, hands and feet as you said and alternating between extreme peace and extreme aggitation body wise–I slept disjointed for 11 hours with dream, wake, dream wake being the cycle! What is interesting is I do not feel that the incoming energy is downloading as it used it to the third eye in the forehead–I used to feel as if I was plugged in there when the energy would sweep in–now it feels as if our whole body is the plug! Very intense…we need to treat ourselves very gently!!!! 🙂 Alex

    1. Breeze ..

      far be it from me to forsake the coffee for the cup or in anyway contradict the intent of your ‘truth in energy’; the Light you shine forth. Because I gladly accept the place of soul ‘mate’ with you and any fellow soul of acension.

      using the British coloquial of course, as in ” ‘ello, mate !” … jajaja

      and through this invisible web/ grid of light I reciprocate the vibes.
      funny, but lately in meditation I have been feeling the connectedness and presence of this particular collectives energy. How cool to think that are many other little hives such as this scattered through out the planet and indeed the Universe.

      your post paused me in remembrence of a discovery or revelation that came to me in meditation the other day. In regards to that very word and concept “soulmate”. So I lay it forth and perhaps it will resonate with others on the way because the seed of it had a very profound influence on my being a HUman being.

      my beloved Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan laid it on me that we are all notes in the Celestial symphony. A note, a sound, a vibration all of the same essence. Just because certain vibration are more audible than others does not negate the “sound” of others. As I am sure most here would agree that we are vibration does it not make sense that we are then producing a “note” ? He continued that we should work to “tune” our Souls so we could produce/ Be the most harmonious note we could be. How painfull it would be if the second chair violin in an orchestra didn’t pratice and her violin was out of tune and not cared for. Yet most of us walk around contributing the symphony of life soooooo out of tune.

      he further explained this was the reason why we ‘resonate’ or ‘harmonize’ better with some than others. Not to get overtly technical but I’m sure we could all distinguish a grouping of discordant notes.

      so .. let’s jump ahead 15 years later to my revalation. I always felt dissapointed in the term Soulmate or even Twinflame. But then again how could something so beautiful be expected to be conveyed by the language of man ? It is a harmony so beautiful it could only be composed by the Divine !

      and that was it ! Harmony ! … I have had other relationships that had a nice sound … jajaja .. but what IS this ? I shall explain ..

      in the western scale of music there exists 7 notes of equal intervals. With the exception of the first step all will produce a harmonious vibration. Until you get to the 8th step … this is the octave. The same note only higher or lower on the scale. And this will continue ad finum every 8 steps.

      a note that is the same yet differant ? Eureka ! This is essentialy the harmony of One !!!

      jajajaja … that’s it ! I was jolted out of meditation.
      I had found my Octave !!!

      well, perhaps others may encounter a value in what I’ve shared.

      paz y luz, Brisita !
      soulm8 …. jijijiji


      1. Christopher thank you for sharing this about harmonizing. I feel myself jump for joy. Actually I felt my “note’ tuning when I read your words higher up and then this went on to clarify in this message. Years back in my church days of the “spirit filled” churchs we’d sing in Spirit during the worship time. This is the only time I’ve ever freely carried a tune and been able to harmonize with another with no effort or understanding. It was so beautiful and wonderful that I remember it with a smile of love on my face. It’s like over 30 years ago I was set up to understand what you’re sharing tonight. This always excites me because that means understanding is already confirmed within me 🙂 I may be wording this poorly but I’d like to thank you for sharing.
        I have been keeping up to the posts but can’t always write. I want everyone to know that I am delighted and encouraged by everyone’s comments. I am also coughing and blowing less and able to enjoy this new feeling within more and more. Love, Nancee

        1. Nancee … thank you for embracing and recieving.

          it’s always so amazing when seeds bloom into life isn’t it ?
          everything is vibration.

          Love and Light

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